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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

Epilogue - Take me to THE OTHER SIDE



After 3 years...

"Ya you're gonna enter at 5"

Yaya sighed and looked up from her phone, forcing a smile at the harassed looking staff who cued her, she had no choice but reluctantly nodd her head. It's not like she had a say on this matter anyway but... she just wish Nadech is here with her in their first 'family' interview.

Sadly, according to him, he had a 'very important business' that he just can't cancel...

Three years ago, even after her and Nadech's reconciliation, she still insist on staying low key on showbiz for her to focus more on her family. In fact, this will be the first time she will be on the spotlight again.


Speaking of baby, her two year old son suddenly came running towards her and jump on her arms amidst the gasp of the staff around them.

It was a good thing she's a hands on mom and knew how to handle the little guy as she readily opened her arms and caught him just in time.


A now grown up Dave came in seconds later with sweats beading on his forehead, "Sorry I cant stop him"

Yaya just smiled and pat his hair saying, "It's okay" to the young man, and nodded at the staff who asked if everything's okay.

"If you're sure..." Dave scratched his head and goes back on his seat after her assurance.

"Okay mommy?" her baby asked her and she couldnt help but wonder if she's being too obvious as she nodds her head, to which her little boy proceed on spreading kisses all over her face effectively calming her with his presence.

Damn why is she even feeling nervous in the first place? She used to be a superstar for goodness sake! If only she can say no on her closest director friend who directed her and Nadech's mini-series and recently took an interest on interviewing former superstars, she wouldnt be on this stage right now.

"We all miss this gorgeous sweet lady who broke the heart of people all over the country when she suddenly announced her departure", her back automatically straightened when she heard one of the three host spoke her cue, she had to smile to herself as she realized that old habits really die hard eh? Guess it was already a part of her.

"Now that we catch up with her, we can finally get an update on her whereabouts and ask the question we are all dying to know!"

"Let's all welcome, the one and the only, Sweetheart of Thailand, Yaya Urassaya Kugimiya!"

With that, she entered the stage with her baby in her arms amidst the shouts and cheers of the crowd, it was almost overwhelming if not for the happy faces of the people around her.

Her baby though look like a natural, he was enjoying himself being at the spotlight as he smiled his dimpled smile that he got from his father.

"My!" the host with short hair looked at them in awe as they all settled and sit down, her baby sitting on her lap, "What a good looking kid!"

"Well of course, who would he get his genes from? We all know Ya's a beauty but have you seen the kid's father?!" the host with the bangs said while rolling her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, earning laughter from the audience, "It is such a disappointment that he cant be here because of some important matter"

Yaya only shake her head and just laugh at their antics because they were right though, her baby looked like a carbon copy of his father.

"So Ya, since this is your first interview, we're gonna take this real easy" the host with a gorgeous face asked calmly, "Let me ask you the question everyone is dying to know..."

After a short pause the host finally added, "How does Nadech's loving feels like?"

The crowd instantly erupted in cheers loudly, the host had to stand up and raised her hand to contain the audience as Ya buried her face in the neck of her kid who's now playing with the mic.

"I mean in the movie" the host defended herself, "We all watched their mini-series turned movie here right? It was a blockbuster you know"

And as if on cue, her and Nadech's sweet scenes were played on the large screen she's sure her cheeks are red by now in embarrassment as her kid even pointed on Nadech's face in screen shouting, "Daddy!

Oh God.

Help her.

"Alright alright" Good thing the hosts took the situation in their hands, "We're just kidding!"

"The real question is..."

"Are you two already married?" the crowd suddenly went wild again with screams she only had to laugh as the short haired host held up her right hand and show it for everyone to see.

"Seriously?!" the host tsked at the other, "The diamond is this big and you still feel the need to ask?"

"Okay okay" the host with the bangs held her hands up in defeat saying, "The real question is... why did you leave even after proving innocence and not to mention the phenomenal success of your movie even with no promotion?"

Silence followed the question as everyone anticipated her answer and she couldnt really blame them for she never really provided an answer as to why.

