sarNie Adult
Part - 16
Matt: Hello Khun Nadech.

Nadech: What a ….su…surprise Khun Matt. How are you?

Matt: I’m absolutely fine. What about you?

Nadech: I’m good. Here let me help you.

Nadech being a gentleman helped her to put her bag in the overhead compartment, while the air-hostess went to the captain to inform that both the passengers were on board and he can take off now.

The jet took off. Once the captain turned off the seat belt sign, the air-hostess were at their service.

Air-hostess: Sir, can I get you a drink?

Nadech: No, Thank you. Can I get some water, please?

Airhostess: Of course Sir.

Matt: Khun Nadech don’t you drink?

Nadech:  I just have some wine or champagne on rare occasions. Nothing else.

Matt: In that case (turning to the air-hostess) can we have 2 glasses of champagne?

Air-hostess: Yes, absolutely.

Nadech: But Khun Matt…..

Matt: (smiling) I can’t drink alone, so please would you mind joining me. Beside what are the chances of both of us being on the same plane and going to America? Let’s count it as a rare occasion.

Nadech: (polite, smiling back) Alright, but just 1.

Matt: (smiling) OK.

The air-hostess served the drinks.

Matt: So here’s to “America”.

Nadech: (tapping) to “America”.

Matt: (taking a sip) You were pretty surprised to see me. So I take it that my brother forgot to inform you that I will be joining you.

Nadech: (taking a sip) Yes, but Khun Michael was in a hurry when he had come over to my office and it was a last minute decision that I had to go to America.

Matt: Mine too. Actually I had studied acting in LA for 3 years and one of my friend is getting married so I had to come. Since I had recently arrived in Thailand for an audition for a lakorn, I thought I would skip the reception, but when brother found out about it this morning, he insisted that I take his jet. He also mentioned that you would be joining me as even you had to go to LA for some work.
(Smiling way too much) I’m so glad we are going together.

Nadech: (Awkwardly smiling, not knowing how to react) Oh! That’s great. I mean who would want to fly alone? You mentioned about an audition, so what happened Khun Matt.

Matt: They said they will call within this week.

Nadech: (polite) don’t worry I’m sure you will get the part.

Matt: (Smiling) Thank you Khun Nadech.

It was all Michael’s plan. When he found out from his mother about the wedding reception and the fact that Matt had cancelled her plans he got a brilliant idea. He went to Matt and insisted that she take his jet. When she wasn't sure what to do, all he had to do was mention Nadech. She immediately accepted once she found out that Nadech would be joining her. Then Michael called his dealer in America and asked him to prepone the meeting (for the raw materials) to tomorrow, which was supposed to be held a week later. Once Nadech would be out of his sight, then he would get some time to spend with Yaya.

The conversation went on for a while and then Nadech insisted that they get some rest, politely of course. After a while there was a slight turbulence which had woken Matt. Nadech on the other hand was happily sleeping as he was so tired running around the whole day in the office and then to the airport.


Matt turned to her side and all she could do was admire Nadech. Nadech was casually dressed as he had to travel. Matt’s eyes roamed everywhere from his is ruffled hair, broad forehead, dark brows which contrasted his pale clear skin, his eyes, travelling along the line of his straight nose, tiny pink lips, his Adam’s apple, the nerves on his neck and hands which looked so sexy. He looked so masculine yet so gentle. There were a lot of boys who were interested in her while she was in LA and she might have gone out with a few of them, but no one had excited her THIS much. Matt just sighed soaking in his handsomeness.


sarNie Adult
Part - 17


It was 11.00 am. Michael knocked and walked into Yaya’s cabin.

Michael: Khun Yaya are you ready to go?

Yaya: (polite) Khun Michael why did you take the trouble of coming up. You could have just called me.

Michael had decided that his plan for the day would be to flatter and try to impress Yaya as much as possible.

Michael: I don’t mind Khun Yaya. So shall we?

Yaya: (nodding, smiling) ok.

When they reached his car, Michael didn’t allow the driver to open the door for Yaya. He himself did. Yaya nodded and sat in. While the car was on its way to the site all Michael could do was look at Yaya and admire her while Yaya constantly kept looking out of the window lost in thoughts as she was missing her P’Nadech. This was the first time they were apart for so long. None of their others projects were this big; therefore it was the most important project of their career.

Michael: Is there a problem Khun Yaya? You look worried.

Yaya: (startled) OH! Not at all Khun Michael.

Now she knew she had to make some kind of conversation as they were in the same car.

Yaya: I was just thinking about the project. It’s such a huge opportunity for P’Na….. Khun Nadech and our company.

Michael: It is isn’t it? First we weren't sure about the decision but when we did a little bit of background check about the company, I and the board members decided that we will give it a go. When you both presented we were completely satisfied about our decision.

Yaya: (smiling) Khun Nadech is extremely talented, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Michael: We were equally impressed with you Khun Yaya.

Yaya: It’s all his hard work. I just assisted how much ever I could.

Michael: I know the project belongs to your company, but since it is a huge project I would like to be involved in every step. I hope you don’t mind.

Yaya: Of course not Khun Michael. I understand your concern.

Michael: Oh here we are.

They arrived at the site. They got down. A group of 50 workers were already present there.

Michael: Who are these people?

Yaya: Oh! I asked the workers to be here by 11.30. Since Khun Nadech has gone to LA to process the raw materials order, I thought we could rid of all the debris (stones, twigs, plastic anything unwanted) and clear the site within 3 days so that we can have space for dumping the first set of raw materials when it arrives.

Michael: (shocked, a bit dull) Oh! That’s great.

Yaya had managed to spoil all of his plans on the first day itself. Michael thought he could just show her the site for an hour or so and then take her to some nice restaurant and spend time with her.

Yaya: (worried) what’s the matter Khun Michael you look shocked?

Michael: (smiling) Of course I would be shocked. I have never seen such an efficient worker. You’re brilliant. I thought we are just visiting the site today but you have thought ahead of time and allotted the work. You are amazing.

Yaya: (overwhelmed in a weird way, smiling) I’m just doing my job. So can I start?

Michael: (smiling) Of course.

The workers had pitched an open tent for the bosses (Yaya and Michael). While Michael sat on a chair and stayed below the tent, Yaya on the other hand was in the sun instructing the workers. All Michael could do was stare at her thinking how beautiful she was. Yaya had an amazing figure. Even in formal clothes she looked stunning.  Michael’s eyes were tracing every curve of her body scanning every inch. In his mind he could feel himself touching her sun kissed skin, her big beautiful eyes, soft fuller lips which looked more tender then a petal. Oh! Her smile could make anyone skip a beat. The way sweat dribbled of her slender neck into her shirt made him want to explore her further.

Before he could even realize, Yaya was right in front of him.

Yaya: (waving in front of him) Khun Michael are you ok?

Michael: (startled) Yes Yaya…. I mean Khun Yaya. I’m sorry I was lost in thoughts. I .. I was just trying to imagine the stadium on this plot of land.

Yaya: Oh that’s so thoughtful of you.

Michael eyes were still going back to her neck and the way the sweat was dribbling. He took a napkin from his table and went close to her. He gently placed it on her neck and wiped it. His eyes traveled to her lips and his mind was getting too curious as to how her lips might taste. This happened just for two seconds but for him it felt much longer.

Michael: Khun Yaya you are sweating.

Yaya startled. She felt extremely awkward. She dint know how to react. She was too stunned to do anything.

Yaya: (smiling awkwardly took the napkin from his hand and stepped back) Thank you so much. (Changing subject) I have allotted all the work so I think we can leave now. Besides we are getting late for the office Khun Michael.

Michael: (seeing it as the only opportunity for the day) Khun Yaya it’s almost 2 now. Why don’t we go out for some lunch?

Yaya: No, Thank you Khun Michael. I have loads of work at the office, besides Khun Nadech is also not here, so I have to manage everything.

Michael: Come on. I’m sure they can manage themselves for an hour. (Smiling) Please I insist.

Yaya didn't want to offend him so she agreed. She kept wondering about that moment. She was too confused to even come to any sort of conclusion. She thought its best to ignore it as it might have not meant anything. Then again, she wasn't sure.

They arrived to the most expensive restaurant in Bangkok. Yaya’s mind had set off a tiny red flag. Something just dint feel right. She wanted to refuse but didn't know what to say. She can’t just stand there and refuse to go inside or stand there complaining. Besides she assumed, since he was so rich he probably lives such an extravagant lifestyle.

Yaya: Khun Michael I don’t think I’m appropriately dressed. Can we go someplace else?

Michael: Y,ou look beautiful Khun Yaya, please don’t worry.

There it was another red flag. She mumbled inside of her brain “what was that? You look beautiful! Am I thinking too much? May be he thought I was worried about the way I’m dressed, that’s why just to be polite he must have told like that. Yes, that’s it. That’s exactly what it is. I did act as  though I'm worried.”

When the staff approached them, Michael ordered for a private lunch. Ok now this was definitely a red flag.

Yaya immediately reacted.

Yaya: Khun Michael I don’t think private lunch would be necessary. We can just eat here.

Michael: Khun Yaya you’re my guest. I want you to be comfortable. (seeing that she was still worried and the chances of rejection was getting higher) This is my treat. You and Khun Nadech can treat me some other time. (smiling) I promise I will not refuse.

The word “Nadech” always does wonders on our Yaya. In this case also it was proved to be correct. The minute he mentioned Nadech’s name Yaya calmed down. She thought it must be a casual lunch and that she was just way in over her head.

Yaya: (smiling) Alright.

They both went in. The waiter arrived.

Waiter: Sir, would you like to have a drink.

Michael: Khun Yaya what would you like to have?

Yaya: No, thank you Khun Michael. I just drink some champagne or wine on rare occasions. Nothing for now.

Michael: In that case (turning to waiter) we will have 2  glasses of champagne. (Seeing that she is about to refuse) Please think of it as me wishing you 'good luck' for the project. Besides we might be very busy from now on so it’s better to celebrate now.

Yaya: (feeling awkward, trying not to offend him) Ok Khun Michael.

They had their champagne.
Waiter: Sir what would you like to order?

Michael: I’ll have whatever you’ll have Khun Yaya. Feel free to order whatever you want.

"Awkward" was the word running in Yaya’s mind. She just wanted this lunch to get over. She knew there was no point in refusing. He would come up with something else. She just went with the flow and ordered.

While having food.

Michael: So tell me something about yourself.

Yaya: Oh there is not much to my story Khun Michael.

She just gives general details about her school and college and degree and stuff.

Michael: (laughing) I don’t want your resume. I’ll hire you just like that. I meant tell me something personal. Hmm what about your family?

Yaya: Both parents dead. I was raised by Mae Pla. Oh she died too.

Michael: I’m so sorry to hear that.

Yaya: It’s alright. Right now this job is my life.

Michael: Can I know what your rank was?

Yaya: I was the 2nd topper in my university Khun Michael.

Michael: (surprised) No offense but if your 2nd in the whole university why did you join a small company? You could have easily landed a job in huge companies including mine. Hell! If you want, I will give you a job right this second.

Yaya: (laughing) Your too kind. But at the time I felt like I wanted to learn more. Having a job in huge company will give me limited knowledge and limited responsibility but if I would join a start-up/small company, I would get more exposure and I will be able to learn and handle bigger things and perform better. I’m really glad that I took that decision. No offense.

Michael: (smiling) None taken.

Yaya: Khun Nadech has been a great mentor. He is so talented and I got to learn a lot from him. He gives chance to all his staff to express their ideas. I have had an amazing 2 ½ years in this company and I got to learn a lot from him.

Michael: (polite) That’s great.

Every time she mentioned Nadech’s name, all Michael could think of was that kissing scene. He was getting frustrated. Finally they had finished their lunch.

Michael: Khun Yaya you have a bit of ….. (With his thumb he just wiped her chin touching her lips) curry on your chin.

As a matter of fact nothing was on her chin. Yaya felt extremely awkward. Her mind was screaming ‘red flags’. She surely felt like something was definitely up. She didn't know what to say or what to react. She however was glad the lunch was over. The driver drove them back to Nadech’s office.

Yaya: Thank you so much for the lunch.

Michael: It was my pleasure Khun Yaya. So our lawyers would have gone through the contract by the end of the night. How about I get the documents to your office tomorrow.

Yaya: (trying to avoid meeting him again) There is no need for it Khun Michael. The contracts will anyways be signed when Khun Nadech arrives. Once he arrives, we will collect the documents ourselves. Your lawyers can take more time and study it thoroughly.

Michael: That is not an issue Khun Yaya; the documents will be ready by tomorrow. I seriously don't mind getting them.

Yaya: (smiling) Khun Michael please don’t worry about it. We are in No hurry. Khun Nadech is extremely strict when it comes to contracts and legal documents. He would want you to take your time. Please I insist.

Michael: (smiling back) Alright. I will see you during the contract signing. Bye

Yaya: Ok Khun Michael. Bye.

Michael goes to his office while Yaya goes to her cabin. She just drinks a glass of water and tries to calm herself, while Michael does the opposite. He goes into his cabin and throws his phone in frustration.

Michael: (yelling alone in his cabin) Nadech, Nadech, Nadech………… (Takes off his tie, jacket and unbuttons the 1stbutton of his shirt, sits on his chair looking at the roof). If I follow this method I will not be able to impress her even in a year. Maybe I’m doing this all wrong. Instead of me going to her, I will make her come to me. (Smirking) Beside I’m the one holding all their cards. Why don’t I utilize it to the fullest. (Looking at her photo in his phone which he had clicked when they were at the site) Yaya, if I set my eyes on something I will not rest until I get it. (Kissing her photo)  You are mine. Let the games begin.



sarNie Adult
Part - 18
LA, California

They just landed in LA. They walked outside. Nadech turns on his phone so that he could call Yaya, but he had forgotten to charge his phone as he had to leave suddenly, the battery was too low. He thought he would go to his room and then charge and call her.

Nadech: Shall I call a cab for you Khun Matt? Once you get a cab I will be on my way.

Matt: Oh no Khun Nadech. Did brother forget to inform you? I’m sure he forgot. P’Michael has booked suites for both of us in the same hotel.

Nadech: I have already made my reservations Khun Matt. It’s alright you carry on.

Matt: No Khun Nadech, Please I insist from my side and by brother’s side. Brother has already taken care of all the arrangement. Please you cannot say no. Brother has specifically asked me to take care of you since it’s you first time here in America.

Nadech couldn’t refuse. He accompanied her. The car which Michael had booked for the both of them had arrived and they reached the hotel.

The suites were luxurious.  Both their suites were right next to each other’s. Nadech went inside his room, put his phone for charge and went to take a shower. He came out, got ready to meet the dealer. He then took his phone and was about to call Yaya, but suddenly realised that the 'love of his life' was in the other part of the world and she would be sleeping. He decided once he finishes his work he will call her. Nadech informed Matt (seeing that they had come together) left the hotel to meet the dealer.

Yaya was indeed sleeping. She did wait for his call but she unknowingly slept off as she was tired visiting and working in the site and then the rest of the day in the office.



sarNie Adult
Part - 19
Bangkok, Thailand.

It was 10. Yaya had reached the office. Around 11 Yaya gets a call from Michael.

Michael: Hello Khun Yaya.

Yaya: (worrying as to why he called) Yes Khun Michael?

Michael: We have gone through the documents and we have found some faults. If you don’t mind can you please come here so that I could let you know all faults so that you can prepare it and keep it ready by the time Khun Nadech arrives.

Yaya had no choice. If the documents were to be prepared again then it would take some time, so she had to get all that work done by the time Nadech arrives.

Yaya: Ok Khun Michael I will be there in an hour.
Michael: Alright.

He cuts the call and laughs sadistically. “come baby come, I’m all prepared for you.”


Yaya arrives.

Michael: Good afternoon. Come in Khun Yaya.

Yaya: (polite) Good afternoon to you too Khun Michael.

Michael: Please take you seat.

Yaya: (siting) Thank you.

Michael: Here are the contract documents. I have marked all the faulty sections.

It was a lot of documents so she had to search a lot of it. Michael gets up and turns towards his window gazing outside, waiting for her to finish.

Yaya: (surprised) Khun Michael I don’t see any markings.

Michael goes and stands behind her chair and leans in.

