The Devil and the Fallen Angel


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Chapter Six

Matt sat numbly with her feet dangled, moving it slightly back and forth she securely tucked her hands under her legs. Her head lowered counting the times she had done many stupid things in her life, yet nothing had measured to this one moment.

She remembered what her mom used to say to her many times over. Never act on an impulse, the outcome usually don’t turn in your favor. Think long and hard because the consequences of your action when one does without thinking could be a high price to pay. So true were her words. Matt learned that now, and the price for her is the ultimate, her happiness.

She watched the movement of Andrew’s feet pacing in front of her. She hasn’t look up yet since she was escorted to one of the room in the church. It was a rather nice size room but with one man taking up the oxygen she felt stuffy. He finally stopped and stood directly in her path. But if she waited for him to say something, he was taking his sweet time. The room went silent she could hear the clock ticking, making her stomach turned. She hated silent, it makes her nervous. She started to chew on the bottom of her lip.

“Cancel the reception.” Andrew vehemently said startling her, her head dropped a couple inches further.

Two people stood up at the same time. Matt watched them from the corner of her eyes.

“We can’t do that!” Soy said in a rush. “Do you know how hard it would be to call everyone on the list?”

“Andrew, you’re already married, why not just continue on with the whole thing. It’s in a few hours we don’t have time to do much, let alone cancel anything.” Cade, loosened his tie as if it was choking him.

Andrew glared at the person who started all the mess. Her head lowered with her hair covering much of her face. His eyes dropped to her lips, the lips that he had kissed and was lost in them. She was unyielding, a challenge yet a fire burned inside of him like never before. He was going to give her a peck as if she meant nothing, but once she started to fight him, he wanted to control and let it be known that it was his game to win. But what he didn’t realize was when his lips touched hers he was, not the winner not even close.

He touched the ring on his finger, twisting and turning it around and around until something triggered in him. She is his wife now. A girl, like Jin he didn’t want, but unlike Jin he married Matt. Matt finally looked up and their eyes locked. For a moment, it was just them and nothing else. She couldn’t read those eyes of his even with a magnifying glass. If he didn’t want anyone to dig deep into them, then it was a close and shut case. She tried not to let Andrew intimidate her, but at the very bottom pit of her stomach she felt nervous and a great amount of uncertainty.

Cade, observed Matt and Andrew. He speculated there’s so much to the story then led on. If one thing he is sure about, Andrew would not have a one night stand. Not with Matt or anyone other girl. He almost delighted himself in the thought of unraveling the mystery behind them. His eyes turned to Matt and he smiled. Matt caught it she kept her eyes on Cade for a few seconds but said nothing. Andrew glanced at the exchanged from sideways.

“Fine, don’t expect me to change into anything decent.” He shot Matt one last look before heading to the door.

“Andrew”. He paused when Soy called out his name in a manner that she was not to be neglected.

He turned to his mom, sharing a moment of understanding that only both of them knew. “We have a lot to talk about.”

Andrew didn’t give out an immediate answer instead he looked over Soy’s shoulder and found Matt staring at her wedding ring, tilting it this way then that way making it look like it was a strange, weird foreign object that was magically placed on her finger for no apparent reason. Andrew turned and slammed the door shut behind him.

Cade took the chair next to Matt, while Soy took the other one across from them. “He comes across as mean as one would think, but nah, he’s not that bad, really.” Cade tried his best to ease the blow that Matt is feeling by being married to Andrew, but he felt his explanation was better told to the wall. Matt looked as if she didn’t have a care to what he was saying.

Matt lifted her head and looked into Soy’s face. It was a calm sight to have in front of her. She was the opposite of her son. Her features were smooth out by the twinkle in her eyes that never seem to leave her. There was a reasonable bone in her that she would think it’ll never be found in Andrew. The youthful of her face made her approachable. She smiled up at Matt, genuinely smiled that Matt couldn’t help and for the first time she offered a smile of her own. Why can’t Andrew inherit some of his mom’s traits?

“You are not upset at how things turned out?” Matt realized she utter those words under her breath.

Soy searched her face something about her was different. The way Andrew reacted to her was different. She had been married long enough to know when something is there. But she brushed it aside, leaning in she took Matt’s hand that went cold, gently squeezing it. “I am going to get plenty of calls tomorrow, more than I am going to appreciate. And tongues will be wagging all over the place, but we’ll sort it out somehow.”

Matt relaxed.

“It didn’t turn out as one would expect it to, but that is also a part of life. Its unpredictability makes it that much more interesting. Is it not?” Soy’s eyes lit up.

Matt knew she would like her mother-in-law.

“The person I think Andrew need to apologize to is Jin.” Soy paused thinking of what to say next.

Matt thought hell is more likely to freeze over before that happened. But she kept quiet.

“I hope you two can put your differences aside and look to the future and think of the baby.”

A lump in Matt’s throat started to form and guilt is building up.

“It’s important that the child will come to know that their parents love each other. I have a feeling you two will work it how somehow. There’s something there I can’t quite pinpoint my finger on, but nonetheless there’s something there between the two of you.” Her generous smiled appeared. “Dear, remember this. The heart is not a dark place. One could hide in there but it’s never long before the light travel in. Getting the light there perhaps takes little bit of time, but the effort would not be wasted. Andrew is like a thick block of ice. You have to chip it away one tiny piece at a time. But once you get there, you will never feel anything like it.” She said with certainty.

But I don’t want to spend my life trying to chip that particular ice she heard her voice from the inside said. Though, Matt was too exhausted to continue with any more verbal interactions. She let everything slide off her hands, and land whichever way it pleased.

A few hours Matt found herself standing next to Andrew in the middle of the dance floor, she looked dazed when she turned to him he was as unsmiling as a brick. Her hair down and fuzzy her red lipstick now just a pale shade of God knows what. While Andrew with his sleeves rolled up, his tie gone and his shirt a couple of buttons came undone. He looked like he just came out of a drinking party. What a nightmare.

She couldn’t afford to cry. But when she looked around and saw all the strangers staring at her in curiosity on her wedding day, made her heart ache. Where are the familiar faces? So lost in her thoughts she didn’t pay attention to anything else not even the booming sound of the DJ announcing their first dance as husband and wife.

Andrew stood so close to her now she could see the lines around the corner of his eyes when he squinted at her. His mouth, hadn’t soften when she last saw him. Though, those eyes are almost identical to hers now, it was tired and unwelcoming.

“Shall we?” He put his hand out for her.

She in her mood looked at his hand as if it was a strange and ugly looking thing.

“I see.” And before she could make out what that meant. Matt was pulled roughly in his arms.

“Mrs. Gregson, what’s with the frown?”

“The name doesn’t fit me.”

“It will from now on.”

His breaths, has the ability to make her heart beat in a way that it created a confusion within her it was anxious and nervous. Her body reacted to it in an alarming speed of heat. What the hell is wrong with her? His arm moved slowly upward her back, causing her to feel the warmth of his touch. Andrew tilted his head and playfully touched her hair in a loving way. Jerk. He is no more in love or in like with her than the next girl.

“Stop with the act. It’s unflattering.” Matt hissed.

“Who says I am acting?” He smiled but Matt was the only one that didn’t see the charm in it.

“Go to hell.”

He pulled Matt in even closer her chest slammed into his it caused her to almost sag in his arms. He held her upright and kept his grip on her. “If you accompany me, I’m willing.” He reached up and touched her hair, caressing it.

“You are awful.”

He paused when his finger trailed down to her lips, tracing it slowly the corner of his mouth lifted upward. He remembered and will do so their first kissed.

“That was the most exciting kiss I have ever had.” The voice was so soft it was like a whisper of the perfect wind.

Matt pulled her head away, carefully studying his face. “If you don’t stop I will punch you, I mean it.”

Andrew’s turn to back his head away, looking at Matt, now his wife in her angry self, he couldn’t help and for the first time since everything went downhill he smiled. Boring, is not going to be an issue with her, but what else is underneath the beauty? Lying, he figured is her talent. He has yet to run into another being that can lie straight through their teeth and make it so believable.

He relaxed some when they got to the middle of their song. What song was it anyway? Something about love, cherish and a bunch of promises that didn’t have anything to do with their relationship or lack thereof. He took in the feminine smell of her skin, the dovelike feel gave him a sense of tingling that he cursed himself for even feeling it in the first place.

The song finally came to an end, they separated themselves and stood looking at one another as to what to do next she looked around then came back to him. “I need to use the restroom.” There was a tiny movement in her hands, he lowered his eyes and saw she attempted to scratch her left palm.