"I dont think I have to prove my innocence" She started in a light tone, hoping to lighten the atmosphere before she took a deep breath and finally answer, "When we grew older and more mature, dreams change and so does priorities... if given the chance to do it again, I wouldnt change my choice to any other way"

She knew very well that her departure was a mess, she admits that as she stayed true on her words and relocated at foreign country with Nadech.

After her resignation, and the scandal, their mini- series were almost cancelled for the leads were nowhere and her exit where being hyped by different theories.

It was then, that their friends came out and helped them by posting old pictures of them together somehow proving that they were actually together since long ago and that she was not the third party, like how most accused her.

It was almost funny how they conclude theories after they debunked an old picture of Nadech and the doctor from way back, they thought it was her who got in between the duo.

Them there was also the videos of Nadech crazily looking at her in the airport creating a contradictory theory.

People where almost at the edge of their sits as everyone expressed their own opinions and theories, she could only applaud their wide imagination.

All of that mess and the advertisements for the mini-series were almost next to none as the tv network also backed out, afraid of the backlash they might receive.

But the director did not give up, declaring the project as her master piece that she threw all the caution on the wind and turn it into independent film instead, with her shouldering the expenses.

Guess it was everyone's surprise and the channel's disbelief when the movie turned blockbuster hit there was even a demand on selling the uncut limited edition of the mini-series as a DVD which the director happily complies and eventually ends with a sold out, solidifying its legacy.

"Can you please elaborate?" the host with bangs pressed on, "I'm sorry its just, you surprised us, not just us actually but everyone with that departure announcement! We honestly didnt know what to think"

"I've just realize then that..." Ya took a deep breath and answered after a short pause as she smiled and finally confessed, "when you find something so precious, so rare, it is one of a kind", Then came shouts of support, she had to stop and smile knowing that they got her, "you can not afford to lose it, you're willing to do anything just to protect and hold on to it for as long as you can"

As if she were on some kind of competition, the crowd clapped and shouts their approval the hosts could not help but admire the power of the superstar to be able to still gather this much love and support from the people even after years of being inactive.

"Something so precious, so rare and one of a kind... Is it something erm- someone we know?" the short haired host said with a teasing smile while host with the bangs cheekily intervened, "Someone handsome with gorgeous dimples?"

"We all know who it is though!" the beautiful host joined in, holding up cardboards with their pictures as eveyone finally get a glimpse of their never before seen private pictures.

cr: I only collaged the pics and all credits goes to the rightful owners. (If anyone knows who owns the pics, please let me know so I can give proper credits)

"Where did you guys get that?!" she asked in surprise at seeing the pictures even though she knew at the back of her mind who could be the only one behind.

"Your husband had provided us with these that our team investigator finally put two and two together," the hosts high five and spoke together in sync it was almost scary as they read his IG caption, "Owned by my Better Half ❤
Let me be your P'Bear for the rest of my life."

cr: I only collaged the pics and all credits goes to the rightful owners. (If anyone knows who owns the pics, please let me know so I can give proper credits)

"In all fairness, no one guessed that the girl he had been talking about in his IG even way back has always been you" the host with the bangs nodds her head in appreciation of the pictures.

Ya's sure her cheeks were now red at the rate they we're going, she could only hide her face behind her son's back who's staring and pointing the wide screen at her with amusement in his eyes.

"How could they?" the short haired host laughs and waves it off, "I've heard that they used to always fight in the set, the director was afraid there will be no chemistry. Boy he was wrong though!"

Ugh. Do they have to remind her? Even the staff never trusted leaving them alone together, afraid they might end up doing something drastic. She should have applauded their insights then...

"Maybe they where just trying to live up on their name?" the gorgeous one shrugged saying, "Fighting like an old married couple eh?"


Did they forgot she was here too? Coz, they where talking like she's not here.

"But enough about that" the short haired hosts cuts off the gorgeous one Ya almost breath a sigh of relief.

Thank goodnes-

"Let's hear it from their family and friends!"

Or maybe not.

Her eyes suddenly widen at seeing Margie and Pok on the screen.

She was so surprised at the sudden turn of events she did not catch her son when he suddenly escaped her grip and run somewhere excitedly.