Michael: here let me show you. (Flips pages)

He moves in a lot closer. His face right next to hers. He takes in her scent. His cheek was almost about to touch hers. Yaya could sense his proximity. She suddenly flinches and gets up.

Yaya: (feeling definite weirdness) I think I will go now. I’ll ask Khun Nadech to handle it when he comes back.

Yaya tries to walk out but Michael goes in front of her and blocks her way.

Michael: (stepping towards her) Where do you think you’re going Khun Urassaya?

Yaya: (stepping back) I don’t understand. What’s this all about Khun Michael?

Michael: (stepping towards her further, looking into her eyes) YOU. It all about you.

Yaya: (stepping back, shocked) what do you mean?

Michael: (he corners her to the wall and places his hands on the wall on either side of her) Let me simplify it as much as I can. I like you a lot and I want you.

Yaya felt trapped and scared but this was not the time to weaken herself.

Yaya: (gathering her strength, declaring) P’Nadech and I are in love from past 2 years. So it’s better you forget about all of this and move on with the business.

Yaya pushes away his right hand and tries to walk off. But he catches hold of both her hands and pulls her around and pushes her onto his chair. She neatly lands on his seat. He comes closer.

Michael: (shouting) Don’t you dare walk away when I’m still talking to you.

Yaya: (yelling) What the hell is wrong with you? Don’t you understand? I said I and P’Nadech are in love.

Michael: (calmly) I know. I saw the two of you kiss in front of your office. As a matter of fact I did a little back ground check and found out a lot about you both. I even know about the house.

Yaya: When you know that I belong to someone else why are you doing all of this?

Michael: (angry) Don’t ever say that again. You don't belong to anyone else. You belong only to me.

Yaya was scarred inside and out. She dint know how to get out of this situation.

Yaya: (Mumbling)I don’t know what to say. It’s not too late you know. Let’s just assume all of this never happened and move on. (declaring) Let me go.

Michael: (angry) I don’t think you understand how serious I am?

Yaya: (extremely worried) Please let me go.

Yaya tries to get up but he pushes her back into his seat.

Michael: (ordering) Sit down. Don’t force me to do things which will make you regret later.

Yaya was extremely scared. She just wished Nadech was here with her. Her phone starts ringing. It was Nadech. He had finished his work with the dealers and the first thing he did was call Yaya.

Yaya looked at the screen (feeling relieved) and was about to answer when…

Michael: (declaring) You press that button and I will make sure he never comes back home.

Yaya was completely shocked. She dint have the guts to receive the call. Michael took her phone, turned it off and put it on his table.

Michael: Do you know what your Nadech is doing now? Who he is with? He is with my sister in America. They flew together yesterday.

Yaya was shocked. Not because she doubted him, but the fact that Michael mentioned it implies that he had something to do with it. And she couldn't guess where all of this was leading. 

Yaya: (declaring) I don’t care who he is with. I trust him.

Michael: Let me give you a clear picture. I made sure Nadech and Matt fly together, stay at the same hotel, and come back together. Matt likes Nadech a lot and I want her to spend some time with him so that you can be all mine. Now listen to me carefully, you try to run or try to scream or try telling Nadech anything that’s happening here, I will just make a phone call to my people and make sure Nadech never reaches home.

From today onwards you’re my girlfriend, not his. You will break up with him when he comes back. Let me also tell you what will happen if you don’t do as I say. Nadech has already taken loans from banks. He has gone to America to finalize the raw materials deal and by now he must have already made his payment to them. He has invested all of his personal savings for that house. He still hasn't signed the contract yet so I and my company will no way be responsible even if I withdraw the project. So in case I do withdraw, Nadech will go bankrupt. So if you try telling him anything or disobey me you know what exactly is going to happen. Only when the project contract is signed Nadech would get half of the project’s expenditure. And the other half will be given after the completion of this project. Besides it is his dream project. (Sadistic) Would you want to risk so much and try telling him anything? Oh! And one last thing, let’s say you do tell him or he finds out, I will make sure that will be his last day on this planet.

Yaya just sat there, completely still. All the times that Nadech had mentioned about his dream project were flashing in her mind. She reminds herself all of the hard work he had done to reach this level and how happy he was when the project presentation was approved. She was completely devastated.

Yaya: (with all her anger she stands up and kicks the chair behind, holds his shirt collar and yells) All of this…. All of this just for sex!

Michael: (smiling) When I said I want you, I meant I want all of it not just the sex part. (Smirking) Trust me if that was my only intention, then I could have just put a pill in the champagne and had my way with you by now. The thing that excites me about you is the fact that you’re not just a beauty, but you’re beauty with brains. You’re brilliant. You are beautiful and outstandingly sexy at the same time. I love the fact that you have the capacity to challenging me at every level. Example: the fact that you are holding my collar right now is totally turning me on.

Yaya immediately let go.

Yaya: (demanding) what is your exact intention?

Michael: (smiling) I want to marry you.

Yaya: (stunned) What???????????? Are you insane? Have you lost your mind?????? You must have seen me what 4 to 5 times max and you want to marry me?????????

Michael: (calm, smiling) Yes as a matter of fact I do. (Touching her face) I have had enough experience to know the fact that you are very much above the level of all the girls I have been with. So why would I want to delay and think about dating and try geting to know you and all. (Smirking, moving closer) Besides,We will have plenty of time to do all of that after our marriage.

Yaya: (declaring, shoving his hand aside) Marriage is not a game. Love is the foundation of marriage and if there is no love then it won’t take much time before it all goes down.

Michael: (laughing) Love is such a fleeting feeling. You can make it come and go as you want. I already like you so much; I can love you anytime I want. Don’t worry as for you; you will eventually learn to love me after we get married.

Yaya: (smirking) First of all that will not happen in this lifetime, because my heart belongs only to Nadech. Second, your definition of ‘love’ itself shows what kind of experiences you must have had.

Michael: Trust me I have my ways of making all of it happen. (wondering)You know what adds a cherry of top of my cake in this matter, (pausing) the fact that I get to steal you from him and make you mine. It's that much exciting to have competition.

Someone knocks on the door.

Michael: (happily) Oh! Our guest has arrived. Shall we see who it is?

Yaya didn’t know what to expect. But she could sense that it was not going to get any better. Michael opens the door himself.

Michael: Khun Yoshio, Swadee krup. Please come in.

Yoshio nods and comes in.

Yaya had no idea what to think about this situation. Her mind couldn't speculate anything.

Michael: As per your request, Khun Yaya is here. Let’s tell her about our decision shall we?

Yoshio nods.

Michael: (turning to Yaya) Yaya. I and uncle have decided that we will become relatives. I proposed uncle for Matt and Nadech to get married. He was more than excited. In fact he said that we can get them engaged as soon as possible. Isn’t that right Khun Yoshio?

Yoshio nods. Before Yaya could think of anything to say Yoshio speaks.

Yoshio: (turning to Yaya, respectfully) I have a few things to say to you Miss Yaya. First of all, I’m extremely sorry that I spoke you to that way. I accept that fact that I did not say it in the right manner, but I still stick to what I had told. (Turning away from her) You and my son are not right for each other.  My son has worked extremely hard to reach this level. He deserves someone of his standard or higher. I feel Matt will be perfect for him. After this project both company will tie up in partnership and become one. But you see he is so lost in you that he will never agree to this arrangement and show interest in Matt. But you are the only one who can make him do it. Besides, you don’t even have to worry about yourself. Khun Michael has shown great interest in you. He is ready to marry you and provide you with everything and care for you. He is the most eligible bachelor in the city. In fact he proposed that all four of you get engaged on the same day,same time.  In way you will still be a part of our family.

(Joining his hands and pleading her) So I request you to please forget my son and stay out of his life.

Yoshio turns around, nods goodbye to Michael and just walks out closing the door. Yaya just stood still.  She could see everything in her life shattering. She was completely shaken.

Michael: So what is your decision, sweetheart? Are you ready to break up with him, marry me, secure his future forever, hand him his dream project and partnership to one of the biggest companies in Thailand OR are you ready to spoil his future, bring him on streets and spoil his life forever. There is one thing I forgot to mention to you. If everything doesn't go according to my plan then I will make sure I kill him right in front of your eyes. Decide what you wanna do.

Yaya just kept looking at ground. Every image of Nadech was flashing in her mind. She knew herself that he had put his life in this project.

Yaya: (calm, cold) Ok fine.

Michael: (teasing) What? I’m sorry I didn't hear you.

Yaya: (looking up fiercely straight into his eyes) I said yes. (Yelling) Yes to all of it.

Michael: (mocking) Good choice.

Yaya: (demanding) Now let me go.

She just wanted to get out of there. Michael happily steps aside and gives her the way but when she reaches the door he comes up behind her.

Michael: Yaya. (She turns around) There was this one thing that had kept me up all night.

Before she could even realize Michael holds both of her hands pushing her to the door and smooches her. All of the things that were going on inside of her mind while exiting, this was the least she could have expected. She struggles hard and somehow manages to push him off in 3 seconds.

Michael: (sighed happily) Satisfied. (Touching his lips, smirking) Your lips do taste amazing.

Yaya was outraged. She slapped him right across his face.

Yaya: (pointing, warning, roaring) Don’t you ever dare to do that again. I will obey you only till I want to. If I ever feel that you are physically taking advantage of me then I will make sure I will completely disappear. At that point, I will worry only about myself and not about others (meaning Nadech). Oh! And one last thing (smirking) If you even think of touching his nail or try harming him physically or business wise, then I will make sure I will kill you myself. (smirking)You did call me beauty with brains right. Then you better be careful.
She walks out. Yaya knew if she hadn't said this he would have taken advantage of her physically. But no way in hell she would ever let anyone harm Nadech, especially when everything rests on her shoulder's.

As she slams the door behind her…

Michael: (touching his face, smirking) Feisty.  How can I not love you Yaya? How can I not. (declaring) You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. All we have to do is just wait till Nadech arrives.



sarNie Adult
Part - 20
As soon as she came out of his cabin, Yaya quickly got out of the building. She didn’t even bother going back to her office and directly went home. A hurricane called ‘Michael’ had managed to destroy everything in her life in the last hour.

Yaya recalled everything Michael had told to her, and when she remembered him saying “You will break up with him when he comes back” she just wanted to drop dead. How on earth would she ever get the courage to stand in front of the sweetest man on the planet, who loved her more than his own life and tell him that she wanted to break up with him? She was feeling helpless and out of breath. All she wanted to do was get a glimpse of his face. She immediately switched on her cell and put it on the table. Within few seconds, Nadech called. She kept looking at the phone and trying to resist herself from accepting the call. He kept constantly calling her and she was so desperate to receive it. She walked from one corner to another, trying to stay away from her phone. This itself was killing her, let alone confronting him face to face.

You will break up with him when he comes back”,
Nadech will go bankrupt”,
It’s his dream project”,
You and my son are not right for each other”,
He deserves someone of his standard or higher",

Matt will be perfect for him”,
I request you to please forget my son and stay out of his life.
Secure his future forever”,
I will make sure I kill him right in front of your eyes
All of these were constantly running in her mind in a loop. Lack of the ability to cry, was putting a great toll on her mind. Her head was aching like hell, while her heart was getting ripped.  Unable to cope up with the pressure she just took her phone and threw it at the wall and screamed. She wanted to cry. She wanted to cry so badly and let it all out. But unfortunately she was not able to.

Yaya fell to her knees with a heavy heart. The shattered pieces of her phone looked like the shattered pieces of her heart. She clearly had no option in this case apart from following Michael’s orders. She just sat there thinking of every scenario of how to break up with him, but was not able to find any sensible solution.


LA, California
Nadech was worried as to why her cell kept turning on and off. He was restless. His heart was sensing something to be wrong. He immediately called to his office and found out that she had left for Macrovitz’s company and has not returned yet.

Nadech called Michael.

Nadech: Hello?

Michael: Yes Khun Nadech. I was just about to call you to ask what happened about the contract for raw materials.

Nadech: (hurrying) A…The contract is confirmed Khun Michael. He just asked me to wait until morning so that I can sign the contract papers. I will leave tomorrow morning as soon as the signing is done.

Michael: That’s great Khun Nadech. In that case I will see you when you reach here.

Nadech: (hurrying) Yes… Khun Michael. Did Khun Yaya by any chance drop by your office?

Michael: (happy inside his mind) Oh she had come to collect the documents. She left around half hour ago. What is the matter Khun Nadech? You sound worried.

Nadech: (hesitating) No. Not at all Khun Michael. I just wanted to talk to her about the project that’s all. Ok, so I will see you in Thailand.

Michael: Ok (smiling).

Nadech was worried. He did not know why, but he felt weird. He called Mint and asked her about Yaya. Mint said that she has not spoken to her from the time she met his parents and that she just saw her leaving the office at 11.

Nadech just assumed that maybe her battery was low and thought that he would call her after some time.

He called his mum and spoke to her for a while. He then returned to the hotel. Matt met him before he could enter. She was all dressed for the reception.

Matt: (wondering) So? What happened to the contract Khun Nadech?

Nadech: (smiling) Oh it done. I just need to sign tomorrow.

Matt: (excited) That’s great. (pausing) So what are your plans for now?

Nadech: Nothing. I will just be in my room and rest for a while.

Matt: If you don’t mind can you please accompany me to the wedding reception? I don’t have a plus one. So please…..

Nadech: (awkward) You please carry on. Please don’t mind Khun Matt I am just tired.

Matt: Come one Khun Nadech. You will not come to LA at least for a while so you have got to come out and enjoy.

Nadech: (finding reasons) I… I don’t have anything appropriate to wear. You please carryon.

Matt: (pointing at his clothes, smiling) You are in a suit Khun Nadech. Besides you look so handsome in it. I insist. Please you must not say no.

Nadech: (clueless, polite) Alright.

They reached the reception. Matt introduced him to all her friends from her acting course group. They kept checking him out. He felt extremely awkward so he wanted find a reason  to go from there.

Nadech: Khun Matt I will go get a drink for myself. (Polite) Can I get you anything?

Matt: (smiling) Vodka please.

Nadech nods and goes away. He then ordered a glass of red wine for himself and vodka for Matt. He immediately tried calling Yaya. Unfortunately it was still switched off. He was worrying even more. He took the drinks and went to Matt and gave her. Nadech was not interested in party as he was constantly worrying about Yaya. But seeing that he had come with Matt, he had to stick with her.

Matt: Are you enjoying the part y Khun Nadech?

Nadech: (polite, smiling) It looks great.

Matt: 1 second I’m getting a call.

Matt gets a call from the lakorn director to whom she had auditioned for. She was selected. Matt was so happy that she hugs Nadech.

Matt: (hugging) I'm so happy. You were right Khun Nadech I got selected.

Nadech felt extremely awkward. He dropped is phone on purpose and stepped back to pick it up.

Nadech: (smiling) Congratulations Khun Matt. I wish you all the best.

Matt: (smiling) Thank you Khun Nadech. So in this case we must celebrate. Come on.

She offered him another glass of wine as he refused vodka and she herself had 2 more shots of vodka. She pulled him to the dance floor in spite of him refusing. She was drunk and already a bit woozy.

Matt: Come on Khun Nadech. You have to dance with me.

Nadech: NO Khun Matt I can’t dance.

Matt: (woozy) Are you kidding me? I was you dance with Khun Yaya. You dint look like a person who didn’t know how to dance.

Nadech: (stammering) I .. I .. I meant, I don’t feel like dancing today.

Matt: Come on let’s just dance please.

She was practically throwing herself at him. He tried to maintain distance and danced for a while. The song changed. Matt was all over Nadech for this song. Nadech couldn’t handle it anymore. Before he could even sense, Matt was almost unconscious. She sure did drink like a professional, but couldn’t handle herself. Nadech somehow managed to walk her to the cab.

In the cab Matt (wooooozy) fell onto Nadech’s lap. Nadech was so uncomfortable that he acted like he was being touched by a girl for the first time. He somehow managed to get her of him and made her lean onto the window, took his coat and covered her on top. The cab took them to their hotel. He asked the doorman to get a wheel chair (normally hotels will have wheelchairs for old people), put her in that and took her to her suite. He then tried to wake her up. She was dozed but kept mumbling.

Matt:  ‘Nadech’ come let’s dance.

You… you danced with her. Why can’t you dance with me?

(Smiling) I’m so pretty.

