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sarNie Hatchling

She almost wanted to shout out loud to the world that it was so unfair. Not only was that man, Nadech pushy but aggressive in forcing his desire onto her. He clearly was a s3x maniac if every time she was in his company he would always try to lightly touch her, give her those smouldering looks or just steal kisses from her. When his mouth was upon her she was a bit shocked but played along and briefly realize she was feeding into his lust, She instinctively bit down on his tongue. She felt bad but she didn’t know what else to do to snap him out of his mood.

Her sisters and Por were waiting in the front of their home. They stared at her as if she was running from the devil. Well she was with Nadech a moment ago so clearly he has shaken her up once more. Por explained to Taew that Yaya will no longer need him because Nadech informed him that he and Yaya are getting married. Yaya didn’t deny this fact. Taew’s heart broke a little because now she knew the extent of how much pressure her oldest sister was in because this marriage promise between their fathers could not be broken. Elders and their old ways, if it was her she would have ran away already. She felt bad her maturity level was not like Yaya, who was responsible always. Gubgib never offer her voice in regards to Yaya’s dilemma but she knew that it was serious more so now because Yaya would never give in to their father’s demand, she just wasn’t that type of person. Did they really have no way out of this? But to be honest Yaya’s Mr. CEO or her Esan Husband since Taew and she have been talking behind their eldest sister was a very handsome and charming man. He was taller than Yaya by a little bit but yet he carried himself very well. And those dimples, Gubgib didn’t begrudge Yaya this attractive man, but in the end they weren’t in love or even like each other. Was it that bad of a deal if two adults marry and maybe get to learn to love each other. She personally felt the heartache of two people who love each other but could hurt each other so traumatically. Thinking briefly about Japan she shuttered at the memories.

“Okay, let us get out of here and fast before that man follows us. He can visit Daddy here. Oh the nerve you guys. He came back with a revised contract. What must I do to tell him to back off and leave me alone? He only wants to be married for two years, I kind of wondered why? But regardless thank goodness it wasn’t five as we first stated just to scare him off, yet again nothing works. I am so frustrated.” Yaya got into the passenger side and waited for Por and her sisters to get in.

She couldn’t drive because she was shaking with so much anger all because of him! Por drove to the in trend little Korean BBQ spot in the central square of the capital. What a packed place but good thing Por had connections, he owned 80% of the company because of his entrepreneurial spirit he sees business who have potential to quickly succeed. They were seated at their usual corner table and the food and condiments were served immediately. Por must have called ahead. Yaya did find the she was hungry all of a sudden maybe all that anger has created her appetite for food. So she ate the marinated beef, shrimp, salmon and chicken served to them. It was relaxing to grill your own meat and vegetables on the charcoal BBQ. Overall the lunch was a great idea.

Back at the house, Nadech was running out of patience. He had asked her out for dinner and a movie and now it was beyond past dinner. Where did she go? Her sisters returned immediately after lunch but there was no sign of Por or Yaya. She was going to play that card again, he knew from her father that Por was Taew's best friend but seeing now how Por would come to the beck and call of Taew, he felt a little more relieved that it wasn’t Yaya that Por was interested in but more of the tomboy type like her younger sister Taew. She would clean up well if she started to act and try to look like a girl more, he thought. But that was Por’s problems not his.

“Is she not back yet? I cannot get a hold of her Nadech and her sisters are not forthcoming. I am sorry maybe you can meet her at her job for lunch tomorrow? Styles Studio is where she is working. Oh Gubgib come here and meet Nadech properly my dear.” Khun Sahut called over his youngest daughter.

She has been unusually quiet since her return trip as an exchange student to Japan. He couldn’t get anything out of her. But he knew she was silently in distress on her own and he felt defenseless as her father that he couldn’t protect his daughter. But they were all adults and will live their own lives. When they are ready to share with him he will be there for his daughters. His responsibility and his decisions were all made for the best interest of his children. Especially this one for Yaya, he found it very comical that the more Yaya tries to defy destiny the closer her fate is sealed. He knew Nadech has accepted willingly that Yaya will become his wife. He was concerned at first about lying to his daughter and about the fake debt. He never believed in owing anyone any money. He was a shrewd business man and he needed to always capitalize on revenues gain then use that to reinvest into the companies. In the end it seems to be the only concern is Yaya’s disinterest in his business, if she did the proper research she could easily look up their debt ratio which would show none owing. That reminded him to contact their head accountant to lie to Yaya too if she finally decides to check with his finance team.

Khun Sahut introduced Gubgib to Nadech and Khun Narun, “This is my youngest daughter, Gubgib. She recently came back from Japan. She is interning at our company because she shows interest in business development and wanted to add other cultural business ideas to Thailand’s industry. She is my strong silent type here. Do you have any idea where Yaya is, it is uncharacteristic of her to not call and let us know. Por is Taew’s best friend how did they start liking each other so soon? Okay go on back up and get me Taew please. Sorry Nadech my daughters have been showing biased against you because they are not this unfriendly.” Khun Sahut chastised Gubgib in front of the guests. Gubgib nodded and return upstairs to get Taew. Taew was the worst, she didn’t give a fig about anyone and the more pressure is put on her the opposite answer or results they will get from her.

Taew came down the downstairs heavy footed, his middle daughter was the exception to unique. She was the tomboy out of all the girls and her best friend so happen to be his business colleague's son, Por. That boy was a great kid so he didn’t have any concern about the children befriending each other.

“She’s with Por so that is all I kind tell you. They are in love so how can anyone interrupt them?” she asked glaring at Nadech. Nadech stared back at her which made her blush. He was not one who can be disregarded so easily.

“You think they are love, they barely know each and you know better that Nadech here is her fiancé, he asked me to take Yaya out today and now your sister has pulled her spoiled routine on us. Now go get me Por’s number now or I will cancel all payments to your sports team. I am serious now Taew. I see you understand my threats are not idle.” responded Khun Sahat.

Nadech watched each daughter come downstairs sticking to their promise to protect their sisters. But now he sees how Khun Sahut can handle the women in the family. With no nonsense attitude was the way to deal with these women. He was grateful his future father in law was so open with his relationship with each of his daughters, as if he was already the older brother of this family. He looked to his father and saw his grim face. What was concerning him?

“Is it right that we trespass on Yaya’s heart Khun Sahat, I don’t want to be the third hand for a young couple who are in love,” said Khun Narun. He knew all about third party involvement in breaking up a loving relationship, he experienced it with his now wife. Their marriage was not blessed by her parents but they came around once Nadech was born.

“Oh don’t believe that load of crap. Sorry for my crudeness. Yaya from what I have seen and heard does not have a serious relationship with anyone. She only hangs out with her new high society New York friends and her sisters. I have seen Por with Taew the most but only recently since I have proposed this marriage has Por so conveniently have become Yaya’s boyfriend. I wouldn’t do anything like this either if I knew Yaya was madly in love with someone else. Nadech and Khun Narun do not worry about that situation.” replied Khun Sahat.

Just then door open and both Yaya and Por walked in laughing from the previous conversation they were having. Nadech’s jaw twitched in annoyance, he as well knew that they didn’t have a real relationship but he was affected by the fact that this woman has yet to smile or laugh with him. Well she might be laughing at him maybe behind his back but he didn’t really care about that or did he? Yaya slowed her step and asked, seeing the two older men and Nadech greeting them at the door.

“Hello again gentlemen, I am surprised you are still here. Nadech I hope it wasn’t due to me was it? I already declined your thoughtful invitation but I have work tomorrow. Khun Narun it was a pleasure meeting you earlier this afternoon, I hope you had a wonderful discussion with my father today and I am sorry about our hospitality we weren’t inform of your attendance, if so I would have prepared a menu and entertainment for you all. Por thank you again for a wonderful meal.” She was about to walk back upstairs but Taew came down and she dragged Por away from the group.

Yaya looked at the friends walk outside. She was left alone with the men. Nadech came up to her and smiled, she hated whenever he smiled at her, it was never a good thing to what normally follows and that was him putting advances on her that she did not reciprocate.

“I would wait for you forever Yaya. Our fathers clearly understand we are destined for each other. Mr. CEO and Miss Hi-So always make great business and family binding relationship. I never heard you decline me so I have waited. The least you could do is come out with me for some coffee? Just coffee I hope Pa’Sahut wouldn’t mind? We really do need to talk Yaya.” Nadech waited for her response challenging her on. If she says not she would admit that she was afraid of him.

“You know what yes we need to finalize all of this. I don’t think I have a choice. Thank you, coffee will be good. Should I or do you mind driving?” Yaya responded quickly. That was enough he was always trying to taunt or intimidate her. Whatever happens now she was not going to marry him. She didn’t like him and there was no way she was going to marry him.

She said farewell to their father and waited for Nadech to show her to his car. He quirked his eyebrows and nodded to her lady first. She did as he suggested for the first time. That was a surprise to him. He smiled at her back. Has the brat finally given in to his new contract demands?

They drove to the closest coffee shop near the waterfront. If it wasn’t filled with animosity on her part it would have been a lovely environment and a warm night breeze for enjoyment. And if there wasn’t him sitting beside her it would have been perfect. How and where to start?

“So what is in that head of yours?” he asked her quizzically, “What choice have you come up with after reading our revised marriage contract?” he waited for her to respond.

Yaya started off by shaking her head, “I am not ever going to marry you. Do what you must but there is no way we can pay off the principal amount and interests. Let our lawyers hash it out. I haven’ spoken to my father but I am going to pull a selfish game here and take care of myself. I only have 50 million bahts to my inheritance, that can pay off the interests but other than that I do not have anything left. That is my answer. Thank you for coffee and I hope we do not meet ever again.” She got up off from the chair, then saw the way he stared at her.

She noticed Nadech not saying a word or stopping her from moving. She sat back down because she needed to be fair with him too. In reality they didn’t want this marriage so why must they both sacrifice their lives and commit to a marriage to a stranger? What did he have to say with her words.

“You are not willing to do whatever it takes for your family? Now I know why you are not woman enough for me or a good wife material. Marriage and sacrifice goes hand in hand. Well that is good, I will call my lawyers now. You realize it isn’t about the contract or the money. Your father, sisters and family will be in the media and I am sure your aging father will not take this well. How about all of the workers and investors whose livelihood depends on your family’s business? You have to consider everything, I as well wanted to take the easy way out but we cannot always think about ourselves Yaya. If only it was that easy as who cares about the money. But it was never about the money. Do you understand what I am trying to say?” Nadech waited for her response but he wasn’t expecting what happened right before his eyes.

