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sarNie Hatchling

Yaya stared up into the man who took liberty to steal her first real kiss. She only ever dated casually and was skeptical about men. He was the epitome of these men. They took what they wanted. He was the CEO of a company with power and will trample over any one in their way. Looking at his dark eyes flashing menace at her. He knew he had control and he used it to entrap her.

She whispered out loud with heated anger underlying, “Let me go now.” Looking at him without blinking she wanted him to see the rage that overcame her and if he didn’t let her go he would be sorry.

Nadech stared back at her. Her soft spoken words made him still. He knew he may have crossed the line but since the first time he’s seen her; his well collected emotions always got out of control. He stepped back from her. He wanted to touch her; badly.

“How dare you! You don’t know me and I don’t care to know you. Stay away from me!” Yaya turned to leave but he grabbed her arm to make her stay. She knew she had a ridiculous temper and she kicked him at his inner thigh, barely missing his precious heirloom.

Nadech doubled over. He did not expect that from her. Obviously, as he is trying to catch his breath as she kicked the wind out of him. The door slammed behind her.


She didn’t know how to respond to her sisters inquiries. What happened today? Too much that she wasn’t able to discuss. She thought to herself she’d go into the meeting and they would have mutual understanding that this marriage arranged by their fathers was an impossible transaction. They didn’t know each other or even liked each other. Her father’s word, about wanting her to help his best friend’s son was false. She was to teach city life to this Esan man was a lie. He was so business savvy and ruthless. His sense of sophistication and entitlement was beyond her capabilities. What did he like about his Esan culture? He was all business-like there was no rural in him, how deceiving!

“It was the worse experience of my life…” she replied but Taew interrupted.

“Was he ugly, deformed or not all there? He must be if he needs his father to help him find a wife.” Taew waited for her sister’s response.

“He is none of that. He is as much as I would begrudgingly say this, is every women’s dream guy. Too handsome but also too confident in himself; I swear men like him give good guys a bad reputation. Forget it, I am glad I made it out there without out wounds.” She didn’t want to elaborate further. She slightly smiled as she remembered her foot had connected with his soft thigh. That’ll teach him to mess with her.

She warned both her sisters not to relay today’s event to their father. Or else she will feed them to the dogs and trade her place so maybe they could do their duty to their father instead. The younger siblings gasp to Yaya’s threat. She sounded like she was out for blood whispered Gubgib to Taew. Yeah let’s leave it alone agreed Taew with her eyes.


“She what?!!” both the elderly men exclaimed out loud while listening to Nadech’s story with his encounter with Yaya today at his office. There were witnesses too so word will spread that his bride, who looked like a child bride came wooing.

“So the wedding will get moved up sooner than later. I know Yaya will refuse it. Nadech, if I may call you son now with your permission. I will give you the responsibility to persuade your bride. But don’t hurt her in any way. She may be very bratty at times but she is still my daughter and I know I raised a good girl.” Khun Sahat will oblige with his future son in law’s plans.

Nadech didn’t have one. With the older men confronting him, he wished he had more opportunities to find a way to back out of this marriage but instead of accomplishing that it backfired on them both. Because of her, Yaya ruined his well laid out plans to dissolve their father’s vows. Now they were even more adamant that the marriage will need to take place as soon as possible between their oldest children.

“I will get her to the altar no matter what. Through truth or wiles she will be my Esan bride. Okay Pa’Sahat I will try to convince your daughter that I would match her in lifestyle and personality.” Nadech said.

Whatever he needed to say to make the older gentlemen happy but inside his confidence decline because if what happened between he and Yaya was any indication. He has a huge uphill battle to convince her to be his legal wife. Then wiles and treachery it will be he thought as it would be his only choice of persuasion with Yaya; his very spoiled and quick tempered fiance...


FF Writer!! Love it!
Wow! Thanks Yaya does have a temper haha and so does Nadech. It's like water meeting fire they don't match but equal each other out right!!


sarNie Hatchling

Staring back at the round eyed and sophisticated young woman’s reflection in the mirror, Yaya was taken aback and impressed too by her sister Gubgib ‘s talent. Was that really her? She was tall and lean and her curves were shown in perfect proportion. This electric blue dress was figure-hugging for sure. It was short and had a zipper in the front that started from her breast to the bottom of the hem that ended right at her mid-thigh. She was definitely dressed to impress. It was sexy as hell but business-like too with the cap sleeves and square neck-line. Not revealing her cleavage at all but she was all legs tonight. Taew came by and gave a loud whistle. She was dressed in her casual t-shirt and ripped jeans as per usual so she couldn’t help but compliment her own sister. She really believed her sister should be in front of the camera and not behind the scenes creating clothes.

