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Part - 54
One the way home, all Mae Keaw could think of was about the reason Yaya was forcing herself to stay away from Nadech. She thought its best if she discussed it with Nadech. She quickly rushed home. When she almost reached his room, she overheard Nadech talking on phone with Mark.

Nadech: Mark did you find out about Michael’s old assistant?

“What he is out of country?”

“Singapore? What do we do now?”

“Are you sure you can go to Singapore this Sunday Mark?”

“Thank you so much Mark. I don’t know what I would do without you”

“Just remember that we have got to do everything we can before he marries her. He might have blackmailed her; he might have injured me, but no matter what happens I can never let him get married to her”

“OK Mark Thank you so much. But make sure that no else knows about this except for us. OK Bye”

Mae Keaw now got the whole picture. She was happy that they both loved each other so much. But she thought it was best to stay away from the boys plan and let them do whatever they can because Nadech had not mentioned any of this to his mum and even Yaya had made her promise not tell him anything.

She went in and gave him his pill and asked him to rest.


5 days pass by. Nadech was already getting his physiotherapy. He was able to walk all by himself and was improving day by day. It was a Sunday and seeing that Mark was out of Michael’s sight he flew to Singapore. He came back after two days and informed Nadech that he knew where the camera was hidden. The camera was hidden in the eye of a portrait of Michael’s dad. He couldn’t do anything about it for the next four days as Michael was constantly in the office finishing all his work before his wedding.

4 days left for the wedding.

Michael takes those 4 days off to finalize all preparations. This was Mark’s chance. He got a specialist and carefully got the camera out of the portrait and checked it in detail. They got to know that it was a wireless device and that all the data was transferred into Michael’s computer through Bluetooth. They found out that his computer is password protected. They put back the camera and just leave for the day as the watchman would was about to lock the building.

Mark informed everything to Nadech but assures him saying that he will get the job done no matter what.

3 days left for the wedding.
Nadech was completely alright. The doctors confirmed that he was absolutely fine and that he can carry on with his normal lifestyle. But asked him not to stress himself physically. Michael calls Mark early in the morning and asks his to assist him for the whole day. Mark didn’t have a choice. Same thing happened the next day. Mark then informs Michael that he will not be able to attend his wedding as his grandmother has expired and he has to leave immediately. Michael who was happy about him finally getting married to Yaya permits Mark happily.
1 day before the wedding.

Mark and the cyber specialist hide themselves in the building around evening. The watchman locks the building in the night. As soon as it’s locked…

Mark: (to Nadech on phone) Nadech we have got into his cabin. We will get the video as soon as possible. Please don’t worry.

Nadech: (desperate) Mark try till the end.

Mark: Don’t worry bro I’m there for you.

Nadech cuts his call and sneaks into Yaya’s room. Yaya walks out of bathroom.

Nadech: (puts his hand on her mouth, holding her) Don’t shout. I will let go but please don’t shout.

Nadech let go and all they could do was look at each other as they had missed each other for so long.

Yaya: (controlling herself, lower tone) What are you doing here?

Nadech: (lower tone, happy) I came to see you.

Yaya: (serious) Why?

Nadech: Remember you had promised that if we don’t have any choice then we will run away. Well…

Nadech kneel down and opens a box which had a diamond ring in it.

Nadech: Yaya I got this ring when I had been to America. I still love you with all my heart and always will. We have reached the end. We have no other choice. So I am begging you to please accept my love and marry me so that we get go away from all of them.

Yaya was stunned. How can he still have this amount of determination and love? This only made her decision more strong.

Yaya: (cold) No. I want to get married to Michael. I don’t love you. I love him.

Nadech: (getting up) Yaya is this your final decision?

Yaya: (looking straight at him) Yes.

Nadech: (smiling) Fine. But just know that I will always love you no matter what.

Yaya: (cold) I don’t care.

Nadech: (taking out the Rolex watch from his pocket) Here Yaya take this. I can’t keep this with me anymore. The time doesn’t belong to me anyways.  But, please think about your decision. I will wait by my phone the whole night. Just make one call and I will take you away from all of this. Just remember that I will wait till the time strikes 8. After that I will be out of your life.

He hands her the watch and goes away.

Yaya looked at the watch and chain given by Mae Keaw and Nadech and kept thinking. She did think of calling him many times but she kept stopping herself.

Nadech sat by his phone all worried.
It was 12am. Mae Keaw was as sleepless as Nadech. She walked into Nadech’s room.


Hacker: Mark, we have got into his computer.

Mark: (happy) that’s great. Check the camera software installed in it and get the recording.

Hacker: (worried) Oh shit! The software itself is password protected and let me tell you, this is not easy to crack. The password is a combination of alphabets and numbers so god knows how long it will take.

Mark: (worried) Please keep trying.

They hook a machine and connect it to the software. The machine keeps guessing a combination of codes and enters it to log in.

Hacker: Now all we have to do is wait.

Mark informs this to Nadech who ask them to continue trying.


Mae Keaw: (depressed) Nadech what happened?

Nadech: (depressed) What else can happen mom? I proposed her and she rejected me.

Mae Keaw: Nadech be strong my dear. Just remember “If your love is true and if you really love her with all your heart then the whole universe will get together to help you find your way to her”.

Nadech nods. He immediately realised.

Nadech: I had read this in one of Yaya’s letters. (shocked) You … you are Rathana?