The camera pan around and the next she knew, her baby was being carried by none other than Nadech himself who was being assisted by some staff to join her in the stage, she stood up on instinct.

"What are you doing here?" she had to ask like they where the only person around even when the whole studio's cheering loudly and screaming in so much fin, "I thought you had an important bus-"

Maybe it has been their habit as their form of greeting for almost 4 years that he did it without thinking, or maybe he just really dont care about what other people think that he suddenly pressed a kiss on her lips the moment he reached her side, effectively shutting her up and making the people around them either gasp in surprise or scream in so much excitement.

"Its okay" he said as their son giggle at the public display, "Dont worry"

After exchanging greeting with the 3 hosts who looked at Nadech with heart on their eyes, she could only laugh at his awkward smile as he stare at her like he's asking for help, not sure why he even went there in the first place.

She really appreciates this though for she knew just how much uncomfortable he is with the showbiz industry she had to squeeze his hand in assurance as Nadech slowly sat on her side with their son on his lap.

"How are you Nadech?" the hosts asked him incredulously with dreamy voice, the audience had to laugh as the host gushed over his dimpled smile to which he awkwardly brushed off before he holds on to her hand and intertwine them together as if it is his lifeline.

"Can I sit beside-" the host with short hair tried to find space in between them as Ya laugh loudly and jokingly exclaimed, "No way!"

Nadech turn to smile at her appreciatively that Ya was genuinely surprised when the other two hosts suddenly chimed in saying, "Awwwww"

"Did you guys see that?" the gorgeous one grins at them widely like she was a proud mother, "His eyes changes tenderly whenever he looks at her!"

"I could almost see the hearts" the one with the bangs agreed sighing in disbelief, "When will I find someone who looks at me the way he did to Ya?!"

"Alright alright", the short haired host grudgingly goes back to her chair in defeat as she just pointed on the screen instead to continue the show, feigning sadness which no one really buys as they only laugh at her antics, "We have here again Margie and Pok"

Nadech and her exchange glances at the mention of their friends, unsure of what the two will reveal.

"Hello" / "Hello babiesss" Margie and Pok called out to them waving their hands at the camera.

Maybe they should not worry much though for the two were actually the matured ones in their circle so...

"I call them babies because we were actually one of the first few ones who learned about their relationship" Margie laugh out loud, "And at that time, we got to admit that we were confused and thought we were just imagining things because it was just imposssible!" her friend emphasized the impossible with a popping 'P', sound.

"Right", Pok nodded his agreement and chimed in, "They cant stand one another"

She felt Nadech's thumb caressed her hand that she turn to look at him, he looked at her with concern in his eyes whispering, "Are we that bad?"

To which she only chuckle and nodded her head. Yes, she even remembered thinking of struggling him before in so much annoyance with his teasing.

"We didnt know how or when it started but we learned their set up by accident when we girls almost got into a bar fight-"

Margie was suddenly cut off by Pok who laughs out loud before he animatedly began his story.

"Oh damn it" Nadech instantly turn bright red knowing what was coming that he hid his face on her shoulders, their baby was asking him what was wrong because his ears were so red.

"It was so epic", Pok chuckles and could almost not continue his story with all the laughing he did, "Nadech was so worried, he came rushing in even before me, when I should be the one worried sick because Margie where the one pregnant then!"

"I remember he even punched the poor innocent guy beside her not knowing that he was actually the one who saved us"
Margie added to his embarassment as the couple laugh together, reminiscing the scene like it was just yesterday.

Yaya though tried to comfort Nadech who still havent resurfaced from her shoulders because of the cheers and laughter from the crowd by doing a shushing sign towards the audinece jokingly and combing his hair like how she always did with their son.

"Anyway, we just wanted to tell you to always listen to each other and never ever forget what's really important in life"

Margie finally said with sincerity in their eyes as the couple raised their fist in support.

"Best wishes to you both", Pok added and just before the video ended, he suddenly lean towards the camera and whispered, "Just a friendly reminder Nadech, always saying yes to your wife is the key in a happy marriage. Remember a Happy wife means happy lif-"

"Hey I heard that!"

