SW switch? Poll Question

Are you ok with the switch if it happens?

  • I am ok with a switch to new domain

    Votes: 55 32.0%
  • I want to keep the domain the same

    Votes: 17 9.9%
  • I am ok with whatever

    Votes: 100 58.1%

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sarNworld isn't going anywhere its just our name will change ;p everything will be the same with some newly added features and revival of some old ones.

Ooooo some names I thought of too lol while I was sleeping which is weird ....

Planted Ricey, Harvested Ricey, Cooking Ricey, Etc... LOL


Ky the Star
^ lol more names eh... love it. C:
hehe, may be a final discussion on the names later on... after everything is settled?

@Kkrystal, oh so that's what "sarn" means, didn't know it was khmer, thank you for that.

anyways, i don't know why i keep coming back.... but RICEY seems a whole lot better... and just an adjective in front of it would just help it along.

btw, the chat section... i used to chat a lot back in the days, but nowadays not anymore really... but i would so love to in the future here.. and get to know everyone better too. C:


sarNie Oldmaid
I like the 'burnt ricey' lol. I want to reach that level one day. Hopefully b4 I'm 25...which means I have to post excessively for the next 2 years.

I used to listen to the music on the radio, but I didn't know we had DJs. Can't wait for that to come back so I can listen to it.


Staff member
yeah burnt ricey title will be hard to reach LOL .. just like sarNie Grannies hahahaha

Yeah we use to have DJ's but then suddenly everyone got busy. Things are starting to slow down for some of us so we have more time. Hopefully when the radio is back people will tune in! We've got some big plans laid in front of us hopefully they all work out.. I'm excited just thinking about this.


sarNie Adult

I have a feeling that's taken though. That's the problem when newer sites. All the good names are taken already. You either come up with something original or whip out your wallet and buy the name that you want.


What about RiceWorld.com/net or ShareWorld.com (we can still keep the logo SW and it sounds like Sarnworld hahaha...I don't know just an idea.


sarNie Adult
Those kinda domains are nice.. but its not possible to get them as they're expensive and not available now. Its like trying to come up with a band name.. most names are already taken. Hard to get unique names.

If you go to godaddy.com you can check the domain to see if its available.


wow, i feel so late. sorry I have not been active recently.

i believe that as long as the content does not change then everything should be fine. i do have a long history with "Sarnworld" but if the name is going to change to make it more neutral since we all contribute then it is fine by me.


Expired Sarnie
how is it going? changing forum name or not? if there is changes being made, will there be voting for the new name too?


sarNie Adult

Yes I've decided it to switch. I'm thinking of doing it on a thanksgiving holiday as I have a decent amount of time to do it.

As for the name, Ning has been coming up with some decent names and I like some of the ones mentioned here. The problem with these names is that they are too general and we just can't buy any (they're all pretty much taken).

For now I'm still stuck with the name sharerice.net

If you google it you will see that we also have the ranking on google search.

Its hard to to compete for names but I'm still open to new ones.. Just check the name on godaddy.com to see if its availble.

Unfortunately good names are pretty much all taken.

When coming up with names think of a few things.

1.) easy to remember and one that someone can easily type in the browser just by remembering.
2.) easy words and catchy
3.) come up with words that is easier to compete

and so on.


my vote is in for:

ricescooper.com LOL sounds like poopscooper i love it :tease:

:girlmad: tim wanted easy but he thinks these are to "grand" or too common

eggrollz.net (notice the food theme no wonder why i'm fat :p)
aznsuite.com (amature)

more suggestions LMFAO - neutral at best

pinkyvillage.com :wub: (i'm just kidding btw)

lastly, i opt for my name noungning.com :heart: -> simply awesome :rockon: :p


sarNie Adult
rice scooper isn't as easy to remember plus it reminds me of my sister scooping her cat poop.

ricericious.com is a nice name.. I like it except its difficult to spell and hard to remember but cute.

no shareeggrollz.. looks funky too lol.


sarNie Hatchling
o wow. i know im super late on this but i jus wanted to say something after reading everyone elses posts.

according to my profile iv been here for about 3 years...it feels like iv been here forever though hehe
i jus wanted to say that im really not active in posts but i do come on here jus about everyday if i hav time. and if i hav stuff (mostly music) to share and if i hav time to upload it, i share them here.
iv never stuck with any forum other than this one because i dont hav to hav a certain amount of posts to be able to view or post in sections of the forum. thats wat i love about this place. (hopefully this will stay the same)

and YAYY for the switch! i welcome new ideas/things =)
this forum has improved a lot since i first joined. keep up the good work!
btw darvil i dont think ur posts r novels! theyr very informative about the things u wanna do/change and its good to know wats going on around here. ^^


Expired Sarnie

sharerice is good but it seem like it is dedicated to charice so i think i prefer ricemellow.net



sharerice is good but it seem like it is dedicated to charice so i think i prefer ricemellow.net
who's charice lol? :rofl:

here are some more i came up with but with flaws we can't use...

asiancircle.net (.com is a porn site :nono1:)

asianmine.net (didn't get tim's feedback... my friend thinks it's warlike... but i think it gives us a theme, community members can be miners :lol:)

asianmind.com - not sure but just another name



sarNie Adult
Hey fun4fun, I'm a charice fan and I just realized what you are talking about.

But I'm not sure about rice mellow.. I'm not exactly what its suppose to be? Its better then some of the stuff ning comes up with lol.

Also let those who see this thread, throw up more names and lets see how it goes.

I'm planning to switch on thanksgiving holiday so till then we're open.

asianmine is not bad but its not better then sharerice yet.

Miner huh gold miner, silver miner haha.. turning into an rpg game right there.
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