“Wow big sis, you look absolutely stunning and a knock out. So is it the black or nude heels? Gubgib, my baby sister your makeup for Yaya is flawless too. You look better in nude tones than what your friends had you pasting on your face. Yes I said it out loud you don’t look like a harlot any longer. Not to sound crude or anything. Well my best friend will be arriving shortly; good thing he is willing to help out and why not, look at my gorgeous sister here. Por is very handsome too and tall so you both will suit. Make sure to smile at the media too. If this doesn’t turn your Esan husband away I don’t know what will. You are going to be officially ‘taken’ by tonight’s news. The gossip makers will have a hay day with this.” Taew insisted that her plan will work. Yaya was a little worried knowing how Mr. CEO handles things and her.

Seeing how Yaya was so forlorn and devastated when their father came home and said the wedding date is being pushed up because the scandal at Mr. CEO’s office yesterday. The sisters gave each other knowing glances and so their brainstorming became important. Clearly Yaya’s feelings were not considered by their father. What was his mad rush to marry off their eldest daughter? Yaya was the only one who knew the impending reason and she didn’t relay it to her sisters. She didn’t want them to stress out with her and their Dad. She must do whatever it takes to resurrect her father’s business of thirty five years. But she will refuse to marry to resolve the crisis. Call her old fashion if she believes in falling in love and getting married to that person. She and Nadech, not a chance because they couldn’t be in the same room and not want to throttle each other or worse. Shivering she revert back to the memory of his punishing kiss. She didn’t want to experience that again, it was not romantic but it was all about possession and to tame her. Thinking of his high-handedness with her, she wanted to strangle him or kick him again.

The voices below were heard all the way up to the girls’ room. Taew hurriedly rush downstairs to greet her best friend. They have known each other, she and Por, for who knows how long. He never says no to her and if he did she’d always find a way to make him agree to her plans, be it good or bad.

“Por how are you? Wow you cleaned up well.” complimented Taew to her very handsome best friend. He beamed at her. She looked her usual tomboy self and he liked that she kept it real all the time.

“I guess anything for you buddy. Now you said your sister is a knock out so where is she…” his words stalled as he saw the woman in blue walk downstairs. Oh boy, he gulped she was a looker and absolutely beautiful.

Who wouldn’t want to marry her? He thought to himself. He saw Taew pinching him and raising her brows to get him to be the gentleman and help her sister down the stairs. Right, he thought again. Where were his manners, his parents taught him better.

“My pleasure is my goal, and that is Yaya to ruin your image as you have demanded from me. Taew don’t glare at me. I know my duty and that is to make your sister look taken. You owe big time buddy.” As he responded to Taew’s ushering.

He smiled his genuine feelings towards Taew. When she first approached him about this at first he thought she was talking about herself needing a fake fiancé but it was her sister instead. He could never say no to his best friend. It was acting, what could possibly go wrong?

“Okay name the price, you know I am good for it! Now hurry to that fancy stuff that couples do. The media was told to be there for 8 tonight. Go now. And good luck kids!” Taew didn’t allow Por to peruse her sister for too much longer as she responded to his demands.

There was a little feeling of pressure on her heart but she quickly brushed it off. If her well thought out plans didn’t work for Yaya then this Mr. CEO was tougher and more ruthless than she give him credit for, but Yaya seems to think this may be the ticket for her way out of this arranged marriage. Taew felt really bad for her eldest sister. They all made a pact that they would marry for love only. This was so unfair for Yaya. She turned to see Gubgib with a grim face. She asked without words to her younger sister, Gubgib just shook her head. It is not going to work she relayed back with her eyes. Taew prayed Gubgib was wrong.

At the restaurant the new couple discuss what was necessary and what was a no go zone for the media. Obviously no physical contact but they must act as intimate as possible in conversation. The flashes were seen at every corner of the fine dining restaurant. Word escaped that one of the most successful businessman’s daughter has been seen out and about with a up and coming Entrepreneur. Wedding bells will be happening soon? Yaya smiled shyly at Por as was needed of her but between them they were making fun of the unsuspecting reporters and gossipers.

“Thank you so much Por! It was really nice of you and I hope we can remain friends. I heard so much about you from Taew. You are the only guy she ever talks about and don’t give me that look, it is all good. Don’t you worry about Taew bad-mouthing you. She likes you so that is something to consider. Okay smile. Thank you again.” Yaya didn’t need to lie to Por.