Taking a deep breath which was shaky,Yaya finally looked up at him solemnly and with frustration and sadness in her big, round brown eyes, her lashes fan down and her tears sprung from the ducts at the corner of her eyes. She started to weep in front of him. She didn’t look pretty doing so yet he knew this was most likely the first time that her vulnerability finally came out to the surface. The more she tried to hold back her tears, the louder and bigger the sobs were heard at the waterfront. Onlookers came by and they instantly glared at him as if he was the guilty party in making this young and beautiful woman sobbing noisily in front of him. Did he just break up with her in a public place rather than in private? With all of the accusatory stares, he pulled her into his arms to stop her from making a bigger scene and muffling her sobs into his chest. He let out a loud sigh and found himself caressing her back. Over time that seem to help her sobs lessen. What was he going to do with this woman, yet right now she was weeping like a baby in his arms and soaking the front of his dress shirt. He didn't feel really good about himself now because he came to a very low point in his actions because he made a grown woman cry.


sarNie Hatchling

Her sobs lessened into muffled sniffles. She took shallow breaths to calm down further. Yaya couldn’t believe she cried and especially in front of him. She realized she soaked his shirt front but she couldn’t hold back her distraught and emotional turmoil any longer. She didn’t want to get married any time soon and not to this man. He irritated her at best and always man handling her. He was not a gentleman and of course he never claimed to be one. That probably shows how he only deals well in the business world than a woman’s world. She slowly removed her face from his chest. A bit embarrassed but she finally managed to calm her waterworks and come back to reality. Could she sacrifice her life for her family? She didn’t think she could currently. Then what was she to do? Her responsibilities outweighed her selfish nature to just run, run back to New York and never look back. That later path to take, it seem to her to be more appealing to her now. Didn’t Taew suggested running away and never looking back?

“You look a mess. I suggest I take you home. If you need a couple more weeks to think about our future then do so. I am in no rush but be warned that I don’t take kindly to broken promises. I know you have a lot to consider but I will make a pact with you that I will never force you to give up your favours with me. I think you will eventually find me appealing enough that no force is required.” He tried to cheer her up but looking at her blank expression she thought he was being serious.

Yaya looked at him dumbfounded. She would never sink low enough to welcome him into her bed. She didn’t even like the man. One he was arrogant, stubborn, manipulative and possibly an addict in the lust seeking department. She didn’t think she was the only victim of his advances. He ooze with s3x appeal, charm and a charismatic trait that seeing some of the women passing by stop to stare at him, they would only willingly become easily involved with him in a physical term. But beauty on the surface can only take you so far. His behaviour with her was appalling at best but she would not care to fall into his pressure. She had to think of another plan fast. Why did she cry in front of him? She knew very well know what she must do for her family. But she needed just a little bit more time. She flinched lightly when his long fingertips touch her cheeks, wiping at the remaining tear drops left from her earlier breakdown. What and why was he the only man that would make her weakness comes to the surface like this? Maybe because since their meeting there was all of this pent up tension between them and now it had gotten the best of her. Yaya needed some space between them, her brain was turning into mush and unable to think clearly whenever he was around her; it was becoming more evident that he was getting under her skin and vice versa at the unnecessary contact he has with her.

“Please try not to touch me without my permission. We are not anything to each other. I would prefer to keep some distance between us. I don’t know what your game is but please don’t use it on me. I know where we stand with each other. We don’t like each other for one and our marriage is all about our fathers’ vows to each other and nothing more. Yes I owe you that money because my father is my family. I will try to pay off as much of it as I can. I would like to add one more clause to this contract. If by chance I manage to come into this money my family owe you. The marriage will dissolve immediately. Can you accept this?” she waited for his response and watched him think thoughtfully.

There was a long pause and he finally replied, “Okay, You have three days that is all I am giving you to think about all of this; I will do the same with your last suggestion but really if you pay the money than we don’t need to get married. I need a real answer because I need to head up to my grandmother’s farm and why not kill two birds with one stone and bring my future bride with me. A cultural learning experience will help you more. The world Yaya is not all about malls, clothes and city lights. I can show you a different side of life different from New York and Bangkok.” Nadech waited for her answer to his suggestion.

Yaya just nodded. She couldn’t reply. All she could think about was trying to escape from all of this. She stood up and he did the same. They looked at each other seriously. Could they really make it a go of this arranged marriage by their fathers? As long as their hearts didn’t get involve they could humour their fathers’ decisions and two years from now return back to their normal life.


“It has been over three days and she never responded to me father. Did her dad call you or send a note?” Nadech asked his father. He couldn’t shake it but he had a feeling something was out of sorts.

“Khun Sahat spoke with me this afternoon Nadech. Yaya hasn’t been home since yesterday. I didn’t want to tell you then and now we are a little concern, maybe something occurred to her we don’t want the police involved yet because she is an adult. I don’t know what to say Nadech. If you can somehow contact her it would help her father. He is at his wits end and a little concern that he forced her hand in this way. He didn’t think she’d consider running away. She is not in New York or heading there as he asked her friends who are still living there. Nadech, where are you going?” Khun Narun watched his son pacing back and forth and Nadech started to head out the door.

“I must speak with her sisters especially Taew. I have an idea what may have occurred. Don’t worry I will find my bride. If it is the last thing I do.” Nadech replied to his father and with determination as his focus was that he was going to speak with Taew and then ask her where Por is living.

His intuition told him that was where he would find Yaya. From any indication as to how close the sisters are, Taew would be the link. He recalled now when Yaya and Por returned was when Taew pulled him away. The planning must have been initiated then. He shook his head because he couldn’t believe the immaturity of his future bride. He warned her that he didn’t take kindly to those who want to pull back on their promises. It was very rare and a challenge to meet a woman who didn’t easily fall under his ministrations. Yaya thought she had the upper hand but he knew he always had to be a few steps ahead of her.


sarNie Hatchling

She said farewell to Por after a heartfelt and long talk she didn’t know it was so very late already. He was a great man but for her sister Taew only. Por only have eyes for her. The whole reason he was so eager to help her out was because he would do anything Taew would ask of him. He wanted her to feel at ease around him because he didn’t have any romantic intentions with her. He was already madly in love with his best friend and would wait forever for her to take notice of him as more than her best friend who was a guy. Por’s devotion and love for Taew was what she wanted for herself too.

Not like Nadech. Just thinking of him made her shiver. He didn’t love her nor liked her. Yet he consistently would make advances on her body. Such a strange man, he seemed to be very professional but when it came to her he was all lust. She didn’t like that one bit. She wanted her romance, wooing and getting to know each other. What did she know about this man who was to be her future husband in name only of course but for two years? That was a long time out of her life. She left home and wanted to re-evaluate her choices. Por suggested that he could help out but only if Taew approved. Money between friends was going to cause a rift between them he knew this too, but Yaya as well didn’t feel comfortable accepting his money. It was their family problems not his. She told Por because he told her his truths. They will be brother and sister in law someday if Taew finally wakes up to see and stop taking advantage of a man who loved her wholeheartedly.

She gave Por a pat on the back as he was leaving and smiled her farewell before shutting the door. It was one day overdue since she nodded in agreement to give Nadech an answer. She hoped he got the picture and left to go see his grandmother in the wilderness wherever that was. She cringed at the thought of outdoors, mosquitoes, insects and the unknown. Shaking her head to clear the images in her mind, as she shook away that feeling that was now embedded in her.

She turned at the soft sound on her door. Did Por forget something? She quickly unlocked the door and realized too late that she forgot to cheek through the peep hole before she opened the door and smiled up at him. Nadech! Holy hell. What was he doing here or how did he find her so soon? Wasn’t he supposed to be with his Sean grandmother?

He looked coldly at her, waiting for her to invite him in. She wasn’t going to do any such thing and tried to quickly slam the door in his face. He knew what she was about and put his foot to wedge himself and the door from closing. He smirked at her and actually smiled wide.

“I am glad that as your future husband I am welcomed very warmly by you my future wife. Clearly your interest must be of a different nature as I see Por, your sister’s best friend leaving here not too long ago. Whose place is this? His? Not to protrude but I will welcome myself in if you don’t mind,” he pushed her out the way and closed the door behind him and it was definite. He locked it too.

Yaya swallowed hard. She couldn’t believe she just stood there in shock and just watch him lock them inside this condo. It was an investment purchase she made with her mom last summer and by chance the tenant’s lease ended a few days ago and she moved herself here temporarily in order to sort out her life and future. She refused to let him see her nervousness, he was unnerving but yet he looked around all calm and cool taking in the view of the condo and notice the bedroom door was left open. What did it matter? Nothing was between she and Por, but if it gave the illusion maybe he will finally back off?

“How long have you both secretly meet here? I must say you are this type of woman? That is all good; we will make good bed partners. I love my women experience maybe that means I don’t need to work so hard. Where are you going, come here?” Nadech grabbed her elbow before she tried to flee and pulled her up against him but she finally fought him.

She kicked his shin but didn’t do much damage as she was barefoot. He chuckled at her violent temper. She always got physical with her, she backed away from him but he kept moving towards her until she found herself pressed up against the front door. She really had nowhere to go. Looking anywhere but at him she closed her mouth firmly. Seeing the intent in his eyes she knew he was going to kiss her. Her thoughts came to reality. He kissed her none too gently. Must he always treat her this way? His lips sought out for hers to open for him but she refuses, he licked the seams of her lips lightly but put a little more pressure causing her to gasp and that allowed him to possess her mouth wholly. He raised his twitching palm from his previous grasp on her hips and trailed up her waist then ribs and up to her breasts, grazing it lightly and inching the fingers up to her shoulders and rubbing now her neck. Yaya needed to use all of her force to stop his caressing of her. She finally managed to get him off of her and slapped him soundly across the face. The silence was deafening. Her eyes round and her breathing heavy she knew he was not expecting that. Would he now finally wake up and realize that she was not succumbing to his assault. Her body did react differently this time around, something unknown to her, but he was really starting to scare her as well.

Nadech grabbed at his cheek, and with cold intent he rubbed it while looking at Yaya with his piercing dark chocolate eyes. He had the nerve to flash Yaya his dimpled smile. He knew he deserved that.

“I guess you don’t have enough energy for me after what transpired between you and Por. Don’t try that again. I will allow you this once to slap me but do it again I will take you to another level of intimacy Yaya. Do you understand me? Now tell me what games you are playing now, pulling this childish stunt? Do you really think running away will solve anything? You have put a dent in my plans and my promises to visit my aging grandmother. Please grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat. Do you think I will treat you badly? You can have anything you want with me in this marriage. I am a generous lover and man enough for you, Yaya. Think about that.” He responded to her in kind. He moved in to kiss her again.

Yaya couldn’t believe him, can he not think beyond than what was in his pants that dictated to him? His kiss was not as punishing but actually very gentle and passionate. She found herself returning his kisses and something was starting to build inside her but yet she tense when realizing her actions as she noticed her eagerness to kiss him back. Again she pushed him away and was about to strike him once more but he held both her wrist in his one hand and pressed his arousal up against her. She gulped down her panic. Nadech was keeping her hands above her head as she was molded to him while her body was flushed against the door, she felt helpless.

