Ladies Room *Book 3: Chapter 4, Part B*


Chapter 7/12

"i love you...", she said after giving him a light kiss. then she decided to get up when she just remembered that she didn't called her mother that she'll not go home and now she's guessing that her parents are both worried. she gets her bag and clothes, then went to the bathroom. after she called her mom and told her that she'll be going home by today, she decided to take a shower.

meanwhile, Aum woke up thought about what happened last night. and now, he's wondering if where did Aff went. he heard a splash of from the bathroom and just realize that Aff didn't go anywhere.

he didn't knock anymore and just enter the bathroom as he decided to join her, when Aff saw him... she wasn't surprise anymore as his smile says it all if what will happen. she's wait for him to come inside, but just grabbed him and started kissing him as he was kissing her back.

they did it again...
over and over....

*faded scene*

Aff was watching him eating, after they just made love inside the bathroom and now watching him eating is kinda amusing. as if he haven't eaten for a couple of days, trying to regain his energy. "Aum, do you want mine or you want me to cook again?", she just love staring at him.

Aum: (he realize that it was kinda bit off as she notice how he was hungry. but of course, he didn't yesterday... that is why. but he's full now.) no, its okay... im actually full now. it's just that i didn't eat yesterday.
Aff: oh... then you should have told me last night. i-
Aum: i said its okay... (he hold her hand.) besides, im satisfied and full... about what happened last night.

she knew what he was trying to say. they both just smiled at each other as they end their breakfast and decided to hangout for awhile. just the two of them. just like a date between two people, just like what lovers do. the way how they enjoyed each other's company-


"they end up as being lovers?", Ken asked Anne who's sitting infront of him. he give back the notebook to her. and just look away through the window. Anne still keep wondering if why she needed to report to Ken about her write-up and why's he's interested enough to know the events of the story.

Ken: is this the ending?
Anne: i think so... i can't think of anything for them anymore.
Ken: what about the other character here... i mean "Win"... yeah... what's going to happen to him?
Anne: nothing.
Ken: nothing???
Anne: how am i supposed to know. i mainly concentrate with the main characters of the story. so now its finish, will you stop asking and pretending that you're interested to my story?
Ken: F.Y.I, im not interested to your story...
Anne: but why-
Ken: im not finish! F.Y.I, the reason why had to read your story is because it's something that i need to know-
Anne: that's exactly your answer... and it only means you're interested with my story. if you still want to read my stories, you can tell it so... i will share it with you-
Ken: nevermind... that story ended and there's nothing interested anymore.
Anne: it would be interesting if i would make a story of "Win"...

Ken look at her again. it something he's not expecting about. she doesn't yet if what happens to him, if she'll write a story. neither him has no idea. but because of the talent that Anne has... it made him think thoroughly. he ask himself, what if he'll let Anne control his life for one shot of a story only? "Anne..."

Anne: what?
Ken: mmmm.... i was thinking, Anne... have you ever wrote a story that love doesn't involve?
Anne: what kind of question is that? every human being in this world needs love. we will die if there's no love-
Ken: that's not m point. i meant to say- do you write sci-fi stories, horror, crime-
Anne: hey, do you know that all those genres has the typical love part. if there's no such a scene as the love part, the story will be as boring!- i get it, i get it!
Ken: what?

"how about a tragic story for the character of 'Win'???", widen his eyes as Anne was anticipating that kind of story. "what do you think? i think Win should be in bed ridden, then the girl was crying beside him because-"

"enough! i dont like that story!!! i hate your idea! i hate your story! i dont wanna die, you know!!!", he stood up and left her being idle. he started acting strange when he got interested with her story. and Anne still dont get it.


Aum and Aff were just watching a movie at his pad, cuddling each other while Ploy gone out together with Chakrit. suddenly, her phone was ringing and so she answered, it was her father this time who was calling, reminding her that its getting late and wanted her to go... since she didnt went home last night. "Aum... my dad called"

Aff: i need to go home now.
Aum: oh... i see. what time is it?
Aff: it's 5:30pm.
Aum: that late already?
Aff: uhuh...
Aum: do you want me to drive you home.
Aff: i brought my car.
Aum: i see...

before she left, she forgot something... "Aum, give me your number i'll call you....".

"you've been staying here for days already but you haven't got my number?", as soon as he gave his number to her. she left already and promise that she'll call. to him, even if she'll not call... it dont really matter to him. it's better if she'll not call especially now that he's back, he got lot of things to do.

one of those things that he needed to do... it reminded him what he was here for.


Aff got home seeing her father waiting for her at the living room. she dont what to say, she should have called last night. but- approaching her father and gave peck kiss on the cheek. "dad, sorry if i just got home. i... i was...-"

Mr. Taksaorn: your mom told you stayed at your place.
Aff: uh... yes, dad.
Mr. Taksaorn: my daughter, i gave you enough freedom to choose of what you want. you dont want to marry yet, i respect your decision. but since you'll be the one to inherit my business, i want you to stay here in our home for you to be able to train enough.
Aff: dad... can i have a choice? i... i will train, but can you please allow me to live on my own?
Mr. Taksaorn: is that what you really want?
Aff: yes, dad... i want to be independent. but i promise visit here once in awhile.
Mr. Taksaorn: is that what you really want?
Aff: yes, dad...
Mr. Taksaorn: (he sighed and guess that there's nothing he can do anymore.) fine... but you need to promise me that you'll train starting tomorrow.

Aff hugged her father with all her might. eversince she got back and was given what she wanted most, everything change... slowly, changing. but one thing she needed to celebrate is that she solved her problems with her family.

she had her dinner with her parents, though her father was same as before... the typical businessman when he talks over at lunch and dinner. but he quite change because of her, however, if he didn't talk about their business... she wouldn't find out the main problem that Ken had right now.

while her father was talking over their business that has been expanding from other countries, she received a text message from Ken saying
"im glad your back now...". she then thought that her problems were already solved. she realize that she needed to talk to Ken for one last time, she wanted to apologize that she was being rude and been running away from him since then... but all he does is for the better of her. "dad, may i excuse?"

her father allowed her to go, if wherever that is... he already guess if where she was going. to meet up with Ken.


"she didn't call just like what she promise- wait... maybe, she's busy", he sighed while staring at his phone that was on top of his table. he was also at work, starting to gather all the documents that he needed to sign. Aum decided to go upstairs and just right when he entered the pad, Ploy was making some dinner.

Ploy: Aum... i didn't know you're already here...
Aum: i got back since last night.
Ploy: last night? i was still awake... i was planning to wait for you- oh, by the way Aff came here last night. she also thought if you were already home.
Aum: ah... uh... i see. (he look away, Ploy didn't know what happened last night. there's no need for her to know anyway.)
Ploy: join me for dinner now.
Aum: yeah, i will... i just needed to change. (he went to his room to change, while Ploy's about to prepare their dinner.)

meanwhile, Aff already sent a message to Ken. he was at the bar and so she went to see him, saw him drinking alone. she knew already what's happening and she couldn't take seeing Ken being miserable, he acts as if he's fine... but definitely not at all.

Aff: Ken...
Ken: Aff... why did you come here?
Aff: didn't i told you that i will see you...
Ken: you're suppose to have dinner with your family.
Aff: i already did. and now, i just wanted to discuss with you something.
Ken: what about?
Aff: dad... told me about your problem.

Ken just look at her, dont know if he'll able to discuss it with her. he just took a sip of whiskey.


at dinner, Ploy notice that Aum kept staring at his phone... waiting for someone to call. she didn't have to guess it anymore, for she knew if whom he was waiting to call. "Aum, rather waiting... why dont you just call her?", when she asked him, Aum immediately get his attention back to his food.

Aum: her?
Ploy: i thought you're waiting for Aff to call.
Aum: im not waiting for anyone to call, okay...
Ploy: oh... i thought you're waiting for her call 'cause it seems obvious to me , you know...
Aum: Ploy-
Ploy: anyways, speaking of Aff... its good that she fixed her problems with her father. do you think she'll leave here soon?
Aum: live?
Ploy: i mean L-E-A-V-E. i mean, since she already fixed her problems with her dad, then it means she's back to her home now, right?
Aum: (for awhile, he didnt answer. Ploy just gave him the consequences now.) maybe... (but does he need to care about?)
Ploy: why it seems like your not sure?
Aum: because you're asking the person who has no idea about what other's privacy.
Ploy: its not privacy. im just asking.
Aum: Ploy, Aff's problem with her father is not my problem. if she'll leave... then she will. but if she'll stay, its still fine with me.

after they had their dinner, Ploy immediately get the dishes and went to the kitchen. as she passes by from the big window at the right corner, she saw car stopped infront of the building. it was Aff together with a guy who just got out of the car.

