Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


sarNie Adult
I'm not into action movie. But Aump and Yui together is very interesting.
Anyway, who is the main guy?


Expired Sarnie
Yui playing second lead again or is she nang rai. I hope not, I prefer Aum to be the nang rai. If not, I am definitely not going to tune in. I know I am so bias!!! JK I will watch it for my lovely Yui. I think the last lakorn I finished of her was either Chompae or that lakorn by PJJ.


I hope it's unconfirmed either. LOL, I didn't like Weir in YFTD with Aum, so to see him in another action with her is torture.


Staff member
Weir is better than Vee Ana :loool: I don't know if I could see any guy from ch 7 that would be hot enough for this role; Rawr Oil x3 LOL or maybe Poh (not the best choice but eh if your gonna pick Weir mind as well Poh) Weir looks too young for them.


sarNie Adult
No no no Tina, Vee is 1 million xxxxxx better then Weir -_- :lol:


sarNie Granny
true i kinds dislike aum pkob s and noon w ....i just like normal poeple like yui j cheer t wiew pueng best a anne t
ann a jaja jakjaan aom p kinda kwan u pancake rotamay peemai noon s cheery rita kinda jaine kinda aff kinda yardtip....etc....


sarNie Juvenile
Oooo!!! P'Aum and P'Wier is playing YEA!! :yahoo:
I liked them when the were play YFTD!!!
I think they looked cute though!! :wub:

Doesn't matter about the age, it matters about how the lakorn is
going to be and how the plot is! I hope it's not boring though!!
Plus I love Action if it's action/Romantic/comedy I will absoultey LOVE IT!!
Like that lakorn "Plik fah lah Tawan" with Charm and Tle LOVE THEM!!!!