Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


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Episode 14

We began at the police HQ. The cops were still unable to get anything outof Tawei. An offier reported to Parndeun that Anon and ja Pong went and talked to Tawei. Parndeun left angrily as she always does.

Anon and ja Pong are on their way when he got a call from Parduen. He didn't pick up. Parndeun got angry again, with evil eyes, and threw her cellphone. Ja Pong said something about how if it's meant to be, then it's meant to be to cheer up Arnon's spirits. Kudaranai wanted to stab him.

Back at the police HQ, Maytee and that Major(?) police person were discussing about the 200 million bahts that Wayu has. Maytee is angry, angry, blah. Mayee called Wayu a bastard. Is he serious? They decide to use Tawei.

In a supermarket somewhere, a man is following a pregnant woman. She got suspicious and started to flee. He stopped her, they struggle. He said that Maytee wanted to see her. Somchai knocked him unconcious from behind. He told her that Wayu sent him to help her. He brought the woman to see Wayu. He gave her plane tickets and things and told her to run. She declined, wanting to wait for Tawei. Wayu convinced her to run. Somchai took a photo of her for Tawei.

Anon and ja Pong arrived to Tiwa's house. Tiwa explained what happened last night. Anon suspect that they will really head off to that island and instructed ja Pong to contact the harbors.

Back at the police HQ (again), Wayu is in a disguise, still looking hot with the fake mustache. Cut to Janchai back at the hotel, still worried. Wayu arrives at the interrogation room. He told an officer that he is Tawei's attorney. The police was suspicious, but ended up asking about the mustache and let him pass. (The hell?)

Wayu asked Tawei if he still sees him as a friend. He told Tawei that he has sent his wife and baby out of the country, along with 40 million bahts.

"Why are you doing this?", Tawei asked.
"The reason we haven't been caught is that we use a 'cut-out'system.", Wayu explained to him. "We cut out anyone that might get them in trouble."
"Is it my turn now?"
"I beg you, Tawei."
"What if I say no?"
"Your wife and baby won't make it to their destination.", Wayu answered and showed Tawei the photo of his wife.

Tawei crumpled the photo.

"Goodbye, friend.", said Wayu as he gets up to leave.

Parndeun found out that an attorney came to see Tawei. But it was impossible because they didn't let Tawei contacted anyone at all. she found out that the attorney just left, she ran after him. Wayu was in the elevator. Parndeun decided to run down the stairs. She saw the back of Wayu as he leaves the HQ ans chased after him.

As the cops were going to take Tawei to a jail cell, he looked at the camera and confessed that he was behind all of this and that Wayu and Janchai don't have anything to do with this at all.

Parndeun saw that it was Wayu as he drove away.

Tawei took a gun from one of the cops, aimed it at his own head and pulled the trigger. (My Sorsee T_T!)

Wayu came back to the hotel just in time as Janchai was about to leave to go find him.

"Where have you been?", she asked.
"You were actually worried about me?", Wayu said.
"Where have you been?", she asked again, annoyed.
"It's time for us to leave."

Back and Dujdao's house, the bad guys argued about how Tawei told the cops that Wayu and Janchai are innocent. Maytee said that it was impossible because he had someone kidnapped Tawei's wife. Singh used this chance to make Maytee look bad. Maytee didn't give up and he said that there is another way. He requested Singh's help.

As the trio leave the hotel, they caught a news report on the television that Tawei has committed suicide after claiming that he was the only person behind it all.

"That was your handiwork, wasn't it?", Janchai accused Wayu.
"Sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do.", he answered.
"But Tawei was our friend, he trusted us. How can you do this?"
"No one can ever really trust anyone else, Janchai, you know this.", he told her. "The only thing I have to do right now is taking you to the safest place."

He lightly grabbed her arm. "Please stay by side, Janchai?"

"You can hate me if you want, but please don't leave. I just hope that you'll talk along by my side. I promise that I won't ever make you sad.", Wayu said.
"My body maybe with you, but it doesn't mean that my heart will", Janchai answered him coldly. (OMG WHY?!)

Wayu let go of her.

