Pleng Din Klin Dao


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You know, P'Noon isn't like how we can see her in lakorns, in real she's 1000 times more beautiful and nice ! and yeah she sings in that lakorn. For their last day shooting in Paris, she let me listen to her song, her voice is really cute !!!!!

Oh and Cee is very funny in real too, but he's not very tall lol

All the Kantana team was nice with us too.


sarNie Adult
Cee do seem nice though...that's wat I luv about him...and of course Noon too...u so lucky to get to meet


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the storyline kindda sounds like a fan fiction i read a long time back...
the location is really going to add to the lakorn (like the setting in Kaew Tah Pe was also in France)! :) but is it just the beginning that's filmed in paris? :( i hope they go back later in the lakorn, or something...


sarNie Adult
AWWWWWWWW =) i can't wait for this one. parisss? niceeee. =) Noon, my favorite nang'ek. GAH shes so beautiful! &Cee, hes a dork BUT cute, AWESOME! =D hahaha. Yes, cee looks a bit too happy in that picture @ the "sex shop" LMAO. thanks for sharing the picturesss!