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Your update is very much welcome and THANK YOU:thumbup:. LOL, this story makes me smile, I don't why. Maybe its that good? I like the flow of the story . For me its coherent from a very passionate encounter to a playful and naughty morning/days after.:thumbup::worship2:. Don't let us wait too long for the next one. :aaaaa:
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@annmott, great job! ... can’t wait for more to come! I’m still on cloud nine over their trip to Paris! Maybe you might take something from their trip and include it into your story? I appreciate your time and all of us are just dying to read some more!!! Keep up the great work!


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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Surprise! Another update :aaaaa:

Chapter 5 - Kidnap part 1

(Her side)

"You do realize this is kidnapping?" Yaya rubbed the back of her eyes, yawning as she stare at the unfamiliar road ahead.

Why does it seem lately that her days were out of her control?

"If I remember correctly, you were the one who entered my car without my invitation" Nadech raised his eyebrows at her and chuckled when she rolled her eyes.

Okay so maybe it is her fault, but then she didnt know he'll be travelling to God knows where. She was actually just escaping from her creepy old suitor and the first person she saw was Nadech in the studio's parking lot that she was left with no choice.

She might have been the most sought after actress but she values her privacy, only giving a glimpse to people through her social media account.

Between the two of them, she'd definitely choose him over that she immediately went in his car and commanded him to drive without asking where he's going.

And look where that got her... in the middle of nowhere. She wanted to smack herself while looking out the window.

Why does she have to fall asleep in his car? Stress must have caught up with her...

"Okay I'm really sorry" Nadech sighed sincerely after noticing her mood, "I had an urgent call from my uncle telling me to come as soon as possible and I dont have the heart to wake you up so I thought I'd just bring you along"

Should she say thank you for his consideration? Well at least he say sorry.

Her eyes suddenly widen, lighting up her mood upon seeing the row of fields of different kinds of flowers that she squealed in delight and open her window to look outside, getting her phone out to take some photos.

"For someone who just got kidnapped," Nadech chuckled at her reaction, "You sure don't look scared and unhappy"

"Where are we?!" she asked, pointedly ignoring his comments.

Maybe she needed this escape for any more unwanted surprises and she might just snap and do something she'd never really thought of doing.

He didnt have to answer as the large signage indicated their location. 'Villa Fortuna'. She had to let out another gasp of surprise upon her realization. One of the largest, richest and exclusives hacienda in their country. Rumors say that only a few outsiders were allowed to enter the place for they like to maintain the area hidden from exposure to avoid crowding.

A few more minutes and her jaw dropped almost making her dropped her phone as well at seeing a hot guy riding on a horse shirtless that she had fogotten to ask Nadech how come they were allowed inside?

The man must have been waiting for them for he smiled and waved at them earning another gasp from her.

My, he is that handsome.


This is definitely a good idea.

"Dont even think about it," Nadech told her with a tsk after he caught her checking out the guy who was riding behind them in the mirror, "That cousin of mine is not a good idea"

Cousin? So that was why they can easily entered the estate.

"I wont even be surprise" she muttered, ignoring him, "the guy definitely had the looks"

Nadech 'tsked' again at her and without warning, he pulled on the breaks then moved closer to her that she had to back away or they would be kissing.

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"W-what are you doing?" she asked him, pressing her hands on his chest to stop him from coming any closer when he didn't budge and they stare at each other for a few seconds as he reached out to place her hair behind her ears.

"Sweetheart" Nadech suddenly broke into a smile at seeing her blush and took off her seat belt, "If you're looking for someone good looking, all you have to do is look in my direction."

"Neve-" she didnt get to finish for Nadech put up a finger on her lips effectively stopping her from speaking.

"You should felt privileged you know. I dont let other people see this face of mine up close" he added cheekily before going down the car.

She must have been so caught up with his teasing she didn't notice the beautiful white mansion in front of her.

Is she still here in Thailand? God this place looks too beautiful to be here on earth.

"Hello to you two" Another handsome man with a stethoscope greeted them looking like he walked out straight from a magazine.

"Nice of you to come here my lady" the handsome man from before caught up with them and goes down his horse as if on a slow motion, flexing his muscles.

And the people here look beautiful too!

Goodness, she didn't know heaven existed right here in the middle of the woods.

