My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..


sarNie Oldmaid
gosh i have to go to my dentist's set to's only 8:00 thats good..huh? but my appointment is on the 23rd..a Satuday and today is a Monday..the 18th..

LOL i dunno wat i was tinkign


sarNie Adult
... what time is it and how did i get here!!! and i saw her again and she looked exceptionally beautiful but maybe it was the alcohol but i saw a sadness in her eyes and i asked her whats the matter and she said with a smile she had a lot on her mind... B)


sarNie Juvenile
"What time is it?" I look at my clock and it's 8:30am. Then I look at my cell phone and it says 9:30am. "S*** it's daylight savings. I'm going to be late."


Lakorn Obsesser
"Oh shit! It's morning already? Why is mom waking me up so early? Oh my. I guess Anson missed his bus again... Shit... Up I go then...*sigh*..."


why is someone waking me up... it's still dark outside. -_-