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Awwwwwwwwwww ! Sary !!!!! So nice to see you update this story .... I was missing you sooo much . I swear my esan's husband is one of my favorite stories.
Seems like Yaya is fighting the attraction that she has for her newlywed husband !!!....I am glad that she finds it hard ,now , to resist his charms even if her plans of escaping are still remaining intact !!!! Lol.
As for Nadech , I am admiring his cool . His brat is definetly testing his ability to restraint himself , lol .... I just wonder how long it is gonna last ?!!!.... Lol .
Thanks Sary for this great update !!!! Don't make us wait too long for the next one.... I am dying to know what is coming for our new Esan couple !!!! <3 :D


FF Writer!! Love it!
Awwwwwwwwwww ! Sary !!!!! So nice to see you update this story .... I was missing you sooo much . I swear my esan's husband is one of my favorite stories.
Seems like Yaya is fighting the attraction that she has for her newlywed husband !!!....I am glad that she finds it hard ,now , to resist his charms even if her plans of escaping are still remaining intact !!!! Lol.
As for Nadech , I am admiring his cool . His brat is definetly testing his ability to restraint himself , lol .... I just wonder how long it is gonna last ?!!!.... Lol .
Thanks Sary for this great update !!!! Don't make us wait too long for the next one.... I am dying to know what is coming for our new Esan couple !!!! <3 :D
Me too Zaz, ergh, Sary have to update dying to know what happens next!! :)


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Me too Zaz, ergh, Sary have to update dying to know what happens next!! :)
Hey !!!! Kia !!! ^^
I am missing talking to you !!! Hope to catch you soon on the CB ;)
Same goes for you Sary , I am missing your energy and positivity !!!! ... But I am so happy you are continuing " my Esan Husband " ! ... :D


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Ladies miss you all more!!! Yes stay tuned, Esan Husband will be updated at a more faster pace...lots of more interesting interactions and concepts I have for these 2!


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Oooohhhhh ! You have ?!!!!.... I am sooo glad to hear you say this :D
I really love Yaya and Nadech's characters in this and love nadech's grandma and Yaya's sisters... I cannot wait to see how their marriage is going to developp between those two stubborn but likeable people ! Lol... I cannot wait for your next treat Sary !!!! ^___^


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My Esan Husband 27:

The night was dark but yet the natural lighting of the moon shine strongly into the room and the bed Yaya was in. She was trying desperately to relax but yet her heart was beating erratically. She knew Nadech must&rsquo;ve fallen asleep already because of his even breathing. How could that man sleep so soundly especially with the entire ordeal with the wedding? She couldn&rsquo;t believe that within the Esan culture she had become someone&rsquo;s wife and that someone was the ever obnoxious man sleeping stress free on the hard bamboo floor. Was he really asleep or was he pretending? She silently removed herself from the bed and inched her way closer to his sleeping form. She whispered so quietly that even she could barely hear his name leave her parted lips. There was no movement. Was he really fine with their marriage? How can he so easily accept their fate. They knew nothing of each other and barely wanted to take the time to do so. Since the beginning they were always butting heads or assuming what each other were like. Who was he really, a devoted son or a womanizing brute. He never had any fear about showing his interest in her but that can only be lust, it couldn&rsquo;t be anything more; they barely knew each other, practically strangers.

She didn&rsquo;t know how long she was staring at him. He is quite handsome, very if she was honest to herself. But what man would allow his father to dictate his life as well use this form of blackmail to obtain a wife. She couldn&rsquo;t accept that, call her old fashion but she wanted to be wooed and wanted the dating and understanding before the future can be finalized. It seems logical but yet here they are doing everything quickly and backwards. She really missed her sisters at this moment in her life. They talked and discussed everything. She didn&rsquo;t know a tear slip from her eyes and it landed lightly on Nadech&rsquo;s cheeks. She sucked in her breath as Nadech&rsquo;s eyes opened. Staring up into Yaya&rsquo;s tearful gaze.

&ldquo;Yaya? What&rsquo;s the matter?&rdquo; he asked her with real concern. It was a startling experience to have a beautiful woman&rsquo;s tears fall upon one&rsquo;s face. He finally realized that maybe what transpired between them should have been handled with more care. He knew to as he was trying to sleep that he had literally bulldozed her into this situation. He didn&rsquo;t mean to be that way and letting selfish nature of his and seems to want to win over her and their situation had him lose his instinct to act with stealth, calmness and honestly.

