The Devil and the Fallen Angel


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Did a little changes to chapter 9.

I am so indecisive even with my reply. I am taking this story somewhat slow. I'm not sure how I became a slow writer never been one but I can't seemed to write this particular story in a faster pace. So, it seemed that it's going to be longer than expected. Thanks for the patience and reading it. :)


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Andrew is in denial, he is sweet underneath that cold face. :pervie:
Buying her that pendant was just a cover up right?
I think he's a little all over the place. But he's cute in here though. :yes:


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Wow! I love Matt and Andrew pairing in this FF.

Truly gifted with your words and I do adore Andrew when he plays these roles, like the one with Janie lakorn!

I cannot wait for your update but of course I could be a little more patient. I love the fire between them.

Thank you for this FF, new follower here :D


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Wow! I love Matt and Andrew pairing in this FF.

Truly gifted with your words and I do adore Andrew when he plays these roles, like the one with Janie lakorn!

I cannot wait for your update but of course I could be a little more patient. I love the fire between them.

Thank you for this FF, new follower here :D

Thank you!

I remembered that lakorn and how young Andrew was in it. He does one of those mean stubborn Pra'ek so well but somehow he doesn't get it so often. But I got to admit when he was in Massaya and in uniform it was such a swoon worthy moment. I think he looks his best in there, though I am completely bias when it comes to guys in uniform.

I hope he return to the screen soon. Perhaps, in Prissana with Yaya. How handsome will he look as the Prince? He is talented enough to carry that role and still has the face to match Yaya even if she is quite young for him.


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Chapter Ten

Andrew felt the water transferring from her clothes to his, her hair wet against his cheek. She snuggled closer and what sounded to be a soft cry. He lifted his arms to wrapped around her but at the end he could not find it in him to comfort her, instead he patted her head twice. In all fairness, she was lucky he didn’t kill her on the spot for putting him through worrying about her in the first place.

He looked around and couldn’t find her car, pulling her away from him, water dripping all around them he tried his best to speak in a tone that would not cause a scene, but he knew that promise to himself was as good as her respond to him. “Where is your car?”

“I have a flat tire and had to walk almost a mile home. I wanted to call but my phone ran out of battery.” She lowered her head.

“Was there a reason why you couldn’t wait until I get home?” He raised his voice.

Matt folded her hands, it seemed she wasn’t going to be invited in anytime soon, grilling her was more what Andrew had in mind and why should she be upset over it, it is how things are with him. But she is wet and in need of some food then a good warm bath. Instead, she found herself looking down to the ground with water surrounding her feet.

“Do you ever make decisions and think about those around you, or are you just damn clueless about everything else that doesn’t pertain to yourself?”

Matt sighed, she’s extremely exhausted if there’s a bed next to her she would throw herself against it and shut everything out. But she can’t and she’s facing the one person refusing to let her through.

“Everything is my fault with you isn’t it? I have asked you the other day to take me home but you denied me of that. I am not a prisoner in your home. I may have walked into a jail system but I am not staying in it.”

“You want out then you better do as I say maybe a year or two from now if I am tired of you I might just grant you that request.”

Matt stood frozen, she wasn’t sure if her feet were just stuck or going numb on her. But the blow he dealt her just now was painful. Her heart beat violently in her chest, even out in the open she felt her lungs grasping for air.

She’s like a rubber band that he stretched whichever way he pleased, twisting and turning whenever he desired. What is her place in this world? Looking at Andrew she is nothing, he overshadows her, watching her every moves, she has completely lost herself with him by her side. Why can’t the rain have enough power to rinse away the desperation in her?

She raised her hand to touch the tear that blended with the wetness on her face, taking a step backward then another until she was back to where she started, standing in the middle of the rain.

“What the hell are you doing!?” Andrew yelled out. “Come back here!”

“Here are some towels…”Soy paused when she saw Matt in the rain staring at Andrew like he’s her number one enemy. “Andrew what’s going on? Tell her to come inside.”

Andrew kept his eyes on Matt’s feet, if she makes one more movement he was going to…and his thought was lost in the night because before he even finish she turned and ran.

“She’s my worst nightmare.” Andrew said under his breath and took off after her.

There are days that Matt preferred a good old pair of jeans but today wasn’t one of them. The water made her pants clung onto her legs, causing it to be heavy and harder for her to run. She wasn’t much of a runner in the first place but anger is one of the best weapon it gives her the determination of a runner and she happily welcomed it. She knew she wasn’t going to beat Andrew and she doesn’t even have a specific place to run to, in her head she just had to get away from him even if it meant running in the pouring rain.

The road seemed to stretch on forever not that she’s unaware of the fact because his house is basically out in nowhere land. The thunder started roaring and the rain kept falling. She felt her speed reducing and even without him making a sound, she had a feeling he was nearing her and if…


Matt tumbled down to the ground face first, taking some mud in her mouth she started to spit it back out. She tried lifting her body but the best she could do was move her head to the side, Andrew had his knee on her back, pinning her down.

“Don’t move!” Andrew yelled. “You stay down or I swear I’ll break your neck.”

