Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


well according to the previews looks like Janchai will cause more ruckus by telling Anon she only loves him!! poor wayu...


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Wow, episode 16 is the best by far. Finally, some sweet scenes between Wayu and Junchai. Seriously, I keep forgetting that Anon is the pra ek in here, because I only ever look forward to Wayu's scenes. It will be very stupid if Junchai ends up with Anon because Wayu is actually the only person that's always by her side. He never believed she was dead, he was the one who rescued her, he was the one that took care of her while she was ill even though Anon was the only name she would call out in her sleep. But that didn't stop him from staying by her side. He never even laid a finger on her ... but Anon slapped her across the face (how unmanly of him). And what was Anon doing while she was suffering? Going shopping and eating out with Parnduen. It makes absolutely no sense for her to keep loving Anon!

But yeah, I saw the previews and it seems Junchai went to see Anon. How disappointing, honestly.


I think Wayu's too good for Junchai and Junchai's too good for Anon and Anon's too good for Duen so no one should get together lol. But umm Wayu did lay a finger on Junchai. He forced kissed her. Not good *SMH* and Anon...his scenes are pointless. Duen too!!! Everytime i see her I just wanna choke her. Talk about too into the lakorn haha.


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^ Ahaha oh man but I would rather be forced kiss (especially by Wayu) than slapped XD
Slapping is a big no no for me :( Totally not cool.


wayu should get with the new chic. at this rate, i think new chic will die for wayu. wayu will die for junchai. duen will somehow die. i hope the mom shoots her to save chai. junchai and anon will live happily ever after. gonna be lots of pissed off viewers. :lol:


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I was reluctant to watch this lakorn at first, not really into action stuff, plus it seemed like it's your typical lakorn with the bad girl doing whatever she can to make the n'ek look bad...but now that I started to watch, I just can't stop, I'm so hooked on this lakorn xD

I'm currently watching ep. 10 and just like most of the people watching this, I prefer Wayu to Anon. Bad guys are just way hotter that the good ones lol Seriously, I like Wier, but his character here is just useless, stupid pra'ek xD I'd rather have Junchai end up with no one at all than with Anon.
And Panduen... really, she needs to see a doctor, she's plain crazy.

Acting wise, they're doing great. I love Aum and Yui. Wier is fine, if only his character would be better than this. The one playing Wayu (what's his name? Om?) has such a killer smile =x I also like the girl playing Dutdao, her character is so annoying but the actress plays it well, it makes her look so cute (she has a quite annoying voice though lol).

Can't wait to see more! From what I've read here, it seems so good ^__^


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Today's episode was uneventful. There wasn't really anything going on. A lot of MV's playing. We BARELY get to see Wayu. ;_;

All that happened was:

-Anon found out that Janchai isn't dead via Somchai & Tiwa.
-Parndeun starts talking to herself.
-Tiwa gets in trouble with "Do you know who my daddy is" Dujdao. (Continues into tomorrow's episode.)
-Janchai's suspicion about Masako.

It was slow, slow, slow.

Tomorrow's episode seems like a lot of things will happen though, so we'll see!


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Okay. Yesterday's episode was uneventful, today's episode was frustrating. I was reading the comment on the Live thread on pantip (they make a thread, people post comment while the lakorn is airing) and it was hilarious.

It all started with Janchai and Anon kept missing each other, then when he ran after her, someone said, "Janchai, run! Anon is coming" After that it was a series of ew's, puke's, I'm bored's, when will this scene ends's as Janchai and Anon kept on hugging each other. I made this face -o-.

By the end, people felt sorry for Masako, since she was left behind and was nowhere in next week's previews. Ending up not liking Wayu because he abandoned her. Everyone is Team Masako all of the sudden. Still loving Wayui though.

Someone said:
"With all due respect,
This is the first lakorn that I loathe the pra'ek and nang'ek
Can you please stop trying to shove their love to us?
It's appalling.
Parndeun doesn't need to do anything.
They better walk pass my house.
I hate you both."



Haha I don't know why but I don't like Masako. But Wayu leaving her was obvious since his heart belongs to Junchai and not Masako. I wish Wayu would stop loving Junchai too. She doesn't want to be with him at all yet he's holding on to her. It's like dude!!! Wake up!!! what's the point of having her physically present but not emotionally attached? Sigh. And Duen saying she's pregnant with Anon? Oh whatever. She only slept with him once. I'm surprised Junchai isn't pregnant then since she slept with him numerous times. I guess Duen is more fertile than Junchai haha j/k. I'm gonna give up until the ending. It's too stressful to watch this lol.


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I skip this lakorn...first i like it, but its been dragging so i stoop...i'll just skip to watch the ending...


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sorry for the hiatus on my blog guys!! For those still needing help understanding this lakorn, I have resumed my screen caps! I'm way behind, but I will catch up! Thanks.


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Well...Masako's dead. She served her purpose, to increase the number of episodes, and now we're back to the main storyline.


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In epi20, I cried EVERYTIME Wayu is on screen, whether he's happy or sad, I'd cried. I just feel so sad for him. Usually when I see a character like his, I'd feel bad at first but it gets annoying later to where it's just pathetic/obsessive love. Om's character makes me feel soooooooo empty. I can't describe it. My tears just flow down and I don't know why. It's been a while since an actor can capture my attention like this. Chai is just stupid ridiculous! She deserves everything that happen to her cause she soooo dumb!!! I am very Angry with her right now! How can a bad guy luke Wayu be so romantic!