Yaya tried to blink away her tears yet as soon as their eyes contacted the tears flowed down smoothly upon her wet cheeks. Nadech lifted his fingers to dash away the tears and he gently rubbed her soft, pink cheeks and then he lightly grazed them over her lips. They quivered under his touch and he gently pulled her face closed to his and lightly touched his lips to her eyelids. She inhaled with surprise but yet she didn&rsquo;t pull away. His touch was soothing and there was no threat that he wanted more other than to soothe her sadness.

&ldquo;Whatever it is worth I don&rsquo;t think it is such a bad idea. Can you not consider us and give it a chance Yaya?&rdquo; Nadech asked her. His eyes were bright and there was no intensity as was the norm whenever they make eye contact.

&ldquo;I don&rsquo;t know. I cannot give you an answer. Since you&rsquo;ve entered my life I have yet to grasp what all of this means and now I am married to you. I couldn&rsquo;t even say no because the choice was taken from me, you have to understand why I feel this way. The woman is always at a disadvantage.&rdquo; She replied honestly.

She saw him flinch with the truth from her words. Did he finally realize that they were in a predicament that was so unnatural; two individuals so stubborn and not in love. What sort of future or happiness can become of this?

&ldquo;I never intended for you to feel at a disadvantage Yaya, believe me. Our fathers may have thought to keep their promises to each other but we are all adults here. The loan is something that cannot be ignored. Once we head back to the city, let us review our contract. But for now try to sleep, can you sleep? Only because it is a bit awful here on the floor.&rdquo; He waited for Yaya&rsquo;s answer.

Dare she trust him enough to share the bed with him? They have been doing so the past few days when she did not mind it at all but now they were married. It seemed too intimate and he could easily force his husbandly attention on her. Looking at him now she did not know why she nodded. He gave a quick thank you and got into bed before she could change her mind. She rolled her eyes at his excitement.

&ldquo;The only rule is do not attempt anything or else I will scream.&rdquo; Warned Yaya.


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Chapter 28: My Esan Husband

The dawn couldn't appear soon enough for Yaya. Did she sleep, it was highly doubtful. She stretched inch by slow inch so as to not wake up the sleeping man beside her. What day was it, of course it was the day after their Esan wedding but Yaya was hoping it was today that she can finally return home. She met her obligation and now she wanted to return back to her reality; her life back in the city. Working and focusing on her career path to become a well-known designer and Fashionista, which was ever all she wanted for herself. This life of marriage and a husband, it wasn&rsquo;t in her vision anytime soon but this was what she was saddled with. She prepared her luggage and looked over to the silent form of the man who she was to view as her husband fortunately it was in name only.

She absentmindedly put on her city clothes which was a khaki shorts and lace spaghetti-strap blouse. She thought she looked presentable but then the resounding voice of Nadech surprised her. He commanded her to take it off immediately, why? What exactly was wrong with him, he became stranger to her each and every day. It was like the wilderness was causing him to be less sophisticated like he was in the city and more boorish. What she was wearing was nothing to be embarrassed about. She didn&rsquo;t want to wear Esan clothes when they return to the city.

Staring at the strange man who was now her husband, she had to blink back the shock he has given her. He didn't wait for her to respond. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction that she feared or was affected by his tone of voice.

&ldquo;Why should I? I am not Esan. It is about time that you take me back to the city. I don&rsquo;t belong here with you or your people! Stop, what are you going to do? Get away from me. You have no right. It is my body!&rdquo; Yaya squirmed and tried to bat his hands away from her. If he truly insisted he could always have said please and a legitimate reason to do so. Why did he wake up in such a foul mood?

"I said take it off!" He stared at her in return but his eyes flashed danger and impatient with her. "If you hadn't paid attention, your body belongs to me now as of our Esan wedding yesterday, oh right you don't understand your husband's language but we will soon rectify that." he slowly stalked her.

She was dumbfounded and she quivered at his words from within but she didn't dare allow him to witness her demise. What did he want her to do? She would always refuse. She was never going to forgive him for all of sudden handling her this way.

"No. You cannot make me. Go back to where you came from. Bah!"

He came at her and she turned and tried to high tail it out of there. She grabbed whatever she can to slow him down and help her escape; tossing the flowers, the broom, and the cat. She couldn't contain her laughter anymore. What sort of marriage was this?

The chickens, goats and the pigs scrambled out of her she flew through the man-made farm. She almost stomped on a poor chick but skirted around it just in time. Here was her chance and she didn't dare to turn back in case it slowed her pace. She couldn't believe her circumstances because she is a Hi-so heiress what was she doing in a village the size of an ant farm. All the men and women wanted to be with her or be part of her entourage; but now she had no one but him!

