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Yaya was listening intently to the ladies at the loom. They looked very happy and she
enjoyed immensely the process of creating new cloth for the villagers ranging
from the elderly to the younger children. They called her to try her hand at
the old-fashion way of weaving the fabric together and she shyly tried and
failed. She laughed out loud with the rest of them as they continued to
encourage her to try again. Not realizing the time she found Nadech wandering
back into where he had left her, listening and being encouraged to try her hand
at the wooden contraption. The villagers ushered her out now as they noticed
her husband wanting her attention. Yaya looked up and slowly walked away from
her group of ladies and towards the man waiting in front of her. She was more
interested in the shop than continue to strike a conversation with her husband.

“I see that the ladies are taken with you. You look to be a fast learner. I wonder if it
applies to everything else.” He teased her.

She looked at him and replied. “Not that is any of your business but I enjoy what they are
doing here. You missed me when I had my first attempt at it; I thought the
whole spool would have been destroyed. They are very hard working but yet they
enjoy what they are doing at the same time. I envy their lifestyle.”

Nadech was surprised with her choice of words. He grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her
out with the whispers and giggles of the women behind them. Yaya didn’t protest
but she couldn’t fathom why he would continue to show affection towards her in
such a way. Was he trying to give pretense that their marriage was a love
match? He tightened his hold as she tried to remove her hand from his. They
were now observing the men almost completing the festival meals. Everything
smelled wonderful and she belatedly realized she was starving as her stomach
growled in earnest.

“This is all Esan traditional dishes. Some you may find similar to what you are used to but
others not so much. But don’t be alarm I will not poison you, you are a guest
of honour and my wife. Did you want to refresh yourself before the festivity
commences? I had the men bring us warm water and a bamboo tub into our hut.
This time I will leave you at peace. There is also a special costume for you to
wear, call it a belated gift from the groom to the bride.” With that he left
her at their hut and hurried away to continue on with finalizing the
Yaya walked into the hut and instantly fell in love with the colourful dress before her.
The pattern was so intricate and obviously crocheted by hand that it was better
to gaze at than put wrinkles in it. After her bath she slid it on and it fitted
like a glove. She didn’t have the help of a mirror but knew it looked
wonderful. She wondered who designed it and hand-picked it out for her, it must
have been Grandma Dao. She needed to thank her immediately for this gift and
As she stepped out she found Nadech waiting for her. He as well took the time to bathe
and he looked flawless in a linen cloth but in pure white. His hair smoothed
over on top and he looked much younger and almost carefree. The grimness in his
eyes lessened and shone with a subtle brightness that she had never noticed
before. He placed his palm upwards as it waited for her to accept his gesture.
Yaya did so without a second thought and that irked her in a strange way as she
would normally try not to allow him to be in charge. They walked back together
to the wafting aroma of roast meat and the joyful sounds of laughter and music.
Yaya realized that she was treated very well and was grateful for them allowing
her to be part of their annual festivities upon harvest time in this quaint
Esan village. She walked behind Nadech and he ushered her to sit on the newly
chiseled bench close to the roasting succulent pig on the spit. It couldn’t get
any more natural than this when it comes down to how one cooked their meal.
Nadech was trying really hard to stop himself from staring at his wife all night. She
looked even more beautiful in the hand-picked Esan gown he had chosen for her.
He knew she loved colours and wanted it to be made into a simple cut which
showed off her figure perfectly in it and his personal involvement in this paid
off. Yaya never looked more beautiful and she was his. But once he told her of
the fake debt she may no longer want anything to do with him or this marriage.
He finally needed to seduce his wife and make her fall in love with him. With
love it can forsake all other things.

