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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

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Chapter 2 - Aftermath

(His Side)


Nadech moaned half awake, burrowing closer on the warm body next to his. Man, he can't remember when was the last time he slept this well, today is a sure good start for he never felt this good and relax for a very long time.

He was feeling so good that he was unprepared for what happened as the next thing he knew, his ears were almost blown off by a scream and he was thrown of his bed with a loud thud. Talk about a rude wake up call.

"What did you do to me?!"

Completely awake now, his eyes widen upon taking in the disaster state of his bedroom and the lady, oh god, the woman on his bed which is none other than Yaya Urassaya.

Briefly, he stared blankly at the beauty in front of him as he wonder if it is part of her job description to be able to look this good even with her hair all over the place. Sexy huh?

But that thought only lasted for a second as the lady in question screamed again while looking at him.

"W-why is that thing up?! You pervert man!" She screeched out at him, sitting down and gathering the blanket on her chest, she threatened to throw the first thing she had gotten her hands unto him.

He didn't know if he would laugh or not for it was his boxers that she held and upon her realization, she had thrown it straight unto his face with a scream of disgust which he quickly wore as she then made a grab on the pillows, thumping him everywhere she could reach.

"Hey! Stop!--It was morning okay and it is normal for a healthy young man like me" he bellowed, trying to avoid the onslaught of the attack.

"I thought you were gay!" she screeched back at him.

So she did believe the rumors eh? Typical.

"At least we are clear on that now eh?" He decided to tease her when she finally ran out of ammunition, smiling cheekily,

"Besides, If I remember correctly, I didn't force you in fact you were the one who-"

He never got to finish his sentence. His eyes widen when the next thing she grabbed was his lamp shade.


She'll be the death of him.

Like Literally.

As if on cue, he thank his lucky stars when the doorbell rang, saving him. Quickly, he excused himself almost running out of his room unprepared for what would greet him in his living room. It was a total disaster which looks like a hurricane just went past it.

His lack of response at the doorbell must have made her curious for she poked her head at his door, earning a surprise gasp from her.

"What the-" she didn't get to finish for she almost trip at something, fortunately, he was there to catch her again.

"Careful or you'll damage that pretty face"

He chuckled upon seeing her made face at him as they both look down at what made her almost fall. It was none other than her sexy black lace bra which she made a grab of and hide behind her back, her face were turning red. Quickly, she gathered her clothes scattered around the room in places that even he wonder how it ended up there before she went back to his bedroom, leaving him alone.

"Erm- I'll open the door now okay?" He thought she wouldn't respond that he almost jump when she suddenly speak to him

"Call me when they're gone"

With that, she slammed the door again that made him scratch his head.

Shrugging, he finally decided to take pity on the persistent doorbell and open his door only to be greeted by his friends happy face.

"Surprise!!!" Mark and Mario shouted with James Ma even going all out with opening a bottle of wine with a pop.

"Finally! No longer the virgin boy eh?"

"What are you guys talking about?" he manage to spit out amidst his surprise as the boys went past him like they usually do only to stop and stare at what look like a disaster stricken zone.

"What happened here?!" Mario asked him shaking his head at him as the three went to sit on his couch.

"Oh Man I didn't know you had it in you" Mark thumped his back, sitting comfortably while looking around his pad in amazement.

"Gone is the good boy act too eh?" James concluded, raising his feet at his coffee table which would often cause him before to tell the man off but now made him nervous and swallow thickly as he spotted what look like the matching black lace lingerie undergarment she must have dropped unknowingly when she was gathering her clothes earlier.

Inching closer to the man, he quickly stepped on the small piece of fabric hiding it behind his feet.

"I guess it is true that the wild one are the quiet ones" Mario added naughtily, chuckling at the irony and he took the opportunity the grab the undergarment shoving it on the back side of his boxers when the three hi -five and laugh at him.

He didnt know he had a gentleman side in him for he suddenly felt possessive. No way would he let others see that side of hers.

"So who's the lucky lady dude?" Mark asked, snickering as he picked up what look like the ribbon of the dress Yaya was wearing last night.

"Why are you guys here?" he ignored their question, snatching up the thing on Mark's hand hoping for them to just leave him alone.