She hadn't realized he was mere inches from overtaking her. He easily lifted her up off of the ground not concerned about her weight. She was kicking and screaming and saw the big eyes of the villagers staring at their altercation. Some were shouting at him with encouragement. They jeered and smirked and said to take care of his wife better. He tossed her over his shoulder and she was so humiliated, she wasn't a bag of potatoes. How dare he treat her this way? Oh she was so livid. How could her life so quickly did a 360 degree turn around? She needed a way to change her misfortune and fast. As she was upside down and pounding on his back. A large smack was heard. And silence. He firmly smacked her butt and in front of all these E-San people who were clearly strangers to her? Oh all hell was going to break loose as soon as she could escape she will show him all about fear. She could not believe it that he was like this, out of all the most chauvinistic and barbaric thing to do to her. He did not know who he was dealing with!

Reiterating to her his command, "When I ask you to take it off, then you take it off. You have a lot to learn from this poo bao!" He shifted her easily over his shoulder as she tried to claw at him. What exactly does poo bao mean? But Yaya didn&rsquo;t get a chance to ask him.

He pretended she didn't affect him but slowly this unwanted wife of his was creeping into his heart. He had never in his life encountered a woman so spoiled and undervalue the importance of other people's worth. She was in for a rude awakening especially when he finishes with her.

Dropping her none to gently on the unmade bed, Nadech was about to tell her exactly what she did wrong and even show her finally what devastation she has wreaked on his mind and body. When the door opened wide and Mario stood there or He was shaken and shock was written all over his face.

&ldquo;They&rsquo;ve found her! They finally located her. My wife and I will become a father too!&rdquo; he explained. Mario looked relieved, elated but still dumbstruck. What was going on and when in the world did his younger brother acquire a wife? Nadech contemplated. Big surprises were in the cards for sure.

Both Yaya and Nadech looked at each other confused and speechless. They didn&rsquo;t know what was going on and especially what to do. What exactly can one say when it seems they will become uncle and aunt in law in the near future. His brother in one night acquired a wife and soon to be a father.


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HAha Sary i've been checking here and yadech for ur ff to come out thank you with lots of love!!! Love Kia haha :) miss u and the girls also!!


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They watched the little miracle trot across the lawn of their backyard. Waving and waddling side to side and slightly tipping to one side. She was almost falling but not quite as she righted her balance. The young couple chuckled softly to themselves and returned to cooing at the little cherub as she turned around to walk back to them.

&ldquo;Yes she&rsquo;s definitely my niece. But I will give it to you that she&rsquo;s a beauty in the making. What an angel.&rdquo; Nadech turned to the glare of his wife. It&rsquo;s been close to a year and half since they married. She was just as cold to him as the same day they officially tied the knot.

&ldquo;Oh so she&rsquo;s only your niece is she? She&rsquo;s mine too and of course she&rsquo;d take after our side. We are beautiful naturally. My sister is a quiet beauty and I must say your brother isn&rsquo;t unattractive therefore the natural outcome is my little angelic here; Priyadech. Stop, don&rsquo;t come close to me. We are only here to babysit and nothing more. Don&rsquo;t get any ideas and I don&rsquo;t want it to be ruined now,&rdquo; exclaimed Yaya.

She scooted away from Nadech as he tried to grasp her waist to pull her in for an embrace. He has been doing so more and more lately. But if he read and signed their agreed upon contract he would know that that kind of actions was prohibited.

Has it already been almost two years since they&rsquo;ve signed their marriage contract? Six more months and she was a free woman. Over the past year and half brought surprises, marriages and now an addition to the family for both of them; Mario found Gubgib. The affair of the heart in Japan resulted in a hidden pregnancy and a lover&rsquo;s distraught search for the love of his life. Gubgib hid her relationship with Mario a secret and since she&rsquo;s returned from Japan last year she was not the same. Once Mario&rsquo;s hiring of a private investigator concluded that Gubgib was found then the rest as they say was history. Due to assumptions and emotions which kept under a tight restraint and miscommunication also cause so many heartaches and sadness between the young lovers.

{18 months ago}

The elderly siblings listened on as Mario relayed the story to them as they travelled back into the city. How he met a most amazing woman at a students&rsquo; convention and fell in love instantaneously. What occurred was both happiness and sorrow. A misunderstanding with another male student caused Mario to be so jealous out of rage and words were tossed and his love disappeared. He said she was his wife because they did become lovers the one and only time but his distrust of her ruined it all. Now that he found her, he wasn&rsquo;t going to let her escape him any further. The private investigators followed her to the doctor&rsquo;s and realized that she was expecting very soon. Only six months to go before she was to give birth and Mario didn&rsquo;t doubt that the baby was his. Yaya listened on and felt a pang of envy with Mario&rsquo;s story. To be that woman that obtained a man&rsquo;s love and devotion like that. He admitted to his errors and pretty much moved the ends of the earth to find his true love. Love persevered was commendable. The drive was later silent as all three of them contemplated over the surprises in life.