Yaya tapped her fingers in rhythm to the music playing before them she couldn’t help with
all the smiles given to her by the villagers and she reciprocated it with the
same warmth and welcome. Her plate was filled for her and she turned to thank
that person, looking up it was Nadech. Why was he waiting on her so graciously?
She thought it was uncharacteristic of him. For the most part he didn’t have
much time or much less patience for her. She slowly chewed on a most succulent
piece of meat, lightly spiced and so delicious. It just melted in her mouth. Nadech
slowly grinned at the look on Yaya’s face as she enjoyed her dinner. He never
encountered a woman looking so erotic while enjoying a meal. She didn’t realize
she was eating wild bird but he wasn’t one to inform her of her choice of food.
He sat down beside her and waited for her to look at him; she refused to,
looking everywhere but at him. Why was she so stubborn and nervous around him?
The group of dancers finally made it to Yaya and Nadech and ushered them to
their feet, Yaya was clumsily trying to follow the young ladies as Nadech
guided her with his hands pressed seductively on her back. She didn’t want it
to mean much but it somehow did. Her cheeks grew a new shade of pink. His firm
hand pressed a little low on her back and lightly grazing her buttocks. Did he
noticed or was it his intentions to distract her that way. As she looked up at
him beside her his eyes glowed with brightness and a sense of mischief. She
found herself grinning back at him and tried harder to keep peace with the
dance troupe.
Nadech whispered in her ear, “You are getting the hang of it Brat, now let me lead.”
He whisked her away from the group then interchange back into them.
Yaya concentrated fiercely but finally relaxed and found it was much easier this
way. The music continued to pound on in its every even beats and it increased
in tempo and speed. Nadech always surrounding her with the other men and Yaya
caught herself looking for his gaze. He watched her too. She beamed at him
because for once they were enjoying each other’s company. Finally the music
slowed and she had to beg to sit the next dance. Nadech joined her and handed
her some fresh guava juice. She thirstily drank it down and tiny droplets were
left on her chin but which were quickly kissed away by Nadech. Yaya let out a
gasp, she feared the whole village witnessed his bold intimacy but everyone
else was occupied in watching the dancers. He smiled broadly at her which made
her heart skipped a beat because he rarely showed his mega watt smile and
dimples. She realized then that her husband was a very handsome man. She turned
back to watch the dancers all the while noticed Nadech still looking at her.
Did she have something else on her face? Nadech moved even inches closer to her
on the log they shared and he gracefully wrapped his one arm around her
“You look even more beautiful tonight Yaya. I must say that having you as my wife is the
envy of all the men here. Don’t blush Brat, you should be used to such
compliments. Did none of the men in your life ever bless you with these words?
I want to be the last man to ever do so. Tell me, can we make this marriage
work, let it be real in all sense of the words. The ball is in your park.” He
moved away from her and disappeared into the other crowd of people, leaving her
to ponder over his offer.
She thought hard about his last words lingering between the air which was their marriage
was based on debt. Her family’s debt was too high to forgive. But she realized
now that she no longer hated her husband but can she learn to love him? If
today and tonight was any indication, it seemed to be easier to believe it. If
she was willing to take the risk with her heart then her body would follow for
this man.
She never could answer Nadech’s question that night. Now they were on their last night
here in the Esan village and the three months seemed to breeze by so quickly.
Everyone was always busy in the village. If not producing more organic
products, weaving fabrics and making clothes, child rearing and just everything
that was required to make a village run smoothly. It just made the days and
nights go by so much more quickly for her. With trepidation she feared that
these times with Nadech will be a dream once they return to the city. Some
nights Nadech didn’t sleep in the same hut as hers. But those nights that he
did, he became a gentleman because he brought in his own hammock and pitched it
near the window while she slept on the bamboo bed. The tension was there even
though they were more than amicable and even friends with each other now.
Gazing up at the ceiling, wondering if he was going to come tonight Yaya tossed
and turned. Was she ready to give him the answer he sought from her? Could they
agree to a real marriage, but what about the debt? It was always about the
money, if Nadech was willing to abolish their debt; six hundred and fifty
thousand bahts was a lot of money. They only have three months to go before
Yaya can legally assume her family’s debt has been paid in full even if she had
to sacrifice a part of her life to do so. Marry a man who at times was callous
and cold towards her but now, here in his element, as her Esan husband he was
very agreeable and accommodating. In all honesty he was the only man she had
been this close and intimate with since she came into adulthood. There were men
who vie for her attentions but she didn’t feel the right chemistry and with her
schedule being so full with school and work, having a relationship was put on the
back burner. Until the fateful day when she met Nadech, she always wondered
what he was doing across the street looking at her that day which felt so long
ago. She started at the rustling sound at the door. Nadech was back?
It was Grandma Dao, the kind older woman shyly smiled at Yaya. She noticed the
attraction the young couple had for one another but they were both too stubborn
to admit it to each other. She never will understand the workings of the
younger generation. Love was love. It was that simple.