She obeyed, where was she to go? Not like she could out power a man that’s twice her strength. Her arms upward, her legs straight she lay there like a dummy.

Andrew wiped away the rain stuck to his face, watching the one girl that can easily change his emotions like a switch. One minute he found himself smiling when thinking about her, the other he’s worried because she’s not home on time and the next he’s pissed off. How can she possibly have that much power to do something to him in such a short time when Lana whom he once loved couldn’t even match that?

“Get up.”

“I can’t you are still on top of me.” Matt made no effort in moving.

“If you think about running, you better find a safe place to hide.” He slowly got up.

“I can’t go any further, my legs hurt.”

Andrew pulled her up, grabbing a handful of her shirt. “You are the stupidest…”

“No need for compliments, really I’m embarrassed.” She rolled her eyes.

He shoved Matt to the side, looking her up and down he raked his hands through his wet hair. “Why do you do things that make so little sense?”

“What is it that you want from me?” Matt changed the subject.

“You don’t know?” His reply was a bit rather smooth putting her on her toes. “It really isn’t difficult to figure out.”

“I have a slight idea but I want to know what exactly it is. I can’t go on pretending and wishing.” She lowered her head. “I’ll do anything to have what’s left of my life back, anything.” Her voice raised on anything to make it stood out.

“Anything,” He suddenly sound interested. “Nothing is off limits?”

Her eyes held his and she felt a stirring of something inside of her with the way he said anything. Surely he doesn’t mean what she is thinking. She took a step back and he a step forward and her eyes widened when the meaning of it hits her right in the face.

“Your anything is not the same as mine. I would not give myself up to you it’s all I have that’s in my control. You have taken everything else.”

“What if that’s exactly what I want.” His voice is like fire burning her. She backed away some more with him mimicking her action, taking steps forward that is bigger than hers.

“You don’t, you just have it in you to win me at all cost. What if I give up and let you win will you leave me alone?”

“Not possible.” He reached for her head, something he himself doesn’t have the willpower to stop. Touching her hair, he pulled back some that hung over her face. “Being your husband, it’s a bit difficult to keep my hands to myself.” Just to prove his point he touched her face with the back of his hand.

“Y…You…You are messing with me, it’s not funny.” Matt stumbled with her words.

“Who says that I am?”

“You don’t even like me that I know.”

“Correct, certain times I don’t.”

“Then why are you doing this?”

“It doesn’t mean I am not attracted to you.”

“Attraction is not enough.”

He stared at her only when she lowered her eyes to the ground did he continued, “Enough for what, Matt?”

“Enough for a marriage,” letting a single breath out she resumed saying it more to herself than him. “I don’t like playing games, when I’m going to lose.” Matt sounded so hopeless.

“You deemed yourself a loser already? It is so unlike you. The girl that bravely walked inside a church and found a way for me to marry her is not going to give up that easily is she?” He cupped her face.

She swallowed, why is he doing this? Can’t he see that she is having a damn time trying to breathe with his breath mingling with hers? She attempted to blink away her fear of looking like an idiot she turned her face to the side.

“I didn’t realize how pretty your eyes are, I guess from now on I have to pay attention to my wife better, don’t you agree?”

Matt snapped her head to him so quickly he smiled.

“Stop complimenting me, it’s uncomfortable.”

“Is it?” He touched her bottom lip with his thumb.

She felt her heart going crazy inside her chest. It is ridiculously riding on a never ending roller coaster at the moment. Her limps weakened by the touch. She looked in his eyes that kept it clear on hers. It is like a dream as if she’s living out her romance book, where the hero and the heroine confess their love in the rain followed by the sweetest and most passionate kiss.

The rain is now just a dripping form, yet her heart can’t find a calm place. She almost darted her tongue out and lick her lips feeling it becoming dry but held it back when she realized his thumb is still tracing her lower lip now reaching the corner.

“Do you want me to kiss you?”

Matt heard the question but somehow it was like a whisper in the distance. She moved her head slightly back but no word came out. How did this came about between them? Didn’t he threatened to break her neck not a while back and now he’s asking if he could kiss her? Has the rain done more damage than it should?

Andrew took the silence as his answer he lowered his gaze and sought her lips. Ever so slowly giving her the chance to run and when she didn’t his head bent lower and cover her lips with his.

She stood rooted to the ground with her eyes shutting everything out but the kiss. It was different than the first where it was purely dominant. This one is, like a feather caress where hatred or power has no place with it. It was sweet, lingering and a peck of tenderness that she wasn’t expecting, her heart flip-flopping to an unfamiliar tune, beating faster and faster when his lips moved quietly and slowly.

Her hands reached up to grab a hold of his shirt when she started to sway, he took that as a permission to get closer positioning his head to better access her lips Andrew deepened the kiss but was careful not to go too far. She felt lost in a sea of emotions that she couldn’t describe. The way his hand moved sensually on her back, trailing it up and down molding her to him. She followed whichever way he leads, the kiss made her feel wanted, desirable and dare say loved. She could feel his heartbeat or was that hers?

