sarNie Adult
Part - 36 
The present…

Yaya was in the field. Nadech arrived to his office as he wanted Mark to meet him.

Mark arrived at 10. Mint accompanies him in the elevator to the office. Mark noticed Mint. He was mesmerized by her. She looked extremely pretty. She got out and walked ahead while he followed her. She went to her seat. He then diverted and went to Nadech’s cabin.

Mark: (casually) Hi dude Whatsup?

Nadech: Nothing just worried.

Mark: (pointing at Mint through the transparent part of the cabin) Who is that girl?

Nadech: (got up to look) Who?.. Her…. She is Mint. (Realising) Hey Mark don’t you dare.

Mark: (complaining) What’s your problem?

Nadech: (smiling, warning) Oh I don’t have any problem. But if you go in her direction then you might.

Mark: Oh is that so.

Nadech: (patting his back) She will trample you my friend. Don’t play with fire.

Mark: (excited) In that case you have to introduce me to her.

Nadech: (realizing) Dude how can I forget her. She is Yaya’s best friend. She will definitely know something.

Nadech called Mint to his cabin. Mint arrived.

Nadech: Mint please sit.

Mint: (confused) What happened Khun Nadech?

Nadech: Mint, please think of me as your brother. Call me P’. Mint I need you to be honest. Did you know that Yaya is dating Michael?

Yaya: (completely shocked, remembering) WHAT??? That explains it Khun... P’Nadech.

Mark and Nadech starred at her in astonishment.

Nadech: What is it Mint? You have to tell me. I’m requesting you.

Mint: I don’t know how to say this P’Nadech. But I don’t believe this, "Yaya and Michael"? NO way in hell she can leave you.

Nadech: Mint please, you have to tell.

Mint tells him about the hug and her reactions. Mark adds that this happened on the same day as the phone incident.

Nadech was furious but he controlled himself.

Mint: I still find it difficult to believe that Yaya could leave you. Trust me she had loved you more than herself.

Nadech: that’s exactly is the question.

Mint: Actually, Yaya seems to be avoiding me from the time you guys had dinner at your home. May I ask what happened?

Nadech tell everything that happened at his home and the America incident.

Mint: (calming down) That explains it. Yaya was extremely worried about the dinner. She constantly confessed that she doesn’t deserve a person like you and that someday you will be taken away from her like her parents.

Nadech: (depressed) I think the same thing too. If my dad wouldn’t have said that, then we would never be in this stage. I feel guilty that I left her without tending to her feeling and went to America. Oh god what do I do now. (Pausing) I promise that I will do everything I can to get her back.

Mark cleared his throat.

Nadech: Mint by the way this is Mark, my best friend. He works for Michael.

Mark grins and extends his hand and Mint reciprocates.

Mark: Hi Mint.

Mint: Hello Khun Mark

Mark: (smiling) Call me just Mark

Mint: (wondering) Ok Mark! (Turning to Nadech) Ok P’Nadech I will leave now. I will talk to Yaya face to face and try to find out. If you need any help please remember this sister.

Nadech smiles and nods, Mark grins at her. Mint smiles back at the boys noticing Mark and leaves.

Nadech: (turning to Mark) So any luck with Michael?

Mark: Nothing as such. But Michael just cancelled all his appointments on Monday. Till now he has never done such a thing. It feels like something big is going to happen. The only time he has ever cancelled was when (sulking) he went out on a date with “Yaya”.

Nadech: (sighing) Hmm take a look at this.

Nadech hands him a leave letter by Yaya, which she had put it on his desk. The leave letter was for 1 day. “Monday”.
Mark: (shocked) This explains his activity. But what could this be for?

Nadech: (casual) Probably just another date.

Mark: But whole day?

Nadech: (thinking) This must be the reaction for what happen last night. It’s time to take part in the game.                  
Nadech calls Matt.

Nadech: "Khun Matt, how are you?"

"I’m good."

"I called suddenly because; I would like to have that dinner with you."

"I’m also excited."

"Alright I will call you Matt and you can call me Nadech."

"No worries. As soon as you’re shooting finishes, I will come and pick you up myself."

Matt and Nadech went out for dinner. Matt came home and informed Michael about the latest development. Michael was more than happy to see all the things fall in its place. He informed his success to Yaya. Yaya dint seem affected. She knew it was just a game. In fact, she was the only who knew what was happening.

Nadech never bothered to flirt with Matt, he was simply a gentleman and polite. Matt on the other hand was having different reactions. She was already having sleepless nights. She invited him to go out for lunch the next day. Nadech accepted. Then Nadech invited her to visit the site next day. She obviously came.

Matt: (happy) Nadech. Hiiiiiiiiiiii.

Nadech and Yaya turned back. Nadech sulked that she had come, but seeing that Yaya was there Nadech happily went towards Matt.

Nadech: (happy) Hi Matt. So glad you could come.

Matt: (smiling) How can I not come when you have specially invited me?

Nadech: Of course. They are layering the bricks for the foundation. It’s a lengthy procedure, so I thought why not invite you, at least I will have something pleasant to look at when there is so much work.

Matt was overwhelmed. Nadech had never spoken like that before in spite of going on dates with her. He did it only in Yaya’s presence.

Matt: (beaming) Anything for you Nadech.

Nadech: (smiling) Come on Matt I will take you around and show you.

Yaya was never affected when Michael informed her about Nadech and Matt, but she sure was boiling red at their live actions.

Yaya: (talking to herself, angry) (mimicking Matt) “Nadech…” (Pausing) How dare she calls him like that?

(Mimicking Nadech) “I will have something pleasant to look at woooooooooo”. (angry, so very angry) You want her to be in front of you na ok fine, just wait till I go out of your life then you sit and look at her as much as you want.

Yaya angrily stomps away in the other direction.

Nadech and Matt came back to Yaya after a while.

Matt: Ok Nadech I will see you tomorrow.

Nadech: How can I miss it? I so want to see that movie, especially with you.

Matt: (smiling) Same here. (Pausing, just trying to be polite) Khun Yaya would you like to join us?

Yaya: (smiling wide) Sorry Khun Matt. I have made plans with Michael. Din’t Michael tell you?

Matt: (smiling, wondering) Tell me what? (Realising) OH! Don’t tell me???? You guys are going out? (Excited) That’s why… That’s why he has your picture in his phone and he always keeps looking at it.

Yaya: (smiling) Yes. (Looking at Nadech) Michael is taking me out for a long drive. But let’s see what happens. I don’t know if Khun Nadech will let me go early tomorrow, especially when I have already asked for a leave on Monday.

Matt: (turning to Nadech) Nadech come on. Please let her go na.

Nadech smiled at Matt and turned towards Yaya.

Nadech: (strict) Khun Yaya you are free to go tomorrow and even on Monday. (Turning to Matt excited) In fact why don’t we all go for a movie and then go for a long drive. (Pausing, smiling) Like a double date.

The word ‘date’ was enough for Matt. She simply agreed.

Nadech: (looking at Yaya) May be Khun Yaya is hesitating to accept. And what will Khun Michael say about this?

Matt: (excited) Khun Yaya. Hell I’ll call you Yaya from now. And you call me Matt. You are coming with us that’s it. I will take care of brother don’t worry about it. Aaaaaaaa this is going to be awesome.

Yaya: (hesitating that her plan back fired) Ok….. ok Matt.

Matt left. Nadech smirked at Yaya and carried on with his work.



sarNie Adult
Part - 37
Double date

Michael wasn’t angry when he knew what had happened, he rather found it challenging and was waiting to be with Yaya in front of Nadech. He knew Nadech was casually seeing Matt and that Yaya was still in his heart. This time Michael didn’t have the need to create the opportunity for him to be with Yaya or propel Nadech towards Matt; the opportunity had found its way to him, so he was more than excited. He also warned Yaya to act accordingly or else.

Both the boys had got their convertible cars seeing that they were going out for a long drive. Nadech and Yaya arrived together at the theatre same and Matt and Michael. Yaya was plugged into her Ipod the whole ride with Nadech not giving him a chance to speak. Michael had purchased the ticket and was waiting with Matt at the movie theatre.

Michael: (on seeing Yaya, came and Hugged her) Hi baby. You guys are so late. I was dying to see you.

Yaya: (smiling, but awkward in mind) HI.

Matt: (hugging Nadech) Hi Nadech.

Nadech: (smiling) Hi Matt. You look beautiful. (Put his hand on her shoulder) Shall we go inside?

Matt: (smiling, blushing) Yes.

Nadech and Matt went ahead. Yaya shoved him and walked; Michael forcefully held her waist warned her with his eyes and led her in.

Michael had his hands on her shoulder the whole time in the movie. Nadech didn’t bother to copy. He occasionally spoke to Matt discussing the scenes and just laughing with her. The person who was most awkward was Yaya. Frustrated at Nadech’s actions towards Matt, wanting to kill Michael, trying to act normal was the only things running in her mind.


The boys went to get some snacks.

Michael: 2 Nachos please and 2 Pepsi.

Nadech: Khun Michael, Yaya likes popcorn more than nachos.

Michael: (smiling) Oh Ok. 2 caramel popcorn.

Nadech: (interrupting, smiling, polite) She likes cheese flavor. Oh and she doesn’t like soft drinks, she would prefer juice or milkshake. Strawberry is her favorite milkshake.

Michael: (smiling but angry in mind) Thank you Khun Nadech. 1 cheese, 1 caramel, 1 Pepsi,  strawberry milkshake. (Turning to Nadech)  Oh in case you’re wondering about Matt she likes…

Nadech: (interrupting) No Khun Michael I would like to guess myself. 1 strawberry milkshake, 1 cheese popcorn for me and 1 mango juice, 1 caramel popcorn.

Michael: Khun Nadech, Matt doesn’t like mango juice. She always gets Pepsi at movies.

Nadech: (smiling) I would like to take my chance Khun Michael.

The boys entered. Matt had gone to the loo. The movie started.

Michael, Yaya, Matt, Nadech was the before sitting position. Matt arrived and Nadech stood up just to help her guide through the darkness. Matt just pushed him to the next seat and sat in his seat. So now it was Michael, Yaya, Nadech, Matt.

Yaya: (wondering) Michael how did you know I like strawberry milkshake?

Michael: (awkward) Khun Nadech was kind enough to let me know your choices.

Yaya just looked at Nadech smiled a bit to be polite and diverted her sight.

Nadech: (smiling) Matt. I got caramel popcorn for you. As an actress you must be watching you weight so I got you mango juice instead of Pepsi. Hope you don’t mind.

Matt: (smiling) Oh! I love mango juice. Thank you so much for thinking about me.

Nadech: (smiling) Anytime.

Nadech was not only winning Matt, but also defeating Michael in Yaya’s case. Michael wantedly put his hand on her shoulder making sure Nadech notice. There was this one scene which was so funny that even Yaya couldn’t control her laughter, placing her hand right on top of Nadech’s, both flinched and took their hands away.

The movie was over. They headed out in their cars, Michael with Yaya, Nadech with Matt. When they reached the outskirts of Bangkok, the boys had a race. Michael won. Then the cars slowed down to a smooth drive.

Nadech: (driving besides him) Good one Khun Michael.

Michael: (smiling) I won because my lady luck is sitting beside me Khun Nadech.

Nadech smiled and went ahead speeding a bit, with Matt standing and waving her scarf in the wind.

If Matt was the one, unaware of everything that was happening and enjoying the drive, Yaya was the least happy. Of course Michael noticed this.

Michael: What the hell is wrong with you? Dint I tell you to act better.

Yaya dint respond, she was depressed.

Michael: (yelling) Yaya I’m speaking to you. You know something, if my sister was not sitting in that car right now, things would have gone different for Nadech as a result of your action.

Yaya alerted herself.

Yaya: (reacting immediately) I’ll be better.

Michael: (smiling) That’s like my girl.


sarNie Adult
Part - 38
Michael speeded up and caught up to Nadech.

Michael: Khun Nadech let’s stop at the next restaurant on the highway.

Nadech: Alright.

At the restaurant Michael was all sweet with Yaya.

Michael: (feeding her) Yaya, try this.

Yaya: (smiling) Sooo yummy, I love it Michael.

Matt: (seeing them) Awe, sooo cute. (Trying to feed Nadech) Nadech why don’t I feed you?

Nadech: (smiling, feeding Matt) Not if I feed you first.

Yaya: (jealous) Michael you have a bit of… (Wipes his chin with her finger)

Michael: (smiling, happy) Thank you sweet heart.

Nadech was furious in his mind. The girls headed out of the restaurant. There were a group of 5 boys who started teasing the girls. 2 guys got hold of Matt while the leader of the gang caught hold of Yaya’s hand.

Leader: (looking at her from top to bottom and walking around her) Look at her man, she is gorgeous. (Face to face) Hey baby, would you like to go on a ride with me or would you prefer to ride me? (Pulling her closer) Come on.

Yaya: (yelling, slapped him) Get your hands off me.

Leader: (touching his cheek where she slapped, held her hand pulling her) oh you are sooo gonna get it.

Nadech cleared the bill and walked out while Michael was in the restroom.