“I am sorry if I am disturbing your sleep my granddaughter. But I thought I would give you
this amulet. You are a young wife and I hope you cherish it well as you have a
doting husband who is anxious to love you. No don’t argue with me. I know my
grandson, if he didn’t have feelings for you, no amount of pressure will have
him stay in this marriage for this long. I also know about the debt too my
child. It is only money. What you two have is worth more than that. Don’t let
something so contrite like that deter you from having an honest marriage. If
you are so determined to divorce my grandson I think he wouldn’t accept holding
a woman against her will with him.” She explained.

Yaya nodded at her words. But it was always about the money. In response she said it so
seriously, “I owe your family too much and if it is a sacrifice I must make for
my family I shall. I have no other options. I would do anything to repay that
debt. Thank you for the advice Grandma Dao, I will consider your wise words.”
Yaya replied, determined to follow through with her promise.

Grandma Dao patted her shoulder and wished her a goodnight and left Yaya alone once again.
Yaya thought solemnly was she really able to sacrifice everything for her
family? The answer was yes but deep down it was only the case as she realized
now that every day the past three months she was slowly falling in love with
her own husband. He was patient, kind and affectionate with her. Each day she
thought less of the debt. She was more so trying to fight the temptation to
wanting to have a real marriage with Nadech now.

Yaya didn’t know what time of night it was but she heard rustling at the front of the hut.
She got up slowly and listened once more to the noise, nearing the door she saw
the shadow of a something getting closer. Was it Nadech or was it someone else
or even an animal? She hurriedly tried to retrieve the chair near the bed and
have it block the intruder from coming in. But realizing that it was Nadech she
pulled the chair back just in time. He came through the door with a little
swagger. What was wrong with him, thought Yaya.

“Are you okay Nadech? It’s late and I was sleeping; you scared me.” She informed him,
but realizing he was moving closer towards her, she slowly moved backwards and
finding the back of her knees hitting the side rails of the bamboo bed.

Nadech casually perused her body from head to toe. He may have enjoyed a bit more
drink with the men this night as it was their last night, but when he had
returned previously he couldn’t help but overhear Yaya’s confession to his
Grandmother about how she would do anything to relieve her family’s debt.
Anything she has vowed. Was it so unappealing to her to be married to him? She
had no intention of trying to make their marriage work. He had a mind to tell
her that there was no debt but yet he couldn’t make himself to do so. He cared
for her as a person and wanted her as his wife.

“I am sorry I scared you my beautiful Brat. Don’t look so shocked, you have every man from
this tiny village to the city admiring you. But realize who you belong to, it’s
to me and only me. I have a mind to make love to you and I thought that we have
moved forward in our marriage to understand that we could make this work. But
you are so stubborn. What does it take to melt that ice block around you Brat?”
he came closer to her, gently grasping her elbows; they were now almost nose to

Yaya gasped with the electric charge that went through her as they touched. Was he drunk?
Why was he intoxicated? Nadech didn’t allow her to ask the questions out loud
as he pressed his lips onto her slightly opened mouth. She didn’t have a chance
to protest as he gently pried her lips apart with his skilled tongue and took
what he had been wanting for the past three months from her. She tried to
struggle but found her hands grasping at his shirt front, feeling his hard
chest beneath her fingers. What was this feeling he was creating within her?
Her effort to push him away was fruitless, she didn’t know how long he kissed
her but she didn’t want him to stop. He was arousing her body to life for the
first time in her adult life. He was the only man to do so. She wanted to touch
him and smell him and his eagerness to show her how to kiss him back was
accepted with enthusiasm. He truly wanted her and she returned that need.
Whatever it was this night, and the months that lead to it, Yaya knew there was
no turning back. The debt was the last thing on her mind as she wanted to feel
cherished and loved for the first time in this marriage.

“I want to undress you. Will you let me?” he asked her.

Yaya shyly nodded. Helping her pulling her shirt above her head and letting it slide down to the floor
she was left with her sarong and quickly that was unravelled from her now
overheated body. She briefly considered about crossing her arms to cover her
top from his view but he didn’t mind as he continued to trail kisses behind her
ear, down her shoulders and re-capturing her lips in a more powerful
possession. She didn’t know what to do with her hands and found them exploring
his shoulders and muscular arms as well. He felt strong and virile. She never
felt so bold and slowly tried to remove his shirt but her quaking fingers
wouldn’t cooperate. With a little chuckle, Nadech helped discard both his shirt
and pants. He stood in front of her with his briefs and hard abdomen. The
sprinkling of hair running down to his belly caught her eyes and she saw the
impressible object of his desire for her. She unconsciously started shaking her
head and again Nadech kissed away her nerves. He lavished her with nips and
pecks; finally raining kisses on her shoulders and arms trailing further down
her body. Her knees started to weaken and Nadech scooped her up into his arms.
Laying her down gently he continued to fulfill her every fantasy. Yaya found
herself with a sense of urgency for something she’s never experienced before
but Nadech wouldn’t allow her to reach it. He patiently made love to her body
and she couldn’t believe all the things he was doing to her. Where was all her passion
hiding until this moment? She pleaded with him to make love to her and he
willingly obliged; noticing her sleek readiness. Kissing her even more
passionately and nestling between her legs, he entered her in one swift hard
motion and then the burst of pain stemming from Yaya was a shock to the both of
them. Yaya gasped and tried not to jerk away from him. It was too late to be
gentle, he was given her virginity and Nadech didn’t expect it.