"The name is Boy" The sexy man added and moved closer to touch her hand as if to kissed it when Nadech quickly intercepted, holding her hand firmly and placing her behind his back.

Her brows furrowed at his action as she tried to pull out from his tight grasp. His cousins look harmless after all, in fact they were looking like angels.

"Guys, this is my-" she paused at this and they took a look at each other, both wondering how they'll introduce each other to other people. "erm- friend?"

"Come on, of course we know who she is!" the other man who she think is a doctor or something similar said, winking at her.

"Right, we all know here who she is!" Boy added as the two hi-five and laugh.

She could only smile shyly, flattered with their recognition.

"Yes" Nadech nodded gritting his teeth, "So don't mess with her"

"I'm Nine by the way, the resident vet here" the man smiled at her and before she could answer, a young boy ran towards them out of nowhere and jump on Nadech's arms.

"P' Nadechhhhhh! You're back!"

He must have forgotten he was still holding her hand for when he hold the kid, he accidentally pulled her closer too that she was almost back hugging him and making her face to face with the most gorgeous boy she had ever laid her eyes.

What is going on here? That is some good genes that runs on the family!

"Oh my!" The young one's eyes widen upon seeing her and suddenly hold her face in his little hands surprising her.

"P'Yaya?! You're really really here!"

Without warning, the boy proceed to shower kisses on her face earning laughter from her as Nadech and the other guys tried to stop the little boy who only cling on her neck tightly.

"Dave! Go down now" Nadech scolded the kid who looked sullen at being reprimanded, "Yaya cant carry you"

"It's okay" she cant resist the charm of the young one who beamed at her and pressed another kiss on her cheeks.

Nadech tugged her hand to make her look at him as if to check if she's really okay with it and reluctantly let go of her hand when he got her assurance.

"Glad to see you back here grandson" an old elegant woman who must have looked beautiful when she's young smiled at them fondly and she watched how Nadech's face changed and broke into smile as he immediately hugged the old woman.

"I'm happy to see you bring Yaya here too" and much to her surprise, the old woman went to hold her face gently in her hands just like how Dave did earlier, as if examining it before she hugged her.

They sure weren't kidding when they told her everyone knows her...


Is it weird that she find herself at home in this strange land? Nadech's Grandma who insisted she called him grandma too had been very accomodating to her in fact she wanted to ask why they are so good to her?

Nadech told her earlier when he brought her to the guest room she'd stay in that Grandma Daeng was in fact a very big fan of hers and that was the reason why everyone knew her here.

That spark another question from her that she does not dare to ask him. If everyone from his family knew her, then how come he himself didnt care to make friends with her before? They had the same circle of friends after all. Maybe he was the excemption in the family if the stare from the young boy in front of her is any indication.

She couldnt help but giggle and copy the young boy's position as she too stare at him. It turns out that Dave's father, the current head and in charge of the estate was the one who called Nadech in because he had to attend some important business somewhere so Dave is currently at the care of his grandma.

"So..." Yaya started, smiling at the young boy who's staring at her with both hands underneath his chin, "Why do you keep on looking at me like that?"

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"I just like looking at your face!" Dave answered her without changing his position, "You are so pretty P'Ya!"

Now if only, his uncle would be like this young one, they wouldnt have any problem.

"Why thank you, you're very handsome too" she told the young boy who only smiled at her and continued looking at her face.

Grandma Daeng chuckled at her grandson as they exchanged glances. The three of them were sitting at the veranda overlooking the farm land where she could see here Nadech riding his horse towards them after checking the land.

Boy and Nine must have gone back on their own work for he came back alone and she concluded from their previous conversation that this must have been a very busy season for the estate.

"P'Nadech!" Dave hurriedly went down and ran towards Nadech who stopped near the hose to wash his face and arms before splashing water on his horse.

Yaya watched Nadech distractedly wondering how someone like him could look even more handsome in farmers clothes. She must say she's impressed for she could clearly see how dedicated he is showing his love for the farmland that she wondered what he's doing in the business world.

