Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


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If Aum and Weir have a lakorn again, I will still watch it....
Love matter who the actor is ..haha...
But oil is the best one who can match Aum, Just I think...


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Gosh, why can't it be something else. Don't really like action lakorns. Hopefully, they will be more comfortable with each other. Love Aum and Weir so will watch no matter what.


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whoa!!!! i didnt even know theyre having another lakorn.. n omg yui is in here too..


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i'm just now watching khun noo tevada with weir and pancake and so far, i don't really see any chemistry between the two i've come to a conclusion. we need to give weir more time to get better in his acting skills and also more time to get hooked up with better lakorns. love the dude though. he's so CUTE! :)


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Pictures from opening. Credits sukollawatclub/



Thanks Thip, gosh the girls are so pretty >___<
Man I can't wait!
LOL Vier's face expression, they always look over dramatic hahah


Yui and Aum looks very pretty. Love their stunna shades. And Weir looks cute with his shade on too :D

Is it me or do I see Om Akanan in the pic, the 2nd guy from Weir's right.
I hope it's him. I love to see him in more lakorns.

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Dang Yui actually looks better than Aum in these pix. I want Yui to be just nang'ek. Why do they keep making her go back and forth from nang'ek to supporting and supporting to nang'ek and etc...? It kinda bugs me.


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Yes, I see Om Okanun too. I think he plays for CH7 and CH 3.

Who is Wier pair with...Yui or Aump? I hope Wier pair with Yui because they haven't pair together before.