“Tsk tsk, my beautiful but spoiled rich girl. You have very poor listening skills. Now what I want you to do is pack up. We have somewhere to go. Now when I let you go you will either quickly pack on your own or I will do it for you and where we are going you won’t need designer labels or anything like that. You have twenty minutes. I will wait here until you finish, understood?” he warned her.

He stepped away from her, Nadech crossed his arm and blew her a kiss as she huffed away and finally turned and did his bidding. He wanted her to pack, fine. She would pack only the necessary essential, he will be taking her home and then she would return here the next day. He wanted to tell her what to do? Not a chance!

“Why are you taking so long in there? I am coming in if you don’t come out now,” before Nadech could follow through with his threat she walked out with a carry on and an extra-large size suitcase. Where and for how long did she think she was going for? At best they may be back in a week after their visit to the most Northern part of Chiang Mai which bordered along the country of Laos*. The Esan culture was a blend of indigenous Thai and Laos.

“Take me home then. I will let my father know about my decisions now. You clearly made it up for me.” Yaya waited for him to move aside as she was going to try to bolt out of the condo. She wasn’t going anywhere with him. “Actually I forgot something, why don’t you go down stairs and I will meet you at your car. Yes you can trust me; I am not that ridiculous to try anything anymore.” She handed off her luggage to him and watched him give her a quizzical look and then turned with her items and walked out the door.

She proceeded to call a taxi and asked for it to wait behind the building. Now what did she forget to bring, she had to at least make the appearance of having forgotten that item. Oh yes, her sketch pad. That’ll do for an excuse. She needed this to create more designs for the summer fashion line anyways. Still in the back of her mind she realized that this strange man, maybe insane, how did he always figure out where she is? First time it was at the central square when she first caught him ogling her and her friends and now he found her condo? Yaya shivered unconsciously because she felt uncomfortable about Nadech’s investigative techniques or really his stalker tendencies when it comes to her.

Nadech waited impatiently in the car for her; there was only one entrance and exit when he had asked the desk clerk in the front lobby so Yaya couldn’t try to sneak away from him. It has come to that knowledge to him that he could never trust his future bride. She didn’t want this marriage but yet he couldn’t understand why he wanted it; he scolded himself it was because he hadn’t got laid in months. This was a huge price to pay to get laid he mocked himself silently. He saw her out of the corner of his eyes and as he was about to get out of the car he saw her quickly scan the parking and lot and focus on the taxi. Damn right she had plotted to run from him he knew he shouldn’t allow her space. He got back in the car and drove towards the taxi she was frantically trying to get into and manoeuvered it to block her. Where did she think she was going?

Getting out of the car he walked towards her side and pulled the door none too gently open, “Get out of the taxi Yaya. Sweetheart, I am sorry I cheated. I was drunk don’t be mad like this. Men will always be men. Please give me a chance, look at the poor driver. He doesn’t need to be part of our argument. Please Yaya get out.” He annunciated the last word, out. His eyes not leaving her face, it was heated and intense. Even with his fake smile to the driver he grabbed her elbow and pulled her out.

Yaya was going to scream but he threatened her with his grip. Don’t try it was what it stated; she winced at the slight pain.

Tossing the driver some tip money Nadech thanked him and took Yaya to his car. She tried to dig her heels in but he was stronger. He shoved her into the passenger seat. Opening up the glove compartment after the taxi driver drove around them he pulled out duct tape and a handkerchief. Yaya’s eyes nearly bulged out from its socket. What? Why did he have all of that with him?

“I have no choice. You prove so out of sorts I need you tied and quiet. I am not taking you home. We need time together.” He replied to her unspoken questions.

“You are clearly insane, Bah! Don’t touch me! I swear I will scream. They do have security guards here.” Yaya exclaimed.

Nadech ignored her and gripped her face to slap the tape over her smart mouth. It felt good doing that although he did wish he was able to do other things with that mouth but now was not the time. Her eyes filled with animosity or even hatred now. He moved to tie her hands together in front of her, she fought him and then he finally secured it.

In the end his choice was through treachery and lies to collect on their fathers’ marriage vows. Now he must add kidnapping to the mix. He pulled out from the condo and drove toward his intended destination. He was going up to his grandmother’s northern village. It was time to go back to his Esan roots. He ignored her muffled noises. She didn’t have a say any longer. He had a thing with people who don't follow through on their words and promises; he did not condone it. Period.


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sarNie Hatchling

She was livid. How could he treat her in this way or any person? She wasn’t being unreasonable he had no right to subject her to bondage and entrapment. She glared at him and he smirked back at her, mocking her even more. What point was he trying to prove? She hated him. He would never get away with this. This was illegal without a doubt. She watch him dial out hands free and inserting his Bluetooth into his ear while still keeping his eye on the road. Nadech was talking to her father?

“Yes Pa’Sahat. She is with me. We decide to head up to my grandmother’s place to get to know the Esan culture. She is very willing, that is why she’s your daughter. Yes I will let her know. Of course we will see you soon. Yes it is best we move up the wedding date as soon as possible, we are now both very excited because we have come up to some form of understanding. Exactly, yes I understand. Oh no she’s currently occupied at the moment. I will call again once we come home because there will not be any reception up north. Yes I will say hello to grandmother and Mario. Thank you. I will let Yaya know.” Nadech ended the call and smiled at her.

Knowing full well she was going to be giving him payback as soon as he releases her, but they still had another three hours before they reached their destination. He pulled onto the side of the road and carefully not to hurt her remove the tape off of her mouth. He smoothed over her sensitive skin around her lips and the areas there. She allowed him to finish. Yaya was looking at him stunned and serious.

“You know this is illegal. How could you lie to my father that I come with you willingly? No matter what I am staying in this car until you realize your error in doing this to me. I am not a child but a grown woman. Give me the phone, you need to call my father back and let him know I change my mind about this whole thing. I swear there will never be anything between us and especially no marriage. In my days away I finally realized I should’ve checked up on the financial circumstances of my father’s business but unfortunately it is all true, we owe you this debt. But the head accountant acknowledges that we have a reprieve which means we have time to pay it off. I don’t know where you get off in threatening me to marry you? Now you pull this stunt. You realize you are mentally unstable? Don’t touch me!” Yaya tried to squirm away from him as Nadech moved inches close to her face.

“You sound very reasonable when I know how that wicked temper of yours can be. Are you plotting again my brat? Listen carefully. If you did what you promise I was hoping we could work together to delay this marriage or dissolve this notion of our fathers impossible scheme all together. You realize that every plan you concur up in trying to take me down, it backfires then pushes our fathers into eagerly making this wedding and marriage a reality. Can you not stop to think things through? This is not illegal what I am doing. You don’t listen very well so I am taking it upon myself to make you see my ways. You are not in any pain are you as well learn to get to know me better; I am not such a bad man. My grandmother has waited over an extra day for us. She wants to meet you. Father has been saying things about us. I owe her this visit. Please try to be mature and understanding. It won’t be torture you may find it pleasantly surprising to learn a new culture and meet very interesting people. With your fashion sense you may find an interesting concept in the styles and fashion of my Esan people. Please consider this as a field trip. A new learning curve let say. I am not going to force you to do anything.” He responded to her in kind.

He was really smooth and logical in his reasons. Mr. CEO in his world was never wrong. Yaya listened to him begrudgingly. He had his points but why didn’t he mentioned all of his ideas sooner and looking down at her hands she nodded at him to release her hands too. He shook his head.

“I am not going to risk you clawing my face out. You have a very bad and violent temper my dear. I notice this if you haven’t. When we reach the village you behave understand? Or else you don’t want my wrath on you. It is not a threat, if I say I will do something I will follow through unlike some people. Now it is getting late, we should be there around midnight. I suggest you sleep now unless you are hungry? No. Okay let’s relax and enjoy this journey together sweetheart.” Nadech started the engine again and watched her at the corner of his eye. She was tight lip and frowning but she didn’t say anything.

They were near their destination and Nadech finally was able to glance at her. She was fast asleep. She didn’t look or say anything to him this whole trip. He knew he had his hands full once they reach his grandmother’s village. He pulled into the port to park the car. They needed to travel a little bit more on the ferry that crosses over the little lake to the secluded Esan village. She looked very young and innocent sleeping soundly beside him. He caught himself smiling at her. Clearing his throat he chastised himself for getting caught up in her quiet state because she was not at all like this when she awakes. He nudged her awake. Yaya slowly opened her eyes then she remembered suddenly she was kidnapped and screamed. Nadech couldn’t believe it. It didn’t talk too long before Yaya behave her usual way. He covered her mouth with his hand. Shaking his head at the same time he whispered in her ear.

“Didn’t I warn you to stop behaving so spoiled and a like a child. I thought we came to a compromise and understand each other now. Now I must tape your mouth again? I see you don’t want that. Okay when I let go of my hand from your mouth you must not scream. Or else you will not like what I have in store for you. Good thing you are wearing pants and shirt. Suitable for the wilderness trekking and by the way there is no one here except just only the two of us. So I can do about anything to you without witnesses. Are you scared now? But yet again I have told you I have never needed to force anyone to get into bed with me and you are not the exception. Get out now, we still have another half an hour until we meet our destination. Good thing I am skilled at navigating a ferry in the dark.” He ushered her out and then surprising her by picking her up and placing her down into the ferry. She stood there waiting for him to finish loading her luggage and his one back pack onto the ferry and getting on board himself.

Where were they going? It was so dark she wasn’t able to memorize any landmark. If she somehow escaped how would she know how to return home? She cried out in frustration silently. She was trying to plot the next move and to get away from this strange man. He was clearly not all there. What person will resort to this to get one a wife?

“Where are we going? You promise you won’t hurt me? How long must I suffer your company? I really think there must be a different way to resolve our situation; what is happening now is scaring me Nadech.” Yaya was being truthful with him. How can she trust a man who kidnapped her?

Noticing she was using his first name, he untied her hands. He rubbed them gently as he saw the impression left by the handkerchief. Besides they were moving already, she wouldn’t dare jump off the ferry would she? Unless she was out of her mind and became too desperate to escape.

He immediately advise her to rethink her intentions, “The water is full of man-eating creatures so I advise you not to try to make your escape. You may be left with missing limbs or maybe nothing. I don’t want to fish out your corpse. Now that I have your attention I will relay to you some information about my grandmother and our Esan culture.” He waited for her to grab a seat near him as he navigated through the water and gave her a crash course into the other half of his life which was the simpler way of living.

He saw her swallowing down hard the fear, so she was afraid of “creatures” of the wild. He tried to hide his smile and tried to speed up the ferry to reach its destination as soon as possible. The sooner they got on land the better he would feel of controlling her reactions.


sarNie Hatchling

Dare she risk the jump into the water? The worse that could happen to her was to drown in this dark body of water. Sadly she did not know how to swim to save her life. Yaya heeded his advice or threat was how she took in his words. She must hanker down and try to bide her time and maybe try a different tactic. Women and their wiles would be the best action plan for her. He admitted and it was obvious that he finds her attractive. She on the under hand was getting more and more annoyed with him. His last resort which included her kidnapping was so illogical.