Mae Keaw tells him everything.

Nadech: (hugging his mother, happy) That’s great. Mom come lets go tell her all of this. She will definitely come with us.

Mae Keaw: I told her everything Nadech. But she refused to come.

Nadech: you did and she is still determined not to give up.

Mae Keaw nods.

Nadech: (smiling) Don’t worry mum I will never give up. I promise you that she will come to you as my wife and your daughter. Thank you for telling me. You just gave me my strength.

It was 8 in the morning. Mark informed that the code was still not cracked, but he will keep trying. Nadech was all worried now. He arrived to the wedding hall and congratulated Michael. Yaya was still at home. The wedding was at 11am. Yaya was wearing a simple shirt and skirt. She had to arrive to the wedding hall at 9 and then get dressed there itself. The engagement was Thai so the wedding was in American style to honor Michael’s dad and the fact that it was faster.

Mint goes and talks to Yaya.

Mint: Yaya, I’m extremely sorry for what happened that day. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that.

Yaya: (wondering) It’s… It’s alright Mint.

Mint: You know what, I don’t care whom you want to get married to, I’m your best friend and I will support you no matter what.
Yaya just hugged her. She couldn’t believe she was so lucky to have so many people who love her no matter what. She was happy that Mint would be right next to her which will strengthen her to get through this wedding.
Yaya: (smiling) Will you be my maid of honor?

Mint: (smiling) Yes. I would love to.

Matt was already at the venue getting taking care of the arrangements on both Michael and Yaya’s side.

Michael’s mum and her relatives got into a car. Yaya and Mint got into a limo.

Yaya: (in car) Mint I’m so happy you came.

Mint: You know I’m always there for you right.

Yaya: (nodding) I’m so sorry for the way I behaved.

Mint: NO need to apologize. I should have respected your decision Yaya. Your my best friend.

Mint: (after half hour) Driver can you please stop the car.

Car stops.

Yaya: What happened Mint?

Mint: I just need to make a call.

Yaya: Ok

A car stops right next to theirs. Nadech gets out.

Yaya: (shocked) What the hell?

Mint snatches her phone. Nadech ties her hands. Mint plasters her mouth. The driver comes to save, but Nadech punches him. Nadech puts her in his car and drives away while Mint goes to Mark.



sarNie Adult
Part - 55
Nadech couldn’t afford to go out of the city as this was his only chance to get the truth out of her and take her to the police station to testify against Michael. Nadech couldn’t even leave his parents here and go out of town because a guy that capable of hurting others would immediately turn to his parents and hurt them.

Nadech drove to “their” house. Sak and Nakree were out on a holiday based on Nadech’s orders. Nadech put her on his shoulders and carried her in and put her on his couch in the hall. He then closed all the windows and doors. He finally untied her and took off her tape.

Yaya: (angry, pushing him away) What the hell is your problem? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me? Dint you get the message when I dint call you yesterday?

Nadech: (angry, yelling) Just shut up. I so tired of listening to this shit.

Yaya was stunned. She had never seen him speak this way even after all this time she had been with Michael.

Yaya tried to walk towards the door in order to get out. Nadech blocks her way and pushes her away from the door.

Nadech: (angry, warning) Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Yaya: (angry) To my wedding.

Nadech: (smirking, walking towards her) Try as much as you want but I will not let you do that.

Yaya tried to get through his left side to reach the door. Nadech just held her hand and pulled her around.
Nadech: (roaring) Enough. More how much will you ignore me?

Yaya was scared. Very scared. She dint know what had gotten into him.

Yaya: (pleading) Nadech please just let me go.

Nadech: (stepping towards her) You think I will melt the minute I hear your plea. I’m tired of being the nice guy. I’m tired of you pushing me away. I begged you so much, but you dint seem to bother so maybe it’s time I handle things your way.

Yaya: (stepping back, scared) What do you mean?

Nadech: (walking towards her) I know everything. I know that he is blackmailing you.

Yaya: (stepping back, declaring) No one is blackmailing me. I love him. I want to get married to him. Please let me go.

Nadech: (yelling) Stop lying. Just stop it. You still want to deny in spite of me knowing everything. Do you think I’m a fool? I know that he is blackmailing you. Just accept it.

Yaya: (stood firmly in her place, yelling) I will never. Because it is not the truth. I love him a lot. You just have to accept this fact one day or the other.
Nadech: (declaring) The hell I will. I know that you love me as much as I love you. I also know that he is blackmailing you about the project and about my safety. I know he is the reason why I fell because he couldn’t take the fact that we were together. I will give you one and only chance. Will you come to the police and accept all of this and testify against him or not?

Yaya: (declaring, angry) No never. This is a lie. Why will I lie about my lover?

Nadech: (angry, stepping towards her) Fine as you wish. (Pausing) He thinks he can punish me for touching “my girlfriend” and you (pointing at her), you think you can sacrifice our love just like that? You have the guts to push me away. (Declaring) I will see what the hell he or you will do when we will belong to each other today with or without your permission.

Yaya: (stunned, confused) What do you…

Nadech held her hand and pulled her into his arms, held her waist in one hand and held her cheek in the other and forcefully kissed her. Yaya was shocked. She knew what was about to happen but she also knew that Michael will soon find her missing and if he gets to know that Nadech had touched her again then he will do anything and everything to get rid of Nadech forever.