Ploy: Aum, i think you have visitor...
Aum: (he stood up from the seat and went to see if whom was Ploy describing. and he saw Aff together with Ken.) its Aff.
Ploy: who's that guy with her?
Aum: (he actually had a mixed feelings when he saw Aff together with Ken. he knew it was jealousy that he felt, but does he have right to be jealous?) her fiance.

Ploy was kinda surprise when Aum said that the guy she was referring was Aff's fiance. she stared at Aum, she thought he's going to meet up Aff downstairs but he went straight to his room, but before he could get inside he said to her "i guess she's leaving soon. im going to sleep now", then he shut the door that made Ploy got carried away.

Aff: are you sure you dont wanna go talk to him about the project?
Ken: maybe tomorrow. im just here to dropped you by.
Aff: (she smiles at him.) thanks. as i promise, i am really willing to help you.
Ken: fine... im going now, i need to fix some things.

Aff went upstairs and was dialed his number to call him at the same time. but he wasn't answering. she wonder why he wasn't answering, as she decided to see him at his pad. she only saw Ploy washing the dishes, she was told that Aum's sleeping already.

how weird. for the very short time as she got to know him, she knew that at this hour... Aum's not sleeping yet. she decided to go and sleep at her unit.


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Chapter 7/12

the next day he woke up only to find out that Ploy had gone to work already and the thought that he was the only one who's left alone, but Aff was there. preparing his breakfast...

he could never guess the thought that Aff could still have serving him like this even if its not her obligation. "Aff...", he called her and yet his feelings always coming back. a mixed feelings and his mind wouldn't want to cooperate because he doesn't know if what he would feel right now.

Aff: good morning... i didn't wake you already and Ploy just left 5 minutes only. (she was waiting for his response. but he remain standing and staring at her only.) uh.... i just made you a chicken noodle soup. (she notice that he's not even responding and the way his facial expression has becoming unpleasant. she wonder.) uh... Aum... is there a problem?
Aum: (it took him awhile to respond again...) uh... sorry... i... i... uh... i was thinking something else.

he went and sit at the dning area as Aff finally serve him the breakfast. he took the spoon and chopsticks, he started to eat. Aff was waiting for his response again... waiting for him to say that she's a good cook. but he was concentrating to the food and nothing else.

Aff: so... uh... what do you think?
Aum: (he look at her again. he knew that she was referring to the dish.) uh... it's fine.
Aff: i see... so what are your plans today?
Aum: umm.... i have my work. why?
Aff: nothing... i was just asking. so you'll be busy, right? (Aum just nodded to answer her, deep inside she dont know why a sudden feeling of disappointment that she felt towards him.) i'll be leaving then after i finish here.
Aum: you dont have to.... (she thought that he was stopping her from leaving.) you can just leave the plates and i'll just wash it later.
Aff: (another disappointing...) uh... no, it's okay... it's better to leave the house being cleaned, right?

after breakfast, it was the same daily routine of Aum. he takes his shower and dress up, compiling his documents and now getting ready to go to his work. but as he got out of his room, Aff wasn't there anymore. he realize of how he does his daily routine, but to have Aff in his life to change just for a moment... it was big change.

he sure he doesn't have to thought of that. he knows where he stands.

empty spaces. that was the whole room's description when Aff left already, there are maybe furnitures... but the room was still plain. awhile ago, when he was watching Aff preparing the dish, there was warm feeling that says it was typical home that he could always go home and wake up in the morning seeing someone preparing a breakfast-

"wait... what was i was thinking? even Ploy can do that. she normally prepares me a breakfast if she has time", he said to himself. before he was about to go, he saw a letter that left on top of the dining table.

"seems like you're busy today. but i hope that i didn't upset you.
anyways, i have to make myself busy either. my dad called me and needed me
at the office. take care of yourself..."


"what do you think of me??? Aff, that's what called 'caring' and the man you're simply loving... is maybe not to himself today", Vicky was checking out Aff's business suit for today's gathering of the employees to welcome her as the new CEO of the Taksaorn Corporation.

Aff: im actually not expecting this. i thought dad called me to talk about the problems over the company.
Vicky: what do you mean problems? your family's company has been running smoothly throughout the years. and besides, dont you want that... you're now the CEO of your family's company.
Aff: anyways, i told my dad that i have to get home around 6... i decided to prepare a light a dinner for me and Aum.
Vicky: here we go again... awhile ago you were just talking about him... then you about you dad... now, it's him. which do you really want to talk about first?
Aff: both... anyways, when are you planning to go to the States?
Vicky: soon... after i found out that Por's condition is now okay. it made myself feel any better.
Aff: that's good. i love to see him again either.
Vicky: he plans to stay there for good... but i dont think our relationship will be good compared to our relationship before. i told him that it'll be hard for both of us to have a long distance relationship.
Aff: you have a point... (realizing her friend's feelings towards relationship with a man. both of them had been in a long relationship, but the difference is that she broke up with Ken, while Vicky's now planning to get back her relationship with Por.)

with the long relationship she had with Ken... nothing happened. there's not even memories they could share but only friendship along with their friends they hangout; Rome, Por and Vicky. but with Aum, she never thought that she would fall for a man who once almost kidnapped her. but that was years ago... she take a look onto Aum's face but there were lots of things to say. an answer she figured out along time ago and she meant the three words when she said it.

the point of realization. she dont think she can handle a long distance relationship if that will ever happen to her and Aum. she's finally done with fitting some business attires, she's about to go to their company as her own father is waiting for her.


"i can't believe this... you're going back to America!?! dude, you can't just leave like this!!! i need you here!!!", Sum was much even disappointed to Aum and couldn't believe that he has plans for other project offers.

Sum: dont ever tell me that this is because of past!!! im sickens me!!! we've been running this business for not even half a decade and this is the first i've seen you not cooperating with me!
Aum: are you done?
Sum: yes!!!!
Aum: do you realize why i updated you with other devices for the conference meeting?... (of course Sum knew but he knew also that he's not even agreed to what he was planning.) i have to take my chances as well of those who wants our firm in America. you take care everything here... while i take care everything there... did you forgot about our deal 3 years ago?
Sum: but Aum, you know that the project already started here. the investors are being impatient... they've been talking about our firm if we're still working out the condominium project. they've been questioning us...

(faded scene)

Aff was greeting and hand shake one by one with the other chair members of their company. others were still questioning of why a sudden passing the torch of Mr. Taksaorn to his only daughter. she had a well-done speech even if she wasn't prepared for this event. she never fails her father to be proud of her.

after a short event in the company of Taksaorn company, the Theeradej family came and also Mr. Patchata along with Rome and Rita came to congratulate her of now holding her father's company. seeing the family of Ken, she thought that they're still not over with her and Ken's failed engagement. but she was wrong.... they look fine and even congratulate her. the only one's missing is Ken... he's not even there. and she maybe guessing because he has conflicts with his family at the moment.

when Rome open up about the project that he invested along with Ken, the Theeradej family was even surprise hearing it. they didn't know.

there were a moment of silence. but as soon as Ken arrived, the family just made a show when Ken's father punched him on the face. no one helped him even his brothers. his family left and Rome helped Ken to stood up.

Aff: are you alright?
Ken: ye... yeah... i... im fine.
Mr. Taksaorn: i figured out already that you will come once Rome shared that about your plans of this project.
Ken: i actually didn't know...
Mr. Patchata: maybe you were just in time...
Ken: dont you think my father felt betrayed if they found out-
Rome: it's my decision.... not my father.
Mr. Patchata: that's right. even if your father is my friend... he can't do anything about it. i ended my term since the day my son became the CEO. (when Aff and her father look onto each other. Aff realize what she could simply do with her own little help.)

"then your father couldn't do anything either with my decisions. just like Rome said... i'll be here helping you", with her ended words. her father just smile at her as if he knew already what to do in their future plans for their companies. the only missing in this party is Vicky's mother who's currently out of the country and Por's father. but as of now, showing some supports on Ken made them determined to do what was their obligation as the inheritors of their family businesses.


(back to Aum and Sum's scene.)

"so you need to finish your deals there first...", Sum only repeated what Aum said about the plans. Aum made him sure that its has nothing to do with his past as Sum thought he's escaping again.

he just nod. then Sum walk towards him and tapped his shoulder.

