Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)


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OMG, Ceci,rape?They tease each other!!! OMG, can't wait for airing.I wish the dirctor can show all the scenes in the Novel to us. :clap:


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I was laughing at the idea of r too when i heard Thuma tease Pawan. Thank god, with their love toward one another, r is so unnecessary like Pawan said.


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I was just passing through, and I can't believe there are over 2,000 posts to this thread LOL. You guys are insane! It's like you've already watched the lakorn haha. This thread is dangerous, too many spoilers for me. Tee hee. I'll leave now :p


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I was just passing through, and I can't believe there are over 2,000 posts to this thread LOL. You guys are insane! It's like you've already watched the lakorn haha. This thread is dangerous, too many spoilers for me. Tee hee. I'll leave now :p
muahhaha. don't you like spoiler? .. we love it .. it keeps the fever going and going and going until ATEAM actually come onscreen together to SUPERBAM us all :clap:


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be warn, don't let this upset you :p
From novel Namtarnmai by Chorladda

Thumas mom came into her bedroom to tell her about the arrival of Tao.
Thuma: Mom, what are you looking for?
Mom: I come to get you. Tao is here
Thuma couldnt tell how she felt. Her heart was racing and her hands were sweating. She tried to control herself not too show nervousness in front of her mom. She said perfect, I have important stuff to discuss with him

Pee Tao

Tao quickly got up. He blushed, Thuma could notice it. She also felt the same. They looked at each other for a moment; Tao came close to her, and grabbed both her hands with a firm grip. He obviously looked awkward.

Bo, how have you been?

Thuma greeted him. She was amazed with herself for not feeling resentful and angry with him like she was once. She felt so calm. Even if Pee Tao failed to do his duty as a husband, they could always be friends to each other. He has always been a good brother, a good friend to her as long as she could remember. He has always been kind and treating her well.enough to make her misunderstand that they could live happily together as a married couple. When they failed to do that, there was nothing to regret b/c life didnt always turn out to be as expected especially when she was young and naïve.

But now she has grown upand clearly understands love. It is such a wonderful feeling to have a chance to experience it, to be closed and to be one with Pawan. He is a man who makes her feel like a woman, he definitely makes her feel complete and loved.

She took a deep breath and without thinking she placed her hand on her bellyshe felt so ecstatic with the touch. By thinking of him brings her more confidence.

She was quite certain that she would be able to discuss the divorce issue with Pee Tao and things would end satisfactorily for both sides. There wouldnt be any conflicts. The talk would be based on understanding and good wish that she sincerely had toward him.

When did you arrive? How come you didnt advise me?
I have been back for a week Tao replied, deliberately avoided eye contact with his wife. Thuma could feel he had something hidden from her.
She had known him for a long timeenough to be able to read his mind.
Is there an emergency? Thuma asked.
Not really, I came back with Ae. His dad isnt well
Who is Ae?
Probably you dont know him, Ae is. He cleared his throat, sighed deeply and looked uneasy.
Thuma couldnt help herself, by saying Is he your new boyfriend?
Tao blushed even more.
Thuma sat back, thinking.time really helped her learn about life; now she looked deep into a person mind, not just look at his appearance. She understood love between the same sex, understood the femininity hidden deep inside him. He needs care from a man. He is not a man who can love a woman.
We all have problems
It is not his fault that he is different. Everybody has the right to live a life they want as long as they dont bother anybody. Thuma was quite sure that the feeling that she had toward Tao at the moment was full of understanding and care, as if he were one of her brothers.
I already went to see my mom
How is she?
She is all right, you know mom, dont you?
What is it about?
She said she heard people talking about me, of course not in a nice way. She was quite upset with me. She also mentioned that she wanted to have a grandchild
Thuma eyes were sparkling, but she remained calm.
She said you are a good girl, and she is not getting any younger. If we have a child, he or she will inherit all her assets. However if I behave badly, she will give all my share to the charity
Tao kept complaining about his mother so Thuma cut the conversation short by asking him What do you want me to do?
Tao: I want us to have a baby
Thuma: How can that be possible? Thuma seems to talk to herself.
Tao: Im very sorry Bo, but I think we should be able to do it
Thuma: You mean us?
Tao: Yes He looked paler and confused. If youre going to help me, I just want us to have a baby together, Bo; I have already consulted with Ae on this issue. We came to the conclusion that this is the best solution for us. When we have a child, my mom would probably take care of the will. I will keep the baby and you can have half of my share
Taos voice was quivering. He implored her to help him.
Tao: If you love someone, you can have a baby with that person
Thuma: If thats the case, why dont you find a baby, any babies and just tell your mom that it is ours
Tao: I think you are the person that my mom trusts the most, and I will be more comfortable knowing who the parents are so that the baby will be healthy and has a better chance at life.

All of a sudden, Thuma felt tired. She was out of breath. Tao also asked Thuma to have lunch with him and go to see his mom the next day.

Everything happened so fast. This was not easy for her. She didnt even get a chance to discuss with him about the divorce.........
Credit to Naki again (Puangpakaam) :wub:


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^ouch! Donna, that's a little harsh for the gay ppl na.
i just don't like how he stoop this low to agree to go ahead with this idea of his bf.
Naki also told me that the bf said if Tao can't do it, he will take Tao's place to make Thuma pregnant too. DISTURB!