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Chapter 14: (Part one)

The doorbell was ringing like crazy. Mint got up from her bed and walked herself to the door where Mark was standing. She tried to close the door, but he was already in.
"We need to talk about that kiss. And-"
"There will be nothing between us ever!" She said walking away, but Mark followed her to her room.
"What are you doing. Get out."
"No." He grabbed her and nailed her down to the bed.
"(Laughs) If you don't want to talk nicely, I'll show you what I do to girls 3 years ago." He said.
"Yan na." Mint tried to break, but was lost into his eyes. Mark leaned in and kissed her lips again.
"Let me tell you...... Once you kissed me, you'll never get over me. Your heart won beat as fast when your with ken, you won't feel the love with him but you will feel it with me." He said and left her condo. Mint was on her bed still just thinking about what he said.
"Mai, chan Mai ruk ni playboy."
"Nadech what are you doing in my room?" Yaya said covering herself with the towel even tighter.
"No need to cover yourself. I've already seen them."
"I don't care, I'll cover them anyways. What are you doing here?" She said with her arms crossed.
"I want to tell you that I'm moving out."
"Alai na? Taamai."
"We might be legally married, but I love Matt. I've already hurt her enough."
"(Sighs) If you want to move then move." She said. "Get out my room now." Yaya demands Nadech.
"Nadech I'm so happy you moved in with me." Matt said hugging him.
"Me too." He said.
"Are you hungry, I can make dinner."
Yaya was home alone. She didnt care if Nadech moved out because he was barely home. She missed him though. This time they were having a tougher relationship. Things were getting serious then not then again then not. She didnt know what to so, but cry. She wish everything was the same. If she can re-wind time to that day where they gassed that day she'll fix it and never had sex with him because now they're barley talking. There was more bickering them arguing. She sat in the living room all by herself drinking her coffee. Just looking straight at the living to the open French doors to the driveway where there was only one car parked there, not 2 but one. Was this the end to it.
Nadech was in the room when Matt walked into the room with her sleeping gown that was only 2 inches long from her private. Nadech knew she wasn't wearing anything under. Her gown was totally see through.
"Nadech." Matt said crawling onto Nadech.
"Matt stop."
"Come on Nadech...lets have sex."
"No. Not tonight."
"Not tonight Matt."
"OWWWW. Dai." She walks out his room to hers across the living room.
"Nadech why don't you understand me." She said in her room. She grabbed her phone and texted Pong to come over.

Pong arrived. She snuck him into her room where she ripped off all of his clothe.
"Matt." Nadech knocked on her door. She told pong to hide while she put on her clothe.
"I left my phone at my other house I'll be back."
As Nadech entered the dark house. He went to his room and grabbed his phone, but before he left he went to go check on Yaya if she was ok.
"Hey sweet thing." Ken said kissing her cheeks very fast. Mint wasn't expecting that. She faked a smile.
"Hey." She said back. Ken took her out for a movie and do ice cream. She didnt talk much. All she kept thinking about was Mark's words.
~In her head~
Mark: Let me tell you...... Once you kissed me, you'll never get over me. Your heart won beat as fast when your with ken, you won't feel the love with him but you will feel it with me."

"Owwww get out my head!" Mint screamed out loud scaring ken.
"Kor tor ka."
"It's ok."

Mint was just stirring her smoothie not even listening or thinking about him but Mark. All of a sudden she blurted out "kiss me ken."
"Alai na."
"Kiss me."

Ken leaned in and kissed her, but Mint's heart wasn't beating as fast as when Mark kissed her. She was still just thinking of MARK not the kiss Ken is giving her right now. Ken leaned back and smiled.

"What that good."
"I have to go." She said leaving him.
Mint drove to Mark's house. Right when he opened the doors she kissed him. Taking off her jacket and her shirt. Right I too of Mark scanning her back with his hand. Mint was wearing her purple bra with her skinnie. Mark stopped her.