As soon as Nadech was what was happening, he went ballistic and charged at the guy holding Yaya.

Nadech: (roaring, charging at him) Get your hands of her, you fucker.

Nadech held his neck with one hand and with the other he held his hand which was on her and lifted it with his strength then punched that guy in the face. 2 guys got hold of him. The girls moved to the side. Nadech managed to get out of their hold and beat the hell out of them. Other 2 guys charged at him while Michael joined Nadech and managed to do some good amount of damage. Nadech got hold of the leader and blasted him properly yelling “don’t you ever touch her”. Even Michael could sense Nadech’s anger. They chased those people away. Nadech turned to tend to Yaya, but Michael races and hugged her.

Michael: (acting concerned) baby are you ok? (Touching her hands everywhere) Are you hurt?

Yaya: (awkward) I’m.. I’m fine.

Nadech just stood there looking at them. Matt runs to him concerned.

Matt: (concerned) Nadech are you ok?

Nadech: (smiling at Matt) I’m absolutely fine.

They immediately got into car and left. Michael was angry that Nadech got to save Yaya and be the hero. All of them arrived outside Macrovitz’s mansion. Michael’s car was the first one to arrive. He quickly got out and asked Yaya to get down.

As soon as Nadech car arrived, Michael held her and whispered “Nadech is here don’t move” and kissed her holding her waist.

Nadech immediately applied break when he witnessed the scene. The worst thing he could possibly ever imagine. Nadech was more hurt rather than furious.

Michael: (letting go of her lips) I had the best time of my life with you. (Pausing) Please go home safe.

Yaya just nodded. Her heart was aching at the thought of Nadech witnessing them. She knew how exactly he felt, as she felt the same thing too.

At the same time, Matt got out the car, went to his side and pecked his cheek distracting Nadech.

Matt: (smiling) I had a great time with you. Hope I get to see you tomorrow.
Nadech nodded and Matt happily ran inside.

Michael: (holding Yaya’s hand and walked toward Nadech) Khun Nadech…

Nadech: (interrupting) Don’t worry Khun Michael I will make sure she reaches safe.

Michael: (smiling wide) Thank you Khun Nadech.

Nadech nodded. Michael opened the door and made Yaya sit in Nadech’s car, closed the door.

Michael: (pecked her cheek) Bye baby.

Yaya: (Hesitating, forcing a smile) Bye.

Nadech was just looking straight at the road. He then drove as fast as he could trying to erase their kissing image from his mind. Yaya just sat there looking away from him. Both their hearts were aching yet no one spoke to each other. Her house arrived. Nadech got out, held her hand, took her inside her house, closed the door and left. Not even a single word.

He then parked the car in his driveway and just sat there for an hour, feeling depressed that she was slipping away from his hand. Mae Keaw managed to get him inside. Besides he had stopped sharing with his mom so he dint have choice but to go inside. But Mae Keaw could see that things were not getting any better. And on Monday she was about to find out how far exactly it has gone.


sarNie Adult
Part - 38
2 days passed away and Nadech and Yaya had not spoken to each other. Nadech however did meet Matt for lunch next day after
their double date. This fact was not hidden long as many entertainment channels and newspapers started posting their pictures quoting “the upcoming actress, the rising princess of entertainment Khun Matt Macrovitz dating the successful businessman Khun Nadech Kugimiya". Yaya literally had torn the newspaper when she saw this. Nadech was now worried that he has complicated the situation further as Matt’s reputation was also involved in it and it wasn’t just about him and Yaya.

On Sunday Michael comes to Nadech’s home and invites Nadech’s parents to his house on Monday. Michael also privately informs Yoshio to go ahead with the plan.

Nadech came home that day evening returning from the site. Yoshio was waiting for him. Nadech had not spoken to his dad from the time the incident had happened.

Yoshio: (siting on his chair) Nadech wait. I want to talk to you.

Nadech: (avoiding his gaze) I don’t want to.

Yoshio: (raising voice a bit) Nadech, Its important. I want to talk to you.

Nadech went a sat opposite to him. In his entire life he had never sat without his dad’s permission, but seeing that he was main reason in him and Yaya going apart, he didn’t care.

Nadech: (straight) What... (Pausing) Dad.

Yoshio: (keeping a newspaper on the table) See this.

Nadech saw the article about him and Matt.

Nadech: (confused but cool) What about it?

Yoshio: (smiling a bit) I happily accept her.

Nadech: (straight) Accept her for what?

Nadech was speaking the same way his dad spoke when Yaya had come.

Yoshio: (strict) As my daughter- in- law.

Mae Keaw and Nadech were shocked.

Nadech: (straight, raising her voice a bit) I don’t love her and I will not marry her. I love Yaya and I will marry only Yaya.

Yoshio: (pointing at the newspaper) What is all this nonsense then?

Nadech: It’s my personal. I don’t have to tell you anything.

Yoshio: But you need to answer to her parents at least right. (Nadech shocked) Michael had come home. He has invited you to come to their house tomorrow, regarding yours and Matt’s engagement finalization.

Nadech was stunned.

Nadech: Engagement? When I don’t love her and when I won’t marry her, why should I get engaged to her?

Yoshio: Then why you are you going out with her. Her family has a huge name in the society; if you are just passing time with her then just end this relationship instantly.

Nadech: (declaring) That’s exactly what I will do.

Nadech gets up and turns to go upstairs when

Yoshio: But I will ask you one thing. One thing only. Can you do it?

Nadech: (turning around) What?

Yoshio: I want you to come to their house at 5 in the evening. Just come to their house and then tell her parents whatever you
have decided.

Nadech: Alright. I will come to their house tomorrow.

It had not even flashed in Nadech’s brain that Yaya might also be there. Even in his wildest imagination Nadech couldn't have speculated what’s about to come.


It was Monday. Michael had asked Yaya to come to their home at 8 am so that he could introduce her to his parents. Michael’s parents immediately took a liking for Yaya as she was well mannered, respectful and polite towards them. Michael’s parents and sister had no part in Michael’s evil schemes so there was no point in being rude to them.

Michael’s dad was American while mum Thai. Both Michael and Matt were pure reflections of their mother.

It was 5 pm. Nadech and his family arrived.

Michael’s dad: (shaking hands with parents and hugging Nadech) Good evening Mr and Mrs. Kugimiya and of course Nadech my boy. Michael has told me so much about you.

Nadech and his family wished them and went inside and sat. They were served with snacks.

Michael’s dad: (smiling) So Nadech how is the construction going on? I went through your project plan. I have to admit. Pretty impressive design.

Nadech: (polite) Thank you Khun Macrovitz. To get compliments from a great architect like you is my honour.

Michael’s dad: I heard Yaya was also the part of designing the plan.

Nadech: (smiling) Yes definitely. She is very talented.

Nadech suddenly wondered as to how he would know about her, seeing that Michael had started seeing her recently.

Michael’s mum: (smiling) She is really wonderful. She actually is getting dressed for the engagement. I think she will come down soon. I will go and check.

Nadech and Mae Keaw were in absolute shock.

Nadech: (shocked) Eng….engagement?????

Michael’s dad: (smiling) Yes dear boy. Didn’t your dad inform you? I thought Michael told him yesterday.

Nadech gave a sharp look at his dad and just controlled himself. He was distraught. He just looked down and remained silent. Seeing this, Mae Keaw spoke.

Mae Keaw: (absolutely shocked) But so sudden???

Michael’s dad: (smiling) Oh kids these days are so fast. You can’t really tell them anything. Besides I don’t think we could have
found a better girl for my kid. Yaya is amazing.

Nadech still silent.
Mae Keaw: (worried) But didn’t the project start recently? I mean engagement so sudden.
Michael’s dad: (smiling) Michael adores her. He has 
been this way from childhood. If he likes anything he wants it immediately. (Laughing) Who knew it would apply to finding a life partner also? But like I said Yaya is truly amazing. We just spent the whole day with her and I can already guaranty that we couldn’t have found a better girl for Michael.

Mae Keaw politely smiled at him.

Matt comes down.

Matt: (smiling) Hi Nadech.

Nadech: (polite) Hello Matt.

Matt greets his parents too.

Matt: (happily wondering) I still can’t believe that Michael is getting engaged so fast.

Nadech: (forcing a smile) Yes. It’s unbelievable.

Matt: Guess what I just took a picture of Yaya. (Showing her pic in phone) She is stunning right?

Nadech always wanted to see her in engagement clothes. He was overwhelmed. She looked beautiful. He was getting more depressed.

Nadech: (controlling himself) Yes.

Michael’s dad: So Nadech we invited you today for two things. One. Since Yaya has no one, I thought ‘you’ being her boss can keep her company while the ceremony takes place. Her nervousness will reduce. Two. (smiling) I wanted to know what your intentions with Matt are?

Nadech was worried what could he tell to a concerned parent of a daughter.

Matt: (interrupts, smiling) I’m sure Michael would have put you up to this. I do not want to hurry like him. I am still filming a lakorn.

Nadech was relieved. He spoke immediately.

Nadech: I respect her a lot Khun Macrovitz. I like to spend time with her, but I don’t think we have reached the status of ‘lovers’. Besides Matt has her lakorn to film and I have to spend lot of time at the project. So I don’t think there is any need to hurry.
Yoshio thought Nadech will agree for the engagement as soon as he founds out about Yaya. But Nadech still had control on his emotions. Yoshio was worried.


sarNie Adult
Part - 39
Matt: (smiling) I agree.

Michael’s dad: That’s good my boy. But she is my dearest daughter you know. I will obviously be concerned.

Nadech: (smiling) I understand. Don’t worry Khun Macrovitz I will take care of her to the best of my ability.

Michael’s dad: (smiling) But just so you know when you guys are ready, just let us know so that we can proceed with your engagements too.

Nadech: (smiling) Definitely. (Pausing) May I ask why there are no other guests?

Michael’s dad: We don’t have many relatives in Thailand as we were in America for a long time and Yaya doesn’t have anyone so it’s just us. (Sighing) Poor girl. Yaya must feel so lonely at this time. Yaya and Matt will be no different to me. Both are my daughters. By the way, day after Michael and Yaya will throw a party for their friends. I and his mum dislike parties so it’s just for the kids.

Nadech: (smiling) Sir, can you excuse us for a minute. I need to talk to my parents about something.

Nadech took his parents outside.

Mae Keaw: Nadech What is all of this?

Nadech: Mum please, don’t ask anything now. I will tell you later. I need a favour from you. Please you both have to do it no
matter what.

Mae Keaw: Yes of course.

Nadech: Mum, Dad, I want you both to represent Yaya’s parents. I don’t want her to feel alone at such a time. Every girl would want her parents to stand beside them in such occasions so I want you both to represent as her parents. Please it’s a request.

Mae Keaw: (emotional) But Nadech. How can I give my son’s life and happiness to someone else with my own hands?

Nadech: (pleading) Mum please I’m begging you. You have to do it. Please.

Mae Keaw: (pulling herself together) Ok my son.

Yoshio: Impossible.

Nadech: (angry, depressed, tears in his eyes) Khun Yoshio let me tell you one thing. Today I’m standing in this position only
because of you. I have lost the love of my life only because of you, so unless you want to lose you son forever, you better agree. I will move on with my life and give chance to “me and Matt” only when I see Yaya happily married to Michael. I’m not taking NO for answer.

Yoshio: Alright.

Nadech: (smirking) Did you see how time changes. The person who referred to her as “orphan” is now filling her parent's position. God truly works in mysterious ways.

Nadech and his parents went back inside.

Michael’s dad: (happy) Ah! you guys have come on the right time. Here they come.

Michael and Yaya entered in their engagement dresses. Yaya was absolutely stunning. She looked so serene and pure. Nadech couldn’t take his eyes of her. He had always imagined her in those clothes dreaming about their engagement. Even though reality seemed different, for him she looked like an angel. Michael was impeccably dressed.

Michael: (smiling) Khun Nadech, so glad you could come.

Nadech: (controlling himself, smiling) Happy to be here Khun Michael.

Yaya on the other hand didn’t have the courage to lift her head up. She was dying inside. The thought of standing in front of Mae
Keaw and Nadech made her feel like her ultimate betrayal.

Nadech: (Directly to Yaya) Yaya you look beautiful.

Yaya: (alarmed, hesitating) Thank You Khun Nadech.

Nadech: (turning to Michael’s dad) Khun Macrovitz, you did mention that I’m the only one from Yaya’s side right. But you see we will take part in this only if you give my parents the honor of representing Yaya’s parents. I have known her from 2 and half years so she is family to me.

Michael’s dad: (overwhelmed) Matt was right you know. You are a gem by boy. (smiling) But you need to ask Yaya yourself.

Everyone was so happy except for Yaya. The dying feeling in her had increased to a greater extent. How can anyone be so
selfless? How on earth can anyone be so selfless? Yaya was reaching her breaking point. She tried to hold herself together. She had never expected this from Nadech.

Nadech: (went and held her hands in his, looking into her eyes showing all his pain but forcing a smile) Yaya would you please give us this honor?

Yaya couldn’t control her eyes this time. She reciprocated his pain. She couldn’t look at him anymore, but Nadech was holding onto her hands tightly so she just looked down and nodded 'yes' and slowly got her hands out of his hold.