They are now on their way to a harbor with the ending OST playing in the background. Wayu looking all sad, Janchai looking all annoyed.

At the harbor, Maytee called Kasaem. He told Kasaem by putting doubts in his head about Wayu. Maytee use the fact that Wayu will probably betray him, just like now Tawei is now dead. He told him that Vicharn is willing to give him 5 million if he tells Maytee where Wayu will be and kill him. Kasaem will get 5 million when they see Wayu's dead body. Kasaem agreed and told Maytee where Wayu & Co will be.

Anon and ja Pong was told about Tawei's suicide. Anon thought that someone has to be behind this. Ja Pong told them that the elders think so too. Cue flashback number 1, Anon in the room with Tawei. Parndeun wants them back at the HQ. Anon said that they're still heading to the harbor, because Janchai is the most important thing right now.

Vicharn called Parndeun to let her to know people are after Wayu's head. Parndeun protested, because Wayu's case is a very big one. He shouted back that he wants the cop to pretend like they don't know what's going on. She continued to protest, but he hung up on her.

Back at the harbor, (looks like it's the same harbor from Deun Deurd with Kob and Vee) Maytee called Kasaem, he told him that he wants Singh dead too. Let Singh kill Wayu first, then Kasaem kill Singh.

The trio arrived at the harbor. Kasaem is not here. Janchai got suspicious. Anon arrived at the harbor. Wayu grabbed a gun and aimed at Anon, Janchai stopped him. And they walk in slo-mo to the middle.

"Wayu, you can't take Janchai."
"You can't stop me. I'm taking her to someplace safe."
"As long as she's with you, she won't be safe. I'll be the one who take care of her"

He pulls Janchai away, but Wayu pulled her back. Janchai is currently a ragdoll.

"The laws that you have in your hands won't be able to protect her. But the power that I have can.", said Wayu.
"You're at a dead end and you still talk about power, Wayu?"
"The ocean has high and low tides, but never disappears. Someday, I will be back greater than before, to the point where even you will have to bow down to me."
"That's not enough. Even if you are the most powerful man, you can't make Janchai love you." *GASPS!* "She doesn't want to go with you, but she can't stay here because she doesn't want people suffer because of her."
"How would you know that?", said Wayu.
"Janchai, why don't you tell him what we promised each other when I put the ring on her finger that night?" *GASPS!*

Wayu looked at Janchai's hand, she tried to hide it by making a fist. He pulled her hand to him and sees the ring. Janchai looked at the ground and couldn't meet his eyes.

"In life or death, Janchai will be the only woman in Anon's life", she replied. (WHAT?! THE BASTARD SLEPT WITH YOUR SISTER. YOUR. SIS. TER.)

Wayu looked devastated, then he suddely pulled the gun on Anon. Anon did the same. They started staring. Janchai pulled out her gun and aimed at Wayu.

"Enough already!", she exclaimed. "Get me out of here. You can kill me if you want you, but do not hurt Anon."

Wayu lowered his gun in defeat and turned to look at Janchai. Janchai looked athe ground, she couldn't meet his eyes.

"Why, Janchai?"

He paused,

"I did everything for you. So why are you--Why are you treating me like this?"

Janchai sobbed. Kudaranai did too.

A MACHINE GUN STARTED SHOOTING FROM NOWHERE AND HIT WAYU! He fell to the ground. Anon and Janchai shot back, while Somchai dragged Wayu to safety.

Ja Pong suggested that they run. Anon and Janchai covered ja Pong as he gets the car.

"Let's go, Janchai!", Anon yelled.
"Save Wayu first!", Janchai answered. Anon looked startled.
"Jae! Let's go!", Somchai yelled from the other side. He's at the car with Wayu.
"Somchai, take Wayu and run!", yelled Janchai.
"No! You have to come too!"
"Don't worry about me! Just run! Go, Somchai!"

Singh and his men started shooting at Somchai, Janchai used herself as bait and ran to the other side. Action music started playing, Janchai kept shooting and hitting Singh's men. (!!!) She shot one of the gas barrel nearby, it exploded.