She was grateful for his help. So Nadech, she thought you better back off. As she was busy fantasizing of her success, she notice gathering at the front of the restaurant.

As if she wished him to appear, there he was standing at the threshold of the restaurant’s entrance. Her Esan husband, wait where did that come from she chastised herself. Oh crap, what the hell was he doing here? Oh my goodness thought Yaya with shock. If she was a teenager again she may actually have drooled . But snapping out of it she knew how domineering he could be. He was dressed impeccably, a black shirt opened at the neck and his black with tiny grey pinstripe suit was wrinkleless. Did he just finished work and came to confront her? Did the media already started to post these pictures of her and her mysterious man?. Holy shit she was in trouble, but wait why did she fear this? She didn’t owe him anything, she told him to stay away from her, clearly he heeded her advice she thought sarcastically. Why was he here?

Yaya quickly whispered at Por that her unofficial or real fiancé was here. His eyes widened. He was not prepared to act out in front of her real intended. Taew what have you conned me into? These were his last thoughts. He was a handsome business man reaching their table. The air was harsh and tense. Por thought he heard Yaya muttered. Holy shit? It was that bad? Oh heck time to lay it on thick in the acting department, what he does for his best friend. Por could never deny Taew anything.


sarNie Hatchling

He was so exhausted from work and needed to head out to his favourite club lounge; he needed a stiff drink as his week has been hectic in both matter of business and personal. He thought was it ever personal when his unwanted fiancé came crashing into his office. The restaurant was unusually crowded which was weird because its appeal to him was that he had a bit more privacy especially in the congested population which was Bangkok.

He noticed the commotion around a table of a couple being bombarded by media. Out of all nights why tonight, he ruffled his hair to ease the low aching of pain pounding in his head. He came here to relax in his usual private booth. A flash of blue caught his eyes and because he it was his favourite colour it easily attracted him. He moved towards the table and there his fiancé was shamelessly flirting with another man and in front of the cameras. What the hell was going on?

As he approached their table he saw the other man stand up and ushered his unwanted fiancé away from the media. He stopped them from going any further. He inquired solemnly trying not to attract the media interests and make it as casual as possible. He didn't need this tonight either. What were her plans for them?

“What a pleasure Khun Yaya. Is he a friend or more? I just wanted to greet you both but I didn’t want to interrupt your date. It is a pleasure and a surprise to see you here. Well enjoy the remainder of your night as I will be enjoying mine. But my invitation is here, would you like to join me. Sorry you are?” Nadech looked to Por who had a slight height advantage over him but yet Nadech was the one who seem more domineering. They shook hands, they sized each other up but there was no animosity.

“I am Por. Nice meeting you as well. How do you know Yaya?” Por knew their relationship but he feigned ignorance but he wanted to know if this man was going to admit to his relationship with Yaya.

“We recently have known of each other. Our fathers are best friends. Well follow me if you would like.” He turned and didn’t wait for their response. He didn’t really care if they were going to join him or leave now. He needed a drink, something like hard liquor on ice.

“Do you want to leave with me now or join your real fiancé?” Por looked at Yaya he was holding her hand and felt her palms feeling clammy and cold.

Por notiiced that Yaya changed her mood and body language since Nadech walked into the restaurant. Maybe her sister Taew didn’t realize that there was something between Nadech and Yaya. He couldn’t confirm things but just seeing their brief interaction he knew it was more than meet the eyes. He waited for her response.

“I think I will speak with him briefly please wait for me in the car. Thank you Por. I will be right back." She walked quickly to catch up to Nadech. All the while trying to steady her erratically beating heart.


He was pouring himself a second glass when he heard the door open. She arrived alone. All legs and flawless, she surely was oozing with s3x appeal. Where was her boyfriend? He thought to himself. Clearly that was her intention to dissolve their fathers’ plans. It was a great idea and if it is the truth he didn’t want to break apart anyone’s relationship, it was not his preference to be a home-wrecker; his father should have done a background check on her because she has a boyfriend and a healthy love life. But yet why did she pretend that his kiss was shocking. Seeing her and Por gazing at each other he knew their relationship was not platonic. How could anyone stay platonic with a woman like her?

“Sit down Yaya; I guess we should cheer to your success? I was wracking my brain in trying and wanting to figure out our dilemma in getting out of this but you got it. Unusual that a woman like you is both beauty and brains…” he informed her. She glared at him at his words.