Yaya: Can you all just excuse me for a second I need to use the washroom.

Yaya quickly rushed to the washroom. Her anxiety was back, but falling unconscious was not an option given the scenario. She fell to her knees feeling short of breath. She thumped her chest with force repeatedly. Finally she was able to get herself together but only physically. Her heart was already shattered into thousand pieces. She searched every corner of her soul trying to find those tears, so desperate to cry but no such luck. Yaya had no choice but to forcefully bottle her emotions and seal it shut. She just had to endure it till Nadech and Matt marry each other and then she would disappear as Michael would never think of harming his sister or her husband.

Yaya came out forcing a smile.


sarNie Adult
Part - 40
The engagement was pretty simple and not so traditional. There was no “Khan Maak” procession. They would just discuss the “sin sodt” (dowry) which the groom was supposed to pay to the bride. Then ring ceremony and done.

Bride and groom’s family sat opposite to each other. Nadech acted as the happy mediator.

Nadech: (smiling and sitting next to Yaya) So, what you like to offer ‘our’ bride Khun Michael.

Mae Keaw: (smiling, sitting on her other side) Michael, you know our girl is precious so you better make a good offer or we might have to keep her with us.

Michael: (smiling) I have just purchased a mansion and a Ferrari for Yaya. The mansion is right next to our house. I would like to give all of that to her.

Yoshio: (polite) Come on Yaya you have to accept. This is such a good offer.

Yaya: (looking down, polite) I don’t want anything.

Michael’s dad: Come on my dear. You are not supposed to reject what we give. You are like my daughter.

Matt: (smiling) Yaya you’re practically my sister now, please accept it.

Nadech: (hurt but polite) Yaya every girl wishes for a dream house and Khun Michael is giving you yours. Please don’t reject.

He was killing her. Nadech was killing her with his lines. Yaya just remembered their house; the one Nadech had built with all his love.

Michael: (stiffening his voice) Yaya please don’t reject.

Yaya startled out of her thoughts.

Yaya: (polite) Alright.

Everyone clapped. Now Michael’s parents gave special dishes decorated with floral accents containing 9 types of sweets (since 9 is lucky no. in Thailand), lots of cash and jewellery and the engagement ring.

Nadech gently extended Yaya’s hand and Michael placed the ring on Yaya’s finger. Michael gave her a huge diamond ring. Nadech was the first one to wish them good luck.

Everyone celebrated with lots of food.

Nadech: (announcing happily, looking at Yaya) Since we are from the bride’s side I would like to host the engagement party for Yaya …and Michael. Its my gift to you both.

Michael: (smiling) That is not necessary Khun Nadech.

Nadech: I insist Khun Michael. You can’t say no.

Michael: (smiling) Alright.

Nadech: (smiling) So I will see you day after at the party. Why don’t you send you assistant to me Khun Michael and I will send all the details through him.

Michael: (smiling) Ok Khun Nadech.

Yaya quickly changed and came down.

Nadech: Ok then we will leave. Come Yaya I will drop you home.

Michael: (smiling) That will not be necessary Khun Nadech. I couldn’t stay away from my ‘fiancée’. I shifted all her things to the new house this morning, so that she could stay there comfortably. I will stay in this house till we get married and after that we can live together.

Yaya was shocked as much as Nadech. So that’s what he was doing when Yaya was with his parents.

Nadech: (worried, wondering) SO when are you planning to get married Khun Michael???

Michael: (smiling, teasing) I will surprise you like today Khun Nadech. Just wait and see.

Nadech: (feeling bad that he couldn’t get a chance to talk to her but polite) Oh! That’s great Khun Michael. Once again, congratulations to you and Yaya. We will leave now.

Nadech and his family bid them good bye. Michael dropped Yaya to her new home. It was twice as big than Nadech’s house and architecturally magnificent, but obviously lacked the love which had glorified Nadech’s house.

Michael showed all the rooms. Yaya just followed him. She was disinterested, but could afford to say anything.

Yaya: (dull) Michael I have done everything you asked me but can you do one thing?

Michael: (smiling) Anything sweetheart.

Yaya: (polite) Can you please leave me alone for today? Please.

Michael: Alright, but just because you and Nadech behaved well today and the fact that you are tired from morning. I say to say though Nadech is great, (proud) I have selected the right boy for my sister.

Yaya: Thank you.

Michael left and Yaya just lay motionless on the bed. Nadech on the other side had locked himself in his room. He did not open even when Mae Keaw requested. Finally he opened when Mark and Mint rushed to his house.


sarNie Adult
Part -41
Nadech let them inside his bedroom and locked his door.

Mark: (worried) Dude, What the hell happened? When Michael called and asked me to meet you to get the details of his engagement party I was shocked beyond anything. I immediately picked Mint and rushed here.

Nadech just sat on his chair, looking down depressed.

Mint: (worried, placing her hand on his shoulder) P’Nadech, please tell us what happened. You have to tell us.

Nadech: (depressed) Engagement. That’s what happened.  “Michael and Yaya’s engagement”. What do I do? I still have no idea why she is doing all of this.

Mint: (concerned) P’Nadech, I swear on my life Yaya loves you a lot. There is no way in hell she can change just because you were with Matt for 3 days.

Mark: Yes Nadech. I don’t think that’s the reason too. Just imagine if it was the real reason she wouldn’t have taken it so far so soon. Plus don’t you wonder, what was the need to get engaged so fast?

Nadech: That’s exactly the point. If I really have to assume that she doesn’t love me then why doesn’t she just inform Michael about me and make him take action? Why do her eyes always tell me that she loves me? Trust me I could see that she was not happy at the engagement. She was smiling, but she was not happy. In fact that gave me the strength to stay there. Why don’t I see the same love towards Michael? Well that’s the only thing I’m absolutely sure about, that she doesn’t love Michael.

But I can’t take any action till I know the reason but it’s so frustrating that she doesn’t give up.

Mark: Nadech since we are sure about Matt not being the problem, I think it’s best if we concentrate on Michael.

Nadech nods.

Nadech: Mint I want you to talk to her as fast as possible. Try getting something out of her.

Mint: (nods) I will go to her house and make sure I talk to her today itself.

Nadech: (depressed) She is not at her house Mint. Michael has gifted her a new house. She is there.

Mint: (shocked, wondering) P’Nadech doesn’t it seem strange, you have pleaded her from 2 years that you will buy an apartment for her and she has always refused. You even built her a house and she agreed to stay there only after the marriage, but she readily accepted his?

Nadech: (dull, sighing) Yes Mint.

Mark: (wondering) Nadech, when exactly did all of this start?

Nadech: When I came back from America.

Mark: (stressing) No, I mean the exact situation when things seemed wrong.

Nadech: (thinking) I don’t know exactly….. (Something flashed) Wait a minute. When I confronted Yaya about avoiding me, she said that she waited for 2 hours after the jet landed and seeing that I dint call, she switched of her phone thinking I’m with Matt. But the truth is, her phone was not switched of at the time or few hours after that. My first call to her from America was 6 to 7 hours after I landed and her phone was still on. It was only after my first call that her phone was turned off. Why would she lie?

Mint: (realizing) Around the time her phone was turned off, she was in Michael’s office. And she didn’t come back the whole day.

Mark: (excited) Idea. I will go and get hold of the CCTV tapes and see what exactly has happened. But it will at least take 5 days to get the tapes. Michael office is a heavily guarded.

Nadech: (angry, declaring) Everything is pointing towards Michael. I swear, if I get to know that Michael has any involvement in this matter other than liking her, I will make sure his world turns upside down.

Mark: (worried) Nadech, just hang on. Don’t take any rash decisions.

Mint: (worried) Yes P’Nadech. You need to wait until we know what we are dealing with.

Nadech: (calming down, nodding) Hmm. But it is absolutely essential that Yaya herself confesses everything to me.

Mark: Why is that?

Nadech: (standing up) If she is fighting so hard to stay away from me, having the guts to sacrifice our love then she herself has to overcome all of this and confess to me. She needs to know that she candepend on me. She needs to believe in our love and take the chance. She needs to know the depth of my love and trust me and tell the problem. She needs to know that I can’t exist without her.

Mark and Mint just look at each other, worried.

Nadech: Mark somehow get the CCTV tapes.

Mark: Nadech what about the party?

Nadech: Mark book the whole of four seasons resort for one full day and 5 luxurious suites for the next day. Invite all of his friends. Hire the best DJ in the city. I will take care of the payment.

Mark: Why the extra day?

Nadech: It’s a late night party so I want Michael, Yaya and Matt to stay for another day; besides I don’t think I can talk to her during the party, so the extra day. Inform Michael about the party details.

Mark: Alright.

Nadech: (requesting) Mint please talk to her today.

Mint nods with concern.

Mark: Come Mint I will drop you to her house after booking the resort.

Nadech: (happy) Thank you so much guys. I don’t know what I would have done without you both.

Mark: (patting) Shut up dude.

Mint: P’Nadech we are here for you. Please don’t worry.

Mark and Mint left.


Mark finishes all the arrangements and drops Mint at Yaya’s mansion and goes to meet Michael.

Mint asked one of the maids to call Yaya. The maid returned saying that she is not at home. Suspicious as to why the maid went upstairs in the first place, Mint told her she will come back tomorrow and left. She went around her house and looked through the window.

Yaya: (coming down slowly, worried) Did she leave?

Maid: Yes mam she did. I told her exactly what you had asked me to tell.

Yaya: (relieved) Thank you so much. (pausing, worried) Please don’t inform this to Michael. (Mumbling) I mean… he will feel bad that I dint invite my friend to my engagement.

The maid nods. Yaya dint want Mint to get dragged the mess.

Mint saw this and left. She could see that Yaya was worried about the maid knowing and informing Michael, so she couldn’t afford to rush in and question as she dint have any idea about Yaya’s situation. Mint informed all of this to Nadech.

Mark and Nadech spend the next day preparing for the party and making sure all the arrangements are done.



sarNie Adult
Part - 42
Day of the party….

All the guests were requested to arrive at the resort by 10 am and were allotted individual rooms. They were provided with every possible facility like free spa treatments, expensive lunch, game room, etc.

The party started at 8 pm. Michael had selected all her clothes for 2 full days. Yaya and Michael arrived to the party hall, hand in hand. She had worn a sexy short strapless metallic dress and looked fabulous. Nadech was indeed impressed by how sexy she looked. Yaya have arrived with a cold exterior as she was repeatedly threatened by Michael before entering the hall. Nadech announced and welcomed the bride and the groom. That party was extravagant. Michael introduced Yaya to all of his friends. The music started and the bride and groom were asked to take the dance floor. Michael and Yaya had a slow dance. Nadech and Matt joined them. The party just carried on with people dancing and boozing everywhere. Michael didn’t drink as he had to keep an eye on Yaya.

Since Yaya was frustrated from a long time, dance seemed like a good way to relieve her stress. When Michael got busy with his friends, Yaya danced her heart out.  Her moves got sexier, her stress flowing out just enjoying and getting lost in the music. She was finally calming her raging heart. Everyone stopped and noticed her. She was amazing. Even Nadech was amazed as he had never seen Yaya so hot, so sexy. The way she danced captured many hearts. When her dance ended everyone clapped for her. She went to Michael and informed that she will be retiring for the night as she was tired. Michael couldn’t say anything in front of his friends. He simple let her. Yaya went back to her room and slept peacefully after so long.

Michael dint have to worry about Yaya as Nadech was in the party the whole time. Finally the party ended and everyone left. Michael thanked Nadech for the wonderful party. They both went to their rooms and retired for the night.

It was around 1 pm next day. All four, Nadech, Yaya, Michael and Matt met up for lunch. After a peaceful lunch and casual talks they decided to meet at the pool around 3pm.


The boys were already at the pool enjoying the cool waters. Nadech could see someone walking at the distance. He observes, only to realise its Matt. He turns away, but something catches his eye, and he glanced back again. He saw Yaya walking a little behind Matt. She was wearing a sexy 2 piece bikini in yellow. Her sun kissed skin was accentuated by her yellow bikini making her look like a goddess, her locks of hair playing in the wind. She looked fierce hot. Yaya showered herself before entering the pool and all Nadech could notice was the way water was sliding off every inch of her body. She entered the pool step by step, the level of water rising covering inches of her body with every step. Nadech gulped at this perfect sight. Yaya could feel many eyes on her but for once she dint care about Nadech or Michael or anyone
else. She simply relaxed.

Nadech was not the only one enjoying the sight. When he noticed Michael looking at her, he got pissed and simply went away informing Michael that he was getting a call and that he would meet them straight at the dinner.

Yaya relaxed and enjoyed for an hour with Matt. Since Matt was also in the pool Michael dint bother to misbehave with Yaya. Yaya got out of the pool, tied a translucent yellow scarf around her waist covering a bit of her legs and headed towards her room. Matt wanted to stay a bit longer.

As soon as she opened her door someone pushed her in and got in. It was Nadech. He carried her over his shoulder and put her on her bed, tying both her hands behind her back.

Yaya: (shocked) What the hell are you doing?

