SW switch? Poll Question

Are you ok with the switch if it happens?

  • I am ok with a switch to new domain

    Votes: 55 32.0%
  • I want to keep the domain the same

    Votes: 17 9.9%
  • I am ok with whatever

    Votes: 100 58.1%

  • Total voters
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sarNie Adult
Hey, no we aren't making a new site.

Its just a domain change which will happen underneath and you wouldn't even notice. IE, if you type in sarnworld.com it'll redirect you to the new domain.

Everything else will remain exact the same.
oh now i get it :yes: thanks for the info...but still anyways i wouldn't mind as long as i can still find my way through this forum...:D;)


Staff member
this is interesting..
anyways, i support whatever decisions that will be made..
i'm ok for whatever comes along..
since i will always love the forum no matter what.. ^_^


sarNie Adult
I'm tagging along, be it Sarnworld or Sharerice since I don't like the other...I-will-not-mention-the-other-English-lakorn-and-stuff-forum's-name.


wow what a dramatic change. I will probably find it hard to get use to it as well, but I'm sure after a wild I will probably adjust. Like everyone else whatever floats the boat. I love this place, have been a member for a long time. I'm not as active as I use to be anymore due to personal reasons such as school and work and stuff, but I gotta admit I do love this place. It's my internet home.


sarNie Adult
Wow, I've been with Sarnworld forever... I never knew there were any issues/conflicts. I used to be more active back then and would post a lot. Now I'm not so active anymore, but still come on the site often. I don't even know what's going on, but I would surely miss being a Sarnie. It's hard, but Darvil I've known you on here for a long time too! I guess, it's not such a big deal, but it will be a transition to get used to.


I'll be going or staying wherever the uploader is. :whistle:

Cupid Candy

sarNie Coma
LOL that's what i told darvil... newer members probably doesn't even know what a sarn is, so it's fine the way it is...

see tim, worship me now :ghehe:

cupidcandy, so you think that it's good the way it is?

you all know we want your utmost honest answers... we're not looking for you to see the conflict issues... we want to know if you like the name sarnworld and to keep it that way, or no you prefer to change it?

we've been debating because sarnworld is established. it's a known forum name... having to change to something else will take it's course in a few months or even years to get that name to stick - "oh, sharerice, it's that place where you can get thai celeb profiles from their wiki"... or "sarnworld, oh yeah the entertainment forum, with different entertainment sectors" blah blah.
well i'm not sure i'm kinda ish-ish about this, i dunno what to think. Well i think it isn't right for me to decide, i think its up to Darvil and everyone. I mean nothing really is going to get harmed and things are going to stay the same so yeah. Whatever the change i'm gonna support it.


sarNie Adult
The move won't be an easy for me either as I have deep roots in this forum. Not to mention that this forum is the major reason why I ran into my current career path.

But either way the historical legacy will remain.


Yeah, the only hard part in this change is because of the history, other then that I think all is good. I when it is decided if the name is to be changed absolutely you should put up a couple of choices and we vote. I think that would be fun and it would give us members a chance to be included. :)


Staff member
^^ I actually like the name sharerice -- easy and simple to remember -- also, it has this connection with the asian entertainment.
We shared rice and shared information -- sit around on a table and share gossips and talk about things we love/hate lol


sarNie Adult
Honestly, its going to be hard to come up with a better name then sharerice.net (.com is taken :()

It really make you think of Asian stuff as Cecil mentions.. Its also catchy enough. Catchy names are hard to come by.

But I'm open to ideas.. if we can come up with a better name then that.. I'm all ears.

You got some ideas on names? ;)


sarNie Juvenile
i'm down whatever.. i'm getting used to the forum thing and domain thing again... like it is, it's history. it's all friggin history. we've known so many websites & hosts... i didn't even know sarn wasn't even in the US.. but dude, yeah. whichever floats your boat to quote a few people.


Just plain obsessed
As long as the people I know are still here, with more to meet, I don't really have a preference with the domain...I'm totally computer illiterate, so as long as I'm not lost, I'm cool. I totally support you wanting to keep this going. I feel this site has been very good and useful for me and others.


sarNie Juvenile
I'm fine but a little sadden when I got attached to sarnworld. Don't even remember how I came upon this website. But whatever goes that's fine.


Bai Yang [♥] Fong T. Xiong
I am glad you found some sort of solution for this Darv; however, isn't ShareRice.net orginally Diane's? It was a lovely name and a lovely site. =) I like the name, especially if you're trying to aim towards a more-Asian rather than a more-Thai. However, it was founded under the roots of Thai ET fans. As long as you don't stop halfway through any of this stuff you've got planned due to the new upcoming life for yourself. ;D I'll help support every once in a while. Or, I can become very dedicated again, (like how I used to feel - never really was, I think.


Staff member
i'm down whatever.. i'm getting used to the forum thing and domain thing again... like it is, it's history. it's all friggin history. we've known so many websites & hosts... i didn't even know sarn wasn't even in the US.. but dude, yeah. whichever floats your boat to quote a few people.
i believe sarN's back from her trip.


N i n j a
c'mon folks. don't be sad---the essence(history) of sarNworld is still there, nothing is changing that. i mean i'm one of the few that appeared since the start and i'm still hanging around. think of it this way, sarNworld is going to up another grade. it's like steppin' out of kindergarten into grade 1.


sarNie Oldmaid
Whatever works for me. I don't even remember how I stumbled upon Sarnworld either...maybe it was the boran or the r scenes lol.

It's just sad that it's taking me forever to move from Sarnie Adult to the next level...I'm glad this forum has lasted this long, it's the only forum I've kept active on and pretty committed to right now. It's also the site I visit the most.
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