"Last night, we heard from the reliable source that you took the special drink I ordered intending as a gift for the celebrants wedding anniversary. I didn't know it would be like this though?! Maybe I should buy one for myself"

His eyes widen at Mario's statement as he finally put pieces together. Coincidentally, there was a sound of something breaking on his bedroom that made the three guys look at him naughtily.

"Oh, Is she still here?"

"No!" his voice got a little bit higher making the boys suspicious.

"I guess we we're interrupting something eh?"

"We'll leave you then with your lover!"


Thankfully, his friends were not the nosy type but the rather supportive one as each congrats him and hurriedly bid their goodbye.

Shaking his head at his friends, he made a mad dash towards his bedroom upon remembering the crashing sound only to find his shattered lamp and her seating at his bed while blowing and clutching at her injured foot closed to tears.

Sighing he went to get his emergency kit and knelt down in front of her, placing her injured foot on his lap against her protest.

"Are you really this accident prone?" He started, applying the medicine gently while she closed her eyes tightly like a little kid, he thought it was cute. "How did you ever survive without me?"

"Excuse me, I think it was the other way around." she complained and rant, "I started having this series of misfortune ever since I get to know you. I heard what you guys are talking about. See even what happened last night was your fault. Of all the drinks, you just had to get the special drink. And then this. You should take responsibility!"


He made a particular hard brush at her last words earning a loud yelp from her.

"W-What? H-How - Erm - I mean... You'll marry me?"

Silence followed his question and the next thing he knew, she had grabbed his ear and twisted it making him howl in pain.

cr: barry.ya

"What nonsense are you talking about? I meant my foot..."

If he thought she'd be pleased, then he is in for a rude awakening. Seriously, should he get offended that she turned down his proposal? Given that the situation is not ideal, still, she was the only one he had even gotten this close to talks of marriage.

Rubbing his hands on his now red ear, she glared at him as he wonders internally how someone like her who had such a sweet and innocent face could have a brutal and violent tendencies.

But then again, even the most beautiful flower have thorns.

"What happened anyway? I refused to believe you were that stupid" he asked as he resumed on cleaning her foot, ignoring her pained gasp as he applied the medicine rather forcefully. Two can play this game.

To his surprise, she sputtered and turned a shade of red.

"Erm- I-I was trying to look for something" she whispered so softly that if he is not within close proximity he wouldn't have heard.

That could only mean one thing.

Bowing down his head and pretending to be seriously tending on her wound, he had an idea of what exactly it is that she is looking for as he struggle to hide his laughter.

Good luck on finding that as he do not have any intention on giving it back to her.

Finders keepers right?

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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

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Chapter 3 - Flu

Her Side

"What is wrong with you guys?!" Yaya whispered furiously, talking to her friends in her phone while staring out the window of his car to spy on him looking quite uncomfortable lining up to buy her coffee in her favorite shop. "You guys told me he was gay!"

"Are you serious?" / "You really believed us?!"

And they call themselves her friend?

Damn, her head is aching just hearing their laughter. She should have known better than to believe the duo. The perks of having crazy friends and their antics.

Yaya had to roll her eyes at Nadech whose thick eyebrows were about to be fuse together after furrowing so much that nobody dare to approach him despite the attention he's getting.

Now that she look at him thoroughly, she wanted to ask herself how she'd believe that gay theory too when everything about him shouts alpha. Honestly, she couldn't really blame all the girls that was staring and pointing at him.

The man who stole her virginity.

Okay so maybe they did it with consent but she's been under influence unknowingly that time so does that count the same? Flashbacks of that 'one hot night' where she lost her mind went through her as she smack her head repeatedly at her crazy mistake.

No matter how hot and attractive he is, Nadech still is the most annoying and frustrating person ever.

Come on, she just lost her virginity and that is no where near how she imagine her first night would be.

Blame it on growing up with a religous family that she believe in the pureness of a woman before marriage. When she was young, they wanted her to devote her life in their religion but it seems like she's not cut out for that and honestly, she couldnt imagine herself as an nun so she just gave back to the society in her little ways.

Her grandma would have stirred on her grave if she just knew what happened. Closing her eyes, she quickly uttered a prayer of apology.

"How did you know he wasn't gay?"

Margie ask her interrupting her thoughts. There is no way she's gonna tell her friends about it.

"Erm- H-he told me" Now that wasn't exactly a lie right?

"So you two close now?"