"You know, Nadech was supposed to be the heir of this land for his late grandfather saw how he love and take care of this land that's why his uncle called him to take charge here"

Grandma must have noticed her look at Nadech for she continued, "Nadech chose to take care of their company at a young age instead when his parents died because someone had to and he told me he wanted to be successful in his own way so that he'll have something to be proud of someday"

"I guess he's reached his dreams now" She whispered with conviction, "He's all successful in the business world now"

"Hmm... In some way" Grandma Daeng took one look at her before she continued, "But I'd say he'd reached his dreams when he settled down with the one he loves"

A few minutes of silence pass by as the two of them watch Nadech with Dave clean the horse before grandma spoke again, "So.. when are you two gonna get married?"

She didnt know it is possible to cough even if you're not eating as she thumped her chest to get her breathing back, his grandma gave her some water and rubbed her back. Thankfully, she was not drinking anything earlier for she's sure she'd done something embarassing by now.

For goodness sake, they weren't even together!

"W-we're not dating or anything" she managed to get out.

"Oh, I thought you two were together?" Grandma asked thoughtfully, "I mean, you were the first woman Nadech ever brought here in the estate"

The old woman stated as if that explain everything and continued when she noticed her confusion, "You know we had a tradition here that the first person any of the owner here brings in this land would only mean you were that special for you to be allowed entry in this territory. This theory is actually proven and even goes way back from our ancestors hence the name villa fortuna, meaning fortune. Fortune in land and fortune in love."

"But I'm sure there are some excemptions" Yaya tried to hide her nervousness by laughing. That can't be true right?

She couldn't very well tell grandma that she kinda forced Nadech into bringing her here now can she? Briefly, she wondered if the warm welcome she received is because they thought she and Nadech were together.

"We're not really together" she added as an afterthought, hopefully convincingly for his grandmother look for a second like she wanted to insist this superstition.

Thankfully, the old woman had some mercy on her for she finally dropped the issue.

"If you say so" Grandma sighed before her eyes suddenly lit up as if remembering something, "That reminds me how I met Nadech's grandpa, you won't believe it. That was the time when arrange marriage were the norm and in a desperate attempt to back away from his impeding marriage-"

"Let me guess grandma" Yaya interrupted the old woman, she had onced starred in a lakorn with a similar story line where Pra'ek had an arrange marriage and defies his parents she knew where the story is going, "Nadech's grandpa likes you so much he fight for you and brought you here to introduce you to his family?"

"Not really like that" Grandma chuckled, "Looking back, it was actually funny because he grabbed the wrong hand instead of the girl he liked, he held mine and dragged me to announce that he'd marry me instead! Imagine his surprise at seeing the wrong girl and my shock for his sudden announcement, at that time I was just visiting my cousin here and so I didn't really know that tradition. We had no choice but to get married"

Yaya swallowed the bile in her throat not liking where the story is heading.

"Surprisingly, it wasn't easy but eventually we made it work." Grandma sighed happily, staring far ahead and reminiscing her happy memories, "You see there's really no coincidence in this world"

Grandma just had to burst her small bubble of hope eh? But still- she refused to believe.

No way would she let some tale dictate her future.

Destiny? Nope.

What had she gotten herself into?

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Another chap, right away wow. I love where the storyline is going. Thanks @annmott. I think Nadech is attracted to Yaya even before they met so its not hard for him to let Yaya "in" his personal life. The fact that he let her come along with him and meet his family tells a lot about his feelings. Yaya can feel it when she said "What had she gotten herself into?":aaaaa::aaaaa::aaaaa:


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Happy you come and continue this fanfict.. i love it.. the way you put everysingle word its good.. thats make me want to read and read again... please update soon.. :)
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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Finally got this chap done! My earlier plan was to finish this during their time on Paris but got busy so here it is... Enjoy!

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Chapter 5 part 2 - Kidnapped

(His side)

Nadech slid off his horse, wiping his sweat and mentally checking the places he already visited to make sure everything is going smooth in their land.

Today, he heard a horse is about to give birth any day now and he had to check the progress.

This should be his last stop.


They can go home now earlier than expected for his 'visitor' or what Yaya like to refer to herself as his 'captive' would surely like to go home now.

After all, someone like her would only be bored in this kind of place right?

His grandmother had told him earlier to take her with him this morning as he make rounds and tour her around but he only laugh it off for she will surely never dream of stepping foot on this dirty and muddy land...

"Come on guys, move a little faster!"