Nadech went back to the door and locked it. Meanwhile Yaya somehow managed to stand up.

Nadech slowly proceeded towards her taking of his t- shirt, taking in her full image. The atmosphere was getting hotter and his ears were bloodshot red. He dropped his t-shirt onto the floor, not taking his eyes of her even for a second. Yaya could see the animal lurking within him which looked like it had been hungry for decades. Every step she took back as a response to his, made her look like a defenseless prey, further empowering his emotions. Nadech had never felt such strong reactions within himself. Yaya hit the wall. She could see his eyes reflecting his mood. She knew what exactly was about to happen. Nadech came close to her, really close. He placed his hands on the wall on her either side of her making sure she stays put.

Yaya could feel the warmth coming out of his body and her heart beat rose. Temperature was rising. She was all flustered. ‘P’Nadech’ was long gone and ‘Khun’ dint seem appropriate for his current action.

Yaya: (ordering) Nadech stop.

Nadech dint respond. His eyes were locked onto her lips. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him, pressing her body onto his.

Yaya: (ordering, flustered) Let me go. Nadech back off.

Nadech went straight for her lips and Yaya shut her eyes tight. He stopped just an inch before her lips. He noticed that her eyes were closed. He simply smiled, put one hand on her back and pulled open her bikini strings. Yaya’s eyes shot open.

He sexily smirked at her.

Yaya: (alarmed, shy, angry, flustered) What the hell!

Nadech: (romantic, whispering) Do you really want me to back off baby. Ok. As you wish.

Nadech slowly took a small step back. Yaya’s hands were tied. Nadech’s chest was the only thing holding her top in place. So when he took a step back she moved with him crashing her chest onto his. If Nadech knew what a spark felt like from their first kiss, he now was finding out the meaning to the word ‘electrifying’.

Nadech was ecstatic. Yaya could see his face expressing his enjoyment; this only made her more shy, embarrassed and so very angry. Where was the gentleman in him? He looked like he was in heaven and there no sign of guilt whatsoever. 

Yaya: (shy, angry, warning) Just stop or I’ll kill you

Nadech: (in a sexy voice, whispering) Even more than this? (Referring to her coming onto him)

Nadech took another step back; Yaya forced herself onto him observing her top making sure it stays in place. She lifted her head. His eyes locked onto hers, noses touching and lips almost touching. Nadech moved his head forward as to kiss, but Yaya turned her face away shy and embarrassed. Nadech’s sight directly fell on her bosoms.

Yaya wasn’t heavy on her upper region, but she was pressing herself so hard onto him that her breasts looked voluptuous. Nadech couldn’t take his eyes off them. He was spell bounded.

Yaya: (ordering, flustered, cheeks completely turned pink) A... lift your eyes up.

Nadech: (coming out of his trance, smiling) Ah… what baby? Did you say something?

Yaya: (shy, super embarrassed, angry) Just back off… I mean stay… I mean just stop.

Nadech: (innocently) Ok I’ll back off.

Nadech couldn’t control his thirst for her any longer. Nadech stepped back, when Yaya moved forward this time, he put one hand behind her waist and pulled her hard slamming her onto him, and with the other hand he held her neck and kissed her ferociously.

He then moved his hand up, from behind her waist and caught her bikini strings in between his fingers and held it tight pulling her closer, still smooching her. Yaya eased. She could feel how desperate he was. She felt the same way. Yaya was already weak in her knees. She was completely under his beautiful spell. She was about to responds to his kiss when someone knocked on the door.

Michael: Yaya open the door. It’s me Michael. (Pausing) Open the door.

Nadech quickly tied her strings, untied her hands. Seeing that it was Michael, Nadech took out a t-shirt from her cupboard and helped her put it on. He then hid inside her cupboard. Yaya went and opened the door. Michael came in and glanced around. Nadech was not seen anywhere in the resort so he had come to check.

Yaya: (casually) What is it Michael?
Michael: I just …I just came to inform that after 3 hours we will be going down for dinner.
Yaya: (casually) Ok.

Michael left. Yaya locked the door and opened the cupboard.

Nadech: (Whispering slowly seeing that Michael might be outside, holding her in his arms) So where were we?

Yaya: (shy, whispering slowly seeing that Michael might be outside) Nadech stop. Michael is outside, just stop.

Nadech: (holding her hand) I’m not scared of him. Come let’s do in front of him.

Yaya: (whispering) Are you insane?

Nadech: (backing her into the wall) Ok then kiss me. Kiss me or we will go see him.

Yaya: (sweetly warning, smiling at him after a long time) Nadech stop… This is not right.

Nadech: (romantic, getting hold of her) If loving you is a sin, then let me be guilty.
Yaya wanted to kiss; she so badly wanted to kiss him, to feel him, to respond to him. The reactions were not only strong in Nadech but also in Yaya. Even Michael’s appearance couldn’t pull her out his trance.

Nadech: (both hands on her hips, whispering near her lips romantically) URASSAYA…… kiss me.

When his warm breath touched her lips, Yaya’s body, heart and soul completely masked her mind.
She kissed him with so much passion and love. The woman in her was rising out of every cell in her body in response to him. She wrapped her hands around his neck. The kiss created a small world around them where they were just Nadech and Yaya erasing all their recent events.

Nadech put his hands around her waist and pulled her closer and closer not letting of her lips. He was holding onto her so tightly that she could barely keep her feet on the ground so she placed her feet on his, not letting go off his lips. Nadech walked them to the bed and bent and gently dropped her onto the bed. Yaya shifted back. Nadech climbed on to the bed and took off her t-shirt. Yaya lay on the bed and Nadech kneeled with his knees on either side of her, he placed his hand on the bed, bent and kissed her hip. Yaya's chest was rising and falling in response to his sweet kisses and she brought her hands above her head. Nadech travelled upwards kissing every inch of her skin passionately like there was no tomorrow, while Yaya let out sweet moans. Their fingers interlocked and Nadech stretched their hands out, taking command of her lips. 


sarNie Adult
Part - 43
Nadech put his hands around her waist and pulled her closer and closer not letting of her lips. He was holding onto her so tightly that she could barely keep her feet on the ground so she placed her feet on his, not letting go off his lips. Nadech walked them to the bed and bent and gently dropped her onto the bed. Yaya shifted back. Nadech climbed on to the bed and took off her t-shirt. Yaya lay on the bed and Nadech kneeled with his knees on either side of her, he placed his hand on the bed, bent and kissed her hip. Yaya's chest was rising and falling in response to his sweet kisses and she brought her hands above her head. Nadech travelled upwards kissing every inch of her skin passionately like there was no tomorrow, while Yaya let out sweet moans. Their fingers interlocked and Nadech stretched their hands out, taking command of her lips. 
Nadech put both his hands behind her back, raised her a little, untying her strings while kissing the crook of her neck and he uttered in desperation “I love you so much, please… don’t ever leave me again”.

Yaya’s eyes shot open. She just realized what she was doing and the later consequences of it. She was giving him hope. She was giving him hope that every thing was going to be alright now when she herself clearly knew that hope didn't exist for them. She pushed him back and held her top. Nadech fell to the ground. Yaya swiftly got up and tied her strings back. Nadech had never expected this, he was beyond shocked. For once he thought everything was going to be alright. But…

Nadech: (worried, while she was tying her strings, trying to go near her) Yaya what happened?

Yaya: (ordering, tying her strings, extremely serious) Stay back.

Nadech: (worried) Ok … OK. But please tell me what happened.

Yaya: (showing her ring, yelling) This. This happened. Nadech please walk away.

Nadech comes closer to try and relax her.

Yaya: (angry, yelling, stepping back) Nadech just stop. I belong to someone else. Just stop. If you had ever cared about me then I’m begging you please just walk away.

Nadech: (depressed) I always care about you Yaya.  (Opening her window curtains) Get some air. And please relax I will go.

Nadech wore his t-shirt and walked away. He dint bother to even question her as to why she proceeded with him as he knew it was purely out of love. He was convinced about 2 things. One she doesn’t love Michael. Two. She loved him very much. He also dint bother to argue with her as he dint want her to know that he was trying to get close to her secret. He didn’t want her to know that he already has his doubts on Michael and alert her.
Nadech walked into another room, the one which was not his.

Nadech: (happy) Hey Mark

Mark: (confused) Dude what took you so long? All you had to do was open her curtains. What were you doing in there, (teasing) your skin looks so healthy and ears are so red.

Nadech: (mumbling) No… Nothing. I went for a jog as she had not come to her room. When she arrived I somehow managed to open her window curtains.

Mark: (curious) How did you open them by the way?

Nadech: (smiling) I will let you know when you are having such a situation. Let’s proceed shall we?

Mark: (smiling) Alright. (Looking at her window) Now all we have to do is wait.

This is why 5th suite was booked. Nadech had asked Mark to book a suite just opposite to Yaya’s suite making sure they could see through the window.

Nadech and Mark waited, but no sign of Michael. This was their chance to see and judge how Yaya and Michael behave when they were alone.

It was dinner time. Nadech carefully sneaked back to his room got dressed and joined everyone at the table.
Michael: (smiling) Khun Nadech you look so happy. What could be the reason for it? Would you mind sharing with us.

Nadech: (smiling) Nothing like that Khun Michael, I just feel so refreshed after a good nap.

Yaya chocked on her food a bit.

Michael: (giving he water) Are you Ok Yaya?

Yaya: (drinking) I’m … I’m fine.

Michael: (turning to Nadech, smiling) Oh! Ok so that’s why you were missing.

Nadech: (smiling) Yes.

They continued eating. Suddenly later Nadech slowly touched her leg with his. Yaya flinched.

Nadech: (acting worried) What happened Khun Yaya? Are you ok?

Yaya: I’m ... I’m fine. I don’t like this. It’s too spicy.

Matt: (confused) It’s a desert Yaya.

Yaya: I meant it’s too sweet. (Looking at Nadech) I don’t feel like having anything sweet anymore.

Michael ordered her entree instead of dessert, which she was happy to eat to distract herself.

Nadech and Matt bid good bye and headed for their suites. Nadech, after dropping Matt to her door, ran to Mark’s suite.

Nadech: Has she come yet?

Mark: (looking at her window) No not yet. (Pausing) Here. here she comes…… (Pausing) This is good he has come too.

Nadech and Mark dimmed the lights and looked to see what happens. They were not able to hear them though. Her window glass was closed but curtains still open.



sarNie Adult
Part - 44
Michael: (smiling, entering her room) So did you enjoy these two days?

Yaya: (disinterested) Yes.

Michael: (mocking) Which one? The first day with me? Or the second day with him?

Yaya starled.

Yaya: (trying to look unaffected) What do you mean?

Michael: (walking towards her) Let me simplify. Did you enjoy the first day with me partying or second day with him on your bed?

Yaya: (stepping back) What the hell are you saying?

Michael: (angry) Do you really want to act as if nothing happened or lie that he was not in you room.

Yaya: (declaring) Nothing happened as he was not in my room.

Michael: (furious, face to face) Don’t you dare lie to me. His t-shirt was fallen near you bed. It’s the same t-shirt he had worn to the pool. Din't you love birds even realize this much?

Yaya was in complete shock. She was scared now.

Michael: (pushing her shoulder, furious, stepping towards her) I wanted you to wear the bikini for me not him and you…and you
were busy sleeping with him??? I had planned this whole night for us, for us to be together. To finally be with you and hold you in my arms and you …. You slept with him.

Yaya dint have any words to say. She was just stepping back at his advances, thinking what was about to happen.

Michael: (mocking) He felt so refreshed is it? What did you do to make him feel so refreshed? Tell me. (Yaya was silent) Ok at least tell me where and all did he touch you. Where and all did that loser exactly touch you?

Yaya alerted at the word ‘loser’. Being in Nadech’s arms had kind of restored her strength. She immediately shot back at his insult to him.

Yaya: (ordering) Don’t you dare call him that. (Smirking) Besides, I think you should ask me where and all he didn’t touch, because that would be a shorter list.

Michael: (furious, slapping her) You SLUT!

Yaya : (declaring, smiling) I would rather be his slut, than your wife.

Nadech : (looking at her window, mighty furious) That bastard.

He sprinted up and tried to run but Mark held him tight. Nadech pushed him to the ground and advanced. Mark caught hold of his leg and pulled him back.

Mark: (holding onto him real tight) Nadech wait, don’t ruin it.

Nadech: (yelling) He hurt her mark, he hurt her. I will break that bastard’s hand.

Mark: (getting up and pulled him hard) Nadech please hold on.

Nadech: (yelling) Let me go.
Nadech punched Mark and Mark fell to the floor. He immediately realized what he had done.
Nadech: (lifting him up, guilty) I’m sorry. I’m sooo sorry Mark.

Mark: (smiling) Don’t worry. This had to come before for Kim’s incident and it has finally arrived. I feel so much better now.  (Pausing) But please wait. We need to see what exactly happens please. This is our only chance. If situation gets out of hand we will go together.

Nadech wasn’t calm. But he stood there looking at her window.

Michael: (holding her hand) You will be punished you know.

Yaya startles. She immediately thinks back to the line when he said he wanted to spend the night with her.