Nadech thought long and hard about what next steps he needed to make to have Yaya agree to their two years marriage contract. Maybe by then she'd warm up to becoming his real wife. Just listening to his brother's turmoil caused him to consider his true feelings for Yaya. She irritated him at best but he was physically attracted to her, lust and this sort of attraction was enough wasn&rsquo;t it? He gave her a look back through the rear view mirror. Mario hasn&rsquo;t stopped gushing over the fact he was finally going to be reunited with his love. First things first he and Yaya needed to settle things before they separated in the city. He wanted to bind her to him but was he willing to choose the forever kind of marriage and life with Yaya?


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Aw Sary the time really has passed. I thought there will be more, hha thank you for a surprise and for updating im still loving it:) ^_^


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Chapter 29 Continued: My Esan Husband

They finally arrived back to their destination and dropped off Yaya first. Quickly Mario got out and stared at the expanse of the property.

&ldquo;What is this place...I mean what is the address?&rdquo; asked Mario. He looks curiously at Yaya and then Nadech.
Nadech replied, &ldquo;This is your sister in law&rsquo;s home, well hers and her family. Her father and two other sisters lives here but their mother is not here, she is overseas. Did you want to meet them but I am sure Yaya here is exhausted and want to keep as far away from me as possible.&rdquo;

Yaya glared at the man who assumed he knew about her thoughts. She was exhausted but she wasn&rsquo;t rude to turn away a visitor.

&ldquo;Please do come in for some refreshment. You have always been kind to me unlike others; I would like you to meet my father. But mom is not here, she&rsquo;s overseas for now purchasing more fashion lines for our boutique. Anyways pleased come in Mario.&rdquo; Making a point she was welcoming one brother and not the other.

Nadech shrugged, this brat of his will never change but he was unsure if he wanted her to or not.

They followed Yaya inside but Mario was quick to look all around him, it was as if he was expecting someone.

&ldquo;Yaya, did one of your sister ever visited Japan?&rdquo; Mario asked her. His hands now coming out to ruffled his hair. He looked nervous and anxious at the same time.

Yaya looked confused with Mario&rsquo;s question. Japan? Yes her youngest sister Gubgib was there only a few months ago. Then it finally clicked. Her shocked realization finally put the pieces together. Was this for real?!

But her putting two and two together occurred just as Gubgib came sauntering down the stairs. She stopped abruptly and if not for Mario&rsquo;s quick reflex he jumped the steps three at a time to catch his fainting lover.

Everyone sat mutely in the guest living room. The fathers sat and listened in on the story of Mario and Gubgib. They felt angry then relief and then confused as to why the mishap occurred. They considered both children adults and they should have been more mature to deal with it. But at the end of the day was that they were going to be one big happy, although subject to the people involved but a family nonetheless. Yet Gubgib disagreed vehemently. She didn&rsquo;t want anything to do with a man who didn&rsquo;t trust easily or goes crazy based on assumptions. She flat out refused to accept Mario as a husband. Yaya wanted to take her sister&rsquo;s side but it wasn&rsquo;t just about Gubgib. Mario and Gubgib were going to be parents, even though that information was not relayed to the fathers. Mario shared that with Nadech and her back at the village and Gubgib reconfirmed with Yaya when they had some privacy time before the fathers were brought into the drama. Yaya wanted to ask more from her sister but Gubgib was the strong silent and very stubborn type. She herself felt that she was more rational. Yaya clearly saw their reactions to each other and that they still love each other. If she fell in love with a man like Mario, there wouldn&rsquo;t be any issue but currently she&rsquo;s saddled up with the most arrogant man that seem to not have a heart. Or he has never once been willing to show some form of kindness to her. Nadech was mostly overbearing and controlling needless to say he didn&rsquo;t care for her as his future wife but it was just as well because she didn&rsquo;t care for him either.