How does kidnapping one’s bride, makes sense in this world? It is the twenty first century. Marriage for the most part was achieved through personal choice, love and compatibility. Two people have decided to share their love and commit their life together. She didn’t have any of those choices in what is happening between Nadech now. He finally cut the engine of the ferry because they must have finally reached their destination.

Nadech turned around and took her by the elbow. He whispered in her ear, “Now I don’t need to remind you that you must behave or else. My grandmother has been anticipating a visit from her future granddaughter in law. You shall be the first female that my family has brought to show her. Please be civil and do not prejudge my Esan people. I don’t take well to snobs either. I ask you to follow me to the village and please be careful. Not only are there wild creatures in the water, they also appear in these woods too.” Nadech was being very clear that if she thought to run, he wouldn’t be able to help her if the animals get at her first.

“Of course wild creatures like to be associated with wild people. Enough of the scare tactic, I will give you one week as you promised my father you will have be back home. Good riddance this is not longer. We both didn’t sign the contract so what happens here will be only that. I hope your grandmother proves to be different from you just like your father. Are you sure you are not adopted?” she mimicked his shrug when he didn’t respond. She hoped that dig got him riled up.

She slowly followed him dragging her luggage behind her as well. She was glad she had brought enough clothes for the month because it looked like there was no washing machine here. Finally they entered a clearing and she saw huts and more wildernesses surrounding it. What did he drag her into, this place according to her, was so uninhabitable.-
She had to voice her concerns, “Let me get this straight. You expect me to do what and stay where. I don’t do sleeping on the ground. Where is everyone? Did you not confirm with them that they were expecting us?”

Nadech balked at her comments. Clearly she watched too many Amazon forest documentaries. He started to laugh out loud. Yaya didn’t see that he stopped in his tracks and barreled into his back knocking him off his feet and he was landing face down onto the muddy ground. Oh shit!

Yaya looked at his fallen form. She started to howl. This was the best payback ever because it was so hysterically funny she was tearing up as well. How sweet it felt seeing him down there. If she did not believe in karma before now she does. She was laughing so hard her sides were hurting. Nadech got up momentarily and quickly brushed himself up. He shook his head at her. Did she do that on purpose? He should have noticed his error in allowing her to walk behind him rather than in front of him. He wiped the mud from his face with his clean sleeve of his dress shirt. Wonderful, he thought, another ruined clothing because of her. He recalled when she doused him with the drink at the club lounge. What did he ever do to her in the past life to have her in his life this time around?

“I will blame the dark that you did this to me not with purpose. It was an accident. Needless to say we are almost at my grandmother’s village, right behind the wooded foliage. Ah here they are now. Mind the animals Yaya. One of them could be dinner. We cannot afford that kind of accident here.” Nadech saw her choke on her saliva. He laughed out loud.

He saw his grandmother walking towards them then stopped because with mud caked all over his body she couldn’t tell that it was Nadech. Just a man that has met with an accident by the name of a mud puddle; she giggled with the scene in front of her. She then turned to see a very beautiful young woman beside her grandson.

“Nadech is that you? Come closer to grandmother. Yes I see those eyes and those dimples. Still the same trouble maker as well I see. Who is with you, is she Yaya your fiancé?” Grandma Dao saw the young woman straighten up.

She was shaking with laughter before she took notice of Nadech’s grandmother inquiring about her. So everyone knows here that she was his fiancée in this tiny village? Will that give her power to command them to take her home before the week is over? She had to befriend them if that was the case. Dare she even want to bother doing that because after this week she doesn’t want to create any relationships with strangers; she will not be seeing them ever again. The elder woman was looking stunning herself even with the basic clothing she was wearing she exuded confidence and a twinkle was in her eyes as she chatted with her eldest grandson; waiting on him to wash his face off the mud. They started to speak a different language where some words she could understand but a majority of it she couldn’t decipher. This was their Esan language? Were they gossiping about her? That was low and not fair. If she needed to communicate will they understand her?

His grandmother turned to speak with her, “Come here child. I am Grandma Dao; please feel welcome to call me that. I am told you are not accustomed to the outdoors. It is not too bad once you understand nature and its conditions as long we don’t harm what lives with us, it won’t harm us in return. Look at you my dear you are absolutely stunning to look upon. Nadech your father has a great sense of understanding of beauty and not just physically. I can sense she is a very generous, honest and righteous woman here.”

Yaya blushed at his grandmother’s compliment. If the lady was a man she would have fallen at her feet already but right now she proved to be quite a charmer, different from her grandson. Nadech raised his eyebrows at his grandmother’s comments towards Yaya. He never spoke about Yaya to his grandmother in details just mentioning that his father has pre-arranged a marriage.

“Well if you both follow Keo she will show you to your hut. Yes in Esan culture fiancés share a bed already, you are practically married so don’t worry about what people say here; it is custom. Your father mentioned the wedding was to take place the end of the month? Well I am too old to trek down to the city so we will have a traditional wedding here and be done with it. I remember the story of your real great grandmother Nadech that she was so eager to be with her husband she practically moved into his home. It actually is the same one that you both will be staying in. They had a good long marriage, maybe staying in there will bless you both the same. Now Keo take them now, they must be tired. It is past midnight. In a few hours we must all awake to start the dawn fishing for the meals tomorrow.” Grandma Dao turn back to continue her conversation with the other elders in the village.

Yaya glared at Nadech. Did he plan all of this, how was she going to be able to share a hut or a bed with him. Her chance at escaping was now slim to none. As she pondered about her new dilemma she saw the side glance from Keo. Did she just give her the once over and cut eyes? She couldn’t believe Nadech; he had a mistress even up here in nowhere land. What a womanizer. She crossed her arms and didn’t want to follow them to the mentioned hut. She cannot make herself feel comfortable of their arranged sleeping quarters.

Nadech and Keo were in conversation, she wanted to listen in but they were too far ahead of her. She finally dragged herself and her luggage and followed them. Keo was a slender woman but she had curves in all the right places as well. She was actually very exotic looking in her own rights and that long straight hair of hers was so enviable. Just six more days if Grandma Dao’s words were the first indication of a new day was starting very soon. They reached the hut, she noticed as well Keo’s look of longing at Nadech and he ignored her. Was he always that cold to his lovers, once he got what he wanted he simply pretended not to know them or even acknowledge them? Keo didn’t hide her dislike of her as it was obvious she was hoping to rekindle her relationship with Nadech. Yaya tried to smile at her but Keo ignored her even more. Drama in the woodlands, so laughable thought Yaya.

“Come in here Yaya. I am dirty, cold and tired. I am going to bathe and you should do the same. Once we are done we need to rest. Please do not give me that cold stare I am not going to attempt anything tonight. Or any other night, just relax, you must be hungry too. I will try to round up some fruit for us as I am sure dinner has been finished up already. They eat and never have left overs here. Every person does not go hungry here.” Nadech proceeded to disrobe and Yaya turned her back to him.

All that kept repeating in her mind was that fiancés are practically married so it didn’t feel weird that they share a room and bed. Did Nadech wholeheartedly believe in this too? She wasn’t going to risk her virtue over this unknown opinion of his. She made sure the luggage at all times stays between him and her. Or else she would be in for a rude awakening as her subconscious was warning her to heed her paranoid thoughts.


sarNie Hatchling

Nadech shook his head at her and walked past her to get to his bathing. He really was tired and dirty. He needed to get into clean clothes and fast to bed. He couldn’t wait to help the villagers catch their meals in the early morning as it was the norm for him whenever he visited the village. Whenever he came up to the tiny village but warm and comforting home of his Grandmother Dao, he felt more at ease. The stress of the corporate business world was forgotten at least for the short interim he was up here. He wondered if it would be the same for his younger brother Mario; he didn’t get a chance to consider his brother was also here. He will have to make a trip to the next village as they were more desolate than their grandmother’s village that is why Mario was up there with his medical expertise. He turned to see if Yaya had followed. There was no movement from inside the hut. Did she make her escape? He rushed back to find her sitting on her luggage and a face full of disdain and disgust.

He ordered her immediately, “You don’t like our living conditions? It is not so bad. This is simple, clean and refreshing. Now come. I don’t have very much patience for you. Hurry now.” He yanked her to follow him.

“Wait, what am I to change into after the bath? Give me a minute.” She stopped in her track while asking him to give her time to sort out her outfit.

“I asked you to hurry up and you stood there, now you need more time. Don’t worry it was not so long ago that woman walked around with no stitch of clothing. It may be time for you to be more familiar with yourself and your body. I wouldn’t mind the view. You have a minute and it starts now. Open that luggage and get your pyjamas now!” he let out a loud sigh. She was very trying.

Yaya open her eyes wide at his suggestion of making her be without clothing. Why did he leave his civilized nature as soon as he stepped into the wilderness? His words were so savage. She quickly dug into her luggage, grabbed the camisole and shorts she would normally wear for bed and an extra pair of panties to change into. Did they have soap and or shampoo here? She grabbed those too. Quickly following him into the darkness and reaching the smaller hut that housed the bath. There was a barrel filled with water, cold water too. Yaya couldn’t believe the basic necessity couldn’t be provided here either.

“Is there any way you can get me hot water. It is freezing water in there and where is the light? That small candle is all you have? How about a mobile tub, I love baths not this.” Yaya commanded her needs.

Nadech stared at her. He looked around and obviously he was being bossed around to act upon her wishes. Not likely. This is all they had and he couldn’t help her. Everyone was asleep anyways. They just needed to scrub and get to bed promptly. A new day was fast approaching and the new morning they needed to go out and gather the food and necessities required for the whole day. He didn’t want to leave her but he needed to put in his own effort for the village’s sustainability. No one here sat on their hands and neither will she. She could help some of the women with the organizing of clothing. Making it and mending the older clothing.

He changed out of his clothes right in front of her and heard her squeal of shock and embarrassment and immediately turned away from him. He never thought he would find himself with a woman who lack experience in everything in life. To think he was the only man she’s seen naked. He didn’t believe it. When was she going to stop acting? He lathered and soaped himself from head to the toe. He loved his grandmother’s recipe for the natural soap they made in the village. He has been working with one of the other organic shop owner in the city to carry his grandmother’s products. She made soaps and creams in the village and every time he came up here he would take back many products to the shops he owns in the city. He started with just one boutique three years ago and now they had half a dozen of the little shops across the city.

