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@Fantastic_27, thank you for the FF na ja! I'm loving it so far. I have a question? Will Nadech fall in love with Yaya or he will have someone else. So far I don't see Nadech falling for Yaya anytime soon.
555+ It's a surprise. Read the next chapter today and you'll find out.


I hope you guys are enjoying my FF. I haven't written a Yadech FF for the longest time. I did write a Yadech FF like 4-6 months ago but i decided to drop it and Aiko had deleted. And so..Pls enjoy this FF na. 
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Thx u. Ch5 will be updated today around midnight because I am still writing it. And i'm sorry it is a late update because i have to take care of my grandpa while in the hospital to na. 555+ But i think you guys will enjoy this next chapter because it's going to be JUICY. :)


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thank u fantastic, take care. u r writing while taking care of grandpa! really appreciate tat and thank u ! love yr poster and looking forward 2 read ch5. thanks v much fantastic !



Chapter 5:


After the wedding Mrs.Kugimiya and Mrs.Urassaya dropped off Nadech and Yaya at this beautiful house. *They are living in the house Ann&Ken lived in in the drama 365 days of love* Yaya was shocked seeing this beautiful house. It was way to big because it was just the both of them, but she then meets her new slave Bern. Nadech was confused because he didn't thought of living on his own yet. Wow his mom and his mother-in-law planned this wedding out really good that it went by SMOOTH. 


"Mom, why did you buy this house? Me and Yaya aren't ready yet?"

"Honey, you are 24 years old now. Who knows when you will move out on your own."


"Just shut up and go take Yaya inside. Go."


Nadech walked over to Yaya who was still shocked about the house. 


"Are you ready?" Nadech asked her holding his hand out. She smiled and placed her hand onto his. The warmth was so perfect. It couldn't be any better, but one thing that is bothering her is that this was a force marriage… She was still able to smile big. They both opened the wooden tall doors to see the living room and the dining room and a little glinch of the dinning room *Glinch is a made up word by me lol* 


"It's so beautiful *Looks at Nadech* Do you think it's beautiful."

"*Laughs* Yeah I guess. I've always thought I will customize my own house but guess not?"


Yaya laughs a little. On the other hand the 2 mothers walked in the house where they saw both Yaya and Nadech. They walked Yaya and Nadech to there bedroom.

There they saw all their belongings already, already their photo's and their wedding photo's. Is this to much? Yaya though, but she decided to leave it alone. 


"I want you two to have a wonderful wedding and love each other. If you need anything from us parents we're here for you guys. Remember that everyone of us love you two very much that's why we throw you guys this wedding. Please love each other and be there when needed." Nadech's mom spoke to both the married person.


"Kob Khun Mak Na Mae," Yaya said while she bowed down to her feet.

"Kob Jai Mae, Chan ruk Mae Mak na." Nadech said bowing down to his mothers feet to.


"Me, I just want the two of you to love and always say never say never. Song khun ruk, ruk gun mai mee wan prong nee, Kow chai mai." Nadech's father said to the both of them.

Both Yaya and Nadech thanked him and bowed down to his feet. And now it was the Urassaya's turn.


"Yaya, You know that i love you very much. It's going to be hard not seeing you wake up everyone morning at our house where you grew up, but as a dad, I'm glad that you found someone whom can love you with all his heart and protect you when I'm not here. You must remember that your a grown women now and you must not be stubborn with your new husband. Nadech, you must be the luckiest man on earth to have someone like my daughter into your care. *Nadech node this head up and down lightly* You 2 love each other and have a nice marriage na." After Yaya's dad spoke a little Yaya felt like crying because she is going to miss the times when she fell off her bed and her father was their to catch her, but like her father said, she's a grown women and must not be stubborn.


"As for me. I just want you two to be happy and have grandchildren's for me, because i want to hold one already na." Yaya told her mom not to embarras her but her mom ignored her.


For awhile the parents left and it was just Nadech and Yaya alone in the big empty house. Yaya decided to use the bathroom first while Nadech waited. The moment was awkward very odd and weird. Now knowing that Yaya must change her clothe everyday and take a shower everyday when she's only 3 centimeter away from Nadech. After she got out the shower and saw Nadech only with a towel covering his bottom part. Yaya turned around covering her eyes.


"I'm sorry." Nadech said. 

"It's ok. You can go in I will turn my body the other way when you get into the bathroom."



Nadech slightly made his way towards the bathroom and thats when Yaya turned her body fast enough that she didn't see anything of him, not even a single skin.

Can this get any better. Her body temperature was rising her forehead was sweating like never before. She was about to burst into pieces she COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE.



"AAAAAAWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHH." She covered he mouth right away.

"Yaya are you ok?" Nadech screamed out the bathroom.