Pok never got to finish what he is saying as the camera suddenly turned black and the sound of someone groaning in pain is the last thing they heard before the next video plays.

Nadech, who finally seem to recover only shakes his head, and smiled at her his dimpled smile, raising his eyebrows at her teasingly.

Before she could retaliate though, Kim's voice rang through the air, she immediately turn towards the screen again rather nervously.

In truth, it was actually them whom she felt afraid of most, maybe because the they had been the most spontaneous one.

"When we first learned of them being together, I really thought it was just a prank and that they were just joking" Kim began speaking with Mark nodding his head before he chimed in, "I actually fainted in surprise" to which Kim looked at him in surprise just as almost everyone in the studio also laugh at the duo on screen.

"What?" he tried to defend himself upon her look, "I wasnt prepared for their revelation!"

His statement though only invoked more laughter from the audience and the hosts couldnt help their side comments as well.
Kim only shake her head before she broke into a smiled, "Well to our defense, they were almost fighting and teasing each other," she said just to pacify the situation, "Never in my wildest dream did I think that they might be together 'together' too-"

"I thought you claim yourself as the leader of their ship way back in our Hongkong trip?" Mark slipped and she heard the "Oooohhh" sound from eveyone as pictures of them in HongKong together showed on the screen.

cr: I only collaged the pics and all credits goes to the rightful owners. (If anyone knows who owns the pics, please let me know so I can give proper credits)

Yaya resisted the urge to facepalm as the duo continued on dropping hints here and there, as if there's no tomorrow.

If she didnt know any better, she would think they were doing it on purpose.

"Yes, it was on the list of the things that I wanted even though i know that it is impossible to happen." Kim explained as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, "Who knows that they went ahead and got married even way ahead before us?"

That did it.

Ya closed her eyes and Nadech only looked at her shyly as the hosts paused the video because the audience get uncontrollable with their fin.

"So you guys were with them at the hongkong trip" the one host couldnt resist and teased them, "And you guys got married even before them?!"

Well they were caught now and there was no longer denying, after exchanging glances, they finally admitted with a nod.

"Are you two together then?"

"Even way before that" Nadech answered the question to her surprise that he only shrugged with a winner smile when she turn to look at him.

"Anyway, we wish you guys all the best of love and luck." Kim finally said before her and Mark exchanged looks with a mischievous glint in their eyes, she knew then and there it was all a trap.

She had to groan in disbelief as new batch of pictures of her and Nadech were shown on the screen she could almost smell the payback in their smiles.

cr: I only collaged the pics and all credits goes to the rightful owners. (If anyone knows who owns the pics, please let me know so I can give proper credits)

She therefore conclude that they must have not yet moved on from the Chiang Mai incident with all the kidnapping and locking up thingy.

"If you guys ever needed our help, we're always here ready to give back, the same way you both did to Kim and I before. Good luck"

She could only groan and laugh it off instead for she knew they couldnt hide anything anymore. What's the point anyway?

"Hey guys!" Mario and James Ma then appeared next on the screen she could care less about any other revelation.

"Their relationship?" The two guys look at one another before exploding in laughter, "those two used to be like cats and dogs that them being an item never crossed our minds"

"But now that we think about it, they actually showed some signs before, remember the reality show we onced competed with them?" Mario asked James Ma who nodded his agreement, their hands on their chin as if they were solving some mystery.

"How could I forget?" the other said, "They almost won even when they where at each others throats"

"Maybe it is their own form of loving because they cant show their real affection"

The two boys then oohed and hi - five, she could only shake her head as they reminded her of her little boy, who squirmed in Nadech's arms to go over her lap, she felt Nadech moved closer to her if that was even possible, she saw the hosts looked at them and the free space on his side, raising eyebrows at them teasingly.

"We may never get you two but just know that I salute to that different kind of loving" Mario finally said, raising his hand to his temple in salute to them.

"As long as you both are happy" James Ma added nodding his agreement, "Just keep on doing whatever you're doing"

The next to appear was Boy, Nine and Dave earning appreciative gasps from the audience, yet she couldnt help but wonder why Nadech suddenly groan and palmed his face, his ears turning bright red.

