Silver Lining [Yadech] Ch17.2 UPDATED 12.9.13


Chapter 7:
*this chapter is going to be Yaya's point of view*

It was Sunday morning, the sun was bright the weather was perfect the air was freshen. Yaya woke up making breakfast for her and Nadech. She was in a great mood she felt like a real housewife. It was now the second week of their marriage and it's time for her to do something instead of visiting her mom an dad. Nadech came down buttoning his arm shirt and saw Yaya making breakfast.

"Good morning Yaya."
"Good morning Nadech."
"What are you doing?"
"Well I think I should be a better wife. Sit down Nadech."
"Here*puts the plate of bacon on the table* try one. Let me help. *she place one in Nadechs mouth* Aroy Mai?"
"It's, it's, so good. You should keep on making breakfast honey-"

At that moment I couldn't believe that Nadech called me honey. He told me he didn't mean to but I told him it was ok. I sat down across from him and it was silent for a moment but I started the conversation.

"Nadech do you like it?"
"Of course I do *chewing the bacon with rice* I love it Yaya."
"That's good."

I got up from my chair walking over to Nadech but I realize that I tripped over the chair leg next thing you know I was headed towards him screaming I closed my eyes shut and opened it 30 seconds later starring into the eyes of his. His eyes were pure black his face was no much 4 inches away I think. My heart was beating fast like a lion trying to fight its predictor. He smelled delightful. His face was so cute he was handsome ass fuck that i just want to kiss him. His eyes were locked on mine while my eyes were locked into his. When I stared at him I can feel what he is going through.

"Kor tor ka. *getting off him*"
"It's ok Yaya. Are you alright?"
"I'm fine. Thanks for asking."
"What we're doing that made you fall."
"Nothing I was just going to head upstairs."
"Krub. I was just about to go."
"You can go first."

Right then he picked up his brief case and left the house leaving me alone. I am afraid to stay in this house alone because its so big, but I have our nice slave (I forgot her name). I took a long warm shower and dressed myself wearing my white dress that as long to my knees and tied my hair in a ponytail and wore my white flats. Since it was a Sunday morning I decided to go shopping. with Mint.

"Mint how is your day."
"Good. Yours."

Me and we laughed until this tall handsome figure came in front of us.
It was Mark. Mint was inshocked to see him.

"What are you doing here?
"I'm here to prove my innocents. Les go."
"Chan Mai bai."
"Come on."

Mark took Mint away from me, but I was fine with it. I'm sure Mint and Mark will become a thing soon. I just know it. I went home and start to clean just looking at the door wondering when he will come home.

It was not 7 and he still not home. Owwww I'm tired of waiting. Hungry. I will just eat without him. Right when I sat on the table I saw a car pull up. I was happy to see Nadech, but it wasn't his car but it was Matt.

"Back off Nadech."
"*push Yaya.* I know you like my boyfriend Nadech. His attention been on you lately."

Inside I was so mad that I just wanted to lunch her in the face. I have no right since she was Nadechs true Lover.
I decide to use words against her.

"I'm his wife and I have the rights to get all his attention."

I said not feeling bad at all. It was true I'm his wife and need his attention.

"You will regret this."

She left me with no attention. Thank god ms drama queen is gone.

Nadech came in I was so happy. Oh I just wanted to ask how was his day and stuff but instead he was pure red and mad. He grabbed me by both my shoulders slamming be against the wall with his strength. I was scared to death . What was the meaning of this.

"What are you doing to me?"
"Are you jealous. Is that why you slapped my girlfriend and threaten to kill her."

Inside I was totally inshocked that that women Matt can do so much more. I couldn't believe Nadech will believe her. He known me for almost all his life when we were little.

"Why would you think I do that."
"Why not?"
"Nadech you known me all your life and you know I'm not that kind of women."

I stared right into his eyes feeling scared as fuck. He lets go of me and turns around.

"That's true."

He said. He turned to me and told me he was sorry. He didn't mean to. He took my hand but I took it away. Right now I was madder then ever. I didn't wan to look at his face. I couldn't believe that he would think I would so that. I left the scene and went to my bed.


