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Vimalee said:
Every women wanted to be wooed and courted before getting married, but Yaya had neither but instead she was blackmailed into marrying Nadech.   They didn't have a normal and loving relationship like newlywed couples and now they are expecting the baby together.    If there were any consolations at least this baby or babies were created out of love.

Nadech was attracted to Yaya since the beginning and he probably fell in love with her on their wedding day.   He thought the angel was sent on earth when he saw Yaya in the Esan outfit readied for the wedding ceremony.   Yaya has falling in love with her husband when they went back to Esan village the second time.   Like most women, Yaya just wanted to make the marriage works whether they were married out of love or for family obligation.    However, they are two very stubborn people with a lot of pride.    They misinterpreted the needs and feelings for each other.

Nadech has a lot of work cut out for him in order to win Yaya's trust again.   He needs to show that he really cares for her not because she is a mother of his child/children but a wife and a woman whom he really loves and wants to spend the rest of his life with.

"Yaya only wanted his love, was that too much to ask? "    I feel her pain.

Thanks again, dear Sary for your time and efforts and for sharing this wonderful fan fiction with us.    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
 I love your heartfelt analysis of their relationship Vimalee/Newtolakorns.  Trust me readers, they need lots of TLC and Romance!  Sadly it will be only very few chapters left and I will be closing another love story of Yadech.   THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH FOR READING!!!!! XO.   Sary/YNSE


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Thank you Sary for another wonderful update! Agree with you @vimalee about Yaya. Us girls are very weak when it come to love. When we love someone we give our whole heart.


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Well, Sary, you won me over.  You just gained another fan.  I love, love, love this.  I'll be anticipating your next chapter.  In the meantime, I'm going to go and check on your other FFs.


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Hi Sary hope you are well ! Thank you it is worth the wait so is good. Looking forward, have a great weekend.


