Silver Lining [Yadech] Ch17.2 UPDATED 12.9.13


Since I might not update for awhile I'll give you guys a little teaser.

Ch12 t-ser:

N: What's wrong Yaya.

He sees that she was standing on the bed n covering her eyes.

Y: Spider on the ground ka. (Nadech laughs)

Y: Who are you? (Yaya saids holding a lamp)
Pong: Your soon to be husband.
Y: Mau, chan taeng Lao.
Pong: I don't care.

Pong grabbed her and kissed her neck ripping her sleeves off.' While she screamed for help.
N: From now on I won't let anyone hurt you again Yaya.
Y: You promise.
N: Promise. I will start to be a real husband.
Y: What about you and Matt???
N: Chan Mai roo gaw Matt ruk chan.?
Mark: I heard you worried about me very much.
Mint: (laughs) never you player. (She walks away, but mark ran after her) Alai?
Mark: I still haven't proved to you yet?
Mint: alai na?
Mark: I still want to prove to you.
Ken: Me and Mint are dating?
Mark: Alai na?
Ken: Ya.
Mark: You can't date her.
Ken: Taamai.
Mark: because she doesn't love you.
Ken: Are you just jealous? Mint is a amazing girl.
Matt: Stay away from Nadech.
Y: Mai mee.
Matt: Taamai? A slut like you is still young. Married to an 24 years old man. Tsk don't you feel embarrass.
Y: But---
Matt: Dont make up excuses. I know your true instant that you are trying to win his body so that you would be his wife. I know your married to him, but I did know that you and him have never slept together because he has already slept with me and thinks your not capable of more------ (Yaya slaps Matt while Nadech saw, he couldn't believe Yaya would Slap Matt until she bled)
N: Yaya!!!
Y: Nadech.
N: (Helps Matt) I never thought that you would ever do this? I guess if you hate my girlfriend you must hate me. Lets go Matt.
Mark: No way in hell I will ever let you date Ken.
Mint: Taamai?
Mark: Because I-----
Mint: I what huh? I love Ken then I love him. (Walks away)
Mark: Because I love you.


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aww fantastic u leave us like tat when its so dramatic ?? poor yaya .... wait 4 u 2 update when u have time, ill wait patiently. thank u fantastic, always enjoy your ff, wif appreciation !


Thx u. I might not update until maybe around the airtime of Khun Chai Pee which is June 14, 2013. But ya this week is been crazy with finals n stuff.


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Thx u. I might not update until maybe around the airtime of Khun Chai Pee which is June 14, 2013. But ya this week is been crazy with finals n stuff.
hello fantastic no worries take your time its just like i love silver lining, studies come first ....hope your exams went well, after tat u can have a nice break ! thank u 4 yr time writing, its always wif appreciation whenever i read your ff *:*