Does sleeping with the man count as close? If they just knew how close the two of them actually were last night, she's sure she wont heard the end of it.

Honestly, after a good cry, she just wanted to move on and forget it ever happened because no matter what she does, it still wouldn't change a thing. She can't get back what she lost anyway.

Speaking of lost, it wasnt just her hymen that was lost but another thing she treasured as she remembered her lost undergarment at his pad. She must have turn his bedroom upside down but with no such luck. What made her sad is that, it was her favorite limited edition lingerie she bought when she's on vacation abroad. Her friends raised their eyebrows when they caught her one time on it for they knew she was single but so what? If Samson had his hair, it was her lingerie for her that keep her going. There's nothing better for a girl than to gain confidence knowing she's wearing a sexy lingerie underneath.

"Well you can say that" she finally whispered softly, sighing her answer.

Her friends must have realized the seriousness of the situation for the two apologized to her repeatedly.

"Listen I need to go" she tried to swallow the bile in her throat as her tears sprung.

Without waiting for their reply, she quickly cut off the line. Damn, she thought she was already fine with it but heck no. Their talk just made her realized that she's not totally over with what happened yet.

"Here's your coffee, sweetheart" Nadech suddenly entered the car that she had to quickly look the other way to hide her tears.

He must have notice something were amiss for he instantly zipped his lips.

Thank God for small mercies. Their journey towards her shooting location where done in silence.

"So... we're here now" Nadech started, parking the car, "What time do you want me to fetch you?"

Yes. She forced him to be her instant driver / personal assistant after her foot injury against her better judgement because now, all she wanted was to get away from him.

"I'll text you the details" she answered him softly, avoiding his gaze before she grabbed her things and went on her way.

"Hey" he called her, opening his window, "Can you stop looking like... the world is about to end?"

When she didnt answer nor turn to look back at him, he continued, "For what it's worth, I really am sorry."


"Ya, are you okay? You look pale?" the director checked up on her while she forced a smile on her lips, holding the blanket tighter to block the cold.

Honestly, Does he really have to ask? Her cheeks were red, her lips were almost turning blue and she felt a shiver coming.

Truthfully, she wasn't really feeling very well since she woke up for she still felt sore down there but the show must go on.

Unfortunately for her, the director believed in the sense of realness of a scene that she literally had to act like she enjoyed playing in the rain when all she wanted was to lie down and sleep.

Who shoots commercials with real rain anyway?

"Don't worry, the next shot would be the last"

Thank goodness for she felt like dying.

Taking a deep breath, she reached out to get medicine on her bag when she accidentally bumped it off, the contents spilling on the ground.

Sighing she bent down her head to get it as her stylist helped her.

Is the universe conspiring against her?

How come she felt like all the bad luck has been coming at her? Sighing, she thinks maybe she should do merit soon or better yet, dragged Nadech with her for a better measure.

"Oi, this looks so cute" her stylist exclaimed looking at a brown bear tupperware. "Where do you get this?"

She shrugged, not paying attention, "It's not mine"

"Girl it came from your bag." her brows furrowed as she took the tupperware and it only took one look at the note before she quickly grab the paper and tore it off the tupperware, clasping it tight in her hands and hiding it from her nosy stylist who tried to peek.

Immediately, she opened the container only to find it filled with cookies.

"Oho! Must have come from an admirer eh?" her stylist teased her.

She had to fake her laugh as she gritted her teeth remembering his note. That jerk. She was lucky, nobody saw that note or she'll be in headlines tomorrow.

Please accept this sincere apology made by this bear.

P.S. Last night was great! The best mistake ever.

Taking out a cookie, she popped it into her mouth moaning appreciatively at the taste of the chocolate. It was surprisingly good.

She didn't know he had a sweet bone in his body.


"Okay that's it. Beautiful!" she heard the director praised her and got carried away again with the scene as she battle with the rain, "Just one more shot and we're done"

Last shot? He was telling her that since an hour ago and look where she's still at...

Honestly, she doesnt want to get her hopes high anymore. Internally, she wonder if she's doing either really good or very bad.

A commotion at the tent started and she doesn't even care anymore for she just hope and pray this would end soon. She feared that her body can only take so much in one day.

And just as she thought, her vision blurred and she blacked out for a second and the next thing she knew, she was being carried by none other than the bane of her existence.