Nadech thought she must have gone mental and giggled. He managed to walk her to her bed and tucked her in. As he was about to leave, Matt held his hand. (Unconscious of course)

Matt: let’s dance.

He slowly removed her hand; made sure he didn’t make noise and went to his room.

Nadech: (tired) Oh god! What a night. (Worrying) Why her phone is still turned off. I hope she is alright.

He called her 2 more time, seeing that it was still switched off he called Mint again.

Nadech: Khun Mint did Yaya come back to the office?

Mint: No Khun Nadech no sign of her. She probably must be at the site. She had asked the workers to remove all the debris so that when the materials arrive we will have space to dump them. She went there to supervise.

Nadech: That must be it. She must have forgotten to charge her phone so it’s switched off. Ok Khun Mint if she comes, can you please ask her to call me.

Mint: Definitely Khun Nadech. Bye

Nadech did wait for her call, but it was already midnight in LA so he eventually dozed off. He woke up in the morning around 9 and checked his phone. No miscalls. He tried calling Yaya again but still switched off. Seeing that it was 11 pm in Bangkok, Nadech didn’t want to disturb Mint. He was feeling restless as this was the longest they had been without taking to each other. He thought maybe Yaya must have been tired so she would have slept off.

He got dressed, had his breakfast, ordered room service and sent breakfast and coconut water to Matt’s room and left to go meet the dealer to sign the contract. Matt had just woken up when the breakfast arrived. She was very impressed seeing that Nadech had ordered it for her and had also sent tender coconut water thinking she must have had a hangover. Nadech quickly dealt with all the documents and hurried to hotel so that they could fly back to Thailand. He knocked on Matt’s door.

Nadech: Khun Matt are you feeling alright?

Matt: (pressing her forehead) No. My head hurts like hell. I’m in no condition to fly Khun Nadech. Is it ok if we fly tonight? I already informed brother. He told that the jet will be leaving at 8 pm.

Nadech: (dull, polite) Not an Issue. You please take care of yourself.

Matt: I don’t even remember what happened yesterday night. Thank you so much for taking care of me and for the breakfast.

Nadech: Not a problem Khun Matt. You please rest for now so that we can leave at 8.

Matt: (nodding) Yes.

Nadech went to his room and just relaxed for a while. He couldn’t call Yaya as it was still night in Bangkok. So he just spent the whole day in his room. At 6pm he called Yaya as it would be 8 am in Thailand, still switched off. He called again at 8 pm before boarding his jet. Switched off.  He then turned off his phone as he had to board.

Nadech has no clue what's about to happen. Yaya has no idea how she is going to do what she is about to do. Get ready because some hearts are about to break. Enjoy :)


sarNie Adult
Part - 21
Bangkok, Thailand

Yaya didn’t want to come to office, but seeing that even Nadech was not in the country she dint have a choice as everything was under her control.  Around 11 am Michael arrived to Nadech’s office.

Michael: (just walked into her cabin) Hi Yaya.

Yaya: (cold, strict, didn’t bother to stand) What?

Michael: (serious) Why is your phone switched off from yesterday?

Yaya : (cold, looking at the document not bothering about him) I broke my phone.

Michael: (polite, ordering) Look at me when I’m talking.

Yaya: (cold, looking at him) Tell.

Michael: Won’t you even ask me to sit?

Yaya: (crossing her legs and leaning back) Sit.

Michael: (amazed, wondering) What is wrong with me? Everything you do or say just turns me on.

Yaya: (calm) Hormonal imbalance!

Michael: (laughing) Oh god! You are amazing.

Yaya didn’t respond, instead she just looked straight at him. Michael pulled his chair next to hers and sat.

Michael: (touching her shoulder) What’s up with you baby? Why are you in such a bad mood?

Yaya shoved his hand aside.

Yaya: I’m not your baby. Just tell what the matter is and get lost.

Michael: (calm, trying to change her mood) Did you know Nadech will be arriving late? He and Matt decided that they will spend the day together, shopping and side seeing and reach here by 7 pm.

Yaya: (cold) so?

Michael: See they are spending so much time together. So why can’t we? Come let’s go out.

Yaya: I just agreed to be your girlfriend in front of Nadech. So get lost.

Michael: (held her chair and turned it and pulled it close so that she could face him directly, still calm) I didn’t ask you to be my girlfriend as a part time job. I want to you to be my girlfriend all the time. I love you.

Yaya: (cold) Dream on. I just agreed to the part where I have to act as your girlfriend in from of him.

Michael: (slightly angry) I don’t think you have a choice in this matter. Have you forgotten what I had told you? Do you really want to mess with me?

Yaya: (cold, careless) As a matter of fact I remember exactly what you had told me. You said that “We will have plenty of time to go on dates and get to know each other ‘AFTER’ marriage”. So wait till we are married and then I will behave as your girlfriend “all the time”.

Michael: (sighing) Yaya why do you have to behave this way.

Yaya: (witty) You are the one who said, you like the fact that I challenge you in every way. So here, this is me challenging you. I mean you are the one who said all of that and I’m behaving just like you wanted.

Michael: (smiling, witty) Alright. In that case, I want to marry you right now. (Holding her hand) Let’s go.

Yaya: (startled) Let go of my hand.

Michael was about to reach the door pulling her with him. She was trying hard to resist and then he suddenly turned and pulled her hard so she came and fit right into his arms. At the same time Mint just barged in. From Mint’s perspective all she could see was Yaya being in Michael’s arms. She dint see them struggling as they were startled when she barged in. Since it was Yaya’s cabin Mint had never bothered to knock and enter.

Mint: (shocked, embarrassed) I’m so sorry. I should have knocked.

Yaya: (alarmed that she might find out everything, cold) Yes you should have. Now please go. I’ll call you in, if you are required.

Mint just closed the door behind her. She was completely shocked. Yaya had never spoken to her in that manner ever. She wasn’t sure if she should be wondering about her behavior or about the scene happening back there. Nevertheless, she decided that she would wait and talk to her before assuming anything.

Yaya: (strict) Let go.

Michael: I’m not joking, you know. (teasing, pulling her closer) Nadech will be here tonight so even he can attend our wedding. (pausing, calming down) I will marry you when I want to marry you. So if you think you can behave however you want then you better make sure you are ready to face everything.

Yaya: Alright. Alright. Now leave me.

Michael let go.

Michael: Now let’s try talking like two civilized people. Shall we?

Yaya nodded.

Michael: So sweetheart why is your phone switched off from yesterday?

Yaya: (smiling excessively) I broke my phone.

Michael: Why did you break you phone?

Yaya: (smiling excessively) I was upset and angry that my life is ruined so I threw it at the wall and it broke.

Michael: (smiling) Come on. Act better. (Removes his coat and puts it on the chair) If you’re going to behave this way then Nadech will not be convinced, then how will he leave you?

Yaya: (normal) See that’s the thing. (Walking around) I kept thinking about every possibility as to how I will break up with him, but every time I play a scenario in my mind Nadech just finds out I’m lying.

Michael: (walking around, sadistic) Ok I’ll help you. I will give you 3 solutions and you can choose whatever you like best:
1.      I will marry you right now, so you don’t even have to say the words “break up”. He will get the message.

2.      I will call one of my people and make sure Nadech goes directly to hospital from airport so that you can take your time and prepare for break up. Don’t worry just some minor injury.

3.      You can try and act better and make sure he leaves you.

Yaya: (angry) Let me tell you one thing. No matter what I say today, he will never break up. He is not the type of person who will give up easily.

Michael: Fine. I will talk to him myself. I will tell him that we slept together. I’m pretty sure he would not like to look at your face from that point on. Oh by the way, that’s your 4th option. Now choose.

Yaya was silently looking at him.

Michael: I said choose.

Yaya: (depressed) I choose 3. I will tell him myself.

Michael: (smiling) Good choice.

Nadech was not the type of person who would fight back or hit. He was always calm, cool, and peaceful. The only time she had ever seen Nadech shout was, during the recent meeting with the parentsAccording to Yaya option 4 seemed like a definite possibility (meaning: She was sure he wouldn’t want to look at her face if she had slept with anyone else but she couldn’t choose this as he might not move on in life as easily as Michael assumed). There was a story behind this (it will come up later).

Michael: Ok first things first. You need a phone.

Michael called his new personal secretary ‘Mark’ and asked him to get all the high-end latest phones in every brand and come to “Kugimiya Constructions”.

Yaya: I don’t want anything. I will buy one myself.

Michael: I din’t ask your opinion in this matter. This is my first gift to you as your boyfriend so (ordering) u will not refuse it.

Yaya didn’t have an option.  She just kept quiet.

Michael: Mark will be arriving soon. For now TRY being polite and talking to me as a girlfriend. If you refuse I will kiss you   in front of him.

Yaya didn’t even bother to nod. She just looked at him and felt depressed.

Mark knocked on the door.

Michael: Come in.

Mark: (placing it on the table) Sir, here are the phones that you requested for. (Turning to Yaya)  Good morning Mam.

Yaya: (smiled, nodded) Good morning.

Michael: Yaya which one did you like?

Yaya: (smiling) Why don’t you choose for me Michael? No matter what you choose, I’m sure I will love it.

Michael: (smiling) Alright take this one sweetheart.

Yaya smiles and takes it.

Michael: Mark, take the rest and distribute it among staff. You can take whatever you like.

Marks nods and walks out.

Michael: (turning to Yaya) “Michael”?? I love it. (Pausing) Not bad. Even if you did speak just 1 line, for Mark it must have seemed genuine as though there might be something between us. Ok I will leave now so that you can prepare well. Bye love you.

Yaya knew that this was not even a fraction close to the amount of “lies” and acting she might have to do in front of Nadech.

Later Mint tried to talk to Yaya but she is no state to let anyone come inside her cabin. She just had her lunch inside her cabin and stayed there the whole day. She knew is she would speak to Mint then she will just cave and tell her everything, and that was not an option.

It was 7pm in Bangkok and the jet just landed. Nadech happily walked out of the jet dying to see his sweetheart.



sarNie Adult
Part - 22
Nadech: Khun Matt, your car has arrived. You please carryon.

Matt: The car will drop you to your home Khun Nadech. Please get in.

Nadech: (smiling) I have some urgent work to be taken care off, you please carryon Khun Matt. Thank you.

Nadech didn’t even bother for her reply. He just smiled and walked away. He hopped into a cab and went straight to the office. He got some flowers on the way.

Meanwhile, Yaya was extremely worried. She was literally holding on to her chair. She knew Nadech would have landed at 7. It was already 7.45pm. The first thing Nadech would do is search for her in the office, as the office closes at 8.30. So within no time Nadech would reach the office. As per Michael’s order, Yaya knew she had to talk to Nadech today itself. So she was trying to hold on to her chair so that she wouldn’t run.

It was 7.47 pm. Yaya was just looking at the time and expecting him any minute.

It was 7.56, still waiting for him. She knew he would barge in any minute, but waiting for him felt like waiting to die. She knew if she confronts him now she will have to behave cold, careless and cruel.

Yaya was already feeling out of breath. She just couldn’t take it anymore, she caved. She had no guts to face him and behave that way. She took her purse and sprinted out of her cabin. She ran through the stairs as she knew Nadech would come by the elevator.

Nadech on the other hand waited for the elevator, but it was taking so long to arrive and he was getting restless so he ran up the stairs. While getting down, from the corner of her eye, Yaya saw Nadech climbing. She panicked. She quickly ran throw the door that was in that floor.

Nadech went to his office and enquired about Yaya to the first person he saw and found out that she just left. The elevator had just arrived to his floor so he quickly got into in and came down to the basement. Meanwhile Yaya had to go through the entire floor and finally she came to basement, only to see Nadech. At that second itself, Nadech turns around to see Yaya. He was ecstatic. Both of them were dying to get a glimpse of each other from past 3 days, yet one’s face could express it and the other couldn’t.

Yaya alerts her mind. She kept a straight face and walked straight past him. He was confused. He followed her.

Nadech: Yaya wait. Why are you just walking away?

Yaya kept walking hoping and praying that she could just vanish.

Nadech quickly runs to her, turns her and hugs her.

Nadech: (extremely happy) I’m so happy that I’m finally seeing you. I missed you like crazy. Oh I wish we never have to be apart like this ever.

Yaya just stood there, trying to feel his embrace for the last time. Her heart kept aching. She knew that if she wouldn’t break up with him today, then Michael might do something to him tomorrow or tell him himself.

Nadech happily gave her the flowers.

Nadech: (handing flowers) I got these for you baby.

Yaya just took the flowers and threw it to the side. Nadech was completely shocked.

Yaya: (angry) I’m not you baby.

Nadech: (confused) What’s the matter sweetheart? Dint you miss me?

Yaya: (cold) No.

Nadech: (worried) Yaya did something happen?

Yaya just kept quiet. She dint know what to say. She was too scared inside.

Nadech: (smiling) Oh I get it. I had told you that we never fight and our relationship is boring so you are taking revenge right.

Yaya just blurts it out.

Yaya: I want to break up.

Nadech: (hugging) Baby please don’t fight.

Yaya: (shoving his hands, serious) I said I want to break up.

Nadech a bit shocked.

Nadech: Come on sweetheart. We will fight some other time. Not today please, I missed you so much. I just want to be with you and hold you.

Yaya: (looking straight at him, yelling) Can you understand what I’m saying? I said I want to break up with you.

Nadech was completely shocked. It was not only what she said that shocked him but also the way she said it. He had never seen her like this. He was now pretty sure Yaya was serious.

Nadech: I ….. I …….. Are you serious?

Yaya: (cold, serious) Yes

Nadech: I … I can’t believe your saying this. Yaya what is the exact matter?

Yaya: The only matter is that I want to break up with you. It’s as simple as that.

Nadech: (a bit angry) Simple????????  You have seen me for 2 and a half years, been in a relationship for 2 years and within 2 seconds you have decided that you want to end it.

Yaya: I have been thinking about it for a while now.

Nadech: (serious) A while? So according to you, for a while means 3 days? Because you seemed to be fine before I go to America.

Yaya: (turning her back to him) That’s what you assumed.

Nadech: (calming down and walked around to face her) I get it. ( depressed) It is because of what my dad had told right.

Yaya: No.

Nadech: (with love, holding her cheeks) Yaya I sincerely apologise to you with all my heart. I’m extremely sorry for what my dad told about you. I promise that I will never put in such a situation.

Yaya: (shoving his hand aside) What your dad told was absolutely right. If you had really loved me you wouldn’t have waited 2 full years to at least mention my name to your dad.

Nadech: (confused, worried) I can’t believe you just said that. You are doubting my love for you.

Yaya: (straight) Yes, as a matter of fact I am.

Nadech was shocked.

Nadech: (pleading) Please tell me all of this is some kind of prank. Please.

Yaya: (cold) I said I want to break up.

Nadech: (worried) I’m sure this is not the reason you would want to break up. Please I’m begging you please tell me what the problem is.

Yaya knew that this was not even close to enough to push him away and he would apologise till she forgives him. She had to think of something quick.

Yaya: (serious, yelling) Who accompanied you to America?

Nadech: (confused as to how the question was relevant to break up) Who?...... Oh !..........Khun Matt. Why Yaya?

Yaya: (accusing) So you were with another girl the whole trip and you didn’t even bother to inform me. And you are saying that your love is true.

Nadech: How could I inform you? Your phone was always switched off.

Yaya: Don’t lie. I turned off my phone after 2 hours after you landed. Besides you could have just left me a text.

Nadech: I wanted to talk to you so I thought I would inform you at that time.

Yaya: Liar. You would have never told me. Its good that Khun Michael brought it up randomly.

Nadech: (realizing) You turned off your phone on purpose?

Yaya: (calm) Yes.

Nadech: (confused, very confused) Why would you turn it off on purpose? Do you know how much I was worried? Do you have any idea how much I missed you.

Yaya: Oh please save all of this for her, not me.

Nadech: (confused) Who?

Yaya: The one, whom you spent these 3 days with.

Nadech: Are you serious? You are doubting on me? Don’t you trust me?

Yaya: No. You are a guy, she is a girl and you guys spent 3 days together. It’s obvious what would have happened.


sarNie Adult
Part - 23
Nadech: What is wrong with you? Why are you saying all of this? How can you not trust me? How can you not? (pausing)  If you think I would do all of “whatever you are assuming we did” with her then what about us? We are together from 2 years; don’t you think I would have done it with you?