*Sorry for the longest update. Been busy*
Chapter 12:
"Yaya what's wrong." Nadech said running up the stairs to the room. 
Yaya on the bed covering her eyes. Saying there was a centipede on the floor right there. Nadech laughs. 
"It's just a centipede. Don't be scared."
"Owww you know I'm scared of little insects like that. Please take it out."
"No I'll Just kill it here."
"No, I'm not letting you kill that thing in my room."
"Just lying."
Moments later Nadech took the centipede out of the room and threw it outside. Yaya was relieve, and got off her bed. 
"Thank you."
"No worries. Still scared of the same old stuff."
"(Carefully punches him) Of course."
Nadech looks at her with his sweet eyes giving sending Yaya chills up her spine. 
"I will be going now na."
"Krub. Don't take all the hot water?"
Yaya carefully went back inside her room closing the doors in front of Nadech. Right then she screamed inside and starts  to jump all weirdly. 
As Mint was walking out of the shoe store she bumped into Ken. (Ken P) 
"Chan Kor Tor Ka P'Ken." Mint said greeting him politely. "I didn't see you there."
"It's ok, it was my fault. What are you doing here?"
"What does it look like, I'm a girl so I'm shopping for shoes."
"I see. Need any help."
"Uh……." She didn't know what to say, she gets so nervous around him. She knew she was in love with Ken, Yes they know each other through Mark, and they only met a couple times, but every time they meet it always made her nervous.  She doesn't know what to do or say to him. Why is it so hard. UGH.
"No, I think I'll be fine." She smiled brightly at Ken. 
"No, let me help you….You shop." 
"Then ok."
Ken and Mint were shopping for who knows how long. Ken made Mint laughed every minute… 
"I like your laugh Mint."
Mint froze in the inside, she couldn't believe it, but she needed to be strong.
"Thank you, I think your very handsome." She covers her mouth.
"Well then I think your really pretty."
Yaya came down the stairs wiping her hair at the same time. As she can smell the good food running up her nose. She hurried to the table.
"Owwwww Nadech how you make so much food."
"Oh (He said carrying a bot of chicken soup over) I made the rest except the desserts. I ordered them from aunt Mali just down the street."
"Oh Aunt Mali makes good desserts. We should go eat there sometimes." She said plotting herself onto a chair Nadech pulled out for her.
"Yes we should. I'm sure you'll love to bring some to mom right."
"Yes." Yaya was very happy of his word. And how he pulled out the chair for her.
"Now, ready to eat."
Yaya & Nadech spent the evening together just eating one of there favorite meals together. They talked about there lives and high school years, and also when they were small when Nadech loved to play hide-and-seek with her and use to always tease her because she was so beautiful.
"Chan---(His phone rings) Hello, Matt, why are you crying. Krub Krub. (Hangs up) Sorry Yaya, but I have to go. Please finish the rest if you like na. I'm sorry."
"It's ok, I understand."
Nadech got up and left the house. Yaya was sad that he had to leave because she was having such a great time with him….
"Matt why are you crying?" Nadech said running to her who was on the bed.
"Well my bag, and everything got stolen. I have no money to pay for my house….where will I live Nadech?" She cries on his shoulder hugging him.
"It's ok Matt."
"No. No money, no house, no nothing." 
"How much?"
"Alai na?"
"Since I'm your boyfriend? I should help you right? How much is the payment for this condo?""
"If you want to pay it off for 2 years it's 5k, but every month is 500 dollars. I've already missed two payments, but where will I find 1,000 dollars."
"It's ok, i will help. How much is the electricity and water bill?"
"All together is also 500 dollars."
"It's ok, come stay at my house for a bit na."
"What about your wife Yaya?"
"Don't worry. Just sleep in my room with me."
"Thank you so much honey." she leans in kissing both his cheek. 
"Thanks Ken for dropping me off at home. I'm going now na." She grabbed her bag, but before she can leave Ken took her hands.
"Yeah." her mood was so happy. She wondered what he'll do next.
"Will you like to go out on a date with me this friday?"
"Ok ka." Mint then left the car waving goodbye.
(On the phone with Mark)
Mark: What your going on a date with her this friday?
Ken: Krub. She is so pretty, Hey i think she might be the one too.
Mark: OWWW ken Let me tell---
Ken: No need to tell me stuff, I got myself a women already. 
Mark: But--
Ken: No buts. Hey I'll call you tomorrow, I'm tired as fuck.
(Hangs Up)
"Mint, your so beautiful. I'm happy. Let's see. I will kiss you for sure."
Nadech opened the door for Matt as he turned on the lights…
"I'll get you one of my shirts. My room is up the stairs. You'll see a big door which is Yaya make a left and it's down the hall na."
"Thanks Nadech."
"Ya. I'll make you some food ok.''
"Ok." She walks up the stairs. And sees the double doors. 
As Nadech came up to his room, he sits the food on his desk, as Matt walked out in a see-through shirt. Nadech stared at her…
"Owww, I think…(Pushes Nadech towards the bed.) we should…."
"Mai Krub Matt. *Grabs her hands* Chan run tur na, But this, I cannot. Right now my reputation is known as a husband to the Urassaya's family. and I don't want to ruin it because I had an affair with my girlfriend which no one knows off."
"Nadech, but you and Yaya don't even love each other. I love you not her me. I'm suppose to be the person you give everything to not her but me."
"Matt I know, but I promised my mom---"
"Matt shhhhh!!! I think you should just go to sleep." Leaves, but Matt holds onto him.
"Where would you sleep?"
"On the couch downstairs." He leaves.
"Owwww Aye'Nadech. Why is it so hard to seduce you. owwww!!!"
Yaya woke up this morning to make some breakfast. As she heard someone coming down she thought it was Nadech, but saw it was Matt.
Matt: What are you cooking.
Yaya: Khun'Matt.
Matt: Surprise.
Yaya: How did you get in here.
Matt: How else. My boyfriend lives here. And he also gave me this (Smells the shirt) Shirt. 