"Hello Bro and sister in law!" they said in unision while waving at the camera.

"We're glad that you finally reached your dreams" Nine started with a mischievous grin in his eyes, "Thank God Ya finally noticed you cause we were tired of your whining"

Yaya had to laugh at this, finally putting two and two together as she could see Nadech gritting his teeth in annoyance.

Boy readily chimed in cheekily, "Ya you dont hear it from us but Nadech is actually you're number one fanboy"

"He has a collection of your lakorns and magazines here thats why everyone knows you when you first got here-" Dave joined in the teasing but before he could finish though, the camera turned black with shouts of loud "Hey" and
"Seriously?!" before the camera gets back again but this time, the boys looked harassed with their hair all over the place.

Yaya could only look at Nadech in surprise as he tried to avoid her gaze, "Is that true?"

"Hmmm" was his only response before she smirked at him cheekily, "You stalker"

"Can you blame me though?" he grumbly answered back, she instantly remember his acceptable reason that made her quickly caressed his cheeks softly but as quick as it may be, the camera still caught it and the crowd erupted again in screams of fin.

"What we're trying to say is that, we're truly happy you two end up together" Nine in the video sighed in defeat.

"In all honesty, I thank you Ya for loving and accepting my brother here" Boy smiled with genuine happiness, "We wish you both the best in life"

"Dont ever hurt Ya okay?" Dave warned him like it was her who's family rather than him.

"Oh and before I forgot" Boy suddenly pulled someone in, "For the record, Dr. Chippy has always been my girl. Just to clear it for everyone"

Everyone gasped from Boy's revelation that the ship her bashers used to accuse her of being Nadech's mistress sink rapidly as the truth were finally slapped on their faces.

"Finally" she heard Nadech breathe and kissed her shoulder as she just shrugged and smiled for she honestly lost all the care to those unimportant thoughts...

"To my lovely grandchildren" it was grandma who was next, "You dont know how happy you two made an old lady like me"

"The moment you brought her here in the hacienda almost four years ago, I already knew then and there that she is your the one"

Nadech and her exchange tender smile as they came to believe too that maybe the legend was indeed the truth and Nadech confessed to her that he intentionally brought her in the hacienda just to test it so he could also have his assurance that she will be his.

"Thank you Ya for loving my Nadech and giving him the family he deserves"

Gandma continued she couldnt help but cry at grandma's words with Nadech rubbing her back, "I know he would love you and take care of you for the rest of your life."

"I just wish I get to live longer to see you and your kids grew older"

She wished the same for she didnt know why but she found the grandma she longed of before with her.

The screen then changed into her parents, Nadech instantly straightened his back as he look at the screen rather too seriously, she had to smile and rub her thumb in his palm.

"To my daughter Ya and my son in law Nadech, We pray that you two continue on loving each other always." her mother began rather teary eyed,, "Ya always remember that family is the most important thing in life"

"All I can say is..." her father finally spoke after clearing his throat, she had to surpress the urge to smile at seeing the uncomfortable vibes he is exhibiting in front of the camera, "I'm happy that you two found each other"

Finally, she felt Nadech heaved a sigh of relief at this like a weight was finally lifted off his shoulders before he turn to look at her with the most beautiful smile like there was nothing holding him back now, she too had to smile.

"Lord knows I tried to keep him away from you-" her father continued until her mother cut him off with a tap on his arm exclaiming, "You did that?!"

"I was just testing him if he's being true" her father defended himself while rubbing his arms before continuing, "And he proved me wrong that I knew our daughter had chosen the right one."

"Nadech" he then called her husband, who instantly became alert again, "We already talk about this but let me repeat it again. Dont you dare hurt my daughter or else... you'll know what's coming.

Silence followed his statement as her father suddenly changed his expression, she was surprised at seeing the redness of her father's eyes like he was holding back the tears, "So with that, continue living with that trust, respect and love, for you two can never go wrong with that combination"

"Awww" A collective sounds of appreciation.