Sum: so tell me now... this is nothing to with-
Aum: i told you a couple of times already! im like a broken record and you kept-
Sum: so does your lover knew about this?
Aum: lover?
Sum: Aum, that woman... the one i saw island with you-
Aum: she's nto my lover, okay...
Sum: so what are you two? it's obvious that you two just hooked up together-
Aum: ok, stop it now. what's her right to know about everything i do? she-is-not-my-lover. we're just... friends.
Sum: im very much familiar with that kind of relationships. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS are always the best way to be safe in a relationship.

AUm dont know if his friend just insult his relationship with Aff, but he's being frank and straightforward hits him to his spot the moment he said "friends with benefits". that's the words he was looking for, little by little his confusion is now trying to be solve. finding answers but wanted his feelings secure first. it's much more like his defense mechanisms reacting as he was just pretending to find some answers... but actually the answer is already there.

he wants himself to be blind. if he'll get affected to his feelings then he'll be the one to get hurt in the end. when he goes back to his building, he was reflecting himself again.

he closes his eyes, seeing old self... the weakling. the one who used to love... the one who'll do everything just for the person he loves. and now, the present... he lock his old self to the cage because it has once escape.

these were his shallow reasons why he wanted to be careful this time...

(faded scene)

Aum soon realize that he fell asleep in his office and was awake by his assistant that he has visitor. but only to find out that it was just Aff. he was surprise when she came onto him and just hugged him for a long time. his cold heart awhile was just melting now and slowly back to its shape. but his mind had the power to refuse and he rather puts his heart in neutral decision of how he'll show his feelings to her.


just like this morning, Aum was watching her while Aff was preparing their dinner. Aff was telling him about what happened to day and a cause for a celebration. she was expecting that hopefully he would be surprise but just like this morning Aum made a same reaction. he was not as if he's not interested at all.

Aff: Aum, are you even listening to me??? Aum... Aum...
Aum: huh? i... um... i... im sorry. i was just-
Aff: thinking something else... (she sit right next to him at the dining area.) tell me... what were you thinking? did it upset you or something? or did i offend you or something-
Aum: nothing... it's just that you were...
Aff: i am what???
Aum: you... seem happy. it's just so new.
Aff: i am happy... because.... (she gets back to the kitchen and now delivers the dish she serves for dinner.) ...there's a lot of reasons to celebrate. first, as the CEO of our family business... dad entrusts me everything. but of course, there's Rome who'll- (she covered her mouth. she didn't mean to mention the name of the person who once-)
Aum: (he close his eyes, but his face never made into disappointing.) why are so reluctant by mentioning his name? you can say it.
Aff: Aum, im sorry... i didn't-
Aum: Aff... (he holds her hand, the warm feeling of his touch... it made her senses awakening.) it's fine with me. you and Rome are friends. you're not in a position of apologizing. you dont even have to.
Aff: is that mean-
Rome: it doesnt matter to me whether who your friends are or whom you're with relationship into.

snap! she didn't expect so much words from Aum. but it hit her to the bottom of her heart that his words was he really meant it.
"it doesnt matter to me whether who your friends are or whom you're with relationship into..... whom you're with relationship into.... whom you're with relationship into.... into... into... into...", echoing to her heart and made herself being muted for a moment.

what was she? what she in their relationship then? why these sudden words came right out of his mouth?

her cheerfulness turned into gloomy feeling. but deep inside, words that keep repeating was starting to torture her.


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Spoilers, Aum goes to America... and Aff would find out that she's pregnant.


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yayaya, she is gonna be pregnant.... and she is gonna tell aum


Chapter 8/12

"uh.... Aum... uh... aren't we supposed to be....", Aff dont know how to continue. Aum was being himself again, but waiting for her to say something. "supposed to be what?", he asked.

Aff: uh... i... uh... i...-
Aum: (before Aff could finally say it, Aum's phone rang and it was Sum who's at the other line.) ok... thanks... i'll be attending the meeting... yeah... i dont know... i have to tell them first... i'll just let my assistant to get my plane ticket... yeah... thanks then... bye....
Aff: (another made her surprise... she dont know if she mistakenly heard it- but Aum was just right infront of her. after he hangs up and was about to eat.) who was that?
Aum: Sum... you met him at the island.
Aff: i see...
Aum: so what are you saying again?
Aff: Aum... didn't i just heard a 'plane ticket'?
Aum: oh... (it took him awhile before he respond again.) Sum already ask of booking flight schedules this weekend if i can still make it.
Aff: you're... you're leaving?
Aum: yeah... (he answered her in a plain tone of voice.)
Aff: but why i didn't know about this? why you didn't told me?

"should i? do i really need to tell you everything i do?", Aum's words no doubt hurting her. this wasn't the first time. he dee sighed and wiped his mouth as he just finish eating. for a moment he close his eyes and open it again as he stared at her for a moment. he was waiting for his moment to tell her something, she's not expecting herself to calm for she's not even prepared for his words and it would only hurt her more. "Aff... you must know that i came back here because of work. to deal with your fiance-"

Aff: Ken is not my fiance anymore-
Aum: but my life has nothing to do with you... and so you are to me.
Aff: but you know how i feel for you. i confessed my feelings for you- i was with you in the island... you save me for some reason- Aum... you told me that you would be here for me and you would take care of me-
Aum: Aff, i never said i would take care of you. yes, i'll be here for you... but didn't you just solved your problems with your father already? now, i dont think you should be running to hangout here anymore. actually, at this moment... you shouldn't be staying here anymore... (he raised his voice but it was enough for him to elaborate what he's supposed to mean.)
Aff: you dont want me here.
Aum: exactly. because you wouldn't be need me anymore. i will be here for you only as long as you need my help. but i think it ends here now.
Aff: but i need you. i need you in my... (she was about to cry.) i need you in my life, Aum. i... i love you and you know that.

he stood up from his seat and wanted to end their conversation. "i think you should go now. it's late already..."

Aff: (she then stood up and followed him, she was at his back.) im not going anywhere.... didn't you just heard me? i said i love you-
Aum: enough already! i want you to go home now!
Aff: tell me first why!?! why are you doing this to me? why are you acting this way? tell me why you want me to leave!?!
Aum: because i want to be alone!
Aff: i get it... this you... you and your horrible past!
Aum: what!?! (he face her.)
Aff: why cant you just tell me that you haven't move on. that you still love Rita... why cant-
Aum: dont you dare mention her name!
Aff: why? it's because of her... is it. i can even tell what was your reaction when you saw her again-
Aum: its not her! i dont love her anymore.... i've already move on!
Aff: then why are you pushing me away?
Aum: (he turn around, avoiding her stare.) because i dont wanna hurt you-
Aff: but you just did. (she walk towards him, she let him face her as she let him turn around.) tell me why? (he bit his lower lip and close his eyes.) look at me... (he look at her.) why?
Aum: because there's nothing left for you. because i dont love you...

she dont want to believe his words, after he said enough; he go to his room and lock himself there. while she was left alone and crying. because there's nothing left for me to love someone like you... it's better to leave this way... Aff... im sorry.


"hahahahahaah~!!!!! that serves you right. because it's your delusion, it's just fictional!", Ken couldn't stop laughing at Anne after she said that the publishing company declined her story to be publish. then when she got irritated because he was teasing her, she couldn't help but hitting on him. he's still laughing though.

Anne: will you stop it already!?! i lost my whole savings just for publishing my work... but it watered everything i saved for!?! and you there.... still keep laughing at me!
Ken: but i couldn't help it... what am i supposed to do, huh...
Anne: i have a packing tape here if you want, i cant stick it to your filthy mouth if you wouldn't stop!
Ken: okay... okay... fine, i'll stop now. (but his smiles were still there, she wanted to be mad it is something weird on his smile though.)
Anne: anyways, its one of the reason why i took your father's proposal.
Ken: what proposal?
Anne: since i've been working for the longest time at your family's mall chain, he promoted me as a manager.
Ken: and you accepted it?
Anne: didn't i just said i "took" it... and that means i accepted it.

he let out a sigh. all of their friends found out that he has troubles along with his family. his brothers, his mother and his father... it was said that he was the black sheep of the family. it keep repeating... even from the beginning, his family never saw nor realize how hard he works.

but back to where he is now, he is with this 'dumb' woman who's mind is out of nowhere as always. plainly thinks about fantasies and not looking at the reality. the weird thing only, she doesnt know that her write ups came to reality. anyways, being with this woman... mmmm... when was the time he got to know her? right, he had a flash back... she's an employee who works in the mall. then her friend happens to marry his friend. how ironic. she could have been asking Rita's help then, she dont have to work as employee... she could work as-

Anne: (she sigh.) i think the wages is still not enough to earn money just to submit my write ups.
Ken: i thought you went through competitions...
Anne: i did. but it didn't work after all.
Ken: why dont you ask help from Rita... she could help you. i even heard that Rome offered-
Anne: i never accept anyone's help. even if my friend would be probably the richest or known in high society, i will never ask for any help.
Ken: even if you're in the midst of desperation?
Anne: i have my pride... and that's what left in me. (she crosses her arms)

Ken just stared her and realize that they have similarities for one reason. Anne just look away and through the window, she saw a familiar face. "was that Ploy?", she was surprise and Ken just look to whom she was pointing to. then Anne got out of his car. calling the woman she was referring to. "Ploy~!!!!!!", the girl who's with someone stopped and to look at her.