“What do you mean by a woman like me? How dare you? You don’t even know me. But it doesn’t matter. I told you this arrangement between our fathers wasn’t a good idea…” she replied but saw him rise before she finished her sentence.

What was he going to do? She silently squirmed in her shoes. This dress she now felt was too much body-hugging, she felt she couldn’t breathe well as he stared at her too.

“Well then I guess you will be depositing six hundred and fifty million bahts into our account before Monday?” he asked of her and so matter of fact; not even blinking either. He looked very serious.

Money? She didn’t have that kind of money but her father owed his and him that much money? She gulped down her vile. How she disliked this man. He was blackmailing her, so that was his approach.

He continued on as he down his drink, “Yes, I will rip the debt agreement as I see all the monies no later than Monday. And best of luck with your relationship. Did you want me to pour you a drink now?” He saw her spitting daggers at him. Did she not know the seriousness of her father’s dilemma? It was a lie of course.

Through vile or treachery and this was his option. Why he decided that he would have her as his wife, he still needed to think that over but once seeing that a woman like her was really against a marriage with him, his pride took a hit and he didn’t like it one bit. He never liked being second choice. She was in for a rude awakening to put it lightly.

She finally found her voice, “I don’t think we have that kind of money. Will you give me more time?” That was all she could muster. She thought her family was rich but how rich was Andes’s family? If her father owed that huge amount of money and he was just one client then how about everyone else who they loaned out money to? She was really out of her element here. Where was she going to find six hundred and fifty million bahts? He held out a mixed drink for her.

(Game on My Esan Husband. Blackmail card is now played hehehehe. No love lost here, Yaya is pissed and distraught! LOL Thanks ladies for all the entertaining comments, I hope there is enough comedy here, sadly I am more of a drama/romance person but I am trying my bestest! Thank you FF readers!)


FF Writer!! Love it!
HAha still loving it, omg Yaya and Nadech crashing against each other again. Their both distracted and alarming by the marriage but they still manage to fight each other. Im feeling Yaya having emotions towards Nadech already. Yea haha :kiss2: :drools: :whatever: :woot: :woot2: :secret:


sarNie Hatchling

Her hands were shaking when she reached to take the drink from Nadech but they were shaking so bad that she didn’t get a good grasp of the glass that it slipped from her hands and fell back on to his lap. Oh no! She couldn’t believe that happened, was he going to be mad at her because tonight he was not that friendly or receptive to her. She quickly looked around for some napkins and found some on the table beside the club chair he was sitting in. That was all she needed to cause more animosity towards herself and her family. She didn’t know what was required of her and her family now if six hundred and fifty million bahts was required to be repaid on Monday. She started to dab at his thighs and realized he stiffened. Oh how expensive was his tailor-made suit, it was a designer brand what else would he wear but her eye for fashion confirmed his taste. He held her hands tightly to stop her from continuing her cleaning and she froze.

“Enough. Clearly the loan information has shocked you. If you do not have the funds then think carefully and I suggest you sleep on it. How about marrying this Esan husband of yours? Am I really a bad catch? Besides your boyfriend there should have been with you or he should have come and get you by now. If I was your boyfriend I wouldn’t allow you to be in the same room with another man. All dressed up and you cleaned up well Yaya. To think if you wanted to leave a good impression the first time we first meet this would have changed my mind immediately. You are beautiful, very beautiful actually.” He grabbed her chin to make her look up at him and keep eye contact. Will she accept him and his offer?

“Not in a million years. Let go of me now.” That was her answer and she pulled her chin away from his grasp. She tried to walk away from him with whatever pride she had left but he stopped her from leaving him. With her temper yet again she elbowed him in his gut, he was very fit that she met hard abdomen.

He doubled over once more because this woman had a lot of strength in her attack; her inner strength he commend more. Watching her sashaying her way out the door, he couldn’t help but chuckle slightly even with the pain he was feeling. Did he really want to take on the task of being her teacher and husband? Can he tame probably the most stubborn and hard-headed woman he has ever had the misfortune to have met?


“Por said Nadech wasn’t affected by seeing you with him. But what happened between you and him in that booth. You were gone for a bit. He didn’t try anything did he?” Taew tried to get some form of answers from her older sister Yaya.

Yaya couldn’t respond all she could think about was the loan amount. How was the feat to repay going to ever happen? She confronted her father and he paled but he never denied the amount. It was definitely very bad for her. She literally now had no choice. What and why they wanted her as the bride she couldn’t understand. Nadech must have women lined up at his door why was it so hard for him to just choose one of them and be done with it?