He stopped on his track upon seeing the three workers hurry. One even urged his two other friends while making their way inside the barn.

Seems like nothing has changed on this farm at all eh?

Nadech suppressed the urge to laugh thinking of the reason why the workers was hurrying like this. After all, a horse giving birth is a rather normal occurence on the farm.

His guess would be none other than the original resident veterinarian in town, Dr. Chippy. She was known here not only for her skills as she used to be the only vet but also for the girl's charm and oozing sex appeal. In fact, she was the inspiration of his cousin Nine, why he became a vet too.

Oh, and she was also one of the many victims of his playboy cousin Boy. He wonders how the two cope up now after their bad break up because of trust issues.

Personally, he thought that the two would end up together but no such luck.

"Does she really look pretty?" One of the trio asked who seemed like their leader as the trio continued talking not noticing his presence.

"Pretty is an understatement! Man, she is gorgeous, beautiful like an angel!" the leader sighed dreamily, "I could die happily after seeing her pure and sweet smile"

Wait, what? His brows instantly furrowed after hearing their conversation.


Pure and sweet smile???

Not being prejudice or something but as far as he knew, Dr. Chippy was rather on a different level of ermm- boldness?

Wondering now what their talking about, he walked closer towards them to ask.

Their leader instantly turned pale after accidentally bumping unto his chest. "B-boss?"

"So... who are you guys talking about?"

To his surprise, the trio, squirmed under his gaze and pushed on each other.

If it ain't Dr. Chippy, then it couldn't be...

But that's just impossible! There's no way she'd go here.

"W-w-were talking about-" the leader stuttered but he never got to finish for a familiar laughter caught his attention and he turn his gaze towards the horse stable.

He never thought it is possible but for a moment, his world must have stopped upon seeing the sweetest smile he ever laid his eyes on. His breath was caught as he stares at the beauty in front of him looking so innocent and full of life that he briefly wonders if he had to go to a hospital for a check up especially after their eyes met and his heart started beating fast.

There would be no explanation on that other than the adrenaline rush. Right?

"Nadech!" she waved her hands when she spotted him and all he could do is smile back distractedly.

Well, he hoped he smile back and not look like an idiot for he saw Boy and Dave supressing their laughter at the side.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her after reaching her side and he couldnt help but stare at her in wonder.

Seriously, never in his wildest dreams did he imagine she'd set a foot in this place but look at her, bare face with no make up and dressed in simple clothes. Heck, there was even traces of mud in her clothes yet he never thought she could look even more perfect.

"I-" she started to answer but her attention immediately get caught as she turn to the stable when the horse give a loud screech, preparing to give birth as Nine stand by ready beside the mare.

Ya must have been shocked out of her mind for she clutched his left hand tight while looking at the horse in pain.

"Please be okay" she muttered like a mantra. The worry in her eyes were evident by the beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

He had to fight the urge to free his hand from her tight grasp.

Dont take him the wrong way.

He wouldn't mind her holding his hand all day after all, its not everyday a gorgeous woman like her is clutching his hand like a lifeline.

Only, she did it with so much force he swore his hand is turning white and numb he had to wonder if she's mad at him yet again for he might as well bid farewell now to his left hand.

He couldn't push her away now could he?

That would be just rude even if she's crushing his bones.

On his peripheral vision, he saw the trio pointing at their clasped hands in glee while he noticed several workers look at him with jealousy that he had to groan supressing the pain in his hands.

Even Boy must have thought he was having the time of his life for he saw his cousin smirking at him and raising his thumbs up.

If only they knew...

This must be the total representation of the saying, "No pain, no gain"

After what seem like forever, the birth was declared successful and safe by Nine.

He could only hope he can say the same with his hand as she finally let go to look at the foal with Dave like a happy and proud mother if her teary eyes would give any indication.

"Grandma is here!"

"I brought lunch" the old lady announced to eveyone knowing that the workers must have been working hard for this.

There was suddenly a slight commotion and he watched how grandma headed straight towards Yaya as they inspected the foal.

After a while, both ladies stood up with their hands linked together while they make their way towards the gazebo.

"Looks like grandma forgot about us" Nine chuckled, getting his gloves off his hands upon reaching him and Boy.

"Well according to her she is with her 'grand daughter in law' so what do you expect" Boy agreed, thumping Nine's back.

