Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)


Why did they show their previous lakorn that they had together in the preview? I'm confuse. So Yui is nang'rai in here right?
yea...sadly yui is the nang rai in this lakorn. i wish she was the nag ek tho :(

they showed the previous lakorn jus to make a point that in that lakorn which was called "Kom Paya Bhat" Aum was the nang rai and Yui was nang 'ek...and now in this lakorn, its an exchanging of roles. it s like their comeback in a lakorn together after all those years.

i think Yui was suppose to be good in the begninng and she experienced some big dissapointment, prob. because of love and betrayal and then she turned bad or something.


sarNie Egg
OMG! I've been stalking Weir''s lakorns for awhile now, and I'm so glad to hear that he's doing another lakorn with Aum. And even better, Yui is also in this lakorn! I think it's going to be interesting to see Yui as the bad one in here. It just shows us her acting skills. Anyways, the teaser to this lakorn seemed very interesting. It does seem like Yui experienced a really bad past and that caused her to turn bad. But I can't wait until this lakorn comes out!!! No matter what anyone says, I'll support this lakorn all the way because it has Aum, Yui, and Weir: three of my favorite actor and actresses.



*Credit youtube CHEERPANU

Yui sure is hooks up with lots of men in here ! :rolleyes: Geeshz.
Thanks for posting the teaser Amy. This looks like some dramatic action lakorn! So intense! Yui looks so rai! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I saw a lip lock between Weir and Yui. Weir was like laying on the couch or something. And OMG, Om is half naked again! I so love his body!! It's sooo nice!! I'm hoping that I'll be able to get thru this action lakorn even tho action lakorns isn't really my type to watch but I'm loving the casts and Om's sexy body. heehee.


sarNie Adult
Yeah, i saw the lip lock too. WOW. This lakorn looks pretty good. Its a must watch for me. :) I am loving Aump. I haven't see Yui in a lakorn for a while now, so Im glad she's back in action. Looks GOOOOOOOOD.

When the airing date?????


sarNie Egg
OMG i really want to see this lakorn
in weir/aum p.
last lakorn
it really didn't show any chemistry between them in the lakorn
hope this one does....
and weir does seem sorta like a playboy p'ek kinda
maybe it just the girls falling all over for him
i can't really imagine weir as a playboy p'ek
yui acting as n'rai is awesome in here.


^ Don't worry. I saw it too. I think the girl was Yui. Not sure bout the guy. Have a feeling that it might be Weir. Can't really tell. That part of the clip went by kinda fast.


sarNie Granny
yeah it was fast...oh well....can't wait to see this lakorn....hope there's good scenes between yui n her guy....he's hot......


Om, he sure is hot! I super love his body. It's so sexy. Heehee. And he's going to be half naked in here too :D