"Why are you doing this?"
"You were thinking about my words?"
"Chai ka. They've been stuck in my head all day." She said getting off of him.
"Dee mak."
"Mai dee. I truly know that I don't love Ken, but I love---." She stops herself and looks at Mark.
"Chan." Mark said. "Khun ruk chan, chai Mai?"
"But I don't want too."
"Because I don't want my heart to be broken like all the other girls you left behind."

Mark pulled her in.
"But I won't do that to you. Your the reason I changed." He said softly into her ears.
"Poom ruk Khun diow Mint."
Mint turns to look at him.
"Now put your shirt back on. You have a nice body, but I'll save it on our wedding day." Mint hits him.
"Who said will get married."
"Me of course."
"Khun bah." She said dressing herself up and leaving his house.
"Ka. Thanks for choosing smile design." Yaya hung up and wrote down on her planner. Yaya was a wedding designer, she just love to do her own decoration. Lol.
"Mint we have to go to Pattaya this week for a wedding preparation."
"Ka." She said grumpily.
"What's wrong?" Yaya asked her.
"How am I suppose to tell him I don't like him?"
"Who!!! You never told me."
"Ken, Mark and Nadech's friend."
"Oh why you two like each other."
"I thought I did but then someone stepped into the picture."
"Hah! (She runs over to mint) Khun chob mark."
"How I thought you hated him."
"That's what I thought, but then he kissed me and it just changed everything."
"Hahaha I knew you were going to fall for him. Does he love you too."
"We'll I wish you two happiness na."
"Let's not talk about me, lets talk about you and Nadech because I'm having a YADECH fever."
"Yadech." She was confused.
"Ya. Yaya and Nadech equals Yadech. Cute right. I came up with it."
"Haha very funny, but he moved out."
"We been having problems ever since we had se---"
"Alai na?
"No Yaya were you about to say seeexxxx."
"You and Nadech."
"Mint come help carry some stuff."
"Ka." Mint and Yaya were carrying there bags into the plaza.
"This place is beautiful, haven't been to Pattaya for so long."
"Me too." Yaya said. She looks at her watch. "We have 2 hours to kill , wanna go brows."
"Ya. Let me go change."
Yaya and mint were doing stuff they haven't down ever since Yaya got married which was about 7 months. They shopped so much, who knew 2 women's could spend 700 in a day.
"I'm so tired." Yaya said fanning herself with her hat.
"Me too. What time is it?"
"1:30. We should get back because we start work at 2:15."
"Hey Mark what are you doing here?" Nadech said.
"Just want to come hang with my old bud."
"Smfh. I have work."
"Can't you rest. We haven't been hanging out since you got married."
"We'll you been spending much more time with Mint."
"You been spending much time with Yaya."
"Owwwww.... Smart mouth. "
"I'm just saying, but serious we need to hang out. Lets go somewhere out of Bangkok?"
"Australia." Nadech recommend.
"I said somewhere out of Bangkok, not out of Thailand?"
"No to boring up there."
"Pattaya. Ok Krub. My mom needs me to bring my sis something I can't remember."
"Then tomorrow @1"
"Pee ka I order at least 300 roses why is there only 150." Mint said to the flower guy.
"I'm sorry, the other half of the roses were bought by the last."
"Then if its lady then I won't say anything. 150 is fine." She paid him $250.000 for the roses bought.

"Mint I think we should s eat the stage right there in the middle. Then put two roses on each table with a candle light in the middle then hang Dara's wedding schedule on top of the candle at least 10 inches apart."
"I think that's good, but the cake. I think we should tell someone to build a beautiful stage across the eight feet wide pool and put the cake right there then have them walk on it, then in the pool will be there name in candle lights."
"That can work, but I'll cost extra money."
"No worries Yaya. I got it."
"Pattaya is so hot!" Mark said hoping himself onto the bed.
"P'Mark ka. Stop complaining."
"Chai, I agree with your sister."
"You only agree with her because she was your ex-girlfriend."
"Mark!!" His sister was annoyed. It was only 2 weeks.
"I shouldn't have let you date her."
"It's my fault." His sister said hitting his but.
"Gep na."
"Gep gaw dee. So you'll know that your mouth is to dirty so I will spark you."
"I'm older then you."
"Yeah by 12 minutes."
"Owww Nadech I'll be heading out lock up the house."