Wait- Grand daughter in law?

"What are you two talking about?"

Nadech couldn't resist but ask as they too headed towards the gazebo and sit on one of the tables while he stares at Yaya helping Grandma with distributing the foods for the workers.

Boy and Nine suddenly turn to him warily in their own version of 'Do you really have to ask?!' look.

"Seriously?" Boy rolled his eyes at him "Just looking at you staring at her like she's the last piece of your favorite dessert makes me want to puke"

"For the record, we're not together and I dont even like her." he defended himself from their accusing glare, "I was just - erm fascinated?"

For the life of him, he never imagined that she could be this comfortable in this place for the way she talk and joke with the workers seems like she had been here all her life.

She better be not acting right now but honestly, he didnt think someone could fake this smile in the midst of all the dirt and smell from the ranch.

"I hate celebrities remember?" Nadech added just to prove his point.

"You're not fooling anybody here you know" Nine added sarcastically, "And you hate celebrities because you thought they were liars and fake people. Apparently, your sweetheart proves different."

"Yep and we definitely approved!" Boy smirked at him and raised his thumbs up when she crouched down to Dave's level to help him with his food.

"Grandma was so happy you finally brought someone here that she's already thinking of wedding bells" Nine answered.

In all honesty, he intentionally brought her here to tease her for he knew most of the hi-so people hate this place and he wanted to know the real her stripped off all her glamour and pretenses, wondering how a classy girl like her would react on this place.

He must say he is surprised for he never really thought someone like her in the industry brimming with fake people could still be this genuine and real.

"Although if you insist that you dont like her, she can still be grandma's grand daughter in law right?" Boy added suggestively.

His brows furrowed when the two hi-five and smirked at him in a challenge when they spotted Yaya going near them with a tray of food in her hands.

"Don't you two even think about it" he whispered gritting his teeth in annoyance.

How many times does he need to tell his cousins about this subject?

"She is off limits" he added in a warning tone to the duo just for a good measure and then stood up to hold Yaya's arm, making sure she is seated beside him away from the two predators as Dave also took the seat beside her.

He helped her distribute the food while keeping his eyes on the duo who suddenly burst into laughter that she looked at them in wonder.

"Grandma had to go back-" she started but paused after the two wont stop laughing, "So... What did I miss?"

"Nothing" Nadech intervened in which she looked at him suspiciously.

Uh- Oh. He couldn't get anymore obvious than this.

"Dont worry we're not talking about you" Boy added in which he assumes is a helpful manner that Nadech couldnt help but stomp the guy's feet.

Seriously? It would be better if the guy just shut up. His cousin really do not have any filter at all.

"We're just talking about erm- manly things" Thankfully, Nine came to his rescue, and Ya seemed to have a newfound respect for Nine after what happened earlier that she chose to let go and started eating.

"Do you have any plans this afternoon?"
He knew there is a catch as Nine added while smirking at him, obviously pissing him off but luckily, the poor girl is busy helping Dave with his food she didnt hear what the guy was saying. That or she's just really dense when a guy was hitting on her.

"You sure dont like her then eh?" Boy whispered to him when she got up to get the little boy more food. "Looks like you found a keeper"



Yaya groaned for the nth time and Nadech had to swallow thickly trying to keep his mind clear from the thoughts that keeps on entering his mind whenever she moan like that.

And she had been doing this little sounds for quite some time since they started eating this Khao Soi he had to put his cowboys hat on her head after noticing few people looking their way.

It all started out innocently when he decided to stay true to her accuse of him as her kidnapper and took her with him to tour her around the land, ending their trip at the town center because he needed to buy something. In truth, he would take any excuse to get her away from his predator of a cousin.

Everything was going smoothly until she stopped dead on her tracks after seeing the display picture of this dish, she instantly dragged him inside the small eatery he never thought she'd consider on eating and leaving him no choice but to follow. Honestly, it's not like he have the heart to say no to her puppy look. Hungry puppy look rather.

Who would have thought that this innocent activity would make things hard for him.

"Mmmm.. This is really great" Yaya moaned again with conviction that he had to grip his own spoon and concentrate on eating or she'll get what she's asking.

Luckily, there were only few people in the restaurant that they dont recognize her or he wont be responsible for the damage in her reputation.