Yaya: May be you didn’t find me interesting enough to do all of that.

Nadech: (calm) Oh trust me the only, the only reason I waited is because you were worried that it would be inappropriate as we work in the same office. Beside we were happy so I just dint find the need to hurry with all of this.

Yaya: Good at least you hurried with her. Enjoy. But leave me alone.

Nadech: Yaya what is wrong with you? Why are you assuming all of that?

Yaya: Don’t try to fool me. If you think you are innocent then why did you arrive to Bangkok after 8 hours of delay?

Nadech: Actually I and Khun Matt had been to a wedding reception .When she found out she got her part in a lakorn, she got excited and got drunk and morning she had severe headache. That’s why she said that she couldn’t fly for a while and it got delayed. I’m sorry.

Yaya: (yelling) You went with her to a reception?  Oh! You dint you marry her there itself.

Nadech: Trust me I did not want to go, but she didn’t have a plus one and she insisted too much, so I couldn’t say no.

Yaya: Did you drink?

Nadech: Just 2 glasses of wine.

Yaya: (curious) Hmm so both of you were drunk. And both of you were in different hotels so how did she get to her room if she was that drunk that she would get a severe headache?

Nadech: Oh no, actually Khun Michael had booked us suites in the same hotel. I insisted that I will go to my hotel but Khun Matt said that Michael will feel bad as he had already arranged everything for the both of us.

Yaya: (yelling) Oh so you guys were in the same hotel? So how did she get to her room, you would have obviously carried her.

Nadech: (hurrying) No No. I got a wheelchair and took her to her room. I just put a blanket on her and left.

Yaya had a bit of laugh in her mind “a wheel chair”. But she had to say something so she was thinking. Nadech just hugs her.

Nadech: (hugging) Yaya, since we never had any jealousy or insecurity in our relationship maybe that’s why you are having such strong reactions. Please calm down and think again. You will know that your P’Nadech is not like that.

Yaya knew she was about to break and give up the act but that was not an option. She had to do something quickly, so she just shoved his hands aside.

Yaya: (yelling) Do you think I am a fool. Just because you say some story you think I will believe you. I don’t trust you one bit.

Nadech: (holding her hand) Ok in that case come I will take you to Matt’s house. You ask her yourself.

Yaya: Let go. I don’t want to ‘ask’ or ‘listen to’ anyone. Just leave me alone.

Nadech: (holding her hands) Yaya I pledge my soul to you. Trust me; I have never ever been unfaithful to you. I have not even thought of being unfaithful to you. Please trust me. You are the love of my life.

Yaya: (demanding) I want to break up.

Nadech: (hugs her) I can’t live without you Yaya. I just can’t. Please don’t do this please. I’m begging you, please. I can’t even imagine my life without you.

Yaya: (trying to get out of his hold) Let me go.

Nadech: (hugging her tighter) You punish me however you want but please don’t even utter the words “break up”.

Yaya: (struggling harder) Just back off.

She pushes him away. Nadech was beyond shocked. He dint know what to do. His mind was still trying to see what had gone wrong.

Yaya: (yelling louder) I need space. Just leave me alone.

Nadech: (extremely worried, trying to convince) I can’t believe you’re doing this. Don’t you know me well? Can’t you see my love? Is these 3 days more effective than the 2 years you have been with me?

Yaya: (declaring) I want to break up.

Nadech goes closer to her.

Nadech: (yelling) Stop saying that. (Declaring) No matter how many times you say, I will never break up with you.

Yaya: (pointing) I didn’t ask your opinion. I told you my decision.

Nadech: (going closer face to face) You have no rights to decide alone.

Yaya: (smirking) I just did.

Nadech: (calm, declaring) Well I don’t accept your decision.

Yaya: (calm, declaring) I don’t care.

Yaya turns to walk away. Nadech’s heart was pounding harder and harder feeling like he letting go of his life. He goes in front of her and kneels down.

Nadech: (kneeling down and holding her hands) Please don’t do this Yaya. I accept all of this to be my fault. You punish me however you want. But please don’t do this.

Yaya: (cold) Punishment is break up.

She was about to go away when Nadech holds her legs.

Nadech: (tears were starting to fill his eyes, pleading) Yaya please don’t do this. I beg you please don’t. I can’t live without you, I love you so much please, please don’t leave me. Please.

Yaya: (declaring) I don’t want to be with you. Just let me go.

She just pushes him aside and gets into her car and drives away.

Nadech went still. He was too shocked to even get up and go behind her. He didn’t know what had hit him in the last half hour. He finally decided that he will give her space and let her think about what happened today and decided that he would talk to her tomorrow and maybe she would listen to him patiently.  It was now 8.30 and all of his employers were starting to come down. He just got up, dusted himself off, got into a cab and went straight to home.

Meanwhile at Michael’s home…

Michael: (hugging her) Hi baby sister. How was your trip?

Matt: (smiling) It was amazing. Thank you so much. You were right Nadech is a gem. I don’t think I will ever get a better guy then him.

Michael: (smiling) See I told you. So did you guys have fun?

Matt: (smiling) Nothing as such. But he is so caring, kind, gentle, (blushing) extremely handsome, and what a gentleman. We danced, drank and when I was almost unconscious Nadech carried me to my room (in reality he used a wheel chair but she dint remember anything of that night so she just assumed), ordered me breakfast and juice as I might have a hangover. He waits till my car arrives. He is so polite I mean what kind of guy does all of that. (Smiling) He is amazing.

Michael: I’m so happy for you.

Matt: How I wish we would have stayed there longer. (thinking) But I didn’t get any particular vibe from him that he might like me.

Michael: oh! Don’t worry. How can he not like my beautiful sister? He was just busy about getting the deal sanctioned.

Matt: Ya he was pretty busy running around for it.

Michael: You will anyways keep meeting him from now on.

Matt: (nodding, excited) Obviously. Ok I will freshen up and come down.

Matt goes upstairs. Michael was more than excited to know that everything was going according to his plan.

Yaya dint give a chance for her brain to even think and realize what she had just done. She hurried to her home as fast as she could. When she reached her home she just slammed the door, threw her purse with all her rage and fell to her knees with a heavy heart. Everything that happened in that last hour had dawned upon her. Yaya felt like the most important thing in her life was destroyed by her own hands. Thinking of Nadech’s present feelings, not being able to cry and not able to control her overwhelming emotions, Yaya felt out of breath, had an anxiety attack and collapsed to the floor, unconscious.

Nadech on the other hand, went straight to his room and locked himself. He couldn’t even believe that his Yaya had told all of that. He kept replaying every word of hers guessing what must be the real problem. Even though he felt that there was more to the story, the only explanation he could come up was that Yaya had a problem about him being with Matt these 3 days.


sarNie Adult
Part - 24
Nadech’s mum knocked the door.

Mae Keaw: Nadech open the door.

Nadech: (dull) I just want to sleep mum. I don’t want to food. I will talk to you tomorrow.

Mae Keaw: (sensing something to be wrong) Can you please open the door?

Nadech: I want to be alone for some time. I’ll come down later. Please mom.

Mae Keaw: If you don’t open the door I will not eat. I will stand here the whole night.

Nadech opened the door and went and sat on his bed. Mae Keaw sat beside him.

Mae Keaw: (rubbing his back) What’s the matter baby? You look so dull. What happened?

Nadech: (dull, looking down at the ground) Nothing.

Mae Keaw: (concerned) Then why are you so dull? Wait I‘ll call my daughter, she will fix your mood in no time.

Nadech dint respond. He was just looking at the ground. Seeing that Nadech didn’t light up as usual by the mention of Yaya, Mae Keaw guessed that it had something to do with her.

Mae Keaw: (worried) Did something happen between you and Yaya?

Nadech still dint respond.

Mae Keaw: (shaking him slightly) Nadech please tell me what happened.

Nadech told her what and all happened from the time he left for America till the time he reached his home.

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Oh come on baby that’s just bad timing. You both were in 2 different parts of the world and apart for so long for the first time. I think she must have missed too much and besides she knew that you were with that Matt girl. She probably felt a bit jealous.

Nadech: A bit? A bit? (Pausing) A bit is when she would say ‘I hate you or ‘don’t want to talk to you’. (Emphasising) She said she wants to break up with me. Who does that? I had never expected such a thing would ever happen between us. She behaved like a completely different person.

Mae Keaw: Nadech, a relationship is complete only when there is right amount of jealousy, insecurity, fights and lots of love, care and concern for each other. If there are no fights or jealousy or insecurities then as time passes you will eventually lose interest and stop caring for each other.

You should never find perfectness in a relationship by omitting all the negative things, because you will never find it. Relationships are perfect only when there is a mixture of the lots of positive and little bit of negative feelings.

Nadech puts a tiny smile on his face and nods. But it was still not satisfying his worried mind.

Nadech: (a little calm, complaining) But we have never had such feelings before. I don’t see why Yaya has to be jealous. I would never ever cheat on her. I talk to Matt just like how I interact with other ladies in my office. And there are some good looking ladies in my office and Yaya never had a problem with any of them. What’s so special about Matt that she has to feel jealous? I mean, Khun Matt is beautiful but she doesn’t even come close to my Yaya on any bases.

Mae Keaw: (pinching his cheek) That’s from your point of view baby. Maybe Yaya feels different. Men and women think in 2 complete different ways. I think it’s best if you give her some time. Try talking to her tomorrow. Maybe you can convince her and make her feel better.

Nadech puts a smile on his face.

Mae Keaw: (joking, placing her hands on his cheeks) Tell my daughter that if she ever hurts my son I will have to deal with her myself.

Nadech: (hugging her, smiling) See, you always be on my side.

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Now go change and come down for dinner baby. Ok?

Nadech: (nodding, smiling) Thank you mom. You always know what to say.

Nadech felt much better after talking to him mom, but his heart still felt a little unsettled. Mae Keaw went out of his room. She was happy that she could convince him for the time being. But Mae Keaw could guess the situation to be serious as Yaya had mentioned ‘break up’ and the fact that Nadech had come home with numb eyes indicating they must have had some intense discussion.

Nadech couldn’t get a peaceful sleep. He was still worried about what had happened. Nevertheless he was thankful that it was morning and the fact the he could meet Yaya in the office. He quickly went to take bath.

Yaya was conscious around 4 am. She dint move, she just slept there looking at the roof. Yaya was trying to compress all of her thought and memories of her and Nadech’s. She knew there is NO going back in this case and that she has to accept the fact that she has to keep pushing him away from her further and further. In mind she was turning colder and colder. A transformation had already begun. She was preparing her mind for everything that was going to happen next. She finally decided that she will somehow make Nadech and Matt get married and then she would disappear completely.

Around 9am Yaya finally got up from the floor and took bath. She slowly had her breakfast. Everything tasted bland without Nadech yet she was trying to fill the void in her heart with food. It was 10. Nadech was anxiously waiting for Yaya to arrive to the office. No sign of her at all. Meanwhile, Michael’s informer had informed him that Yaya had not left her house yet. Michael arrives to Yaya’s house.

Michael: Hi good morning.

Yaya: (cold) What do you want?

Michael: (just walks into the house and sits on the chair) Its 10 already. Aren’t you supposed to be in the office sweetheart?

Yaya: (looking away from him) I will go at 1 today and resign.

Michael: (shocked) Resign? Now why would you do that?

Yaya: (looking straight at him) Yesterday I told him that I want to break up with him. So now I want to resign.

Michael: (ordering) Don’t resign. If you do I will cancel this project.

Yaya: (shocked, angry) What the hell is your problem? You are getting everything you wanted. You said you wanted me to break up with him and I did, so why do you want me to stay in his company.

Michael: You have told him you wanted to break up but has he accepted that fact?

Yaya: (wondering) Looks like you already know the answer to that.

Michael: (laughing) When my informer described your breakup scene it was truly heart breaking, especially the part where he held your legs and pleaded. (Pausing, touching her hair) It just increases your value in my eyes. What must he have seen in you that he was ready to do all of that? I can’t wait for us to get married.

Yaya: (shoving his hand aside) This proves that you are so unfortunate that you have never experienced true love. I feel bad for you. You’re the type of person who would put a price tag on love and he is the type of person who will sacrifice his life for the people he loves.

Michael: (calm, smirking) Come on baby. Just accept the fact that you will be my wife pretty soon, so why don’t you stop chanting his name.

Yaya: (smirking back) You can stop me from saying his name. But you will never succeed in stopping my heart from chanting his name as it beats only for him. In case you do manage to stop my heart beat I will be so glad that I’m not alive to hurt Nadech anymore.

Michael: (romantic, moving closer to her, warning) After marriage, I will strip your attitude just like how I will strip your clothes.

Yaya: (stepping back, challenging) We will see about that.

Michael: (ordering) Go change and get ready for office. I will drop you.

Yaya: I will not go. I want to resign.

Michael: You will not resign. My sister Matt likes Nadech a lot. The only way Nadech will forget you and accept her is when he is convinced that we are in love and we will be getting married. So we have to be in front of him most of the time, only then he will accept it. (Pausing, ordering) I will wait in my car for 15 minutes. Get dressed and come out. Also put your sim in the new phone, and don’t ever turn off your phone again. If you don’t obey me then I will go to his office and cancel the project, immediately.

Michael goes and sits in his car. Yaya was completely frustrated, but seeing that she doesn’t have a choice she got dressed and got into his car. The driver drove the car to Nadech’s office.


sarNie Adult
Part - 25
It was 11.30 am. Nadech had decided that he would wait till 12 and if she doesn’t come, he himself will go to her house.

While looking out of the window thinking about Yaya, Nadech saw Michael opening the door for Yaya, who got out of his car. He dint think of it as something wrong, but he was wondering as to why she had come with him.

They both enter his chamber. It was time for her to act so Yaya walks in with a cold attitude and straight face.

Michael: (polite) May we come in?

Nadech: Of course Khun Michael please do come in and have a seat.

Yaya: (calm, cold) Khun Nadech I’m sorry that I came late.

Michael: (interrupting, smiling) Actually her car had a flat tire so she waiting for a bus at the bus stop. When I saw Khun Yaya I offered her to come with me.

Nadech: (smiling) That’s alright Khun Yaya. And thank you Mr. Michael.

Michael: No need to thank me Khun Nadech. I don’t mind dropping her. Besides I had to meet you today anyway. We will have the contract signing tomorrow and after that we will proceed with the project.

Nadech: (smiling) Definitely Khun Michael.

Michael: So how was your trip Khun Nadech. Matt doesn’t stop praising you. Thank you so much for taking good care of her.

Nadech worried, glanced at Yaya. She looked at him and ignored his look.

Nadech: (Hesitating at the topic of Matt) Oh no Khun Michael it was just a business deal, not a trip. As for Khun Matt I dint do anything. (Changing topic) By the way thank you so much for all the arrangements, it wasn’t necessary.

Michael: Matt specially choose the hotel for the both of you. The credit belongs to her Khun Nadech.

Nadech: (stuck, awkward, but tried to be polite) Then please thank her from my side. But it was really not required.

Yaya: (interrupting) I have some work to finish in my cabin so I will let myself out.

Michael: (polite) No Khun Yaya. Please do stay. By the way I hope I will be seeing you at the contract signing.

Yaya: (smiling) Yes, absolutely.

Michael: Ok so I will see you both tomorrow.

Nadech and Yaya nod. Michael goes out of the building. Yaya tries to go out of his cabin when…

Nadech: Yaya please wait.

Yaya: (polite) Yes Khun Nadech.

Nadech: Can we please talk?

Yaya: (polite, cold) Yes Khun Nadech. Do you have some work for me?

Nadech: Yaya why dint you tell me you had a flat tire. I would have picked you up myself.

Yaya: Khun Nadech you the boss of this company. I don’t want to trouble you just because I have a flat tire.

Thinking that she was still angry about Matt incident Nadech goes closer to her.

Nadech: Yaya about what happened yesterday; can we please talk about it?
Yaya: (cold) Khun Nadech, its best if we keep our personal issues out of the office. If you have any sort of problem with me you can simply fire me or I will resign myself. I don’t mind.

Nadech: (slightly angry, worried) Why are you saying all of this? And why are you referring to me as “Khun Nadech” even when we are alone right now.

Yaya: You are my boss Khun Nadech and this is me giving you respect.