Yaya tried hard not to be mad, and let her anger out…She wanted to scream at her and kick her out. Just how mad and pissed she was. Nadech came into the kitchen.
N: Hey.
Y: Hey.
M: Hey….tee run (Kisses his cheek)
N: Did you make breakfast?
Y: Yeah I----
M: I did most of the work Nadech. (Scoots Yaya over to the side)
N: Really?
M: Yes (Try this)
N: (He ate the pancakes) It's very good MAtt, your very talented.
M: Thank you (Looks back at Yaya and gave her a eyebrow wink)
Y: I'm late for work, I'm going first na.
N: Krub.
"Owwwwww bpen krai." Mint opens the door, and sees Mark. "Owww Mark, It's so early in the morning. Why are you here." Let's him in. She plots herself onto the couch, and Mark sat next to her.
"You and Ken---"
"Me and Ken."
"Will be going out on a dinner date."
"Chai ka."
"Khun Chob Ken?"
"Of course. He is so handsome and cute."
"I know you like me."
"NO, fuck no."'
"Mark: I heard you worried about me very much.
Mint: (laughs) never you player. (She walks away, but mark ran after her) Alai?
Mark: I still haven't proved to you yet?
Mint: alai na?
Mark: I still want to prove to you.
Mint: Taamai? Owwwwww.
Mark: Because I want too…
Mint: OK OK OK ka. Owwwwww.. You make me some food
Mark: Hah?
Mint: Hurry I'm hungry. Go Go (HIts his arm)
Mark: Dai Dai. 
"Ka mae. Ka." Yaya hangs up on her phone.
Pong: Miss?
Y: Ka.
P: My car died may you help me.
Y: I'm not good at cars. I---
P: Please (Grabs Yaya to his car) Here/
Y: Chan….
Pong punches her stomach and kicks her into the car. Yaya pounded onto the windows screaming for help…….
"Who are you? Let me go."
(Pong's house)
Pong throws her onto the bed. Yaya screamed for help..
 No matter how loud you scream. No one will hear you.
"I don't care I will scream until I die for someone to come help me. HELP ME HELP ME CAN ANYONE HEAR ME HELP ME!!!!!" Pong hits her across her face. 
Y: Who are you? (Yaya saids holding a lamp) 
Pong: Your soon to be husband. 
Y: Mau, chan taeng Lao. 
Pong: I don't care. 
Yaya throws the lamp at his head as he starts to bleed. Pong was pure mad..
Pong: AYE KHUN!!!!! OWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! (GET'S UP) I WILL BE BACK.
Pong goes to the bathroom. Yaya tried to open the door, but they were locked. What will she do now. She tried the window but they were covered with Bars. Her bag had her phone she totally forgot,. She speed dialed Nadech.
N: Hello.
N: What is it why are you talking like your out---
Y: Help me.
N; what's wrong Yaya.
Y: Chan
P: AYE' KHUN. I'm not finish with you..
Y: What are you going to do to me……
P: Rape you of course. 
Y: Mai na. Help Me!!!!!!!
N: Yaya-Yaya…. Owwwwww…GPS (He tracks her with the GPS.) Oww only 3 miles away.
Y: Let me go.
P: Mai.
He kisses her everywhere on her neck she screamed for help with all her might. She bites his shoulder and kicked him in his private She runs to the bathroom and locks herself in there.
"Yaya!!!!! Open the door."
"If I did I would be stupid. No way in hell I will."
He kicks the door which scared Yaya. She tries to escape from the bathroom. She couldn't open the window. Pong kept on kicking the door. Yaya finally opens it. Yaya escapes the house, and runs to the front. She didn't recognize this neighborhood at all, where was she? Before she ran Pong grabbed her from behind and dragged her back inside. Ties her to the bed and knocks her out with some medicine.
"This time I won't let you go." 
He pulls her foot. He kisses her everywhere. Rips her shirt off leaving her with her purple bra….He takes up her skinny jeans. Yaya was now wearing just her panty and her strapless bra.
He kisses her from her stomach to her cheeks.
"Your mine now".
"OWWWW!!!!!" Pong turns around finding himself against a fight with Nadech.  "TUR?"
Pong gets up but Nadech hits him with a glass bottle which knocked him out COLD. He runs over to Yaya who was almost naked. He put's her clothes back on her. And carried her out.
"Me too, but he came up and knock me out cold."
"Matt I want to know how he got here anyways? Owwww that women is harder then I thought Matt."
"What do you mean?"
"She isn't week, One glance at her I can see she went to America for lessons."
 Yaya was waking up. She found herself on her bed. Safe and sound. Nadech was the first thing she saw. Hse hugged him highly.
"Don't worry I'm here."
"I'm so glad."
Nadech hugs her tightly. Knowing that she was alright.
"I was so scared *Tears coming out* I thought I--"
"I will never let anyone hurt you."
N: From now on I won't let anyone hurt you again Yaya. 
Y: I am very glad to have you. What will I ever do if there wasn't you.
N: Don't worry. I am glad to, and from now on I will start to be a real husband. 
Y: But you have a girlfriend?
N: Forget her…… Right now your the most important person to me right now.
Nadech wipes her tears away…. he kisses her forehead….. he then goes down lower. Nadech kept sliding his hand under her waistband, pushing far into her.
"Nadech…This inset a good idea."
Nadech kissed her lips, and takes off her dress. Yaya was just putting her arms around him enjoying her time with him……. Nadech stick it inside of her letting her moan super loud. Yaya couldn't take it anymore. She can feel his sweat dripping in her, but she didn't care, she was having an amazing time. Just finally they had SEX. It was good, it felt really good both of them didn't know what they were doing, but they know they had sex with each other.
The next morning Nadech woke up seeing Yaya on his side sleeping peacefully. He couldn't believe he had sex with her what was he thinking. He was cooky, but he didn't think it will got this far…… He got up and left to work. He didn't want to see her right now. 
"Hey Ken." Mint said, but he was no where in sight. "Owww where is he?" as she turned around Ken grabbed her and kissed her.
"Owww Ken."
"Did you like it?"
"uhhh (She blushes)"
"Of course you do your blushing."
"Your crazy….(Hits him) Why did you kiss me? I;m not even your girlfriend?'
"Would you like to be?"
"Mint…..I like you."
"I know you like me too. Rigt?" Leans onto her.
"Just say you'll be my girlfriend."
"(Smiles) I'll be your girlfriend." Ken pick her up and spung her around. "Your crazy." Mint said.


