Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)


sarNie Oldmaid
it was sweet when they hug & he apologize, i like that they make up fast and he always said sorry first and so cute the part he said i smell good now try hug me. aw..they are so cute. :lol:


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okay so I'm on ep. 9 now. Hmm.... I'm going to put in my insight now about this lakorn.

I think it is a good tear jerker..... but I'm kinda getting tired of watching Aff's same expression on her face. It's like every scenes, she's either crying or has that lost puppy look or the look where her mouth is slightly open, like huh kinda look. lol

Ahhh.. but nevertheless, this lakorn still making me cry, more so cause of Ken. I kinda wonder how this lakorn will be like if it was Ann who was Aoey. But then again, I'm on only epi. 9. I hope the story starts to move a little more now. I find myself more interested in Mor Luk and Manie's romance. But we'll see.. I got 6 more episodes to go! Ahhhh


sarNie Adult
hahaha. This is pinky and New's lakorn!
not Jai Rao! LOL anywho, I just watched
episode 10 and it was really sweet! Love
how they made up so quick. they both miss
eachother soo much! I wish they'd just
confess their feelings already so we get
more sweet moments. LOL. gosh, another
week to go!!!!!! I'm so happy ratsamee found
warin! but sadly she doesn't remember...
GOSH, they came right when new was gonna
kiss pinky! AARRGGHH! lol

* oh yeah.. new's eyes were soo swollen..
when they hugged... so sad. looks like he's
been crying for a while. *tears* New's soo cute!!!


sarNie Elites
So I was really bored and just randomly clicked on a clip of episode 9, and now I am going to watch the whole thing because it actually looks really good. LOL. I am really not a fan of New, but I will just see how it goes : )


sarNie Adult
Episode 10 was okay, I like Pinky's songs in here, their real good :D Rotejana is really starting to get on my nerves. <_<
Hopefully, in the next episodes, she'll get her memory back and confess that she's a princess :D


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(btw yougyus were talking about dl the drama. from where did you do that?)


sarNie Hatchling
i just finished watching ep 2..with the eng sub..from wat i can say is that i LOVE this lakorn!..love pinky and new together..^_^


sarNie Adult
Yes, i just finished watching the sub episodes and
I finally get it. LOL. Pinky and New are just an
awesome pair! love them!


sarNie Elites
This lakorn is a lot better than I had expected... although I personally feel that Pinky really cannot sing. I did not think she could sing in that other lakorn with Au Panu, either. I mean, when the song is recorded and edited it sounds okay, but when she just sings it out naturally... it is not good. I mean I am nobody to judge because I cannot sing but compared to other actresses... I think she is not one of them who can sing... very well at least : )


sarNie Adult
I personally think she has a beautiful voice!
I love the songs that she sang in this lakorn!
she's got great talent! YES, this airs WED/ THURS!
i wished it airs everyday! LOL


sarNie Adult
Well yes, she isn't of course a proffesional singer or who doesn't have an album, but I do love her fighting in here like always :D Although it's very little
She's really good :D LOL. I wonder what'll happen in episode 11.. Hopefully something scandalous :p