"What are you doing here?!" Yaya almost screamed as she struggle to get down but he's not letting her.

"What happened?!"


"Isn't that Nadech Kugimiya?"

"Are they in a relationship?"

Oh my God. This is a mess she didn't want to deal right now when her head really hurts and she felt dizzy.

"Deny it." she whispered tugging his ears, "I dont need any controversy right now"

"We're just friends" she breathed out a sigh of relief at his denial. That is, until he open his mouth to speak again, "We're not yet in a relationship"

AND he did it again.

His answer created a fuss that she chose to pretend to faint when she noticed people were taking pictures and coming their way asking for more information.

The next thing she knew, he was depositing her in the passenger seat of his car and he was driving away from her studio.

"What did you do?! The shoot hasn't ended yet I had to-" Yaya started angrily but cower in fear when he turn to her equally mad while raising his hand.

For a second, she closed her eyes fearing for the worst only to feel his cold hands gently on her forehead.

"Are you guys insane?" he bellowed, pulling over and parking his car at the nearest stop over.

"W-what do you mean?" she stuttered at the intensity of his gaze. In her whole life, she wasnt really used to people scolding her like this for she often got away with her crazy antics by her sweet smile.

"Damn you are hot! And I dont mean that as a compliment" Nadech told her getting towels on his backseat and giving it to her as he reached out on his bagpack searching for something. "You're burning up and still shooting with a storm going on?! Are you trying to commit suicide? For the life of me, I dont really get your job"

Wait, isn't she supposed to be the angry one? How come the situation turn around real quick?

"Don't worry, I already asked permission from the director even before you fainted"

"W-why are you there anyway?" she managed to ask.

"You told me you're gonna text me when I'm going to fetch you and it's already past 6 pm. I figured you'd get angry if I didnt showed up so I took the initiative."

Her mouth hang open shocked still at his demeanor.

"Here wear this quickly before you got sick more than you are now" He commanded her, handing her his sweater and his... boxers?

"What? Do you want me to dress you up?" he added when she didn't made a move and only stared at his clothes.

"Don't even think about it!" she protested hugging herself protectively and earning a chuckle from him.

"Okay okay I'll close my eyes" He told her while turning away and shaking his head. "Don't worry, I am a man of my words"

She looked at him doubtly but just went with it for she's really freezing.

"What's the point anyway" he babbled as she dressed, "I've already seen, touched and even kissed every inch of-"

She gritted her teeth and threw her wet shirt at his face, stopping him from speaking.


"What on earth is happening?"

Yaya muttered holding a hand on her forehead, feeling her world spin after she try to get up. She felt someone stir beside her and she repressed the urge to shout at seeing him sleeping in her bed, his hands draped on her waist.

Good God, does she have to wake up in this situation again?

Groaning, she buried her head on her hands, massaging her temple and trying to ease the pain. He must have heard her for he instantly woke up and upon seeing her, he immediately got up and went back with a tray of soup in his hands.

"Here open your mouth" he whispered, holding a spoon, "The doctor says you had the flu. Eat this first so you could drink medicine"

"What doctor?" she asked surprised. As far as she know, she hadn't seen any doctor. Wait a minute, she didn't even know how she got on her house and at her bed for the last thing she remember was falling asleep on his car.

"I'm sorry I panicked when I saw you shivering at my car that I went straight to my friends hospital." he took one look at the horror on her face before he continued, "Don't worry, my friend is a professional, he's not gonna babble to the reporters."

How did he know what she was thinking? Is he a mind reader or something?

Without thinking, she opened her mouth while staring at his handsome face as he gently feed her ever so delicately.

She doesn't know if she's just at the height of her fever and hallucinating for she actually find him nice for once.

He's not so bad after all.

"Erm- Dont look at me like that, I'm only doing this because I felt responsible"

For a moment she felt confused, responsible?! It's not like her foot injury had got anything to do with her flu. She had a tetannus shot so infection is quite impossible.

He must have seen her confusion for he smiled at her cheekily.

"The doctor told me it was because of overfatigue because you're body isn't that used to our exercise last night especially at the size of my-"

Whatever he's gonna say next was drown by the porridge that flew from her mouth straight unto his face as she choked on her food.

She concluded that he was mostly alright if he just dont open his mouth for it only took him a few words to get her back to her senses.

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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

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Chap 4 - That awkward moment...