The vow between best friends shouldn’t be passed down to their children. It wasn’t fair to any of the party and especially her. She was not ready and she felt she could not take on this endeavour and willingly become this arrogant man’s wife. Then she was to consent to live in the woods after the wedding. Honestly she’s never encountered any form of wilderness and Esan people. She did a quick look up on Wikipedia, to find more information on this culture but the information was so limited. She wouldn’t be able to properly prepare herself. But first things first, she needed to figure out how to get out of this predicament. Maybe it was time to be serious with Nadech and they needed to work together to get out of this pre-arranged marriage made by their fathers.

“Oh he wasn’t happy about it but I don’t think he cares. We are not in love and we are definitely not compatible. I don’t understand our fathers and their traditional ways, it is the twenty first century isn’t it? Taew I don’t know what else to do. What is the media saying? Have you seen the papers or anything on TV?” she replied to her sister and seeing Taew shaking her head.

They were both quite surprise that there was no news that leaked out about herself and Por. Was it not news worthy but they planted the event last night. There was definitely a lot of media coverage but as of this morning nothing about her made it to the news. The media and gossip columnist were all given the leak information. It was only rumours but at least she could have that as an excuse. She was attached to someone else. Who would have the heart to break lovers apart? Mr. CEO never said anything about Por. Of course not because all he cares about is getting his money. It was his bread and butter milking off the interests of those who have the misfortune to ask a loan from him and his company. And he thought he was a great catch for her. If she was deaf, blind and desperate or destitute, if even those reasons will ever change her mind to marry him.

“Nothing big sis, I wonder why? Oh my god do you think he had anything to do with it. I think it must be your Mr. CEO!” Gubgib blurted out.

Yaya looked at her sister blankly, her Mr. CEO, her nothing, how could he play a role in dismissing the media coverage. No way, how can it be? Can he? She looked at both her sisters and they all came to the same conclusion. He must have paid the media. He had that type of money. How dare he do this to her! Why did he want to win over her so much what was so beneficial of this marriage?

He wasn’t going to get away with this, who did he think he is? Did he not know who he was dealing with? She may be a Thai woman but that was the only cultural thing about her. In New York she knows the difference between dependent and independent. She wasn’t a woman to bow to any man!


“What do I owe this pleasure to have a visit from you Yaya? Care to sit down or are you going to stand there, arms crossed and spitting fire?” He sat leisurely in the patio chair. He was in his casual clothes and he looked much younger than his age. Yaya tried to keep with her anger or his attractive physique will distract her from her plans.

He was waiting for her at the bistro as she chose this public place. She was intimated by him? It was a compliment and a surprise to see her act this way with him. She didn’t sit down as he suggested, tapping her foot and taking shaky deep breaths; was she counting underneath her breath? Why was she so anxious and exasperated? When she called him he knew it was her right away. She is very intelligent after all or for some reason knows how he works. It was quite refreshing, a woman challenging him.

“I will be sitting in a moment. How dare you!” she finally sat down and placed her palm on the top of the table, inches from his fingers. He wanted to touch her.

Wait where did that thought come from? It has been awhile since he had a sexual liason; it had been over six months already? The mergers with the Hong Kong banks were really enveloping his personal life. He was still young and had a healthy appetite. Something must be arranged soon. Or else she will be his next target which will be inappropriate to lust after one’s future bride and an unwilling one. If her frown right now was any indication of how subservient she was feeling towards him.

”What did I dare do? I have no idea what you are accusing me of. I thought I was invited to come and share a congratulatory drink and you will be handing me the money your family owe us. But I guess that isn’t the case. Were you hoping for a negotiation?” he looked at her dead on. What was her next move? It didn’t look like she had a plan, but yet she stared back and smiled?

“You know damn well you paid the media off. What happen to my news? What are you hiding behind that cold exterior of yours that no woman is willing to marry you? You are a thirty years old man, still handsome, rich and young. Are you demented? Have a mental illness like when we first met. No one will condone that stalker-ish mode right?” she smirked at him, that’ll show you!

“Actually I am only doing my duty as an eldest son. I marry you, use you when I find it necessary and move on. You live in your little narrow-minded world and I will continue on with my lifestyle. I don’t see the harm in our union.” He shrugged, she wanted to play. Oh he will eagerly play with her.