Yaya heard his enthusiasm of cleaning himself up as well he was even humming out loud too; did this man have no shame? He was becoming stranger by the minute. Did he not have an ounce of dignity, how could he so easily felt comfortable and bathe in front of a complete stranger; she didn’t know him that well for this encounter of his undress state. Yaya hugged herself and the products in her arms hoping for him to finish up fast. Exasperated she turn to see if he was done yet, she too needed to bathe but he needed to get out! Her breath caught in her throat, why did she turn to see him in all his glory? His back was so lean and muscular and she couldn’t help her gawking as her first ever experience of witnessing the beauty of a male; naked. How many times does he work out and how does he have the time by the sound of his busy work schedule. He roughly brushed his hair with his long fingers with the bar of soap and the flex of his arms showed his muscular biceps. She needed to turn away before he took notice of her greedy perusal of his physique and then she looked at his butt. She didn’t know she was a butt person but his was perfect. Snap out of it! Yaya chastised herself. He decided then to turn as she realized she muttered those words to herself out loud. She froze as he caught her red-handed spying on him bathing.


sarNie Hatchling

With his back to her he quickly tried to bathe and give her the space to take care of her needs. But as soon as he felt her eyes on him, he tense only briefly and an idea came to mind. But yet his idea was starting to backfire because he was enjoying the fact that this woman was taking notice of him and his body. He had always been comfortable about his image. He worked hard to keep up with his physique and his many lovers appreciated it as well. Speaking of which he hasn’t had a lover in over six months blaming it on the business workload and his father’s ludicrous marriage arrangements to this woman that will not participate in any marital activities with him he was sure of that. He decided to turn to face her, as he thought he heard her mumble something to him. Her face was priceless but yet she didn’t turn away from the site she was presented with.

She finally gathered her composure and instantly lectured him on his shamelessness.

“Is this how you behave in front of a lady? Regardless of what imaginary relationship we have please return yourself around and finish up. I need my privacy unlike you.” Yaya quickly turned her back away from him once more. It was a relief to her that the night was dark because she instantly felt her face heating up and most likely red.

Nadech chuckled, “I was hoping that you appreciate what you have seen and would gladly join me? Okay suit yourself if you are going to act shy and like a virgin instead. I am done. Enjoy, it is your turn my brat.”

He quickly wrapped his sarong around himself over his bottom half and walked quite close to her brushing up against her back and behind and smelling her natural scent.

Yaya squirmed to move away even if it was a very brief skin ship with Nadech. She couldn’t believe his audacity. She quickly removed her clothing and making sure he was gone she tried as best to enjoy the cold water and quickly cleanse herself from head to toes. Feeling self-pity she almost cried out loud but she makes herself to resolve to be strong and finally dressed herself. Nadech had waited several feet away. At least he allowed her that much space. She was already overly embarrassed about his nudity and was not going to return the favour to him.

She glared at him when she finished bathing and walked to his waiting stance.

“I really hope that this is not a regular occurrence. Where do you think I can escape to? I have no idea where you have taken me and the language barrier is of a concern for me. What happens if I need something but no one can help me? Have you thought it through with your kidnapping of me?” Yaya couldn’t keep it in any more. The situation he put her in was irresponsible and reckless.

Nadech raised his eyebrows and responded, “I will do my best to take care of your needs Yaya. It can be needs of all kinds if you want of me. I would be much oblige and willing. Now let’s get to bed, if you would like to continue this conversation let us get to our hut. You don’t want to catch a cold from the early morning dew here.” He grabbed her hand and dragged her behind him.

Yaya didn’t want to fight him, maybe she was more exhausted then she thought. A bed would be welcome in the condition she was feeling now. They finally manage to find their way back to the hut. It was so dark, not one shade of artificial light. She didn’t think she would be so unaccustomed to the natural darkness. A person was actually near their hut, which would that be? As they approach the figure it was Keo. She only wore a sarong tied around her like a tube top dress. She was trying to seduce Nadech and in front of her, did she not realize she was sharing a room with Nadech unless it was another tradition to share a hut with both your fiancé and mistress. That was one custom she was going to put a stop to, but then realized that there was a basketful of fruit near her feet where she was standing. What was wrong with her? She didn’t have any claim on Nadech.

Nadech briefly acknowledge Keo and took the basket from her. Not even a thank you or a good night, he walked into the hut and Yaya followed him inside after she herself gave Keo a brief smile but was met with a cold frown. It was so sad to see the desperation and longing on the woman’s face. So this is what it felt like to be discarded by a man like Nadech.

“Why are you so cold towards her? Was your fall out not amicable?” she asked him. She didn’t know why she did but it was too late. The question hung in the air between them. Even the crickets went to bed. There was only silence.

“What? Are you telling me you are jealous? Are you referring to Keo and me? I don’t think it is any of your business. The past is the past. You don’t hear me asking you about yours. Let us go to bed, I don’t know about you but I am very tired. Weary too with all the adventures we’ve had. Welcome to my world.” He didn’t answer her but he didn’t deny either about his past relationship with Keo. Was it because now she occupied a job where Keo would’ve provided if she was not here? She shivered involuntarily.

Looking around the room it was simply decorated. All the natural wood was used as furniture, scanning the area some more, where was the bed? Looking at a wooden box with a thin mattress, was that the bed? She shook her head. It was half the size of her queen bed she was used to sleeping in the city. There was no way two people would fit on that bed unless they slept nose to nose. No way! Yaya screamed within.

“Don’t ask me to be a gentleman as I want to sleep on that bed as much as you. But if you can’t stomach the thought of sharing this bed with me than there’s a mat behind the drawer there, you can try to get comfortable with it and the floor.” He shrugged and proceeded to grab some silk blankets out of the other cabinet and none to gentle sprawled onto the bed.

At least there were two pillows. She grabbed the one that was not occupied by Nadech’s head. Don’t ask me to be a gentleman he says. Did he think those words will convince her to marry him? What a jerk was her last thought before she loudly tried to get herself comfortable and try to sleep for the first time on the cold wooden floor of this hut. It was cold. She sighed out loud but then her stomach decided to growl and let her know it needs to be re-fueled. When was the last time she had a meal? She remembered having lunch with Por but no dinner, well she was interrupted and kidnapped by the man now snoring comfortably on that bed. If he won’t act the gentleman then she won’t play the lady. She got up abruptly, stared down at him; waiting to see if he would notice her. She nudged him with her toes but he seemed to be a deep sleeper. She then pushed him with as much force she can muster with her foot and he rolled off the bed with a loud thump onto the other side of the ground. Jumping onto the bed herself she covered up and hoped that he would not retaliate. She couldn’t believe she had the courage to kick him out of the bed but she needed her beauty sleep and no man was going to stop her from getting it.

“Move over! There’s just enough room for the both of us, if not I will make you stay underneath me or else on top! Your choice brat but you are lucky I am exhausted today. Now do as or say or else you give me no choice.” Nadech gritted through his teeth. He was so tired he realized that when he found himself crashing to the floor he thought that he rolled over himself because he did that often the first few nights whenever he came back up to Grandma’s village. He too was never quite use to the double size bed compared to his king size at home.

Yaya immediately moved as close to the edge and as far away from him as possible as she felt him get into the bed beside her. Was it to be that all her plans were always going to backfire on her? Just then he placed his arm and his legs over her frozen form. What was he doing?

“Get off me! Or else I will scream and the villagers will come to witness you raping me. You are such a creep. An abuser of woman and man handler, what are you doing to me?” Yaya tried to follow through with her threat but he silenced her with another forceful kiss.

She tried to struggle away from him but his bare chest was on top of hers and he was too heavy for her to try to buck him off. She started to pound on his back as hard as she can to get him off of her. Her next resort was to pull on his hair. He was trying to use force to get her to obey him but she was not going to allow it. And realizing too late too that he was slowly removing the straps of her camisole; pulling them down her arms. Was this man insatiable? Any woman he can get into his bed he will try to seduce her or force in her case.

“Ouch, you are extremely feisty. I am not going to lie, I am glad for that. Lesson learned brat? Now stop this fighting me and don’t threaten to scream again as you are not familiar with Esan custom, I own you soon to be wife. No one is going to come in to rescue you well not unless I call them.” Nadech rolled off of her but still grabbed onto her waist turned her away from him and moved in closer to take in her natural scent and inhaled the freshness in her neck. He didn’t know why his self-control always flew out the window whenever this woman was near him. It must be overdue that his lust really needed appeasement. He never took an unwilling woman but Yaya was trying hard to make him break his own rules and self-restraint. Moments ago she kicked him out of bed especially when he had been sleeping soundly.

Feeling the weight of his arm and also the weight of his arousal Yaya tried to think of happier moments in her life. This man was an enigma. She never know what to expect from him. She couldn’t believe that if asked only a month ago that she’d be in an unknown wilderness with a complete stranger and sharing a most uncomfortable bed; she would be laughing hysterically right now. Unfortunately all she wanted to do was cry. But she was not going to cry in front of him ever again. He didn’t deserve her tears.

He mumbled something in his sleep that she couldn’t catch on to his words but his arm held her tighter, nuzzling her neck once more causing her to have goose bumps spread all over her body. She lectured her body to stop reacting that way to this man. But the physical attractiveness of him was not to be dismissed. Yet he was sound asleep which allowed her to concoct a plan of escape. Not only was he a heavy sleeper but he also fell asleep at the drop of a hat. Who is this man really? Is he the ambitious business savvy guru or the wild man in this Esan culture? She finally drifted off to sleep and dreamt of warm food and her boutique. That was where she wanted to return. Where she was now was a nightmare on earth and imprisoned by the hardened Mr. CEO. One week was not going to fly by fast enough for her.


sarNie Hatchling
My Esan Husband #20:

“What in the world are you doing to me? Get off, get off me now!” Yaya yelled into his ears all the while she tried pushing him off her but he didn’t budge.

He stared into her stricken face. What was he doing? He hadn’t realized until her shout awaken him from his lustful state. Oh hell. Now his lust had a mind of his own in the middle of the night. He found himself safely cradled between her spread out thighs. Briefly he thought why would he be stupid enough to remove himself from this enticing spot? But yet she didn’t welcome this, not while she was conscious. He knew she initiated the first contact. In the early hours of this morning, he found a warm nose snuggling underneath his chin and she in her sleep started to stroke her little tongue under the jaw line of his face. He immediately became aroused and allowed her more access to him. Taking control he caressed her side and cupped her one breast as he found himself accessing it from underneath her camisole. She arched herself for more of his touch as she jutted her chest towards him. Not realizing that she was actually in a dream state he took possession of her mouth and from there she woke up. Hurting his ear now as she came awake. He didn’t release her immediately but if a woman says stop he had to oblige.

“Don’t pretend you don’t want this. You clearly subconsciously seduce me and as a man how can I resist? Now come here let us finish what we started no?” he teased her and saw the red creep up from her exposed chest to the roots of her hair as the sun shined into their hut. Wild and tousled hair sticking out around her head; she never looked more sensual than he’s ever seen her like this morning.