He stepped aside and made way for her. He watched her moved effortlessly through the room. Her red dress swaying with her hips, each step she took. She was a vixen through and through. Her back straight and proud she seemed sure of herself. Her hair covered most of her back but he could see the curve and felt it when he held her in his arms. Shoving his hands in the pockets he found Cade lifting a glass, teasing him, with a wink.

Andrew lightly smiled then for an odd reason he turned back to Matt’s direction. Damn her, he caught the train slowly disappearing in the opposite direction of the restroom. He cursed himself for being a fool in believing her. He broke into a run, almost shoving a waitress with a tray full of food.

Matt looked over her shoulder then picked up her speed. She lifted her dress above her knees and took the steps two at a time. She looked to her right and saw a taxi waiting. She increased her speed and then to her surprised she saw Andrew running like a bull in a fighting ring heading her way.

Her heart racing, she fumbled with the door of the taxi. “Open, hurry up, please.” She tried again and banged on it when it refused. The taxi driver yelled out that it was unlocked.

She finally got it to open, but it was too late, Andrew plunged forward and tackled her from behind. They both fell inside the taxi, Matt rolled off the seat with Andrew on top of her. Her legs spread apart with her dress rising above her knees showing her thighs. He lay perfectly between her legs like his body was molded just for that. She looked up at him and saw the rage and felt it in his body. His lips parted to let her have it when flashes appeared.

“Perfect.” He said under his breath.

Andrew grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her head away from view. Leaning in, where his lips are but a hairline away from hers, he pulled her hair to cover their faces from the camera. His free arm wrapped around her waist pulling her to him, completely blocked her from being seen. The only thing that was exposed was her legs which in itself looked horrible. The way he positioned himself looked like they were having a go with each other in the taxi.

“Listen to me, when I count to three scoot up a little bit. I will try to move as quickly as possible.”

She nodded.

Andrew counted to three, she moved with his help from the hand on her waist. He turned around so fast she didn’t have time to blink when the door shut on them, leaving the photographers snapping at nothing but the taxi.

Matt straightened her dress, pulling it down her legs she exhaled carefully. Andrew rested his elbow on the window, while his head supported by that very hand. The silent grew until she couldn’t stand any longer.

“I have too.” Her short explanation did nothing to subdue his anger. His breaths came in a short form and he continued to remain quiet.

“I don’t want this marriage any more than you do. I want to go back to my old life.” She looked straight forward. “Can you just give me a divorce or an annulment?”

“I will give you nothing.”

“You can leave me, I won’t even complain. We’ll just pretend like this never happen.”

“Be quiet.”

Her mouth opened.

“I said be quiet.”

Andrew leaned in and gave the driver his address. Matt’s eyes widened in disbelieve.

“One more word from you and you will regret it.”

She took the responsibility for half of it but not for all. He doesn’t have to go through with the wedding, but he chose to. So why does it all fell on her shoulders alone? She was stupid agreed, but she was not going to just sit there and let him treat her like a little child.

“I don’t like you.” It was the very first thing that came to her mind and wandered out her lips.

She knew it was the wrong thing to say, provoking him at a time when he is under fire wasn’t the smartest thing, but she hasn’t been smart since she dashed inside the church. His head turned and before she could identify his exact intention, he reached out to her, wrapped his arm around her neck and clamp her mouth shut with his hand.

She struggled to get words out but the more she tried the harder his hand around her mouth became. Her arms were flying everywhere pulling on his hand grabbing his shirt and hitting him wherever she could. He took both her wrists in one hand and held her still.

The driver looked over his shoulder. “Just keep on driving.” Andrew instructed.

Matt shook her head eyes moving all around, she moved her lips between his fingers another fail attempt.

“You best keep that mouth of yours close.” That was the last thing he said. The taxi kept on moving and Matt knew it was a ride to hell with the devil himself.

The night seemed to move in so quickly. They finally arrived to Andrew’s place. If she wasn’t so angry at the way he is manhandling her, she would take the time to admire such place. During the night it was magnificent, she could only imagined how beautiful it would look when given ample time to observe it.

Andrew yanked her out of the taxi he leaned in to say something to the driver and continued to drag her with him. Punching in the code to the house, it clicked opened. He pulled her through the dark, not even taking the time to turn any lights on. She bumped into, a furniture here and there. Keeping up with his pace was difficult.

They entered a room, that was twice the size of hers, believing it to be his she looked around. He let go of her and angrily started to take off his shirt.

“You are a thoughtless girl that doesn’t know when to quit.”

“What are you doing?” Her throat became dry, her head clogged up with thoughts that were the least bit pleasant.

He walked over to the dresser and started pulling clothes out and threw them aside when the one he picked out was not satisfactory. He finally found a shirt he agreed with but refused to put it on, glaring at her he wanted to intimidate her. It wouldn’t have been successful if he didn’t start making steps toward her.

“You stay away from me.” She warned.

Slowing his steps he was near her enough for him to catch onto her fast breathing. She could see how his chest was moving slowly and steadily it was the opposite of hers. He caught a lock of her hair twirling it in his finger he watched the nervousness in her eyes.

“Come here.” He drew her with him. She didn’t have time to tell him a piece of her mind when she was shoved in a room. “You will not survive me if I spend another minute with you.” He turned around closed the door and locked her in from the outside.

“You can’t do this to me, open the door at once. Do you hear me?”

She was talking to a ghost because she heard footsteps walking off and it became faint and distance by the seconds.


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Thanks for the update. :thumbsup: It a bit slow I think. Now I must patiently wait till the next month, I think so?


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Thanks for the update. :thumbsup: It a bit slow I think. Now I must patiently wait till the next month, I think so?
My husband bought me a blackberry playbook for christmas and I can't get away from it. I have been buying books from kobo and addicted to reading. I have not been able to write any of my stories. Thanks for reading and your patience.


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Chai ka. Merit, pelase continue. Its 2 months already! I miss thiss koo-kwan. :p Stop playing blackberry! lmao


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Chai ka. Merit, pelase continue. Its 2 months already! I miss thiss koo-kwan. :p Stop playing blackberry! lmao
LOL...I am still stuck with my blackberry. And the worst part I can't get away from extravagant challenge. I am so hook on that drama it's ridiculous. I did have chapter 7 written out but deleted by accident. So, now that I am caught up on the latest episode of extravagant challenge I can focus on the story. Thanks for waiting. :)


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Chapter Seven

Matt woke up with a heavy head when the light of the morning wanted to come out and play. Putting her hands over her face she groaned. It was a long night, she waited for Andrew to come back and release her but he never did. She sat and waited until her body gave up and retired itself.

Matt grabbed the most comfortable shirt she found hanging in the closet. It was about two sizes too big for her. But it did its job just as well. She rubbed her eyes, touching her stomach to calm it down. It was growling and if she doesn’t get anything to eat soon she is going to vomit. She walked over to the door, leaning her ear against it trying to hear any sound of movement.

“Crazy man,” Just as soon as the words left her mouth, the door opened with her stumbling forward.

She righted herself and glared at Andrew, who looked even more handsome when he had gotten plenty of rest. He looked almost human, fresh and relaxed. Unfortunately for her, his eyes remained the same as she first saw them.

Andrew stood there with his arms folded, patiently waiting for something. She had no idea but his staring was starting to unnerve her. She lifted her head to him in a question gesture.

“Did you get a good night sleep?”

Matt lowered her head, closing her eyes while taking a deep breath. “Are you being sarcastic?”

Andrew watched her hands formed into fists, her eyes still closed but her lips were moving. Her hair hanging over her shoulders, covering half of her face, but it was messy in its finest. The shirt she wore might have been big on her but it was not long enough to cover her thighs modestly.

“Go freshen up.” He took a step forward.

Matt lifted her head and put her hand out for him to stop. He reached out and grabbed her arm when she swatted it away. “Don’t you go always trying to grab me here and there, it’s getting to me.”

He ignored her.

“I won’t have you run around this house looking the way you do.” He reached for her once again, she backed away.

“I need to go home, I don’t have anything here of mine.”

“What you need we can buy later, you are going to stay close to me I have learned my lesson in trusting someone like you.”

“The reason why I try to run away is because I don’t want to be married to you, how many times do I have to say that for you to understand?”

“It is a good thing that what you say doesn’t matter to me.”

“I didn’t realize how huge of a price I have to pay when I walked inside that church, had I known I was to be stuck with someone that is voided of any kindness, I would not even take another glance at the church and let you spend your miserable life with a girl like Jin, that would have been enough of a punishment for the both of you.”