She opened her mouth then closed it. He just said he will use and discard her? What kind of monster was he? She was definitely out of her element now.

“I will not oblige to your whims. My father confirmed our debt we have with you but he said your father allowed him some time. What do I need to do to repay you back? It is only marriage you are after? If so can you read this over and add or make changes then?” She went into her purse and saw him push back a bit from his chair.

That is right you weren’t expecting this, she didn’t bat her eyelashes either, she was dead serious now. She was up all night with her sisters trying to build a strict contract stating what can be or cannot be done in their marriage. The marriage was to last five years only. Or if he so wishes he can dissolve it but pay a contract cancellation fee of six hundred and fifty million bahts. Her father’s business was still prospering but somehow he convinced his father to ask for the loan back much sooner than verbally agreed upon by the men. Was it because she refused to marry him?

“This is amusing. Five years with you is equal to 650 million bahts. What do you take me for? How do I trust you or what do I gain from this?” He looked at her as if she grew horns.

“Just read it over and let me know. Your father said it made sense to him, so if you have a real problem with it then take it up with your father. At least he keeps his vows and promises like a real man. If you are so desperate to marry me then sign on the dotted line. Have a good day Khun Nadech.” She saluted him.

Then she walked away. Inside her heart was quaking so badly. She felt she was going to past out. She did it. It wasn’t so bad. He still didn’t admit he had control over the media, but he wasn’t going to have full control over this impending and intrusive marriage.

She wore red, a one piece short suit and her navy blue blazer. It must have been the loud colours that distracted him so much. When she pulled out her contract, he was flabbergasted and watched her walk away. Not looking back. Her back ramrod straight and the regal brat returned to her isolated castle. He started to read the contract, all 10 pages and its terms. He let out a loud laugh.

The people stared at him. Yes this was quite entertaining for sure. A wickedly handsome man in his washed dark denim and black t-shirt, but clearly he wasn’t all there as he was laughing out loud by himself. What a shame as some of the young women thought especially when he first joined the patio scene. He was very pleasing to their eyes and hearts.


FF Writer!! Love it!
Sara101 you got me smiling widely. Everything I read was like a what? at every end of something they do. In a good way thanks i hope you update soon to na ka!


sarNie Hatchling

He scrolled down each paragraph and then he reread some of the most ridiculous conditions he ever came across; reading and shaking his head at every point listed:












He stopped there. What was she smoking or had no clue what she was asking from him? First and foremost he was a man. He is still a young man with a healthy and robust man’s needs. He couldn’t believe the stipulations provided in this contract. She was all over the place and could not make up her mind if she cared or would okay extra-marital activities. Not that it mattered once he marries he would never demean or disrespect his wife in that way. But that was when he believed in love and able to choose his own wife. This was all new territory for each of them.

Five years from now he would be thirty five, he didn’t know if he wanted to start having children then if she was not going to be a willing party during their potential contract marriage. At least she didn’t deny him his visitation with his grandmother. If he could get her out of the city she will most definitely be out of her element. Wait what and why was he speculating on their future? He has most likely jumped off the deep end himself to even have these visions of her in his life. Although she never said anything about his revision or right to add, change or delete some of these rules and obligations she put in here. He thought long and hard and called his lawyers. If she wanted this contract binding, he wanted the same.


“So how many weeks has it been Yaya. We scared him away didn’t we? Alright high five my sisters!” cried Taew.

The younger sisters high fived each other but stopped when they saw Yaya’s silence. Yaya didn’t have a good feeling about Nadech`s silence and he hadn’t dropped off the contract which was to be expected. As well her father no longer kept hinting at her about giving his marriage vows to Nadech’s father onto her.

This was what she wanted of course, but she also felt a little apprehensive as if it was the quiet or silence before the big storm comes assaulting. She shook off her inner fears and gave her two sisters high five. Overall she was very relieved she didn’t have to marry him. He was so arrogant, self-assured, this too handsome for his own good man but also the most manipulative person that she had ever encounter.

Just then the tiny particle of hair follicles on her neck pricked up. Yaya shivered involuntarily. She heard her father’s voice booming loud and her worst nightmare had come true.

“Khun Narun, I have been expecting you. Nadech welcome to our home officially. Yes you should go find Yaya.” Said her father overly enthusiastically as Yaya’s mood and heart plummeted; she knew the next phase in her life was about to change.

Her sisters’ faces were priceless. Both with “O” sketched on their mouths.