They had slept in but this was not his plan as he wanted to participate in the hunting and gathering of his Esan people. His Grandma Dao must have insisted that they be left to stay in bed together. He thanked her for that because he would have never known that his future bride had lustful thoughts of him. Now to make her confess to it was a problem for him. Although looking at her now there was no way that she’d plead guilty to anything. She looked at him, well condemning him more like it, to being a pervert.

“You are such a creep! How can you take advantage of me especially when I have nobody to turn to or anywhere to escape from you! How can you possibly think that by forcing your intentions and to do things with you will ever make me change my mind about marriage to you! I want to go home it is not funny anymore!” she cried and pleaded for him to abide by her wishes.

She was aware that she didn’t hate what had happened between them moments ago rather she was petrified that she had reacted this way with him and especially when she was deep in sleep. Why did her body seek out pleasure with him? Why all of a sudden? She was so very confused. Did it have anything to do with seeing him naked in the bath house and it transpired in her dreams and she acted upon it. She hated him as far as she was concerned. Hate was a strong word but right now that was how she felt; if not at him but at herself for behaving so wanton with him.

“Brat, it is normal that two adults feel this way. It is called lust. You are attractive and attracting and so am I. It is only natural that we seek pleasure with each other. Besides by mid-week we’d be married already. Come let us get out of this environment. If you are not going to willingly continue on with what was started earlier then we must hurry to catch up with the necessary chores we need to help sustain the living conditions of Grandma’s Dao village today” he rolled out of bed and heard her gasp out loud. He stared down at his erection clearly pronounced underneath his sarong. How he manages to keep the sarong on was a mystery. He mentally gave himself a pat on the back because normally he preferred to sleep in the nude. What he found he was willing to do for a complete stranger such as Yaya. They figured they had nothing in common, barely could stand the company of each other but when it came matters of lust he knew they were very compatible.

“Marriage? In your dreams. I won’t do it. I’ve said I’d give you your week but no ceremony. Can you not just turn around? I am very embarrassed as it is. Thank you.” Yaya got out of bed as well and quickly rearranged her clothing and started to walk outside of the hut.

“Get back in here! You are not to wear things like that out in the open with the villagers. Have some conservatism in your actions. I know that you like cut off shirts and short shorts but not here brat. Find something reasonable and besides there are too many bugs and creatures that will be attacking any bare flesh around here. If you don’t have we can ask Keo for some of her spare clothing. You are about the same height but she may be a tad slimmer than you but I am sure it’ll be okay.” He informed her of this and she scowled at him immediately.

Yaya was not going to be sharing clothes with his old mistress, “NO. I am wearing my clothes. How do you think it is okay to dictate to me what or what not to wear? I am nothing to you so stop imposing your rules on me!”

“Fine but you are not allowed out of here until I see you’ve changed into something more presentable. I will go try to find some of the other ladies in this village to lend you clothing then. I think you have a pre-judgment of Keo. Don’t be that way. Get to know everyone here, you may find it a surprise that they may have more things in common with the city folks than what you think.”

Yaya crossed her arm and waited for him to get out and leave her with some privacy. She did bring her jeans and white blouse. That should be casual and conservative enough for him and his Esan people. It would be a culture shock to see a scantily clad woman in a camisole and shorts in this little self-sufficient village. She respected Grandma Dao more than fearing what would become of her if she challenged Nadech. But she was not scared of him she consoled herself too vehemently.

Eyeing the fruit basket her stomach grumbled once more. She started picking away at the banana and bit into a very sweet and ripe guava fruit. It has been awhile since she’s eaten any of these fruits which were grown so organically. The remaining juices seeped down her chin and she used her finger to wipe it off and licked the juice from her fingers only to stop as she saw Nadech staring back at her and her finger. His eyes glazed with passion and his nose flare with desire. She gulped quickly and her heart started to beat a mile a minute. Was this man always ready without the slightest hesitation when it came to being quick to arousal? It was not her intentions or goal to seduce him in any way. He just decided to be at the right place and the wrong time and now she was being subject once more to his lust crazed mind. But really how long has he been watching her silently from the door?


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Awww Sary, thanks for the massive updates!

This is my second helpings na even though I already read them at Yadech Forum.

You are one of my favorite authors along with Mary Jo Putney, Susan Wiggs, Amanda Quick, etc. They are all best seller authors.

While I'm waiting for the new update, I think I will go and read The One That Got Away again, hehehe.......

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Oh my goodness Vimalee....that is exceptionally kind and sweet of you. Those best-selling authors are also some of my fave too. Amanda Quick got me started on all of this romance reading (I've never read Susan Wiggs, will check her out)...but then I was like, hey I want to write some love stories too. You gals don't understand how much I believe and LOVE love stories of all kinds. Everyone deserves their happily ever after, sooner or later!!!!.

Thank you for giving this a second round and of course my FIRST, The One That Got Away is most definitely worthy of a re-read. I started reading it again myself. I sometimes don't really go back and read the stories as I have so many more new stories to write hehehe.

Thank you so very much for your encouragement and for reading. BIG CYBER HUG!!!!!



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My Esan Husband #21:

As he finished watching her lick her finger his body tense in uncontrollable lust. But he had to lecture himself that she was like any other female and he was just behaving this way because he has gone on the longest without taking a lover for over six months now. He was very selective with his choices and the type of women too. They knew they were in it for casual affairs but some at times always wanted to pretend that they were on the same page as him but change their mind almost immediately once they learn of his status of a renowned bachelor and a successful one at that. Looking at his supposed fiancé now, she didn’t want to give him the time of day but yet in her subtle ways he couldn’t help but think she was the same only that she was more verse in being coy and was experience in snagging herself a real husband.

“I hope it includes breakfast as you didn’t notice with your kidnapping I didn’t have dinner and so I am starving…please” Yaya asked politely even though she initially wanted to demand he feed her but she knew he was different or actually worse when he is in this surrounding and with his Esan people. She would think he would get a welcoming party following him everywhere if Keo was any indication of one of his people who adores him as their leader.

She followed him; they were passing by the children sitting in a class room atmosphere. She was glad to see this as they kept with the culture introductions to language and traditions. Next they passed a group of men, men in the kitchen? They were preparing the wild game they had caught earlier and now the aromas and finished dishes were making her mouth water. She was so hungry and still a little tired because too she was awaken so abruptly by his unwanted attentions. Thinking back to the morning she started to blush and glad that he didn’t turn to look back at her. Realizing too that he stopped in his track and she pummelled into his back, he turned to grip her from falling back onto the ground; she was thankful for that. Looking up at him she did notice his concern and he settled her balance on her feet. She muttered thank you. She didn’t know why she was all of sudden flustered around him. Last night was almost like a distant memory now as she looked up at him, his eyes twinkling; what was he thinking about now?

“May I have some breakfast? Yes that dish is fine. Thank you.” Nadech took the bowls in his hands and asked her to follow him.

They found a little makeshift log furniture and sat down to eat. Yaya was so hungry she quickly sampled the food in front of her. It was so good and just enough spice. She didn’t know that she was enthusiastically enjoying the meal and stopped to see Nadech looking at her once again with the funny smirk on his face. What was it? Did she have rice on her face? She lightly touched her mouth and saw him gasp at her action. will this man ever getting tired of having a one track mind?

“Could you please stop staring? You are making me feel uncomfortable. What is this dish because it is actually quite delicious, to be honest.” Before she shovelled another spoonful into her mouth he answered.

“Wild chicken and other things I guess. I am glad you like it but don’t ask me what other things are, now swallow what you put in your mouth. It didn’t kill you the first few spoonfuls you’ve devoured. Now be a good girl. Did you want something to drink? I think they make fresh guava juice here too or natural spring water? Your choice.” He looked at her eyes open wide. What surprised her?

She did manage to swallow her spoonful of other things, “Umm yes water will do. Why are you being so kind? I am a little sceptical of your generosity if I am being honest” Yaya didn’t beat around the bush well not with this man. If she was not blunt with him then he wouldn’t be honest with her.

“Maybe I have a change of heart. I have yet to see you try to escape your prison here well I must say it is not much of a prison, you are free to roam if you should wish to after breakfast. Eat up to have energy for later this evening.” He winked at her in which made Yaya spew water everywhere and nearly missing his feet.

He laughed so loudly even some of the villagers stopped to look at him. She never ceased to surprise him. It has been a while that he laughed too. He didn’t mean to tease her so badly but she just needed to loosen up. If she did so he did not think she would feel too uncomfortable staying here with him at the village. Now seeing that he missed the plan to hunt with his Esan people he would try to make the trek up to meet his younger brother, Mario and invite him down for the wedding festivities tomorrow. Yaya didn’t know anything about this. To the casual observer it was just a party but for his Grandmother Dao she has been preparing since last week. Yaya was going to be so angry once she finds out what will happen tomorrow he was sure of it but first to tell the villagers to not divulge anything to her. Nadech was very thankful his father in law gave the green light and best wishes. He needed to have her be his once and for all. His body was wreaking havoc on him. Unfortunately it was easier though than to follow through but he had vast experience in the seduction department or else he will resort to Grandma Dao's fine wine. He found himself shaking his head at himself, the desperation of wanting this woman was driving him crazy.


sarNie Hatchling

Yaya was left alone to wander on her own, she kept tab of what was surrounding her and really wished that she understood the Esan language a little better in order to hatch up her escape plan; but it felt futile she didn’t even know where to begin. She came across some women dying fabric and mending cloth. This piqued her interest because she herself loved fabrics and fashion. Grandma Dao called her over she hadn’t realized that the older woman was amongst these group of women. Yaya sat down quietly near Grandma Dao, listening to her about the explanation of how the silk worms were cultivated naturally and once they collected their silk the tedious process of changing silk into fabric. Yaya was quite fascinated with the process and found herself helping mending some of the older clothing. There was not much money spent on new cloth, it was work with what they have or rely on the season when the silk worms produce the much needed supply. Another Esan village woman helped Yaya out,. She spoke to her and Yaya caught on to the cloth was made out of silk from silk worm. It was so soft and the process in dying was using all natural colours from the earth. She found her skills being put to use when little beads and embellishments were required to be sewn on some of the shirts’ sleeves and hems. She found herself so enthralled with the silk that she hadn’t recognized Nadech’s return. He was looking at her intently as well there was another man with him. He looked familiar yet she has never met him.

Grandma Dao smiled at both younger men warmly. “My Grandsons are here! Mario you came to visit us for this special occasion. Have you met your very beautiful sister in law, Yaya?”

“No, but yes it is finally nice to meet you Yaya. I have heard great things about you from Nadech. I think he is quite taken by this whole arrangement and now I can understand why no big brother?” Mario exclaimed.

Yaya couldn’t believe Nadech would talk about her and she never knew he had a younger brother. He was handsome himself and the twinkle in his eyes was quite charming. Always a bright smile too, why was this brother so different from the other. Nadech for the most part rarely smile at her and always trying to intimidate her. She didn’t appreciate it, but his brother was so nice; what a contradiction.