Ploy just smiled and to meet up with Anne accidentally on the road.

Ken got out of the car and for Ploy who's with someone, Anne had a chance to meet if who was he. when Ken found out the man's name, he didn't react but it was his first time to meet him. he wonder if his friend Vicky met this man already. he just had flashback of his discussion with Vicky's problem.

in the end the four of them had little chit-chat, the two just passed by because they're buying some snacks for their plans of their next outing. Anne just seemed to find out only what's going on lately with Ploy and her hobbies, she seemed to cling around with this guy lately.


Aum stayed into his room for an hour, he got up as he was feeling thirsty after figuring things out. but the truth is, the only thing his can figure about how he feels for Aff is he doesn't want to hurt her. but in his mind, when she said that he already did hurt her... it just aches him a lot.

as he opens the door. the thought that Aff already left... but he found her sleeping at the couch. both of them got tired, he was tired thinking and realizing... she was tired of crying. he comes closer and caress her face, she was sleeping peacefully and to be honest with himself... he dont know he couldn't get tired watching her sleeping. staring at her face made him feel guilty about what he did awhile ago. when he kiss her forehead, he didn't expect her to be awake.

he sit up straights and pretends that he didn't do anything.

Aff: Aum-
Aum: i thought you already left.
Aff: (she clings to him as she was hugging from his back.) i know that you were just lying. i know that you love me. why can't you just tell me-
Aum: we have nothing to talk anymore.
Aff: then why did you kiss me? you're actions tells it so... why do you still need to deny it-
Aum: yes, i care for you... that's why i kiss you. i dont want ourselves to be hurt more than enough.
Aff: but the more you only deny it... the more you're hurting me. if you'll leave... we're nothing but- (she didn't continue.)
Aum: we're nothing but what? (he stood up and so she was.)
Aff: i will forever hate you...
Aum: go ahead... because i dont care.
Aff: what about us? i gave myself to you... something happened to us.
Aum: i thought what i said made you clear already? there's no 'us'. i dont love you. and what happened between is just a plain pleasure.

she slap him. he never received with such a hard slap from a woman before, it was Aff who did it for the first time. it made him clear that he hurt her more than enough. "say it again that you did it just for a plain pleasure of yours because i will slap you over and over again..."

"go ahead..."

she cried because after what happened between them... it was just nothing for him. "i only gave myself to you and that's not what i am expecting to hear from you. tell what am i supposed to do just to make you love me? just to make you realize that you love me? tell me what do you want?", tears just keep falling non-stop on her face.

he didn't answer her back.... he just remained silent.

"i hate you... this is what you want me to say, right? to hate you...", she keeps hitting on him to his shoulder, to his face but he made an emotionless expression. "i hate you! i hate you so much~!!!!!!", she didn't stop hitting her. until he stop her to as he hold both of her two hands. "i hate you....", she kept crying until she sits back.

she only cried and he gave her a moment. but when she finally stop herself from crying, she stood up again. "do you know why i broke up with Ken? its because of you... but i thought you were different from other men- to him! but you're the worst person i ever met. worst, i gave myself to the wrong person! i hate you!", she gets her bag and finally leaves as she shuts the door.

that was the end.

in his mind "you finally did it. you made her hate you now...", but his heart... couldn't do anything for his mind overpower what he chose. his decision of not to love her.


the next day...

Aum appeared to the conference meeting for the condominium project that was offered to their firm. Sum was also there for him, he never showed a presentation after what happened last night but his friend saved him and had the files already. the other companies who invested for this project was there, mentioning Ken's new company along with Rome. they were the major investors for this project.

it was strange for Rome and Ken of why he finally showed up to this meeting, Sum was glad that Rome didn't pull out his share for this project. Aum's action was plain business... it was to close the deal that the project will start this month head by his partner Sum, while he'll be out for months because he needed to go back in America for other projects.

he promised to the investors that the condominium will be successful and had their expectations.

Aum cleared everything in meeting as his decision's final for leaving the country for awhile. when he got home, he had his list and few message for Ploy because he needed to leave. he pack his things and for some reason... on that moment, he thought about Aff again.

after what happened last night... he never heard from her starting today. the unit that was designated to Aff, it was empty there's no shadow of her that left inside the unit. but he restored a memory from what happened to them in that unit.

on the same day, Aff wasn't to herself... of course, it's normal that she couldn't recover right away because it happened only last night. she wanted to see him but she was stopping herself because he's the one who hurt her. for her, she realize that if she's not at fault and that person's who's at fault... then that person should be the one to come and see her. but her careless heart who keeps convincing to see him had nothing to do but to wallow up.

at her office, she cried alone... because she's in love with him and he's not. knowing that his flight would be this weekend, she never thought that their affair would end just this way. to her it was an affair that she thought it would fully blossom, but to him it was nothing but a plain pleasure... a sex. she cried when she thought of him that he only sees her sex object maybe.


someone was knocking and his assistant Sarai told him that he has visitor. he wonder if who was it, he come downstairs and didn't expect to see Rita. his ex... the one made him like this.

*faded scene*

they kept walking and walking at the park, Rita had change a lot. its been years, that's what he realize for the second time seeing her. finally, Rita found bench for them to sit. for a long moment, the distance between them and her attention to the people passes by... she was thinking deeply. he knew by staring at her only... she maybe be thinking of how to apologize to him again.

but something came up when her words hit him right through his heart.

Rita: this is not about you and me... but this how you feel and you feel for that person.
Aum: i have nothing to say...
Rita: then you're refusing to what you want to say. you refuse to your own feelings-
Aum: tell me what do you really want to talk about.
Rita: you know whom im talking about.
Aum: Aff and i are nothing to each other. she has her own life and i have mine.
Rita: do you mean that you want me to believe the fact that you're denying what you feel-
Aum: all of you are all the same. why cant you just believe to what i have to say-
Rita: because if you'll deny it... you'll blame someone.
Aum: blame...
Rita: yes, you blame Aff from what happened to us. from what i did to you-
Aum: Rita, when i said... i've already move on. i already did. when i said that i forgave you... i did it when the time i left. (he look away and stood up.) some people may couldn't accept that people change. Rita, i have change and this is me now. (he pointed his chest, telling her how he feels.) i have nothing left here.... i have nothing left to give that person. and the only thing that is left... is to love myself... to secure myself.

she stood up and walk towards him. "i dont know if its selfishness, but if you tell me that this is the life you want for yourself. then i'll give that to you... and im sure that Aff will give that to you. you said that you have nothing left there already... but im sure that you have enough space now to fill that empty heart of yours. and you know who i am referring if who could fill that emptiness. but you just dont let her... it means that you're not ready", Rita just hug him. he was surprise for her action. "this is the last time i wanna apologize to you.... im sorry for making you to be like this", that was her last words. but there was a hope.

Rita left first, he dont know if has to feel guilty about what he did to Aff last night. but Rita's words simply wishing him to love again... and for that, he still couldn't answer even if the answer was there already. he dont know if he's just afraid about the truth or he's afraid that he's feeling it already.


if you notice... there's no part A... because there will be no part B also.
i'll be seeing you on the next chappie. ^^ Aff's pregnant.

also on upcoming chapters, starting on chapter 10... there's will be some scenes of Ploy, its a start off as the introduction of her story and also Vicky will be seeing Por this time.


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oh my... the story is getting more intense.. why can't aum just accept that he love her.. pity aff so much... can't wait for your next chapter..


Chapter 9/12

the day of his flight...

too late for her to chase him when she found out that Aum was already at the airport, she got into the place when the plane got away already. Aff was crying alone, find herself sitting alone and wallowing at the waiting area. she wished she never told him that she hated him, because the truth is... she loves him and its going to be hard for her living like this now that he's gone and left her.

and there... there was Ken. handed his shoulder for her to cry on.

Ken: you know... you can chase him if you want to. you love him after all.
Aff: (she stops crying when a little hatred she felt towards the man who just left her.) i hate him...
Ken: no matter how much you will hate him... you know to yourself that you love him.

he was right. and no matter how much she hates Aum, in her heart she still loves him and she dont think she could easily forget this kind of feeling. it just tortures her a lot and she never felt this way before.

she went home with Ken, all he could do was to help her only on how to cope up today. she needed to face her father and pretends that she's fine. though her eyes still shows that she just cried. she made a lie and just went to her room, crying all day until night.