Nadech: (worried, holding her shoulders, calming down) Yaya what is wrong with you. Why are you behaving this way with me?

Yaya: Sir, can you please take your hands of me.

Nadech was shocked. He immediately let go.

Nadech: (serious, pleading) Yaya let’s take a timeout for 10 minutes and pretend that we are not in office. Please talk to me.

Yaya: (cold) Ok tell me.

Nadech: (requesting) Please tell me what the problem is.

Yaya: The problem is that I want you to leave me alone.

Nadech: Why?

Yaya: Because I want to forget everything that was between us.

Nadech: (frustrated) What is wrong with you? Why are you killing me like this?

Yaya: (turning away from him) I have told you my decision. Its better you accept it faster and not waste my time.

Nadech: (going in front of her) Yaya please give me a chance to explain. Nothing happened between me and Matt. I don’t think of her as anything. Please have some patience and listen to me.

Yaya: Save this for someone else. Its better we go our separate ways.

Nadech: How on earth can you say this to me? How can all your feelings for me change within 3 days?

Yaya: Our 10 minutes are up Khun Nadech. If you have any work please let me know.

Yaya just walked out of her cabin. Nadech just stood there realising that things have already started to slip from his hands. His only option was to wait till office gets over and then talk to her.

It was 8.25 pm. Nadech walks into Yaya’s cabin wanting to talk to her.

Yaya: Yes sir.

Nadech: I will not move from here until you talk to me and let me explain.

Someone knocks on Yaya’s cabin.

Michael’s driver: Khun Yaya, Khun Michael has asked me to drive you to home since you don’t have your car with you.

Yaya: Oh! Please thank him from my side. I will come down now.

Nadech: (whispering) Yaya please wait. I have to talk to you.

Yaya: Khun Nadech I will talk to you tomorrow. All the contract documents are ready. Good night take care.

Yaya just walks out. Seeing that the driver was waiting for Yaya, he couldn’t do anything. Poor Nadech still couldn’t guess that there was something going on between Yaya and Michael. Instead he just thought of it as Michael being kind and generous.

Michael calls Yaya when she reaches her home.

Michael: HI baby.

Yaya: What?

Michael: Tomorrow is the contract signing, remember.

Yaya: Yes.

Michael: Well tomorrow is the day when we are officially a couple in front of Nadech. Be ready.

Yaya doesn’t respond.

Michael: Don’t forget that his future and life rests in your hands.

Yaya just sighs with a heavy heart.

Michael: Ok I will see you tomorrow then.

Yaya just cut his call. Meanwhile Nadech tries calling her but she doesn’t receive.


sarNie Adult
Part - 26
It was a Sunday. The contract signing was going to take place in “Kugimiya Constructions”. A bunch of lawyers of both sides of the dealing parties were present in the room next to them separated by a glass and were verifying the documents.

Both sides of the lawyers studied the documents for 1 hour and had confirmed the documents to be correct. Nadech, Yaya, Michael, and few other board members were present in the opposite room.

Michael: Khun Nadech are you completely satisfied with the terms and conditions of the contract. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask.

Nadech: NO Khun Michael, everything is confirmed and set from our side.

Michael: Same here. Shall we sign then?

Nadech: (nodding) Definitely.

Yaya:  I will get the documents from the lawyers.

Yaya went to the room next to theirs and got the papers from the lawyers.

Yaya: (smiling) Here Khun Michael.

Michael smiled back at her and signed the documents.

Yaya: (serious) Here Khun Nadech.

Nadech signed the contract.

Michael: (happy, extending hand) So we are officially all set to go ahead with the project. Congratulations Khun Nadech. I wish you all the best.

Nadech: (shaking his hand happily) Thank you Khun Michael. Thank you so much.

Michael: (smiling) Congratulations to you Khun Yaya.

Yaya: (smiling) Thank you Khun Michael.

They were served with drinks and food.

Nadech: Khun Michael the raw materials have arrived and they will be dumping it today.

Michael: That’s great Khun Nadech. Why don’t we all go and visit the site since we dint get a chance to see it together.

Nadech: (smiling) Of course.

Nadech just wanted to hug Yaya as the contracts were signed, but she was always at a distance and always around people. Nevertheless Nadech knew he will have some time left after they come back from the site, so he had decided that he would speak to her and convince her no matter what. Poor Nadech didn’t even speculate that he will be receiving the worst surprise of his life.

Michael, Nadech and Yaya had arrived to the site in Nadech’s car. Other board members had come in their cars. Michael had asked his driver to come to the site after 3 hour. Nadech had to tend to the board members as he was explaining them about the construction processes and his ideas. So Yaya had to guide and take care of the dumping process of the raw materials.

Nadech was busy explaining to the board members when he noticed that  Yaya and Michael at a distance who were happily talking to each other and smiling while she was guiding the workers . Even after this Nadech didn’t sense anything to be wrong, he just assumed that she must also be explaining him about the project.

After a while Michael’s driver arrives with Matt.

Matt: (noticing Nadech, happy) Hi Khun Nadech. How are you?

Nadech: (sensing that Matt and Yaya were in the same premises was extremely worried) Hello Khun Matt. I’m fine what about you.

Matt: (happy) I’m great. Michael told me that the contracts have been signed. (Extending hand) Congratulations Khun Nadech

Nadech: (shaking hand) Thank you Khun Matt.

Nadech notices that Yaya was looking at them. He knew things were not going to go down in a nice way. Yaya and Michael came near Nadech and Matt.

Michael: Khun Nadech. I asked Matt to be here as she was excited to see the site.
Nadech: (smiling) That’s good Khun Michael. I’m sure Khun Matt is excited to see and know about the future stadium.

Matt: (smiling) Not as excited as I am to see you Khun Nadech.

Nadech felt like he was in big trouble. He kept looking at Yaya helplessly.

Nadech: (awkward) Excited to see me? Why Khun Matt?

Matt: (smiling) I wanted to thank you for that day Khun Nadech. You took care of me so well. I had a headache so I couldn’t thank you properly. So I want to treat you. Let’s go out for dinner.

Nadech: (extremely awkward) It’s not required Khun Matt. I dint do anything.

Matt: Come on Khun Nadech. I insist. Please.

Nadech: May be some other time Khun Matt. Even Yaya and Khun Michael can join us then and we can all go out. I and Khun Yaya have lots of work for now.

Matt: (smiling) that’s alright Khun Nadech I understand.

Yaya: (interrupts) Khun Matt I’m sure you would like to know about the project. I’m sure Khun Nadech will be happy to explain.

Matt: (excited, looking at Nadech) That’s great.

Nadech: (interrupting) Khun Matt, Yaya explains a lot better than me. Trust me you need to listen from her. You can literally visualize it.

Matt: (smiling) No Khun Nadech. You refused dinner, so you only have to take the responsibility of explaining me.

Nadech: (seeing that he doesn’t have a choice) OK Khun Matt.

Michael: (happy) Ok In that case I will keep company for Khun Yaya.

The board members had left. Nadech takes Matt all around the site explaining her about stadium. She dint even bother to listen to him. She just kept admiring him. She had started to like him a lot. Who wouldn’t? Meanwhile…

Michael: Yaya are you ready.

Yaya: (serious) You don’t have to keep asking I know what I have to do.

Michael: For now I’ll just inform him about the date.

Yaya: Whatever.

Michael: Smile baby smile. He is looking at you.

Yaya: (smiling) I hope you rot in hell.

Michael: (smiling) Oh in that case I will take you with me baby.

Nadech and Matt came back to Michael and Yaya.

Matt: (smiling) Thank you so much Khun Nadech.

Nadech: (polite) My pleasure Khun Matt.

Matt: (smiling) I will leave now as I have go for shooting.

Nadech: (thankful that she is leaving) Have a great day.

Michael: Bye sis. I will see you at home.

Yaya: (smiling) Bye Khun Matt. Feel free to visit us anytime you like. I’m sure Khun Nadech will be more than happy to see you.

Matt: (smiling) Thank you Khun Yaya. I hope to see you guys soon.

Matt leaves. Nadech wanted to talk to Yaya but Yaya just turns away from Nadech and goes towards the workers to guide them further.

Michael and Nadech further discuss about the project. After a while both men kept staring at Yaya without realizing the other.

Michael: (smiling, looking at her) She is a serious hard worker.

Nadech: (smiling, looking at her) She is. She is the best in my company. Even better than me sometimes.

Michael: (looking at her) How long have you know her Khun Nadech?

Nadech: (looking at her) Around 2 and a half years.

Michael: (still looking at her, admiring) She is so beautiful.

Nadech: (still looking at her, admiring) She is.

Nadech just realized what Michael had told. It was out of nowhere. Before he could even react Michael spoke further.

Michael: (smiling, excited) I can’t believe you both have been in the same office and you have not asked her out yet. (Happy, excited) It’s a good thing though, because I did and she said ‘Yes’.

Nadech's world had flipped upside down. He was shocked beyond anything. He didn’t even bother to say Michael that they were a couple because Nadech was not that type of a guy who would complain or confront without knowing everything. He was more concerned on the ‘yes’ part. Nadech couldn’t have expected this in a million years. Michael was just observing his expression and was happier than ever.

Michael: (acting concerned) Khun Nadech what happened?

Nadech: (absolutely shocked) N…..No….. Nothing Khun Michael I just remembered that I have urgent personal work.

Michael: In that case it’s best you leave Khun Nadech. All the work has been sorted and I’m sure the manager will take care of it. Besides my car has arrived, I have to leave too.

Nadech Nods. Yaya comes near them.

Michael: (smiling) Khun Yaya why don’t I drop you home.

Nadech: (interrupting) Khun Michael you please don’t worry. I am travelling on the same route as Khun Yaya. I will make sure she reaches safely.

This is exactly what Michael had wanted. He agrees to it immediately.

Michael: (turning to Yaya, smiling) I will see you tomorrow Khun Yaya.

Yaya: (smiling back) OK Khun Michael.

Nadech: (extremely serious) Khun Yaya shall we leave?

Yaya: (nods) OK.



sarNie Adult
Part - 27
 Nadech and Yaya got into the car and left. Michael was extremely happy. On the whole way to Yaya’s home Nadech didn’t say a word to her. Though Yaya seemed to be very calm, her heart was beating harder and harder. She was still wondering as to why he had not mentioned about the date yet. They reached her place. Yaya got out.

Yaya: Thank you Khun Nadech.

She went and opened her door. Nadech just barged in.

Yaya: Khun Nadech what do you want?

Yaya was all prepared to face him now. She knew he was going to ask about the date.

Nadech: (calm) Yaya go get ready for dance class.

Yaya was stunned. She was now worried as to why he was not mentioning the date. She simply went in and changed. She decided that it’s better to inform him herself and push him away faster. Otherwise Michael might harm him. Though her heart was aching at the thought of hurting him, she prepared her mind and came out.

Nadech: (looking at her, still calm) Yaya why have you worn this. Go get ready for dance class.

Yaya: (doing her minor household work) I have quit. I will not go to dance class anymore.

Nadech: (extremely calm) Why Yaya? You love the dance class so much so why did you quit?

Yaya: (worried, but calm) None of your business.

Nadech: (calm) But why? Is it because of me?

Yaya still kept arranging her house. She was worried as to why he was this calm.

Yaya: (cold) Yes.

Nadech: (looking straight at her, observing her reaction, calm) In that case why don’t I quit and you can ask Michael to join? I’m sure he can keep you company.

Yaya startled and immediately dropped a glass. She was prepared for his questions but didn’t expect he would approach from this angle. Seeing her flinch, Nadech was now confirmed that something was going on between the two. But he still kept his patience and wanted to hear from her that she had accepted to go on a date with Michael. Yaya was just silent but really scared inside.

Nadech: (calm) Did he or did he not ask you out on a date?

Yaya: (calm) Yes he did.

Nadech: What did you say to it?

Yaya: (casually, careless) I said Yes.

Nadech’s heart was shattered into pieces. His anger was rising. He just exploded. This was the first time he would ever be angry at her and yell at her.

Nadech: (angry) How can you go on a date with him when you are my girlfriend?

Yaya: (actually scared but not showing it on her face, cold) I broke up with you already. I’m not your girlfriend anymore.

Nadech: (shocked, angry) Don’t you dare say that.

Yaya: (calm) It is the truth. 

Nadech: (going near her) What has happened to you? Why are you doing all of this? Is my love nothing to you?

Yaya: (turning away from him, careless) Just leave me alone.

Nadech was furious. He held her arms tightly and turned her towards him.

Nadech: (yelling) Look at me when I’m talking to you.

Michael had said the same thing, but Yaya was thousand times more scared hearing it from Nadech as she has never seen him like this and the fact that she was guilty for causing him so much pain.

Yaya’s face actually expressed how scared she was, seeing this Nadech felt bad, let go and calmed down.

Nadech: (calming down, requesting) Yaya please tell me what is wrong. No matter what it is, there is always a solution.

Yaya: (dull and thinking about Michael) No. It’s not necessary that there is always a solution for every problem.

Nadech: (requesting) Yaya just give me a chance and tell me what it is. I promise that I will make all your problems disappear no matter what I have to do.

Yaya couldn’t let Nadech’s words affect her. She had to react immediately.

Yaya: (looking at him, keeping a straight face) The thing is that I want you to leave me.

Nadech: (angry) Why? Just tell me why you don’t want to be with me?

Yaya: (calm) I have already told you why. Don’t keep asking the same thing again and again.

Nadech: (again calming down, holding her shoulders) Yaya I have already told you that there is nothing going on between me and Khun Matt. Why are using this to get away from me?

Yaya: (shoving his hand aside and pushing him, yells) I don’t want any explanation from you. I have already decided. I want you to leave me alone.

Nadech: (stepping towards her angrily) If this is your real problem then prove my fault. How did you decide so easily that I’m at fault when you don’t have any proof?

Yaya: (angry) This is life, not a game. I don’t care about proof. I can’t take a chance with my life.

Nadech: (furious) That’s exactly what I’m telling. This is life, not a game, then why are you playing with MY life? How can you take a chance with MY life so easily?

Yaya was feeling his pain. She just wanted all of this to end fast. She dint have the option of letting his words affect her.

Yaya: (not able to look at him, worried) See Khun Nadech. Just …

Before she could even finish Nadech yelled at her. He was furious by the mention of “KHUN Nadech”. He pulled her to him.

Nadech: (holding her hands tightly, furious) Khun Nadech? Khun Nadech? (Looking into her eyes) Have I become so distant to you that I’m not you P’ anymore.

Yaya: (pushing him away harshly, trying to push his love away so that he doesn't get to know the truth) Yes. You are just Khun Nadech to me now.

Nadech was completely shaken. He felt as though she had pushed his love away by pushing him.

Nadech: (serious) What is the exact reason you are doing all of this?

Yaya: I told you already.

Nadech: (serious) If it’s about my dad then I’m ready to apologize every minute of every day till you forgive me. I will come with you wherever you want, I will leave everyone just for you. Yaya, I’m begging you please give me one chance. I will never let anyone harm you in any way.

Yaya had to hurry. She really had to finish this or else everything would be ruined.

Yaya: (angry) It’s not about that. It’s about you and Matt.

Nadech: (moving closer to her) I know what you are. I have known you for 2 and a half years. Don’t lie to me. Tell me what the real problem is.
Yaya: (yelling) It is only about you and Matt.

Nadech: (angry) You’re lying.

Yaya: (angry) I said “It is only about you and Matt”.

Nadech was completely frustrated as she was not telling the real reason.

Nadech: (yelling, moving closer to her) Liar.

Yaya: There is nothing to lie. It is about you and…

Nadech: (yelling at her face to face) LIE BETTER.

Yaya dint know what else she could tell. She just blabbered.

Yaya: (yelling back) I don’t love you anymore. I want to be with Michael.

Nadech: (FURIOUS, yelling) Why?

Yaya: (yelling) Because he is the better option.

Nadech took a step back. He was looking at her like she has stabbed his heart.

Nadech: (shocked, emotional) Op…. option.


sarNie Adult
Part - 28
His eyes could express all of his pain. He felt like his soul was sucked out of his body and like he was lifeless. Yaya didn’t have the guts to look at him after this. She just walked away from him when…

Nadech: (cold, calm) Wait.

Nadech turned around.

Nadech: (depressed, cold) So I’m just an option?