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OMG !!!! Sary , I have just catch up !!! And I am loving it !!!!! Time has passed and she still hate his guts!.... Wonder what it will take for Nadech to finally seduce his Yaya !!!! Are they going to go back to the city life soon ?
Mario and GG are soooo cute ! And they have a baby too . I love your choice of characters !
I cannot wait for your next update !!! Thanks Sary !!! :D :D :D


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My Esan Husband Chapter 30:

Brushing her hair slowly and looking at the forlorn reflection of her face, sullen, lost eyes and heart was empty. Yaya felt sad. It was very soon that their marriage will come to its contractual conclusion. She never realized that being married and to a man such as Nadech will lead to despair and angst. There were days that they got along cordially but being strangers in a marriage didn&rsquo;t surmount to anything close to happiness. Dare she ask to be released from it? It didn&rsquo;t matter to her anymore the debt owed, she just couldn&rsquo;t believe that when Mario and Gubgib did marry she&rsquo;d thought they wouldn&rsquo;t have to; no longer obligated to repay the debt she thought. She assumed that she and Nadech were free to go their separate way. She wanted out and he didn&rsquo;t budge. She was his wife since their Esan wedding he claimed. He would also use that reason to put over her rational to put an end to their marriage. He never relinquished his control. She was not cut out to be a wife. The only saving grace was her small boutique with her mom and her entrepreneurial role as a fashion designer. Next month was her official launch of her own fashion line. Her very own fashion line and her husband never appeared remotely interested in her venture. That was another sign that strangers marrying for any other reason but love was never a good idea. She lived with a man, in a big house without the feeling of home. She couldn&rsquo;t do it anymore, even if she had to break the contract prematurely. Life was too short and each one of her sister was both happy and in a loving relationship with their significant other. Why couldn&rsquo;t she achieve that?

The man in her thoughts walked into their bedroom. Why was he here? They kept separate bedrooms but here he was entering without a knock to prepare her of his presence. She didn&rsquo;t want to confront him now because their outing today with their niece was enlightening. Yaya realized Nadech was exceptionally great with a young toddler. He almost showed a kinder side to himself other than that they rarely see eye to eye. Just when she thought they were more amicable his distancing from her and between them never allowed an honest understanding to undertake. It didn&rsquo;t and shouldn&rsquo;t have bothered her so much. The reason maybe because she felt weary pretending and wanted to experience what her younger siblings were involved in. Gubgib with her family of three now and soon by early next year Taew will be marrying Por and that was about the same time as her divorce. How ironic and happen stance that she found herself in this role. She put her brush down and sat stiff waiting to hear what else Nadech had to say to her.

&ldquo;I am glad you are not asleep yet. I came to the realization that you have an important event next month? I am grateful Gubgib shares information with Mario. Why was that kept from me? Have I ever showed you signs that I would ever stop you from being your own person. I am not as cold-hearted as you want to imagine me to be. Am I invited to this event or as your husband, albeit neglectful at times, but I am saddened to hear that I am not welcomed to this auspicious time of your life? Yaya, whatever you think or made me out to be I do still want to show support to you and your dreams.&rdquo; Nadech stood behind her, staring back into eyes that glimmered with mistrust. He did not want to touch her even though he itched every waking moment to do so and like today failed miserably to control himself.

It has always been excruciating painful not to be able to physically touch one&rsquo;s wife. But he is a man of honour. What was stipulated on their contract he vowed to obey the terms of what was agreed upon. Yaya deserved all of this and as well they only had six months left on their marriage contract. After that he will let her go. He tried his best to make her fall in love with him but she was very stubborn. He&rsquo;s never met anyone who was very stubborn as she. Including himself he found could be stubborn but his wife and his Brat takes the top honour. Nadech wondered why he always thought to leave importance to Yaya as being his because that was so far from the truth. He pondered this thoroughly leaving Yaya staring at him intensely; waiting for his answer to her inquiry.

&ldquo;I want to talk to you about our marriage. We only have six months left and you&rsquo;ve promised to spend six months of it in and be part of the Esan culture. I am here to ask for your vow.&rdquo; He spoke what was in his heart.

They actually had great moments together in the village and it was time to return. One to pick up more inventory of organic products from his Grandmother and as well asking her for help with wooing his wife. If he failed his divorce was imminent.

Yaya turned back to look directly at her husband in name only. Was he serious? She couldn&rsquo;t do it any longer. Pretending and being unhappy was the worst feeling to bear. Her heart slightly tore at his callous words. He wanted her to honour their agreement? Who was he? Well he was a man, a cold, withdrawn individual. And even if she have been married to for almost two years; he was still a stranger to her. She will not stand another night in his presence. It didn&rsquo;t make any sense.

With irritation flash across her big brown eyes she whispered no and more forcefully, &ldquo;No.&rdquo; Her answer stopped Nadech in his steps towards her.

Did she just refuse him? When it changed from bad to worse, it sure didn&rsquo;t leave room for thought. Nadech&rsquo;s heart shook with a feeling that was hard to explain.

&ldquo;No? Did you just said no? No huh, is that how you really feel?&rdquo; Nadech didn&rsquo;t let her respond.