Chapter 8:
*Nadech's point of view*

Seeing her leave made my heart drop. I never grabbed her like that nor slammed her to the wall EVER. I known her longer then Matt and I'm treating her like that. I'm stupid. If I think Yaya is that kind of girl I would have to see it myself but I doubt it. I sat on the couch feeling the hot temperature rising inside of me. I took of my shirt and shoes and grab myself a cup of water and drunk it within 30 seconds.

Later on I decided to go up to the bedroom where Yaya was. I asked if she was ok. She told me yes and that's it. It's like she didn't want to talk to me. I feel like an asshole right now.

"Yaya look I'm-"
"It's ok Nadech. Just go to bed."

She turned around and tuck herself under the blankets. This time I didn't leave the room. I hop in the same bed with her. Right then I felt so weird my temperature was rising up again? Why???

*Yaya's point of view*

What the fuck??? Is this true he's really in the same bed with me. I just want to get up and SCREAM out loud. My temperature was climbing to hot an I was sweating. Owwwww Nadech not in a good mood right now. Ugh. I decided to just leave it because I had enough earlier. My back hurts. I didn't know he would be that strong.

My back hurts so much that I was sore. Owwww it's all your fault Nadech. I couldn't get up from my bed. I notice Nadech gone. I screed for him loudly. He came in rushing asking what is wrong with me. I told him my back hurts from yesterday.

"Here let me help you."

He helps me up.

"Owe Gep mak."
"I'm sorry."
"If it weren't for you I wouldn't be in pain."
"*sighs* I'm really sorry Yaya. Just that--"
"It's ok. Just hurry up and help me please."

He helps me up and load me right in his arm. His legs were on both my side of the body his arms around my shoulders his hands on my hands. Asking me if I felt better. Oh of course I felt so much better and warmer. I smiled and closed my eyes.

"I feel better Nadech."
"That's good. Do you want any breakfast. I'll stay home today and take care of you."
"It's ok you don't have to. *i tried to get up but my back was killing me* oww."
"Yaya don't move much. It's ok I'll stay. I have to take care of you."

My throat was dry my temperature was rising. I sigh. He Laid me on the bed and brought up some breakfast for me. Yum. Pancake with syrup and yogurt on the side with orange juice. I smiled he then heard my stomach moaned loudly making me feel so embarrass in front of Nadech.

"Your hungry. Eat."

He cut a piece of pancake for me and fed it right in my mouth.

*Sorry for the long update and sorry if this chapter was short. I ran out of ideas so I need to think again.*


sarNie Oldmaid
Fantastic its well written get to c da romantic and caring nadech for yaya, i like it alot! But i think more drama is coming up wif matt and kim! Yaya b strong and make nadech long for u. Like yayas character she isnt weak. Thank u fantastic im always looking forward but take yr time ja. wif appreciation!


Chapter 9:
*Omfg I am late in updation.*

Mom: Yaya, hurry up before we miss it.
Yaya: Mom we're not late, look we still have 2 hours to kill. I should've just let you go yourself, but I don't want to waste my 500 dollar tickets.
Mom: Being stubborn again.
Yaya: Owwwww!!!! Mom your driving me insane. (She covers her ears and walks away. Her mom follows behind just smiling. Her mother just loved to annoy her daughter)
Yaya came home, and flop herself on the couch. Nadech was coming down the stairs where he saw Yaya.

Nadech: You came home early, what's wrong Ya's?
Yaya: Just tired ka. I'm going to go shower.
Nadech: Krub. The water is still warm and cozy.
Yaya: Ka.

Nadech watch her go upstairs.
Kim: Khun Nadech ka?
Nadech: Krub Kim (He said while writing down his work and stuff)
Kim: Nadech ka.......Nadech?
Nadech: Sorry what?
Kim: You have a meeting tomorrow at 3.
Nadech: Chan roo. (Continues to work)

Kim was annoyed that he couldn't just lift his head up and look at her. She decided to leave him alone.

(Outside if Nadech's Office)
Kim: Nadech is so weirded today.
Matt: Nadech?
Kim: Khun bpen krai ka.
Matt: (Comes out from behind the wall) Owwww He didn't tell you, I'm his girlfriend.
Kim: (Sneaks a laugh) Girlfriend. You wish?
Matt: Taammai?
Kim: Khun Nadech ku taengyan.
Matt: Are you trying to say I'm the outsider?
Kim: Chai. Your not his LEGAL wife, but just a GIRLFRIEND. (She purposely bump into Matt while leaving)
Matt: You!!!!!! Owwwww. Your the outsider wanna be.