Yaya: (pleading) Michael don’t do this.

Michael: (smiling) Don’t worry baby. (Pointing towards her heart) This time I will directly hit straight at you heart. (Holding her chin) About spending the night, I will do it when I wanna do it, the way I had planned to do it but just not today. (Ordering) Go take bath, get his scent off of your body.

Michael just walked out smiling. Yaya had no clue as to what to expect. She just took a breath smiling for the fact that he left without harming her.

Mark: (extremely confused) Weren’t they arguing? How suddenly did both of them looked so normal? Why did she look like she was pleading him and then he just held her chin and said something smiling and left. Then she also smiled.

Nadech:  (extremely serious still thinking about the slap) I have no idea. But I will go ask her myself.

Nadech quickly rushed to her room and knocked.

Yaya opened the door and he quickly got in and locked it.

Nadech: (touching her cheek, worried) Yaya, does it hurt.

Yaya was alerted that he must have seen the whole thing. But she wanted to know what exactly he knew so that she could answer accordingly.

Yaya: (pushing him) What?  Nothing hurts. Just get out.

Nadech: (worried, going closer to her, touching her cheek gently, speaking in on breath) I know he slapped you. (angry)  I wanted to break his hand that second itself. (Wondering) But then you both seemed to calm down suddenly and why were you pleading and then why did he smile and hold your chin and why did you smile after he leave? What exactly happened?

Yaya was thankful that he dint know exactly what had happened. Her sight fell on the open curtains. She then remembered him opening the curtain and figured it out. She lied. Oh! She lied so convincingly.

Yaya: (shoving his hand away, turning away from him) It’s all because of you. He knew you were in my room. You shirt was on the floor, remember. He is a great man that’s why he did not say anything that time. Later when he confronted me and I lied, he got angry and slapped me and said that if I dint want to stay with him I can leave him. That’s why I pleaded. I pleaded him not to go away from me. He then wholeheartedly forgave and held my chin said that he loves me a lot and apologized for slapping me. That’s why I smiled. I was thankful that everything got sorted out. Just think, if any guy's girlfriend was with another man then obviously he will slap.

Nadech felt like he was hit by a tornado. For once, for once it was actually convincing. For once it actually seemed like the truth.
Nadech: Really Yaya? Any guy whose girlfriend was with another guy will slap her??? (refering that she was his girlfriend)
Yaya was silent.

Nadech: (continuing) So he forgave you?

Yaya: (turning towards him, smiling) Yes.

Nadech: And you pleaded to stay with him?

Yaya: Yes why wouldn't I?

Nadech: (angry) Then what the hell were you doing with me?

Yaya: (angry) I dint invite you into my room. You did everything yourself. Your tied my hands. You said that if I don’t kiss you, you will let Michael witness us.

Nadech: (angry, yelling) Then why the hell did you let me proceed. Why did you respond to my kiss?

Yaya: (angry) Hey I’m only human. Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to get physical with you before? Finally I got a taste of it and got a little carried away. But I was the one to stop you. How is that my fault? (pausing) Ok even if you think it’s my fault, then I will apologize. (joining hands) I’m extremely sorry Khun Nadech. Please don’t repeat this and even I will not. Its best if you go away from my life.

Nadech: (declaring, holding her wrists) Urassaya remember one thing. No matter what happens I will never let go of you.

Nadech walks out.  He calls Mark and asks him to see if she closes her curtain. She dint. She knew if she did close, then he would know that she has figured it out. Nadech was depressed not knowing what to think. He decided that until he sees the CCTV footage he will not think of this situation. He asked Mark to get it as soon as possible.


Next day morning around 8am, Nadech and Michael had separately arrived to the site as they were ready to place the pillars into the foundation. They both kept their distance concentrating on work.

Yaya’s car arrived at 10 am. A soon as she got out and walked a bit towards the site, Michael signaled to one of the workers.

There was a temporary stairway created around each pillar as the workers could fit steel boards to completely surround the
pillar so that it can hold in the concrete to be poured. Nadech was standing on the stairs instructing his workers while Michael was on ground.

As soon as Michael signaled, the worker acted as though he lost control over the stairs and pushed Nadech down. He fell from 25 feet. His leg hit a steel cable and then he fell straight on cement bags. Nadech’s forehead was bleeding from left side. Nadech was still conscious. All the workers rushed towards him.

Yaya entered the site to see all workers gathered around 30 feet away from her, she tried to see who it was.

When she realised it was Nadech, her heart dropped.

Yaya: (dropping her bag, running towards him like crazy) Naaaaaaaaaaadeeeeeechh.

Nadech could see her running towards him.

Nadech: (raising his right hand towards her, eyes closing, falling unconscious) Ya…….

Before she could even run 20 feet, Michael came from the side, held her hand turning her. She pushed him hard running crazy towards Nadech. Michael signaled his worker who had got down from the stairs and was a bit ahead. He came in front of her and put a hand kerchief containing chloroform making her unconscious. He dragged her to the side, making sure no one see and then Michael put her in his car and drove her to her mansion. Nadech was immediately taken to the hospital. 


sarNie Adult
Just in case if you guys didnt get it....
2 tshirts were involved. one Nadech's and one Yaya's. Nadech takes of his and drops it on the floor when he enters her room. Later when M comes, Nadech sees that she was still in her bikini, and the fact that Michael was  ogling her at the pool, so he took her t shirt from the cupboard and helps her put it on.
He had to tie her strings, untie her hands, help her put a t shirt on and he had to hide, so in this mess they both forget about Nadech's t shirt lying on the floor. M notices this when he glances all around. He knew Nadech was in the room that minute, that's why he left. If he would have confronted Nadech he knew that Yaya will speak the truth the minute he will put his hands on Nadech. Utimately Nadech would find out everything if M had called him out that time. That's why he leave silently. Hence the questions at the dinner table. 
Then Nadech takes of her t shirt to make love to her. Even after she rejects he just picks up his shirt and walks off without realizing that M might have seen his t shirt  :)
If you read the scene carefully then you guys will know that i have clearly mentioned his or her's.... Yadech making out neatly distracts from this key point. M instead of being hot headed and confronting Nadech, he uses this brilliantly to weaken Yaya and punishes Nadech for touching her assuming they did the deed. M finally confirms that he was pretty serious every time he said he will hurt Nadech. Now you know why Yaya had let him kiss at their "date"


sarNie Adult
Part - 45
Mae Keaw and Yoshio rushed to the hospital. The doctors had performed MRI, full body X-ray and few other tests.

Mae Keaw: (devastated, crying) Doctor… I’m … I’m his mother. Please tell me what has happened to my son.

Yoshio holds her shoulders supporting her.

Yoshio: (devastated, trying to stay strong) Doctor, can you please let us know how our son is?

Doctor: I cannot give any information as off now. Please be seated. As soon as we study his reports we will let you know.

Yoshio: (extremely worried) Doctor, please save my son at any cost.

Mae Keaw: (desperate, pleading) Please doctor you have to save him.

Doctor:  Please know that I will do everything possible to save him. Please don’t worry. Now let us do our jobs please.

They studied all the reports and came back.

Mae Keaw: Is my son ok? Please tell me he is ok.

Doctor: (stressing) Your son is very very lucky Mrs. Kugimiya. He doesn’t have any major injury.

Yoshio: (alarmed) He fell from 25 feet. Please check again. Any internal injuries. Please double check again.

Doctor: (happy) Trust us, we have tripled checked. I can’t believe his injuries are minor.

Mae Keaw: 25 feet doctor, how is that possible? If you don’t mind can we get a second opinion?

Doctor: (smiling) You please do everything you possibly can. I can understand what you feeling. Here is what I think happened based on what the workers described.

OneHis fall was not 1 big fall. His leg got caught in the steel cable, so his fall was broken into 2 shorter falls. His momentum got divided.

TwoSince his leg got caught in the steel cable for a second, the steel cable absorbed some of the impact and reduced the effect on him.

ThreeWhen he fell, he fell with his back first. Now, if he would have landed on his back, he might have died or would be severely injured or might have been paralyzed forever. But he landed on his front, little sideways.

FourWhen his left leg got caught in the steel cable, it made him bend his knees a little, in response. Bending knees can reduce the impact forces upto 36 folds.

FiveNadech fell on his left side, it’s always better to fall on sides and the fact that he fell on cement bags, not hard or sharp surface is a great thing. But the only thing is that he did not cover his head. That’s why he has bleeding from his head.

SixOne of the most important things is that when Nadech fell, he was completely relaxed. And this is very rare Mrs. Kugimiya. But it’s is absolutely important. If we are relaxed while falling then the chances of the vital organs to get damaged is very less. All his internal organs are intact because of this.

When you combine all of this, the fall doesn’t seem as bad as it looked. Your son is very very lucky Mr. and Mrs. Kugimiya.

But I also have to say that your son is in a state of shock. It is extremely weird for a person who was relaxed during the fall to be in a state of shock especially when the worker also mentioned that he was conscious during and after the fall. Another thing, he has a minor hairline fracture on the left side of his frontal skull and left leg. He needs complete bed rest for 4 weeks and he will be fine. After 4 weeks we will start physiotherapy. His body will ache for at least 2 to 3 days because of the fall. We have injected pain killers into his blood stream. For now we have put him on ventilator and when he will be awake we will let you guys know.

Mae Keaw: (sighing) Thank you so much doctor. Thank you so much.

Doctor: (smiling) Thank god Mrs. Kugimiya.

Mae Keaw instantly thank Buddha in her mind and hoped and prayed that her son would be alright.

This is how the incident happened: Nadech fell with his back first. When his leg hit the steel cable, he flipped and bent his knees and now was falling face first. He relaxed at that second because he caught a glimpse of Yaya and then BAAM! Onto the cement bags. When he hit his head, feeling unconscious and saw Yaya running towards him, he went into a state of shock thinking he has just lost her forever. That’s why he raised his hand in order to try and hold her for the last time thinking he wasn’t going to survive the fall.


Meanwhile, Michael carried her into the house and put her on her bed. He sprinkled some water onto her face. She dint wake up. He waited for half an hour. She dint move. Michael slapped her face gently trying to wake her up, no response.

Michael immediately called his friend who was a famous doctor in a top hospital and explained the situation and asked him to immediately come home.

Doctor checked her pulse.

Doctor: Her pulse is too low. Michael we don’t have enough time to take her to the hospital and check what has happened to her. You need to tell me what exactly happened or you will lose her.

Michael told about the chloroform.

Doctor: (warning him) What you have done is against the law. She is dying. I will not be a part of this.

The doctor tries to leave. Michael pleads him to save her life. When the doctor refuses, he threatens him leaving him no choice.

Doctor thoroughly checks her.

Doctor: Michael, she must have witness or felt something traumatizing, because the second before she was chloroformed, she was having an anxiety attack and was feeling out of breath. When the cloth containing chloroform was held against her, she literally inhaled every bit of it in order to try and breathe. It instantly affected her brain and lungs. Luckily, the dose of chloroform was small, but if it was high and combining it with her anxiety attack she would have died on spot. And the fact that you didn’t delay in calling me has helped her. Usually people wait for hours before calling the doctor, but if you would have done that she would be no more. One of the major side effects of inhaling chloroform is feeling short of breath as it affects lungs, but she was already in that state because of her anxiety attack. I’m shocked that she is even breathing. (Pausing, dull) She is a coma.

Michael was absolutely shocked. He never wanted any on this to happen to her.

Michael: (extremely worried) What do we do now?

Doctor: We have to admit her immediately.

Michael: That is not possible. Please get anything and everything here. I am ready to spend any kind of amount. Please try to
treat her here only.

Doctor nods as he didn’t want to waste the time and immediately calls to his hospital ordering a list of machines and a nurse. Yaya was then put on a ventilator and medicated immediately.

The second Yaya realised that it was Nadech who was lying on the floor; she had received the biggest shock of her life. She immediately ran as hard and fast as she could, with her heart beating at its maximum. When she saw Nadech raising his hand and calling her “Ya…” and then suddenly going unconscious, she felt like she was about to lose him forever. Her heavily beating heart panicked the minute his hand fell, causing her a major anxiety attack. She ran in spite of feeling short of breath, but when the chloroform was held against her, she took one huge breath inhaling every bit of it and collapsed immediately. That’s why she dint struggle. That’s why no one noticed her. Then she was immediately dragged to the side.



sarNie Adult
Part - 46
After 3 hours…

Doctor: Michael, I have managed to suppress the effect of toxicity in her body. But her heart beat is still not returned to normal. It’s like she trying to hold on. I cannot guaranty anything from this point on.

Michael: (worried) Please you have to try everything you can.

Doctor: She has to be monitored constantly. I will have to stay for the night with our nurses.

Michael: I will get your rooms prepared. Please don’t worry about the money. Everything will be taken care of.


Mae Keaw: How my son doctor. Did he wake up?

Doctor:  NO Mrs. Kugimiya. He is physically fine. But his mind is still in a state of shock. In spite of being fine he is still affected somehow. He has not come out of it yet. We will have to monitor him further.


Around 1.30 in the night.

Nurse: (banging on the door) Doctor, doctor hurry.