Yaya couldn’t say anything. She was facing away from him.

Nadech: (serious) What made you choose him over me?

Yaya: Khun Nadech I think its best if you leave now.

Nadech walks to her and turns her around and holds her.

Nadech: (shaking her slightly) What made you choose him over me?

Yaya: Khun Nadech…

Nadech: (angry, depressed, desperate) Answer me.

Yaya couldn’t look at his eyes. She just looked down and away from him. Every time Yaya felt his touch or him being close to her, she felt as though she would lose control on her mind and tell him everything.

Yaya: (dull, trying to get out of his hold) let me go.

Nadech: (ordering, angry, holding her arms tighter) Look into my eyes and tell me whatever it is. What made you choose him over me?

How could she look into his eyes? How could she ever look into his eyes and lie. Yaya struggled.

Yaya: (calm) Let me go and I will tell.

Nadech let go.

Nadech: (calm) Tell me.

Yaya: He is richer than you. This is what made me choose him over you.

Nadech: (reacting instantly) Bullshit. You are not the type of person who would give importance to money.

Yaya: (sighing, cold) Khun Nadech please listen to me. I have worked hard my whole life so I want to settle well in my life. I know for a fact that money is the most difficult thing to get in life. I know you can keep me happy.  But I will be even happier with him. He is better settled than you. He has a whole company and he can hire people like you. I just want to have a well settled life. Please understand.

Nadech was shocked that she was saying all of that.  But his faith in his love was still strong.

Nadech: (serious) I refuse to believe it. I have known you for so long. You would never give importance to money over love. But in case you are worried about your life financially then I’m ready to transfer everything that’s in my name to you including the company. I will work extra hard and make sure everything you want will be provided. And you don’t have to even worry about Michael. I will explain it to him. I don’t care even if he wants to withdraw the project. We will get other offers. Just give me one chance.

Yaya couldn’t believe he was ready to give up his dream project for her. Her love and respect for him had increased way beyond, and so was her determination to break up with him. There was no way in hell she would allow Michael to ruin his future.

Yaya: (extremely serious, looking straight at him) Khun Nadech I don’t think you get the point .You just assumed that I don’t value money. I might have refused you to spend on me because I knew you will eventually do it anyway. Think about it, when you offered me the house I dint refuse. (Careless) The thing is, every time I wanted to get close to you physically so that I can secure my relationship with you, you kept holding back. And when you spent 3 day with Matt I had completely decided that I don’t want to continue this relationship. At the same time Michael showed great interest in me. And he is the better option, so I want to see where it goes.

Nadech thought about the day he took her to show the house. Everything that happened that day was flashing in his mind. He looked at her seriously moving closer to her. He pulled her into his arms, put his hands around her waist and held her even closer. He gave a big kiss on her cheek. Yaya was absolutely stunned. Nadech spoke before she could even react.

Nadech: (smiling, happy) Thank you baby you always know what to say. For a second there you almost had me believing you, but now I’m absolutely convinced that you are lying.

Yaya: (shocked, struggling) Let go off me.

Nadech let go.

Yaya: (yelling) Have you lost your mind? Don’t you understand what I just said?

Nadech: (laughing) Honestly I dint understand a few lines. But I understood for a fact that you are lying. NO matter what is it I will find out.

Yaya: (furious) What is wrong with you? Are you insane? I told you that I don’t love you anymore. Can’t you understand this simple fact?

Nadech: (touching her cheek gently) Sweet heart, keep convincing yourself that you don’t love me. May be you felt bad that I’m the only one you have been with or maybe you just want to experience what’s out there, I don’t know. But I know for a fact that you love me and you are lying to me. Do one thing; go out with him I don’t mind. Do whatever you want to do, I will wait for you. You be anyone’s girlfriend but I will make sure you are my wife. I will never give up on our love. I will win your heart again and again till you agree to be my wife.

Yaya had never expected this. How could he have such blind faith in her? How could he be so gullible?

Nadech: (sweet, smiling) You live your life the way you want baby. Oh by the way, wear that green dress for your date. You look very pretty. Bye love you.

Nadech walks out.

Yaya: (yelling when he was walking away) I don’t love you. Do you hear me? I don’t love you.

Nadech just waves bye to her.

Yaya dint know what to think or what not to think. She just sat down and reviewed everything that just happened. She felt bad for a fact that she might have to become stricter against him, then again a smile was plastered on her face seeing Nadech claim her this way. Nadech had already won against Michael even without knowing anything. She could actually see how much he loved her. But again her worries were back as she thought how Michael might react.



sarNie Adult
Part - 29
Nadech went inside his room and sat on his chair. He might have acted all cool in front of her but that doesn’t mean he wasn't worried. His heart kept pounding harder and harder. He thought he would never be jealous, but now he was proving himself to be wrong. To see her with another man was just unthinkable to him, yet he dint want to force her for anything. Though he dint have any idea as to why she would be doing all of this, he was more so ever determined to find the cause. But he was worried as to how long all of this would go on and what could be the consequences of it.

Mae Keaw entered and questioned him if everything between him and Yaya was sorted or not. Nadech happily smiled and asked her not to worry about them. He said it was just some minor issues and that he will take care of it. To change the subject he informed her about the contracts to be officially confirmed. She was extremely happy for him, wished and hugged him and left. Mae Keaw knew something to be really wrong. Her son might put a smile on his face but he can’t mask his eyes. But she also knew for a fact that they had to sort it out themselves and only then they will become stronger.

Nadech lay on his bed trying to calm his heart. He remembered about their first meeting which put a smile on his face and gave a bit of strength to his heart and he fell asleep.

Though Yaya’s mind was worried, her heart was in a better condition after a long time. She was fast asleep.


Yaya was already 45 minutes late for her interview because of the traffic. She finally arrived at “Kugimiya Construtions”. She reached the elevator door and was panting for breath. She noticed some one standing beside her so she looked up and smiled. The person just gave a tiny smile and turned his face. She looked at her watch. She was so late and the elevator had not arrived yet.

Yaya: (looking on top and talking) Dear god, I wish Khun Nadech’s legs are broken and he is somehow late.

Nadech took a sharp turn to take a good look at the girl who was wishing his legs to be broken and wondering why anyone would say such a thing.

Yaya: (realizing what she just said, looking on top) NO NO, cancel that. If his legs are broken he obviously won’t even conduct the interview, besides its way too sadistic. OK let’s see. How about he is late because of the traffic? In that case he will totally understand my situation especially when I will make a sad face and curse Bangkok’s traffic. She was excited that she had a plan.

Yaya looked at the person starring at her.

Yaya: (waving in front of him) Hello? Are you ok?

Nadech: (flinching) I… I… I’m fine. Are you here for the interview for the chief architect’s post?

Yaya: (giving her signature smile) Yes. (Looking at his clothes) You’re so dressed up. You must also be here for the interview. (Extending her hand, smiling) By the way I’m Urassaya Sperbund.

Nadech: (smiling wide, shaking her hand) Hi I’m… I’m Barry.

Yaya: (wondering) Barry… what?

Nadech: (smiling) Just Barry.

Yaya: (wondering) Who would keep just “Barry”. (Realizing that she had said it aloud, smiling) NO offense.

Nadech: (smiling) None taken. (pausing) So you think I’m overdressed?

Yaya: Then what? Just a formal shirt, pant and a tie would have been sufficient. But see, you are wearing an expensive suit like you are the boss of this company. (Realizing she was being too straightforward) I’m sorry I shouldn't have said that.
Nadech was laughing in his mind.

Nadech: (smiling) It’s ok, I asked for it.

Yaya: Besides Khun Nadech would give importance to people’s talent and knowledge not the way they would dress. That’s why he was able to develop this company so well within 2 years.

Nadech: (teasing her) So you think you are talented?

Yaya: (smiling, teasing back) Of course. You should be very scared of me right now. (Proud) I am the 2nd rank holder in the university.

Nadech: (smiling) Is that so? Then why dint you join some bigger company. You could easily get a job there. You can earn a lot you know.

Yaya: (smiling) I don’t want to execute and follow others plans. And I don’t care about money. I want to learn more and develop my knowledge. That’s why I choose this company. I have heard that the boss here considers everyone’s opinions and gives importance to staff.

Nadech simply smiled. The lift arrived and they got in.

Nadech: (teasing) By the way I hold rank no.1 in my university.

Nadech was no.1 rank student in his university at his time.

Yaya was stunned and smiled awkwardly.

Yaya: (curious) Then why this company?

Nadech: (smiling) Same reason.

Yaya: (loosing face, teasing) But no matter what I will get this job today.

Nadech: (curious) I’m rank no. 1 and your rank no. 2 then what makes you think he would choose you?

Yaya: (rising her brows at him, teasing) Come on who do you think a 25 five years old hot blooded handsome, brilliant guy would choose, a rank no.1 good looking guy or a rank no.2 beautiful girl?

Nadech couldn’t control his laughter in his mind. For a person who has not seen his face she sure was acting like she knew the him very well.

Nadech: (smiling) In that case Miss Urassaya I wish you all the best.

Yaya: (smiling) All the best to you to Mr. Barry.

They got out of the elevator. As they walked, all of his staff wished him good morning. Yaya was confused and she took smaller, slower steps. Nadech walked to his cabin door and turned around and announced to all the interview candidates.

Nadech: (Addressing to all the candidates but looking particularly at Yaya) I’m sorry for the delay. I was stuck in traffic. I wish you all, the best of luck. The interview will commence now.

Yaya was stunned. She just realized what had happened. She was too embarrassed and all she wanted to do was run away and hide.

All the candidates entered one by one according to their names being called. Yaya was worried as to what she would do. But she was gutsy and strong willed as she had faced a lot of tough situations in life. She decided that she will go in no matter what and face the situation.

Yaya’s was the last one to be called for the interview. Nadech on the other hand had decided that if she had the guts to enter his cabin then the job was hers.

Yaya: (awkward, a bit scared) May I come in Sir.

Nadech: (still holding his laughter in his mind, polite) Yes. (pausing) Please sit down.

Yaya took her seat and handed her certificate and resume file to him. She was preparing her mind to get ready for his questions.

Nadech: (looking at her certificates seriously, teasing, acting shocked) So Khun Urassaya you have got 2nd rank. Oh god you are so talented!

Yaya was all embarrassed and flustered.

Yaya: (embarresed, stood up smiling awkwardly) Khun Nadech I sorry for whatever I said earlier. But everything I said about the reason to work here was true.

Nadech: (smiling) It’s alright. No need for the apology. Besides I’m the one who dint introduced myself properly. Please sit.

Yaya just smiled at him and sat.

Nadech: How is it that you know so about me and the company but you dint recognize me?

Yaya: (casually) Actually I had never bothered to look at you picture. I was more concerned at following your work. I mean who cares if you’re ugly or good looking. (Realizing and straightening herself) I mean you are handsome. (Again Realizing) I mean to say you are good looking but no offence.
She has just met him and already she was complementing him without realizing.

Nadech: (shy, smiling) It’s alright. I know what you mean.
Yaya: (shy and flustered) So Khun Nadech what about this job. If you want to know anything else…

Nadech: No that will be all. But I’m sorry to inform you that the post of chief architect was filled by the person who had come just before you.

Yaya felt bad but her pride had surfaced. She simply smiled.

Yaya: (smiling) It’s alright Khun Nadech. I will let myself out.

As Yaya got up and turned away cursing him in his mind. Nadech spoke.

Nadech: The position of chief architect is filled but I have a post open for my personal secretary. If your intention is knowledge and if you are willing to learn I could teach a thing or two. You don’t even have to take orders from anyone. You can directly report to me and you’re free to express your ideas.

Yaya jumped at the offer. She was excited. She turned around.

Nadech: (teasing) Besides, a 25 years old hot blooded handsome, brilliant guy like me should definitely hire a 23 year old beautiful, intelligent, talented girl like you as my personal secretary.

Yaya felt shy and embarrassed at her earlier comment.

Till that point Nadech had never found the need for a personal secretary and always preferred to do his work himself. But something about her made him want to get to know her further. Besides she preferred to work for the sake of knowledge and experience and this had impressed him a lot.

Nadech: So…?

Yaya: (happily) Yes. I accept.

Nadech: (standing up, extending his hand) Welcome to “Kugimiya Constructions” Khun Urassaya.

Yaya: (happy, smiling and shaking his hand) Thank you Khun Nadech. By the way please call me Yaya.

Nadech: (smiling, polite) Alright Khun Yaya. You can report from tomorrow.

Yaya nodded and went out of his cabin. Nadech reclined on his chair and burst out laughing. Yaya closed his cabin door and just giggled at everything that had happened. She went home happy.



sarNie Adult
Part - 30
The present…

Yaya arrived at the construction site at 11. She obviously dint wear the green dress. Why would she wear such a special dress for some psycho? Michael wanted to pick her up around 6 in the evening. Both Nadech and Yaya were at the construction site working on getting the hole dug up for the foundation.  From now on they had to spend more time at the site as compared to the office as the work load was heavy and Nadech wanted to supervise himself so that everything is executed accordingly.

Nadech saw Yaya and he smiled at her. Yaya just kept a straight face.

Nadech: (smiling) Hi.

Yaya: (serious) Hello (emphasising) “Khun Nadech”.

Nadech: (concerned) Yaya why dint you go to the office? You know you get migraine when you’re in the sun too long. (Smiling) Besides you have to go on a date tonight.

Nadech was concerned that she might get migraine and Yaya wanted to ease his work load.

Yaya: Khun Nadech if you want to keep me away from this project then why don’t I just quit?

Nadech: Yaya I dint mean like that.

Yaya: You don’t have to give me any credit. I’m just doing my job.

Nadech: Yaya…

Yaya just walked away to instruct the workers. Nadech was worried about their issues but he couldn’t neglect the project at any cost. They both carried on with their respective work.

Around 2pm. Nadech was worrying that she was in the sun all the time. He appoints a worker to hold an umbrella for her. When the worker did that, Yaya was angry. She went to Nadech.

Yaya: Khun Nadech why did you ask the worker to hold the umbrella for me?

Nadech: (smiling) You will get migraine that’s why I asked him to hold it for you. (Teasing) OR if you don’t mind about what others might think shall I hold it for you. I don’t mind.

Yaya: I can take care of myself Khun Nadech; you don’t have to worry about me. I’m just another worker.

Nadech: (smiling) You’re not just another worker for me.

Yaya wanted to change the direction of the conversation.

Yaya: Khun Nadech I will hold the umbrella myself you need not appoint anyone for that. Thank you

And she walked away.


Nadech: (holding her in his arms, worried) Khun Yaya what happened?

Yaya: (holding her head) N…. nothing Khun Nadech. I think I have migraine.

Nadech: (worried) Migraine, suddenly?

Yaya: Don’t worry Khun Nadech. I often get migraine if I’m in the sun for too long. I’ll be ok in a minute.

Nadech: (worried, reacting instantly) You are so careless. Yaya when you know you get migraine why you had to come out in the sun. (pausing, Realizing) I mean Khun Yaya.

Yaya: (smiling, shy) Khun Nadech ka, I think you can let go of me now. I’m fine.

Nadech: (realizing he was still holding her so he let go, shy) A… A… I’ll go get some water for you.

He turned.

Yaya: (holding his arm, smiling) Khun Nadech I’m absolutely fine.

Nadech: (ordering) No I will not listen to you. You please sit here I will go get some water.

Nadech gave her water.

Nadech: (concerned) Are you feeling better now?

Yaya: (smiling, nodding) Absolutely.

Nadech: (relieved) I will take you back to your home Khun Yaya. Let’s go.

Yaya: (smiling) No Khun Nadech I’m absolutely fine. Beside how will I learn if I can’t visit the site?

Nadech: But … OK In that case you should always carry an umbrella with you from tomorrow. It’s an order. But since you look weak today I will take you to the doctor and then drop you home.

Yaya: (pleading) Khun Nadech there is no need for it. Pleaseeeeeee. I really want to see this part of the apartment construction. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Nadech: (seeing as he didn't have a choice, smiling) OK on 1 condition. I will hold the umbrella for you and you should not move from this place and stress yourself.

Yaya: (smiling) Alright.

Nadech went and got an umbrella and held it for her.

Nadech looks at the building while Yaya looks at Nadech.

Yaya looks at the building and Nadech looks at Yaya.