And just like that he stopped, opening his eyes he watched her coming back to earth. Her eyes were wide by the sheer fact she allowed the kiss to happen in the first place. She slowly released her hands from his shirt and another surprised looked found its way to his chest. Her head moved first to the left then to the right before it settled back on him.

He smiled knowingly at the confusion in her eyes it was battling an internal fight. The kiss to him was just as confusing, he didn’t know what came into him, blaming it on the rain seemed to be the safest thing. But he knew it wasn’t so.

Her heart is not carved out of stone like she wanted him to believe. One kiss in the middle of the night with a scattered rain was all it took to see the other side of her.

“Bingo.” He said touching the tip of her nose and turned around starting to walk off.

Matt couldn’t believe it, was he toying with her again? Was the kiss just a joke to him while it left her speechless? She started to say something nothing came but huffing her anger out.

“See how you like this.” She bent down grabbing a handful of mud, molding it into a small ball she threw it right at his head.

“What the hell?”


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"Do you want me to kiss you"? If Andrew asked me that I'll be :woot: :woot: :drools: Kissing in the rain is sweet. He wants to break her neck and kiss her too ;) ;)


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Originally I did not plan on doing the kiss in the rain. I was going to let them sling it out on the ground in the mud but I thought Andrew was being a bit mean (not that Matt is an angel) but Andrew asking the question unexpectedly seemed a far better choice.

This two will be a mess with each other...I guess the best way I can put it being Andrew the way he is...well he's not going to be all roses and love letters :)


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Originally I did not plan on doing the kiss in the rain. I was going to let them sling it out on the ground in the mud but I thought Andrew was being a bit mean (not that Matt is an angel) but Andrew asking the question unexpectedly seemed a far better choice.

This two will be a mess with each other...I guess the best way I can put it being Andrew the way he is...well he's not going to be all roses and love letters :)
:coverlaf: :coverlaf: I can see them fighting in the rain.
I like Andrew the way he is. :thumbup:


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Chapter Eleven

The night seemed to rush by and before she knew it, the morning pushed it aside. Matt turned to the side with her hair draped over her shoulder hugging onto a pillow. She lowered her eyes and thought back to the kiss that kept her up all night.

Touching her lips she traced it longingly. Why did he have to go and do the one thing that’ll guarantee her inside to melt? Matt looked up staring blankly at the ceiling, was her heart in such a pitiful stage that one sweet kissed made it that much better? She refused to think that’s the case of the matter.

What if the kiss was nothing more than to play around with her poor little heart? She frowned, her eyes kept up with the white ceiling, like the words were being said to her just yesterday. Andrew clearly pointed out that, he emotionally can bankrupt her which in a sense it’s the same thing as being dead. A kiss that is like a double-edged sword, it can make her heart dance but also one step closer to her death sentence. She closed her eyes, prayed that somewhere in him let the kiss have the same meaning as it did to her.

Matt freshened up, looked at herself in the mirror to see if everything is in perfect order only to stopped. Why does she care about her appearance? She has no one to impress. Andrew doesn’t care if she’s nicely put together just as long as she doesn’t go around naked he doesn’t pay her no mind. Slamming the brush down she pursed her lips wondering why her mind is constantly going back and forth with him.

Matt rolled up her sleeves, gave up on tidying herself she walked halfway downstairs and paused when she saw Andrew and Soy sat eating their breakfast. Was she that late? She looked around and couldn’t find one single clock. How could it be? A house so huge not even one was anywhere to be seen? Ridiculous!

“Andrew, you need to be careful with Matt more. Don’t upset her too much and running in the rain? What if she slips and fall. Don’t you two consider the pregnancy at all?” Matt listened to the conversation, from afar shielding between a wall and a plant.

Andrew sat back in his chair looking across to his mom he paused in the middle of putting a piece of fruit in his mouth. “Of course I do, or else I would not run after her. Matt, you need to understand is not your typical girl, hoping for her to do things that normal girls do is like hoping for me to win the lottery, which is never going to happen because I don’t play.”

Matt softened her feet and tried to make little noise as possible but it was not enough for Andrew. “Next time learn to wake up on time. It is five till eight we eat breakfast at seven-thirty.”

“I was tired from last night.” Matt walked to her chair.

“That’s an excuse.”

“It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact.”

Andrew looked up to Matt. “A fact which should have never been one had you not turn your behind and ran toward the rain.”

Matt saw the way he gave her that irritated look, what had she done to get one from him in the first place? She just woke up. She knew now that it’s just her silly imagination that Andrew would feel something of a change because of the kiss, but regardless of how gentle it was nothing changed between them at all. In fact, he seemed to be the Andrew she met the first time. Whatever hope she did felt on her side, will have to be buried deep within her. If he could easily forget the kiss, so could she. She’ll just replace it with something else that’ll serve her heart better, what she doesn’t quite know yet.

Matt did her best to be the better person and smiled at him. “Any breakfast left?” She eyed his plate which still has a good amount of food.

“There’s none left for you.” Andrew replied ignoring the stare from his mom.

Soy lifted her fork to him as a sign to brush his statement off. “There’s plenty left and Andrew try being nicer to her.”