He quickly approached her and grabbed her elbow and swung her to face him. Firmly keeping her body contact close to him, he could feel her wavering breath catch in her throat as he surprised her with his actions. She resisted but they both knew who was stronger.

Yaya&rsquo;s eyes opened wide with shock and trepidation. Why was he so angry? Did he not realize that they were in a loveless marriage and they had no future? It was time they moved on, it never made sense and most especially when the heart was not involved it felt a huge waste for them both. He was still young and so was she, they had the rest of their lives to find someone who they could fall in love with and live happily ever after.
&ldquo;What are you doing to me? Let me go now. Stop manhandling me. You have never been a gentleman ever since we first met! I said let go. You are hurting me.&rdquo; Yaya said this to Nadech as she didn&rsquo;t fell his grip loosen on her. He really wasn&rsquo;t hurting her nor was he gentle either.

&ldquo;A man would be foolish to let go such a prized beauty and I paid for at an extremely high price, even more foolish I will be. Now you want to renege on our agreement. In which case I say it is only fair that I do the same. Letting you live out your life as a trophy wife and in name only. I cannot touch you was what was agreed upon. Then if you have decided you will not keep with the contract terms I shall not follow suit with what I agreed for your honour. I will touch you, as much as I please. For a start that luscious mouth of yours said no. I think we can change that answer, can we not?&rdquo;

Nadech looked at her. The sudden shifting of her eyes widens further and rapidly blinking back at him, he knew Yaya was trying hard to understand the meaning of his words.

Yaya thought frantically within. How could he try to intimidate her, her chin raised she stopped her quaking earlier on with his words, he wouldn&rsquo;t dare touch her! But yet he pulled her in closer, they were now face to face; both on their knees. He let her go but then his one palm pressed behind her lower back and pulled her closer to him and now their chest pressed up against each other. Yaya was starting to breathe heavily and rapidly. She feared what he was about to do next.

But his mouth swooped down on hers and the onslaught of his lips and soon followed his tongue forced his attention on her scattered emotions. She didn&rsquo;t want him to kiss her but yet her fight against him was futile and slowly his anger slackened and his kisses became less forceful and much gentler towards her. He rubbed continuously her back to calm her fear and trying to relax her. He wanted her to enjoy, she must enjoy it. If this was the only way to achieve in winning her he would use his skills the best way he knew how. Yaya again tried to push him away but his kisses continue to knock over her senses and now all she can feel is his lust, his hard body and his mouth on hers. Yaya tried to pull back but Nadech would not let her move. She was both feeling hot but now stunned at the way she was responding to his kisses and her body slowly melting and warming to his assault.
Nadech lips finally removed from hers but he continued his trail of warm kisses down her neck and behind her ears. She grew limpid and tried to relax, giving him a false sense of being the winner with this amorous onslaught on her person. She finally had to yank hard on his hair and he finally released her.

&ldquo;Ouch. I thought you are enjoying this. Me, finally but now you are showing your true self. Cold and heartless is what you have become. I will be the same. If you do not return to Esan village with me as per our agreement, I will not allow you to complete your fashion show and by next week you will become my wife. In its true sense of the word I will make you mine!&rdquo; Nadech turned and stormed out of the room with frustration and anger. If he was to stay he didn&rsquo;t know how much control he had over himself.

The resounding loud sound of the bedroom door being slammed only left an unnerving silence after his retreat. Yaya quickly ran to her door and pushed the lock in place. If Nadech was true to his words he will come by tomorrow night to ask for his husbandly rights. They were legally married and it was binding. Why must he make her stay with him? He looked and seemed just as miserable as she was. Andy why exactly had he kissed her, as she raised her fingers to grace over her newly swollen red lips. What was the point of this marriage? She needed to escape or else who knows what would become of her if she didn&rsquo;t.


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My Esan Husband: Chapter 31

Just as miserably, Yaya reflected back on their relationship and now their marriage of convenience. She will play the part of a devoted wife until after her fashion line being made public then she will serve him divorce papers. Hopefully by then Nadech will give up the fight to blackmail her into paying off her father’s debt. Her mom, Jariya said to her that it was her father’s failing to forfeit all his money to his best friend. All she would hope for was that the children make the best of the marriage. But Yaya couldn’t try any longer as it was hopeless in her eyes and heart. 

She actually didn’t have time to worry about such things as what was most important was launching her own brand and fashion line. Two weeks had crept up so suddenly and tonight was her last chance at ensuring all goes well and prepared for the main event tomorrow night. Concentrating she hadn’t realized Nadech’s furrowed brows and his silent observation of her at work. 