3 months later...

"ma'am, the furnitures just arrived at the showroom. the company is waiting for you now to check if you approved those furnitures", the secretary was standing infront of her. while she was on her desk signing all the papers that needed to. eversince she became the president of their family's company, it didn't change anything from before except that its much overload of works and meetings to attend to.

and yes, speaking of furnitures, she was listening to her secretary. but she suddenly remembered something, she stopped signing the documents and wandered.


"yes...", she sighed. she closed the last document she signed and stood up "tell them to wait for me downstairs and please give these survey to the people. since they are part of this company, i want them to see the showcase and maybe i can get their suggestions if what they would like for the project that the company is pushing through"

the secretary leave as soon as Aff gave the documents. Aff went to the sofa and lie down for awhile, she was massaging her own head. lately, she's been working hard because of her father that it was worth after all that she became the president of their family's company. but it was too tiring when she realize that she overdid in everything she does in work.

she stood up and she felt like it's getting dizzy. but she shake her head, convincing herself that she's fine and needed to present herself in the showroom. she would hope that she would not collapse in the middle of the hallway while getting into the showroom.

she successfully arrived at the showroom and everyone seemed smile at her as they can't wait for her explore around and see the furnitures that displayed in their company's showroom. it only shows that their company doesn't purchase, but also advertising the company chains whose now part of their company.

she went upstage to announce the partnership of the two companies at the same time. and when browsing the papers to see the affiliated companies. she was surprise when one of the affiliated companies was Atichart Firm and Industries. and soon her sight turned block out as she collapse.


she opened her eyes and only to find out that she's in the hospital. it made her dizzy even more, she dont know why... but she dont like the smell of the hospital. then there was her family, her mother, father and... Ken. she pout and still didn't like the smell of the hospital. "why am i here?"

Mrs. Taksaorn: you collapse, my dear... don't you remember?
Mr. Taksaorn: what happened? why did you collapse, we got so worried when they sent you right away here.
Aff: mom, dad... im just fine. i think i can even go home later-
Ken: unfortunately, you can't go home until tomorrow.
Aff: why?
Mr. Taksaorn: because you're suffering in over fatigue.
Aff: then, if its the rest i need... i can go rest at home right?
Mrs. Taksaorn: honey, dear... in the past three months you've been working so hard and yo didn't notice about your health anymore. Ken, here told me that you may be depress about something and you want to release it over work.
Aff: Ken-
Ken: you can't go home because the doctor had a test on you and the test will come out tomorrow. that's the time you can go home only.
Mr. Taksaorn: Aff, if there's any problem you want to discuss... please, dont hesitate to talk to me. we are your family.

Aff just look away, she still dont prefer to stay in the hospital because of the smell. she doesn't like it and as soon as the nurse arrived, they checked on her and started to bring her some dinner. only to realize that she didn't ate breakfast and lunch today. her parents couldn't stop worry this time. just now, you see that she's acting rebel all over again infront of her parents.

aside from the smell of the hospital, she also dont like the food and the smell of it makes even more dizzy. the bottom line is, she wants to go home and prefer to rest there... but Ken notice something.

Ken: Auntie... Uncle... would you mind if i talk to your daughter first? (her parents agreed and the way how they glance at him is to convince her to get well soon.)
Aff: (he picks up her dish and opens it, to make the smell scattered infront of her.) what are you doing!?! Ken~!?! can you get that the hell away from me!?! (half of her face she covers it as she couldn't take the smell.)
Ken: i knew it...
Aff: what about??? (got even more irritated.)
Ken: you know, you never act this way... you sound so pissed.
Aff: i am pissed. because i dont want the smell of this hospital and i want to go home- i am tired and tomorrow's another day for work!
Ken: wait, wait... you never been obsess about work before... you were never a workaholic. you should be the one to call me that right?
Aff: well, you wouldn't feel what i feel because i am the president of the company!
Ken: see... when you talk, you are pissed... and now, i understand why. i think i have to wait for the results tomorrow.
Aff: (she frowned and wonder if what was her sickness, if she's ever sick or suffering to a disease, she wish that she would die now. because she thinks that her life is useless now.) Ken...
Ken: mmmm?
Aff: i feel like i wanna eat some fried noodles... (Ken stood up, he wanted to know if Aff's just conceiving at the moment.)... and top it with a vanilla ice cream.
Ken: what!?! dont you think that would be a weird taste at all?
Aff: but that's what i want to try it.

Ken just sighed as he realize what's going on with Aff now, no need to know the result for tomorrow. Aff even demand it that she wanted it in 15mins, so he better get up faster. but before he opens the door...

Aff: Ken... what do you think would be my disease?
Ken: i think it's not disease... but i think your pregnant. i gotta go, be back as what you request!

he closes the door and there she respond "i see...- what?-", lately what she realize on what he said to her! she might be pregnant???? but it's impossible~!?!


"so what's exactly the taste?", Ken asked Anne. after he left the hospital he met up with Anne, he dont know with all woman... he became more closer to her. well, not literally closer... the fact that he's curious about Anne's stories and that's it only.

Anne: are you crazy? why should i try this weird stuff... why do you have to put a one scoop in my fried noodles, anyway!?!
Ken: hey~! it's not your fried noodles... it's mine~!
Anne: (she gave it to her.) there... you go try it since its yours. (but obviously, he also dont wanna try it.) see... you dont wanna try it either.
Ken: im commanding you to taste it.
Anne: i dont want to~! you go try it for yourself. why the hell would i!?!
Ken: i just want to know if its kinda loses your appetite.
Anne: hey, by looking at it... it loses my appetite already. look at it~! that ice cream you put is already melting.

Ken decided to throw it away, even if he doesn't know the taste... he want to make sure that the person who wants to eat this kind of weird food is safe. Anne just let out a laugh sigh and stared at him when Ken started the car already. "where are we going?"

"to the hospital..."


"what if i am really pregnant?- wait... i didn't notice and even watch my period's schedule!", after her realization, she felt like she wanted to throw up. she's didn't eat anything today because of work and she didn't ate the hospital's food service because of the smell. "...must be the symptoms???- but wait, i still have to wait for the results until tomorrow and there i will find out if im really pregnant or not", she look at herself into the mirror. she never had sex with anyone after she broke up with Aum- no... their broke up was never official. but then, Aum was still the last person whom she slept. the first.... and the last.

she later sees that her tears falling down her cheeks now. yes, she was crying... because she was thinking of him again. eversince he left her, she started to hate him and wanted to forget him. but everytime she hears something related to him.... it can't help but to think of him.

"what???? she's pregnant with Aum?", Anne was shocked finding out that this is happening to Aff. but it's been a long time since Aum went away already.

Ken: it's still not sure though, but if she's really pregnant... then, no doubt that Aum's the father of the child.
Anne: how can you be so sure? you're Aff's ex-boyfriend...
Ken: yeah... and?
Anne: maybe you two-
Ken: don't mention it or else i will strangle you right here inside my car. of course we didn't do it~! even if we were together, we haven't done it!!!

the two got out of the car as they arrived in the hospital. Ken slowly explains to Anne everything happened between Aum and Aff, and it seems like Anne realize something... of course, Ken did it in purpose. because he wants her to know something about her stories.

it came to life...

Ken opened the door and there he finally bought what Aff wanted and it was too late for Anne to realize that the fried noodles with vanilla ice cream topping was Aff's crave moments after all. it was weird for her to eat that kind of stuff and the two got curious about the taste while watching Aff eating alone.

Aff: (she stopped. and ask Ken again.) Ken, do you really think i am pregnant? (Anne startle with Aff's question.)
Ken: as far as i am concern... that's what i see, but i rather wait for the results tomorrow.
Aff: what if i am really pregnant?
Ken: then, there's no need for you to hide it. you better tell your family.... and to HIM.

Aff look onto Ken's face as if it was a command from him that she needed to do so. but the next morning, it was already declared... that she... was pregnant for 3 months already and its going 4 months this month. Ken only warned her that if she wont tell her parents, then he would be the one to tell them. the reason why he's doing this, is to protect her after all. her reputation as a Taksaorn's only daughter.


since Anne was the one who witnessed the result of Aff's pregnancy... it didn't mean to spread like this so far, she only told Rita only. but she never thought that her friend would tell Rome and Vicky.

worst... Aff's parents find out~!