His left brow shot up. “I need a fairy lady with a magical wand to make that happen.” He looked up at Matt. “Now sit down I have something to talk to you about.”

“Is it one more of your demand?” She said flatly and took her seat.

Andrew pushed his plate to her. “Eat mine I’m full anyway.”

Matt eyed his plate and looked up to Soy briefly who is trying her best to not notice the exchanged. “I don’t want to eat your

“I have not touched them and it’s plenty for you.” Andrew grabbed his glass of orange juice and took a sip before laying it down in front of him. “Now where was I?”

“I don’t know, were you saying something?”

Soy laughed.

Andrew threw his napkin down and turned on Matt, eyes that would love to swallow her up. She forked a strawberry and shoved in her mouth.

He pulled on his tie and felt his mood quickly changed, oh how he would love to throttle her. “Do you ever once believe in listening to what others have to say? Or is it in you that only Matt matter?”

Matt smiled lovingly, almost unreal and Andrew believe it was to get on his nerve which is doing its job perfectly well. “It depends on who is talking. If it makes sense and my ears can tolerate it, I listen but if it’s just to give me orders and saying a bunch of nonsense then I don’t see how it would benefit me.” She blinked at him.

Andrew got up and his chair scratched the floor. Soy hasn’t had this much fun watching a couple for a very long time, the last time something similar happened was when her and Andrew’s father were young and in love. She smiled and from the beginning she saw something there and now she is sure of what it is. Smiling to herself she went back to her plate.

“This is not working. I cannot eat breakfast the same time as you. I refused to go to work with a foul mood and have my employees quit on me because of you.” He pointed a finger at Matt.

She did no more other than to tilt her head at him. “Not my problem.” She turned back. “I did nothing wrong. You asked me a question I simply answered it the best way I know how.”

“You are provoking me!” He accused. “Why am I even surprised?”

“Yes, why are you?” Matt said but didn’t turn to look at him.

“I am going to work, anymore with you I will have to strangle the life out of you.” Andrew turned and walked off.

“Matt, go walk Andrew out.” Soy nodded at Andrew’s direction

“It might not be so wise.”

“Go on, it won’t be that bad, if anyone can handle him it’s you.”

Matt got up and did as asked by Soy. She excused herself and walked after Andrew.

Soy watched Matt caught up to Andrew while he pretends she wasn’t even there. Her heart swelled and a mist glistened in her eyes. She had wanted badly for Andrew to find a piece of happiness and once upon a time she thought he had found it in Lana. But it was not so and she was saddened for a brief moment that again it was going to elude him.

Now came Andrew and Matt, so opposite are they but there’s no denying that a fire is burning in her son’s eyes. The arguments are animated at best and sometimes it made little sense to her but it made his heart came alive. If it turns into something he’s willing to accept that only time will tell.

She saw the impatient in Andrew when he opened the door almost closing it on Matt’s face, instead of stepping away, she stopped the door with her foot and held it still for a while until Andrew was a few feet outside only then did Matt finally let the door go.

The power each of them fighting to hang on, one of them at the end will not have a choice but to surrender. Soy can guess which one that will be. She smiled once again, letting the truth hung around her eyes. It is time to let Andrew discover on his own what is important to him. It seemed her duty as a mother wanting her son to find a place he can call home will come to an end soon, Matt will surely take that place with him whether he agreed to it or not. She got up and walked to her room, making plans for herself and hoping Andrew one day realized the person he constantly try his best to ignore is going to be the very one that’ll make him regret that decision.

Andrew got to his car with Matt watching on. “What is it that you want?”

“Your mom told me to see you out, not sure why.”

Leaning against the door he crossed his arm. “You are very difficult I wonder if Jin would have been a better choice.” He asked for the hell of it even when he knew he would have picked Matt over the cheater a hundred times over.

“It’s not too late, I’m sure she’ll come crawling back to you with diseases and all, want to give it a try?” Matt threw it back in his face.

“Matt you are pushing me and I don’t know why but it is working. So, I am going to warn you give it a rest before I do something that might result us in a position you wished…” Andrew was cut short by tires burning the cement. He turned and shook his head.

Cade got out strolling like he is going on a morning walk in the park. He wore a purple polo shirt with a pair of khaki. He smiled from afar and waved. Matt waved back while Andrew just stood there with his lips pursed trying his best to ignore his best friend and his so called wife.

“How are you guys doing?” Cade pulled his cap down to shield the sun. “I’m glad you are safe, got me all worried.” He looked up at Matt before turning to Andrew. “You are not off to work yet?”

“I am going right now.” Andrew paused and looked at Matt then at Cade. “Go change Matt I’ll take you to work with me.”

“Me?” She asked in surprise. “I don’t….”

“Go, I’ll wait.” He nodded at her to get inside the house. “I have things to do so don’t take too long.”

Matt didn’t move at first, something was going on inside that head of his but what? She turned to Cade. He shrugged for his answer while Matt put a finger on her chin. “You think it’s a good idea?” She asked Andrew.

“Probably not, but I’ll do it still. Now go!”

Matt turned and left Andrew touching his temple. How the girl could push and shove him is amazing. Her talent in that area alone left him almost speechless.