Andrew’s jaw tightened, Matt out of all people can rile him up with a few words. Usually, he is such a perfect example of ignoring people but she seemed to have the power like no other to light a fire from him.

This time he successfully got a hold of her arm, Matt made an attempt to pull away but she felt the throb in her arm when he put pressure on it. “If you know what’s best for you, stop bringing it up because it’ll only make me that much more upset.”

Matt turned her face away from him, when she felt his hand touching her hair she bit her lower lip and stare directly in those cold eyes of his, she wanted nothing more than to hurt him because she knew by now that he was toying with her again.

“Thinking about it, you made it easier for me to get rid of Jin without even trying. And the best part is you trapped yourself in your own plan.”

Matt gritted her teeth, the bastard smile right in her face and it was all in her expense.

“Wife,” Andrew repeated the word twice. “I didn’t know mine would come with a lie.” He shrugged. “Tell me, how are you going to break my mom’s heart when she finds out that it was nothing but one big selfish lie?”

Matt laughed without humor. “You tell me, how her son knew all along that it was a lie and he kept quiet as well.”

Andrew paused then smiled slowly. “I can deal with my mom, but you on the other hand will have a more difficult time. I will be there when the news break just to see the look on your face when you hurt more people than you care to because the little angel was upset that life threw her a curve ball.” Andrew touched her face and pat it mockingly.

“You stinking jerk, I swear you will be the one that’ll make my life short.” She yanked her arm from him as hard as possible.

Andrew grabbed her head and pulled her in. “Shouldn’t you learn to be nicer to your husband.” He whispered.

“If you don’t step away from me in a couple of seconds, I am going to show you just how nice I can be.” She whispered back.

He patted her head, not so much in an affectionate way but more so to warn her. “You can try, but only in your dreams where you beat me in your own game. My heart is not made of cotton where a mere girl could bend it so easily and it’s for your own good that you remember such a thing.”

“Are you so sure that I don’t have what it takes?”

“I don’t gamble on something I am certain I would win, it’s no fun. You and I are in a different world when it comes to who’s able to break the other person’s spirit first. And I have the ability to break yours in a heartbeat.” He lifted his eyes to her daring her to give it a try.

“I don’t have to bite you when you are awake, but I can’t promise you that when you are asleep. So, I am going to warn you right now, get your hands off me.”

Andrew heard the soft warning of her whisper but taking it to heart was not what he did, instead he held her head still when she tried to move herself away. “Matt, let’s get one thing straight. You are my wife and I am your husband, do you know what that means?”

“I don’t care what it means.”

Matt stood still with his hand buried in her hair now. “Of course you do. And I’ll tell you in the simplest way, as your husband I can do pretty much what I want with you. So, if you are clever enough, which since I met you tells me that you are not, I’ll just end it with this, this is my house and it’s my rules you are going to play by. My decisions dictate the state of our relationship. Is that simple enough?”

If Andrew thought Matt was going to be scared with his threat he was wrong, she turned her head and her lips were so close to his ear, he felt the warmth of her breath. “I am not scared of you because you know what? You are not going to kill me.”

“Don’t bet on it sweetheart, there are more ways for me to hurt you than to do bodily harm.” Andrew pulled her away, touching her chin he lifted to him until their eyes became one. “I can emotionally bankrupt you and that’ll be enough pain that you wish you are dead.” He brushed the hair away from her face.

Matt suddenly needed to take a gulp of air, her chest became tight her blood boiling she looked up to the face that smirked perfectly at her and the victory dancing in his eyes. Balling her fists tightly she lifted them halfway….

Andrew pushed her hands aside, reaching for her neck he pulled on the necklace that he somehow managed to overlooked. “What is this doing here?”

“It’s my necklace.”

“It’s your wedding ring, not a pendant.”

“It’s better around my neck than on my finger.”

“Are you mourning the wedding already, it has only been a day.”

“I wish it was that simple, had it been, I would be sitting prettily at home right now.”

Andrew forcefully turned her around, holding her still with one arm he tried to unhook the necklace.

“Stop it right now, I mean it. I am going to scream bloody murder if you don’t let go.”

“Have at it.” He tried once more with her moving trying to break free from him.

“I wear it how I want it, it’s mine. You placed it on my finger so it belongs to me.”

Andrew didn’t answer her he worked on the stubborn necklace, with the free hand getting little success. He lowered his head and used his mouth to assist him. Matt jumped the moment his lips touched her skin.

“You are not making this easy on yourself. The faster I get this done, the faster you don’t feel my hands all over you.”

“I have never met anyone like you in my entire life. What are you made of? Is there anything in that heart of yours that resemble kindness at all?”

Andrew had enough with the necklace, he yanked it off her neck and the clasp broke. Matt turned around rubbing her neck she itched to slap him.

He held up the necklace and looked at the ring then at Matt. “If I ever see you take this ring off again, you’ll be sorry.” He took the ring off but instead of giving the necklace back to Matt he shoved it in his pocket.

“What are you doing? It’s my necklace give it back to me. That was a present from my mom.” She reached for it.

Andrew grabbed her hand and held it to him. “It’s mine now.”

“You are not taking what is mine. “ Matt lifted her leg to kick him but Andrew seemed to be one step ahead of her when he lifted his leg up slightly to counter her kick.

He took Matt’s hand and held it tightly, positioning the ring he slide it back on her finger. “Don’t take it off.”

“And if I do?”

Andrew lifted her hand close to his face. “If you do, then I can’t guarantee what’ll happen between us. I’m not much of a gentleman when I am being push to my limits.”

A gentleman? When was he ever one since they met? The brute resemble nothing of a gentle breed. Matt craned her neck and stared at him, she could see the truth in those words because they played out in the depth of his eyes.

“Didn’t the two of you hear the doorbell?” Soy yawned with annoyance.

Matt paused and turned to Soy, how long have she been standing there? She took that opportunity to shove Andrew away. He nodded at her as if to say, we are not over yet and leaned against the wall.

“Who is here so early in the morning?” Soy eyed them both. She has had a very long night. Too long for her to want to remember anything, Andrew was going to have a lengthy explanation. How they just left the reception was beyond her.

Andrew walked leisurely to the door, but when he opened it, Matt caught her breath and held it. It was no other than her dad and Zuri. Krit and Andrew exchanged a look as if they were measuring each other against one another. Krit wasn’t too satisfied with what he saw, he gazed upstairs and found his daughter standing there like she is going to faint anytime soon.

“Matt, what is going on?” Her dad’s voice was calm yet held such authority.

Matt slowly made her way downstairs, one step at a time with Soy following behind. Zuri ran to her before she made it to them. “Matt, what is this?” Zuri lifted a newspaper in her hand up to Matt’s face.

Matt didn’t see anyone. The room’s starting to close in on her, her vision had doubled. Her dizziness is making her blinked in a way that if she doesn’t sit down soon, she was going to go blind. Andrew’s expression changed, he frowned and then walked quickly to Matt. He touched her elbow lightly, with no words being said, all it took was a head shake from her, he understood. She was going pale, he took hold of her arm and guided her to the dining room and sat her down.

“Hungry.” She said faintly.

Andrew left her sitting and walked over to the kitchen, a few minutes later he came back to her. “Breakfast will be ready in a few. In the meantime, have some orange juice.” He handed to her.

She nodded and took it from him. Drinking it in a rapid speed she finished it in one take. She laid it down and wiped her mouth with the back of her hands. Andrew lifted a napkin to her. “Use it next time it’s not just for decoration.”

Krit walked straight to his daughter, grabbing her arm he tried to pull her up. Andrew steadied her by placing his hand on her shoulder. “Is there a problem?”

“I am taking my daughter back home whatever happens it’s a mistake.”

“It’s only a mistake if you want it to be.” Andrew withdrew his hand but did not leave Matt’s side.

“She is not married, not to no stranger.”

“With all due respect, what you don’t want to believe is not my business. Your daughter married a stranger or a longtime lover makes no difference in his case.”

“She is not a foolish girl that goes around marrying some jerk on a short notice.”

Matt put her hands over her face. Breakfast please hurry up, she kept repeating it.

“At least, the jerk decided to marry her.” Andrew challenged Krit. “I’m going to have to disappoint you but if you are planning to take Matt with you today it’ll be just a waste of time. She is not leaving this house while she’s married to me.”

Matt threw her head against the chair.

“Do I detect a threat?” Krit stood up straight to show his actual height.