Meanwhile, Michael’s mum had informed Michael that Yaya’s car was right behind them but it’s been one hour and she has not arrived yet. Michael asked Yoshio if his son was in the wedding hall or not. Yoshio had no clue, so Michael went to one of his men and asked him to GPS track Nadech’s phone. Yoshio searched for Nadech, but couldn’t find him anywhere so he walks out of the wedding.

Yaya: (pushing his away, yelling) Nadech don’t do this.

Nadech: (calm) Fine. Are you ready to testify?

Yaya: (pleading) I don’t love you. I won’t lie to the police. (Begging) Please let me go.

Nadech: Never.

He pulled her in the second time and kissed her again for a longer duration. Yaya struggled hard and managed to push him off.

Yaya: (taking several steps back in defense, yelling) Nadech just stop.

Nadech charges at her, Yaya runs up the stairs. He catches hold of her hand, but she manages to get away. She runs into one of the guest rooms and tries to lock the door, but Nadech holds the door and manages to get in.

Yaya: (feeling cornered and scared, steps back) Nadech you can’t do this me. I belong to someone else.

Nadech: (stepping towards her, declaring straight) You belong only to me.

Nadech tries to kiss her again but Yaya slaps him as her last resort.

Yaya: (slapping, yelling) I love him and I belong to him, so just BACK OFF.

Nadech was extremely angry but not because of the slap but her lasting determination. He lifted her and put her on bed.  He got on top of her. “Nadech let me go” she yelled. He held both her hands against the bed with his and got hold of her bottom lip with his lips and smooched her. She never thought he could be this strong, she couldn’t move an inch. He let go of her lips. They just looked at each other for a second, breathing heavy. Yaya was stunned. She would have never expected this situation in a million years. Nadech gathered every bit of strength in him to do what he was about to do.

Michael tracked Nadech’s phone and found it near the driver who was unconscious in the limo along with Yaya's phone. He then sent his men to every place they could think of and he himself went with 2 guys to Nadech's mansion. Lucky guess.
He started to unbutton her shirt. Yaya was outraged. She couldn’t let him take off  her top at any cost, but not because of what he was about to do. Nadech held both her wrist in his left hand and held it against the pillow above her head. He unbuttoned with his right. Yaya struggled with every bit of energy inside of her. Only two buttons were left, but Yaya managed to free her hands. She fought him off with all her strength, but Nadech ripped open the last two buttons. He was stunned. She was wearing a sexy strapless white bra, but that was not what had caught his eye. Seeing him stunned Yaya pushed him down, got up and covered herself and tried to run, but Nadech quickly got up and pulled her around and cornered her to a wall.

Nadech was calm, he tried to take off her shirt. She fought his hands with hers, but her struggle grew weaker and weaker. Nadech manage to open her shirt. Yaya stopped struggling. She just looked down feeling defeated.

Nadech: (eyes filling with tears, overwhelmed) “Na…Nadech”.

She had engraved (tattooed) his name on her chest right above her heart.

Nadech: (holding her cheeks gently in his palm, crying) Do you still want to deny that you don’t love me?

Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

Nadech: (closing his eyes, touching his forehead to hers, crying) How did you even think that BARRY could exist without his YAYA.

Nadech pulled his head back a little, looking into her eyes. Yaya knew that he knows everything about the child hood incident. She finally gave up. She had lost. She had lost against his love. She burst out crying and hugged him tightly.


sarNie Adult
Part - 56
Yaya: (crying, hugging tight) I’m sorry, I’m …so sorry.I dint know what to do. I just couldn’t let him hurt you.

Nadech: (hugging her, rubbing her back gently) Shhh… I know. I know. It’s all over now.

Nadech lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. He sat on the bed with her in his arms, crying. He put her on his lap and held her in his arms gently, like holding a baby. Yaya hugged his chest and cried her heart out. Tears were rolling down from his eyes. He was devastated to see her like this; he couldn’t even imagine what Michael must have put her through. But he was relieved that finally she was letting out all her pain. He was now just determined to get hold of Michael and show him what the word “HELL” actually means.

Yaya calms down after a while. Nadech gently wipes of her tears and buttons her shirt.

Yaya: (recovering) Nadech can we just stay in each other’s arms like this forever.

Nadech put her on the bed and lay next to her.

Nadech: (touching her cheek) Yaya are you feeling better?
Yaya nods.

Nadech: Yaya why don’t you rest here for a while and I will go take care of Michael.

Yaya: (hugging, scared) NO… NO… Don’t go anywhere. If we don’t belong to each other right now I feel I will just …(die).

Before she could even finish the sentence Nadech kissed her. He felt the exact same way. Before they could even relax someone hit on Nadech’s head with a wooden bat. Nadech falls down. Michael quickly grabs hold of Yaya and points a gun at her.

Nadech: (scared) Michael don’t do anything to her. Please don’t do anything to her.

Michael: (ordering) Then do as I say.

Nadech: Ok. Ok alright. Just don’t do anything to her.

Michael: (to the man with the wooden bat) Tie his hands to the pillars and call the other groups to come here.

The man does what he says. Michael had sent few teams in every direction to check all the places Nadech visits and to get hold of both Nadech and Yaya.

Nadech: (scared) See he has tied me so let her go please. You do anything you want to me but please let her go.

Michael let go of Yaya and slaps Nadech.