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hi fantastic ! i was just thinking of u and SL and here it is and its a long update, thank u so much ! love this chap, wow yadech really go far, v far in their relationship, like tat yadech r in good terms but why does nadech feel bad after tat ? matt should just get kick out of their home !!! mint-ken-mark r just 2 cute, at least ken is treating her like a princess, shes in good hands ! i've enjoy reading SL so far and thank u 4 writing 4 our enjoyment, wif appreciation fantastic :=)


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thank u fantastic, im so looking forward ! thanks a lot 4 yr time and dedication, i love yr SL alottt ! HAK


Ch13 (part ||)

"What you and Mint are---" Looks at Ken.
"Yes, we are dating." Ken said flopping himself onto the bed.
"How?" He questioned him.
"I just asked her and she said yes. We like each other very much."
"But she doesn't know that your a playboy."
"SHHHHH!!!! down low man."
"Ken don't treat her---- Mint isn't that great after all." He lied, but really she was great.
"Why would you say that. She's amazing."
"Tsk no she's not!"
"Yes she is!"
"She doesn't even love you!" He said getting up from the chair.
"Are you jealous?"
"Tsk pleaseeee."
"Good because she's beautiful."
All day and week Nadech has been ignoring me. He keeps talking to me less an barely coming home, he's been acting very strange ever since that one night. He would come home and say hi and ask me my day and leave. I just want to stop him and get this over with, but didn't have the guts too. I didn't want to bother him.

This time he came home. It was time to make my move. As he was walking into the living room I got up and stop him.

"Nadech." Yaya stopped him.
"Excuse me." He walks around her and up to his room. Yaya followed behind him.
"Yaya I need a shower." He closed the door on her.
"Then I'll watch you." She said opening the door and walking to his bed.
"I won't leave until we talk." She said. Nadech didn't like her attitude but he went to his bathroom and showered. He came out hoping Yaya was gone bug she was still there.

"Yaya can you leave?"

Nadech walks to his desk keeping his eyes on her. He walks over to her and bends down to her level.

"What do you want?"

Yaya was not concentrating on his question, but his chest naked right in front of him, his wet hair, his eyes. She leaned in and kissed him. Putting her arms around his neck. Nadech pushed her to the bed as he was crawling on top of her scanning his hand down her pants. He unbutton her pants and threw them off to the ground. Nadech took off his towel. He was naked just sticking his cock into her hearing her moans getting louder and louder. As they were having the time of there lives (again) the doorbell was ringing, but they were to good of a mood to even stop what they're doing to open the door.

"Don't go." Yia demanded him.

Yaya just grabbed his head and kissed him again. French kissing him was good. Having sex with him was good. This was real love between husband and wife.

"Yaya I can't do this again!" He gets off of her.
"I have a girlfriend."
"Chan kow jai Ka-"
"This will be the last and only sen will have. Can I trust you to keep this a secret."
"Tsk!! I'm your wife why would I keep this a secret."
"I'm gonna go." Yaya got up and left.

