"i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"


- No No No, I Want Attention From You...... Not From Them.....lol

- Would Still Love Me If I Was To Look Like This? o_O ...lmfao


why do you eat so much. you needa stop eating T_T i'ma slap you if you eat again and your stomach is getting bigger than your boobs =(


why are u so freaken annoying now??? :wacko:

gosh get a life? <_<

Stop asking for attention, ur about to get strangle!!!!!!!!!!! :arrg:


sarNie Adult
at her;
- when i'm tired and i feel i'm sleeping with my eyes open fresh out of tears and my heart is heavy with the days shadows from yesterdays friends memories,,, there is this bright star i feel burning my dry eyes and its you just out of reach and all that i believed in... its you and everything i'm not that keeps you away from me because i'm less...


sarNie Hatchling
i'm sorry, its better to do it now then later on, i just hope one day you can forgive me and that we can still be good friends.


so will you have the bed made already for me when i get there? i hate to say it but I really don't want to make my bed when i get there late at night.


To him : all i want to ask u is.... Ra-warng Raow Kuerh Arai?? :unsure: that's all i want to know, then after that i wont ever bugg u again :(


- i got the buttflies last night, just from talking to you :wub:

- hmm i wonder what moo moo shells doing??


sarNie Juvenile
-you are such a b*^&%

-peanut.....butter & jelly

-get out of my bed


sarNie Hatchling
in midst of everything could it ever be possible. I wonder if you're wondering the same...

can you believe it?...or do you refuse to...
beaners have feelings too...beaner love...hehe ^-^V

your face homo

no your fired!!!

i'm right and ur wrong end of story so get over it already


# 1. No! You can't kick me out... I paid for this months rent... kick me out next month!
# 2. No! Fudgepacker I'm not gay! Unlike you I don't have to harrass girls to get their attention.
Go be a pervert in an adult forum asshole.
Noone is playing with you don't comment my ass... why are you reading others comments anyway? It's what you call a LOSER.
STOP being a pervert to girls that already told your ass to get lost.