"I'm ok. I thought i saw a spider."



"I'm so stupid, why did i screen. Owww. Yaya you must be strong and accept what is going on right now." She said to herself…









It was about 10:30pm. Yaya and Nadech were just using their phones and texting their friends, but right then Nadech saw that Yaya was knocked out on the recliner. He laughed. As he slowly got up from the chair he walked over to Yaya. He tapped her nose whispering her name but she just moved her head the other way. 


"Sleeping head."


He takes her phone away and charges it for her and picks her up from the recliner and laid her on the bed. He carefully fixed her pillow for her and laid the comfy blanket on top of her. 


"Sweet dreams, Nong'Yaya."


Nadech turned off the light and grabbed himself a blanket and slept on the recliner watching her sleep peacefully. 




"Yaya what did you say?" Mint said over the phone while sipping on her smoothy.

"Ka, We didn't sleep on the same bed at all, we did nothing." 

"Yaya, I think it's------Hello,Hello. *looks at her phone* Owwww you have to die now." She got mad and put's it back into her purse.

"Mint,Mint,Mint. Owww just leave me hanging here." Yaya hung up.


Mint rushed to her car when she dropped her smoothie bumping into someone.


"I'm sorry." The man said.  


Mint told him it was ok, but when she stared right at the figure in front of her she was shocked by his handsomeness. 


"Are you ok ma'am." The stranger asked. 

"No, I'm fine. I'm sorry who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Ken (Phupoom)."

"Oh Hi Ken, I'm Mint *Offers a handshake*"

"Look I'm really sorry for bumping into you *Looks at the smoothie slobbering on the concrete floor* and about your smoothie…..I promise to buy you another one."

"No it's fine Ken. It was just one stupid smoothie….Thai I loved."

"See this is what i meant. Here let me go buy you one na."

"Mai thong * She grab be hold of his arm and tripped on her heels but right then she fell right into Mark's arm. Looking at his eyes made her feel wanted, but why?* Kor for ka."



Mark lifted her back up and asked what was going on. Ken told him he was joust about to go buy her a smoothie to repay for the one she dropped on the ground but she refused him to buy her another. Mark told Ken to go first and he'll follow behind. 


"*She looks at Mark* Thanks for catching me *she smiled*"

"My pleasure. Whats about this smoothie thing?"

"I bumped into him and dropped my smoothie and he want's to buy me another one but i refused him to."

"Let me buy you one."

"Mai ka."

"Let's go."


He grabs her hand and dragged her along with him.





"Nadech ka." Yaya said from the corner.


Nadech stared at her and asked her what? She got out from the corner and walked towards him to sit on the couch.


"I wanted to ask if I can go see my mom."

"*smiles and puts his hand on her shoulder* It's a free country Yaya. You can go without my permission. I won't stop you."

"Thank you."




Nadech was just home alone, when he heard the door bell. He ran to see who it was at the gate. There he saw a women wearing a strapless tube dress that was red as a ladybug accept the black dots. From behind she had wavy black hair that was curled up pretty. She was also wearing some 4 inch red heel's with a black MK purse (MK stands more Micheal Korb not 


"Who are you?" Nadech asked.


The tall looking girl turned around while her hair was flying in the air turning left to the other side of her shoulder as then he saw Matt Peranne, his girlfriend from America.



"Chai Ka Tee-Ruk." She said making kissing faces.


Nadech grabbed her in the house and closed the gates fast pulling her inside the house.


"what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see my wonderful boyfriend. You didn't tell me you bought a new house huh?"


Matt sat on the couch complaining about how hot it was and how thirsty she was. Nadech grabbed her a bottle of water and fanned her.


"Hurry up and go na."

"Owww Tamm mai?"

"Matt don't argue with me right now na? Just do what i say?"

"Mai. I traveled from Alaska to  New York to Tokoyo then to ChaingMai then to Bangkok. Nadech I love you that's why i traveled here to see you."


She hugged Nadech. And kissed him from right to left.


"Be careful mom." Yaya said while helping her mother-in-law.




Yaya and Mrs.Kugimiya were shocked from what they are seeing…. Nadech got up from Matt and told them he can explain, but Matt got up and already introduced herself that she was Nadech's girlfriend in America that came to visit him. Mrs.Kugimiya fainted into Yaya's arm. nadech ran over to help Yaya. 


"Mom are you ok. Mom,"

"I think mom is tired. Let me go get the smelling salt na."


Yaya got up and grabbed the smelling salt for her mother-in-love.

His mother was waking up again. She thought it was all a dream but there she saw the devil Matt. 


Mrs.Kugimiya: Please get out of my sons house.


Matt: Taam mai ka.


Mrs.Kugimiya: Because this house doesn't accept any whores or hoes.


Nadech: Mae krub.


