sarNie Adult
I said Esther did awesome at her crying scene. She made my mother cried with her. My mom hardly cry for a movie... I have only see she cried one time Ann Thongotason.

Very exciting for the next esp.


sarNie OldFart
Esther is doing a decent job...there are things I think she'll get better at as a N'ek the more she is in the roles as one. I have liked her since the beginning and whenever she is a supporting I wished someone would see the potential in her and make her a N'ek. So, I'll watch this lakorn for her...but I am struggling to like Sean as a Pra'ek. I am so drawn to his lips that it is really distracting me in his scenes. I don't want it to bother me but his upper lip is so thin it looks....
When he smiles it's actually OK, but when he's mad his upper lip seemed to just disappear on me...I have tried to ignore it by focusing on his eyes but somehow it hasn't work as good as I want it to be. That being said, the pacing of the lakorn is good. 


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Since there's already some beautiful artworks shared here, I hope I don't mind if I share mine too. Hope you guys like it.
And I'm loving Esther and Sean so much! Hopely, I'll like Gypsy and Jesipat as much. So excited for epi. 4.



sarNie Hatchling
Just have the time to catch up with this lakorn, so far i'm loving it and Esther & Sean was amazing! And Esther was so good at every of her crying scene! :clap:  can't wait for the next episode! :yahoo:  


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I wish this lakorn would air every single day... I find myself impatiently waiting to watch more of Sake and Kate's relationship blossom! I am liking both Sean and Esther in these roles, maybe Sean a bit more, and this version is proving itself very good! I hope it impresses me as much as Koo Kum 2013 did by Exact.


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Texashot said:
Are we able to see Sake and Kate having babies in this version? I haven't seen the old version so I don't know the ending.
Nope, no babies in the old one, just Kate pronounce that she's pregnant...


sarNie Hatchling
when I saw the BTS from wow dara show I thought this version will have the same ending
but I hope more for details ....


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
yayayaya, it's just contacts, I believe.
Anyways, I cannot wait for tomorrow! Ahhhh! I'm so excited to see more of my Sean! 555


sarNie Juvenile
Same here! I can't wait for tomorrow, more Sean and Esther. Sadly, I won't be able to catch both Wed.&Thurs. episode live since I work early. But I'll definitely watch it before I leave for work out!!!!


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OHOaddict said:
@lakornology you should write a ff! You've got quite an imagination for this pair. Haha.
Sadly, I have commitment issues. Although, I've been wanting to write some one shots starring Push and Sean (separately, of course, I am not fan of yaio).
jjinxx said:
Lol I like Sean's thin lips! Especially when he kisses Esther with them!
Thanks for making me notice his kissable lips. Because for me, Sean's angular eyebrows is most distinguishable. 
There my two fanarts to celebrate today, the hardest day to survive until tomorrow. 



In love with Phet Thakrit <3
LOL Lakornology! @ the photo of Sean. Haha. Yes, it's worth the slaps! Kissing such a beautiful girl like Esther is worth it all. Haha. :3