“How is married life?” Cade with his slightly crooked smile hit Andrew playfully on the shoulder. “It seems like you are glowing.” He teased.

“No, I think she’ll dig a grave for me soon. She is something else. How is it her mom ever came up with angel for someone like Matt is clearly beyond me.”

Cade laughed and laughed enjoying seeing how miserable Andrew looked. “Honeymoon stage should be the best.” Cade licked his finger and tried to wipe away a dirt stain on his shirt. “I can’t seem to wear anything that isn’t black without getting something on it.”

Honeymoon stage? Andrew never even once thought about it. But then, they don’t have a beginning of anything. He lowered his head and moved his feet to stand up straight. “Marriage with the wrong person, I am now figuring out is like having a grenade in your hand. You never know when it’ll explode and kill you.”

Cade looked surprised by the admission. “It must not be that bad, even if you two didn’t start out like most but it seems to fit with a marriage. I mean, who would want something so perfect how boring is that?”

“Trust me, I am not asking for perfection. But damn Cade, a little toward the sane side is not much to ask is it?”

Cade laughed again. “Man, I wish I know what to say.”

“I’m ready.” Matt walked up to them.

They both paused. Andrew looked at her with eyes wide open. “Where the hell are you going with that skirt?” He pointed at the skirt that is a little too short for his liking.

“What is wrong with it?” She lowered her eyes. “It’s lovely.”

“Excuse us for a bit.” Andrew turned to Cade.

Matt threw Andrew a confusing look as he made his way to her, what was wrong with her beautiful skirt?

“Come on, go change.” Andrew didn’t give her a chance to argue he pushed her right back inside the house with him.

Cade’s eyes never left them, throwing his keys up in the air it landed back in his hand. He smiled too boyishly. “They’ll be my project. My life is boring anyway, a little excitement doesn’t hurt.”


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Chapter Twelve

Andrew sat trying to ignore Matt making popping sounds out of her mouth while moving the chair around with her feet, but a man can only handle so much distraction before he’s ready to kill the person that is responsible for it. Slamming the binder shut and throwing the pen to the side he pushed his chair away from the desk.

“What is your problem?”

Matt paused, innocently looking at him with a smile that seemed to infuriate Andrew more. “Me?” She pointed to herself. “I don’t have a problem.” She tapped her fingers on the chair looking everywhere but at him.

Andrew thought by bringing her to work with him would not be such a bad idea, but now he just wanted for her to go away and let him get a few things done. Eyeing her fingers as it tapped away like a music of some sort he got up and walked slowly to Matt.

Matt immediately sat up straight she stopped what she was doing all together and focus on Andrew that is now staring evenly at her, she smiled sheepishly and blinked out her guilt, but he wasn’t buying it. She nervously turned her head away and her fingers began tapping again.

“Stop that.” He pressed her hand to the chair.

Matt tried to pull her hand away only to have him squeezing it in a warning, giving up she looked at him. “Is there anything I can do besides sitting around watching you work?”

Andrew prisoned her with his arms bending down to her he could smell a scent that he could not make out, but it made his nose tingled and briefly became lost in it. Matt slumped further in the chair while watching him curiously until he opened his eyes again.

“What are…what are you doing?” Matt backed away when his head came down lower to her. “You are not playing fair.” She said when his lips were but a finger away.

“Life is never fair.” He lowered his head. He wanted to laugh when her head was pulled back so far any more it would have fallen off. “Unfortunately, I am not in the mood. I have a lot to do.” He pulled her up by the arm. “Now go somewhere for a little while, until I get some stuff out of the way just don’t go far.” He pushed her gently toward the door.

“You mean I can do what I want.” She beamed unexpectedly.

“No, that is not what I mean. It is not a free pass for you to cause trouble while others are trying to work. Go ask my secretary, see if she has something for you to do.” He turned back to his desk. “And Matt I didn't plan on kissing you earlier.”

“I wasn’t expecting one.” She lied.

He looked at her, the way she stood with her eyes toying with an idea, she smoothed an invisible wrinkle on her skirt before touching her hair and turned her head to the door. His heart tried its best to downplay the fact that she’s climbing up to the spot where he fought off such feelings, but right now he’s not sure how long it’ll last.

“Can I go now?” She asked interrupting his thought.

“Go right ahead.” He turned back to his work.

Matt looked at Andrew for a couple of minutes before shutting the door behind her, he stopped what he was doing and stared at the door. He remembered the kiss last night, oh how he remembered it. He could not forget it if he wanted to, his mind was reliving the moment like it was depending on it to survive. But he had to play it off like it mattered to him not at all. He could see the disappointment in her eyes during breakfast that he reverted back to his old self. Those big eyes of hers were silently asking him why?

How the kiss happened, he still tried to sort the details out but none came to him, it just naturally did. The touch of her lips the first time was great, second time was intoxicating and if the third time was to happen, he’s fully sure he’ll be addicted to those lips of hers. He turned his chair once and got it to face the window, crossing his legs he paused, touching his lips he knew in his heart he can’t ask for anything from the marriage. And if he dared to, he was going to prepared himself for the consequences of wanting something that wasn’t ready to give itself over.