FF Writer!! Love it!
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sarNie Hatchling

So he was here? She was kind of not that surprised in actuality. She knew he was not going to not do anything. Her contract for their marriage was atrocious and her sisters wording were all as if they were shocked innocents and with virginal outrage. She didn’t have any more experiences than her sisters but she’s seen how liberal both men and women were in New York but that wasn’t a bad thing either. Lust and love could easily intermingle between consenting adults. She didn’t ever experience that sort of butterflies kind of feelings or the can’t sleep or eat syndrome when one falls madly and deeply in love. He was looking for her; no he was here to hunt her down she corrected herself. She was surprised it took him this long to visit her and her family.

Taew and Gubgib started whispering amongst themselves then they walked over to Yaya and hugged her hard. As if she was going to be sacrifice to the lions. She almost burst out laughing at her sisters dramatics.
“It isn’t as if I will be tossed into the volcano of death and turn into cinder. Relax my sisters, I am a big girl and I have to deal with him right now. He isn’t here to negotiate he is here for his bride. We did well with our contract so I have no fear of what will become of our marriage. Five years will pass fast enough. I have my career to keep me busy. Just know that I will do whatever it takes for you both and our family.” She hugged her sisters back and winked before she walked out the door with them following quickly behind her.

She descended the stairs, dressed in her waist high sapphire shorts with double button and her coral lace tank top. She looked fresh and stressed free. Taew looked so young in her regular white t-shirt and jeans while Gubgib in her eldest sister’s designed Bohemian doll dress in shades of green and yellow followed. Yaya smiled at her father and Khun Narun but there was no sign of Nadech. She wished her mom was here but right now she was in Milan buying the next clothing line for her small boutique she co-owned with Yaya. They started the business since she’s shown interest in fashion and design when she turned thirteen. Yaya was good with what she does with fabrics; she was actually very talented and creative as well unique.

Taew felt a little apprehensive and sad for her sister. She knew how Yaya was a very strong-willed woman and as her sister she never take advice from anyone much less be forced to marry a stranger. She turned back up to call her best friend Por as he needed to get here as soon as possible as it was agreed upon that he would be the acting boyfriend for Yaya. He better have his phone or else she wouldn’t let him live it down. He promised her and he will have to follow through.

Nadech stared off into the man-made pond in their backyard. A family full of women, he didn’t know how Khun Sahat does it. He couldn’t even handle one woman in particular the eldest daughter of this household. He didn’t think he would ever step foot in her territory but here he was. His father made a threat that he needed to make it traditional to ask for Yaya’s hands for marriage. Even if it were the fathers who initiated it, he was to follow through with their promise to each other. His lawyer still had the drafted contract with him at the office and will email him momentarily. Yaya lied about his father knowing about this contract it was only between him and her. He was going to return the favour once she comes out of hiding. It was a warm household and seeing the family portrait in the hallway, Yaya looked the most like her father and tall as well. It was a happy picture of the family of five. At least he knew that she was family-orientated. Khun Sahat said Yaya and her sisters were very close, of course he believed it because all of the rules set up were the workings of more than one mind. He heard a small sound from behind him.

“I hope you are enjoying your visit. Was there anything I can get you? Or are you not staying for too much longer? It was nice meeting your father but to my surprise he is nothing like you.” Yaya informed him and not backing down with her intentional insult.

“I believe I was invited over for lunch and then I hope to take you out to the movies and dinner later in the day. Unless you have plans but your father said you are normally in your design studio on Sundays. So let us get you out more this Sunday.” Nadech retorted in kind. She didn’t know how really angry he was with her insolent actions at the bistro.

“I actually have plans, sorry to make you waste your time. Por and I are actually going out later. You remember him right at the restaurant, he is my boyfriend. My attentive and loving man.” She didn’t want to stand here verbally combating with him. She knew he wasn’t please with her answer but who cares she didn’t sign anything and neither did he.

“I doubt he will be as loving if he finds out that his girlfriend is going to be someone else’s wife in the very near future. Come Yaya sit down we need to talk as two mature adults here. You put forth a business proposition to me. Right, here comes the email now.” He pulled the chair out for her to sit, she didn’t have a choice as she saw his long fingers tapping the back of the chair and his eyes directed her to sit in this chair now.

“Email, what does your personal email has anything to do with me?” she asked. She noticed he didn’t remove his hand from around the back of the chair.