Mint: Hey are you ok?
Y: I'm fine just tired. We've been working all day.
Mint: mawwww don't give up where only here for one more day. Spend it wisely na.
Y: ka (she faked a smile)
Mint and Yaya were strolling thorough the carnival.
Y: I'm gonna go sit down na.
Mint: Ka. I'm gonna go shoot some gun."
Y: really.
Mint: mmmm.
Y: I thought you won't ever shoot a gun again, why now? Wait is it because of---
Mint: Mai. I'm just tired of doing te same stuff.
Y: Sure, but I'll be over there.
Mint: Ka.
Yaya walks over to a near by table. She was super tired and dizzy. She wanted to go home but all this is for Mint.
"Nam Krub." A Radom person said behind her. She couldn't see tere face because he was behind her just hiding a blue cup filled with water in front of her.
"It's alright." She turns around seeing it was Nadech.
"Chai Krub , chan engg."
"What are you doing here?"
"Nothing. Just came to visit Marks sister."
"Mark has a sister."
"A twin sister."
Yaya bursted out laughing, a twin like P'MARK, she couldn't believe it.
"Mai jing." She said.
"Oh it's true." Mark said walking up to her with his sister.
"Owww." Yaya said startled.
"Sawadee ka, I'm Narin."
"Sawadee ka."
"Narin this is Nadech's lovely wife Yaya." Mark said. Yaya gave Nadech a mad look.
"Yayasince your here where is Mint."
"She's shooting guns over there."
"Really? Well I'm going see y'all later." He ran away to the direction where Mint was.

"Hey sweet thing." Mint was scared. She hits him repeatedly.
"Khun ba. Owww why are you here?"
"To see my sister. Why are you here?"
"Wedding designer so I'm here. Owwww it's really my bad luck today."
"Bad luck aren't you in love with me." He saids kissing both her cheeks.
"Owww Narak mak." All the people around ten said. Mint was embarrassed and blushing.
"Can't you see all these people admire us of how cute we are."
NEXT. The booth person said.
"Can you even shot a gun."
"Just watch." Mint said. "I'll shoot for ten."
She shot exactly 10 guns shocking Mark with her talent. Mark couldn't believe it, how would he ever know a women can shoot so many and hit the target within 10 seconds. Mint left with a big teddy bear.
"Where did you learn to shoot that."
"There's more to life then you'll ever know." She said to him.
"Chan Mai Bok."
N: Why are you here?
Y: Work! (She walks away, but Nadech pulls her in hugging her around her waist while her face was within 2 inches away from him.) ploy na. Ploy chan doiw nee. (Yaya demanded him)
N: Taamai?
Y: You already have a girlfriend, don't interfere with me. (Pushes him away.)
N: Yaya doiw. You Connor leave me.
Y: Taamai?
N: did you forget we are married. Your my toy.
Y: (punches him) I'm not a toy you can sleep with. (Walks away)
Nadech licks her up and carries her into the car driving away.
"Stop the car Nadech."
"I'm not going to stop, just sit still." Yaya stays still. She was scared of his next action.


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Chapter 14 (PART ll)


*FYI I was trying to make you guys figure out that he is a by-polar person. lol*


"What are you doing to me?" Yaya said scarily as he laid on top of her on the bed. (BTW Nadech took her to another resort) She struggles out of his grip, but she knew she was by far to week for him.

"Jai Yin Yin. I'm here to be good, not mean."

"Mai Thong, Your always mad or nice to me." She rolled her eyes and turned her head away from facing him.

"Chan Kor Tor Na. Poom Roo Laow, La Chan Ruk Bpen Krai Jing Jing?"

"Ruk, Gaw Ruk Khun Fan Matt."

"Mai Krub, poem hua jai bok chan, poom ruk tur Yaya." (Aka: No, my heart is telling me that, I love you Yaya.)

"Alai na? Ruk Chan Laaw." 