Andrew smiled at what his father -in-law attempted to do. He let it go and bent down. “Matt, why didn’t you tell me that your father is a very unreasonable man, does it all run in the family?” He grabbed her shoulder and squeezed it lightly.

Matt shook her head. “Don’t do this.” She whispered to him. “Not now.”

Andrew got up, patting her head, a habit he is now starting to have with her, he forced a smile at Krit. “Ok, before we all go after each other’s blood, at least have breakfast first.” He took his seat next to Matt and ignored Krit’s deathly stare.

Krit kept his eyes on his daughter silently. Something is not adding up. How can, Matt just out of the blue became a married woman? Not even her mother knew anything about it and that in itself is out of the norm for her. He knew about all those silly little dreams she had marrying her Prince and looking at Andrew he is not qualified to even be a servant with his temper.

But that is just the icing on top of the cake the most ludicrous thing of all is she’s pregnant. Matt would not do such a thing, looking up he found Andrew and studied him. Zuri on the other hand looked at Andrew then back at Matt, she did that several times until Andrew returned her look causing her to lower her eyes to the napkin in front of her.

Matt was glad everyone kept their mouth shut while eating breakfast. She needed that peace to think of how to deal with her father. It won’t be easy having Andrew there to add to the problem. She dug into her eggs, then the sausages. She was so hungry she could eat everyone’s breakfast as well. She forked her ham and closed her eyes, tasting the flavor piece of meat all of a sudden, she started to gagged. She lay her fork down and opened her eyes wide, putting her hand over her mouth, another wave came about. Everyone paused at the same time and watched her in interest except Soy, whom thought that was a normal thing for a pregnant girl to react to certain food.

Andrew sighed and toyed with his food, the lie keeps on coming with his wife. He stabbed his food then lay the fork down turning to Matt he saw her eyes became watery. She looked at him and her gagged became louder, frantically she looked around for the bathroom.

“Very well done, I didn’t know that acting is another added talent.” He whispered pulling Matt up with him.

Matt kept her hands over her mouth, it was coming. She pulled herself away from him, turning his head to the left he pointed to the bathroom. Matt gagged one last time and ran off, while Andrew watched her and shook his head.

“I was very sick when I was pregnant with Andrew until my due date.” Soy chipped in not knowing the true reason for Matt’s sickness.

Krit didn’t believe a word. There’s no way Matt is pregnant, just no way.

“Andrew, while we are on the subject of you both, why did you two run out of your reception last night? Did you know how hard it was for me to come up with an excuse?” Soy’s eyes were not without its own accusation.

“We were tired and just wanted time alone. So I decided to bring her home.”

“Really, this looks quite interesting.” Soy looked over the newspaper quickly then lay it down in front of Andrew.

He knew what she was referring to, the picture of them in the taxi would definitely make it in there, he eyed the newspaper then and surly enough there it was. The way he was on top of Matt made it to be like they were having a lover’s moment, when in fact all he wanted to do was strangle her for her carelessness.

“Matt and I had a little accident.”

“It looks quite cozy, must be one intentional accident.” Soy ate her food savoring the taste of her sausage.

“The picture says for itself, I don’t need to explain what I do or don’t with my personal life.”

“Andrew may I speak with you for a minute?” It was a command masked by a request.

Andrew eyed his father-in-law. Krit was a huge man, taller than him. His hair slightly wavy and eyes that could make a person second guess their intention. His mouth were neatly shaped, it was not too small or too big. His jaw squared and no denying the intensity there. To sum it up, his father-in-law was not a man to cross.

Andrew got up and walked over to the living room where the windows would provide enough light. He heard footsteps following him behind none too gently. He assumed daddy dearest wasn’t too pleased with his new found son-in-law. Well, that is just too bad. His precious little angel was all to blame. Had she thought of what might happened before opening that mouth of hers, none of them would be in this mess.

Krit stood with his arms folded in the middle of the room, while Andrew comfortably leaning against the wall looking out the window. He watched the birds flew by, chasing each other so happily.

“If you hurt my daughter, I will smash your face to the ground. Do I make myself clear?”

The corner of Andrew’s lips twitched and a smile making its way, a threat? He fought back a laugh.

“I have heard of you and your ruthless behaviors, it wouldn’t surprise me if the rumors are true.”

And there he almost admired his father-in-law. Almost, but he could never do such a thing when he thought back to why Matt had done what she did. No man could gain his admiration for cheating on his wife. He may be deemed as the evil one, but that was one thing he would never do…even…even if Matt was not the wife he wanted, he would give her a divorce before bedding anyone else.

“If I were you I would not so casually threat anyone.” Andrew said lazily.

Krit stood up straight.

“Matt is my wife now whether you like it or not. Nothing you say or do will change that fact. And I intend on keeping it that way.” He paused. “At least congratulate us on our special day.” Andrew turned then and mockingly stared at Krit.

Son of a bitch, Krit saw the dare in his eyes and clenched his fists. Andrew saw the control his father-in-law had on his temper.

“My daughter would not marry someone like you and she would not get pregnant by a stranger, I taught her better than that.”

Did you teach her how to lie as well?

“Did she agree to marry you or was it by force?”

“Does it matter, the end result still remain the same.”

Krit was hanging by such a thin thread. His control was about to let loose in no time. And he convinced himself if he beat Andrew through the wall, it was not his fault.

“Dad, I’m not up to any fighting.”

Both men turned to Matt, who kept on looking paler and paler. Andrew lifted one brow but stayed at his spot. Krit rounded on his daughter, as if she had committed the ultimate sin.

“You, little girl, better have a good reason why you are being married to someone you don’t know.”

Matt brushed her unruly hair out of the way the T-shirt is too thin that she stepped away from the lighted area to give herself some modesty. She opened her mouth to respond when her dad, yanked her arm and dragged her with him. She realized how the men in her life make such a bad habit in forcing her to go with them.

Andrew did no more but gently touched Matt on the back of her neck, pausing Krit’s movement. “I think I’ve already mentioned earlier that she is not going anywhere.”

“She’s my daughter.”

“She is not your responsibility anymore. She is my wife and her place is here with me. I don’t feel the need to repeat that again.”

If Krit heard him, he sure acted like the words fell to the ground with as much meaning as nothing. Matt took a few deep breaths, her dad is as stubborn as a mule when he wanted to be, while Andrew he’s the master of it all.

Andrew slowly let his temper stepped in. “I suggest you remove your hand from Matt. You won’t get far with her.”

“Are you challenging me, son?”

“Call it as you see fit. As of yesterday, your rights to her are lost.”

“Is that so?”

Matt felt her head is spinning. Her breakfast is gone her lips dried and if her dad and Andrew kept this up one of them was going to have to carry her upstairs. And looking at the two, she has little desire for Andrew to be that person. One weak moment from her dad, Andrew pulled Matt to the side, easily stepping in front of her while looking at krit as if daring him to reach for her.

“Now, boys, there’s no need for any physical exchange. You can’t drag Matt all over the place. She is pregnant. Handle her with more care.” Soy tried to inject some common sense yet she felt no one heard her.

Zuri eyed Andrew’s behavior and a sparkle in his eyes were giving something away that she didn’t want to believe. The doorbell rang and everyone seemed bothered by it, Soy walked over and opened the door only then everyone paused.


Matt turned and before Andrew could catch her, she took off, with her shirt swinging away almost exposing her undergarment. She hadn’t a care in the world, right now all she needed was a hug from the only person that matter most. She threw herself in the arms of Gem and weep like a little girl that just got her heart broken for the very first time.

Krit no longer was interested in Andrew, Gem now has his undivided attention. How he missed her. The time that she had been gone, felt like an eternity. He made a big mistake so big that having her accept his apology would take a miracle and for her to forgive him will have to take the man upstairs himself. She still looked beautiful, more beautiful than the last time he saw her. Her hair grew some, her eyes tender and soft, like the way he remembered them when they first met. His body became tensed and ached for her. He wanted his wife back at all cost. All she has to do is name her price and he’ll gladly give.

Andrew watched Matt turned into a child in front of him. She seemed so fragile in her mother’s arm. The way her body slumped and surrender, is something he’ll probably never see from her with him. He heard the whimper and sniffs. She’s a pampered little angel when it comes to her parents. He bet she never heard the word no, in her entire life.

Matt was still hanging onto her mother when Gem made her way to the other four. She was not going to let go of her mother. No, she needed her now more than ever. “Care to explain?” Gem said giving little notice to her ex-husband. Instead she looked up at Andrew, who by surprised turned to Krit and wondered in amazement, how stupid can he be to cheat on Gem? Krit may have the attitude but he sure lacks the brain.