Mario asked her how she enjoyed her time up in the village so far and Yaya replied that she only just arrived unannounced she thought, but Grandma Dao informed her she was definitely expected. That went over her head because she didn’t know of the plans about her upcoming Esan wedding. Mario was informed just as well by Nadech that tomorrow there will a wedding. He never knew his brother was eager to marry his bride even though Nadech stated that it was adamant; it was what their father wanted. As far as Mario was concerned his brother didn’t take well to commands. Yaya of course was gorgeous and so far her personality matches that of her outer appearance. Nadech was definitely very fortunate to marry a woman like Yaya. He found himself being scowled at by his older sibling, was Nadech jealous of his own brother? He smiled harder at Nadech and his older sibling squint his eyes of distaste at Mario.

He was handsome and his smile generated the villagers’ response. Grandma Dao came up to both men and she hugged the younger of the two.

“My grandson, Mario so good you can make it my dear. The villagers up north are faring well?” she asked him.

“Yes this season is not too bad with Malaria. I wouldn’t miss this for anything in this world because he is my brother after all.” Mario turned to look at Yaya and smiled kindly towards her.

Yaya returned the smile she couldn’t help it yet Nadech scowled at her or was it his brother? She shrugged it didn’t matter what he thought because if someone was being friendly towards her she wouldn’t give them the cold shoulders. But if Nadech continues to act the same way he does with her then she wouldn’t reciprocate any good feelings towards him. She wondered if she could recruit this brother of his kindness to take her home.

He put his hand out towards Yaya, “And you must be Yaya. Nadech has been corresponding with me about you. You are exceptionally beautiful and by looks of thing very talented with the clothing?” his compliment made her blush. He was such a charmer, are these men really brothers?

“Thank you, I find it a blessing I am able to enjoy doing this and getting paid for it. I have recently been employed with Styles Inc., the international renowned company in the industry. Stay tuned the fall collection is coming out.” Yaya found herself having a conversation with Mario easily. She was trying hard in ignoring Nadech’s impatience with her all of a sudden.

“Have you taken or tried some of the Esan foods here? It must be close to dinner time correct P’ Nadech? Here come with me, I have a specialty dish I think you should try Yaya.” Mario waited for Yaya to follow him and winking at his brother he walked past him with Yaya raising her eyebrows at Nadech as she passed him too.

She was glad she met Mario, he made her feel comfortable. As for Nadech he didn’t even have the courtesy to introduce her to Mario or even let her know he was not an only child but had a younger brother. They must have known each other for at least three months now well no they did not know each other that is why they were both adamantly against this marriage. She approached the area where the men were indeed preparing their evening meal.

“I must say that it is finally nice to meet you Yaya. I have heard great things about you from Nadech. I think he is quite taken by this whole arrangement and I now I can understand why no big brother?” Mario exclaimed.

Yaya couldn’t believe Nadech would talk about her and she never knew he had a younger brother. He was handsome himself and the twinkle in his eyes was quite charming. Always a bright smile too, why was this brother so different from the other. Nadech for the most part rarely smile at her and always trying to intimidate her. She didn’t appreciate it, but his brother was so nice; what a contradiction.

“So do you know much about our Esan culture Yaya? It is a little bit more native in roots and quite simple living is what the appeal is about. It is more stress free and working with nature. I am here at a village a bit more north from here. I am the medic up there or doctor if you want to be technical. I am the resident doctor so if there’s anything that ails you please let me know.” Suggest Mario.

Yaya continued the conversation with Mario, neglecting Nadech. Well it would be his fault because he decided he was not interested in joining the conversation. Was it so hard for him to be nice to her once in while she thought. He became moody and she didn’t know why. He brought his brother here but he didn’t even exchange words with Mario and left her to chat with his younger sibling.


sarNie Hatchling

After they finished their dinner which was rabbit stew, Nadech sat at some distance observing the interaction between his brother and his future wife. He was chomping at the bits but couldn’t understand why. His brother, Mario, seem to effortlessly be leaving a good impression with his Yaya but yet she would rarely converse with him or look at him. He was pouting he admitted because the attention he wanted from Yaya was not forthcoming. She laughed and she flirted with his brother. He watched the villagers as they were actually preparing for the festivities tomorrow. How he was going to get Yaya to go along with it can only mean to lie to her that they were hosting a party in celebration of having her as a guest. His Grandma Dao was dropping off her wedding outfit later today and so he had to convince Yaya to wear it. He wondered how it would fit this woman’s appearance. She was high fashion not rural.

“Mario, if you want to follow me I can show you the usual hut you will be staying at.” Nadech got up and waited for his brother to look at him and follow his lead and intentions.

Mario said farewell to Yaya and gave her a brotherly hug and thanking her for being part of the family. Yaya didn’t mind the hug as she felt she wished her sisters were here to help her get through this, it still bothered her a bit that her mandatory fiancé wasn’t so amiable. She noticed Nadech’s grimace and his flared nostrils. He looked so angry. What was his problem now?

She felt a little weary too with her time mending and adding embellishments to the clothes today. She felt her neck tense and strained. As she asked for direction from Grandma Dao to their hut she slowed slightly. She noticed Keo kind of hidden in the foliage. She decided to approach her.

“If you want to go home I can help you.” said Keo not waiting for Yaya to ask her what she was doing hiding in the woods.

“Why would you want to help me and defy Nadech?” Yaya asked in return.
“It is obvious that you dislike it here and besides I am Nadech’s Esan wife. It is true. If it wasn’t for his father he would be coming back to marry me. See all of that work and commotion it is for your wedding. I see you didn’t know this. If you want to leave then meet me here at midnight because everyone should be asleep by then. We only have a few hours to go before they start to wake around three in the morning to prepare again for your wedding.” Keo encouraged her to decide.
Yaya shook her head. They were going to force her hand in marriage. It was not going to be legal but if it was a cultural thing than for sure it meant Nadech had every right to force her to be his wife. Especially out here who was going to try to save her? As much as she knew Keo didn’t like her the woman was willing to help her too. She would be the other person that didn’t want this marriage anymore than Yaya did.

Yaya tried to relax when really she wanted to do was cause bodily harm to Nadech. How dare he try to lie to her? She gathered her items and repacked them into her suitcase placing it beside the doorway for an easy escape but would it really be that easy with her lugging around a heavy article with her as she is trying to get back to the city. She really just wanted her freedom back.
As night has fallen Yaya feigned sleep and abided her time for escape. Nadech finally return back to their hut. What time was it? When he shuffled out of his clothes he was shirtless and staggered towards the bed. Was he drunk? Yaya started to panic within. If he tries anything she will surely scream so loud that she will even wake up the dead. But he didn’t attempt anything with her and he slept on top of the covers and didn’t try to cuddle with her like last night. She let out a sigh of relief that he drank himself into a stupor being incapable of harassing her. So he was having a pre-celebratory party was he? She used her toes to nudge him awake but he was deep asleep and breathing heavily. He was out cold. She felt so relieved that her escape will meet with success.

Sliding down beside the bed she crawled towards the door. Turning back to make sure that he was still asleep and he was. As Yaya got up to crack the door open she noticed shadows at the woods, it was Keo but another man. The man didn’t look friendly and he kept glancing from side to side acting as if he was up to no good and Keo was busy giving him orders. She slid a blade from her wrapped sarong around her waist. Yaya gasped. Did they really need the knife? She felt very uneasy. Closing the door again deciding she rather trust the sleeping man than what Keo seem to be plotting. She didn’t think she was going to make it alive home. Keo was crazy. Did Nadech created this monster? She needed evidence too now about Keo. It didn’t seem right to have someone like her living in this peaceful village. She liked Grandma Dao and it has only been two days since she experience life here but she knew they were all kind hearted and had no evil intentions towards each other or her.

Walking back to the bed she slid back underneath the covers and then Nadech decided to turn towards her, pull her to him tightly and nuzzled her face. She struggled briefly but decided to relax because he was deep asleep and wasn’t really attempting anything more. She did not know when she fell asleep but it was restless and stressful.

“Please let me go!” screamed Yaya.

Nadech woke up abruptly, he looked around and found himself wrapped tightly around Yaya, was she screaming at him? No looking down at her the stress on her face she was having a nightmare. He shook her awake and her eyes flew open, big and scared.

“Are you okay? I think you must be having a nightmare.” He calmed her by wiping the beads of sweat above her forehead.

Yaya didn’t move. His touch was making her belly flutter so deliciously yet so strange at the same time. She’s never felt this way before with any man. Swallowing she tried not to look into his eyes gazing down at her. Was that concern in them? She thought.

“No I am awake now and yes it must have been a dream. I think I am okay now, can you please get off me. It is becoming suffocating in here and you are supposed to be on your side of this bed. Then she remembered that today was their wedding. She will confront him but not now especially not in the position she was; she was laying beneath him and the next thing she knew he was bending down to kiss her thoroughly and passionately.


sarNie Hatchling
[Not quite there yet, but I promise to chapter the wedding ceremony and wedding night? Stay tuned!!!! LOL. ]


Yaya couldn’t muster up the strength to stop him and soon enough he released her lips, she was panting from his assault.

“I kind of like it here, I too feel like I haven’t slept a wink but waking up to see you in the morning is different, in a good way. Hmm, having a wife isn’t so bad after all right?” he teased her while wrapping his index finger with her soft tendrils but then let her go quickly when he knew she was going to explode with an answer. Chuckling he walked leisurely away from Yaya.

Yaya glared at his back, how dare he throw that back in her face, she was not going to be marrying him, not today and most likely not ever! Nadech walked back towards her with some items he took out from a chest. It was fuchsia and gold, very beautiful really. Eyeing him critically she wondered what his next move would be she thought to herself.

“Please wear this, it was my real grandmother’s ceremonial outfit I was told. In keeping with traditions we are going to be celebrating your visit here. Don’t delay I don’t have much patience today. I must get going as I know the villagers’ needs my help as well. Oh yes don’t try to escape, no one can help you because they don’t speak our city language. You have thirty minutes or else I will be helping you dress. Understand brat?” Nadech whistled loudly as he closed the door behind him.

Yaya almost threw the clothes at him but realized she didn’t need to respond in this immature way. She lightly grazed her fingers over the fine cloth. It was a beautiful material and outfit and she was entranced with the intricate details of the stitching, embellishments and love adorn onto the skirt and shirt. She was passionate about fashion and love woven and the hand-made version of this. Old cultures and traditions should never go the ways of the Dodo birds.

But reality hits and she didn’t know how she would escape an impending and unwanted wedding. Out of frustration she scanned through the open window, the back of the forest where the hut was situated. Should she sneak out of the window, but where would she run to or find a clearing out of the woods? It was so dark the night they arrived here and impossible to memorize landmarks. The wedding may be for religious purpose she thought. If she pretended to be submissive then get it done and over with once she returns to the city, it would not matter. She never signed a marriage certificate and she will not share a marriage bed with him, ever. Now realizing she must do what she must until her week was up and can return safely home.