Therefore the question to, himself is when everything is all wrapped up and the curtains are closed what will be of him if it gets to the point of no return? Better yet, is he willing to lose in order to gain something that he wasn’t sure will be his in the end? A gamble of the heart is just as bad as a gamble of life the uncertainty is always lurking around the corner ready to fall off the edge of a cliff if one does not have the power to hold onto it.

An audible sigh came out, with his eyes so sullen lowering it he took one quick look at his wedding ring. Such a complication and Matt made it even more complex. His eyes hardened around the corners, one of them is going to have to fail and whichever that is he wished he knew. He doesn’t want it to be him, but as the days wore on Andrew isn’t naïve enough to be completely certain. Matt and her trouble that Gem had clued him in, is starting to find a place inside of him and refused to go away. It is not just her smiles that she’s unaware of, but it has become her eyes, and crossed over to her kisses.

Andrew closed his eyes, when the time comes to let everything go, is he able to? Will Matt take the very piece of him that would leave him struggling to breathe in order to live?

An hour later Andrew stretched his legs and laid the pen down, rubbing his neck he stood up. “What a day.” He heard himself said to the open space of his office.

He walked over to the window when something caught his eyes. Getting closer he leaned in, almost knocking his head against the window. His eyes bored into Matt, chasing after papers that are flying away from her. He turned slightly and saw a man that is not far from Matt doing the same thing. Andrew didn’t take another minute to watch it played out he rushed out the door as quickly as his feet could carry the speed.

Matt stamped her foot on one paper while bending down and grabbed the other with her free hand, all the while laughing and fighting with the wind that’s refusing to let up. The man smiled and seemed to enjoy himself when he walked up to Matt and held a few papers in his hands.

“Victory smells so sweet when you have to work hard for it.”

“I am sorry for causing the problem I didn’t see you behind me.” She apologetically handed him the papers and smiled once again.

“Not a problem, it was fun. I haven’t had a chance to run in my work clothes before, quite challenging but fun.” He shoved the papers inside a folder and tucked it under his arm securely. “There now it’s not going anywhere.”


Matt looked over the man’s shoulder and saw Andrew glaring at her as if she was a little girl that had gotten her hand stuck in a cookie jar when he explicitly told her not to do so. She smiled trying to hide her guilt but it didn’t go well with Andrew. He stood there unmoved by her pretty little smile.

She walked over to him trying to explain what happened, but Andrew’s eyes were fixated on the man’s back, even from behind he reminded him of someone from his past, someone that he wished to not run into again. The man slowly turned around and Andrew stood straight, how small the world must be.

He stared at Mac, eyes hard and stone like. It’s like looking at his past from five years ago. Mac had changed but not quite. The significant changes Andrew can easily lay a finger on is that he’s a slight tanner and carried himself maturely, with a confidence that he lacked ages ago. His face remained a bit long but everywhere else seemed to broaden. But the eyes are what Andrew remembered them to be, very caring in front of you but like a sharp knife behind your back.

Mac’s eyes lingered on Andrew, he too was seeing his past, but unlike Andrew, Mac doesn’t care if Andrew made an appearance back in his life. They have unfinished business one that Mac is going to see it close before he decided to leave town again.

Matt looked at Andrew then slowly let her eyes made its way to the man that shared a history with her husband. She did that several times but so far they have yet to acknowledge that she’s even there.

“Andrew.” Her voice like a whisper came out. “Andrew.” She repeated when she got no respond.

A few minutes ticked on and Matt licked her lips nervously.

“Go wait for me in the car.” Andrew handed her the keys but he still didn’t offer a glance her way.


“Go!” Andrew yelled.

“Andrew you are not going to introduce me to..?” Mac let his question hung in the air.

“My wife,” Andrew answered. “There’s no need for an introduction you guys are not going to be more than strangers.” He turned to Matt this time. “You are still here, didn’t I told you to wait for me inside the car!?”

Matt blinked and tried her best to accept his mood, but for the life of her she can’t seem to. Why is it that he can transform into someone that she disliked in a matter of seconds? What did she do wrong anyway for him to be yelling at her?

Andrew turned to Matt, he sighed as she stood there with keys in her hand and refused to move an inch from the spot and he figured if it continued she would be standing there all day. He grabbed her head and kissed her forehead. “Go to the car and wait, I won’t be long. Will you give me a few minutes?”

She looked at Andrew and he smiled knowing he could see the surprised look on her face. He turned her around and pushed her gently to get her moving. She did, but it was one slow step at a time, touching her forehead where the kissed just happened she closed her eyes. Her hand lowered she placed it on her heart. She felt it beating and smiled the same way she is doing now, all because of one tiny kissed. And it wasn’t even remotely passionate he did it so she’ll get out of his way, but her heart still could not contain its excitement. She walked a little faster to the car, has she lost the fight to him already?

“She’s a pretty and interesting girl.”

Andrew stood still, he observed Mac a couple of seconds before moving in closer. “She’s my wife and wouldn’t be any less.”