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Hi Sary,

So very glad to see you again. Thank you na for not forgetting about this FF.
Can't wait to see what you have in store for us.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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[SIZE=14pt]It was by luck that the great news from Tao and Por was announced.  They were going to officially tie the knot next month and the presence of both eldest sister and brother in law was necessary back in Thailand.  Coming back to Thailand caused Yaya great stress because it was where her relationship with Nadech developed and where it created the mess they found themselves now.  They were both unable to relinquish the past and yet it was hard to move forward together as both assumed trust and love was not present in their marriage.  But since Nadech found Yaya he visited everyday but allowed her space so that she would learn to trust him more and show her that he truly loved her in every way possible.  By allowing her the independence she craved.  Did he dare to mention it to her again after she adamantly didn’t believe him about his real feelings for her? He decided to show her instead but he knew exactly how stubborn his wife could be.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Without tremendous patience he may not be able to win over Yaya.  He would never allow himself to make the same mistake again and continue to cause their misunderstandings.  He was part of the deception of creating the fake debt and now he must try everything to beg for her trust and forgiveness.  He finally had to recruit their fathers and the whole family again to help him in winning back his wife and family.  Whatever it takes he wanted his wife and child for the rest of his life.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]                                                                                                          **************************************************[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The wedding advanced quickly and both Nadech and Yaya were part of the bridal party.  Waiting for the bridesmaids to join them, Nadech paced nervously at the bottom of the stairs for his partner.  It was worth every minute of waiting.  Cascading and outlining her picturesque body, Yaya was glowing in a pale blue dress.  She was happy and it had been a while since he had seen her smile.  She looked proud to be here and appreciative.  With her pregnancy her hair looked even more lustrous and shining.  Nadech could only stare at the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on and she belonged to him.  She was radiant and was carrying their child.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]While his brother, Mario stood beside him and watched his wife, Gubgib, coming down with the little flower girl beside her was a moment to be cherished.  His niece was too cute and she had grown immensely. The little toddler blew kisses at her uncle.  Nadech winked back at her and wondered if he will have his very own little daughter soon; sparing a glance at his pregnant wife.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Their siblings’ wedding went on without a hitch surrounded by very close friends and family wishing them future happiness and love.  Nadech waited for Yaya to go back to their home.  He wasn’t sure if she decided to go home to him or stay with her father.  He wanted to give her the space and decision.  Yaya walked up to Nadech and asked to go home as she was feeling a bit tired.  Driving silently in the car the young couple both lost in their thoughts yet their heart without realizing it, both aching to love one another openly and without mistrust.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The next morning, Nadech came into Yaya’s room as she didn’t wake up for breakfast.  He stood over her looking at the sleeping beauty in his bed, his wife. Then her eyes opened.  He smiled and she shyly smiled back, running her hands smoothly down her hair, she needn’t worried as she looked naturally beautiful as always in his eyes.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]“Did you have enough sleep, I’m sorry to have bothered you so early this morning but our little guest is anxious to start her day.” He announced just when their little niece tumbled into the room.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The little cherub was giggling as Nadech picked her up and started munching on her tiny belly.  Yaya helped by tickling her little toes at the same time.  They joyously lived like a young family in this precious moment of time.  Yaya sneaked a peek at Nadech.  He was still her husband and quite honestly she wanted things to work out.  Since their siblings’ wedding, everything seemed to be going very well.  She only wished he told her the truth much sooner, and now wasn’t quite sure where she stood in his life.  Was he only being patient because they were expecting their first child together?  Yaya was getting tired of questioning his motive.  She realized each day she lived with him, her feelings became stronger and the bonds may be much harder to break if things didn’t work out.  It almost was better not to know of his deceit as the betrayal still stung deeply.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Nadech looked wearingly at his wife.  Her mind was elsewhere.  He needed to put her mind at ease, it needed to be put to rest, her worries of their future; that he was committed to her and forever his heart belonged to her.  This Isaan husband of hers wasn’t going to leave her side without a fight and must show her what unconditional love meant.  He was the one who learned of it since he met her; knowing that life without her in the future would be lonely.  He wanted their child to have two doting parents to raise him or her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Suddenly the phone rang, Nadech picked it up.  A man’s voice was heard, Ken.  They exchanged pleasantries then Nadech handed the phone over to Yaya.  She took the phone from him curiously.  As her smile widened, Nadech couldn’t bear to stand around and listen to their private conversation; he was the jealous type as he soon found himself trying to behave indifferently.  He had to keep his possessiveness to himself.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Yaya made a date to meet with Ken.  He heard that she had returned and surprised her with the details of her clothing lines sales reaching records revenue for his retail chains.  Everyone was chomping at the bits anticipating the New Year’s collection.  That was far from her mind but since Ken approached her two weeks ago now since their phone call, she decided she should not leave her career idle.  It helped keep her busy and Nadech had quietly left her alone; she wasn’t sure if she was glad or the opposite.[/SIZE]