“Mom, can you stay with me?”

“I will need to talk to your husband first. Let me have a few minutes with him alone and we will decide what to do next.”

Matt lifted her eyes to Andrew who was staring at her, as if to tell her to stop acting like a kid. She lowered her head and hugged her mom all the more tighter.

“Excuse us.” Andrew politely said, but Gem looked deep into his eyes and those were not gentle eyes that were staring at her.

Gem patted Matt’s head but her eyes remained on Andrew, slowly she pulled Matt away from her. “I’ll be here for a little while.”

Matt stood up straight, feeling a cold front came dashing through her when she was no longer in her mom’s embrace. She didn’t have to turn, she felt Andrew so close to her without even touching or speaking she was that much aware of him.

“Can you step a few feet away from me.”

Andrew saw the sternness of her back and knew she was ready for him. A tiny smirk unknowingly touched his lips, he moved away from her but it wasn’t the space Matt wanted because when she turned they were eye to eye, one more step she would have been one with him. Matt turned around, once again trying to find some comfort in her mom but Andrew quickly grabbed her arm and held her still.

“Why don’t you be a good girl and go wash up, get rid of the shirt and simply look more presentable.”

Matt just stood there like an idiot with her mouth opened. The others watched but kept quiet.

“If you can’t find anything in that room, mom should have something for you. But the T-shirt will not do. And I don’t want to see you out of the room until you look like you are alive and not half dead. Is that understood?”

Matt blinked away.

Soy’s curious eyes came alive, Zuri’s expression unreadable. Gem and Krit for the first time since the divorce shared a look that even they are surprised.

Andrew leaned in. “If you don’t do as I say, I will lock you up in that room again. And you might as well kiss the chance of seeing your mom good bye.”

Her head back, her eyes flew on him like it was about to eat him up and spit back out. She gritted her teeth and without saying another word marched herself upstairs and cursed him silently until she reached the room.


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Awesome. I couldn't wait to know what are Andrew and his mom-in-law going to talk about. Please update sooner, Merit. Let me borrow your BB so that you can concentrate on your FF lmao.


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Chapter Eight

Matt had a good shower, a much needed hot shower to calm her down. She found a darker shirt that reached up to her knees, and to her surprised came upon a tie and wrapped it around her waist making it into a belt. Tying her hair in a ponytail she managed a smile. It was going to be hard faking it in front of Andrew but damn it, she was going to do just that. If she can&rsquo;t smile at her stupidity she was going to drown herself in her tears.

Opening the curtains to the sides she looked out to the open field of the backyard. It was a sign of hope, where there is a possibility that dreams are within reach and maybe just maybe she&rsquo;ll make it out OK. Andrew might not love her and even if the outcome is a little bleak at the moment but tomorrow is another day where today would not count so much.

Matt gingerly walked downstairs, but her eyes kept on the closed door to Andrew&rsquo;s office. She wondered what they are talking about. Will her parents able to make their case strong enough to where Andrew would let her go? Or will her parents failed just like she did and her fate would be in his hands? She trusted if not her dad than her mom to give it her best. Her mom loved her plenty to fight for her happiness. Matt took a few more steps when she saw Zuri hurriedly making a bee line towards her, rushing the stairs she made it to the door and opened it quickly to the backyard waiting for her friend to catch up.

Matt heard the door opened and Zuri's shoes clicking against the cement, she almost laughed because that meant Zuri was anxious to know all the little secrets.

&ldquo;Matt, what the hell is wrong with you?&rdquo;

&ldquo;A lot, didn&rsquo;t you just witnessed what happened in the house earlier?&rdquo;

Zuri step in front of Matt. &ldquo;If nothing else, tell me that you are not pregnant.&rdquo;

&ldquo;What if I am?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Really, I never took you to be careless let alone stupid.&rdquo; Zuri&rsquo;s curly hair had never bothered her before but right now with the slight wind and little time to manage before heading over to see Matt it became an agitation.

&ldquo;Things happen.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Andrew is exactly who you would have never been married to. For starter, his temper alone wouldn&rsquo;t even make it on your list.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Of course I am not,&rdquo; Matt gave Zuri one of her don&rsquo;t be ridiculous look. &ldquo;All I wanted was to ruin Jin&rsquo;s wedding, but it backfired on me. And here I am taking her place as his wife. Really, Zuri he has got to be one of the worst out there, he has yet to show me there&rsquo;s anything good about him.&rdquo;

&ldquo;How come you didn&rsquo;t talk to me about it first? I would have helped come up with a plan other than you claiming to be pregnant, and what the newspaper said, you left him with no choice but choose you.&rdquo;

&ldquo;What did the newspaper say?&rdquo; Matt asked while stretching her arms.

&ldquo;You want to me read it to you?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Sure why not.&rdquo; Not like it mattered anyway. Whether Zuri reads it or not, she&rsquo;s still married to Andrew. &ldquo;I hope at least they mentioned my pretty red dress, I carefully picked it out so I would be the center of attention.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Very funny, Matt,&rdquo; Zuri said dryly. &ldquo;Here let me start.&rdquo; Zuri lifted the newspaper and started to read.

&ldquo;The wedding of the year that we all waited for, the marriage of Andrew Gregson and his beautiful bride Jin, but unlike a fairytale storybook this one didn&rsquo;t have a happy ending. Instead, the groom unexpectedly married another girl that he got pregnant. The woman in question is also a beautiful girl whom wore a red dress that would easily make heads turn. She burst into the church demanding the groom to take responsibility for the unborn child. One girl was left broken hearted while the other has the ring on her finger. It is indeed folks, the wedding that will be talked about for years to come.&rdquo;

&ldquo;That&rsquo;s all? What a shame.&rdquo; Matt turned to Zuri. &ldquo;Oh, what can I do? I admit it is not the finest hour but I&rsquo;m stuck with him.&rdquo; She thrust her finger to the house. &ldquo;If I could take it back I would.&rdquo;

And she would in a heartbeat no one wants to be in a marriage where love is not involved? The road for it will only be empty and she believed she deserve more than what Andrew is offering her, which by the way he hasn&rsquo;t made any beside, seeing to it she would suffer for her one crucial mistake.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s too late for that now, and judgingby the way he is, I don&rsquo;t think you&rsquo;ll ever get far anyway if you decided to leave. He seems to have it in him to make you suffer for what you did.&rdquo; Zuri threw the paper down on the table.

&ldquo;I have told him that he can give me a divorce or whatever it is that he wants. And you know what he told me? He said he&rsquo;ll give me nothing. As in zilch, I am tied to him with this.&rdquo; She lifted her finger to Zuri with the ring on it. &ldquo;And he even threatened me that if he ever sees me with my ring off we&rsquo;ll have an all-out war.&rdquo; She wrinkled her nose in annoyance.

Zuri scratched her head, almost not believing what she had heard. Andrew is not dumb and she didn&rsquo;t take him as one from the first moment she laid eyes on him. Zuri was hoping it would not be the case but it seemed that he wanted Matt trapped. And for all the smarts she thought her friend has in her, she was not a step above her husband. Zuri smiled maybe this was the way it supposed to be, the way it was meant to be. Matt could do worst. Then again, she saw the look in Andrew&rsquo;s eyes.

&ldquo;So what&rsquo;s next, genius?&rdquo;

Matt wrapped her arms over her chest. &ldquo;I&rsquo;m hoping mom could talk some senses into him, if she can&rsquo;t get through to him than no one will and if no one will I&rsquo;m doomed.&rdquo; Matt sighed.

&ldquo;Maybe it&rsquo;s not that bad look at least he is good looking. Maybe you could live out one of your romance book thing, you know the arrogant hero, with dashing smile, money to live a lifetime, and who knows, he might not be bad in bed either.&rdquo;

Matt smacked Zuri on the arm. &ldquo;You must be kidding me?&rdquo; Matt laughed at the ridiculousness of Zuri&rsquo;s statement. &ldquo;I would kill him before I go to bed with him. And besides,&rdquo; Matt wiggled her shoulders. &ldquo;I would not go to bed with anyone that I don&rsquo;t love.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Well, maybe you&rsquo;ll learn to love him.&rdquo; Zuri laughed. "After all he is your husband no one is going to fault you for it."