“Have a look here Yaya. I made some changes, added a few stipulations for my own benefits and deleted some of your ridiculous rules here. I will be honest with you I don’t approve of infidelity any more than you do. When we marry, yes when not if, I vow to be respectful of you and give you your dues as my legitimate wife. It is mainly the Esan ways that I have been taught. Now read it carefully, I have all day for you wife.” He slowly said the last word to her as he leaned into her and close to her ear.

Yaya turned to stare at him, why was he doing this? She read each line methodically. The marriage was to last only two years and he wanted to spend half of it on his grandmother’s northern land. If she doesn’t sign he requires all monies to be paid in full plus interests owing on it which accounted for another 50 million bahts. The initial amount did not include interests? Was he running a legitimate business or a loan shark venture? How was she able to pay any of this loan amount back, this was definitely blackmail on his behalf.

“I will sign it but give me some time. Two years will be done and over without a hitch. I live my life and you live yours sounds fair. I don’t know about visiting your Esan village. If we are being honest with each other, I do not like the wilderness. No running water or flushing toilet irks me. I am a city woman and you know this, how our incompatibility is actually the only similarities we have with each other.” She started.

“I think you may be in for a treat. The natural world is not a scary place. It is healthier and more soothing to the senses than the artificial air from air conditioning and smog created by all the pollutants from the vehicles in Bangkok. So it sounds like you are not going to disagree to the new terms? I kept your separate quarters here but physical contact will be open to you. You may find me irresistible someday Yaya. I am willing to oblige to your needs anytime, you are a very beautiful woman as you are aware about it yourself.” He shifted his chair closer to her but Yaya pulled back.

He was trying to seduce her here in the daylight? She shoved at him and tried to get up but he grasped onto her arm to keep her seated. She was really bad at reigning in her temper he realize, if he didn’t hold onto her she would have punched him out already. She was tight lipped and he couldn’t help but stare at her mouth. What was she doing to him? He really needed to stop lusting after her; it wouldn’t be good for his health or their arranged marriage.

“Am I interrupting anything? Yaya how are you sweetheart? Sorry I got delayed at work but I am here now for you baby.” Por said from afar and came to help Yaya out of her chair.

Nadech didn’t look impressed with Por. He got up as well. They eyed each other but Por was oblivious of the impending marriage agreement between the couple.

“If you don’t mind I will ask my girlfriend here to come join me for a lunch date?” Por was about to walk Yaya away but Nadech stopped them from leaving.

“I don’t mind that you ask me but I do mind that you don’t touch my future wife.” Nadech said this seriously.

Yaya stared back at him. What was he thinking she never agreed with anything about the marriage agreement? That was uncalled for and why was he acting jealous, they didn’t even like each other.

Por didn’t know what else to do, Yaya squeezed his arm and asked him to give her a few moments she will be having lunch with him outside so just go get her sisters as well. She turned back to Nadech. She won't be too long.

“I did not agree to anything yet…don’t you try to force me to do anything I don’t want to do. You had a couple of weeks to get back to me I only ask for the same. Don’t make it a habit of pretending to be possessive of me and I thought we would at least be honest with each other. I am not your anything do you understand. Stay away from me until I say so…” she was pulled into his embrace immediately. Yaya couldn’t believe this. His aggressive nature was getting tiring.

“Speaking of nothing was signed you don’t mind if I take a little sample of what I paid for?” Nadech couldn’t believe her ways of still trying to tell him what or what not to do.

She had a too smart mouth and never leaving him with the last words let’s see what else her mouth is good for. With that he kissed her slowly. She stiffened in his arms and didn’t fight him. He caressed her back and slowly slid his palms to grasp her enticing bottom. More and more he has been dreaming of having her in his arms like this. She started to kiss him back which was very pleasurable and his body immediately responded to her and as they were enjoying the kiss their tongues circled and stabbed within each other mouths but then she bit down, hard. He yelled out loud because he was not expecting that, feeling his now throbbing tongue he glared at her.

“Try that again and I will make you bleed next time. I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon Khun Nadech.” She pushed him away and quickly rushed back inside. She mocked him with her looks before she disappeared through the doors.

Well he never thought he would feel so much rage with this woman but here he was aroused but also in a bit of pain. Did she really wreak havoc with his lust but then violently put an end to it just moments ago? Yaya was not an easy woman to handle. She has thrown the gauntlet and it was time he picked it up. He will wait for her this evening and in the meantime find out exactly what makes her tick and the nature of her mind. Will she accept the contract and his requests or will he have to resort to other methods to convince her. Yes he has come to the realization that he wanted her badly and he will have her. Lust to him seems to be very uncontrollable when it comes to Yaya.