Her moaning stopped and he thankfully looked up at her only to find her licking the sauce on her finger.

Damn it.

"I'm done." he suddenly stood up earning a surprise gasp from her.

"Stay here and I'll just buy the things needed for the farm" Without waiting for her reply, he immediately went outside for he cant promise his next move.

For the next hour, he wandered around the area to might as well buy the materials needed while trying to get his senses back.

Besides, he's sure she'd be okay for his cowboys hat had his family crest symbol engraved on it and no one would dare to get near her.

He just hoped it would give her time to finish as much Khao Soi she wanted for he didnt want a repeat of his painful experience on exercising his patience.

Damn, he would never look at the innocent food the same again. He could still hear her moan echo on his ears like a tune of seduction that he had to shake his head.


Good God.

Since when did he turn into a pervert?!

After an hour, he decided to get back to her after getting everything he needed when he spotted a back of a man sitting in front of her. He should have known his family crest would not be enough to make people leave her alone eh?

He's not even gone that long... and to think that she's got the half of her face covered?

How can she complain that she can not find a boyfriend when she cant even be left for a second without attracting attention.

He would pity her future boyfriend.

If it was him, he'd make sure those guys were at least a few meters away from her.

Not like he wanted to be her man or anything because he repeat, he didnt like her that way.

"You know you should leave that loser Nadech and be with me instead"

Before he could debate with himself any further, his head immediately snap towards the guy and his offending hand when he touched the tips of Yaya's hair. "He used to be the blind idiot in town you know?"

Gritting his teeth, he had to calm himself after recognizing the bastard.

Of all people! How can she always attract those unwanted ones?

It was none other than his rival, Sila, who used to bully him before when they were younger. Seems like few years later and he still hasn't change his ways eh?


Nadech had to calm himself at her reaction. Is she seriously considering that guy? She must be desperate.

"Be with me and I'll give you everything you wanted. Heck, I'll surely bring you to a restaurant and not this place. I assure you that what I offer is better, just look at me and compare the difference"

His brows furrowed at what nonsense the guy was spouting off.

He's not talking about the looks department right?

To his credit, he used to be a scrawny kid back then and add it to his disability that people at his age do not want to associate themselves with him.

"You're right" Yaya said almost giving him a heart attack, "There REALLY is a striking difference"

No way he believed she'd buy that. And to think he thought she was really smart!
That was just the most insulting thing ever.

"I'm glad you agree-" Sila broke into a triumphant smile but didnt get to finish when she interjected quickly inevitably crushing the guys heart.

"He is definitely a hundred times better than you" Yaya utters raising her left eyebrow as her words hit the guys head like a tons of brick. "And I would chose him anyday than to be with a poor excuse of a man like you. Excuse me"

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Excuse his language but he just couldnt contain the wide smile that spread across his face after hearing the words came from her mouth.

She sure knows how to make a man's heart flutter.

His celebration was cut short when he saw Sila grip Ya's wrist tight when she was about to stand up.

There is no way he'll let her get hurt now eh?

Without thinking twice, he walked towards them to pry off the offending hand of the guy who wouldnt let go.

"And who-" Sila started but his eyes went wide upon seeing him, stuttering "N-N-Nadech?!"

He must have been shocked out of his wits for his grip on her loosens that he had the chance to place Ya behind him.

Well he couldnt blame him for they havent seen each other for a long time because he never really goes home often and when he does, he only stayed in their land.

"It really is you? Well it doesnt matter, I'm sure I am still better than you in every aspect and besides, who would want to be with person with disability?" Sila started and tried to get his hands on Ya.

To his surprise, and utter amazement he might add, Yaya actually came forward so fast, slapping the guy hard and started on hitting the guy everywhere that he had to hold her in her waist to get her away from the poor guy, the cowboy's hat she was wearing fell down revealing her full face and earning a gasp from the starting crowd.

"You dont do that!" Sila tried to charge back but Nadech quickly placed himself between the two and pushed the guy away as the struggle began.

Thankfully, people and the owner began to help them after seeing it was actually her.

Sila, being the rude man that he is even pushed the old lady owner and luckily Yaya, quickly caught her and no damage was done that he finally snapped and dragged Sila by his collar outside the small eatery.