Mac smiled genuinely and Andrew cursed.

“Lana will be disappointed.”

“She is not my concern.”

“You did love her once.”

“Once, that’s all.”

Mac intently stare at Andrew, knowing something only to himself he once again smiled secretively.

“Lana…” He never got to finish it Andrew turned and started to walk off.

“Lana is Lana she has nothing to do with me.”

“You know she’s back in town.” Mac raised his voice when he saw Andrew creating the distance.

Andrew kept on walking. “It’s none of my business.”

Mac pulled his cellphone out and let his fingers do its magic, once the voice on the other line picked up he smiled to a world that he, Andrew and Lana used to belong to. “Guess who I saw?”

Andrew walked with his hands in his pockets, standing in the midst of a crowd passing him by in a hurry he watched Matt fussing with her hair, she tucked one side behind her ear then rake her hands through it as if she had done all she could. She turned pouting when she didn’t realized Andrew had watched her from afar, catching sight of him Matt crossed her arms.

Andrew opened the door and held it out. “Let’s eat.” Matt wasn’t sure if she should be excited to be in his company at the moment. She didn’t move.

“Um…If you have other plans it’s OK, I’ll just go to lunch by myself.” Matt touched her purse and about to step out the car when he put his other arm out and blocked her in.

“Was this the first time you ran into Mac?”

“Mac, is that his name?

“Stay away from him.”

“Why should I?”

“Because I’m your husband and I said so.”

Matt was sure today was going to be better than most, she was so wrong. Because he is her husband and he can order her around like that? Unexpectedly Matt shoved him away. Andrew without the warning almost fell to the ground.

“Why did you do that for?”

“I did it because I’m your wife and I can.”

“Matt….” One finger pointing right at her face. She stared at him right in the eyes, silently daring him to make the next move.

“I don’t know what is going on between you and that guy, so don’t involve me in your past or in your world more than I have to. I am not interested in your fight. I have enough to deal with without you adding on to it. What is it that he wants with you anyway?”

“It’s none of your business.”

Matt paused, not her business? Oh, the insufferable man. He wants and demanded her to do this and do that yet when she questioned him it’s none of her business. She started to walk off.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him. “Where are you going?”

“It’s none of your business.” She shot back.

Andrew tightened his grip on her arm. “You are upset at me because I told you to stay away from Mac?”

“Does the kiss mean anything to you at all?” Matt surprised him with the question because he dropped her arm and actually stepped back.

She looked at Andrew trying to see if there’s at least something in him to give her hope at all, but he stood there staring at her emotionless, as if the question she asked him was about the weather.

“Matt you are taking a dangerous route nothing is going to happen between us because there’s nothing to stand on in the first place. Do you mean to tell me that once your fake pregnancy is discovered everything will be a happy ending?”

“No,” She answered weakly. She turned her head and watched an elderly couple passed by. “I would not dream of a happy ending with you.” Why her heart felt like someone gave it a good beating she didn’t want to know.

Andrew angrily stood there in the middle of a busy sidewalk, now crossing his arms acting like he is in the comfort of his own home, arguing with his wife. He wanted to laugh at how quickly things turn around for them. Staring at her through clearer eyes, he watched the way her head moved about with the crowd. Her facial expression only changed when she came across a couple that display affection and in her mind he knew she is asking herself, why can’t they be like them?

“You desperately want out, I tell you what. I will make a deal with you, five months regardless if your secret is out or not I will give you your freedom.”

Matt’s eyes lit up and her head came back to Andrew, a way out for her so soon?

But that was short lived. She blinked out the excitement she had in her, once again allowing her eyes to reach a couple that is standing at the corner of a store, with the guy touching the girl’s hair and leaning in to kiss her cheek. Andrew followed her and his eyes rested on the couple as well.

If he would have said five months was all it took for her to have her life back a few days ago she would have been so ecstatic jumping up and down clapping like a fool. But last night proved that five months was too long for her to endure a loveless marriage. The kissed alone had given her a glimpsed of what it was like to be wrapped up in a moment of…

She looked at Andrew then turned to the couple that seemed oblivious to their surroundings acting like the world was theirs. The love was written out in the man’s eyes while the girl’s smile represented a complete, honest happiness that made Matt jealous.

She made the comparison once again, turning to Andrew and he failed miserably. It was like night and day, good and bad, definitely like heaven and hell. Could she bravely stand her ground and hang in for the next five months with her heart slowly losing its grip? She wanted to believe that she was able to handle whatever life had served her so far, yet she is weak when it comes to dealing with Andrew, she now figured out. He can damage her by one kiss destroy her confidence like no man has ever.

Matt slowly turned to the couple once more, watching as the couple held hands and walked away, laughing and sharing a secret joke.


Andrew waited.

“Can you guarantee that my heart will be intact once I leave?” She paused. “No you can’t.” She answered her own question.

Andrew walked over to her, grabbing her arms he turned her around. “I am being quite generous with you at the moment. The offer is on the table, take it or leave it.”