&ldquo;Zuri, you take that back now. I would not do such a thing.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I like the ring, it&rsquo;s pretty and vintage.&rdquo; Zuri held Matt&rsquo;s hand to the air. &ldquo;I wouldn&rsquo;t mind stumbling into a family of wealth that is if my husband is a little less intimidating.&rdquo;

&ldquo;No more talking of this, I want to know all about what happen to you and the guy you have been dying to get with.&rdquo;

And for a moment, Matt and Zuri talked about a guy that they both knew Zuri would never end up with, but the two friends always say, sometimes dreams are what make life so entertaining. If you dreamed it enough, it will come true.

Gem and krit watched Andrew sat opposite of them with a straight posture, a cup of coffee in his hand he slowly lifted it to his lips. Gem had enough time to observed Andrew and what she saw she wasn&rsquo;t quite sure what to make of him. He can be seen gentle, yet aggressive, understanding yet unreasonable. So, she didn&rsquo;t even try to make a guessing game of who the man her daughter married truly is, because she wouldn&rsquo;t able to come up with a definite answer. Andrew rested the cup on a coaster, and Gem caught him glancing at his wedding ring before taking his eyes off it, turning to them he displayed a perfection of a nonchalant man.

&ldquo;I will start off by saying, what you read in the newspaper is pretty much accurate. She made one of the most memorable entranced and here we are husband and wife.&rdquo;

Gem wasn&rsquo;t buying it and Andrew had a feeling a conclusion was already drawn out in her head. His mother-in-law might be the one person that could put two and two together without making it obvious to others but would hold the answer and secret in her heart.

&ldquo;How did you and my daughter meet?&rdquo;

Andrew once again turned to his wedding ring. Gem wondered if that&rsquo;s a habit or whether the ring was a reminder of something more important. Without hiding his intention, he twisted the ring around until he was satisfied doing so, tilting his head to Gem he gave out a friendly smile but only for those that would not bother to examine the truth. &ldquo;Do you believe your daughter?&rdquo;

&ldquo;I do.&rdquo; She answered without hesitation.

&ldquo;Enough said I&rsquo;ll let Matt answer that question for you. I&rsquo;m sure her details would not be lacking. She is quite good in providing an answer almost like storytelling.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Do you love her?&rdquo; Gem asked curiously even if she knew there wasn&rsquo;t even a slight chance of that being true.

Andrew couldn&rsquo;t summon enough of a laugh to her question so he remained calm. &ldquo;No, under the circumstances it&rsquo;s a little unfair to ask for the impossible.&rdquo;

Gem nodded and accepted his answer, but she&rsquo;s not yet done, while Krit just shook his head.

&ldquo;Our marriage didn&rsquo;t happened base on any fairytale of some sort. So there&rsquo;s no expectation of anything more than duty.&rdquo;

&ldquo;So you are willing to be stuck in a loveless marriage?&rdquo; Gem watched Andrew as he eyes wandered to an art of two men fighting with swords in hands.

&ldquo;There are things in life that love does not have to play a role in it.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Marriage should be the one thing that love is the number one reason.&rdquo; Gem answered focusing on Andrew trying to see if his face would betray his answer.

&ldquo;Not for me.&rdquo; Andrew got up and stood behind his chair, letting one hand rest on it he moved the chair around in circle, stopping it completely his attention was directed at his in-laws. &ldquo;I&rsquo;ll provide for her if that is what you are worry about.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Financially, is that what you are hinting?&rdquo; Gem stared at him as if she could peel all the answers from his face alone.

&ldquo;But you don&rsquo;t love her?&rdquo; Krit let the words out like it was the hardest thing.

Didn&rsquo;t I already answer that? But Andrew had to play along if having to repeat it one hundred times for it to be understood, he&rsquo;ll do exactly just that. &ldquo;No, I don&rsquo;t.&rdquo; Honesty sometimes isn&rsquo;t the best thing to offer but lying in this situation wasn&rsquo;t going to win him a grand prize, might as well let the ugliness play its part.

&ldquo;Then why don&rsquo;t you end it, if Matt is really pregnant she doesn&rsquo;t have to be with a husband who doesn&rsquo;t want her. She can support herself. Financially we can take care of her and our grandkid.&rdquo; Krit found himself, halfway up when he realized what he had done, he sat himself back down.

&ldquo;So what you are asking me is to wash my hands off my child, I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning.&rdquo;

&ldquo;How much are you willing to take for us to get Matt back? In our circle of business money talks and I&rsquo;m sure I can match up whatever it is that you are asking.&rdquo; Krit had a feeling he went a bit too far, but the risk might be better than staying quiet.

Andrew&rsquo;s eyes sharpened on Krit like a blade that&rsquo;s ready to take its next victim. Then he laughed purely on the dumbness of it all. Krit actually put a price on Matt and if she was to truly carried his child would any price in this world be worth enough? Absolutely not, but a stupid question require a stupid respond.

&ldquo;How much are we talking?&rdquo;

Gem tightened her eyes and focused on Andrew, the way his jaw worked stubbornly was a sure sign that even if the price was well above his head, he would have walked away from it with Matt still being his wife. He was playing with Krit and he had not the slightest clue. And all along throughout her marriage she thought Krit was a smart man, but compared to Andrew he was just another boy in a man&rsquo;s world.

"Name it." Krit sounded positive that he's able to give Andrew his demand.

Andrew paused and thought for a mere second. "I want your company, I'm sure Matt is more valuable than that but what do I know. So what is it going to be, the company or Matt?" Andrew smiled so sweetly this time Krit got off his chair.

"You are something, if this isn't my daughter we are talking about..."

Andrew had his fun, returning back to the matter at hand he went straight to the point. "I have no need of your money. My marriage is not up for sale. Just as you so eloquently stated, I can take care of Matt financially. That will never be an issue and let's not make it as one. As for everything else we'll cross that road when we get there."

"This is unbelievable. Beside Matt being pregnant you have not mention anything substantial as to what would make this marriage work."

&ldquo;Marriage is not a guarantee. One can be married twenty or thirty years but still find themselves falling out of love. So who&rsquo;s to say what is the true foundation of a marriage and what is not?&rdquo;

Krit knew it was a jab at his marriage and he wasn&rsquo;t na&iuml;ve to the fact that if he open his mouth to reply he might not like the answer coming out of Andrew, taking his seat once more he decided to see how it played out with Gem and Andrew.

Gem got up touching a small decoration of a horse on his desk she took her turn with Andrew unlike her ex-husband she doesn&rsquo;t go the hot route but rather the cold one. When dealing with a person that has a temper and not sure when it exposed itself taking a more gentle approach would serve its purpose better.

&ldquo;You would not give Matt up, even if the price is right. The marriage will hold true whether the way it started was very unconventional?&rdquo;

Gem watched Andrew this time more carefully and waited for his answer.

Andrew ignored Krit he met Gem squarely in the eyes as he answered. &ldquo;Pretty much, I never decide on a commitment and throw it away the next day.&rdquo;

Gem and Andrew kept their eyes on each other. Andrew's eyes moved a little away from Gem first and that seemed enough to satisfy her curiosity, she smiled. &ldquo;Ok, I will talk to Matt. She is a married woman, I as a mother will only wish her the best.&rdquo;

&ldquo;That&rsquo;s it?&rdquo; Krit couldn&rsquo;t believe what had just happened.

Gem walked over to Andrew. &ldquo;If you decide one day when it ends, I will gladly take Matt off your hands. By then, hopefully Matt wouldn&rsquo;t be so much of a trouble for you.&rdquo;

Andrew whispered the word trouble to himself. There was a double meaning behind it, and when he looked up at Gem, he was clear what that word meant. He turned away and looked out the window.

&ldquo;She won&rsquo;t be a trouble to me one way or the other. I&rsquo;ll see to that.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m sure you will. But if you know Matt like I do, it&rsquo;s hard for her not to trouble you. She has her way of causing one when she is around someone long enough.&rdquo;

Andrew closed his eyes. &ldquo;I&rsquo;ll end it before it comes to that.&rdquo;

&ldquo;You can&rsquo;t protect what is never meant to be protected.&rdquo;

Andrew opened his eyes to her then. &ldquo;You don&rsquo;t know me well enough. If I don&rsquo;t want anything no matter what the cost I&rsquo;ll cut it loose.&rdquo;

Gem turned to face the window mirroring Andrew&rsquo;s action. She looked outside following the wind to a world of the unknown. Her thoughts drifted to her daughter&rsquo;s sudden marriage and at the very bottom of her stomach she couldn&rsquo;t deny that it made her felt a bit uneasy. Hopefully, it&rsquo;s a stronger or going to be a stronger bond than how it started. She doesn&rsquo;t want Matt&rsquo;s marriage to fall into a ditch like hers. Gem wanted to believe in the man standing next to her, for all the I-don&rsquo;t-love her attitude he displayed but he seemed to be the type that honored his promise and that is all she could ask for from something that started with nothing.