Yaya: (trying to stop Michael) Don’t hurt him. Just let him go.

Michael: (turning towards Yaya, yelling) What were you doing with him now?

Yaya: (stepping back) Just let him go please.

Nadech: (yelling) Yaya just run. Don’t worry about me just run.

Michael: (slapping her) didn’t I tell you that I don’t like it when someone else touches you.

Nadech: (yelling, struggling) You bastard. Let her go. Don’t hurt her.

Michael slapped her again and she fell on the bed.

Michael: Did I or did I not tell you.
Nadech: (yelling, desperate) Yaya please just run, I’m begging you just run. Michael have the guts to face me. Please do anything you want to me. Please just let her go.

Michael signaled to one fellow. He put a knife on Nadech’s neck.

Michael: (to Yaya) Let’s see how he feel when we make love if front of him.

Yaya was scared but she couldn’t leave Nadech and go at any cost.

Michael: (to Yaya) Kiss me and surrender yourself or else…

He signals to the guy and he tightens the grip around Nadech’s neck.

Yaya: (holding onto his leg, crying) Michael please let him go. Let him go and I will do whatever you ask.

Nadech: (yelling) Yaya just run, please run for my sake.

Michael: (pulling her up, holding her chin) I don’t think you are in any position to make the call sweetheart. Do as I say or else…

He signals again and the guy tightens further causing a drop of blood to flow down Nadech’s neck.

Yaya: (yelling) Stop it. Please stop it. I’m begging you.

Michael: (ordering) Do as I say then.

Yaya sees the blood drop from his neck, she immediately kissed Michael who was more than happy to oblige.

Nadech: (desperate)  Yaya if you love me just run away. Please I’m begging you.

Michael signals and the worker tapes Nadech’s mouth. Nadech stuggled as hard as he could but couldn’t break the ropes.

Michael lift Yaya in his arms and put her on the bed. He got on top of her. tears dripped down Yaya’s cheek thinking everything was over. Michael unbuttons the first button with a smile on his face. Nadech struggled hard with all his rage but still no use. Before Michael could get to the 3rd button someone interrupts.

Yoshio: (pointing a gun at Michael) Get your filthy hands off of my daughter.

Everyone was stunned.
Yoshio: (roaring) Get your hands off or you will not be alive to see another day.

Michael: (yelling) What the hell? Did you forget what I had told you. If you want to see you son alive then back off.

Yoshio was blackmailed just like Yaya, that’s why he had to act cold against Yaya in order to keep his son safe. All this time Yoshio was blackmailed and that’s why he behaved the way he did. When Nadech had bought Yaya to his house to introduce her to his family, the very same day Yoshio got a call from Michael, who wanted to meet him. He then threatened Yoshio about Nadech’s project and his safety and asked him to persuade Nadech to get married to Matt. When Yoshio returned home and saw Nadech kiss Yaya and the amount of happiness he had on his face, he felt bad that he had to separate the two. He went inside his room gathered his courage and then did what he had to do.

Yoshio: (Yelling) I am ready to trade my son for my daughter. And I’m sure my son agrees to it. You better not mess with me Michael. You know I am from military so I won’t miss my target.

Michael was stunned. He could feel that Yoshio being serious.

Yoshio: (loading his gun) You move one inch of your body and I will shot you right in the head.

Michael: Ok ok. What do you want me to do?

Yoshio: Slowly get off of her.

Michael did that.

Yoshio: ask him to remove the rope from Nadech’s hand and take of the plaster from his mouth.

Michael asks him to do that and his worker did. Before Yoshio could speak again, his rest of the gang arrives and knocks of Yoshio.

Yoshio: (fallen on the floor, yelling) Nadech get Yaya and take her out.

Yaya pushes Michael and goes to Nadech. Nadech put her behind him ready to pounce to Michael.

Michael and one more guy corner Nadech.

Nadech: (to Yaya) Yaya I can handle myself now, for god sakes just run.

Yaya nods. Nadech holds back Michael and the other guy while Yaya runs out of the room.

Michael tries to punch Nadech, but he ducks down getting a hold at him and punching him back. 3 more guys come and hold onto to Nadech while 2 hold onto Yoshio. Yoshio might me old, but the soldier in him was still strong. Michael follows Yaya. Nadech and Yoshio both manage to get out of their hold.

Yoshio: (to Nadech) Nadech go get her don’t worry about here.

Nadech runs out of the room while Yoshio closes the door behind him.

Michael manages to get a hold of Yaya who turns and slaps him and tries to get away. Michael catches hold of her hair and pulls her back. He goes near her and raises his hand at her, but before her could even touch her, Nadech manages to bend his hand away from her with all his strength.

Nadech: (raged) Don’t you ever touch her.

Nadech punches his face with all his rage and breaks Michael’s nose. Michael starts to bleed. 3 guys managed to get out of the room and came down rushing to assist Michael. The other 2 guys managed to hold back Yoshio.  The 3 guys held Nadech, while Michael gets hold of Yaya. He tries to carry her to his car. Nadech fought them of with all his strength and follow Michael outside. Yoshio manages to beat the two guys and runs down to help Nadech. The other 3 guys attack Yoshio and the two guys in his room managed to get up and come down. Nadech holds Michael’s hand and pulls him around and separated him from Yaya. Yaya gets to a side. Nadech holds Michael’s collar and put him through his car’s windshield. Michael was in world of pain. He starts bleeding all over his face because of the glass cut. Nadech got him out but Michael managed to punch him. Nadech fell to the ground. Before he could go towards Yaya, Nadech trips him with his leg and Michael fell. He got on top of him, punching his face outraged like there was no tomorrow.