"You think I'm scared of you?!"

"Well no, but I'm sure you're scared of getting at the bad side of your dad eh? I heard they need help and were trying to get on good terms with my family ?" Nadech countered the guy.

"H-how did you know?"

"I'm the one handling the project for the mean time" he confessed making Sila instantly turned paler than he is, "Imagine what he'll do to you if I cancel the agreement?"

"I'll get back on you someday" Sila warned before finally backing off.

Finally. Peace at last. Maybe bringing her here was not a good thing?

Shaking his head, he walked back inside after making sure the guy was gone and what he saw inside made him stop on his tracks.

It was Ya surrounded by different people and was giving an autograph, smiling enthusiastically to everyone and even giving photos. All is normal and well except that this people were not her usual fans for they were not really well off that he had to supress his proud smile at seeing her getting close to them bringing this people a different kind of joy as could be seen by their smiles.

He himself had done a lot of voluntary projects for them but this is the first time he saw them smile like this.

"Nadech!" Yaya waved at him asking him to get closer while she carried a little girl on her arms. She must really like children or maybe it was the other way around.

Then again, children would only go near to people whom they felt safe and she gives off this blanket of security and happiness naturally.

"Here" Yaya gave him her phone upon reaching her, "take a photo okay?"

And just like that, he had been her instant assistant and camera man for the day as she took pictures with everyone before they finally went on their way after it started to became dark after everyone bidded goodbye. The owner even gave her free Khao Soi that she liked so much he thought for a sec, she was gonna kiss the old lady in her happiness.

It was a good thing Boy had some business in Bangkok that his cousin volunteered to drive for them on their way back because he was honestly tired.

He must be getting out if it for work in the field usually never tires him out.

It was no surprise Yaya was completely knocked off, her head looking uncomfortably lolling to her side that he gently placed it on his shoulder.

She must have been tired too, he thought while placing her hair behind her ears and rolling his eyes at Boy who was laughing at him and turn the volume of the stereo up when a song came up.

"Maybe it's you, I've been waiting for all of my lif-"

Boy never got to finish for he grabbed the thermos tumbler and aimed it at their driver who instantly shut up, scratching his head.

Damn, his cousin must be in a mood for he put the song on a repeat that he could only sigh and try to sleep it off, ignoring Boy who was now humming the song.

Ya's sudden movement as she hugged herself instantly made him alert, wrapping his jacket and his arms around her for a better measure.

Just to make sure she's comfortable and not cold of course.

Today, he admit that he had judged her quickly but he is happy and proud that she had proved him wrong. She's not that bad after all.

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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

Chap 6 - Friends?

(Her side)

"You can't do this to me" Yaya cried, thumping Nadech's chest as he lay down on the ground, smiling weakly at her.

"If we can't be together in this lifetime-" Nadech whispered, caressing her cheeks and lifting his face closer to hers.

"I'll give you this kiss to bring us together in the next life"

Yaya closed her eyes feeling Nadech moved closer...

And closer?

Wait a minute.

Didn't she and Nadech agreed earlier on no real kissing scene?

Then why...

A little bit more and they would be kissing that she had to surpress the urge on backing away suddenly feeling very nervous, her heart beat sped up.

Why does this scene felt longer than usual? She thought feeling Nadech's breath fan her face.

Opening her eyes a fraction, she saw him licked his lips that she had to swallow hard, her mind going blank for a moment that she almost regret on suggesting the no kissing rule.


Bad thoughts!

After their short vacation, they finally had some kind of truce, although he can still sometimes trigger her violent tendencies but at least they are mostly okay now and can be called as friends.

She can't think like this for her new friend right?

Even if that friend looks so inviting and kissable she could just grab his collar and have a taste but no. She's not that despera-

Yaya's breath suddenly hitched, her hands fisted on his clothes when his lips touched hers and for a moment, she must have been possessed or had gone crazy for she had forgotten how to think. Her mind blanked and all she could do is respond to his kisses barely hearing the gasps of surprise from the people around them.

She felt Nadech's hand stroke her hair slowly and sensually she almost moaned in content, opening her mouth and letting him take over.


The couple paid no heed to that someone who shouted from the background, forgetting where they were.