(Enters Nadech's room)
Matt: HONEYYYY!!!!!! (Nadechs looks up) I missed you. (She sat on Nadechs chair arm tester and kissed him)
Nadech: Go home Matt, I'm doing work.
Matt: OWWWW! (Gets up) I drove from Lins work place to here just to see you. Waste of gas!!!
Nadech: *Sighs* Sorry. You can stay of you want. (Gets up and wraps his arm around her) Because I missed you.
Matt: Go hok.
Nadech: I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth.
Matt: I'm not in a mood now. I'm going home.
Nadech: But- (she leaves the room already) owwwww I do not understand Women's.
Mint: Mark your so late.
Mark: Does it matter.
Mint: Of course it matters. (Opens the door into his car)
Mark: Careful on the door. This car was 30G's
Mint: You playboys with your money.
Mark: tsk. Lets go.
Mint: Now, where will you be taking me??
Mark: The market.
Mint: Hah??
Mark: I need to stop by and buy my mom some boil eggs.
Mint: ka.
Nadech: Here, I made lunch for you?
Yaya: Thanks, but I'm not hungry.
Nadech: But-
Yaya: Why are you all of a sudden nice Nadech???
Nadech: I felt bad about---
Yaya: | Smiles | don't worry Nadech. I'm over it. Don't worry na.
Nadech: Are you sure?
Yaya: Positive.
Nadech: Thanks for not being mad at me.
Yaya; La.
Mark: Please (he opens the door for Mint. Mark lives in the house Thae and Pitt lived in in Raeng Pradtana)
Mint: Thank you. (She walks in and Mark rushes to the kitchen) Mom I'm home.
Mint: Your mom lives with you.
Mark: No, she's always here for the weekends.
Mint: Oh.

She looks around and sees a lot of picture of him when he was little. She thought he was very cute. She smiles at every picture.

Mom: Oh honey your back. Did you bring what I asked for?
Mark: I did here.
Mom: Woah these are fresh. Did you finally know which one i want.
Mark: I didn't choose them. Mint did.
Mom: Who's Mint
Mark: oh (he runs over to mint) My girlfriend see (kisses her cheek)
Mint: Khun ba (she whispered to him)
Mom: Girlfriend. You never told me you had a Girlfriend. It's been years since you had one.
Mark: Chai Ka Mae (gave mint an innocent look)
Mom: Nice to meet you.
Mint: You to.
Mark: we will be going now.
Mint: We are?
Mark: Ya. Remember we are going on a picnic.
Mint: But---
Mark: Mom will be going luv ya.
Lately Matt has been coming to there house often, Yaya was very annoyed because this was her house not her, but Yaya has to respect her because she's the person Nadech's love. Yaya just left it to be.

Y: Hey Nadech?
N: Hey (Puts down the newspaper) what's up?
Y: I-- well my mom bought 2 movie tickets for us to go watch Pee'Mark Pra Konong, are you busy tomorrow at 7pm.
N: I would love to go, but I have to take Matt out for our 4th year anniversary. Sorry Yaya maybe another time. (He continues to work)
Y: Ka.

She walked out the room. She walks to the couch and stared at the tickets thinking what she should do to these. She'll give it to Mint tomorrow if she wants them because she hates ghost movie.
She headed up to her bed and fell asleep. On the other hand Nadech went to the table and looked at the tickets. He then sighs and heads up to the his room.
Nadech was in his office when he received a call.

N: Hello
Matt: Nadech ka.
N: Hey sweetheart.
Matt: I have something to tell you.
N: Ya what is it?
Matt: I can't go to the dinner date with you.
N: Ta-Taamai ka?
Matt: I am very busy. I am really sorry, I promise to make it up for you. My boss is very cranky so I-
N: It's fine. If its work I understand. Don't work to late na Matt.
Matt: Ka. I love you.
N: Ka.

Matt hangs ups

Matt: All done.
Pong: Dee. Now where were we?
Matt: Well you tell me.
Pong: I think we should get back under the blankets na.
Matt: Dee ka.
Mint and Mark were just in the park.
Mark laid a blanket on the ground. Mint just sat there like a princess so mark was making the food and drinks.