"Chai Krub…..POOM…RUK YAYA." That put a smile onto her face. She gave Nadech this sweet look and face that Nadech has known for almost his entire life….Inside Yaya's heart it was beating faster then ever. Her body was shaking up, she was becoming shy against him more and more. "Do you love me?" he asked her.

"Ruk ka." she said.

"Since we're already here, do you know what happens?"



Nadech looks into her eyes, and smiles at her. He leans in to kiss her lips. Oh yeah Yaya sure know what he is talking about now. She wraps her hand around him as tight as she can. Nadech touches her body from bottom to top. When he took off her bra, and her panties. He sticks it inside of her as he held his hands against her mouth keeping her quiet…. His sweat was dripping onto her. They were getting so tired, but it felt to good to even stop, mostly Yaya.




"Owww Yaya, where did she go?" Mint said holding the teddy bear mark won for her.

"Nadech took her." Mark told her.

"Oh. Ok leave me all alone. Peun Mai dee."

"Still have me." Mark said wrapping his arms around her waist from behind. She elbowed him.

"Khun Ba."

"Taamai?" He wraps her again. "If you elbow me again I will surely kiss you in front of this crowed of People." Mint's mouth opened wide.

"Oww Pee. Is this your girlfriend." One of the person asked.

At the same time Mark said Yes and Mint said no. They both looked at each other. 

"Fan krub." Mark answered him.

"Song Khun Narak."

"Khob Khun." The man walked away and many people envy with them. "You see Mint, all these people love us because we are cute."

"Who said I agreed to be your girlfriend, you didn't even asked?"

"would you be my girlfriend?" he whispered into her ear. She was surely smiling. Mark can tell, he then kissed her cheek.

"Khun" she whispered. 




They were finally back home, where everything was fine. Yaya and Nadech became a real husband-wife thing, Matt was barely showing up, until….



N: Hello….Matt….what's wrong….Krub..Krub…

Y: what is it Nadech.

N: Excuse me na.

Y: ka



(Matt's place)


N: what's wrong Matt?

M: Khun Mai RUk Chan, I'll rather die,

N: Khun Matt. Bood Alai?

M: You stop picking up my phone call,my text, and refuse to see me at work. I rather die.

N: DOn't die na. I still love you, I'm only doing this because---

M; You love her. 

n: No, for my mom. Sit down (Nadech takes her to the couch). Poom ruk tur khun diow.

M: If you love me, please spend the night at my place.

N: Krub. (Matt smiled)

M: Then i'll make dinner na.

N: Krub.


As Matt was making dinner he called Yaya.


Y: It's ok. I can eat myself.

N: Thanks for understanding.

Y: Ka.


Matt was in the kitchen alone, making food, as she added sleeping pill's into his wine. This time Nadech will be hers for sure.




Mint: Dad this is my boyfriend? Mark.

Mark: Sawadee Krub (Mark said bowing to him.)

D: Sawadee.

Mint: Mark ka, this is my dad Xai ka. 

D: How long have you guys been dating?

There they go again answering at the same time with different answers. Mint said 2 weeks Mark said 3 weeks.

D: Alai na> 3 or 2

Mint: *sighs* 2.




(Next morning) 

Nadech woke up bright in the morning where the sun was shining right at his face directly. He heard a voice crying as he turned around seeing Matt just covering herself with the covers. Nadech was confused. he asked what was wrong.


M: Ask yourself.

N: Me.  


Nadech was confused when he looks at the clothe on the ground. He notice they were his clothe with Matt's. He found himself naked and that he and Matt had….


N: Mai jing.

M: Even if you don't believe don't believe but I was there.

N: I will never do that to you,

M: You had a couple wine last night.

N: On;y 3-4 cups.

M: I don't care. You must accept me and take responsibility of me. 

N: What do you mean?