"Here honey." Matt said handing him water.

Nadech was feeling guilty for keeping a secret affair from Matt. He looks at her.

"What?" She said.

Nadech grabbed her an starts to kiss her. He brings her to the bed. Kissing her. He wants to know how it feels like to have sex with the women he truly love. After she was just wearing her bra and thong Nadech stops. He can't do it. He couldn't because it feels wrong, but with Yaya it doesn't because he feels so much wanted with her, but Matt he feels used not wanted.

"I have to go." Nadech said.
"Hey." Mark said walking to her.
"Hey, Come here I need your help."
"What is it?"
"Sit here (he sits) So is ken a good kisser?"
"I don't know."
"No... Just tell me."
"I want to kiss him tonight at our dinner."
"I just want him to know that I love him."
"Oh, we'll just practice kissing."
"Kissing??? With who?"
"You.. Pay never."
"No hurry just practice on me."

Mint looks at him. Mark sat up. Mint laughed. She puts her arm around his neck. She couldn't do it.

"Your crazy." She laughed.

He couldn't wait anymore so he leaned in and just KISSED her. He eyes widen open. Mark was French kissing her. She was enjoying it, but she pushes him away.

"Khun." She said.
"Please don't go out with Ken?"
"Poom ruk Khun."

Mint just stood there. She didn't know what to say but the truth.

"But I love ken." She said a she left inside her house.
"You Aye'Yaya!!!" Matt screamed behind her.
"Alai?" She said.
"Stay away from Nadech because he's mine."
"Are you sure about that because he's always in my house."
Matt: Taamai?Why should I car because your just A slut. Still young. Married to an 24 years old man. Tsk don't you feel embarrass.
Y: But---
Matt: Dont make up excuses. I know your true instant that you are trying to win his body so that you would be his wife. I know your married to him, but I did know that you and him have never slept together because he has already slept with me and thinks your not capable of more------ (Yaya slaps Matt while Nadech saw, he couldn't believe Yaya would Slap Matt until she bled)
N: Yaya!!!
Y: Nadech.
N: (Helps Matt) I never thought that you would ever do this? I guess if you hate my girlfriend you must hate me. Lets go Matt.
"Are you ok Matt?"
"Mai Ka." She said still holding her cheek pretending it was still hurting.
"Yaya, she was saying she owns you and that no one can't have you besides me. She called me slut and-"
"Just stop. Tsk who said she owned me. No one owns me."
"Nadech, I'm scared she'll do something more capable?"
"Don't worry Matt. I will protect you." He kissed her lips and Higgins her to sleep and left her apartment.
"Yaya!" Nadech said madly at her taking her magazine away from her.
"Nadech!" Ah said getting up from her bed. "Why did you so this." Yaya said.
"Why are you satin you own me."
"Alai nA? I never said that."

Nadech was pure mad that she was lying to him. He grabbed her foot and carried her to his room she was hitting him for him to put her down. He threw her onto his bed and started to kiss her everywhere.

"Ploy chan nA." She said.

Nadech kept on kissing her, but her cries was getting less louder. Nadech stops and looks at her.

"Why are you all of a sudden quiet." Nadech said.
"Why would I be scared... You and I have already done this before."

Nadech got off of her and told her to get out.


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thanks fantastic, its hot btw yadech now ! their relationship has grown leaps and bounds !!! i love it but still a little mad wif nadech at da end (cant really stay mad at him 4 long though !!!). thanks fantastic u made him realise matt is not da 1, i think hes just a little confused ! really liking yadechs relation status now only nadech needs 2 b in clear pic ! mint is such a lucky gal here, two guys going gaga over her, their scene is cute and funny ! i 1 2 thank u fantastic 4 updating this ff so regularly, u know i love it !!! thanks 4 yr hard work and always look forward 2 yr work, wif appreciation *:*


the next chapter will be exciting.
Mint introduces Mark to her dad, but her dad dislikes Mark for a reason that Mint really wants to know. Her father didn't allow Mint to see Mark ever again, but both of them will go beyond her father's orders which will lead them to danger.
Nadech will start to fall in love with Yaya, but Matt was still in the picture. Yaya has been keeping a secret from Nadech that will shock everyone.
Nadech starts to treat her meanly in order to hurt her heart, but he realize he was hurting himself. Yaya and Matt got into a fight! Matt seduces Nadech, and he didn't remember anything. Matt was then pregnant with Pong's baby (Which he doesn't know) but lies that it was Nadech's baby. Yaya and Nadech signed for divorce. Nadech truly knows he loves Yaya not Matt.