A light rap sounded at the door and Yaya return to her present state. Mali, another elder woman in the village came in. She signed with her hands at Yaya and that she was here for helping Yaya with her hair and makeup. Yaya decided she must consent, get it over with and in a couple days return back to her world; hopefully without Nadech in it.

It didn’t take much time at all for Yaya to be dressed and ready. Nadech came in without knocking. He slowed his steps upon entering the room. Swallowing he hadn’t realized his throat became dry. Taking notice how Yaya looked in his grandmother’s wedding attire. She was breathtaking and her hair swept up left her looking like an ethereal angel visiting Earth and him.

Yaya’s eyebrows quirked up with amusement and annoyance when she saw Nadech enter the room. Nadech is gawking at her instead of getting to the point. Why was he here, to follow through on his threat of dressing her himself? Well she was ready for whatever was out there for her.

He finally started to say something, “I’ve brought some gold jewellery for you. It was my grandmother’s as well” He opened the box and Yaya’s eyes took in the unique design of the craftsmanship. She shouldn’t accept these because she really wasn’t the true bride of this Esan man. But she found herself blushing as she watched Nadech unclasping the necklace, he didn’t even ask for permission to place around her neck and she felt his warm breath near her ear and hover against her neck. Yaya couldn’t stand the tension and scooted further back so that she was feeling to hot and bothered. What was wrong with her?

She looked up to see Nadech dark eyes on her. She needed fresh air or else she would find herself in a situation where she may regret. He was getting under her skin a way that she’s never felt before with any man. She had a wedding to attend, it was hers and the sooner it started the sooner she’ll be able to return to her life. It includes being single, independent and happy.


sarNie Hatchling

As she stepped outside, the villagers and Nadech’s family were lined up cheering for her. Did they not realized she was forced to go through with this marriage or did a women’s decision is not condone here? But that couldn’t be it because Grandma Dao was clearly the leader of this tribe.

“Would it kill you if you pretend to smile a little brat? You are going to be a part of them and me. Six hundred million baths isn’t going to be erased in a day. We have two years together. Let’s try to be open-minded about this. I have to say you clean up very well. Pink and gold looks good on you Yaya.” Nadech spoke his mind. Clearly his consistent badgering of her wasn’t winning her over any time soon. He could try using his natural charm. It worked for all of the other women he’s ever been with, there weren’t many but they didn’t resist his charms and lover’s expertise.

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere especially if you are not sincere. Yes let’s get this over with. We are leaving tomorrow aren’t we?” She inquired. Why haven’t any of her family tried to contact her, even if her father gave the go ahead, they should’ve at least tried to communicate with her.

“I don’t do or say anything without sincerity. Please don’t undermine my integrity. Shall we wife?” he placed her hand in the crook of his elbow and led her down the bridal path.

They were paraded from one end of the village to the other side. Threads were wrapped around each wrist as they were both blessed and given marital advices, some even provided suggestive innuendos and actions. The men in the villages were not bashful with their advices especially when the words were given to Nadech. Were they all chauvinistic men here? The women continue to ordain little white jasmine buds in Yaya’s hair. If this was a real wedding her heart would’ve filled up with pride, love and joy. But it was not. She glanced sideways at the beaming groom. He was a great actor. They slowed down as they return to Grandma Dao. She sprinkled spring water over each their heads. Grandma Dao wish them both a sweet blessing and fertility from their union She asked them to have patience, kindness, loyalty and love for one another, she guarantee this will be a life-long marriage. Yaya felt so guilty to be receiving these words from his Grandma Dao because in two years time they’d be divorced but then really they weren’t legally tied to each other; even if Esan traditions witness their marriage today; it meant nothing in the city.

After the ceremony ended, the villagers all went their separate ways preparing and organizing the next phase with was the celebration with food, drinks and dance. Yaya sat patiently accepting the food and drinks, she barely touched the food but didnt’ have a problem enjoying the sweet wine that kept on being replenished in her cup. She was staring at Nadech as he was dragged from one crowd to the next toasting and cheering. Mario finally came by to sit next to her.

“Hello, I know everything seem so overwhelming but welcome to the family. Nadech isn’t so bad if you give him a chance Yaya. He looks to adore you, see he’s looking this way again. I’ve never seen him so possessive of any woman. It was always the other way around. I see your influence on his heart. Yes believe me, he isn’t the same man. My older brother is a very private man and he does not wear his heart on his sleeves. Give him a chance, he isn’t a bad guy and not because I am his younger brother.” Mario smiled kindly at her. Then his phone rang, he had to excuse himself immediately, it seemed he was quite anxious for the call.

Yaya stared dumbfounded, they had reception here? Not that it mattered because Nadech left all forms of communications of hers back in the city. She needed to plead with Mario to take her back tonight. Even though she knew Mario had obligations to stay here, she didn’t want to risk the chance to give Nadech a chance. They were just not compatible. Period.

The party continued on endlessly until the dancers came into view. They were very shy but were expert dancers. Only young and single women participated in this dance. Yaya took in all of the fluid movements and the colourful costumes they were dressed in. She couldn’t help herself from enjoying the entertainment. Not realizing Nadech standing beside her with his arm outstretched.

“It is time for the bride and groom dance, follow my lead. And I think it is time you stop drinking. I kept watch and your cup was never empty but also seeing the plate of food hasn’t been touched. You are going to be feeling not so good tomorrow morning if I let you continue. Let us dance.” He told her.

Yaya was going to protest but then Nadech effortlessly lifted her into his arms and twirled her in circle within his arms. She became breathless and the adrenaline kicked in. He found the centre of the dance group and stopped twirling her around, and letting her body glide down his long and lean form. Yaya blushed profusely as her feet finally touched the ground. It felt so intimate being pressed up against Nadech finally having the nerves to look up into his eyes; his desire was evident in the way he was looking at her. She anticipated his kiss and he didn’t surprise her. His mouth swooped down on hers and consumed her wholly. The villager hooted in awe and cheer. This was a young couple in love and passionate about each other.

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sarNie Hatchling
[sub]As Promised........

My Esan Husband #26:

Yaya couldn’t muster up the strength to stop him and soon enough he released her lips, she was panting from his assault. She stared at him because she couldn’t believe that he felt comfortable about showcasing his lust for her. It could only be that it couldn’t be anything more. From what she knows about this man he didn’t do anything that didn’t benefit him and right now he is taking full advantage of her and she being so out of her element, she was unable to know how and what to do with him and her situation. The Esan culture was not shy about matrimonial pursuit.

“Brat, it is time for the bedding ceremony. Grandma Dao isn’t getting any younger. Follow her and me. We are almost done with this marriage.” Nadech lead her away and they entered their marriage hut.

This time their hut that they’ve been sharing for the past nights was now could possibly be official. Yaya shivered with fear but also anticipation. Nadech couldn’t very well force himself on her nor would he truly attempt to on an unwilling woman? Would anyone dare to stop or would want to. Just thinking about this almost caused Yaya to run into the woods regardless of the danger she will encounter.

Grandma Dao lit the ceremonial candles and incense. She waved the bundle around the room and blessing it for the new couple to be happy, prosperous and fertile with each other. Yaya blushed at Nadech’s words as he translated. She bowed down to Grandma Dao as it was necessary and Grandma Dao placed a little miniature figurine made of gold and emerald stones in her palm; it was of an angel which represent luck and happiness.

“Thank you Grandma Dao for accepting me into your family, I really appreciate it. I have never met my grandmother because she’s passed before I was born but I shall cherish your kindness.” Yaya didn’t need to lie because it was what she really felt. Nadech’s grandmother was most accommodating and patient with her, teaching her the ways of the Esan culture.

“Now my grandchildren, I shall leave you both. I hope to be given the good news of great grandchildren soon. This old lady is not getting any younger.” Grandma Dao left them both and the silence was immediate between the young couple.

Yaya busied herself trying to change out of her outfit. She didn’t need to abide by it any longer as there was no witness to their playing the role of a happy couple in love.

“I see you are eager to get out of your dress, did you need my help Brat?” Nadech moved to help her and Yaya squealed with outrage.

“Keep your hands to yourself you have crossed propriety too many times. If you come any closer I will scream. I will do it!” Yaya backed away and found her legs hit up against the side of the bed.

“The only scream you will do is with pleasure,” Nadech tease but seeing her eyes widened and he then chuckled out loud, “Relax as I have told you I am not one to force a lady into bed but if the lady is no lady then it is fair game. It has been a long day. I am sure you are tired and so am I. As well I am a man of honour so I wouldn’t be doing anything until our marriage contract have been signed by the both of us, but if you decide to take advantage while we are free of contract I won’t stop you.” Nadech was now wiggling his eyebrows now and that just only made Yaya want to smack that smirk off his face, he was so infuriating she thought.

“In your dreams you pervert! I am tired and please sleep on the floor. Needless to say I no longer trust you to keep your hands off me.

Yaya grabbed a towel and walked out to escape to the bath house. Nadech stopped her and pulled her into him and sat unceremoniously onto the bed.

“My dear, it is bad luck to leave this hut on your wedding night so you may need to endure my sweat and smell further until the next morning. I don’t mind though your enticing smell whatsoever. Let me turn around and you can continue to get ready. There is a basin for a wipe down and I can help with that too. Okay, okay I will stop my teasing.” Nadech put Yaya back on her feet, if he kept her on his lap longer she’d notice his arousal protruding into her soon.

Yaya easily finished her cleaning and was ready for bed. She immediately fell into bed and turned her back on Nadech while he finished up his washing. She heard him whistling which somehow annoyed her tremendously. He stopped suddenly and she couldn’t help but sneak a glance at him and found he was naked once more. Her breath hitched and she squeezed her eye shut. What caused her to turn then it was getting more obvious to her and especially her body that she was becoming excited during his lack of attire.

“Brat I don’t have any issue with you looking. We are married after all. It may not be legal but it is just as binding in Esan culture. Let me show you how good we can be together. Yaya don’t worry I won’t be touching you tonight.” Nadech continue on to make her blush but he thought she had enough of embarrassment since all of the festivities and the Esan people jeering and cheering for them as husband and wife.

“As if I would let you and stop it. I won’t be scared by you. By tomorrow we should be heading back to the city as you promised.” With those last words Yaya pulled the cover tighter around her and tried to sleep even though she knew it was going to be a very long night.

Nadech blew out the candles, so much for a romantic wedding night as per his Grandma Dao’s intention. His Brat was stubborn as a mule and no amount of charm was going to get her to warm up to him. Although he realized nightly she would turn to him and that was when she was most pliable. He gathered his items and tried to make a bed on the cold bamboo floors. His last thought was this was not how he’d imagine his wedding night was to be.