*Sorry for the short Chapter…………….I thought I was going to write more, but it's 3am over here in Minnesita. I'll continue trrw.*
Chapter 15 Preview:
Y: Nadech your home----- (Her smile came off when she saw Matt)
N: I'm sorry Yaya.
Y: What happened
M: Nadech is also my husband.
D: I forbid you from seeing this Mark ever again!!!
Mint: Taamai Paw. Bak Chan.
Mint: My dad doesn't allow me to see you anymore.
Mark: Mint---
Mint: (cries) Chan Ruk tur na mark, but if i had to choose, I'll choose my dad.
Mark: If you go, I am I suppose to live.
Mint: Think of our love as a dream
M: I am pregnant with Nadech's baby for 2 months now.
Y: Then why are you telling me.
M: I am telling you so you can please divorce Nadech.
Y: *Sighs* even if your pregnant with his kid, NOT A DAY I WILL DIVORCE NADECH, PRAW CHAN RUK NADECH.
Mint: Khun na, Yaya you've been pregnant with Nadech's child for a month already, taamai khun mai bok Nadech.
Y: If i told him, who will take care of Matt's baby. Matt has no family member in thailand, she has no one to provide her beside nadech, I have a family who will love my child.
Mint: Yaya........
Mark: Mint broke up with me (he said sadly) I don't know How I'll live my life.
Nadech: Mark...don't be sad. Theres whole bunch of other girls.
Mark: Even if i find others, not one of them will be as perfect as Mint.
N: Yaya (Nadech said smiling) Is there anything to talk about?
Y: I want a divorce.


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hi fantastic i love chap14, story is developing v fast ! om nadech is tricked by tat stupid m ! cant believe ! even he is bi-polar like u said no excuse 2 always run 2 m!!! he has a wife alr !!! i look forward 2 read further development, sad tat yaya is asking 4 d !!! pls do sth nadech 2 save yadechs love! thank u fantastic 4 this update, read wif appreciation !!!


Chapter 15:

The next morning Nadech was finally home, Yaya was so happy. She ran down the spiral staircase to the living room and saw Nadech. She smiles brightly wanting to hug him, but Matt was behind him holding his arm.

"Sawadee ka P'Matt."
"Yaya, before anything happens I'm sorry."
"Sorry for what Nadech?" Yaya asked. She knew this wasn't going to be good because Matt was there.
"Nadech if you can't tell her then I'll tell her myself..... Me and Nadech got married this morning at 9."

Yaya's entire body shut down. The years were Falling out her eyes. Her body turned warm, she clutch together her fist. She stares at Nadech for the longest time ever. She was about to faint, cry out loud, but couldn't.