Nadech reeled up and looked down at Yaya, seeing her eyes smarting with tears. He
couldn’t believe that with all the passion between them he thought he was
dealing with an experienced lover. He didn’t doubt that she had prior sexual
experiences as she was strong, independent and lived most of her life in the
western world. He wasn’t a man to judge as he enjoyed plenty of pleasures with
women in his past. But that didn’t stop him from being pleased with the gift.
He soothed away her tenseness with kisses on her temples and soft kisses on her
lips, it helped a bit for her to relax a bit more but it was still hard not to
try and move within her. She needed time to adjust to his size but he wanted
nothing more than to drive himself deep into her and never stop. He never felt
this way about making love to a woman before. It was mainly just physical
connection. With Yaya it was more than that. Was it love, he couldn’t be sure.
He never loved any woman before. With the sure sign of feeling Yaya relaxing
and slightly shifting her hips to accommodate him. Nadech knew he couldn’t hold
on any longer. He continued the rhythm and within some time, Yaya cried out
with ecstasy and he followed close behind her with his climax. Easing away from
her he clasped her to his body and rubbed her back as they both calmed back
down to earth. Their sweat mingling with one another and Nadech kissed Yaya
soundly. He couldn’t get enough of her taste. She was both sweet and sensual.
He was the man to awaken that sensuality from her; the only man. Later
realizing what started his seduction of his wife, it was not through intention
but the conversation he overheard had led him to drink more than usual and
since seeing her trying to bar the door, he wanted her at whatever cost.

“Why didn’t you tell me I was going to be your first? I really didn’t think that you would
have given me with this honour and with such a precious gift. You seem to me a
very modern woman. Not that I don’t appreciate it but I am surprised.” He
questioned her with a smile but felt her tense up.

“It’s not that important. I think it was just my way of paying my debt to you.’ She
replied but realized that wasn’t what she meant to say. But it was too late and
she didn’t know how to react in a situation like this. She never had a
situation like this in her life.

The release of his arms which had her body pressed to his made Yaya tense. Nadech moved
away from her. She thought it was her debt to him? She was willing to bargain
her virginity for the debt that her family owed to him. He didn’t want that
from her. Speaking in anger he retaliated.

“Your virginity isn’t worth six hundred and fifty baht. I am sorry but it will take
more than that and many more nights. We are leaving within a few hours so I
suggest you try to sleep. I will wake you when it’s time to return.” Quickly
stepping out of bed and donning back his clothes, Nadech left.

Yaya was left alone in bed. Her body was numb. She wasn’t worth anything? She felt the
silent tears and the shattered pieces of her heart and soul. What had she done?
She wanted to explain about her comments. It wasn’t about the money, it was the
gratitude she felt by the way he had been treating her in this village. She
felt like a real wife for once since they had first gotten married. She wanted
his love not his coldness. Why was he so quick to take offence? She didn’t
sleep that night and waited with abated breath until Nadech’s return but he
never did come once dawn appeared. She didn’t know when she fell asleep but she
did and it was a darkness that she embraced. Awaiting the storm that was about
to wreak havoc in both their lives.



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This is a flashback to the issue they are having at present.  The deed was just done now....This is 3 months prior.  Their whole marriage may resolve in a month's time...sadly My Esan Husband may be completed by end of November or sooner....if I have time.  But of course HEA guaranteed so stay tune.