"And that's it" the hosts said after all the videos where shown. "What can you say your family and friends already thrown the cat out of the bag"

"Thank you" Nadech said forcing out a smile, she resisted laughing at his reaction.

"He's a man of few words", Ya explained cheekily while tapping his chest that brought rounds of laughter from the guests, "Anyway, I would like to thank everyone, my family, friends and fans who supported our family through everything. We love you guys"

"Before we end the show though-" the host began amidst the shouts of support from the fans before she stopped at the director's signal, "oh wait there's more!"

She was honestly confused at what's happening for she's not cued in on it as the next thing she knew, Nadech were suddenly down in one knee in front of her, shocking her to the core. She swore her heartbeat was so loud it almost drowned the crowd who erupted in loud celebratory cheers.

"I had always wanted to ask this question but I never got to find the opportunity," he said, his hands almost shaking as he took a deep breath and opened the diamond box in his hands, "Right from the very beginning, you may not know it but you had always been the best part in my life, my best friend, my partner in crime, my better half until you became my everything and showed me the beauty of life when I almost gave up."

"I know that you already sacrificed so much for me, for our family when you chose us instead of your dreams and I'm really really really grateful with tha-"

"Shhhh dont say that"

She cuts him off and wiped a lone tear that fell from his eye. It is true that she received offers but accepting it never even crossed her mind. She didnt know what happened but one day, she just found herself including him in her every dream, until his dream and happiness became hers too, "I chosed us, because our family is my dream now and I wouldnt change it any other way"

"Now, in front of everyone here as my witness, I humbly ask if you can please take this man in front of you who promise to only love you forever... Will you marry me again?"

Crowd erupted in cheers as she said yes with Nadech, quickly wearing her his ring as if he is afraid she'll change her mind before he whispered his 'I love you' and pressed a kiss on her lips.

"I love you too" she whispered as he smiled through tears and leaning in again to kiss her before he pulled away and carried their son as the most important boys in her life envelope her in a hug.

She could only thank the heavens and her lucky stars for giving her this two wonderful person who reminded her again of the life when she is carefree and happy, with no spotlight to watch her every move.

After everything, she came to realize that beyond any dream, it is always those person who loves and supported us who's truly important in life because whats the point of success when there's no one to share that happiness with?

At the end of the day, we all look for someone who'll stay with us through every ups and downs and she thinks she already found that.

Thank God he came into her life.

Who knows that all it took is one kiss and he had brought her to The Other Side.

------------- THE END -------------

NY during the interview

cr: I only collaged the pics and all credits goes to the rightful owners. (If anyone knows who owns the pics, please let me know so I can give proper credits)

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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: I already finished epilogue days ago but I deliberately posted it today just because it is valentines day...

And for that... I have thrown in this last minute bonus epilogue. Enjoy!

"Sweetheart" Nadech wiped her tears as she kept on crying just as her son who sat beside her gave her endless supply of tissues before running out to get more, "Stop crying... Maybe you should stop watching that movie-"

"But I just cant help it!"she said with conviction, burying her head on his chest and wiping her tears on his shirt before blowing on it, ignoring his cringe and grimace, "that part was so sad I couldnt bear to think what if we followed the original storyline?"

She was actually watching their uncut mini-series and the one scene she kept replaying was when her character was forcefully taken away from him.

Damn, It was heartbreaking!

Or maybe she's just being too sensitive this days... blame it on her hormones.

"We were supposed to have a kid here you know, it was written in the book"

Yaya insisted just as Nadech sighed and caressed her hair in attempt to comfort her.

"I'm sure my character wont ever get tired on chasing you just to make you remember and love us again, like how I did before", he said.

"But what if it was your character who forgot me and our kid?!" she suddenly raised her head to look him in the eye as the sudden thought crossed her mind.

"Well... if that happens", Nadech honestly didnt know what to answer as he scratched his chin, "You will not give up on me and just give me to someone else right?"

Ya only looked at him with warning, "You better be ready coz I will find you wherever you are."

"Really?" he said grinning from ear to ear

"Of course!", she exclaimed before shaking her head in disbelief, "And why in the world would she give you up anyway?"