"I'm sorry Yaya."
"It's ok, I understand. Song Khun Ruk gun." She could barely talk it out, she slowly turns her back, and walks up to her room. Right then she was in pain, she cried in silence, sniffing loud. Nadech went up the stairs to the other door. Yaya got up from the other door looking at Nadech. He walks up to her, and held her hand, wiping her tears away.
"It wouldn't be good, don't forget you and Matt love each other." She removes her hand away from him.
"Yaya look I didn't mean too it was just--"
"No, I understand."
"Yaya so what if she is my second wife. I love you now." He hugs her from behind.
"Ploy na Nadech."
"No. I'm goin to hug you like this." Yaya stood still just letting him hold her.
"Please let go, I'm tired I'm about to go to sleep."
"Then I'll sleep with you,"
Nadech takes her to the bed, she tells him to stop, but he puts the cover over the both of them, and wraps his legs around her his arm around her, her head on his.
"If we sleep together, it won't be lonely or cold, right."
"Don't forget about your other wife."
"Hey, can you stop talking about that for a bit, just blink your mind and go I sleep." Nadeh puts his chin on her head and closes his eyes as he fell asleep. Yaya on the other hand wasn't asleep yet. She looks at him as he sleeps. She was still upset about the whole wedding thing, but she love him to. She had to fight for her love.
"Dad you wanted to see me." Mint said sitting down on the chair.
"We'll what is it?" She asked her dad.
"Your boyfriend is a Prin right?"
"(Laughs) yea, why?" Her dad turned around to look at her with a straight face.
"Well then, I'm not allowing you to date him any more."
"Taamai paw!" She got up.
"I forgot to tell you that his family and I are enemies, haven't heard that last name in 30 years and now it's just re-calling me. No wonder he look so similar like Chat."
"But it doesn't involve us right?"
"It does. Never will I be related to that family. I demand you not to ever see him."
"No, dad you know that me and him--"
"I don't care. If you ever see him again I will send you to live with your mom in Canada."
"NO DAD!" She got up an turned away but her dad told her if she ever saw him again he'll put her under house arrest. Her dad was a Chinese merchant, very rich and strict.
"Go ahead, you can take everything away from me, but you can't stop me from loving him." She walks out the room, drivin away. Her dad was boiling mad inside. She never thought that his daughter would marry his enemy.
"OWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!" Matt screamed at the top of her lungs.
"What's wrong Matt?" her friend Pra said to her.
"I'm pregnant."
"Hah pregnant? With who's kid?"
"Who else of course that pong. Why why why!!!!!!"
"What are you going to do now?"
"Chan Mai roo!" She sat down just thinking what she will do until.........
"(Smirks) I got it,"
"Well what is it?"
"Since me and Nadech been married for 2 weeks, I will lie to him that I am pregnant with his baby."
"Really." Pra said Shockley.
"Why not, I don't want that poor guy pong to take care of my child, I need a rich man like Nadech."
Mark: Are you ok Mint?
Mint: I'm fine (she lied)
Mark: Just tell me anything?
Mint: It's nothing.
Mark: MINT.
Mint: My dad doesn't allow me to see you anymore.
Mark: Mint---
Mint: Chan Ruk tur na mark. But if I continue to see you, my dad will send me to Canada to live with my mom
Mark: Canada. But you can't go. If you go, how am I suppose to live. Your my life.
Mint: Your my life too. I think it's best if we just brake up.
Mark: Brake up. How's that going to solve anything?
Mint: It won't, but it's the only thing to keep me close to you then across the country.
Mark: MINT!!!
Mint: MARK! (She looks deep into his eyes, he grab her by her shoulders)
Mark: we've never been in this kind of argument until now.
Mint: And I guess this will be our last too.
She pushes him away, and walks away.
Glass shattered everywhere, water spilled everywhere.
"Yaya." Her mom said coming into the kitchen. She saw Yaya unconscious on the floor. She calls her driver, and they zoomed to the hospital.
Yaya opens her eyes to the bright lights above of her. Her mom was right next to her. She gets up, but her mother didnt let her.
"Honey Rest for a bit na."
"Why mom? I'm fine." She smiles, but her mom still denied it
"Just Rest honey. Ok."
"Why what's wrong with me?"
"I don't know either, but the doctor said you needed a lot of rest."
Minutes later the doctor came in. Yaya greeted him.
Nadech: ok tell me! (He puts his wine done) what's wrong. I've been ere for 20 minutes and you haven't say a single word.
Mark: Mint broke up with me (he said sadly) I don't know How I'll live my life.
Nadech: Mark look I'm sorry. Look man (he puts his hand around it)...don't be sad. Theres whole bunch of other girls.
Mark: Even if i find others, not one of them will be as perfect as Mint.
Nadech: what do you mean? I thought you never liked her in the beginning? I know you two are dating---
Mark: We did, but not anymore.
Nadech: Well what are you going to do?
"Yaya your pregnant?"
"How many months?" Mint was really happy for her and Nadech.
"2 months," she said confused and drunk her coffee.
"Congratulations. You 2 must be very happy!" She said turning around and continues to type.
"He doesn't know?"
"What? Why?"
"What about her?"
"Her an Nadech just got married 2 weeks ago."
"WHAT!!!! HOW? WHEN? And your ok with it?"
"I'm ok with it."
"Mint...... I've been married to Nadech for 9 months. I've learn so many things. And I'm going to use it."
"What do you mean?"
Yaya was just walking around her house when Matt appeared out of the stair. She blocks her way.
"What do you want?" Yaya told Matt!
"Divorce Nadech!"
"Because, you an Nadech were forced to get married, and by now you should know that he loves me an only!!!!"
Yaya smirks "I wouldn't be so sure of that?" Sh tries to walk away but Matt stops her.
"What do you mean?"
"2 people, married, and ----"
"Aye'yaya." She slaps her but Yaya blocks her hand and slaps Matt!
"You dare slap me?"
"Chai. Usually I don't know how to do these stuff, but since living here I've learn a lot of evil stuff from a.........nang'rai!"
"Try slapping me again, I'll call the police on you." Yaya turns around.
"I want to tell you that I am pregnant with Nadech's baby!!" Yaya blinks a lot. Her heart was thumping. No, it couldn't be true right!
"And why are you telling me!"
"So you can divorce him and give my child his dad!"
"Really.......divorce him."
"Well then.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................NO."
"Not a day I will divorce Nadech. So if your pregnant with his child, I'll still be with Nadech."
"PRAW CHAN RUK NADECH! Make sure to put it in your brain!!!" She walks away madly and Matt was screaming so loud hurting her ears!
"Owww Yaya, your here?" Yaya faked a smile and walks to him.
"So why you call me? You needed to talk?"
"Nadech, I want a divorce!" His heart sink his eyes were becoming watery. His heart was moving at a fast paste. His throat was stuck. His body was frozen!
"Divorce? Taamai Yaya." She thinks about Matt and earlier.
"I can't handle Matt anymore, and I want her child to have the father."
"What child?"
"Nadech, she's pregnant already?"
"What that's impossible it's only been 2 weeks."
"I want a divorce."
"YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nadech screams out waking up from the dream. He breathes loud.
"It was just a dream. Owwwwwww!" He looks to his side where Matt was. He then looks at his desk where a picture of him and Yaya looking so happy together holding hands at the beach just last month. In his heart he truly knows he loves her and only. He walks out the room and into Yaya's. she wasn't home though? Nadech's walks in and just sleeps on the bed where he should be sleeping since the beginning. He then sees Yaya at the door. He gets up.
"What are you doing here?" She said dropping her bag onto the couch.
"I just missed you that's all." Yaya sighs and goes into the bathroom to change. While she was in her bra and underwear just about to grab her gown Nadech wraps his arm around her making herself shy.
"Nadech, please go away, I don't comfortable?"
"Mai uh, Poom khee Tung Tur Yaya."
"Ploy Nadech?" She said sweetly.
"Instead if doing whatever we should----"
"Nadech." Nadech caries her by her legs, she tries to stop him but they were already on the bed. He was on top of her. He looks into her eyes. He kisses her lips. His hands were scanning her thy. Before his hands were inside she stops him.
"This isn't a good idea Nadech."
"No, it's fine."
"Nadech I mean it." Nadech gets off of her.
"I'm sorry."
"It ok, husband and wife are suppose to do those kind of stuff, but not tonight ok. I still love you Nadech." That puts a smile on his face. He then grabs her and cuddles her to sleep.