Singh shot back with his machine gun, he hit the gas barrels right where Janchai is taking cover. The gas started leaking. It exploded. Anon and Somchai looked back in horror! CUT TO THE COMMERCIALS!

Singh was sure that he got her. Somchai drove off with Wayu injured in the back seat. Anon got hit, he fell to the ground. Ja Pong came out of his car to get Anon. He drove off with Anon in the car with him. They were able to escape.

Singh and his men couldn't follow because their tires were shot. Kasame came out after the gunfight was over. Kasaem and his men pulled on their guns on Singh. "Go clear this with Maytee yourself", he said.

Cut to Anon and ja Pong. They parked somewhere on the side of the road. Anon came to. He lifted his shirt, revealing a bulletproof vest that he was wearing. [Flashback count:2] Then he thought of the exploded gas barrels and Janchai. [Flashback count:3]

"Are you...okay now?", ja Pong asked him.

Anon turned to see ja Pong with blood coming out of his mouth. He was shot. Anon asked him why he didn't wear a vest.

"Don't tell me that you gave yours to me!"
"I know you well. If I didn't tell you that I was wearing one, you wouldn't have accepted the vest from me."

Anon wanted to take him to the hosital. Ja Pong told him that it was too late.

"It's been an honor to work with you. Have a safe trip. This Saturday...I planned to have a meal with my family. Please tell my wife and kids...that I'll be on duty...I won't be able to go see them."

He called out to Anon and died in Anon's arms.

Back to Vicharn's house, Maytee told vicharn that Singh and his men all died. He said that he wasn't sure if it was by the cops or by Wayu. Maytee told him that he will take care of Wayu.

Back at a hotel, bulletproof vest with bullets in in is laid on a bed. We see Wayu is alive and well, but looking very distraught, with Somchai. He asked Somchai if he saw the explosion with his own eyes.

"Yes, when she...", Somchai couldn't finish answering.
"But you didn't see a body!", said Wayu.
"But I think she--"
"She can't be dead!"
"I won't argue with you, but I think you should stop thinking about her and plan our escape right now.
"I won't run, Somchai! As long as I can't find Janchai, I won't go anywhere!"
"But we're the criminals, boss! Plus...there's only two of us left, how will we fight them?

Maytee and Jomkwan had a conversation, blah, blah. Kasaem called and told Maytee to meet him.

The Major police person thing questioned Parndeun about the shootings that happened because how was it possible that the cops didn't know that something as big as this were going to happen.

Anon is back at the harbor to look for Janchai. We get to see Wier in a wetsuit. Cue the ending OST again. Parndeun walked up to him.

"It's no use looking for someone who is already dead", she said. "Even if you find Janchai, she'll be just a corpse. If you had done what I told you to do in the first place, things wouldn't have turned out like this."
"Even if I listened to you, Janchai would be dead anyway. What's the difference between dying by the bad guys and getting killed by cops?"
"You think that I want to kill her?!"
"You know very well. Everything you've done was all because of a vendetta you have against Janchai. And now you're successful. Are you satisfied now?! Are you?!"

Parndeun shed tears, turned around and walked away.

Back at some building, we see Janchai chained up to the ceiling. [Flashback count: 3.5, we only saw half of it]

After killing Singh and his men, Kasaem spotted Janchai washed up on the shore. He brought her back. Maytee wants to his Janchai to make a deal with Wayu. They hid her at Wayu's old warehouse.

At the warehouse, Maytee questioned Janchai about Wayu's money that he hid. She didn't tell them. Jomkwan made Janchai take drugs she she'd tell them where the money is. (My god, this plot is real after all?)

Ja Pong funeral. People were there. [Flashback count: 4.5-6.5]

Parndeun found out that Janchai's not dead. Arguments ensued with Vicharn and Parndeun. Threats were thrown at one another. Maytee tried to get on Parndeun side to get rid of Vicharn, or something.

Anon resigned from his position.

Parndeun called out to anon when she saw him in the parking lot. He ignored her and kept walking.