Anne got scold by Ken because of what she did. but she only told Rita only and Ken didn't believe her. but what makes him wonder is that Aff's parents didn't react too much, maybe because they dont want a scandal for their own daughter. what makes Aff looks great is that she isn't obviously look like she's pregnant.

"what~!?! im going to America for a conference meeting~!?!", Aff stomp and doesn't want to go. it was obviously whom she's avoiding at.

Mr. Taksaorn: and why are you surprise? these kind of meetings you shouldn't be surprise of. besides, you are now the president of this company... so it's only obvious that you are need there.
Aff: but dad-
Mr. Taksaorn: 'no buts' or else...
Aff: else what?
Mr. Taksaorn: (he wanted to control his anger, because it was Ken's request. but he needs to cooperate with him in order for her daughter to realize what he had just done now.) nothing... i booked you a flight already.... you'll be going at the day after tomorrow. understood?

"understood", she let out a big sighed and couldn't win after from her father. she doesn't want to go, but she needed to. she went back to her office and wandering herself again. but as she got of her father's study room, she felt like she wanted to throw up again. everytime she felt like she wanna throw up, she's feeling the embryo inside her. then all her worries started to show.

because the thought that her family didn't know about her pregnancy and she needed to keep it.


"an urgent meeting? why you didn't tell me this earlier?", Aum gave the document that he signed to his secretary. but his secretary told her either that he has an urgent meeting and he didn't expect for this... because his schedule is full.

Secretary: i believe its from Thailand, sir... a group of company wants to confirm the project going along in Thailand and they want your presence in the meeting since you're the architect.
Aum: (he was thinking that maybe one of the big investors came to see him. think it's either Rome or Ken.) fine... but why you didn't told me this earlier?
Secretary: i just received a phone call from them and they told me that they've just arrive. i also told them that your schedule is full but they're more busy since they'll be having other meetings aside from you, sir.
Aum: okay... give them a call and tell them that i'll be available around 3pm.
Secretary: ok, sir...

his secretary went out and because of this working loads... Aum dont know how to divide himself from work. he never tried relaxing himself when he came back to America. but maybe because this has something to do about his way. yes, he wanted to be busy... so he shouldn't complain over these working loads because he ask for it in the first place.

but something that bothers him that he couldn't understand. he ask himself if he had moved on already, because why he still feel this way?

he maybe is... because the truth is... eversince he left Thailand, there's only one person whom he always think of.


see you in next chapter and the part A and B will be back in chapter 10. ^^
yup, i definitely change the scenes after all... but there will be WILLING SCENE soon.


if you notice that Ken and Anne are building this kind of closeness to each other
well, it's because this is part of their upcoming story. but we still have long way
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also stay tune for the "COMMERCIAL MODE", this will introduce
the characters of Ploy and Por, their story will be next after Aum and Aff.

i'll be discussing the circulation of the story too. and, oh, before i forget. Chakrit's character
in Book 3's story is hella different to the Book 4. you will soon understand what im trying
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oh my.. can't wait to see what happen in the meeting.. hope they will be together in the next chapter.. :D
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5 years ago...

"why do you want me to go with you in America?", Ploy asked Por who's lying on the bed while Ploy was massaging his head. since she was his physical therapist... despite of her blindness.

the two got met accidentally during Por's check up in the hospital, Ploy was on her way to check up her eyes that time because Aum was helping her too. releasing his depression, the one who's left in the apartelle was Ploy only. their second meet was at her working place where she was one of those blind masseur employees at the local plaza.

as far as Ploy can remember even if she was blind a nice man came to her ask to be his physical therapist since she was good a masseur despite of being a handicap woman for years. yes, her blindness was inborn.

Ploy already buried her tragic memories along with her parents, they got car accident when they were about to go out of town. but the car loses its brake and since she didn't got her seat belt on, her head went first at the front and the window glass scattered during that accident. the relatives thought that she would die along with her parents, but it seems like she was left alone. she was alive and both her parents died during that time.

the doctor thought that they took all the glasses that almost damage her brain and she wouldn't suffer in comatose. but the next day she woke up and prison herself in darkness. the medical expenses made her lose her family's money, she had her x-ray and the doctor believe that the window glass made her blind, because a tiny glass that stuck inside her eyes. it would be 50-50 chances that she would have. even if they make a successful operation of taking out the tiny glass, they couldn't say that she could see again... she could be blind forever.

Ploy not only suffered from the hospitalization but even if she couldn't see that time, her relatives took advantage of her family's money. it only lead that she couldn't have an operation to take away the glass inside her eyes. she called her father's close friend whose a lawyer and wanted to know if her father kept some money for her. but another misfortune came, it turns out that the documents... that her father was going bankrupt and had money issues with the loan sharks.

she was alone. her relatives didn't even adopt her... but she didn't give up. she was walking at the streets being homeless and never intended to go back to her home because her relatives would only manipulate her power at young age.

Ploy couldn't remember and she dont want to remember either of how she survived that time. an owner of the apartelle found her sleeping infront of the building. it only happened that time that the owner of the building has inborn blind grandchild and automatically the owner kept her.

but her misfortune didn't end there, the owner's grandchild died and Ploy was like the shadow of their grandchild that they didn't want to remember. she beg to them that she wanted to stay and live like a normal, and that's how she started to work and proves to them that she can pay her debt of gratitude. the people who lives in the apartelle no one knows her past... even the owner. even Rita and Anne who happens to live there.

no one knows... except her. and these... all those tragic moments that she went through. she buried it when she started to stand up to her own. even if she was blind, she change herself into something else. Ploy whose nobody and how she was born in this world.

but all these memories were dug by a person whom she couldn't forget during her stay in America.

meeting Por and his family was too much of a blessing to her, except that Por's father... she never met him before. she accept Por's offer to go to America to have an eye operation. she knew Por's sickness and encouraging him to have a therapy as well.

and a promise came...

Por: by the time you can see again... can you promise me that you should go meet here?
Ploy: of course. the person whom i wanted to see first is you because you were the one who help me through this and honestly i dont even know how i can repay you.
Por: let's not discuss that for now of how you will repay me. after you have a successful operation... that's the only time we can discuss of how you will repay me. promise?
Ploy: promise... (crossing their pinky finger.)

but Ploy didn't know that Por was dying already. Ploy was in her own patient's room and that time, she was waiting and praying for a successful operation of Por.

(i will leave to you on how you will imagine the situation.)

the clock was ticking and Por's brother was sitting beside him only, holding his hand... his mom was crying and couldn't stand seeing his son that is dying already. Por already prepared some letters to his mother, to his father and to his brother. and also, he had a letter to Ploy.

as the minute hand strikes at 12, his life line just ended.

the nurses came into Ploy's room that she will have an operation right away since a donor was just in time. Ploy didn't prepare herself at all. when she was injected anesthesia, her eyes maybe be open... but her mind was totally unstable during that time. she could only remember her past. her tears made everything blurred while seeing the doctors and nurses doing an operation on her, she remembered Por's words.

"have faith in yourself. dont try to lose yourself from the past..."

"i'll always be here for you... by the time we'll meet soon, remember that i'll always be your savior"

"now that i found where you buried your past... i wanna bury it again to a place you'll never find..."

yes, the person she opened up to was only Por. and that time, she's growing fondness towards him. the only person who could understand her was him... nothing but him only.

she had her bandage for a couple of days only, the doctors were great that they successfully remove the glass to her eyes. they actually explained to her that if she didn't had an operation... the glass inside her eyes will not only made her blind but might cause her to die, because it was trapped to the veins already headed to her brain. and if it continued, one move only... and she'll die out of nowhere.

she was thankful to Por... if there's only one person whom she wanted to thank all her life, that would be him only. Por who healed her heart, who break the chains that tied her from the past... and she doesn't care anymore if where did he buried her past.

the day she has to meet him. it was Por's mother who showed up, telling her that Por went to Europe for another operation. but a promise is a promise, his mother gave her a letter. it was for Ploy only... when his mother left, she was crying. she dont understand at all...