Mark: Hey, are you going to help me.
Mint: nope.
Mark: Then don't.
Mint: Hurry up I'm hungry.
Mark: then help me.
Mint: Mai.

Mark looks up to the guy and realize it was his ex's ex's. He got up and took Mint behind his back.

Mint: Mark who is he?
Sai: Finally I found you.
Mark: What do you want?
Sai: Your going to pay for stealing my girlfriend away.
Mark: Sai that was 3 years ago.
Sai: Yes it was, but I guess you ran away, but now you back. It's time.

Mark turned around, and Sai missed the punch an so Mark took his arm and punched him. Sai got back up, and punched him 4 times and was on top of him. Mint ran to grab a stick and hits Sai with it.

Mark: Mint watch out.
Sai: Aye Khun. (He slaps her a Ross the face)
Mark: Sai.

Mark for up and punched up and kicked his head. He then helps Mint up.

Mark: Are you ok?
Mint: I'm fine.

Sai got up and grabbed out his gun, he was aiming towards Mint, but mark turned her around and the bullet was shot into his arm.

Mark: Mint......

Mark was unconscious in mints arm. While Sai ran away.
Yaya/Nadech: What Mark was shot?

Yaya: How is he Mint?
Nadech: How is he mom?
Mint: I don't know they're still in the emergency room.
N: how is her
Mom: Still in the E.R.
Yaya: I will be coming na.
N: I will be coming.


Chapter 10:

Y: Mint how is Mark?
N: Mint how is--- Yaya your here I thought you were going to watch the movie.
Y: Well after hearing the news I'll skip it.
Mint: Mark is still in the E.R
Nadech: What happened?
Mint: Mai roo. This man name Sai just showed up, and started fighting with Mark.
Nadech: Sai?
Y: Do you know him?
N: I do.
Mint: Who is he?
N: Mark snatch Sai's girlfriend away from him, and Sai was very upset. Sai's girlfriend was Mark's first love 3 years ago.
Mint: First love, then why is he a playboy if he---
Doc: Are you guy Mark's relative?
N: Chai Krub.
Doc: Righ now he's alright, but he needs a lot of rest.
N: Krub, Khob Khun mak na.
Doc: Ka.
Mint: P'Mark

Mint smiled, and follow the nurses taking Mark to his room.

Y: Mint seems to be happy.
N: I know right.
Y: Do you think they---
N: No way? Didn't you say Mint hated playboys.
Y: And didn't you say he changed.

They both laughed. Nadech loved the sound of her laugh because it was so sweet like a song with no ending.

Y: Wait- I thought you had dinner plans with your girlfriend.
N: She has a lot of work to do, I understand because her boss is pregnant and pregnant ladies are cranky.
Y: *Smiles* oh. Well how about we go watch a movie.
N: Aren't we late?
Y: *Looks at her watch* The movie is just stating now. We can miss a bit.
N: Then let's go.

Yaya and Nadech were on there way to the theaters. By the time they arrived Nadech bought popcorn and 2 large sodas for the both of them. During the movie Yaya was scared that she kept hold of Nadech's arm tightly and hiding her face in his shoulder. Nadech would look at her every time and just smiles. He thinks to himself "What a scardy cat she is." It was funny though. After the movie ended Yaya and Nadech was driving home.

N: So how you Li-- (Looks over to Yaya, and found her asleep) Already asleep. (He gets out the car and went to her side and carried her out)

Nadech laid her on the bed, and tucks her in. He sat there watching her for seconds.

N: Your awake or asleep your still cute. I remember when we were kids you would always fall asleep and I will carry you to your room all the time, and can I still do that?

He leans over and kissed her cheek. And whispered "Goodnight." When he left Yaya carefully opened her eyes. Looking at the door that was closed.

Y: You still remember, and I'll always let you carry me to sleep. Goodnight Nadech.

She then touches her cheek and scream in the inside.


Yaya's scream woke Nadech up. He ran to Ed bedroom and woke her up. She was hugging him tightly crying in his shoulder telling him to never leave her.