Andrew lowered his gaze and gave Gem a quick are you OK look before turning back to the window once more. She noticed it and with an upward turn of her lips, she had her confirmation. Bumps and bruises are expected but hard work is what marriage is all about, anything not worth fighting for is not a treasure to be held.

&ldquo;Matt&rsquo;s my daughter and I love her above all things in this world, but I also know my place as her mother. One day, she&rsquo;ll leave her safety net at home and venture out on her own. But I didn&rsquo;t expect this at all. Honestly, you are not what I had imagine Matt&rsquo;s husband would look like.&rdquo;

Andrew tried to look out as far as he could but somehow he can&rsquo;t ignore the very person standing next to him. He saw the hidden smile and he could not dismiss how she spoke what&rsquo;s in her heart within reasonable measure.

&ldquo;We don&rsquo;t always get what we want.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Responsibility,&rdquo; Gem couldn&rsquo;t help but laughed. One thing she was so sure of is that her daughter&rsquo;s marriage was going to be more about love than anything else, oh, how wrong she was.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m afraid that&rsquo;s all I can offer anything other than the obvious is unreachable.&rdquo;

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s a pity for Matt since all her life she had always wanted to fall in love with her Prince Charming you might have to work hard on becoming one for her.&rdquo;

Andrew immediately turned to Gem.&rdquo; It won&rsquo;t happen she married herself the opposite of that.&rdquo;

Gem smiled widely to Andrew, it was like a little message to him if he took notice. &ldquo;Ok, I&rsquo;m going to head back out and say my good bye to Matt. I have a feeling you won&rsquo;t disappoint me.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I always disappoint.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Hopefully, this is not the case.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Even this is not an exception.&rdquo;

&ldquo;You are not going to try and take Matt home?&rdquo; Krit rushed to Gem, standing in front of her blocking her from getting away.

Gem knew she could not avoid Krit any longer. They have Matt as a string that bound them forever. She lifted her eyes to Krit and somehow being angry with him was no longer a solution, she had lived her life to never let a grudge no matter how huge take control of who she is. She prided herself in being a fair person even when the pain is greater than the effort. Gem turned briefly before coming back to Krit.

&ldquo;I have not once mistaken you for a person without intelligence but with the events that have been taken place lately I am seriously doubting that, you could not have picked a better girl to have an affair with than the very one that was the bride to be to the very guy your daughter is married to now. Circle of life, funny how it works. You should be patting yourself on the back for doing a wonderful job, you managed to kill two birds with one stone. You ruin our marriage and effortlessly ruin Matt ever of living out her dreams. You are the very core of this problem.&rdquo;

Krit gave her a look as if he didn&rsquo;t understand. Then it dawned on him, he lowered his eyes and couldn&rsquo;t believe that he missed it all. &ldquo;Jin,&rdquo; He repeated the name a couple of times as if the recognition would take a few more repeats to register. Gem didn&rsquo;t wait long enough for him to reply she walked passed Krit brushing his arm and never look back.

Krit turned and regret once again crept inside of him. Andrew watched Gem walked out but she left an impression on him, she seemed to know so much in reading someone without saying a whole lot. Hopefully Matt would not get that wisdom from her, but Andrew might escape that from Matt, she seemed to have her dad&rsquo;s temper and that alone might be a threat to all her other traits.

&ldquo;Good day,&rdquo; Andrew nodded at Krit and took his leave.

Gem&rsquo;s word kept replaying in the back of his mind, Matt a trouble? He shook his head to clear if not fight the thought once and for all, but he came to a pause when he saw Matt, Gem and Zuri out in the backyard. He watched them intently and Matt&rsquo;s smile erased any doubt to the true meaning of the word &ldquo;trouble&rdquo;. It wasn&rsquo;t halfway, a fake or a force one but rather sweetly coming from the heart. And the glow in her eyes he would never realize was even possible. Moment like this when he caught her off guard, is what Gem meant.

His eyes narrowed on her, when she brushed her hair away from her face. She pulled Zuri in for a hug then gave the most trustworthy hug to her mom, laughing and smiling like a little girl that had been promised something special. Matt looked up and their eyes met, he did not look away nor did she. Her smile though immediately wiped away from her the moment she saw him, he somehow regretted that part. He placed his hand in his pocket and felt the cold thin metal connected with his fingers, pulling it out he held the necklace in his hand dangling it.

Matt held onto her mom but her eyes never left him. Andrew walked to the window with the necklace in hand but something changed in him, his jaw worked in a way where it was so tense anymore it would snap, he looked at the shiny metal in his hand and back at Matt one last time before leaving her staring after him guessing what that was all about.


sarNie Adult
Chapter Nine

Andrew looked out from his office to the sky that was black, gray and a mixture of other madness. He rested his head on the chair and closed his eyes but somehow the smile of a girl he&rsquo;s married to wasn&rsquo;t ready to leave his sight just yet. How can one simple smile affect him in more ways than one? It&rsquo;s not unusual to see a girl smile with her heart attached to it, but this one capture him in a way he found himself struggling to get free.

Then his mind in its free time went even further side by side it began to compare Matt to Lana. Andrew forced his eyes shut harder and somehow concentrated on the image of two girls that are so far apart from each other but beginning to be alike in the ways it had an impact in his imperfect heart.

He has avoided going back to the past, not when it&rsquo;s a memory one wished to bury in a deep grave, but realizing it&rsquo;s time that running away from it only make it hungrier to catch up to him, he shifted in his chair and put his legs on top of the desk, throwing his head back his thoughts finally drifted to a place he allowed himself to go five years later.

Lana and Matt are like the moon and the sun, nothing about them are alike. Lana was an even tempered girl that didn&rsquo;t fuss about much her personality soothed his which most of the time is rough and can erupt like a volcano. She was pale almost sickly looking but her petite form and lips that was almost a perfect heart shaped and big round eyes made her a beauty. But that was all she became to him, a beauty he could not hold onto and was glad she in returned walked away from him.

But in all honesty, he would have fight for her sadly she gave no reason at the end to do so. He knew all along she had her options but sometimes love is so blind and everything is a blur. She wanted marriage, which to her credit she had given him, plenty warnings but he would have given her that and much more if she had the patient long enough to let him sort a few things out in his life. The timing somehow was always off between them and when he needed her most she decided at that moment to turn her back on him.

And just like that, his mind wandered away from her to the girl that is like the brightest light, glaring heat that shined right in his eyes. Matt&rsquo;s like a damn fireball that is ready to burn those that give her the slightest headache alive she is not a weakling that can&rsquo;t fight her own battle. He has learned that from the beginning. The passion in her when she thinks she&rsquo;s doing the right thing is like nothing he had ever seen but that exact passion will also be her undoing. Matt he came to an understanding, is quite open to who she is, her temper consumed her easily and any secrets she has hidden would be hinder by it. Just one wrong look from him her anger ignited like a flame but with that the truth is never far behind.

Andrew opened his eyes and put his hands over his face, letting his hands dropped he turned to view the sky once more that had turned in a darker shade of gray. No, the two are not alike. One is his past while the other is his present. One chose to leave him, the other he chose because of her stupidity. Would the result be the same? He hoped not, because with Matt the power is in his hands.

He pulled his chair in sitting straight he reached into his suit pocket and held the necklace in his hand he touched it with his mind wandering to how it came to his possession in the first place. A smile he could not hide came to him, wrapping the thin metal around his index finger he buzzed for his secretary.

The door opened in walked a girl with straight long hair, round face and glasses, she had a puzzled look on but smart enough to smile. &ldquo;Yes boss.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Is there a jewelry store anywhere around here?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Let me think for a second.&rdquo; She pushed her glasses back up. &ldquo;There&rsquo;s a small one down the street that has some unique looking pieces.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I am not looking into buying anything it&rsquo;s to fix a broken hook to a necklace.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Oh, well, I guess they do that too. But usually when you go in there it&rsquo;s very difficult to walk out empty handed, I try it once and it cost me a fortune.&rdquo; She explained.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;ll try to remember the advised and control my urge I don&rsquo;t think the person the necklace belongs to deserve anything at this point.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Congratulation by the way, I heard it was pretty interesting.&rdquo;

&ldquo;That summed it all up, interesting.&rdquo; He tapped his finger on the desk. &ldquo;Never thought your boss to be in such a scandal did you?&rdquo;

She smiled. &ldquo;Not that one in particular. She&rsquo;s a pretty girl.&rdquo;

Andrew stopped tapping and looked up. &ldquo;Don&rsquo;t ever let looks fool you.&rdquo;

She wasn&rsquo;t sure what he meant and didn&rsquo;t want to make a comment on something she&rsquo;s not sure about. &ldquo;I would not have missed it if it&rsquo;s not for my anniversary. Not every day your boss gets married.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m sure my wedding wasn&rsquo;t even half as enjoyable as your trip. My wife made it into a show more than anything else.&rdquo; He smiled.