"a promise is a promise. i couldn't stay at all because i am more ill than you expected. but i will meet you soon, a different Por you will see. the picture i have for you is me trying to be feeling fine, sorry if i look pale than you expected.

while reading this letter, i hope by the time we meet soon... i hope i could share to you my problems and this time you'll be the one to heal my heart. this is the real illness that i have, my own heart who's suffering from a family's decision. by the time i'll meet you... you might be surprise by my true colors. i didn't tell you my complications with my family because i wanna share your sorrow first.

i will meet you as i promise. but i'll be in different as you have to expect soon. i kept you something that would make you start over. just follow my instruction. i made this book by myself, so that by the time i will try to find you... it wouldn't be hard for me to follow you.

the friendship that we built is extraordinary. since im having problems with my sickness, i might forget all the memories we shared...

love always,

that was the letter he left for her and a picture of him, so that at least... she had glimpse of him of what he was like. but she's feeling guilty and regret that she had her operation... while he was needed to transfer in some continent of this world to have an operation. is that how much he was ill? she thought about it. but she opened the book, it was all hand written of Por. a list of the things she has to do to be able to start again. there's also a list that he recommend of where she needed to work.

and that's how she meets Chakrit. a son of the hotel resort owner, she's supposed to meet Chakrit first... but it happens that Por left a letter to his father and that how Ploy got accepted to work in the hotel-resort.

before that, a lot of things happened when she came back to Thailand. she met Aum first before meeting Chakrit. to Aum's building where she stays at.... Aum didn't mind her business. but as soon as she establish herself being different Ploy now, her closeness with Aum was being rebuilt that time. both of them were the same that they dont want to meet the same people in the past yet... but meeting Rita or Anne... she couldn't trace that time.

she happens to meet Chakrit during her work and didn't know he was the son of the hotel resort owner that time. he was an artist, a painter... who happens to rebel over his father. she witness the arguments of the father and son, she was told by his father to convince Krit to run their business. but he was hard headed. she give advices to his father.

Ploy now understands what Por gave to her, a new life... new friends. though Aum was an old friend, he was now different. and because she's good in giving advices, Aum listens to her at the same time.


and now... it's been 5 years but she haven't meet HIM yet. she haven't meet Por yet.

she was thinking that maybe Por forgot their promise already and maybe start his life somewhere in this world. but she haven't forgot their promise. she was still expecting... hoping that she would meet him someday.

"someday... somehow... somewhere we'll meet..."


note: okay, this is the truth about Ploy's past. i had to re-read some of the chapters
in book 1 story and book 2. but im glad that i didn't tackle anything about Ploy's past.
if i did something wrong with one the chapters in book 1 and book 2... well, it's not that
i made some mistake to put why Ploy got blind. this story is her own past and i needed to
fresh up your minds so that Ploy and Por's story in Book 3 is something to start of.

dont be confuse... in this story. Por really died. if you have read the book 1 story,
remember that i mentioned Por's twin brother. and yes... his name is Por.

and this will give you a hint already that Por's brother is a different one. also in Book 2,
i mentioned there in Aff and Vicky's scene... that Vicky will meet Por and had plans to go
back with him. tackling the book 1, only Rome who knows the secrecy of Por's twin brother.
and none of their close friends knows about this.

then i posted the circulation of the story before that Vicky will play the semi-antagonist
in Book 3. but please... dont hate her... this will have reasons and i will defend soon
of why she needed to play as the semi-antagonist in the story. also this will lead to
Vicky and Chakrit's love story in Book 4.

Book 1---> drama, romance
Book 2---> drama, romance
Book 3---> drama, revenge, romance
Book 4---> drama, comedy, romance
Book 5---> comedy, romance

Spoilers: Expect What You Needed To Expect in upcoming book series

Book 1---> drama... i dont know if i could call it slap and kiss. but hopefully, i satisfied you with their "R scene".
Book 2---> a sequel to Book 1... the reason why the title itself was "My Number Two", because Rome and Rita end up. and that Aff broke up with Ken. it only means. the second chance of love is to find that person to the number 2 as both Aff and Aum had their past relationships.
Book 3---> family revenge. Por plans to destroy his father's business by using Ploy.
Book 4---> slap and kiss. love-hate relationship. Vicky and Chakrit pretends to accept their parents' marriage. but they intended to let them separate, but it looks like the two end up had a one night stand.
Book 6---> a funny love story. Anne and Ken will use some lines from the lakorns, but hopefully... i can execute it with the funny way. i had their ending already... its funny that i already figured out the endings of all the book series first... the most crucial part is the middle scenes.

these are the only pointers i can give to all the book series. because the story circulates... everytime there's a couple ends up together.


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Chapter 10/12

gathering his stuff and ready to leave for his meeting with his clients from Thailand. but has he grabbed his suitcase, his secretary was about to call him because someone needs to see him anyway.

but at the doorway where he was standing and at his secretary's desk... there, he didnt expect to see someone.

"Be My Number Two"CLICK ME (the theme song of this story...)

Aff whom he didn't expect to see in his own building. "Aff...", their eyes meet. there were moment of silence, he stared at her from head to toe... she was wearing a business attire.

Aff: i came here for business Mr. Atichart. mind if we can discuss the matters regarding about the project? (her tone was seriously and strictly business only, she didn't meant to be sounded like that. but that was her real purpose of why she came.)
Aum: (for a moment, he got confuse. dont know what to answer as he only stared on Aff's face... the face that he miss after all.) uh... sorry... uh... please come in then. (he should her the way and Aff finally got inside.) uh... do you want some coffee while we discuss the project? (an automatic invitation, but he felt stupid at the same time.)
Aff: no, thanks. im in a hurry anyway... i just want a straightforward answer from you regarding about the condominium.
Aum: i always received an email from time to time from Sum.
Aff: Mr. Atichart-
Aum: Aff, you dont have to be formal... (he said without hesitation. he also dont want to be formal since they're familiar with other.)
Aff: Mr. Atichart, i believe we are talking business here... and i... i am one of the clients who invested in the project. so please... if you may... i want us to be formal as much as possible.

Aum had no choice... but as he entertain her with all business related only, he notice that she also felt awkward. in this way, he thought about something to make her understand of how he was busy and its one of the reasons why he couldn't go back for almost three months now in Thailand.

but was that his reason at all? because he's started to act like a workaholic person... didn't he remember what his other reason? she wanted to ask him those question, but she knew that it will on lead her to a different topic.

while looking for the other files at his desk, he had glimpse on Aff... but when she caught him staring at her, he would return his attention to the files. "how you will look for that files, Mr. Atichart?"

Aum: uh... uh... mmm... sorry, Miss- Ms. Taksaorn. i think- (he stared at the file that was on his desk, the file was actually there. but it seems like he felt hesitant to give it to her, because he was afraid for her to leave.) i think i left it at home...
Aff: (she sighed as she stood up, she want to maintain her composure.) i guess... i have to leave then and maybe come back tomorrow, but you should have it this time... i have to leave now, i still have a meeting-
Aum: wait- (he grabbed her hand unintended but he still dont want her to leave.)
Aff: (she stared at his hand where he was holding hers, then he let it go.) i have to go now, so will you excuse me-
Aum: wait... im not done yet.
Aff: what else do you want?

before he could speak again, Aff started to show her irritation over him. "if you have nothing else to say, Mr. Atichart... i needed to leave now because i dont want to waste my time here...", she moved fast as she dont want him to stop anymore. because if she stays long, it would only feel herself burden from the pain.

he was left alone in the office when she left.

but he couldn't take it anymore. she was at the elevator, she thought she would be glad to see the empty elevator... because she wanted to cry alone there for awhile and release of how she felt on that moment when she met him again. when the elevator was about to close, Aum stopped the elevator before it closes. Aff was surprise as Aum got inside.

this time... it was just the two of them all alone. her heart beats faster because she dont know what to think anymore.

after he pressed the button. his attention was all over on hers as he reclines her against the wall, and just grabbed her face to give her a hard kiss. that's what the first thing he would wanted to do when he saw her again, to kiss her... to make love to her... to embraced her in his arms. as if he had his withdrawal symptoms of missing her like this much.

the next thing happened is that she was responding to his kiss. her hands were automatically caressing his back, all this time... this was what she was missing, his touch and nothing else.

but her senses made her wake, of course she knows that she wasn't dreaming... but this is not the place where she wanted to do it with him... nor a time to tell him that she misses him. she could deny it if she wanted to. she remember of how he left her and the wound that he created to her heart was starting to feel the ache again. and so she pushed him away as her senses told her to control her own situation. she pushed him away and slapped him on his face.

but he kissed her again and didn't care. then again she pushed him away harder this time. "i hate you~!", she shouted at him and when the elevator finally opens to show its way to the parking lot, he followed her.

Aum: but i miss you... Aff... stop... please... (he hold her hand again, but she wants him to let it go.)
Aff: i dont miss you... and i hate you... remember that i came here for business only-
Aum: Aff... i... i... i love you... that's what you want to hear from me, right? i just said it... and i miss you (he grabbed her again kissed her deeply. this time it wasn't the hard kiss that she felt. it was more soft and gentle.)

but why does she feel that there's still something missing? he just said that he love her. she pushed him away and before she could cry again... she needed to control it. "Mr. Atichart, as far as i am concern... we dont have any relationship... and i believe that what i felt for you was all in the past now...", after she said those words, she went to her car right away and finally left him this time.


as she was running the car so fast and crying because of what just happened, she decided to pull it over... before she lost herself and might cause her to accident only. she cried... she just let it out, but everytime she closes her eyes, she could only remember what just happened.