Michael joins his hands and pleads.

Michael: (pleading) Please stop it. Please. I’m begging you to stop.

Nadech: (roaring) If you ever think of touching her again I will kill you on the spot.

Michael nods in desperation. Nadech holds his collar and drags Michael and put him near Yaya’s leg.

Nadech: (yelling) Apologize…

Michael: (joining hands in front on her legs) Please forgive me. I’m sorry. Please tell him not to hit me.

Yaya steps back. Michael falls unconscious. Yaya runs to Nadech to see if he was ok. Then they both go in to check on Nadech’s dad. Meanwhile, Yoshio had managed to knock 4 guys unconscious, but the guy with the wooden bat knocked him down by giving a blow to the head. Nadech snatches the bat and beats the guy left and right till he became unconscious.

Nadech: (lifting his dad) Dad are you ok?

Yoshio: (holding the back of his head) I’m fine Nadech. Is Yaya ok?

Yaya: (worried) I’m fine dad.

Nadech: Yaya go call ambulance from the landline.

Yaya quickly runs.

Nadech walks his dad to the couch to make him sit. Michael opens his eyes. He just realized that he had a gun in his jacket the whole time. He takes it out and walks in to finish Nadech once and for all.

Michael: (yelling, pointing) Nadech you time is up.

Nadech turns back and before he could realize what was about to happen Yaya runs towards Nadech blocking his path.

Michael shot and Yaya fell to the ground.

Everything went silent for a second. Mark had got the police. When then heard the gunshot, they shot Michael on the spot.

Nadech: (yelling) dad…

Yaya: (yelling) dad…

Both rush toward Yoshio who was shot. Yoshio pushed Yaya out of the path the minute she shielded Nadech.

The bullet had hit his chest. He was in no state to speak. He just held Yaya’s hand and placed it in Nadech’s hand. He then blacked out.


sarNie Adult
Part - 57
The other gang members also arrived, but on seeing the police vehicle they just escaped from that place. Both Michael and Yoshio were rushed into the operation theater. The wedding was called off. Macrovitz family and Mae Keaw, all reached the hospital within one hour.

Mark had already submitted the video proof to the police. Nadech and Yaya were taken into a separate room in the hospital and their statements were taken. The police informed the whole thing to both the families.

The doctor came out after 1 and half hour.

Doctor: Who here is from Michael’s side?

Macrovitz: (worried) He… I’m Macrovitz. He is my son doctor. Is he alright?

Doctor: (dull) I’m sorry to inform you this Mr. Macrovitz but your son is no more.

Macrovitz: (shocked) What?

Doctor: He was shot in the leg but the bullet had ruptured his femoral artery and he suffered a lot of blood loss. We did everything we could but we couldn’t save him. We are extremely sorry.

Mr. Macrovitz just sat down in shock. Michael’s mum and sister burst out crying. The scene was difficult to witness.

Nadech, Yaya and Mae Keaw were on another floor near another operation theater and had just heard the news about Michael. They all quickly ran down to console the family. No matter what Michael had done, the loss of him would definitely affect his family.

Mae Keaw: (in tears) We are extremely sorry for your loss Khun Macrovitz. A child passing away before the parent is every parent’s worst nightmare. No one deserves that.

Macrovitz: I can’t believe our Michael is no more. (Turning to Yaya) Yaya I need to apologize to you for everything that Michael put you through. This is all our fault. Instead of providing him with every facilities and comfort if we would have thought him some valuable lessons he wouldn't have turn out this way.

Michael’s mum: (crying) I agree, we should have brought him up better. If anyone would have behaved with our daughter this way, we would make sure the person is punished. Michael got what he deserved for disrespecting a woman. I apologize instead of him Yaya. Please forgive us.

Yaya: (in tears) No. Please don’t apologize. You people are no way responsible for any of it. Whatever happened had happened, but I never wanted Michael to end up like this.

Macrovitz: I know dear. (Controlling himself) We should leave now. We will collect his body when they release it.

Michael’s mum and dad walk away.

Nadech: (to Matt) Matt can I please talk to you for a second?

Matt: (turning away from him, dull) No Nadech. I will talk to you when I’m ready. Right now my family needs me.

Matt leaves. Nadech, Yaya and Mae Keaw all go back to Yoshio's operation theater. 2 hours had gone by still no sign of the doctor. The tension kept rising. Nadech followed Yaya practically everywhere. Even if she wanted to go to loo, he stood outside and waited for her, not leaving her alone even for a single second because he was scared that if his dad could not make it then she will disappear thinking she caused another parent to die because of her bad luck.

3 hours passed by, still no luck. Everyone was worried and restless. A nurse walked out.

Nadech: (rushing towards nurse) Is everything alright. Is my dad ok?

Nurse: The operation is still going on Sir. We are in no position to tell what might happen.

Mae Keaw starts crying. Nadech was busy consoling her and suddenly both notice that Yaya is missing.

Mae Keaw: (worried) Nadech, I’m fine. I will stay here in case the doctor wants me, you go search for her, go.