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[SIZE=14pt]Nadech watched his wife working and her passion was evident in the speed and attention to details she placed with each outfit that hung on the mannequins.  She truly loved her job; if only she devoted as much attention to their marriage and to him.  He decided to give her space within their marriage but two weeks was too long without her in his house and life.  He spoke to Ken today and the last time they did so, he was left with a bruise.  The two men still had respect for one another and Ken knew that Nadech truly loved Yaya after everything that transpired between them.  Today, he told Yaya to take the weekend off as there wasn’t much else to do; she hesitantly agreed but yet here she still was with less than five minutes of her shift remaining even coming out to take the place of the merchandiser at the store instead of reporting in her own office.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Ken said farewell to Nadech and gave him the keys to close up with Yaya.  He had a date with his long lost love.  These lovers should only be blessed and hurry up to clean up all loose ends and put aside their egos; he had never seen any two being so in love but denying their true feelings for one another.  He was given a second chance of happily ever after and he was going after it.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]                                                                                       *********************************************************** [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Clearing his throat, Nadech glanced at Yaya as she turned to the sound of his voice.  She distractedly tried to arrange her hair pins as some of her hair became loose from her casual up-do.  She wondered why he was here, it had been two weeks with no communication, she thought he had finally lost patience and was ready to move on.  Nadech seeing the question in her eyes spoke up.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]“I am here to take you home if you are willing to….to be my wife for the rest of our lives?” It took guts to be open and honest with her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Yaya almost tear up immediately, she blamed it on her hormones, “Why’d it taken you so long….I thought you were going to hand me divorce papers…….” She whispered but Nadech quickly came in to take her into his arms.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]“Shhh….never……I would never hurt us like that.  I mean it when I told you I love you, I tried to give you space but the past two weeks was killing me.  Yaya, I am so very sorry as you know.  I shouldn’t have lied about everything, the debt, our marriage arrangement.  I must have been crazy and desperate, only wanting to keep you and have you as my wife.  It’s love, truly it is love.” He explained.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Yaya was tired too of denying her feelings….she loved him as well, deeply.  If it was not the case she wouldn’t be crying.  How they almost lost and ruined their marriage.  She decided to kiss him, the last true expression from her heart.  Nadech was slightly surprised but he quickly deepened their kiss and she became weak at the knees.  This man, her husband, lover and soon to be the father of their child; he loved her.  It was pointless to wallow in the past and their circumstances; she realized this now.  Slowly she opened her eyes and saw the glowing dark eyes of Nadech, passion clouded his site.  She gently pushed away from him, now starting to get shy.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Nadech pulled her back in and hugged her tighter.  From this day forward, no more lies and no more assumptions.  There is only truth and love as he spoke out loud in the store for the both of them to hear.  He kissed her again very lovingly as he was deprived of intimacy with his wife and wanting to play catch up.  Yaya once again pulled away, realizing belatedly that they were making out in front of the full window display.  Luckily it was the closing hours and people have already made their way home to dinner.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]“I cannot believe this is real and what are we doing?  People can walk by anytime…” she shyly excused herself to get her purse in the back.  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Nadech followed her. “I was given permission to help you close the store tonight and I know you have the weekend off.  Did you want to visit Grandma Da?  Go back to your Isaan husband’s village?”[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]Yaya beamed and obliged, it had been so long.  She truly missed her.  What would she think about her grandchildren reconciling.  Nadech told her he had already packed for her, once again he bet on Yaya accepting him completely, if not he will continue to endure and have her forgive him for the rest of his life.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]                                                                                       **********************************************************[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14pt]The last glimmer of the sunset stayed on the horizon in the small Isaan village.  Nadech wrapped his arm around Yaya, as she pressed herself back onto him.  They both smiled at the beautiful and scenic view of their own paradise.  Nadech’s hands hovered over her growing belly.  They decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise and next month they will soon find out if the baby was to be a girl or boy; each of them having their own thoughts on preference of the gender of the baby.  Nadech softly kissed the side of Yaya’s temple.  This was peace and love at last for him.  Two lives within his embrace, he couldn’t ask for more for this Isaan husband.  Yaya sighed contently.  Her life changed dramatically and over all for the better.  She realized she was a stronger woman able to overcome anything.  She was willing to accept love from a man who wouldn’t give up in asking it from her.  Nadech truly was a wonderful Isaan husband.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=12pt]Side note[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt]:  Hello, I know it has been a very long-time for updates.  First off, THANK YOU for those who have the patience with the story and me the FF writer! I could not have been happy if I had chosen not to finish this FF.  I fully appreciate all the kind words, encouragement and comments.  I hope their love and HEA is to your satisfaction.  My Isaan Husband is a very heart-warming love story.  What was initial deceit and lies was overcome by forgiveness and unconditional love.  Until the next love story….stay tuned.  Love Sary/YNSE.[/SIZE]


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Beautiful ending, Sary.  Thank you sooooo very much for coming back to this ff to give it an ending.  Such a beautiful love story deserves an ending.  Again, thank you for writing this FF and I'll be looking forward to reading your next love story.


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Thank you Mz_Em for coming back to finish your ff! You're a great writer and I hope you continue to write more FF.


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Thank you so much Mz_Em for finishing this fan fic. It is a very nice ff. Hope you will continue to write more NY's ff.


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I just wanted to say that I've always wanted to read this fic and I only found the time now. I'm very very lucky that the ending is here already because like the other fans of this fic, I'll probably go ballistic waiting for the next chapter. Well, like what the others said, this is very well written and I am likewise a fan! Thank you very much for all your hard work! imma go back to reading now!