Mrs.Kugimiya: Taam mai? Nadech!!! Your a married man.


Matt: What?


nadech: Matt I-


Matt ran out of the house hoping Nadech will chase after her and he did. He yelled for her to stop but she didn't stop for him until he caught up to her. He hugged her from behind and told  her he was sorry because his mother forced him to. 


"Ploy chan Nadech."

"I won't let go off you and i never will because I love you."

"If you loved me you wouldn't have married her."

"It was just a forced marriage Matt. I will never love her."


Right then Yaya heard the whole conversation. She heard up fast. 


Nadech went back home with Matt where he saw his mother.



"What kind of a child are you."


"I have a perfect women for you and you turn her down for this whore."

"Mom. Matt isn't a whore. And all this was a forced marriage. I didn't want to do this in the face place."



"If you didn't then why didn't you speak out the truth." Yaya said from the corner. 


Nadech looks at Yaya where he saw her crying. She ran upstairs to the bedroom. Nadech chased behind leaving Matt. Matt wanted to stop him but decided to let him go.

Nadech ran to Yaya. She slammed the door in front go his face.

"Yaya open the door."
"Mai ka P'Nadech."
"Yaya I'm sorry. Please let me explain. Please."
Nadech stop banging on the door. He could hear her cries from this side. His heart was like a knife has stabbed him. 
"Then I will wait for you. I'm really sorry Yaya."
Inside Yaya's heart she was so hurt. The person she loved the most has turned her down. Not even telling her he has a girlfriend back in american. She was so upset but she wasn't she loved him with all her heart and couldn't hate him. She decided to climb onto her bed and fall asleep, but before she did she took a glance at her and Nadech at their photo shot.


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thank u fantastic, take care. u r writing while taking care of grandpa! really appreciate tat and thank u ! love yr poster and looking forward 2 read ch5. thanks v much fantastic !
Ur welcome.
Just happy that their is still some people following my FF projects and giving me support.


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hi fantastic u r really fast and thank u 4 this dramatic update ! i really love it ! my poor yaya shes totally in pain ! im glad u hv all da parents doting on her and supporting yadechs marriage ! now its nadechs stand 2 rectify his marriage ! fantastic may i ask u : pls give yadech sweet moments and remain married 2 da end of this ff! thanks v much and im always eager 2read yr next update, loving it lots so far !


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fantastic i do like da little humour. yaya is shock and nadech is confuse over their vast house ! so cute this is ! also MK Michael Kors not markkim ! love da pics of yaya crying and nadech at da door, keep up your fantastic work! i love it and thanks again ! im v happy 2 read yr ff !


Chapter 6:

Yaya was outside with the wild wind. She watch the landscape of the mountain and hills. She sighs and turns around where she saw Nadech standing Infront of her. He was holding a long scarf handing it to her.

"Thank you."
"Your welcome."

Yaya puts it around her. And turnd the other direction. Nadech walks towards her and tells her he's sorry for lying to her, but she said it was ok since she came last and she was just a girl he didnt love. Nadech told her he was sorry for not being honest with her but she understands. She walks pass Nadech and totally ignored him for the first time.
"Nadech, your new intern is here. I have to say she's very beautiful."
"Krub. Send her in."

His worker went out to grab Nadech's new intern girl. When she entered the doors he could smell her strong perfume she got on her and see how beautiful she is. STOP. He needed to stop. Yes this girl in front of him was beautiful but he's married now and has a girlfriend at the same time.

"Sawadee ka Ni'Nadech." The young women greeted him.
He smiled and go up introducing himself as she did the same. Her name was also beautiful Kimberley.
"Hey Mark where are you huh." Ken said looking through the window wondering if he'll see his buddy Mark. When he turned around and saw Mint. He took off his shade and stares right at her with his eyes. Lock on her and only.
Mint on the other hand was looking all confused, but she like the way he look at her because she had a crush on him.
"Yaya you have to come here." Nadech demanded her to follow him but she refused too.

"Fine of you want it the hard way."

Nadech took her arm and dragged her with him while she was telling him to let Go off her but he wouldn't.

"What do you wan from me?"
"I want you to come see this?"
"See what?"

Nadech told her to just keep following him, but she keeps refusing which made him drag her more.

"Stop right now Nadech."

Nadech lets go of her as she fell to the ground. He laughs.

"Owww what's so funny huh?"
"Nothing." Trying to hide his smile.
"Now my but hurts. *gets up* Your really mean."
"Mean? Yaya I have never been mean to you. Or should I."

Yaya was confused but what he was saying.

"What do you mean?"
"Well. If I was mean I would've done this."

He grabbed her hand and hugged her and starts to kiss her on her cheek ad neck. Yaya was struggling to get out she then kick him in his bodongdong (Bo-dong-dong) Nadech lets out a scream and falls to the ground.