"I dunno" he shrugged in defeat, not really knowing whats wrong with his wife, she's being too sensitive and temparamental this days, "Because my character is handsome and rich and he thought he never met you, I'm sure there's many girls out there for hi-"

"If he'll do that then I'll just forget him too" she said indignantly, "My character didnt even like someone else even when she lost her memories, why would he have-"

"B-but its unfair!" Nadech sputtered, "I forgot the perfect woman and didnt know her existence! How could I know what Im missing when I didnt remember having it in the first place?"

"You've got a point" She finally relents after they stare intensely at one another.

"Well, if ever that is the story line, Nang fah should never give up on Saichon cause my character might not realize it but he already has a person in his heart and would only truly be happy with her for she is his angel" he said as if it was the only real thing in the world that he believes in.

"Really?" she asked in awe, he began to worry as he saw the beginning of tears again in her eyes.

"I'm sure it wont be that hard cause my heart will surely recognize you even if my mind forgets just like how mine did"

Before she could stop herself, she lunge on him and proceed to kiss him which he appreciatively returns with equal fervor, they wouldnt stop if not for their son who suddenly jumps and hugs them both.

"Bear Hug!" he said cutely as Nadech lifted their son and tickled him.

"We couldnt afford mommy leave us be right?" Nadech said to her son as they team up on her

"Yeah!" her son hi fived with his father, "because we love mommy so so so very much!"

Her husband and son smiled at her with their dimples that tears almost get in her eyes after realizing how lucky she is to have them in his life.

"Mommy loves you both too so so so very much!" she repeated her sons words before she stare at Nadech in the eye, "Oh wait- there's actually three of you now"

She watched as Nadech's eyes widen slowly, turning from confusion to unhibited happiness real quick.

"You mean?!"


"Oh God I'm so happy!" he exclaimed before turning to their son "You're gonna be a big brother soon!"

The house was soon filled with laughter as the father and son did a happy dance she could only shake her head and laugh.

Her eyes accidently caught on the lone wine bottle in the large display cabinet in their living area just beside their portraits, memorabilia and marriage certificate, she remembered people where asking what it was doing there...

But it definitely earned its position though because somehow, it was all thanks to that one bottle.

Who knows that something like that could change her everything? And for the better?

With a shake in her head, she joined her family again as their house were filled with laughter and happiness, she would never exchange for anything.

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I am quite unashamely promoting my new fanfic entitled, "Forever and Always"

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@annmott, thank you so much for a wonderful fan fiction story. It was entertaining, exciting, sad and loving story that you had created. You made all of us crave for more at each chapter. You have an amazing talent in writing. Please keep up the great work that you always do! I’ve always look forward to your fan fiction. Thank again! With admiration and appreciation for you always!


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What a perfect way to get end the story of Na and Ya! I love this "At the end of the day, we all look for someone who'll stay with us through every ups and downs and she thinks she already found that." :icon12::icon12::icon12:

Thank you soo much for having the time to write this and not giving up. :clap::cheer::clap:

Keep on being the architect of your dreams, your passion, creativity & dedication in writing.
You always have my full support! ;):icon12:@annmott
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NOTICE: Hey everyone, just a heads up... I have been thinking for quite sometime of either deleting this fanfiction or editing it into a lesser mature themed one so... if one of these days I do either one of them, please do not be surprised. I know this fanfic is just for fun and fin for us NY fans but I also couldnt help but think of their reputation ( I am sorry if I am exaggerating) if ever this fanfic got into erm- the other side's hands? :risas3::risas3::risas3:

So yeah...

I will do either on or before Ya's birthday.
Thank you.


To tell frankly... I LOVE HER
Nooo plssss or at least give a few more days so that I'll copy each page to a word file so that I can read it again in the uncut form:crybaby2:


sarNie Hatchling
Hello guys! What's happening here?


Seriously? :clap:

This fanfic has a higher views than Silverlining, I cant believe it! Hmmm do I have to wonder why... ?:risas3:

Anyway. Due to that number of views, I decided to upload the original version again for those people who missed the steamy scenes.

Thank You and Enjoy.