Is it worth waiting for someone?


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I know I do. But I feel like I've been waiting long enough but I guess I just have to be a bit more patient for that special someone *winks* And yeah not to the point where I can go partying/clubbing yet, haha. I'm still underage O_O But I'll be turning sweet 16 this summer! Woo-hoo. Lol.
awe hunn don't feel like that. i was like that too when i was 15. i would have crushes on all these guys. but as i got older, i realize that i should take it slow & just focus on myself first & guys will come later. :)


Mama Noy ♥️
when you look back on stuff when you were younger you wanna laugh at yourself
lol. so true... :lol:

so i have another story. not really a love story, just a story about a guy i was talking to.. but i'll have to write it first & then post it. it's kinda long... ha


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Never believe people when they tell you, "Life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you're gonna get." Of course you know what your gonna get you bought a box of chocolates <_< LOL. Like if I bought a box of M&M's I would know they are gonna be M&M's -.- , So when I was younger I just kind of follow myself and what I wanted to do because in life you only get to make one choice you can't go back and make a decision all over if you don't like the one you choose. Just like you can't decide to stop crushing on this guy. So the best thing for you to do is wait because you're only 15 hun. There are gonna be way more dolphins, whales, and fishes in the ocean. Maybe this dolphin will come back to you Like a migrating bird, but that just shows you gotta wait!


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*scratches head* interesting,,, simple memories of love in an innocent heart,,, time will definitely pass but no matter what age when you have a favorite color it is hard to change until the light shifts in your world and introduces you to another unseen hue,,, just don't let time harbor regrets of unspoken words,,, better to speak silent words then to hide them in heart,,, because regrets can shadow true feeling in future prospects of happiness and love,,, i learned one human trait that propels us to dream and succeed in all that we think we need in life,,, it is the mastering the human trait "we want most what we can't have" understand it and better decisions wait you until you find another favorite color---lol :)


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when i was ur age, i feel the same way. i like a boy for a very long time, even if he dated one of my friend. i didnt care.
i wasnt jealous. at least he was happy. :D

but you'll learn to get over him as u grow out of it. i know u will cuz i did. hehehee.

so to answer ur question: is it worth waiting?

if you ask me, no. its not worth it... why wait for something that doesnt exist? its tiring and a waste of time...and because u will eventually meet someone along the way.


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I'm not waiting. I never did but I think it's my feelings and emotions that are waiting b/c they can't seem to go away even now they still exist. We're friends, we're actually really close now since last year. He's became one of my great guy friends. And I won't ask for anything more than that. Now he's dating someone else. He's never really single for a long time, Lol. I guess he's attractive to most girls too. :p Lol. But we're going to seperate since we're graduating next summer! It's going to be really hard for me since we are going to be distant and seperate schools for the first time since we went through middle school and high school together. :( I had alot of great, wonderful and sweet moments w/ him. It's gonna so hard. But I don't think I'll ever let him know these feelings though, rather keep them to myself. Most of all I am really afraid to lose him and be distant from him although we're only friends.