Absent-minded she dashed away the tears that have fallen down her cheeks and upon her open palm on her lap. She couldn’t believe she was feeling this sorry for herself. Reminding one to de-stress and concentrated on her grand showcase of her own brand of fashion line, Ya Designs Inc. Personal issues weren’t a priority right now. If she didn’t make a name for herself then what else was there for her to do with her life? Why was she really crying? In all honesty she didn’t know. Six months was not approaching fast enough for her. At least, that was what she wanted to make herself believe about her situation with Nadech.

The runway designs were a huge success, as Yaya took it all in and bowed gracefully to the crowd. A stranger, a very handsome man approached her with a bouquet of flowers and wanted to arrange a business meeting with her in a few days’ time. He was vastly interested in her blazers and business suits for his chain of stores. Yaya beamed with happiness and excitement in being able to process a work order and gain a new client. Well her first official client. She looked down at the flowers and read the card. Ken was his name and indeed his stores were very well known and located in the bigger city centres across Thailand. She couldn’t believe that her hard work paid off and in such a short time, this show definitely exposed her talent to the industry.

A male was clearing his throat and Yaya turned to the sound. It was Por and her sister, Taew. Who was now actually dressed like a lady for once in her life. She was wearing Yaya’s own custom-made design of a bohemian princess. Taew was so feminine looking tonight and clearly approved by Por. His arm around his new fiancé he gave Yaya a huge grin and came in for a quick hug. Taew hugged Yaya tightly and vowed that her sister’s fashion line will be the biggest trend by next month because it was very unique, stylish and classy. 

Gubgib and Mario also joined the conversation with their daughter in between holding both parents’ hand. She ran to her aunt Yaya and didn’t want to let go. She giggled when Yaya nuzzled her soft, chubby cheeks. Life did have many little surprises but they were all well received and cherished. One day she will have what her sisters’ have. Finding herself scanning the crowd, she caught herself. Who was she looking for? Was he here? Did he even want to come or attend his own wife’s event? Yaya shuddered with her emotions, she didn’t want to care but his words last night he did say he wanted to at least show the world that they had a “normal” marriage but yet he wasn’t here to show his person or support.

“He was here all night Yaya. He is your husband after all.” Gubgib whispered to Yaya. She was trying to plead with her to let down her guard for once. As far as she was concerned Nadech liked Yaya but since they married she didn't know what came over her sister.

Gubgib pulled her young toddler off her sister and asked the others to come with her to gather some food and drinks. Silently noting to them that the spouses needed to have a chat; alone. Yaya stood there frozen waiting for Nadech to approach her. Would he give her praises for her success or just casually ignore her as was the norm between them since their marriage? His grim expression didn’t give much away. Why did he have to look so miserable being here, being near her? She stood up straighter not wanting him to know that he deflated her ego. If she was the old Yaya she’d kick him on his shins already to tell him exactly how she feels about his frown. But they didn’t even bicker like that anymore. They were strangers, but married.

Nadech looked at his wife. She didn’t radiate a warm air towards him but her usual ice princess was her normal reaction to him. He knew she was waiting to hear what he had to say but he didn’t have anything bad to say but to congratulate her on her success. It was very professional and well put together. She had tremendous talent and he was proud of her; as a woman entrepreneur and as his wife. Other than that he didn’t really know what else to say. Has their marriage really become the standard marriage of convenience? 

“I hope you take this all in because after this I am sure your phone will be ringing off the hook. It was well executed and your products are very stylish, if amateur eyes mean anything. I am truly happy for you. Now did you want to continue on or leave soon? I can help drive you home as you have been on your feet all day."

Yaya looked at him thinking he was still the same controlling man. But she did concede that she was very tired. “Yes that is fine. I will say the Good byes and tell my sisters we will leave now. Besides I have an early meeting with a potential client. He is greatly interested in purchasing some of my products.” She explained.

Nadech looked up at her as her words registered. A man had approached her, he knew it was business but the prickling of an unknown emotion tapped into his heart. He brushed it off and proceeded to help her with her personal and more important items and left instructions for her assistants to load the rest at a later time after the party ends and to drop the items all at the boutique. The younger women almost swoon at his presents and he was his wife’s eyes looked skyward. He smirked at her and smiled broadly at the other women. The women giggled shyly and left immediately as Yaya snapped orders about tomorrow’s meeting. She needed the protocols to be sewn up and packaged to be part of her business presentation with Ken. She wanted to make sure she didn’t leave it to chance in case she failed in obtaining a business contract and purchases.