Doctor: (running with her into Yaya’s room) What happened?

Nurse: She is turning pale. Her BP is dropping.

Doctor: (looking at the monitor) She is going under V- fib. Get the defibrillators.


Nurse: Doctor, hurry.

Many rush into ICU.

Mae Keaw: (extremely worried) Doctor what happened?

Doctor: (rushing) Please wait here.

Nurse: His heart beat in rising. V-tach.

Doctor: Get the defibrillators.


Doctor: Charge to 200.

(shocking her) No change.


Doctor: Charge to 200

(shocking him) No change.


Doctor: charge to 360.

(Shocking her) no change.

Nurse: She is codding. (Pausing) Asystole. (Flat line)

Doctor: Starting compression now.


Doctor: Inject drugs into him.

Doctor: Charge to 360.

(Shocking him)


(on compression for 3 minutes) Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…. Beep........... beep..……beep……….beep

Doctor: (sighing, turning to Michael) We have stabilized her.


Beep........... beep..……beep……….beep

Doctor: (sighing) Stable.

The doctor comes out of the ICU.

Mae Keaw: what happened?

Doctor: He is stable now.

Mae Keaw: I thought you said he was fine before.

Doctor: This is extremely rare. He was physically fine. But what happened just now cant be explained. 83% of the patients go under cardiac arrest because of proper medical reasons. But he has none. He is absolutely fine. It is only up to 0.5 -1% of the patients in whom we cannot find the cause. I assure you he is fine now. We will continue monitoring him for the next 24 hours.
Love is a powerful emotion. It will be as strong and as meaningful as you make it to be. Nadech pulled Yaya back to life. Yaya has the attack thinking she has lost him forever. In her subconscious mind she is preparing to die. When she let go of her will to live just to join him, Nadech reaches out to her and  pulls her back saying that he is ok and that he is still here.  Nadech's was able to reach out to her out of pure love and the desire to be together especially when he dint get the chance to hold her hand just before he closes his eyes after the fall.Their love was extremely strong because they had given such importance to it, thus reaching out even in the worst case scenario. "NO matter what i will never let go of you". Nadech meant every WORD.


sarNie Adult
Part - 47
Mint finds out about the incident and informs Mark. Both rush to the hospital.

Mae Keaw informs everything to Mint and Mark.

Mint: (worried) Does Yaya know?

Mae Keaw: I don’t know. If she would have known I’m sure she would have come here by now.

Mint: I will call her immediately aunty.

Mae Keaw: (worried) But don’t tell her anything yet. She will be devastated. We will tell her when she comes here.

Mint nods.

Mint tries calling Yaya but no one receives her phone. Mark calls Michael to inform the news but then suddenly realizes that Michael informed Mark that he will be at the site the whole day and had asked him to take care in his office.

Mark: Hello Khun Michael. I just called to inform that Mr. Natwara had called. When shall I schedule his meeting?

Michael: (worried, mumbling) I’m boarding my flight now. I am going out of country with Yaya for a week. Cancel all my appointments Mark. I will contact you later.

Mark: (confused) Ok sir.

Mark told this to Mint privately.

Mint: How could he go out of country? Every channel is reporting this incident. How could he go out of country so suddenly? Yaya would have come the minute she would have found out.
Mark: (curious) What if he has something to do with it? OR maybe he is taking Yaya out of country so that she wouldn't find out.

Mint: May be.

Mark: But we can’t stop them now. They have already boarded the flight. Since he is not in office this is out chance to get the tapes.

Mint: Agreed.



Yaya suddenly wakes up after 2 days. She immediately realizes what had happened. She rips out her drips injected to her blood stream and gets out of bed.

Yaya: (walking forward, raising her hand, drowsy, thinking of the image where he had raised his hand calling to her) Nadech…..

Michael: (came and held her, supporting her) Yaya you shouldn't move. Please let me take you back to bed.

Yaya: (not noticing him, still moving forward towards the door) Nadech……… Nadech….. (turning towards Michael) I want to see Nadech.
Michael: (holding her) Nadech is fine. Please don’t worry. I will take you to see Nadech when you get well.

Yaya: (desparate) I want to see Nadech…… I want to see him.

Michael: (pleading) Yaya, please listen to me. Nadech is fine. I will take you to him when you get well. You have to rest now. Please.

Yaya suddenly is fully conscious and notices Michael clearly. She remembers what exactly happened that day.

Yaya: (very weak but slapping with all her rage and holding his collar) You did this to him. I will kill you. (she slaps him again and Michael tries to control her) I will….. I will……. (she collapses)

Doctor: (supporting her) She is very weak. Who asked you to get her out of bed?

Michael: She got out herself. But thank god, she is at least out of coma.

Doctor: Nurse, put her under medication. Make sure she rests. (Turning to Michael) She needs therapy. It is indeed great news that she got out of coma so fast. But Michael she needs to be cared.

Michael nods.


Doctor: (smiling) Congratulations. You son is awake.
Mae Keaw: Thank you. Thank you so much doctor. Can we see him?

Doctor: Of course. But only one at a time. (pausing)Who is Yaya?  He is asking for her.

Mae Keaw just nods and rushes in.

Mae Keaw: (holding his hand happily) Nadech. How are feeling my son?

Nadech: (weak) Yaya. Where is…… Yaya mom?

Mae Keaw: A….A she is on her way Nadech. She was very scared as to what happened to you. Please rest well. As soon as she comes I will send her in.

Nadech nods. 


sarNie Adult
Part - 48
It was almost 2 pm. Nadech was anxiously waiting for Yaya, but there was no sign of her. Mae Keaw enters the ICU bringing him a bowl of soup.

Nadech: (curious) Mom, where is Yaya?

Mae Keaw: (turning away from him) She … I asked her to come in the evening. She wanted to get you lunch, but seeing that I had already prepared, I asked her to prepare dinner and come directly in the evening.

Nadech: (smiling) That’s great. It’s been so long since I have tasted anything she makes.

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Now please have this soup my dear.

Mae Keaw happily fed Nadech. After finishing his meal….

Nadech: (holding her palm in his) You know I love you a lot right?

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Yes baby. (Teasing) But not as much as I love you.

Nadech: (smiling, looking into her eyes, feeling bad) She is not coming right?

Mae Keaw knew there was no point in hiding the truth.  Her son could see right through her, just like his mother.

Mae Keaw: (nodding, disappointed) No.

Nadech: (depressed) Did she ever come?

Mae Keaw: (tears in eyes, nodding) No.

Nadech: (holding her cheeks, forcing a smiling) Why are you crying mum.

Mae Keaw: (crying) I can’t see you like this Nadech. When I heard about the fall, I almost though I lost you. If … If something would happen to you I would just die. But thank god you are safe. You need to recover fast that why I lied about Yaya or else you would never eat.

Nadech: (wiping her tears, hugging her, smiling and consoling) Oh mum! I’m fine. I am here. I’m absolutely fine. Please don’t cry or I will cry too. Besides, I will eat and recover for your sake. So please don’t worry.

Mae Keaw: (controlling herself, trying to smile) Nadech you dad wants to meet you. He would be dying to talk to you. (Getting up) I will go get him.

Nadech: (strict) I don’t want to see him. If he comes here I will get up and go.

Mae Keaw: (worried) But why…. He is your dad Nadech. He is extremely worried.

Nadech: (depressed, dull) He is the reason why she left me. He…He is the reason for all of it. I don’t want to see him. I really don’t want to see him.

Mae Keaw: (holding him) Ok my dear. Please calm down. Relax.

Nadech: (pleading) Mom will you do me favour?

Mae Keaw: Anything my dear.

Nadech: (desperate) I want to see her. I want to talk to her. Please can you call her and ask her to come here.

Mae Keaw: (bracing herself) Nadech… Michael and Yaya have gone out of country. Mint and Mark had come yesterday. I requested them to tell the truth. They said that Michael took her out of country for some work.

Nadech: (Thinking) Not possible. Something is really wrong. Mom I want my phone.

Mae Keaw: (ordering) NO Nadech. I will not let you get stressed. This time you have to listen to me.

Nadech: I’m begging you please give me my phone. Something is really wrong.

Mae Keaw: (worried) What do you mean?

Nadech: I don’t know yet. But you have to trust me mom. Please give me my phone. I promise I will not stress myself. I will eat on time and take all my pills on time, but please give me my phone.

Mae Keaw was now really worried as to what might have happened. She gave him his phone. Not even one message or call from Yaya. He immediately calls Mark, who was all happy to finally see his friend out of coma. Mark advises that he needs to rest and not think about anything. But Nadech insists him to come meet him immediately.


sarNie Adult
Part - 49
Mark: (happy, hugging him) Nadech, my friend so happy to see you.

Nadech: (happy) Me too Mark. Where is Mint?

Mark: She sent you flowers. But they did not allow me to bring it into the ICU. Besides, she is busy handling your company and the work at site.

Nadech: (smiling) Oh I need to thank her so much. (pausing) So Yaya and Michael, out of the country for real?

Mark: (nodding, dull) Yes.

Nadech: (worried) But something feels wrong Mark. She saw me fall and the last thing I remember was her running towards me extremely worried, scared. And then I blacked out. Boy, I thought that would be the last time I ever see her. But it’s odd that she didn’t feel like coming to the hospital even once, no phone call, no message.

Mark: (thinking) I feel the same way too. Michael and Yaya were in the site when they saw you fall, yet no one has turned up till now.

Nadech: (alarmed) Mark did you get the tapes.

Mark: I did, but there was nothing important in it. Yaya just enters and leaves. All the staffs are just working normally.

Nadech: What about the tape inside the cabin?

Mark: NO such thing. There are no cameras inside his cabin.

Nadech: (wondering) Strange. How can a multi-million dollar company not have a CCTV in the most important cabin of the entire office? Mark check again. You are new. His old assistant might know. And Mark hand me that tape recording, I want to see myself.

Mark: (nodding) Ok. Here it’s on my phone itself.

Nadech viewed it but it wasn’t too clear.

Nadech: Can you put this in your laptop and show it to me?

Mark: I have a copy in my laptop. Wait. (Pausing, handing his laptop) Here.

Nadech: (The video playing) Ok she looks normal while entering.

Mark: (fast forwarding) And here she is existing. See I told you. Nothing.

Nadech: (alarmed, pointing) Wait. Look look. She seems to be walking faster now than compared to her entry. It’s like she is almost sprinting.

Mark: Hmm maybe she had to rush to the office.

Nadech: No Mark, she didn’t go back to her office that day. Mint has clarified this before

They replayed it.

Nadech: (pointing) Zoom here. Take a look at her wrists. It is closed and tightened. (Realizing) She is angry. And look at her face, she is sweating. Now why would a person sweat if they were in an AC room?

Mark: (confused) What could this mean?
Nadech: (replaying the video) Hold on Mark. Now pause exactly when she opens the cabin door to come out. Now zoom a little closer. (Pausing, pointing) Here take a look at this. (Worried) His chair is fallen down. And observe him; his left hand is on his left cheek.

Mark: (extremely confused) I can see all of this, but what exactly does it mean?

Nadech: (angry) They must have had an argument and my sweetheart has slapped him.

Mark: But if the argument did take place, at least the staff would here some noise. All of then are doing their work.

Nadech: Take a look at the width of his cabin wall. What do you gather from such a thick wall?

Mark: Oh Shit! It is soundproofed. That’s why none of them heard.

Nadech: A person who would sound proof his wall, will obviously have a hidden camera.

Mark: (excited, smiling) Oh my god. Nadech you should be a detective bro. But what could the argument be about it.

Nadech: (thinking from their first encounter with Michael) He likes her, she loves me, he must have threatened her about the project since that’s the only thing he is in control of and at that time the contracts were not yet signed. She knows it’s my dream project so she decided to sacrifice herself. She breaks up with me the minute I land. She blames Matt in all our arguments trying to push me towards her. Michael wants me to marry Matt that’s why he asks his dad to finalize engagement as fast as possible.

You know something Mark, I didn’t fall. I was pushed. The person who fell on me, nearly body slammed me, I couldn’t get a look at his face, but I know for a fact that I was pushed. And the only one who would want me out of the way is Michael. He is definitely blackmailing her. She was absolutely devastated when I fell. She ran towards me, but she or Michael never made it to hospital, that means Michael must be threatening her.

Mark: (sitting down stunned) You know I always thought that your love is so great, but I think you have a competition my friend. I can not only see what she means to you, but I can see how much you mean to her. In this case we must get her away from him as soon as possible.  I will go register a police complaint immediately.

Nadech: NO Mark. It will not work. He is a millionaire. They will wipe out this case like cleaning their damn table. We don’t have any proof against him and I bet Yaya will never justify. She dint tell me itself, you think she will tell the police. She is already pretty shaken to know that I’m in hospital, let alone give him a reason to him harm me again. Beside Yaya is atmost safe under Michael itself. If we get her away from him he will harm her. I’m in no condition to get up, let alone protect her. We don’t have proof and she won’t testify. We just have 2 options now. Get proof or make Yaya testify against him. But I need to recover first and fast. Until then she has to be under him. Mark did he tell you where he is going exactly?

