"i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"


sarNie Adult
... darkness will never fall on my friends windows, i've been blessed, food will always be on my friends table before i take a bite from life, if i have breath my friends will drink from life and i will live...

ps. i promise i will never let you down before i drink from the river of life!!!


ithink im falling for you.. ifeel like my heart is falling all the way to the floor. i feel like im on a time limit. ahh.. ineed to tell you that ithink im FALLING FOR YOU!!!! but iwish ur not what they say you are..=[


"I really wanna hang you up like a pinata and hit it with a bat til he breaks into pieces! Urgh! Makes me so mad!! Why are you so damn complicated?!"


sarNie Juvenile
it aint so hard if your heart said it wants
be with me then be with me but if it doesnt then go away..
nd stop hurting me..
ihate running in circle with you..
i just want to love you again.. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

damn --marcoAramos...
why make it so hard.!?


sarNie Hatchling
you are a really great friend..
im just sorry i never told or show u that often..
you've always been the tough person..
so now..please be strong and pull thru..
i wish i could be at the hospital to see you..
but for now..i'll be here praying for you..
praying that God gives you another chance..
please get better..


sarNie Adult
dear friend,,, or,,, dearest friend--- words i extend from my inner self as i climb to another pinnacle in time in my life,,, i have come to realize the happiness is always at moments i choose these words in conversation with love or something else near my heart felt.... maybe i never need to find out truths but hold onto this idea and these words "dear friend" never say i love you but know deep inside i do,,, i never need to look around the corn and see the reality of who or what i am and hope you can see me too,,, i can accept we will be dear friends and keep our distant like children and never have to lie with words that hurt our feelings "i love you",,, i'm all grown up and near my time but i live better and love more if you believe we are just dearest friends and nothing else,,, i can't hurt anymore,,, i'm alone when i say i love you,,, i know so i will never say more then this to reveal my dreams are more,,, if i die tomorrow i've learned to just be me and just your friend,,, dearest friend!!!

are we really ever meant to be with anyone less fear to just give in or give up???



sarNie Egg
friend 1: i am so sorry!!! it was all my fault! >.<
friend 2: Are we friends?...or something more? don't play with me!
friend 3: I forgive you...but I was just wondering, did you ever like me? Why did you let me go without telling me?
friend 4: Why are we so distant now?
friend 5: I don't really want to be your friend anymore. This isn't how you should be treating a friend! Why are you being so mean to me?
friend 6: Please don't go shit-talking behind my back.
friend 7: I'm sorry I don't like you. I am just giving us space. I don't want you to confess and for me to reject you. I hope you understand.
friend 8: Thanks for being there for me. :)
friend 9: Thank you for your jokes and carefree personality. Thank you for making me laugh the laugh of my day everyday. XD

lol..thanks to this thread im able to say these things. it feels good.


sarNie Oldmaid
I am currently under construction. Thank you for your patience and understanding. That's all I ask. Please bear with me.