Yaya: Khun Nadech, you can call me Yaya you know, Just Yaya. I don’t mind.

Nadech: (smiling) Not possible. (Pausing, extending hand, smiling) I can call you just “Yaya” only if we are friends. (Pausing) So what’s say?

Yaya: (shaking his hand, smiling) Definitely friends Khun Nadech.

Nadech: But I will call you Yaya if you call me Nadech.

Yaya: (smiling) How about P’Nadech?

Nadech: (Thinking: What have I done? Khun Nadech was much better than P’Nadech. Does she means “friend, older to me type” or “brother” brother, looking away from her, a bit dull, hesitating) That’s fine too.

Yaya: (smiling at him) I mean, you are 2 years older than me and you take care of me, you guide me and now you are my “friend” so ‘P’ seems appropriate.

Nadech: (relieved, smiling wide) P’Nadech it is (pausing) “Yaya”.

Yaya: (smiling back) P’Nadech!

This was the previous state of our lovebirds but the reality seems to be the opposite.


It was 6 pm. As usual Michael was on time.

Michael: (smiling) Hello Khun Nadech.

Nadech: (smiling back) Hello Khun Michael.

Michael: (stunned that he was still normal with him) If you don’t mind may I take Khun Yaya for our “date”.

Nadech: (smiling) Of course Khun Michael. Ah! Here she comes.

Michael was worried as to why he was this happy and calm.

Yaya: (smiling) Hello Khun Michael.

Michael: Shall we move Khun Yaya?

Yaya: (smiling) Sure.

Michael: (turning to Nadech) Khun Nadech I’m sorry, because of me your short of 1 person.

Nadech: (smiling) Don’t worry about it. Anything for Khun Yaya…a.. and you Khun Michael.

Michael: Khun Nadech I have asked my assistant to come here and assist you too as I’m stealing Khun Yaya for the day. He will be here in a no time.

Nadech: (smiling) Khun Michael that is not necessary. I can handle everything here.

Michael: (smiling) I insist.

Nadech: (smiling) Alright.

Michael and Yaya left the premises. Nadech was losing his mind, seeing that he wasn’t even close to finding the answer to their issues. He dint even have the guts to imagine together. But seeing that it was only their first date, Nadech thought of it to be something casual.

Michael’s assistant Mark arrives.

Mark: Hello Khun Nadech
Nadech: (turning around) Who?.... Mark (happy) ….. (hugging him happily) Hey Mark it’s really you, my best buddy.
Mark: (dull)You still ocnsider me as best buddy even after What i did Khun Nadech?
Nadech: (smiling) Its Nadech Mark. Of course you are my best bud. Just forget the past.
Will our clueless Nadech finally get a idea with the help of his best friend. And what was this past??? YOU will just have to wait watch.  :) have a great day. 


sarNie Adult
Part - 31

Nadech, Kim, Mark were best friends in their college times. Nadech was the topper of the college. Nadech and Kim dated for 2 months towards the end of their college. Nadech was one of the best looking guys in his college but a nerd and Kim the most popular and beautiful.

It was the night after the graduation. Nadech entered Mark’s room only to find Mark drunk and making out with Kim. He felt betrayed. But Nadech was not the type of person to fight or land a punch kind a guy. He simply close the door and left. Mark quickly got dressed and followed him.

Mark: (worried) Nadech hold on. I can explain. Please listen to me.

Nadech: (calm) I want to be alone for a while. Just walk away.

Mark: (pleading) Nadech please wait. It didn’t happen the way you think.

Nadech: (calm) Really? (pausing) Fine explain.

Mark: Well…

Nadech: (still calm, waiting) Explain...

Mark: I was drunk …and she was drunk ….and we were together so …. It just … just ….happened.

Nadech: (calm) OK. Now can you leave me alone?

Nadech tries to walk away.

Mark: Nadech please stop. I’m extremely sorry. Please you have to forgive me.

Nadech: Mark you know what really hurts, not that you guys were together but the fact that even after being my best friends you guys found it so easy to betray me. You could have just told me. I wouldn’t have come between you people. You know me from past 10 years Mark but we met Kim only 3 years before. Her betrayal is nothing compared to yours. I thought of you as my brother…. but…

Mark: (pleading) Nadech I promise it was not intentional. It just happened. I’m extremely sorry please forgive me.

Nadech just walked of.

Next day Kim spoke to Nadech.

Kim: (depressed) P’Nadech please forgive me, I’m extremely sorry. I was drunk i….

Nadech: (interrupting) Kim there is no point of apologizing. What’s done is done. You could have just told me Kim, I wouldn’t have come between you people.

Kim: (crying) P’Nadech I was just a one time thing. It was not intentional. I don’t know what to say. I’m extremely sorry.

Nadech: (turning away from her) Kim Please don’t cry. I don’t want you to cry. (Pausing) Can you be honest? Can you tell me why this happened? I don’t want the “getting drunk reason”. I really want to know what made you do this. Please Kim, honest answer.

Kim: (depressed) I know we have gone out for 2 months. But I don’t feel the connection between us. We care for each other, but P’Nadech I find it difficult to see you as a lover. I mean even when we go on a dates we behave normally just like friends. We have kissed 2 time max but it doesn't have that spark you know. I mean it should feel special right?

Nadech: (smiling a bit) I’m glad you are honest Kim. I know what you mean. I sometimes feel the same way too. Maybe we made our relationship too complex by dating, esp. when we were already happy being friends.

Kim nodded.

Nadech: (smiling) Never mind. We will always be friends Kim, including Mark. But I need some time.

Kim: (alarmed) P’Nadech. It was not Mark’s fault. Please trust me. We were drunk and it just happened.

Nadech: I know. But I just need some time for myself. All the best for exams. When I’m ready I will talk to you myself.

Kim: I understand. I’m really sorry for everything P’Nadech.

Nadech avoided Mark and Kim and just focused on exams. The minute exams were over Nadech wanted to talk to Mark and Kim and reconcile their friendship. He was able to find Kim and even to this day they are very good friends, but Mark on the other hand still had the effects of betrayal so he disappear after exams as he dint have the guts to look at Nadech. Kim went abroad and settled there for a while and pursued fashion designing. Nadech enquired about Mark everywhere possible but could find any information.


The present…
Mark: (dull) Nadech how can I forget what I did.

Nadech: (smiling) Idiot. I had forgiven you a long time ago. I searched for you like crazy. Where were you?

Mark: (dull) My dad expired. I was in my native for almost 3 years. I tried to manage his agricultural lands but finally when I couldn’t, I sold the land and settled here in Bangkok.

Nadech: (patting him) I’m so sorry Mark. Why didn’t you contact me? Don’t you see me as your friend anymore to share your personal feelings?

Mark: I dint want to come in front of you. How could I? After what I did… I always read about you and your achievements. I feel so proud of what you have become Nadech. You are achieving you dream. When I saw you at the party I was constantly hiding myself. Even today if Khun Michael wouldn’t have ordered me to come I wouldn’t have.

Nadech: You were at the party? (Mark nodded).Why didn’t you talk to me? (Pausing, smiling) Mark please just forget all of that. I and Kim have. We talk occasionally since we are busy. But you had completely disappeared on us. We will always be best friends no matter what.

Mark: (smiling) Really? Are you sure?

Nadech: (smiling) Always.

Mark: (teasing) Even if I steal your girlfriend or wife??
Nadech: (smiling) Impossible. (Teasing) This time I will break your face if you come near my Yaya.

Mark was shocked.
Mark: ‘Yaya’??? You mean Khun Urassaya?

Nadech: (smiling) Yes. (Realizing he was dull) What happened Mark?

Mark: (extremely dull) Nadech… Dude… I think I’m bad luck for you man. As long as you stay with me I don’t think you will ever get married.

Nadech: (confused) Mark, what’s the matter?

Mark: (turning away from him, dull) I don’t know what to tell or how to tell you bro.

Nadech: (worried) Mark is it something related to Yaya?

Mark nodded yes.

Nadech: (alarmed, turning him) Mark you have to tell me. No matter what you have to tell me.

Mark: Not here. Let’s go near car parking.

Nadech nodded yes.


Nadech: (patient) What is it Mark?

Mark told him about what he had seen. He mentioned about the phone and the fact that Michael had referred to her as “sweetheart”.

Mark: Dude, it dint seem like they were just acquaintances or friends. It seemed more like…

Nadech: (ordering) Don’t say it Mark.

Nadech just thought for a while then he smashed his window shield with all his rage. Mark was beyond shocked.

Mark: (worried) Nadech what the hell is wrong with you?

Nadech: (angry) I can’t believe she would take it this far. And this was when I was in America?

Mark: (worried) Yes. If you don’t mind can I know what the problem is?
Nadech tells him everything that had happened from the time he had come back from America.

Mark: (consoling) Nadech why don’t you just forget her. Maybe it’s for the best.

Nadech: No way Mark. You are saying this because you don’t know my Yaya.

Nadech tells him everything about Yaya and all about their story.

Mark: (stunned) How can she change in 3 days bro?

Nadech: (worried) No idea. But I have to find out. I will get her back no matter what.

Mark: (teasing, trying to change his mood) wow!!!!! I slept with your girlfriend and you dint even bother to hit me or even scold and here you are smashing windows. OMG! What has Yaya done to you?

Nadech: (smiling) Shut up.  (Pausing)  But what do I do Mark, I have no clue.

Mark: (thinking) From what you have told me it looks like she is just jealous of that Matt girl. But dating Michael to take revenge on you seems a bit far-fetched.

Nadech: (nodding) hmm.

Mark: (thinking) First we have to find out if the real issue is Michael or Matt. You start with Matt and I will find out about Michael.

Nadech: Why can’t you take Matt?

Mark: Do you work in Michael’s office or know all his appointments?

Nadech: (dull) No. (realizing)  Ok fine so what I have to do about Matt?

Mark: (smirking) She owes you a dinner you know... but make sure Yaya witnesses all of this. Only then we will find out is she is really jealous or not. Oh and lets act like we don’t know each other in front of Michael and Yaya.

Nadech: (nodding, smiling) Agreed.

Mark: (concerned) Nadech???  How are you ok with her dating someone else? (Pausing) Do you really love her so much?

Nadech: (smiling) ALWAYS and FOREVER.

He had never seen Nadech so affected, so worried, so intense and so in love, ever. He actually understood what his buddy was feeling.

Mark: (overwhelmed, smiling, patting him) Well in that case we better make sure we try and do everything we can. (wondering) When will i find someone whom I can love this much?

Nadech: (overwhelmed, smiling) Thank you so much Mark.

Mark: Just shut up dude.



sarNie Adult
Part - 32

Michael had booked the private room again. He had ordered the food and Yaya was happily eating. She knew that there was no point in refusing food, seeing that he would force her anyways. Michael on the other hand was still worried about Nadech being that happy.

Michael: (looking at her) Yaya?

Yaya: (eating and looking into her plate) Yes?

Michael: (looking at her) What did Nadech tell when he found out about the date?

Yaya: (casually, trying to divert him from topic) Long story short: He yelled at first then when I said I want to be with you and not him, then he said he wouldn't mind if I go out with you. He will give me my space and he will wait for me to change my decision and go back to him. Since I don't have the option of changing my mind you don't have to worry about him.

Yaya dint mention about the kiss or about him claiming her to make his wife no matter what. She dint want to infuriate Michael and divert all his attention towards Nadech. But she also couldn't lie about everything as there won’t be anything left to say and the fact that Michael was no fool.

Michael: (smiling, calm) Yaya, when you meet him next time, tell him that you love me. (Ordering) I strictly mean the exact words that you ‘love’ me. And next week we will announce that we will be getting engaged.

Yaya: (startled and chocked on her food a bit, depressed, realizing how serious he was) Khun Michael I’m begging you. Please stop all of this. There is no point is doing this. Please. I won’t even mention anything to Nadech. Please don’t make me do this. He will not be able to bear this. I would rather die.

Michael: (smirking, smiling) Its ‘Michael’ baby. Are you forgetting our deal? Maybe you won’t learn until Nadech is harmed.

Michael: (making a call) It’s me Michael. Is Nadech still at the site? (conforming, smiling) Well, you know what to do.

Yaya startled. She immediately got up and tried to stop him from talking.

Yaya: (trying to stop him) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I will not repeat this again. Please tell him not to do anything.     (Holding onto his legs, pleading) Please I’m begging you. I will do as you say. Please.
Michael: (smirking, talking on the phone) Cancel it. (Pausing) Yes I’m sure. Cancel it.

When Michael cut the call, Yaya just sat down on the floor next to his legs (looking at the floor) realizing that she and Nadech are over. The thought of losing him made her want to cry her heart out but still no luck.  Michael lifted her up in his arms.

Michael: (holding her) Yaya, my dear. Please don’t feel bad. I'm there for you.

Yaya knew there is no point in responding or verbally fighting back at him. She just kept quiet.

Michael pulled her closer into his arms. Yaya started to struggle.

Michael: (touching her cheek gently) Besides, Now you know what will happen if you don’t obey me. Oh and remember you had threatened me that you will disappear if I touch you. Now I’m challenging you. (Pulled her even closer) Disappear and you will see your beloved Nadech’s photo in the newspaper the next day.

He kissed her cheek. Yaya was defenseless. If she tried to fight him she knew he will harm Nadech then and there itself. She was still and couldnt even look at him. Seeing this Michael just smiled and kissed her passionately on her lips. Yaya just stood there enduring it.

Michael: (smiling) See baby as long as you behave I will keep my hands of you and Nadech. (Serious) But if you think of doing anything behind my back, Nadech and his company are dead.

He let go of her.

Michael: (smiling) Come on I’ll drop you to your house.

He held her hand and led her out. Yaya was completely expressionless and emotionless. She felt dead inside.


sarNie Adult
Part - 33
Michael dropped her to her house and left. Yaya quickly rushed in and took out a ‘particular’ letter from the black box.

Dear Yaya,

I hope your doing well my child. I always think about you. Your mother informed me that you will be going off to college pretty soon. I’m so proud of you sweetheart. I want you to work hard and come up in life. The day I get to know that you are able to stand on your legs and provide for yourself I will come to you myself. I dying to meet you. I will not be able to write to you for a while as I will be out of the country.

Yaya I see your pictures all the time. You are turning into a beautiful young lady. I want you to have fun in college and enjoy your life but I also have to ask you to be careful against boys. Love is a beautiful thing my dear and it will stay that way only if it’s with the right person. You will know when you will find the one.

will not ask you to hold back but I request you to be careful. Let’s say you do find the one. You should also prepare yourself to face everything that comes with him. Love is not always a bed of roses dear. If you ever find yourself in a difficult situation just remember that “if your love is true and if you really love him with all your heart then the whole universe will get together to help you find your way to him”.

With lots and lots of love


Yaya: (looking at the letter and talking to it, emotional) He is the one. I do love him with all my heart mum. I love him so much, then why is it I’m not getting any help. Why??? Why do I have to stay away from him. Why am I forced to push him away?

(Pausing, straightening herself) It’s a good thing that I changed my house after Mae Pla death. Or else you would have found me and god would have found some way to take you away from me. I hope your fine. I really hope your somewhere far away from me and your fine.

Someone rang the doorbell. Yaya puts the letter back into the box and gets herself together.

Yaya: (opening the door) Who is it?

Nadech barged in

Yaya: (startled, stepping back) Khun Nadech, you? Why the do you keep barging in all the time?

Nadech didn’t bother to answer. He locked the door.

Nadech: (stepping towards her, calm) How was your date?

Yaya: (angry that he always comes at the wrong time forcing her to push him away even more) It’s none of your business. Just get out.

Nadech: (smirking) That good ha?

Yaya: Khun Nadech, What do you want?

Nadech: You.

Yaya: (sighing) Don’t you get it, I’m seeing someone else now.

Nadech: Just seeing na. I don’t care. (Pausing) By the way I was so lost in our issue that I forgot to notice your phone. (Questioning, calm, observing her) Did you take a phone from him?

Yaya was wondering as to how he had got to know all of this, but assumed Michael must have informed him somehow just to hurt him.

Yaya: (curious, angry) I don’t have to answer you.

Nadech: (stepping towards her furiously) Did you or did you not take a phone from him.

Yaya: Yes I did. What’s your problem?