It's strange how she felt this way for it was not the first time she had done kissing scenes but this kind of feeling is new to her. To be honest, she never really felt comfortable with having those scenes and her heart never beat this fast before in this kind of situation.

"Okay guys that's enough"


"Guys, continue that at home pleas-"

Yaya slowly pulled away from Nadech, still feeling the moment that she's sure her eyes mirror the wonder and desire on his when their eyes met that the shout from the director startled them, effectively breaking them apart faster than a lighting.

cr: @sasuke06

What the hell happened?

Damn, they were totally making out!

"Great job!" the director went on closer, congratulating the both of them, "I thought you two would fake it?"

Yaya chance a look at Nadech only to find him staring at her that she had to look away, clearly embarassed for she can still feel the sweet taste of his lips.

"Anyway, I'm glad we got over this scene! I thought this would be hard since last week, you two were at each others throats but now... Who would have thought? Acting must have grown deeper into your inner feeling!" the director gushed over before excitedly calling it a wrap and getting busy with the cameras.



It is just acting... no big deal.

She is a professional and its not like there will be feelings involved.

Sighing, she took one look at Nadech who was still looking at her in wonder before going inside her empty dressing room, sitting and staring at her blushing image in front of the mirror.

Unconsciously, she touched her lips still feeling daze. Would it be so wrong if kissing him actually felt... good?

She must have been so out of it she didn't realize someone entered the room until she heard a clearing of throat.

Yaya looked up only to find Nadech's face close behind hers and smiling at their reflection, his hand on her shoulders.

"Hey I'm sor-" he started but he must have been aware of their intimate distance for he suddenly stop when she turn to look at him, his gaze linger on her lips as she unconsciouly lick it in attempt to hide her nervousness.

"Hmm?" she breathed out, glancing at his lips and swallowing to fight the urge to just grab him and let him have his way with her.

Blame it on the kissing scenes that all rational thoughts left her mind.

"I'm sorry for earlier" Nadech whispered moving closer...

He's not gonna do what she's thinking right?

He's not going to repeat what he was apologizing for in the first place?!

A knock on the door brought them back to reality that she quickly stood up, getting her bag and made a mad dash towards the door faster than he could call her name.

What in the world is happening to her?


(His Side)

"No! How many times do I have to tell you?" Nadech slam the folder on his table, massaging his forehead and asking for more patience, "This is not how we do things in my company"

Taishi must have notice his unusual behavior that he quickly got the others out before he could lash out to them poor souls.

Yes he was a strict boss but today, he was on a different level of mood that his frustrations was showing even at work.

"Erm- Boss, I think you should call it a day and go out somewhere relaxing?" Taishi suggested after everyone leaves them alone.

Nadech could only close his eyes and bang his head on his table, hoping it would alleviate the distress on him.


"I knew this would happen" Taishi chuckled at his misery that he picked up his stress ball he had been playing with since earlier throwing it to his secretary's direction "Yaya Urassaya is really something eh? I mean... She's the only one who could make you like this-"

He didnt know how Taishi knew about his dilemma but the man hit the right spot.

It was all Yaya's fault.

That little temptress.

It sure sounds so wrong but she just captivates him to the point that he wanted to have her.

Take her.

Again and again.

Thoughts about their first night together still lingers on his mind and kept him awake at night that he's afraid he wouldnt contain himself and finally snap. Like the other day in the dressing room.

It was almost insulting how fast she left the room like she was being chased by something unthinkable but he was sure if she didnt leave the room, he would not have stopped with just kissing.

God forgive him for his unholy thoughts.

"Why dont you go bar hopping and I dont know... pick up a girl?" Taishi continued but immediately stopped at his glare, "What? You do look like you need it."

Is there a sign on his forehead that says he is sexually deprived or something similar for his friends have been teasing him about this matter the other night even going as far as getting a girl for him to get laid with no such luck.

It's not like he did not try but damn he could not go through it.

Every kiss and every touch just reminds him of her that he cant help but compare leaving him more frustrated than ever.

It was just like he was given the perfection and he could never get enough that the only cure was to have it again and again, hoping it would make him somehow immune to her.

Only, he couldnt do that to her. She is not like some other random girl who would satiate him for she is someone he had came to respect.

They are friends now and he's not gonna mess with her just to satisfy his lust.

Well one could only hope.


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