“You must be tired or else you seem a bit jealous? I’ve never heard your voice exceed at this level of loudness” he teased her and that guaranteed him an elbow in the ribs as she walked past him with her hanger of clothes and he chuckled all the way to their waiting vehicle. Finally the old Yaya is appearing at the surface. He couldn’t understand how things changed for the worse so drastically since their marriage over eighteen months ago. He vowed to make her agree to be his wife; his life and future happiness depended on it.


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Omg omg totally in love with the story already! It is so addicting *squeal* Didn't realize I'll be so hyped over this so easily xD I read all the chapters .... And now I need updateeee!! Yaya's character is so stubborn, it's so obvious that she does love him back but she just refuses to admit that to herself! Can't wait to see how Nadech will make her stay in his sides!!


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hi sary u hv given us a great ff so far, love it! Six mths left only, hope our princess turns around n falls madly in love wif nadech! Hope to read their sweetest sexy romantic moments, thank u much. Waiting for ur next update.


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They drove together in silence.  Yaya was exhausted, she never felt both happy and stressed at the same time.  It was all worth it as she remembered receiving a business card and appointment to meet with the Purchasing Director of one of the biggest retail chain in Thailand.  She smiled to herself.  In all honesty he was quite handsome too and not too old.  Successful and with charm, but she can only exercise professionalism and nothing more.  She was after all still a married woman, regardless if the marriage was in name only.

Nadech caught the brief smile on Yaya’s lips.  He couldn’t help but wonder about it.  She rarely if ever gifted him with one since they married.  He realized that she most likely begrudge him of this marriage.  Reality was that he was tired of blackmailing his own wife.  It didn’t get him anywhere and neither did it create fondness towards him.  He was starting to wonder his own motive in continuing to keep this marriage and Yaya in his life.

She walked past him as they entered their marriage home and didn’t even say good night, leaving Nadech staring at her stiff tall frame leaving him and without turning, closing her bedroom door shut.  Silence. 

Nadech looked at his wife’s or really their master suite’s door.  She didn’t need him to antagonize her but they really needed to talk.  There wasn’t much time left on their contract marriage.  She owed him some more time at the Esan village and he didn’t want her to renege on it.  Nadech turned to the adjoining bedroom attached to the master and walked into the unlocked door that divided their rooms. He stood shocked still as he found his wife dressed in only her bra and panties.  Yaya gasped with outrage.
“Do you not know the term knocking?  Get out Nadech!”  She cried out and failing miserably to cover herself up from him.   His eyes not once wavering from her scantily clad body.
What hot-blooded man can look away?  A woman so perfectly shaped Nadech had to snap out of it.  He was no longer a high testosterone teenager.

“My brat, it is not as if I’ve never seen a women’s body uncovered before.  There’s nothing special for me that I haven’t seen before. But the question is, is she willing?” he stepped closer towards as Yaya frantically tried to slip on her night dress.
“You are so crude.  I will never submit to you willingly.  What are you doing here?  I thought we were in agreement to keep separate beds.  At least I agreed to adjoining rooms.  I am very tired and I have a very important meeting to meet with Mr. Ken Preeyadah.  He could possibly be quite interested in selling my brand in his chain of stores.” She tried to make him leave.

His brows raised he questioned his wife, “Really, you have time for other men but not your own husband brat?”
Yaya glared at him, he couldn’t possibly be jealous, he had no right.  “What is wrong with you, this is about business nothing personal.  But if there is, it has nothing to do with you.  We are nothing with each other!” she exclaimed but was pulled abruptly to a hard chest.

“Did you want me to prove that we are nothing brat?  I can give you a women’s pleasure if you only ask me nicely.  I am not a selfish man or lover.”
The resounding slap was her answer and his was a bruising kiss in retaliation.  Struggling to push him away from her, Yaya couldn’t budge the wall that was causing her own breasts to be mashed so tightly that she almost couldn’t breathe.  He finally released her and his eyes cold and dark, taking in her dishevelled look and hard breathing.   Nadech didn’t know how he could behave so ruthless with a woman, but she always seemed to get the worst out of him.  He wanted to apologize but she already turned away from him and stalked to her bed and asked him calmly to leave.

“I don’t deal well with violence from anyone.  Make sure that this weekend coming up that you are prepared to return with me to the Esan village.  It is not a request but a demand.  Our contract was sealed with this arrangement.  Good luck with your potential new client.  Sweet dreams brat.” He advised her and with that left through the adjourning doors.

Yaya finally let out her breath and couldn’t understand why he has all of a sudden lost patience with her and was demanding his rights.  She experience a restless and sleepless night yet she refuse to cry over self-pity.  She reminded herself six months was not too long of a time.  She managed to live life with him for the past eighteen months another six couldn’t possibly hurt her but could it?