His secretary gave him a look but didn&rsquo;t share her thought. She has never seen him smile that way before, as if accepting something he&rsquo;s not sure he&rsquo;s ready but willing to do so.

&ldquo;To some girls, a nice jewelry is a way to her heart and good side.&rdquo; She laughed.

&ldquo;I&rsquo;m not looking to get on anybody good side. And get me the document to the site&hellip;&rdquo;

&ldquo;On that thought, they call and cancel it just a few minutes ago, it looks like it&rsquo;s going to rain and the site will be too muddy, so it&rsquo;s being pushed back to Thursday.&rdquo;

&ldquo;That&rsquo;s fine.&rdquo; Andrew got up, pushing his chair in he smiled to his secretary in a way it made her felt uncomfortable. And she knew something was up his sleeves. &ldquo;I will be gone for the rest of the day whatever I have left on my schedule cancel it for me.&rdquo;

And there it was, turning to him when he reached for the door. &ldquo;But sir&hellip;&rdquo;

&ldquo;That&rsquo;s why I pay you big money.&rdquo; He walked out while his secretary shook her head.

Andrew walked into the jewelry store a few hours later with one thing in mind, to fix the necklace and nothing more, but when it took them a few minutes to touch it up, he looked around against his own judgment. Just as he thought nothing would held his attention then he came across a pendant of an angel with wings so beautifully made he just had to see it.

&ldquo;That one,&rdquo; Andrew pointed out. Against the light it&rsquo;s even more gorgeous, the wings were accented with crested diamonds and the angel even to him looked so peaceful, too bad Matt couldn&rsquo;t even for a fraction compare to the angel.

The necklace was brought back to him and he gently put the pendant on, it fitted like a glove. The missing link to the chain, even if he did say he wasn&rsquo;t going to buy her anything but what&rsquo;s one small pendant? It&rsquo;s not a sign of devotion or a pledge of forever, that was what the vow is for. That caused him to think and stare at the necklace, with the angel looking at him. Forever with Matt? That is the perfect saying of mission impossible. He&rsquo;s barely making it through one week, how does forever look from where he&rsquo;s standing now? In his case it&rsquo;s looking pretty awful.

&ldquo;Do you want me to wrap it up?&rdquo;

&ldquo;No," After paying for it, he shoved the necklace back inside his suit pocket where he originally had it in the first place.

Soy dialed Matt&rsquo;s number what seemed to be every few minutes, she paced up and down the hall, talking to herself and watching the rain poured down mercilessly. She&rsquo;s hoping that Matt would return home before Andrew but now it&rsquo;s unlikely. Soy tapped the phone on her hand, her nerves catching on and that caused her pacing to edge up.

The door pushed opened and Andrew rushed inside with his hands covering his head. Times like these he should park his car in the garage instead of trying to fight the rain, but somehow he doesn&rsquo;t favor the garage for unknown reason even to himself.

"Rain, hate it when it does.&rdquo; He brushed the water that hung onto his sleeves away.

&ldquo;You are here.&rdquo; Soy said it with a little quirk in her voice. &ldquo;It&rsquo;s pretty mad out there? Why isn&rsquo;t Matt home yet?&rdquo; Soy walked and mumbled.

That stopped Andrew completely. &ldquo;Where&rsquo;s Matt?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Cade came by a little later after you left but she hasn&rsquo;t return yet?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Cade, what did he want?&rdquo;

Soy paused with her pacing. &ldquo;He came by to see you, thinking you would be home but Matt asked him if he would give her a ride to her place.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Why didn&rsquo;t you call me?&rdquo; Andrew looked out seeing the dark set in while the rain is taking control of what is left.

&ldquo;Maybe she is on her way. She said she&rsquo;ll return before dinner.&rdquo; Soy tried her best to convince herself rather than Andrew but something in her is telling a different story.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s almost eight, did she call?&rdquo; Andrew sat down and grabbed his cellphone.

&ldquo;No, she hasn&rsquo;t call. I tried calling her but so far her phone goes unanswered.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Cade, it&rsquo;s me. How long ago did you drop Matt off at her house?&rdquo; Impatiently waiting for his answer Andrew stared at a blank wall. &ldquo;Cade, it&rsquo;s not a hard question.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I know, I was thinking about the time. Maybe around noon or a little afterward, why what&rsquo;s wrong?&rdquo; Cade&rsquo;s voice grew with concern.

&ldquo;It&rsquo;s almost eight and she is not home yet. You should have never taken her out in the first place.&rdquo;

Cade sighed, he had a feeling this was how it would played out. &ldquo;She told me she needed a few stuff and to get her car, it was on my way to work later so I didn&rsquo;t see a problem.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Well now we have one.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Sorry man, have you tried calling her?&rdquo;

&ldquo;Did she tell you where else she might go?&rdquo;

&ldquo;We talked about a lot of other stuff but that.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Great, thanks for keep an eye on my wife.&rdquo; Andrew said sarcastically. &ldquo;It helps when I&rsquo;m not home to have my buddy do just that.&rdquo;

&ldquo;Look Andrew, Matt seemed like a good girl, you think I would purposely do anything to hurt her? She is married to you, give me that much.&rdquo;

Andrew paused. He is being irrational and he knew it, but when he&rsquo;s angry sometimes reasons usually is not close by. Andrew looked at his watch, seeing it ticking away by the minute and that only escalate his already uneven temper. &ldquo;Give me a call if you hear anything.&rdquo;

&ldquo;I will.&rdquo; Cade hung up and started to dial Matt&rsquo;s phone.

Andrew got up his knee touched the magazines on the table and knocked it down splattering to the floor. Looking at it, he silently stared thinking of the danger she could get herself into. And just like that the thought woke him up, he completely force every emotions away. Why should he worry about a girl that out of nowhere was thrust into his life? Their relationship is what? Defining it would leave him even angrier.

Calmly he walked over to his mom, whom kept her eyes on the door worry herself away. One girl was not going to be enough to turn his world into a circus.

&ldquo;Relax a bit mom, she&rsquo;s a big girl don&rsquo;t worry yourself to death. Whenever she wants to come home I&rsquo;m sure she&rsquo;ll find her way back.&rdquo; He picked up a picture frame of his parents&rsquo; wedding.

He studied with more interest than he would like. Happy marriage life is often missed with so many couples, and that included his. But his was set to fail from the start whether with Jin or Matt it was not made of anything special. All three were in it for the wrong reasons. No true hearts were involved, so what did he expect?

He puts the picture down and walked over to the front window of the house, hearing the sound of the rain falling down like a beast, ready to take on those that would get in its way. The dark increased and not a soul that has any sense would be out in such condition. But many times Matt proved she seldom has a mind to think rationally.

He saw headlights from a distant, and stood up straight maybe it&rsquo;s her, but then the car drove by and realized it was not, feeling annoyed that his heart left his mind and worried about her anyway, he turned around and made it halfway to the stairs ready to shut the door behind him when the doorbell rang.

Even if he told himself to not care, act coolly but a light of hope did flush over him. Soy walked over to open the door but Andrew beat her to it. When the door opened wide, Andrew stood looking at Matt not believing his eyes.

She was dirty with mud covered half of her face and clothes, every inch of her body was soaked, standing there she looked worn out and lost, to the point almost unrecognizable, wrapping herself around with her arms, she bit her lips shaking slightly.

Matt had one of the worst days of her life she&rsquo;s hungry and felt like a wet puppy. There are times that Andrew was the last face she wanted to see, but not tonight. Tonight was different, she didn&rsquo;t know if she&rsquo;s starting to get sick, felt lonely or the rain simply is messing with her head while rhymes and reasons are out the door floating away with the rain.

Matt&rsquo;s lips started to shiver more, the cold hitting her body but somehow her heart took the worst of it. And then she did something she would never have imagined herself doing, she threw herself in Andrew&rsquo;s arms, dirty, wet and everything else in between.