"i... i love you... that's what you want to hear from me, right?"

she dont know if what he said was truth or did it came from his heart, didn't he just force himself to tell it so? she was confuse, that's how she felt it. and it was right for her to refuse after he said those three words. she felt like it wasn't even at the right time. she couldn't feel that he was sincere enough... but his kiss.-

she was confuse. she also wanted that kiss, maybe it was the result that she was also missing him so much. her phone suddenly ring, it was Vicky at the other line. before she could answer, she want to fix herself and her voice.

Vicky: Aff, your father called me to tell me that you're already here.
Aff: uh... yeah, i just came actually.
Vicky: so where are you staying right now?
Aff: i decided to stay at the hotel, besides... im just gonna stay here for 3 days only.
Vicky: then why dont you just stay at my pad for awhile... its been along time. also Por's coming over, dont you want to see him?
Aff: uh... re-really? so how was he?
Vicky: he's fine... he's been busy preparing all his stuff because he'll come back to Thailand anytime soon.
Aff: i see...
Vicky: so comin' over? let's celebrate, we got lot of things to celebrate you know... im going to be an aunt soon for another baby~!

after Aff confirmed that she's coming over on Vicky's pad, Vicky put down the phone and return to the kitchen as she was starting to prepare everything for dinner. she knows that its too early to prepare, but for her, it was some sort of trial and error. she wanted to this night to be perfect.

her phone ring again... and it was Por. but-

"im sorry i can't come tonight. i'll be stuck here for work..."

that was it... Vicky finally realizes how does it of what she did to him before. though she may think that their relationship now is stronger than before, she could'nt help also but to think that their relationship is doing the opposite way now. she's the one who cares for him and wanted his attention, while he's the one who's busy now and had no time for her.

that's what exactly she did when they were still together...

Vicky would like to think that Por was trying her only, but its still hurts. but she dont want to lose hope, she wanted their love back and so she'll do everything to make it up to him this time.


"Hiling"(Wish) in piano version CLICK ME (this song serves as one of my motivation to continue to write this chapter.)

meanwhile, Por was just sitting to his office. looking at the picture that his late brother was talking about. he had his flashbacks on that moment. remembering what his brother said to him.
"i want you to look after her... if you'll meet her soon, you know what i am really talking about. she would change your perspective in life..."

he dont know if his brother was mocking of he lives his own life. yes, he was the opposite of his twin. even if you two were identical, you can still see the differences between them.

it's been years, since his brother died and it's been a long time since he made up his mind. Por's planning to go to Thailand to inherit his brother's belongings... but he dont know how he and his father will get along because they were never close as father and son. his father never treat him as his own son.

but one thing convince him to go to Thailand is to meet this woman. this woman who used to be blind.

"i wonder what kind of person are you, Ploy... it seems like my brother tells me how important you are to him..."

[faded scene... went to Ploy and Chakrit's scene]

back to Thailand, the night was getting deeper. Ploy couldn't count anymore if how many times did she and Chakrit went to many places just for an adventure calls for both of them. its also been years since Chakrit's father entrusted his son to her, to convince him to run their family business. but it seems like Ploy couldn't force Chakrit at all.

he was an artist. a painter that he even inherited of being artistic from his late mother.

a lot of people mistaken him as bad son, a bad person... or even as a vulgar. but only her who could understand how he feels, she just let him be. there was even a time that he almost court her and wanted to be his girlfriend... but it ended that she dumped him in a friendly way. she want them to remain friends.

and for that, Chakrit found out what was her main reason of why she dont want to get into relationships yet.

Ploy: do you think you can finish that painting tomorrow? (Chakrit was done grilling the fish, he then sat down right next to her.)
Chakrit: yeah... and you? are you done with that diary thingy?
Ploy: i have a few things that i learn about today... and you're one of those people who taught me.
Chakrit: mmm... you're actually more adventurous than me.
Ploy: thanks to you.
Chakrit: i notice that you savor each moment everytime you see new places... new things- im confuse if its part of your task.
Ploy: (she knew what he was referring about, the book she was holding. those were the list of the things she had to do.) Krit...
Chakrit: is it one of the list that you shouldn't have a boyfriend until you two meet?
Ploy: nope. its just that im not ready to anything yet... it felt like there's still something missing-
Chakrit: correction. someone is missing... (he sighed. she dont know what's the meaning of his actions.)

but she just smile while staring at the stars. "someday... somehow... somewhere we'll meet...", her heart says. a wish that hope it will come true.

while she was staring at the stars, Chakrit was just watching her.

"Hiling"(Wish) in violin version CLICK ME (faded into violin version because awhile ago, that was the piano version.)

Por was all ready, his fragile stuff in the box were already packed and secured. he was holding a plane ticket and in a few days he'll fly to Thailand. he dont know what was waiting for him there, since he's not familiar with the people, as well as the place.

he was holding a picture where his brother was lying on the bed and the woman whom his brother was referring who's looking at the other way... it only shows that during the time they took this photo, she was blind.


"why did you have this urgent decision... that you even went through of not telling me so!?!"

"my brother, it's not urgent... i have been thought about this before i came here. i just wanted to help her..."

"you're not dying... that's why you are here... because you're here to recover-"

"why can't you just accept it-"

"i really can't accept it because i dont have plans living with our father. i rather stay here!"

"im giving my eyes to her. that's final. this is also the reason why i came here.... because i want her to recover and you... you should be the one to help me out here..."

he didn't mean to argue with his brother that time, its just that he couldn't help but to accept his brother's situation. he doesn't care to anyone except for his brother. and yes, that time... he was only afraid to see his brother suffering and knowing the truth that he was really dying.

"here... give this to her once she can finally see. i haven't write anything there yet, except for the letter i have there for her. dont open it. but the notebook that i am giving you... i want you to fill it with the list she needed to do once she had my eyes now..."

"what i am going to write here? i dont even know her..."

"by the time she sees... she'll see you as me..."


it was a ridiculous decision that his brother made up, he made himself to get ready before he meets her. its been years and now, he's guessing that this woman is stable. he dont want to think that this is one of the missions that his brother remind him to do. but their father is also demanding that it took him years to decide before he plans to reside in Thailand for their family business only.

packing his last stuff, the professional camera that he always bring wherever he goes. yes, he was a photographer and living a simple life in America was enough for him together with his mother, but to handle such as business with his father... he dont know where he could have his limitations since starting today... he'll play his brother's role, the inheritor of Thrisadee Bank Estate and Co.


when Aff arrived at Vicky's pad, she wasn't there... but Vicky left the key at the reception. she thought she could see her friend but she wasn't there at all, she just left her a message that she's going somewhere and it will take awhile before she goes back.

Aff decided to relax, after she cried in the car... she dont want to remember what just happened awhile ago. if only she could stay awake because everytime she closes her eyes, she could only remember Aum's kiss and those three words. to think that tomorrow, they'll see each other again.

she haven't thought about it yet if how she'll prepare and keep her composure if she faces him again.

her phone rings again. it was him...

Aff: why did you call? i dont want to talk about-
Aum: im sorry about awhile ago... (she didn't speak for awhile, just as she thought. he wasn't sincere about what he said awhile ago and she hated it.) i... i just called you, Ms. Taksaorn to tell you that i'll not be around tomorrow.
Aff: i thought i made it clear that i have an appointment to you, Mr. Atichart.
Aum: i have other appointments that is more important-
Aff: is that mean as your client... i am not important to you? (am i not important to you at all? her heart keeps bothering her mind. that's what she also wanted to ask him.)
Aum: of course... you are important to me... Aff... (when she heard him saying her name. she didn't know what to say, but her heart says that hearing this voice makes her missing him so much and awhile ago wasn't just enough.) that's why... i am planning to give you the documents here because i'll not be around tomorrow. that is... if you really dont mind.
Aff: (with the moment of silence, it took her awhile before she could give her answer.) fine... where do you want us to meet then?...

if its plain business, she wouldn't mind seeing him this time. but if its something else... she wouldn't let it happen. but what if it will happen again of what he did to her awhile ago? she might can't resist herself this time.

it's already settle, he just give her a place of where they should meet. but she want to keep reminding herself to stay away from what... to a temptation? she dont her heart overpower her mind.


see you in part B. as you can see... Aff's playing hard-to-get... XD
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