Janchai is now addicted to the drug and is going through withdrawl. [flashback: 7.5]

She thought she was seeing Anon and begged him for help. It was Maytee asking about Wayu's money. He taunted Janchai with more drugs by leaving it on the floor for her to take them herself. Poor Janchai.

Janchai suffering, Anon drunk, Parndeun crying. Wayu, come save Janchai already, please.

Parndeun is in a morgue. A doctor showed her someone that was killed by explosions. She went to Anon and told her that Janchai body has been found. More bs from Parndeun, oh my. She said that she knows she can't replace Janchai, but she is willing to be by his side. Anon turned her down and apologized. Parndeun kept doing her "please feel sorry for me" thing. Anon fell for it. Parndeun smiled, knowing that she got him, and went back to sobbing. Okay.

Episode ends.


Omg, Wayu found her! She went berserk! Janchai went after Deun's ass, it's about time! Car crash, MY WAYU! Samurai/ninja plot is real too? ;___;

No caps this time, I am tired ;_;


sarNie Adult
I dont care about Anon and Janchai. I hate how Janchai treat Wayoo. How could she point the gun to my hottie without any sympathy. Wayoo should forget about her. Don't want Wayoo to save her anymore; Let anon save her if she loves him so much.

Hope my wayoo get well and prove janchai wrong. If Wayoo die, Janchai needs to die too. That's the only way I will be satisfy.


sarNie Hatchling
oMg..this lakorn is just going to drag and they're adding Woonsen to the lakorn!!'s getting on my nerves...Anon just need to die..period...I so hope he does not get with JUnchai in the end...that would just totally suckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!


sarNie Tombstone
Yui is so evil and sycho with jealous character. Yui is not my favourite anymore since she have played a n'rai role
lately, but i still like Aump and this lakorn is so draggy. This lakorn is alot of pressure. What can i say this
lakorn is too much twist especially the two sister is killing eachother for advantages to get the p'ek. Wier doesn't
suit as p'ek he look really stiff. I'm not a fan of ch7 their lakorn is so draggy, i like watching Ch3 and ch5
action thrill more better.


sarNie Hatchling
My heart goes out to Wayu. Poor guy.
On the previous page I said Wayu and Junchai were the only characters that didn't annoy me in this lakorn. Let me change that and add Junchai to the annoying list.

Honestly, I'm only watching for Wayu now.


sarNie OldFart
My heart goes out to Wayu. Poor guy.
On the previous page I said Wayu and Junchai were the only characters that didn't annoy me in this lakorn. Let me change that and add Junchai to the annoying list.

Honestly, I'm only watching for Wayu now.


sarNie Adult
I felt like today's episode ended so early. I was really into it. The new plot isn't a dumb one and it makes sense. (and it makes you appreciate Wayu more too) I'm actually excited for new episodes!


sarNie Adult
He got his sight back a little while after got back, but he's been tricking people that he couldn't see up until the episode 14 I think.


sarNie Adult
He got his sight back a little while after got back, but he's been tricking people that he couldn't see up until the episode 14 I think.
Got it. Thanks for explaining. I must've missed it somehow bc I was too busy staring at him hot he is! lol


sarNie Hatchling
Hmmm...I'm still wondering how this lakorn will end...yesterday's and today's episode showed Junchai being closer to Wayu and Anon being closer to Parndeun..I hope it all goes well and each couple gets with each other hehe.. :blush:


I didn't notice it either til he took the gun from Janchai and shot at the cops, lol
I haven't watched the recent episodes yet but anyways....I kinda figure Wayu could see already when Janchai took off to go meet Anon at the tree's. Where Wayu was sitting in the car and his head was facing out the window at the two hugging. From the expression of his face and everything it just makes it seem like he see's everything already even when Somchai the funny driver was talking to him.


sarNie Adult
So many cute scenes today~

"Don't get too jealous, because you're the only person I love"


Next week, Do-You-Know-Who-My-Daddy-Is Dujdao got Tiwa in trouble again =(


sarNie Hatchling
Hehe yesterday's episode was so cute, especially Wayu with his week she goes back to see Anon! NoOOOo!! I hope Junchai goes to tell Anon that she will not be with him anymore hehe..fingers crossed.. B)