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The drive back to the city was in complete silence. Each reflected about the night before.  Yaya had never felt so nervous and weary of what Nadech would say to her the morning after but he turned cold and distant.  She didn’t dare explain her words to him now as he wouldn’t even look at her.  He was courteous but abrupt with her.  He thought she bartered her virginity for money but it was so much far from the truth.  She realized belatedly that the only way she was able to give him her body was because she had truly fallen madly in love with her husband.  Now everything was confusing.  He would never believe her now if she confessed this to him. She felt numb from the realization and was sure that Nadech hated her.  He must have thought she was mercenary and wanted out of their marriage with the only clause she could think of.  In reality there was not a chance of claiming an annulment.  The marriage was no longer in name only.
They finally reached their destination and Nadech opened the door for her and waited for her to get out.  He closed it firmly after she stepped out of the vehicle and proceeded to remove their luggage and the organic products out of the trunk.  Yaya couldn’t stand around and sought the comfort of her room.  She went through the motion of undressing and found herself soaking in t a too warm tub full of water.  She finally allowed the pent up emotion surfaced to the top and her silent sobs continued for endless minutes.  She hadn’t realized the time as she opened her eyes and their stood the man all grim face and silent.
“What was freely given should not be expressed with regrets.  You are now my wife in all aspect of the word.  Get out or I will drag you out myself. I see the burning fire is lit again. I know that you would like to pounce on me correct?  I knew you wouldn’t keep up this pretence of an injured victim when reality is that you methodically thought out your plan but unfortunately for you, I have other ideas for us.” He spoke to her in a rather cold tone.
Yaya shivered all the while tried to cover her nudity from his perusal. The clenching of his jaw showed he was not quite immune to her but she still felt embarrassed nevertheless with his threat.
“If you can leave I will get out. Please.” She replied and begged, not wanting to irritate him more.
Nadech turned and proceeded to give her the privacy but turned back and stated, “Your partner, Ken had called to inquire about your return.  I told him you will call him tomorrow as you were not available.  Let him know you will be resigning soon.” Then he walked out with the door shutting behind him.
Yaya was shocked, what right did he have to dictate her life? She built her company from scratch and all the months of sleeplessness and exhaustion finally paid off.  How could he be so domineering now, he never had any interest in her career.
Everything was all coming to a downward spiral in her life.  A moment given to realize she had finally fallen in love and to her very own husband.  But he couldn’t stand her anymore almost treating her as a second rate citizen.  Their first intimacy together was what she always thought would happen for her but only to realize she was condemn by her actions and words by Nadech.  He wouldn’t allow her to explain but resorting to continue to antagonized her with the debt she owed him and that what she freely given was not nearly enough to what her father owed his family.  If she only stood her ground and decided to not allow Nadech’s terms to control her own doubts.  But the contract clearly stated she needed to live in the Esan village for six months.    They only had three months and now she would gladly renege on the contract only to take back her freedom.  Away from the depression she was feeling now. At this moment she almost wanted to laugh with hysterics.  How could her marriage turn into a more devastating outcome?  Nadech refused to talk to her and it’s been two months from when that night occurred, the only saving face was that she was not going to expect his child.  Although she didn’t feel utterly joyful that she wasn’t having a baby but for little comfort, things were not right with them.  Realizing too late that she had fallen in love with her husband, she wondered if he even noticed.  Well he was rarely around that is why he was blind to her wearing her heart on her sleeves for all to see.  Her sisters immediately noticed their eldest’s change in heart.  But with only her pride left she didn’t want to confess to Nadech and also afraid he may not believe her.  The marriage was only still intact because of the debt. If not, Nadech, she thought would already file the paperwork.
The only saving grace now was that Nadech had decided to relinquish his stand on her job.  She could continue to pursue her entrepreneur venture with Ken.  With all the demands for her product the past couple of months flew by.  Last night was the last nail on her coffin; Nadech treated her so callously and her betraying body allowed it.  If one month was going to break her marriage contract then by all means she’d do it.  One evening she reluctantly told Ken of her situation.  He never pushed her for more than a friendship with her so she gladly accepted him as her confidante.  He truthfully announced he’d help her pay off the debt, no further obligation from her.  That amount of money was minimal compared to their friendship.  He was a self made billionaire, but looking into his dark eyes, there was a glimpse of secrets he withheld from everyone; he looked sad at times but only for a brief instant if you were fortunate to witness it.  He never had close lady friends, only Yaya and every other woman was treated very casually.  One day at work, Ken informed her about the stress and strain on her features was getting worse by the day and he needed her to be happy and creative at all times.  Yaya thought seriously about his gesture but apprehensive of what conflict will arise. Yet she would gladly do anything for her freedom, the freedom to love from afar and allow Nadech to move on with his life as well.  They were becoming bitter enemies fast within their marriage.  It was never this bad between between them until their shared intimacy together in the Esan village.  Then she made her choice, it was time to take back her independence.  She needed to escape back to New York and refocus on her career and love learned was enough for her.