"Gep Mai?"

Yaya laughed so loud that she can barely breath while Nadech got up mad.

"This Aint funny Yaya."
"Me falling wasn't funny either right so I guess we're both equal."

Nadech grabbed her by her arm and right then he stared into her eyes. That moment he was going to kiss Yaya but instead heard all these woohing and screaming from the farm he bought for Yya since she loved to farm.

Him and Yaya ran together to see what was going on and saw that Matt was hiding herself modeling Infront of the workers to see how sexy she is. Nadech stared at her smirking cause he knew that Matt was a sexy women. He snaps out and grab Matt by her arm walking pass Yaya.

"What are you doing Matt."
"Owww don't you want them to know who your real wife is."
"Matt, Yaya and I might be married but we have nothing."
"Sure you do. Have you watch these lakorn when the Pra'ek and Nang'ek are forced married not loving eachother but then deep inside the Nang'ek loves the Pra'ek and the Pra'ek leaves his girlfriend because he fell for the Nang'ek."
"Owwww Matt it's just a lakorn. Me and Yaya will never love eachother because to each others we're Sibilings only."
"Only Sibilings na."

Matt smiled and kiss Nadech right on the lips for at least 20 seconds and hugged him tightly.

"Poom Ruk Khun diow." Nadech said to Matt. Nadech loved her with all his heart because she was always their for him when they were in America.

"Mint come here." Mark pulled Mint out of no where and into his car. Mint wanted to know why but he told her just to get in his car.

"Mark let me go."
"No. I have something to talk to you about?"
"Alai. *stops the car* Owwww how do you drive huh?"
"Do you like Ken?"

Mint stood in silence and ignored his question. Mark told her to hurry up and answer the question, but she refused to.
He took her hand and faced her his way.

"Alai?" She said letting go of him.
"Are you going to tell me or not."
"Mai bok."
"Mai thong you Gub chan. Chan chob la Mai chob."
"Chan roo laow Khun Mai chob playboy."
"Ken is a playboy."
"And your not?"
"I stopped being one 3 years ago."
"Really. *sighs* I don't believe you."
"Then how can I prove to you that I'm not?"
"*she had an idea inside* you will have to be my pretend boyfriend for 2 weeks and prove to me your not a playboy."
"Hah...Fan Gub Khun."

Mint lifted up one of her eyebrows and wink at him. He sighs and puts his head on the steering wheel.

"Ok krub."

"Yaya can you open the door."
"*Yaya opens the door* Yes P'Nadech."
"I was just asking if your asleep yet."
"No, but I'm going to in a bit."
"Would you like to sleep on the bed today. I can sleep in the guess room."
"No it's fine I'll sleep in the guess room."
"No *she grabs his arm* please sleep in the bed tonight."

Nadech looks at her hand on his arm and looks at her. He walks in closer to her putting his other hand on her chew ad the other on her other cheek. Pulling it close to his and right then his lips press against hers. Nadech was feeling really cooky right now and very sexually active today. Face it he was in a room with a girl for the first time at NIGHT.

"What are you doing Nadech?" Yaya sad to Nadech. He hushed her and told her not to worry but Yaya thought their shouldn't be anything to worry about because they're both married and aren't they suppose to do these. Yaya didn't dare to stop Nadech. Nadech carried her to the bed and laid her down. His body pushed against hers, his lips kissing her lips. Yaya phone ringed and Nadech snapped out of it and got off Yaya. Yaya answered and talked for at least a mintue.

"I'm sorry."
"It's ok."
"I will go now."
"No. Just sleep here tonight."
"It's ok, I'm going now."

*I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. The next chapter is going to be different. Next chapter your going to he feeling how the character feel its like your being the character.*


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hi fantastic im enjoying this ff and it is getting v interesting wif new characters. poor yaya, shes da sweetest wifey and so patient ! wats up wif nadech, so roving !! he has 2 prove his love 2 yaya ! and these ladies r just distraction i hope... im just resentful they r stealing nadech from yaya. i love this ff and m waiting next. thank u fantastic i appreciate your time in writing this ff for our pleasure !


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Nadech is such a butthead!!!!! Im disappointed in him....talkin bout Mark being the playboy, he's one himself!!!


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no worries fantastic, your studies come 1st, all da best in yr chem test (not da easiest subj !). will wait 4 yr next update, take your time ja, im thankful u r writing this ff for our pleasure !


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no worries fantastic, your studies come 1st, all da best in yr chem test (not da easiest subj !). will wait 4 yr next update, take your time ja, im thankful u r writing this ff for our pleasure !
Awhhhh thxs for understanding. And actually chemistry is easy if u taken it the beginning of the year. It's pretty fun.