(Her side)

"Love-" Nadech squeeze on the small space beside her, almost raising her to his lap just to make them fit on the small sofa as she turn to him surprised, "-try this cupcake I baked for you"

"Aw" Yaya smiled sweetly, stroking his cheeks, "You're too sweet"

Nadech gestured at the sweet on his hand when she didn't move and placed it near her lips, she had to open her mouth and take a bite, waiting for his next move.


NO! Not again...

Yaya surpressed the urge to throw up as she immediatly got up and drank from the nearest water bottle she could find to stop the impending disaster.

If people thought her life being an actress is easy, then they should try eating almost 30 cupcake in less than an hour.

Damn, even if chocolate was her favorite, it was just too much that she thinks she'd stay away from it for weeks, months, years or even forever.

"You know, you two had so much potential, sizzling chemistry level that I had never come across with before.
Maybe if you two just shut it even just for a while and we'd make progress."

The director sighed for the nth time looking like he wanted to say something more to Nadech but just shake his head at the two of them instead, "We'll retake in a few minutes"

This is all his fault! The script is not even complicated that requires inner feelings, in fact it was way too easy she didn't know how one can messed it up and then get away scratch free just because he was the boss.

He was just supposed to take a bite of the cupcake the same time she does and that's it! What is hard with that?!

If only looks could kill, he'd be already buried 6 ft. under.

"What's the matter?" Nadech chuckled at her while shaking his head.

Yaya took a deep breath and resisted the urge to strangle him, reminding herself she is a professional.

"You know, many people would trade places with you if they know you had to taste cupcake as a daily job" as if to add insult, he popped the remaining sweet to his mouth moaning in delight.

But then again, she's not a saint.

And that's the last straw. She finally snapped and barreled towards him, punching his shoulders. All day long he'd been teasing her even with just the little things she had to retaliate somehow.

"Ow" Nadech protested while chuckling, trying to hold her hand to stop her from hitting him everywhere. "Hey"

"Erm guys stop flirting-"

"We're not flirting!" They both turned at the crew who cower in fear.

"I-I meant fighting, stop fighting. The director said be ready at five"

With a sigh and a warning glare to her Pra ek, she resumed her previous position at the sofa.

The gossip that they were together died down as soon as it started after everyone noticed their bickering and no one really wanted to be in the middle of their argument... although there were still few who thought teasing was their own way of loving but that cant be true right?

How could there be a room for attraction when they couldn't even film a scene were they were supposed to act sweetly because they were always arguing?!

"Ready, in 3, 2, 1!"

The voice of the director interrupted her train of thoughts immediately getting back her focus. Here we go again.

"Love-" Nadech started putting down the plate on the coffee table before, lifting her completely and depositing her in his lap earning a small sqeak from her.

What is he unto now? She didn't had to fake her surprise gasp for this was not on the script.

Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his neck to balance herself "- try this cupcake I baked for you hmmm?" he added, picking one and raising it to her lips.

Sitting her on his lap wasn't part of the script. And this seducing sexy voice of his definitely isn't either.

Not that she is seduced or anything. She was just reminded of his bed room voice and that's it. She swore that's just it.

Damn, she won't go down alone in this.

"Awwww" Yaya slowly placed down her book to pinch his cheeks a little bit harder than necessary that his cheeks went red.

If Nadech felt the pain, he didnt give any indication as he continued smiling at her.

"You're too sweet... I think you should try it first" she added in an adlib, directing his hands towards his mouth.

Well if he could do this, so can she. Two can play this game.

Nadech's brows furrowed for a second but almost immediately cope up and played along with her.

"But this is your favorite" He insisted, pressing the cupcake near her lips again, "Please?"

He looked at her convincingly with a puppy look, she unconsciously opened her mouth to take a bite.

Oh God. Please have mercy.

She could almost hear Nadech's laughter that she was surprised when he too finally went in for a bite.

They looked at each other as they slowly moved away, her heart strangely beating fast when he reached up to brush the crumbles on her lips and licked the finger he used.

Yaya stared at his lips watching how his finger disappear in his mouth completely in trance that she almost jumped upon hearing the director's shout of glee.

"Cut! It's a wrap guys!" The director clapped happily, "That's what I'm talking about!"

Well at least someone is sure happy for she and Nadech looked confused and bothered as they stare at each other.

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