Mark: No. I tried calling him later, but he doesn’t pick up.

Nadech: GPS track their phone. We need to find out where they are, and know if  Yaya is safe or not.

Mark: Got it. And I will also contact his old assistant.

Nadech nods and thanks Mark.

Nadech: But 1 thing, don’t share this with anyone except Mint. Be normal under all circumstances. Michael or Yaya shouldn’t get a clue that we know everything.

Mark nods and leaves.


sarNie Adult
Part - 50
Nadech calls the press and announces his condition to be absolutely fine. He hoped that somehow Yaya would see this and can calm herself.

Yaya was awake after 6 hours. The nurse changed her clothes and got her cleaned. After she is put back to bed Michael comes into her room and turns on the TV and shows Nadech’s interview. Yaya gets up and sits on her bed watched the news happily and was finally relieved that he is alright. She immediately thanks god.

Michael sits opposite to her.

Michael: (calm) Just listen to me for one minute then you can do or say whatever you want. I accept I did that to Nadech. But I never wanted to cause any harm to you. I’m extremely sorry for what I did to you. (Pausing) I am just asking for one and only thing. Please marry me. Just marry me and I promise I won’t ever get close to him. He will get everything he is supposed to get including the partnership to this company. You can be however you want. I promise I will take care of you as much as I can.

Yaya: (very serious) Can I ask you something? How is it possible that you didn’t even think about your dear sister before hurting him?

Michael: She is dear to me and but not as much as you. I care for her like a brother but I’m not her real brother. I was adopted when I was 8. Same as you, lost parents in the same flood. But no parent can be same as your own parent right. Macrovitz family did give me everything I wanted but they can never come close to be my real parents. So now you know that you are the only thing I have ever wanted as a family in this life. That why I did what I did when Nadech touched you. I’m ready to do everything and anything to get you. Now the decision is in your hands.

Yaya had never seen such an ungrateful person. The Macrovitz family treated him much more than a son. They had given him more importance than Matt. He should be extremely grateful for having such parents but how could he even think this way. She was thankful for Mae Pla every waking minute. Yaya knew there was no point in talking about this issue to him or advise him. She knew that she had no choice, even if she did, she would never choose to be with Nadech again because she was scared that she will lose him forever just like her parents and Mae Pla.

Yaya: (extremely calm, serious) Alright. I will marry you but I have conditions. One. You will not touch me till Nadech and Matt are married. Two. You will never ever think of harming him or his family again. I want the project to go according to plan and you should give all the credits to him. Three. You will let me be free, you will not restrict, follow or keep me locked up or do any type of nonsense.

Michael: (smiling) Agreed. Thank you so much. Please recover fast. I will go get started with the wedding preparations.

Yaya just sighed after he left. She was feeling fine the minute she saw Nadech on TV.


The same evening…

Mae Keaw: Nadech, Matt is here. She wants to see you.

Nadech couldn’t afford to tell the truth to Mae Keaw also, as he dint want her to get involved in all this. So he still acted like he dint know anything about Yaya.

Nadech: (dull) I don’t want to see anyone apart from Yaya.

Mae Keaw: But Nadech, Matt has been visiting the hospital every day. I think you should at least see her.

Nadech nods ok.

Matt: (happy) I’m so happy you are alright Nadech. (Hugging him) I was so worried.

Nadech: (smiling) I’m fine Matt. Please don’t worry. (Pausing, curious) How are Khun Michael and Yaya. I still get a chance to see them.

Matt: Yes. Michael had planned a surprise for Yaya and took Yaya to her dad’s side country, Norway. They just arrived this afternoon.

Nadech: But I thought they will be coming after 2 days.

Matt: That’s what he had told us, but they had such a great time in Norway that they rushed back to get on with their wedding plans. (Smiling) Oh! They are so in love.

Nadech was shocked but not to a great extent, he knew he had to expect this sooner or later.

Nadech: So when are they getting married? And did you see Yaya?

Matt: Yes I did. I saw her walking in the lawn, alone, lost in thoughts. Probably, she must be thinking about her wedding plans. They are getting married at the start of next month. Michael wanted to hurry, but dad asked him to keep it next month as dad wanted him to have a grand wedding.

Nadech: (smiling, that he has time) That’s great. Did Yaya seem physically ok?

Matt: (confused) Yes she looked fine. I didn’t get a chance to talk to her but she looked fine. Why Nadech?

Nadech: (smiling) I mean she is getting married. This is huge for a girl. (Giggling) So I just asked.

Matt: (smiling) That’s true. Brother asked to tell you to take care of yourself and that he is sorry he dint come to see you yet. He will be coming soon.

Nadech: (smiling) That’s fine Matt.

Matt: (dull) Nadech get well soon na. I want you to be a part of the wedding.

Nadech: (smiling) Of course Matt. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Matt leaves. Mark immediately calls and tells him that he has GPS tracked and that they both are in Thailand, itself. He also said that he received a call from Michael just now asking Mark to meet him as they had to get the wedding invitations printed. Nadech tell him what Matt had told.

Nadech was just relieved to know that Yaya was fine and thankful the there was still time left for the wedding. Now he had to concentrate on recovering faster.


sarNie Adult
Part - 51
Mint was extremely busy in handling the office and work at the site, seeing that the pillars were still being placed. Mark was busy in finding Michael’s former assistant. Nadech was taken out of ICU and shifted to a general ward.

A week passes by. Yaya was fully recovered and healthy but had completely turned cold towards people. Nadech was still not talking to his dad, in spite him trying to talk to Nadech repeatedly. Mae Keaw was worried as to why Yaya had still not come to the hospital but couldn’t do anything as she was busy taking care of Nadech. Michael had once visited the hospital and Nadech and Michael had had a polite interaction.

Mae Keaw was taking care of Nadech day and night and he was recovering faster. The doctors finally gave an ok and sent him home. His hair line fracture was already healing.

Since Nadech finally went home and was feeling much better, he did some of the work though his laptop, thus handling the office easing a little bit of Mint’s burden. Mint arrives to Yaya’s mansion.

Mint: Can I see Khun Yaya? I am here regarding office work.

Maid: Sure Mam.

Yaya asks the maid to send her to her room.

Mint: (happy) Yaya how are you? It’s been so long since we talked.

Yaya: (crossing her legs, cold) I’m fine Mint, please sit down. How are you?

Mint: (wondering at her behavior, sitting down) I’m…I’m fine. (Curious) Yaya why dint you come to hospital to see P’Nadech. And why were you away from office and project for almost a week?

Yaya: (mocking, cold) P’Nadech? So he is already your P’ now? Great. See you wanted one of P’Nadech’s and you gotthe “P’Nadech”.

Mint: (worried) Why are you saying like that?

Yaya: (laughing sadistically) First Matt and now you too. Boy, he is a charmer?

Mint: (outraged) Yaya. Stop it. How can you say such a thing? He is injured and this is what you can think about. He is like my brother.

Yaya: (casual) Whatever. Anyways may I know why you troubled yourself to come up to my house?

Mint: (worried) I was worried as to why you were not coming to the office all these days.

Yaya: Oh! I was in Norway with Michael. Didn’t you hear, I’m getting married in 2 and a half weeks. It’s a good thing you here though, I can hand in my resignation. I will not be coming to the office from now.

Mint was in absolute shock.

Mint: (angry) How the hell can you leave Nadech? You loved him so much. And you’re resigning now.

Yaya: (smiling) Don’t tell me I have to explain it to you to. It’s best you stay out of my life.

Mint: (angry) Is that so? Then fine. Do whatever you want. (Smirking) Maybe money can actually buy it all, including love. Or was it love in the first place?

Yaya: (smiling) I don’t care about your opinion. Here, my resignation.

Mint: You know the only reason I’m taking this is because I don’t want you to come near P'Nadech and upset him again. Good bye.

Mint just barges out. Yaya was depressed and so she  just lay on her bed.

Mint: (smiling, calling Nadech) P’Nadech, I have acted however you have asked. NO, she did not get any kind of doubt. She believes that she has pushed all of us away. She also gave in her resignation. Ok fine. I will see you later.


After 2 days Michael and his family had arrived to Nadech’s house to enquire about his health and invite them to the wedding. Yaya was not present. After they left, Nadech held his crutch and went inside his room, sat down and thought as to what he had to do. Mae Keaw sees this and is now worried that her son might spoil his health. She finally takes the matter into her own hands and decides that it’s time to meet Yaya.

Mae Keaw arrived to Yaya’s mansion the next day. Yaya had never expected to see her. She was shocked. She joined her hands and greeted and Mae Keaw nodded.

Mae Keaw: (serious but calm) Yaya, I want to talk to you about something important.

Yaya: (wondering) Please come in. (pausing) Let’s go upstairs.

Mae Keaw followed her to her room.

Yaya: (worried, smiling) Yes tell me.

Mae Keaw: (curious, ordering) Why dint you come to the hospital or to our house to see Nadech?

Yaya: (casual) I thought I will come but I was so busy in preparing for the wedding that I couldn’t make time. I sent Michael instead.

Mae Keaw: (angry) Couldn’t make time? How can you be like this?

Yaya: (turning away from her) I accept that he was my boss for 2 and a half years and I should have been there, but a girl gets married only once right soooooo.

Mae Keaw: (angry) Just boss. Is that what my son is to you? Just your boss.

Yaya: (casual) I know we dated for a while but everything doesn’t work out in life right. People have to move on.

Mae Keaw: (joining her hands) Yaya please forgive us for what happened that day. I will apologize instead of Yoshio. Please don’t keep that in your heart. I will make you and Nadech get married. You both stay in the new house. If you want I and Yoshio will stay out of your life forever. You can live however you want. You have to come see Nadech. He is worried all the time. He is desperate to see you.

Yaya felt extremely guilty, but she couldn’t weaken herself. She knew that Mae Keaw was the only person in the world who can make Nadech move on in his life. She was determined not to give up at any cost.

Yaya: Mrs. Kugimiya, please forgive me but you have to understand that I am getting married pretty soon. You were at my engagement so why are you asking these questions now? (pausing) I have lots of things to do. I will come see him after my marriage.

Mae Keaw: (hurt) Is your heart made of stone? How can you be like this? Where is your humanity? Now don’t you dare tell me that you had never loved my son, that you never had any feelings for him ever? As for your engagement, I participated only because Nadech requested and asked us not to question anything.

Yaya: Mrs. Kugimiya. Please try to understand my situation also.

Mae Keaw: (yelling) That’s exactly what I’m doing. What made you leave him in a heartbeat? What made you ignore his immense love? What made you this way? I want to know where is that daughter who had come to my home with my son as his future wife and had called me mum wholeheartedly.

Yaya chocked she dint know what to say.

Mae Keaw: Where is she Yaya? Where is she?

Yaya: I don’t have time to explain. But I will just say one thing. Please keep your son away from me. Its best for the both of us.

Mae Keaw: (Calm) Return his heart and I shall keep him away from you.

Yaya: (desperate) Why don’t you understand? I don’t love him. I have no feelings towards him. It’s best if he moves on too.

Mae Keaw: (straight) Your lying. You do love my son but I really don’t know what’s making you behave this way. Please Yaya no matter what it is I guaranty you that I will take care of your problem. Please tell me.
Yaya: (angry, standing up) There is no problem. I don’t love him. And I am not lying.

Mae Keaw: (declaring, standing up) You’re lying, I know it.

Yaya: (angry) Please stop this.

Mae Keaw: I know you love my son just as much as he loves you.

Yaya: (yelling) No you don’t. And I don’t love him. This is my final answer. You have just met me once so please don’t act like you know me well.

Mae Keaw: (straight) Yes I do know you. I know you really well. I have known you from past 20 years so I know what you are.

Yaya: (casually)What ??? How on earth can you…

Mae Keaw: (interrupting, serious) I’m Rathana.


sarNie Adult
Part - 52
Little Yaya (5 years old) was looking at the cotton candy. It was pink and fluffy and looked so delicious reminding her about the happy times she had just before a week, which was all destroyed by the flood. She wanted to taste it. She wanted to feel that happiness after a long time. She moved closer to the cotton candy, licking her lips.

The cotton candy moved to a side, a boy’s face appeared. He looked at her wondering as to why she was staring at his cotton candy.

Little Nadech (7 years old): (handing the cotton candy in her direction) Do you want some?

Yaya silently nodded.

Nadech: (smiling) Come sit.

Yaya sat next to him. He bent the cotton candy towards her. Yaya took a little and put it in her mouth. She smiled after a whole week.

Nadech: Do you like it?

Yaya: (smiling and nodding) Yes.

As soon as she smiled, he felt happy as he found her smile to be very cute, so he joined her by flashing his teeth at her on which cotton candy was stuck. Yaya laughed whole heartedly.

Nadech: (wondering) Why are you laughing?

Yaya: (giggling, pointing) You teeth is pink.

Nadech: (laughing, pointing) So is yours.

Both stopped. Flashed their teeth at each other and grinned.

Nadech: (smiling, waving at her) My name is BarryWhat is you name?

Yaya: (smiling, waving back at him) My name is Yaya.