Chapter 16 preview:
N:Yaya I'm just scared that one day your going to divorce me and--
Y: I will never divorce you Nadech.
Mint: What are you doing?
Mark: Don't worry I'm not going to do anything to you.
Mint: Put me down now Mark.
(Mark puts her down onto the bed.)
Pong: I know that's my baby inside of you not Nadech's. because he never slept with you, but you lied.
Mint: Owww Nang'rai jing jing. (She records on her phone)
Matt: I don't care. Nadeh has everything, house, cars, and money for me. Unlike a poor like you. (Shoots him, and mint screams)
Matt: You want to die huh?
Mint: you lied to t friend, and Nadech. Don't think I will tell.
Matt: you really want to die huh?
Nadech: The truth is, you lied to me Matt.
Matt: Because I did it for love. Please Nadech please!
Nadech: I can't forgive you for trying to ruin my life with my wife, and only wife Yaya.
Matt: Yaya, you stole everything away from me. You and your child must die, die, die, DIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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hi fantastic hope u r v well and thank u 4 a v great update!!! i love this ff from da beginning but even more now how da story develops !!! poor yaya suffers so much emotionally i feel her pain ! poor m&m 2, so torn ! chap16 sounds so good, 4 sure im waiting 4 yr next update ! thanks and wif appreciation fantastic !