Yaya waited cautiously for her husband to return back from his business trip to Singapore, the previous trip was rescheduled the night she had her opening and it was also the night she couldn’t resist the intimacy she had with Nadech. It occurred once more since the first time at the Esan village.  Even though her marriage contract stated that only one month remained, she would decide now with Ken’s help to repay her family’s debt in full.  Release Nadech and her to a life more normal.  They rarely spend any time together and Nadech seemed to be even more invested in his business, there was absolutely no time for her.  There was no time for a convenient wife.  Their marriage was a sham and she wanted to run away and to give herself some time to re-evaluate herself and her heart.  She knew quite well that her heart will be shattered for an unlimited period of time. Yet she tried to deny that Nadech may have wounded her so much that there may never be any other man to get close to her.
Catching her attention she heard the closing of the door, Nadech and his driver had returned.  It was just past dinner time but Yaya did not wait for him.  She ate alone upstairs.  She heard footsteps stop in front of her bedroom.  Her breath stalled in anticipation.  Was he going to be visiting her?  It didn't matter, with Ken's cheque in hand she walked towards the door.  Opening to an empty space.  Nadech was not there.  Was he in his room?  She cautiously knocked on the door separating their rooms.  No response, she gently nudged the door open as the door didn't seem to be locked.  She squinted to see through the darkness, where was he?  Until his strong voice penetrated the silence.
"What do I owe this rare occasion that my wife visits me in my bedroom?  I haven't had a chance to change or shower or is it you are here to share it with me?" he inquired.
Yaya sucked in air with the shock of his words, he was teasing her?  She shook her head and was about to turn back towards her room.  But the solid frame of the man stopped her.  Looking up she saw the dark growth of his beard.  How long ago since she saw him?  It was only a few days but he looked so stressed and forlorn, maybe business wasn't going so well?
"Why the sudden rush to leave me?  I thought I finally have a normal wife who comes to greet her husband since so many nights have passed.  Did you miss me?  Or did another man help ease your loneliness?  Now, now, don't raise that palm.  I don't react well to a violent woman.  But with you my wife, I may handle you a different way.  Should we put it to the test?" He turned her around to face the door, pressing his chest firmly against her back. "You smell of fear and something uniquely you?  Why is that?  I've only just arrived."
Yaya stiffened.  She was not scared of him but was worried about his reaction.  With the cheque in hand, she turned to face him.  Without blinking she responded.
"I would like you to give me my divorce.  Here.  This here is the full amount my family owes your company.  I wish to get my freedom back." she replied so quietly.
Nadech looked down at her hand.  The cheque was real.  But where in the world did she get this money?  Money, that was never owed to him or his father.
He bit the words of confession and stared at her, blankly and confused.  She really wanted out of this marriage?  The past few days was agony for him because he felt guilty seducing her that night where he cut his Singapore trip short.  He wanted to give her space and clearly that is what he had given her.  She really was free to leave.  Slowly retrieving the money in hand, he couldn't say much.  Yaya's eyes looked to be feeling up with pent up tears. Tears?  For him or feeling pity for herself.  He must have gotten it wrong.  He assumed that they were starting to get accustomed to one another.  Of his many experience, he couldn't understand how he could not be able to understand his own wife.
"Where did you get this money, don't tell me its yours.  I know this business venture of yours does not pay nearly close to the amount you have given me.  Where did you get the money Yaya.  Tell me where?!" he tried not to become outraged.  Knowing suddenly exactly who had given her this.  Seeing her own confessions, there could only be one person or he thought man willing to part with this kind of money.
"Please, it is none of your business where the money came from.  I cannot stand any longer living half a life.  Please let me go.  I have done my duty and this debt is paid.  I am moving out tonight."  With those words she left Nadech standing; in shock and alone.  He almost let out a laugh of hysterics; unimaginable that the only woman he loves has walked out on him.


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Hi sary thank u sm for this update i know ure v busy.
oh dear more misunderstanding so sad i feel for yadech atm. hope they'll clear up cant bear for them to be separated! with much appreciation, key.


FF Writer!! Love it!
What? Sary, I can't believe you stop there. I was looking for more, anticipating for more and that broke my heart that you stop at the very best part. Please update soon!