Nadech was disappointed that he couldn’t shorten his name to get a good pet name. All his friends had pet names except him. He
thought of two choices in mind: Barry and Brent. He finally chose Barry as his pet name and made all his friends call him that. But when Yoshio returned home after 6 months, he scolded Nadech to not call himself Barry as it would be ridiculous to name him something different when his parents have already given him a nice name. Nadech being scared of his dad obeyed him from that day on.

They both sat next to each other sharing one cotton candy.

“What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine”, “P’Nadech is the reason why I even smile” had found its meaning so early in their lives.

Mae Keaw stood behind the temple pillar smiling at the two kids.

Mae Keaw: (came close to them, lifted Yaya and made her sit on her lap) Hi, my dear Yaya.

Yaya: (smiling) Hello.

Mae Keaw: Where are you parent’s dear? We will take you too them.

Yaya: (suddenly eyes filled with tears) I don’t know. They never came back.

Yaya cried her heart out reminding herself of the reality. Mae Keaw consoled her. Nadech had stopped eating and was looking at her crying feeling really sad for her. He didn’t understand what was happening, but felt bad the minute she cried. Mae Keaw wiped her tears and Nadech gave her the whole cotton candy.

Nadech: (giving her the cotton candy, dull) Please don’t cry.

Yaya was sobbing, hugging Mae Keaw’s chest. She dint eat. Nadech took a hand full of cotton candy and put it on his face as a fake mustache and made funny faces at her. Yaya could control herself. She chuckled.

Mae Keaw told them that she will be back in a minute and left. He then fed her the rest of the cotton candy.

Mae Keaw went inside the temple and enquired about Yaya and found out from one of the staff the she was rescued from the flood and that both her parents were identified to be dead.

Mae Keaw immediately decided to adopt her, but her best friend Urin (Mae Pla) flashed in her mind. Mae Pla had no one in her life. Her husband had died in an accident after 2 years after their marriage, she never had a kid, so Mae Keaw knew that if Yaya could stay with her, and then both mother and daughter would find love in each other’s company.

Mae Keaw informed the head of the temple about her decision. The head of the temple agreed immediately seeing that she was an army man’s wife and his close friend. Mae Keaw submited all the necessary details and documents and signs the legal document, holding herself responsible in case anything happens to Yaya. Adoption procedures were simple those days. She finishes all formalities within two hours and goes and meets the kids.

Mae Keaw: (smiling, bending down, and extending both hands at her) Yaya would you like to come with me.

Yaya: (hugging her, smiling) Yes.

Mae Keaw lifts her up and holds her.

Nadech: (pulling her hand) Mom, I’m hungry.

Mae Keaw: Dint you just eat before leaving home?

Nadech: But I’m still hungry.

Mae Keaw: Alright, I will take you to hotel and you and Yaya can eat whatever you want.

Nadech: (excited) Oh! Really?

Mae Keaw nods. She walks carrying Yaya in her arms, holding Nadech in other hand, him walking beside them. They both shared and ate everything possible ending with a strawberry milkshake. Nadech burped, which made Yaya giggle.

Mae Keaw takes her to Mae Pla’s home. She let both the kids play on the swing. Mae Keaw informs everything to her.

Mae Pla: (happy) You have no idea, what this means to me Sudarath?

Mae Keaw: What else could I do? I asked you to come and stay with me in my house, but you never listen. (Looking at Yaya on swings being pushed by Nadech) Isn’t she cute?

Mae Pla: (Smiling) The cutest.

Mae Keaw: (serious) But I have one condition. I will send 10,000 Baht every month from now on so that you and Yaya can lead a comfortable life. And it will help in Yaya’s education also.

Mae Pla: (dull) No Sudarath I can’t accept this.

Mae Keaw: (teasing) In that case, I will take her to my home. Nadech will get a sister and I will get a daughter.

Mae Pla: (seeing she doesn’t have a choice) Alright I accept. But I will open an account for Yaya, I want you to put it in her account so that she can use it for her education.

Mae Keaw nods.

Nadech and Yaya run towards the mothers. Nadech goes inside Mae Pla’s home to watch cartoon, while both mothers talk to Yaya.

Mae Keaw: Yaya this Mae Pla. Say Hi.
Yaya: (waving, smiling) Hi Mae Pla.

As soon she called her ‘Mae Pla’, Mae Pla felt complete. She was overwhelmed.

Mae Keaw: Yaya from today she will be your mother.

Yaya: (wondering) What happened to my old mother?

Mae Keaw: You old mother is with god now. So god has sent you a new mother.

Yaya: (happy) So my old mother is safe?

Mae Keaw: (touching her cheek) Both your mum and dad are safe with god. He has sent you a new mother so that she can love you.

Yaya goes near Mae Pla and asks her to bend. She does.

Yaya: (wondering) So you love me?

Mae Pla: (smiling)  Very Very much.

Yaya: (places her hand on her cheek) I love you too. Your skin is soft just like my mother’s.

Mae Pla: (kissing her palm) Will you stay with me dear?

Yaya: (smiling) Ok.

Mae Keaw and Mae Pla were extremely happy. They asked her about her details.

Mae Keaw: Yaya, what is your full name sweetheart?

Yaya: (mumbling) My name is “Ussaya Sebund”

They both were confused.

Mae Pla: (giving a piece of paper and pencil) Yaya can you write what you write in school about yourself.

Yaya wrote:

My name is Urassaya Sperbund.

My pet name is Yaya.

I like to read stories, play, dance, draw.

My mother is from Thailand.

My father is from Norway.

After getting few details like these both ladies were pretty satisfied. After they made sure Yaya was comfortable, Mae Keaw decides to go back home.

Mae Keaw: (waving) Ok Yaya Bye.

Yaya: (ran and held her hand) Won’t you stay with us?

Mae Keaw: (holding Yaya’s hand and kissing her cheeks) Awe. I will come tomorrow my dear.

Yaya: (happy) Really?

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Yes.

Yaya: (kissing her cheek) Ok bye.

Mae Keaw: (to Nadech) Come on baby, say bye to Yaya.

Nadech: (smiling) Yaya, I will bring you on more cotton candy tomorrow.

Yaya: (smiling) Ok.

Nadech: (waving) Bye.

Yaya: (waving) Bye.



sarNie Adult
Part - 53
Yaya couldn’t have expected this in her wildest dreams. Mae Keaw had pulled her out of her coldness.

Yaya: (overwhelmed, sitting down on chair) You’re Ra... Rathana ???? Are you serious?

Mae Keaw: (went sat next to her, holding her hand, happy) Yes. It is me.

Yaya: (extremely happy) But how…. (Hugging her) Your finally here (touching her shoulders repeatedly) right in front of me.

Mae Keaw: (very happy) I will explain everything.

Mae Keaw explained the whole thing to her.

Yaya: (remembering her interview day, shocked) “Barry”.

Mae Keaw: (smiling) Yes.

Yaya: But… Why didn’t you come see me the next day.

Mae Keaw: I wanted you to get attached to Urin. I wanted you to identify her as your mother. I decided that I will not come in front of you until you get a job and stand on your legs.

Yaya: (curious) But why is that?

Mae Keaw: That’s how we decided to raise you. If you would know that you would have a reliable source to get money, then you wouldn’t be what you are today. You would have been a dependent and would have expected more. I wanted you to work hard and come up in life because I wanted you to be a strong and independent woman, which you have truly turned out to be. I know it sounds wrong but trust me Yaya even Nadech was never given the silver spoon.

Yaya now understood why Michael was the way he was. He was given everything the minute he was asked and that’s what had made him not know the value of love, money, life, etc.

Yaya: (hugging her) I understand. I really understand what you mean and I am eternally grateful mom.

Mae Keaw hugs her.

Mae Keaw: (depressed) But I think that was my biggest mistake. I shouldn’t have stayed away from you. Urin never told me
about her lung cancer. I swear if I would have known I would do everything in my capacity to keep her alive. Every time we spoke on phone or met her, she was absolutely fine. I should have figured something to be wrong when she avoided meeting me for a year.

Yaya: Please don’t blame yourself. I think Mae Pla dint want to burden you. And I feel what you did was the right decision. I am what I am only because of you and Mae Pla. I don’t even know how to thank you.

Mae Keaw: (warning) Don’t ever thank a mother. (Yaya nods and put her head on her lap) You know, Urin always sent your photos and videos to me. I was so proud that you were such a good student and getting so many medals in school. I was just waiting to meet you.

Yaya: I never even knew you existed. Mae Pla told me about you when she was dying. She dint even get a chance to tell me your real name or your details. She just gave the box of letters.

Mae Keaw: I had written those letters for your 18th birthday. Urin must have waited to give you when you go off to college. But I can’t believe that you had to struggle alone. How I wish I would have met you before.
Yaya: (smiling) Something’s are meant to be that way. Besides I think both my mothers had prepared me really well to face the world, otherwise how would I be so strong like you guys?

Mae Keaw smiled.

Mae Keaw: When I had stopped getting calls or messages from Urin, I went to meet her at the office. The staff told me that
she had resigned 6 months ago as she had got a better job in Malaysia. I even came near the house but you guys had left. I felt bad that she dint even bother to inform me or try contacting me. But my only relief was that the 10000 baht was getting withdrawn each month.

Yaya: (dull) She just lied to the staff that she had got a job in Malaysia. Actually she was so weak that she could even go to the office, so she resigned. As for the house, I dint want to stay there because Mae Pla had died and I dint want you to find me.

Mae Keaw: I know. Nadech had mentioned why. But you should have done that you know. I would have never let you stay alone.
Yaya: (smiling) I know. (Pausing) But why dint you revel it when I had come to your house that day.

Mae Keaw: When Nadech came home after your interview and shared everything with me I was so happy and so sure that it was you. But I also knew that Nadech had started liking you. Nadech was different after Kim incident. Work was the only thing in his life, but that day all he did was talk about you. He was so happy. It just reminded me of when you both had met when
you were little. I thought maybe you guys were truly destined for each other. I asked him about your parents and he said that in your file you had mentioned your mom to be deceased. I got the idea. I wanted to come to you, but seeing that there was a chance of you and Nadech to actually be in a relationship, I thought I will wait a little longer. I had even come to your office the next day and saw you from a bit far. Besides, I knew my son would take care of you from that point on.

Yaya just hugged her.

Yaya: (smiling) I can’t believe we finally met. (Pausing, wondering) But why did you address yourself as Rathana, when that’s
not you name.

Mae Keaw: Oh that was my name before my marriage to Yoshio. Our horoscopes didn’t match, so they changed my name. Even Nadech doesn’t know that I had changed my name. Since I had stayed from you anyway, I thought I will reveal myself completely when I meet you.

Yaya hugged her chest like she did the first time.

Mae Keaw: Yaya do you think of me as your mother?

Yaya nodded yes.

Mae Keaw: Can you please tell me what the problem between you and Nadech is?

Yaya became dull and nodded ‘No’.

Mae Keaw: Did Nadech cause any problem to you?

Yaya: (dull) NO mum. He will never do that.

Mae Keaw: (touching her cheek) Then what is the problem sweetheart?

Yaya: As your daughter I beg you not to ask this question again.

Mae Keaw: But …

Yaya: (pleading) Please don’t force me mum.

Mae Keaw: (took her hand and placed it on her heart) Ok I will not force you. But I need to know one thing and swear on me be honest. Do you still love Nadech?

Yaya: (putting Mae Keaw’s hand on her heart) I will tell only if you agree that you will not say any of this to Nadech.

Mae Keaw nods.

Yaya: (dull) I love him with all my heart.

Mae Keaw: (worried) Then why are you doing this Yaya. Why are you marrying Michael?

Yaya: Please don’t ask me the reason.
Mae Keaw gets lost in thought as to what could be the reason. Yaya goes and gets a box.

Yaya: (changing her mood, smiling) Mom this is for you.

Mae Keaw: (wondering) What is it my dear?

Yaya: I got a gold Buddha locket for you when I had got my first salary. I never wanted to come close to you, but if we were
destined to meet then I wanted to give this to you, because are the reason why I could stand on my leg in spite of Mae Pla’s death. Now we have met so I want you to have this. Please accept it.

Mae Keaw: (taking out a gold chain from her neck) this is the gold chain that Nadech got for me when he got his first salary. (Connecting chain and locket and put it in Yaya’s hands) I will accept this when you come into my house as my daughter and Nadech’s wife. I hope it reminds you of me and Nadech and helps you change your decision.

Yaya: (worried) But…

Mae Keaw: (interrupting) That is my condition Yaya. But if you do want to marry Michael, then think of this as your wedding gift from your mother.

Yaya just stayed silent.
Mae Keaw: Yaya I will leave now. I have to give medicine to Nadech. Remember, I will stand by you at your wedding no matter
whom you choose to get married to.

Yaya: (depressed, nodding yes) Mom….

Mae Keaw: Yes my dear.

Yaya: (depressed) How is he?

Mae Keaw: (touching her cheek) he is absolutely fine, don’t worry about a thing. The doctor said that he will be able to walk
in a week. They will start his physiotherapy after that and he will be absolutely fine. He misses you a lot you know.

Yaya nods.

Mae Keaw and Yaya hug each other one more time and Mae Keaw leaves.