Matt didn’t know how she could do it, but she blocked everything around her out, focusing on no one but the man standing in front of her, holding her arms in his hands like he is doing to her heart. A heart that day by day is starting to become a stranger to her, she searched his eyes and it provided her with enough answer to a question she has repeatedly asked herself but hoping the answer somehow would be different each time.

“We both will be caught up in a situation that will burn us alive. You think one of us isn’t going to be shatter from this revenge?” She laughed bitterly.

Matt felt the strength of his hands became more unbearable. She gritted her teeth but the pain was already making its way to every part of her body.

“It’s amazing how, you think my life is in your hands, but don’t be a fool to think that yours is not in mine. I may not be as strong as you, I’ll admit that much now but I will not walk away being the one all bruised up. My hell is basically yours.” She smiled surely but sadly.

“I see.” Andrew’s eyes were not on her but it went over her head.

“Five months?” She shook her head. “Hell on earth is not how I want to live my young life.” Her face showed no sign of any emotion.

“Ah, Matt it’s a shame that you and I can’t agree on not a thing. But let me make this very clear so you don’t misunderstand again. I only said five months because that’s how long I will make you, sweetheart to lose everything, especially your heart, which I deemed to be fragile than you would like me to believe.”

Andrew stopped and stared out to the clear blue sky.

“Last night I was going to ease up on you just a bit, a kiss that wasn’t expected but I will say rather surprisingly sweet.” He continued without looking at Matt. “But a kiss just like many I have had before will mean nothing the next day and with you, it meant even less by the hour."

Matt gasped.

“You think I would lose sleep over a kiss just like that?”

He laughed in her face, she died a little inside.

“You are the cruelest man I have met. But that’s OK.” She forced the words out. “I will make your life so miserable that when I leave you’ll never ever forget one time you married a girl that’ll changed you.” The pain in her eyes contradicted her bravely spoken words.

Andrew noticed a few onlookers were staring at them. He reached the collar of her shirt and started to straighten it when she knew perfectly well it doesn’t need to be and she also knew with him pretending to be husbandly the threat is coming soon. She waited patiently, but instead he tilted her chin and made her looked him in the eyes.

She saw a few people stopped, her eyes went to them then came back to Andrew while his was at the same place she left them. This was one of those moments where she didn’t know what she should do or could do. It was his move to make. She heard sounds from strangers that, is making her more aware of where they are at. But Andrew seemed like he could careless his attention was completely on her.

Matt opened her mouth to say something but no word left it. Andrew pressed his finger to her lips. He shook his head letting her know whatever she wanted to say was going to have to be left unsaid.

“Now, do you want to know how this will all end, dearest?” He bent his head lower and removed his finger.

Matt knew his intention right away, but she would not allow him to do the one thing that would break her. Andrew’s lips were so close to hers that if he would just slightly move his head, it would have been on hers. But Andrew did one thing that he should have not done if he wanted to carry his threat out, and that was to look in her eyes.

He paused like someone had struck him right in the gut. Her eyes were….damn it they were begging him. He hadn’t imagined it to do that, not by a long shot. But there it was misted, painful, and if it would have stopped there he could overlooked them but it was begging him. Even for a man that is out to get a girl that thinks she could take him down, he had to step back.

She has never begged anyone for anything in her life, the first person sadly, enough was her husband.

“Five months Matt, not one day longer or one day shorter.”

She wanted to respond to that but Matt couldn’t find her voice. She stood there like a stone that was meant to be in one place. Her eyes were burning her from tears that she refused to let it fall.

“I will say five months is long enough for you to fall in love with me? What do you say?” He mockingly asked.

Matt blinked and a tear got caught on her eyelashes.

“That’s it, my mind is made up. I’ll make it my mission to do just that. See how a game can be deadly?”

Matt blinked once more and her tears touched her cheeks and burned her soul.

Andrew stepped closer to her, reaching out he wiped away her tears with his thumb. Rubbing his fingers together with her warm tears in between his face turned angry, followed by a silent. He looked up only to find a new tear trailing down her cheek. He stilled himself looking at the single drop of tear sliding down her cheek it seemed to sparkle under the sunny day and condemned him at the same time. If it has a voice of its own, he can bet his entire fortune it was that much angrier than the person it belonged to.

He can withstand a whole lot of things with her but seeing her tears was like a bone stuck in his throat, cutting off his breathing. Maybe it’s such a plain and simple fact, she is giving up hope, losing all hope or maybe for the first time he hates seeing her cry. He studied her furthermore and he began to contradict himself, in a way identical to Matt. He can dislike her, wanted to hurt her but a breath later he felt something that made him wanted to right his wrongs and allowed himself to tell her, things will be alright.

Confusion of such magnitude never set well with him especially when he doesn’t quite know where to begin and how to end.
He tried to wipe her cheeks again, but Matt swiped his hand away. But like Andrew done so many times he will not take, no for an answer if that’s not what he wanted. He reached for her head and pulled her to him, hugging her tightly she struggled in his arms.

“Relax Matt.”

She felt her tears now freely flowing down her face. She hated how in their most heated arguments it always resorted to her with tears and him just as strong as he has ever been.

“No more crying.”

She shook her head.

“I told you.”

“I hate you.”

“I Know.”


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