N: What's wrong?
Y: Someone someone tried to kill me?
N: You were just having a nightmare. Don't cry na (He wipes her tears away)
Y: Nightmare?
N: Yes. I forgot that every time we're done watching a scary movie you'll have nightmares, and I'll always sleep in your room.
Y: Khun Jom dai.
N: Mai mee yah luem. I'll leave te light on for you na.
Y: Nadech (she grabs his hand) please sleep in my room today I am scared.
N: Are you sure?
Y: Yes?
N: Ok ka..... Your still the same. Mai mee pled.
Mark was opening his eyes. The bright sun was hurting his eyes. He tried getting up but his right shoulder was hurting. He saw Mint sleeping next to him.

Mark: mint wake up.
Mint: No, let me be.
Mark: I'm hurt and you just fall asleep. Your such a kid.
Mint: Shut up let me sleep.

Her head was laid on the bed next to Mark. Mark smiled at her, he carefully touched her face......

N: Hey Mark.
Mark: Nadech you scared me there??
N: Sorry-- is that---
Mark: Shhhhh, she's asleep.
N: Ka.
Y: Hey Mark I---
N/Mark: Shhhhhhhh.
Y: Why?
N: Mint is asleep.

Yaya looks over and sees Mint asleep next to Mark on the bed. She couldn't believe it. She was so happy. Nadech pulled her outside.

N: Does that mean something??
Y: of course it does?

Nadech and Yaya were both happy that Yaya jumped into Nadexh's arm.

(I hope you guys liked this chapter. Sorry if it was short)

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sarNie Oldmaid
hello fantastic, thanks 4 this long update, so much progress 4 yadech and mm! yadech r comfortable wif each other now, in fact mm 2, like tat. pls continue 2 update when u hv time, ill wait cos i like this ff alot. thank u 4 yr time, i appreciate it alot!


sarNie Oldmaid
thank u fantastic, i love yr dedication and love of writing, esp yadechs ff ! ill b waiting okie and thanks vvv much !!!


Chapter 11:

Y: Owwww (Yaya slaps her arm)
N: What's wrong?
Y: These stupid bugs keep biting me.
N: (Nadech looks at her while she scratches them) Here. (He takes her arm) My mom always told me to bring medicine just in case. Let me put some on you so it won't leave a mark.

Yaya watches him as he opened up the cap and squeezed a little bit out spreading it on her skin. It's burned a bit, but it was for the best. Rubbing the medicine on her skin was soft. Nadech always remembers there childhood. Like the time she had poison ivy, and he put medicine on it so he wouldn't get in trouble. Yaya was like a little sister to him, but when he is close to her his heart beats fast. His sweat starts dropping from his forehead, or his sideburns, but he didn't care because Yaya was family, it's not like she never saw him sweat before.

N: Is that good?
Y: No.
N: Then let me--
Y: I'm just kidding? (She laughs)
N: Your such a player.

Nadech started to tickle her and she started laughing. Nadech got up. "Nadech your going to get it." Yaya screamed at Nadech. "Catch me if your date." "Oh you challenge me." Yaya got up and went to the holes. She started to spray Nadech a little.

N: What are you doing?
Y: Oww I'm spraying water at you (she sprayed him again) You challenge me right)

Yay Ma started chasing Nadech around spraying him soaking wet. He the ran in and hugged her from behind trying to win over the holes. Yaya and him laughed and had real fun for the first time in there marriage. Nadech finally won the hose and started to spray Yaya with it.

N: How is it!
Y: Cold.
N: Good.

Yaya tried hiding, but Nadech was always getting her. Yaya then tripped in the hose as she fell into Nadech's arm and into the ground they go.
Nadech starring into her eyes. He smiled. He never saw eyes as beautiful as hers. He didn't want to spoil this moment. He just wanted to lean in and kiss her lips right away, but before he could Matt came in and stared screaming. She pushed Yaya off while Nadech got up.

N: Yaya (he tried to help her, but Matt pulled him away)
M: What do you think your doing Nadech.
Y: (She gets up) Matt its--
M: Shut up. I know you want to steal Nadech away from me.
N: Matt its big what it looks like?
M: Oh I know I saw you going to kiss her. If she never came in between our life I would be your wife not her.
Y: But your not?
M: Aye Tur?
Y: Don't you ever hear the phrase 2nd is the best, and first is that what...........(she thinks) oh yeah first is the worst.
N: Yaya!
Matt: Aye aye Khun AAAWWWWWW!!!!!!
N: Matt calm down.
Y: I will be going na.