Nadech: (holding her hand tightly) What was the necessity to take a phone from a 3rd person when your boyfriend is still alive? And why the hell would he refer to you as ‘sweetheart’?

Yaya: (casually) Why shouldn’t he call me sweetheart and give me a phone especially when he is my boyfriend. But I don’t understand as to why a 3rd person like you would enquire about our personal matter.

Nadech: (angry) You can’t hurt me with your words Yaya. (Giving her a bag) Here take this. Pay him for the phone.

Yaya: (giving it back to him) I don’t need anything from you. My boyfriend gifted this to me. He will not like it if I even think of paying him for it.

Nadech: (roaring) Yaya enough. Stop all this nonsense. You are taking it too far. (Still holding her hands) If you are so upset about me and Matt being in America for 3 days, why don’t you just slap me or kill me. Just do it. Don’t hurt me like this. (He tries to make her slap him) Hit me, just hit me.

Yaya: (pushes him away with all her force) You think I’m doing this just to take revenge on you? This is not about revenge. I have no interest in how Michael and I affect you. In fact I have truly forgotten about you and me.

Nadech: Don’t say that.

Yaya: (bracing herself) Khun Nadech, I love him.

Nadech was furious.

Nadech: (furious, yelling) How the hell can you say this?

Yaya: (turning away from him, yelling) It’s the truth.  I love him. I love him. I love him.

Nadech turned her around and raised his hand at her. Yaya shut her eyes.
Nadech gently placed his hand on her cheek, pulled her closer and kissed her lips. Yaya was more stunned at the kiss than the thought of him slapping her. She just wanted to sink in his arms and let her worries fade away. Even if it was for a minute Nadech had calmed her aching heart.

Nadech: (releasing her lips, but holding her in his arms, looking into her eyes, romantic) Not bad sweetheart your acting is improving. (Seeing that she was still stunned, assuming she was scared at the thought of him raising his hand at her) Yaya NO matter what you do, I will never hurt you, you know. (Pausing) I love you

Yaya pushes him away softly. He let go. She stepped back.

Yaya: (recovering, calm) I don’t know what I have to do to make you believe me.

Nadech: That’s exactly what you should stop doing.

Yaya: (calm) Khun Nadech, get out of your world and see the truth yourself. We are over. You need to stop assuming things.

Nadech: (calm) Yaya you are my world. There is no exit.

His words affected her more than the threat of Michael.

Yaya: Khun Nadech I think you should leave. (Pausing) It is inappropriate that you come to my home at this time. Please leave. And next time don’t think about kissing or touching me. Remember that I’m someone else’s girlfriend.

Nadech: (smiling) Fine I will leave. But remember 2 can play at this game.

Yaya: (alarmed) What do you mean?

Nadech: (smiling) Wait and see.

Nadech just tuned away and walked. Yaya also turned away lost in thoughts. Nadech came back running and held her from back.

Nadech: I forgot to add one thing. You belong only to me. (Pecked her cheek) Love you baby. Bye, lock your door.

Nadech left and Yaya hurried and locked her door.



sarNie Adult
Part - 34

Friendship plus physical attraction is the shortest way to love. Nadech and Yaya lighted up in each other’s presence from day one. They had turned into good friends later. They care for each other and show concern. If he holds her umbrella, she takes care of his eating habits. If he picks her up in case she had car trouble, she stays back with him when he was extra work. Hmm the physical attraction was just the next step.

Nadech entered Yaya’s cabin to cross check a particular file.

Nadech: (holding a file open) Yaya just open this file’s copy. I think some calculations are wrong.

Yaya and Nadech cross checked each value and corrected it. Nadech got up and walked towards the door. Something flashed in his mind.

Nadech: (standing at the door) Yaya just see and tell me what is the total mentioned in the next page

Yaya opened the file and walked towards him searching for the value.

Yaya: Here, P’Nadech its 9.7 lakhs.

Nadech: (smiling wide) Ok, its correct.

At the same time Mint barged in to talk to Yaya as usual. Nadech fell on Yaya landing his lips on hers. Time just stopped. Nadech lifted his head a bit; both starring into each other’s eyes but Mint was the one who was shy, shocked. Noticing that both were still, Mint cleared her throat. They both startled.

Nadech: (starling, trying to get up, shy) Yaya….. (Realizing that Mint was there) Khun Yaya I’m so sorry it was an accident.

He extended his hand and Yaya held his hand and got up.

Yaya: (flustered) It’s… it’s alright Khun Nadech.

Mint: (guilty, shy) I’m so sorry Yaya, Khun Nadech. I should have knocked. I will come back later.

Nadech: (picking both files and handing her one file, flustered) Are you hurt Yaya?

Yaya: (flustered, cheeks turning red, looking into file) I’m fine P’Nadech. What about you?

Nadech: (red ears, trying to look away from her) I’m fine Yaya. I’ll go now.

Nadech turned.

Yaya: (flustered) P’Nadech, wait. This is your file. That’s mine.

Nadech still flustered, with his left hand held her file and instead of touching the file touched her hand. He immediately let go. His ears were completely red. They then exchanged the files and Nadech went his cabin. Both of them just drank a whole glass of water, breathing hard. What was happening to them? If this was Yaya's first kiss, now Nadech understood what a spark in a kiss would feel like as mentioned by Kim.

He couldn’t concentrate on his work for a while. Every time she stepped into his cabin he would notice her legs, every time she was in talking to him he eyes would go back to her tender lips. Every time their hands touched by mistake he wonders about her soft skin. In the field, when she sweeps her hair to one side of her shoulder ,collects it and makes a bun, he looks at her actions feeling like the time is just slowing down. Every time she smiles at him makes his heart skips a beat.

The reaction wasn't one sided. Wherever he brushes by her, she could feel her knees go weak. Being in the same elevator next to him, her heart would beat harder and louder. The nerves that pop on his hand when he signs a document makes her curious as to how masculine and strong his hold must be. In the field, when he unbuttons 1 button from his shirt, loosen it and pouring water all face and neck she could feel the time slowing down too sending chills down her spine. The way he looked into her eyes when they kissed as though gazing deep into her soul without her permission makes her want to return to the position.

One day Nadech entered into Yaya’s cabin only find her plugged into her IPod and dancing her heart out with her eyes closed. Nadech stood there admiring her "moves". She suddenly lost her balance and he obviously held her.

Nadech: (startled, held her) Yaya be careful.

Yaya: (realizing to be in the same position as the kiss, shy, pushes him softly) I’m fine P’Nadech.

Nadech: (letting go, straightening himself) Not bad, a hidden talent.

Yaya: (smiling) I used to go to dance classes before.

Nadech: (smiling) Why did you stop?

Yaya: (smiling) I finished my course. After that I wanted to learn salsa. “The swingers” is the best, but you see there it’s a rule that we need to bring a partner. So I couldn't join.

Nadech: Oh ok.

Next day Nadech informs her that he has admitted her into “The swingers”. How can Yaya have a wish and her P'Nadech not fulfill it.

Yaya: (shocked) What??? Did they accept without a partner?

Nadech: (pointing at him) NO, but who said you don’t have a partner?

Yaya: (laughing) Really???

Nadech: (teasing) Oye, you don’t know that I am an amazing dancer.

Yaya: (challenging, stepping towards him) Are you sure about this?

Nadech: (challenging, stepping towards him) Absolutely. Let’s see who can dance better.

They suddenly realized their proximity, thought about their kiss, became all flustered and walked away. If this proximity was hard for them to withstand then dance class was going to be their personalized hell.

Dance class session.

Instructor: Nadech hold her right hand with your left and with place another hand right behind her chest on her back.

Nadech: (shy, joining his hands to Yaya) Sorry.
Instructor: Hold tighter.

Nadech stiffened his grip.

Instructor: Now Yaya hold his hand and place the other on his shoulder.

Yaya: (joining hands to Nadech) Sorry.

Instructor: Come closer.

Instructor: (pushing them at each other) Closer like this.

They were so shy.

Instructor: Now move like this. 1, 2, 3 and 5,6,7.

1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, 7.

For some classes sorry, sorry….. sorry, sorry…… sorry, sorry continued, as the moves got harder and closer. The instructors were laughing behind them at how cute and flustered they acted while touching each other. 


sarNie Adult
Part - 35
Another dance class.

Instructors: You guys have the passion and chemistry but you need to channel it in your moves.

Nadech and Yaya were red at him talk about their passion and chemistry. Yaya immediately reacted to overcome her shyness.

Yaya: (teasing Nadech) Sir P’Nadech is just an amateur. He is still learning.

Nadech: (challenging) Is that so let’s see.

Nadech pulled her closer with a lot of passion and force. This was the first time there was no 'sorry' and the first time so 'close'. If Yaya was wondering before about the strong hold of his masculine hands, she had just got a taste of it.

They started dancing.

Instructor: Yaya don’t dominate. Let him lead you.

Nadech: (teasing) Let me lead you Yaya.


Instructor: Nadech you need to move your butt.

Yaya: (teasing) Nadech move you butt.


After few classes…

Instructor: Yaya next week you need to come in a dress, I need to choreograph a dance as both of you will be taking part in a competition in this dance class.

Yaya wears a sexy black high- low backless ruffle dress, of course to impress Nadech, and Nadech was in awe.

Instructor: (instructing)
“Nadech, place both your hands on her hips, feel the way her hips move and moves you’re the same way”.

“Yaya, when you move away from him you need to sexily flaunt your body at him so that it makes him want to come closer to you”.

“Your bodies need to touch. Nadech pull her closer”.

“Yaya place your hand behind his neck and pull him closer”

“Yaya extend one leg towards him, Nadech bend down and touch her leg, ride you hand up feeling her leg, bring it up to her thigh, hold it and pull her into you”.

“Yaya go behind him, put your hands on either side of his neck and extend them out feeling his strong hands. Nadech turn towards her, do the opposite of her, bring from outward to inward”,

“Nadech with your right hand hold onto her right shoulder by resting you hand onto her chest."

Nadech was all shy and hesitated to place his hand there.

Instructor: Not like that here let me show you. Yaya come here.

Of course Nadech will not let another man touch her there.

Nadech: (reacting instantly, smiling) Why don’t you demonstrate on Jenna and I will follow with Yaya.

Yaya obviously noticed this and she knew what he felt for her and was happy that she feels the same way about him too. She just smiled in her thoughts.{ A girl always knows if a guy likes her or not, its just a matter if she considers that boy's feelings or not.}

Instructor: Alright. Here let me show you. With your right hand hold onto her right shoulder by resting you hand onto her chest.

Nadech did the same with Yaya.

Instructor: Now Yaya bend and go under his hand making 1 full turn. Now Nadech hold up her hand, Yaya your need to twirl 5 times. Nadech move with her as she twirls. Now Nadech pull her close and dip her.

They practiced hard. Moves became more passionate, bodies coming closer, emotions rising. They even practiced after office closed. Imagine: salsa in Nadech’s cabin. All this “hard work” finally paid off when they won the competition and were declared the best dancers in their class. Major difference between them and the other couples were their mind blowing passion and chemistry. The way they look at each other added the extra 'oomph' to their sexy moves.

Days passed. Yaya was too distracting for our Nadech. He couldn’t concentrate on work anymore. All he did was wait for it to be Sunday so that he could dance his heart out with her. To feel her, to be close to her, to hold her the way he wanted. Nadech was losing his mind. He finally thought of getting control of his emotions by asking her out on a date. He could feel that she liked him but to conform if it was “like” like or “love” like he played a small trick.

Nadech called Yaya into his cabin and asked her to type an email. He made a call to his mum and spoke a bit loudly on purpose. Yaya was happily tying when…

Nadech: (on phone) Mum I will come home late tonight. I have a date with Anne.

Yaya startled and stopped typing. Nadech noticed and was happily jumping inside his mind. He turned his chair away from Yaya was just smiling.

Mae Keaw: Anne? Who is Anne? I thought you like Yaya.

Nadech: (giggling in mind, speaking louder) The date is around 8 so I will be late.

Mae Keaw: (Realising) Oh! Yaya is next to you right?

Nadech: (smiling) Yes mom. Love you too bye.

Mae Keaw: (smiling) All the best.

Yaya quickly finished the email and got up leave.

Yaya: (straight, a bit angry) P’Nadech I have finished you email. I will leave.

Yaya turned around to go when.

Nadech: (smiling) Yaya I have some ‘important’ work today evening. Can you please take care of the office?

Yaya: (smiling excessively) I’m sorry P’Nadech I have plans. I came in here to also inform you that I will be leaving the office around six.

Nadech: (curious) Plans? What plans Yaya?

Yaya: (smirking) P’Nadech I going out for a movie…. with Thongthai. (Smiling) He finally had the courage to ask me out.

Nadech: Who? Our Thongthai? The one who keep drooling around you?

Yaya: (smiling wide) Yes.

Yaya turned around to walk away.

Nadech was startled. He dint even think for a second that she was playing his game. He immediately reacted.

Nadech: (getting up from his chair) Yaya wait.

Yaya turned towards him.

Nadech: You can’t go out with him?

Yaya: (curious) Why?

Nadech: I mean you can’t go out with him today because I have a date and I want you to take care here. Cancel it.

Yaya: Sorry P’Nadech I have to go. Why don’t you cancel?

Nadech: (moving closer) You cancel your date.

Yaya: (moving closer) You cancel your date.

Nadech: (moving closer, pointing) No you cancel.

Yaya: (moving closer pointing) No you cancel it.

Nadech: (moving closer, ordering) Cancel it.

Yaya: (moving closer, ordering)You cancel it. I am going.

Yaya turns around and Nadech holds her hand and turns her back.

Nadech: (holding her hand) Yaya you can’t go with him.

Yaya: Why?

Nadech: I will not let you go with him.

Yaya: Why?

Nadech just blabbers.

Nadech: Because love you.

Yaya was stunned.

Nadech: (calming down)  Did you hear me? I said I love you. No its not ‘like’. Its love. I don't want to act cool and say 'i like you', and wait for a month and declare my love.  I know what I feel. I have never felt this way about anyone else except you. I love you.

Yaya just sat down on the chair absolutely stunned. Yaya had never been with any guy. There were many who liked her in college but Mae Pla’s death had affected her so she just focused on getting settled in life. She worked hard and dint find the need to complicate her life by seeing boys. This was the first time she had feelings for any boy and that boy had just hit her with the word ‘love’.
Nadech kneeled in front of her.

Nadech: (worried) Yaya are you ok? Please say something. No matter what your answer is, you can tell me.

Yaya: (looking at Nadech, wondering) Love???.... (Smiling a bit, wondering) Love… (Smiling wide at him) LOVE.

Nadech got his answer and grinned back at her. Yaya was all shy. She just got up and ran. Nadech held her hand.

Nadech: (Yaya still turning away from him) I need to hear it from you too.

Yaya dint have the guts to look at him. Nadech pulled her into is arms.

Nadech: (holding her in his arms) Yaya don’t torture me. Please say it.

Yaya: (smiling) I…

Nadech: (smiling) Hmm…

Yaya: (moving her face closer to his) Love….

Nadech: (smiling wide) Yes…

Yaya: (brought her lips close to his lips and yelled) P’Bird.

Yaya playfully pushed him away and turned to run, Nadech pulled her hard. She turned towards him losing her balance, Nadech lurched forward to save her and both fell to the floor with him on top of her, his lips on her, Again.

Nadech: (lifting his head) Yaya I’m so sorry.

Yaya: (lifting her head close to his, smiling, looking into his eyes) I’m not. (Kissed him) I love you too.

Nadech just received the best surprise of his life. Love gift wrapped in a kiss.

He passionately kissed her and she reciprocated. They finally got up and straightened themselves.

Nadech: (controlling his emotions, casually went and sat at his desk) So lets go out at 8.

Yaya: (controlling her emotion, casually) Ok.

She reached his door and turned again.

Yaya: (thinking) Anne??? Your dentist right?

Nadech: (giggling) Yes.

Yaya: (smiling) SMART.

Nadech: You and Thongthai???

Yaya: (smiling) Nah...

Nadech: (smiling wide) SUPER SMART.

Yaya smiled and walked out of his cabin. They both reclined on their chairs recalling everything that happened and could just smile and smile away.

Their eyes had a connection from the start. The look Yaya had in her eyes when she declared her love for him was not even seen in a fraction when she declares her love for Michael, now you see how our Pra-ek is finding out.  :)