Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)!!


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Wow... haven't seen Nuss for so long, and she ages so gracefully! she looks more beautiful than when she left lol
I thought it was Kob for a bit also. This lakorn looks a lot better than I've expected. Everything and everyone looks
so beautiful... definitely look forward to it!


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I am so excited for this lakorn! Noon is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting up the pictures!

Samantha Chock

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Do you or anyone by any chance happen to have a copy of his (Num Soarram) Greatest Hit Song for RS 25th Anniversary? It was release in 2004!

I lost my copy and can't buy it from

Please up load on to the thai music section if you do!!!!!



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I'm looking forward to see this lakorn. It's going to be great. The casts are great!!! Also it's good that Narwin Ta is back!!! I miss him. I haven't seen him for years!!! So I'm definitely watching this one!!! :D


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When is this lakorn going to be aired?
I know they won't have subtitle and I'm going to have to wait... =(

THanks for posting! They look stunning!

What is the storyline?


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What is the storyline?

This lakorn is a remake. The older version was with Sam and Ann Sirium. A very good story and ending, a few kissing/sweet scenes btwn the n'ek and p'ek. As the story line goes...

Noon is a princess who was forced to marry another prince but she refused. She was already in love with someone else--a poor club singer (not Num) who will eventually rise to fame and who is a friend of Num. But before all this happened, 20 or so years earlier, there is a mystery behind Noon's mother and why her mother left her child and was labeled a loose woman who ran off to live with her lover and abandoned her only daughter--Noon. Her mothers name was forbidden to be spoken of in the castle. In addition, Noon has a step mother who has two younger siblings who are her half siblings. You can guess, the step mother has no love for Noon and she was the reason why Noon had ran away from her only home to live in the country away from bangkok and why her mother ran away 20 years earlier.

Why she ran? Because she witness that the man that she loves was with another woman in his home. What Noon doesn't know is that the woman that was with her boyfriend was actually her mother who is now a famous Thai singer. Her mother has no relation with the boyfriend but she was there to practice a new song that he has written for her to sing. They are only friends. So, being forced to marry and finding out that your b/f is cheating on her caused her to cut her hair in boyish way and ran away to live with a relative of her nurse maid who is her sister that used to work in the castle many years ago. That sister was to keep a secret and say that Noon was a long lost relative who has come to live with her temporarily--instead, Noon becomes her helping hand with the rose/flower business that she has and eventually Noon meets with Num because he live only a few houses down the lake.

Oh, forgot to mention, before the princess ran away, she had already met with Num because she had secretly sneaked out the at nights to meet with her b/f at the club dressed in an all boys outfit and covering her long hair with a baseball cap to disguised that she's a woman. So, that one night, Num was on his way to see his friend (Noon's b/f) perform and accidentally almost hit Noon with his car as she walking down the street looking for a taxi and their friendship began.. thus the story begins...

good story and ending. you'll all enjoy it.


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How does she fall out of love with her boyfriedn and fall into love with Num? Why? That would just be so fickle if she changes her mind that easily.


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How does she fall out of love with her boyfriedn and fall into love with Num? Why? That would just be so fickle if she changes her mind that easily.

Well, she didn't start liking Num until after her boyfriend died. Someone was hired to kill Noon's b/f and that someone is Noon's father and stepmother.


Yuph, actually it took a while until she started to like Num because he had to beg for her affection lol but its like theres two people inside Noon, Oona Lhom who loveed Eua Itsaraa and also On Itsaraa who loves Num. Num loves On, not Oona Lhom cause he knows that still inside she will always not forget Eua.