As Yaya walked back to the house she sees a young pretty girl by the gate. She walks up to her and greets her.

Y: Hello? How may I help you?
K: Oh is Nadech home.
Y: Yes why?
K: Oh tell him I need to talk to him.
Y: I'm sorry who are you!
K: Oh I'm Kimberley call me Kim. I'm Nadexh's assistant.
Y: ohhhh. Right now it's not a good time beacause---
Matt: AYE YAYA. (Matt saids walking towards her) we are not done talking.
N: Matt yut nee na.
M: No, I must teach her who you really belong to. Aye Yaya I know tat the reason you married him was for his money. You gild digger
N: MATT!!!!
Y: Let me tell you. Me and Nadech have the same status, and I don't used stand why I need to bbe his money when me and him came from almost the same family. Next time when you say something try using your brain before your speak na P'Matt. (She walks into the house)
Matt: AYE YAYA!!!!!!
Matt: But--
N: Go back home because I am done with your bullshit. You're causing a big fit that is annoying me. Go back home until you are calm down.
Matt: But I am---
N: Go!!!
Matt: Nadexg!!!
N: Go.
Matt: OWWWWWW. (Matt leaves he house)
K: Nadech ka.
N: Kim right now is not a good time. Please go back home. (He closed the gates on her.)
Matt stops her car by the side of the street. She screams and pulls out her phone to call Pong (The person she's having an affair with)

P: Hello.
M: Hello Pong?
P: Matt my sweetheart.
M: How would you like doing a job of me?
P: What job?
Mark: Yes mom I am fine.
Mom: Just worried for you?
Mark: Mim I'm-----
Mint: Hey, Am I interrupting.
Mom: no, hello mint please come.
Mint: Ka.
Mark: Mom how about you leaving us alone.
Mom: Dee ka.
Mark: Mawwww Khe Tung Chan Law.
Mint: Krai Bok??
Mark: I just know (He pulls her in, but she moves away)
Mint: Yut na.
Mark: Ok ka. OWWWW!!! What's that in the bag.
Mint: Ahan.
Mark: Ahan. Ahan alai?
Mint: Chines food, and the medicine the doc gave you.

Mint unpacked the food for Mark and laid them onto the tray.

Mint: Eat up.
Mark: Hey? Can't you see I am a hurt arm.
Mint: So?
Mark: So??? Feed me.
Mint: Use your other arm? I'm not your slave.
Mark: Of course your not my slave, but my girlfriend.
Mint: OWWWW aye Mark.
Mark: Shhhh this is a hospital.
Hurry up and feed me.

Mint took the spoon of food and fed it into his mouth quickly as he was choking on it.

Mark: (Min laughs) Why are your laughing can't you see I'm choking.
Mint: I know that's why I purposely did it.
Mark: Your so mean? What if I die?
Mint: Die then die.
Mark: Oww your so evil. You'll make a bad nurse one day.
Mint: Ok Ok ok just hurry up and eat. Here.

She carefully blew it and fed him. Mark watches her and opened his mouth every time she fed. He smiled. Giving mint the creeps.

Mint: What are you smiling at?
Mark: Gawww??? (He stares at mint) just smiling at you?
Mint: Taamai?
Mark: Because....
Mint: In pretty right??? (She smiled big)
Mark: not just that, but you also have very gentle hands.

Mint was a bit shy. She hits him on the shoulder hurting him.

Mint: I'm sorry.

Mark stared at her while MIT stared at him.

Mint: Well I am to go now.
Mark: Krub.
Mint: Don't forget the medicine
Mark: Krub.


sarNie Oldmaid
hi fantastic im going 2 say this again, i love this ff and its getting v interesting ! nadech in hot soup, so many hovering around him, he must make up his mind and choose yaya ! i look forward 2 yr next update and story development. thank u fantastic, wif appreciation !


OMFG I am so in love with this song, and all of a sudden I thought to myself this song matches my FF "Silver Lining," Because Nadech and Mark cause both Mint and Yaya pain later on in the story, and Mark and Nadech will always be there to wipe away there tears and always be by there side forever. Pls listen to the full song and you will love it ilke me.