Nadech quickly ran searching for her in every corner of the hospital, but she was nowhere to be seen. Finally he sees her in front of a Buddha statue in the entrance of the hospital.

Yaya: (crying) God, please you have to help us. You have to give dad back to us at any cost. You have already taken 3 people away from me but in return you have given 3 amazing people in my life who love me a lot and were ready to sacrifice themselves for my sake. I don’t want anything else apart from them. Please don’t take even one person away from me please.

Nadech comes and hugs her.

Nadech: (hugging her, in tears) Yaya, please don’t worry. I’m sure dad will be alright.

Yaya: (hugging, crying) I can’t lose any of you Nadech. I refuse to lose any of you.

Nadech: Shh please don’t cry. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Nadech and Yaya walk back to the operation theaterThe Doctor finally comes out.

Nadech: Doctor please can you tell us what is happening.

Mae Keaw: (worried) Is my husband alright doctor?

Nadech holds Yaya’s hand.

Doctor: (smiling) The operation was successful and he is absolutely fine. Please don’t worry.

Everyone was relieved. Nadech hugged Yaya and Mae Keaw.

Nadech: But why did the surgery take so long? Was there any complication?

Doctor: No Khun Nadech. The gun was a high calibre one. So the bullet was out of his body the minute it was shot. Luckily the bullet was nowhere near his main artery so there was not too much damage done. First we thought of operating by cracking open his chest to get to his heart which could take him around 6 months to completely recover. But since we dint have the need to take out the bullet we thought we will use a robotic procedure in which we insert a tiny scope through the bullet hole to see what damage was done and then we repair it using robotic arms which can get inside that hole and repair the tissue and shut the hole without the need to crack opening his chest or any major operation. Because of this procedure he can recover in a week. But we would advise bed rest for another week. Right now he will be under 24 hours observation and you people will not be allowed to visit. But I assure you he is absolutely fine. He might be old, but his body is responding really well to all the medications so please don’t worry.
Nadech: Thank you. Thank you so much doctor. We are grateful.

Doctor: I just did my job Khun Nadech.

Mae Keaw/Yaya: Thank you doctor.

The doctor nods and walks away.

All three of them hug each other and rejoiced.

Nadech: (happy) See Yaya your prayer worked. He is alright.

Yaya just smiled and hugged him and thanked god in mind.



sarNie Adult
Part - 58
After 2 days Yoshio was shifted into general ward and his family was allowed to visit him.

Yoshio: Yaya please come sit next to me.

Yaya went and sat in the chair next to Yoshio.

Yoshio: (holding hand) Yaya, firstly I want to apologize to you. In spite of knowing the truth, I risked your life to keep Nadech’s life intact when the fact is both of your lives are interconnected. I can’t believe I thought of separating you both.

Yaya: (crying) NO dad.  You shouldn't apologize because you took the right decision. I was in the same state and choose just like you. Besides you shouldn't have pushed me away and took the bullet you know. If something would happen to you, how could we live?

Yoshio: No dear. If something would have happened to you how could we live? Yaya I’m sorry for whatever I put you through. I don’t even deserve to be called “dad”. Please accept my apology so that I can be peaceful.

Yaya:  Only on one condition. You should let me call me dad “dad”.

Yoshio: Only on one condition. (Smiling) If you give me that sweet 5 years old smile.

Yaya: (confused same as Mae Keaw and Nadech) 5 year old smile? I don’t get it.

Yoshio: You thought I didn’t know about you? When I found out that from past 3 months 10,000 baht was getting transferred to a person named “Yaya Urassaya”. I was curious as why Nadech’s mum was hiding this fact from me because she never hides anything. One day I followed her and saw that she went to her friend Urin’s home. I knew Urin from before. After 30 minutes Nadech’s mum left and I was wondering who this Yaya could be so I walked towards Urin’s home. On the way a girl got tripped by my leg.

Yoshio: (lifting Yaya) Oh my dear, I’m so sorry. I did not see you there.

Yaya: (smiling and joining hands) Sorry Uncle. It is my fault. I was walking backwards.

Yoshio: (smiling at her cuteness) What is your name sweetheart? Where is your house?

Yaya: (smiling) Yaya. (pointing towards Urin's house) This is my house.
Yoshio understood that Mae Keaw must have helped Urin adopt, as he knew she doesnt have a kid. He was happy that his wife was so good hearted so he decided not to ask about the money.

Yoshio: (realizing, smiling) Oh your Yaya is it? 

Yaya: (wondering) Do you know me?

Yoshio: (smiling) Yes.

Yaya: How?

Yoshio: You just now told me that you Yaya. That’s how I know you.

Yaya: (touching her head, smiling) Oh yes.

Yoshio: Yaya, remember you should never walk backwards on road.

Yaya: (smiling) Ok.

Yoshio: Now go home dear.

Yaya said bye and happily went inside.


Yoshio: So can I please get that 5 years old smile.

Yaya gave her signature smile and hugged Yoshio. Yoshio was happy and hugged her back. Nadech and Mae Keaw were happiest.

Yoshio: (holding Nadech’s hand in his palm, crying) Nadech I sorry my son. I’m sorry for putting you through all of that. I’m sorry for the way I have been from the childhood, but I need to tell you that my love for you has never decreased nor will it ever decrease.

Nadech: (hugging him, crying) I’m so sorry dad that I didn’t talk to you for so many days dad. I had no idea you would do all of that for me. I yelled at you, I disrespected you and yet you just put up with it. I should havae tried to understand you better.

Yoshio: Oh my son. You know I so proud of what you are right. You did not tolerate the way I behaved with Yaya because I was wrong and that’s exactly what I had expected from a person like you. No matter who it is, if they are wrong then they are wrong. You mother has done a wonderful job in bringing you up. I’m proud to say that you are my son (turning to Yaya) and daughter.

Both Yaya and Nadech hugged him.

Yoshio: (turning to Mae Keaw) Sudarath…

Mae Keaw: (interrupting, teasing) Yoshio if I knew you’re capable of so much sweetness I would have shot you earlier.

Everyone burst out laughing.

Mae Keaw: (hugging him, emotional) Don’t you ever dare to leave me.

Yoshio: (hugging) Never.

Nadech: (quoting Mae Keaw, hugging Yaya) Don’t you ever dare to leave me.

Yaya: (smiling) Never.

Yoshio was discharged within 3 days. Yaya was not allowed to go back to her old home till the wedding. She was threatened by her new family members and finally made to stay in the same house. All her things were shifted from Macrovitz mansion to Yoshio’s home. Next day, Macrovitz family held the funeral procedure. Yaya and Nadech attended and consoled the family.

Matt: Nadech can I talk to you for a minute.

Nadech: Yes. Of course.

Matt: (turning away from him) Nadech I have no issues with whatever happened between us. I should have felt bad that you acted like you liked me but the signs were pretty clear from day one where your heart belonged. Besides you never misbehaved or took advantage of me so in a way we just hung out as friends. But I have to tell you that I had liked you a lot. (pausing) But you know what, I think I deserve someone who love me for me the way you love Yaya. I also have to apologize from Michael’s behavior. I can’t even imagine what Yaya must have gone through.

Nadech: No Matt. I’m sorry. I should have never played along. I’m truly sorry Matt. I’m so sorry for hurting you.

Matt: No worries, Nadech. But we will remain friends.

Nadech: Definitely.

Matt: Don’t forget to call me to you wedding.

Nadech: (smiling) Of course.

They both shake hands and part ways.



sarNie Adult
Part - 59
2 weeks pass by and Yoshio was all back to normal. He went for a morning walk with his new favorite daughter while Nadech lazily slept in bed.

Mae Keaw was busy preparing breakfast. Yaya and Yoshio returned from walk.

Mae Keaw: Yaya can you please go wake up that boy.

Yaya: (climbing stairs) Yes mom.

Yaya knocks on his door. He doesn't respond. She slowly opens the door.

Yaya: (shaking him) P’Nadech…

He doesn’t respond. . Yaya sat next to him and looked at him. He looked so peaceful and calm. She simply took and glass of water and poured all over his face. Nadech eyes shot open and the first thing he noticed was her pointing and laughing at him. Nadech grabbed her, turned and pinned her on bed and came on top of her.

Nadech: Wow what a morning surprise. Will you kiss me and appologize?
Yaya: (smiling) Never.

He bent to kiss her but she blocked with her hand.

Yaya: What are you doing? You are not supposed to touch me till we get married.

Nadech: (confused) And who made this rule?

Yaya: (smiling) Me.

Nadech: (kissing on cheek) Like I will listen to you. (pausing) Yaya why are you sweating so much?

Yaya: Morning walk with dad. (Blushing) Now let me go P’Nadech.

Nadech: (romantic) Come we will bath together. And don’t call me P’Nadech. From today I'm Nadech for you.

Yaya: (teasing) OK Nadech ask dad’s permission and then we will bath together.

Nadech: (smirking) I’m not scared of him you know.

Yaya: (smiling) Is that so? Dad….

Nadech tried to shut her mouth but Yaya pushed him and ran down.

Yoshio: What happened Yaya?

Yaya: (complaining, lying) Nadech pinched me.
But Yoshio knew what exactly would have happened.

Yoshio: (yelling) Nadech…. (Pausing) Nadech…

Nadech: (hurrying) Yes…Yes dad. Coming.

Yoshio: (strict) Why are irritating my daughter?

Nadech: (looking down) I didn’t do anything to her.

Yaya: (yelling) Liar. See my face is red and burning.

Yoshio: Yaya there is a stick behind the cupboard, go get it dear.

Yaya happily obliged.

Yoshio: (holding stick) Nadech. Sit ups, NOW. (Turning to Yaya) Yaya how many shall we give?

Yaya: (crossing her leg) 50.

Nadech was giving deadly stares to Yaya and doing sit ups.
Yaya: (warning) Oye look down or I will raise it to 100.

Mae Keaw: Why are you father and daughter irritating my son?

Nadech: (complaining) See mom. Punish her.

Yoshio: (laughing) Sudarath, I think we should get the kids married before they give us a kid.
Mae Keaw: (laughing) Your right.

Yaya and Nadech looked at each other and blushed. Yaya as usual spoke first to cover her embarrassment.

Yaya: (leaning on Yoshio) Dad search a guy for me. I want to get married fast.

Yoshio: (pointing towards Nadech) What’s wrong with this one?

Yaya: He has not proposed yet. Why should I wait for him?

Mae Keaw: That is true. A perfect proposal is every girl’s dream.

Yoshio: (strict) Nadech last chance, will you propose or not?

Nadech: (teasing) I will dad but I just have to check when Matt is free?

Yaya: (raged) MATT!

She took the stick from Yoshio and ran behind him.

Yoshio: (shouting) Yaya, five from my side.

Mae Keaw: (shouting) 5 from me.

Nadech totally received around 20 shots.


Another week passes by. Yaya was getting restless. They went for a walk in the park. Yaya suddenly stopped.

Nadech: (wondering) What happened Yaya?

Yaya: (angry) Just get lost. I want to break up with you.

Nadech: (teasing) Why baby?

Yaya: (yelling) Then what. You have the ring, you have a girl who is waiting to get married to you, our parents have agreed. What more do you want?

Nadech: The perfect way to propose. I want to propose you in the best way possible so you have to wait till I get such idea.

Yaya: Nadech you don’t have to overdo it all the time. Just a simple proposal is fine. I will say yes anyways. (ordering) Just propose right now, let’s get this over with.

Nadech: (laughing)  No way. I need to find the perfect proposal for my perfect girl.

Yaya: Fine, marry someone else. Don’t talk to me.

Yaya walks away. Nadech tries to convince her and talk to her but she doesn’t respond.


Next day Nadech and Yaya arrived to the office together in one car. They got out of the elevator. Yaya held his hand and walked with him. Nadech was happy that even though she wasn't talking to him she was at least holding his hand and that too in office. They reached to the center of the office and suddenly Yaya stopped walking.

Nadech: (confused) Yaya What happened?

Yaya: (smiling) Turn towards me.

Nadech turned. Yaya signaled to Mark.

Mark: (announcing) Attention everyone. Take your places. Mae Keaw, Yoshio, Mint, Mark and whole of the office staff were present.

Nadech: (confused) Yaya what’s happening?

Yaya: Wait.

All the staff went to another room and came out holding a big fluff of cotton candy in each hand. They all stood in a huge circle around Nadech and Yaya and kneeled down holding cotton candy.

Yaya took out ‘the’ Rolex watch from her pocket and kneeled down on one knee in front of him. Nadech knew what was about to happen. He was red and beaming.

Yaya: (kneeling down and holding ‘the’ Rolex watch in hand, smiling) Nadech…

Nadech: (smiling) Hmm…

Yaya: (smiling) My sweet sweet Barry. You are the reason why I smile, you are the reason why I’m happy, you are the reason why I even exist. I don’t know if time belongs to us are not but today I want to take this time and opportunity to tell my whole world that I belong only to you. (Pausing)  So here I am, ready to trade all the cotton candy in the world to you if… if in return you give me the extraordinary honor of being your wife.

(Pausing, smiling) Will you marry me?

Nadech just experienced the out of world emotion.

Nadech: (overwhelmed) Yes…

Yaya got up and placed the watch on his hand, thus sealing the deal.

Staff: (cheering) Kiss the cheek. Kiss the cheek.

Nadech: (showing his cheek, smiling) Since you have taken the responsibility go ahead…

Yaya went close to him turned his cheek and kissed straight on his lips. “I Love you”.

Everyone clapped and rejoiced. Yoshio and Mae Keaw were extremely happy.

Nadech: (interrupting) Hold on hold on. (Laughing) If my “fiancee” would have waited till evening then she would be the one receiving the proposal but I can guaranty you that I couldn't have topped this. (overwhelmed) This is just perfect. (Pausing) It feels great to receive a proposal. Now I know how you ladies feel (everyone laughs). But… Since this is my one true love, my one time wedding to the love of my life how can I miss this opportunity.

Nadech takes out the diamond ring from his pocket and kneels down.

Nadech: (smiling) Urassaya

Yaya: (blushing) Hmm…

Nadech: My sweetest Yaya, I smile when I see you smile, I’m happy when I know you’re happy, without you I don’t exist because you are my life, my beating heart. So would you please give me the extraordinary honor of being your husband so that I can share all my cotton candy with you every day, all the way, forever.

Nadech: (smiling) Will you marry me?

Yaya: (ecstatic, smiling) Yes… 

Nadech got up and put the ring on her ring finger. He then suddenly pulled her close and dipped her and said “I love you too” and kissed her. The kiss went on for a while for which Mark had to interrupt saying “get a room”. Then they just hugged each other while the whole office celebrated. Nadech and Yaya kneeled in front of their parents and took their blessings. Mint and Mark hugged them and wished.
A perfect day. 2 perfect proposals.


5 days pass by and already the staff received their wedding invitation that said

“I asked, and she said Yes

OR was it the other way around?

However it happened.

I believed in our love and the universe has brought me to my angel,

I believed in our love and was rescued by my knight in shining Armour.

I Barry Nadech Kugimiya and me Yaya Urassaya Sperbund

invite you to join us on our special day when we begin our happily ever after.”
The wedding was going to be held in the new house.
You guys are invited too  :) Final 3 chapters tomorrow or dayafter. Bye have a great day  :) 


sarNie Adult
I finally reached this part. i was gonna stop at page 3 but it was so exciting, I ended up reading up to page 4! I love the proposal scene! hahaha Yaya proposed first! that was so adorable. And I love how the bad guy died and the dad turned out a nice guy and also the twists in between! WHOA! I really did not see that one coming (re: the Rathana's identity)
Are you a doctor?!?! The medical scenes were really awesome and cool! 
Where are the mini Yaya and Nadech?! For some reason, I feel like they're gonna have twins!