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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Every situation has two sides.

Listen to this.

Chapter 16 - The Truth in Lies

Yaya's POV

'Is that what you really want?'

Nadech's emotionless voice keeps resounding on her head again and again as she dive once more in the cold water, ignoring the pleas of her bodyguard on the background.


She scold herself for the nth time.

Why is she doing all this for a thing that isn't even real in the first place?

Damn fool.

"Let's go now mis-" one of her bodyguards called, holding up the flashlight but she didn't even bat an eye.

"NO!", she answered defiantly, wiping the tear that escaped her eyes subtly. It was a good thing that it was still dark for she didn't want to see the look of pity on their eyes.

They must have thought she was an idiot.
Who goes looking for the ring that she, herself, gave back after initiating their 'Break up'?!

Yes she had given it back to him ... but the truth is, she cant promise herself that she can stay away if there is a constant reminder of him and it made her heart clench in pain as if it was their memories he was throwing away.

'Then I guess this has no meaning anymore' her heart hurts, just by remembering his words.

She knew she brought it all to herself yet she wouldn't stop looking for it. It might mean nothing to him now but to her, it will be his only remembrance... that once in her life, he had given her this ring as a symbol of their promise.

Damn. She doesn't even care anymore if he was just acting or not.

Bat shit crazy.

That's who she describes herself at the moment, feeling thorn and confused at everything that happened.

Did he really love her?

Wasn't he just pretending too?

Damn it, stupid weak heart.

He looked so hurt and broken earlier that she wavered almost giving in to him, her wishful heart starts on hoping again. That maybe, she have a space on his heart after all.

'Is that what you really want?' his question echoed once again in her head yet her answer was still the same.



If it was just up to her, she would choose to stay by his side even if everything was just a lie.

Destiny? No.

"It was all part of a plan", her father told her.

A plan she never thought that Nadech was capable of doing, making her the lead role in his act.

A few weeks ago, her father caught her after sneaking out to meet Na and had told her a revelation.

According to him, Na has a hidden agenda and was just using her which was ridiculous, she almost laughed.

Why would he do that?

It was out of context!

Didn't he hate celebrities in the first place?

And besides, what would he get with her in return? He can have any girl that he wanted after all...

But her father stood his ground and instead handed her an envelope containing pictures. Tons of it.

It was actually all innocent looking that she was confused, expecting to see scandalous pictures but there is nothing wrong with Nadech having business meetings and dinners with clients...

However, the answer was glaring at her, she almost dropped the photos. There is one common denominator that one couldn't easily tell until she read the highlighted parts on the copy of the contract being offered to him. She had to look through the series of photos again.

"There was this gossip circling around the business world before about a handsome young business man who was looking for a young heiress to marry to save his company" her father told her, "Turns out it was your husband and you were his lucky pick."

Denial was the first thing that comes on her mind but here in her hands where the evidences of marriage proposals being offered to him left and right.

She honestly did not know what to think.

But if he is getting these many offer, then why would he chose her? She tried to rationalise, still refusing to believe..

"One more thing," her father sighed in pity, handing her an old envelope, "the boy actually proposed a business merge to me long before this mess happened, I almost forgot about it if not for my secretary's safekeeping."

But even after all of this proof, she still tried to deny it.

Even if the truth is right in front of her.

Inside the envelope was Nadech's old clause of contract and to her dismay, there includes her name.

Still, she refused to believe that she backtracked on earlier events in their life, trying to defend him but the more she think of how he suddenly entered her life, the more things fall into place.

Was it all just an act?

"I didn't want to tell you at first because I didn't want to break your heart knowing you love this boy but after learning your marriage was fake..." her father shrugged leaving her to contemplate on her own.

Didn't her father know that he just managed to break her heart then?

Just when she thought of the possibility of her and her 'husband', she thought that they could eventually make it work...

She should have known a script when she sees one. Heck. She is the one experienced with acting and yet... it was her who fell deeply through his act.

Confusion and doubt made there way, clouding her thoughts that she had to stop communicating with him for a while in order to think of things for her self preservation.

And yet...

Learning the 'truth' didn't change the fact that she love him that just by his mere presence again melts her heart, she turns a blind eye on everything and chose him.

Her love overshadowed all her fears and threw out all her cares away.

Just like that, she was willing to stay by his side and accept him even if he was just playing his part.



For even after all this... she still hold on to the thin thread of belief. That maybe, there is a space for her on his heart even if what her father told her might be true.

Even just a tiny space is okay with her... she'll start on that and make him fall for her. Even if it turns out that he was really just faking it.

She holds on to his promise and believes the look on his eyes when he said that he likes her. He couldn't be that good of an actor now right?

But her father called her when he went to the toilet earlier at the amusement park, where everything went downhill.

Her father warned her that he will use all his power to finally tip off Nadech's chain of companies, leaving her no choice, breaking her heart again in the process.

For she had learnt that when you love someone, his dreams and aspirations become yours too.

She knew then she had to let him go.

"Found it!" Yaya squealed out loud, gushing and staring at the ring on her hand, "Finally found-"

On her excitement, she didn't notice a particularly sharp rock near the river bank that immediately cut her skin when she steps on it, making her fell through the water.

Holding on tight to her ring, the last thing she remember was seeing red mixed with water as she closed her eyes and fainted.


A/N: Now who's telling the truth? Who deceit who?

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News for you guys who follows this story, The Other Side. We are nearing the end. Just a couple more so chapters and we're done. Thank you for all those who followed my work and fell in love with our Favorite couple all the more...

I will be honest to you guys that I almost stop midway on TOS for I felt that it is too mature for my own good, my conscience started on kicking in.
I just had to write another fanfic for my self preservation. Let me make it up by writing this spin off.


We all know the story of Nangfah and Saichon. How they fall in love in the island, broke each other because of misunderstanding and yet still end up in each others arms.

BUT what if things were reversed?

What if...

It was Saichon who got washed out on the island with no memory of his past?

What if...

Nangfah was the one who was left behind when he regains his memory?

What if...

There was a kid involve in the process? (There was a kid on the original novel)

How different would it be?

This is my take on the what ifs that keeps on boggling my mind eversince I've watched GRGR.

P.S. Sorry for the pixelated vid coz, for the life of me, cant find an HD version of the lakorn anywhere. If anyone be a dear and send me a link of an HD one pretty please...

@Lalashiie Damn! Totally forgot about that... Used to be one of the faves when I was still in to K-Drama ;)
@NY2018 This is what we're talking about :risas3:


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Screaming in excitement!! :aaaaa::cheer:
It's already giving me GRGR vibes. I love the trailer of Forever & Always. I'm sure others will also like the new take on GRGR. You'll always have my full support. :icon12::icon12::clap:
Hahaha! We were just having a convo on this not so long ago lol. :risas3::risas3:@annmott
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Hahaha this reminds me of one FF I read. The character names were Ryu and Mayumi. They also had a kid but Ryu didn’t know. He didnt lose his memories too but about to get married when he saw Mayumi again and her kid. Hhahaha.

Btw, I just saw you on Twitter. Hihihi ❤


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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Thank you @NY2018 for reminding me of this song and I think it fits well on this chapter.

Chapter 17 - Giving up or Giving In?

"Awwwww" Yaya pinched the cheeks of the guy in front of her against his protest, "You are such a cutie pie."

"Seriously?" Kim exchanged bewildered glances with Margie which she totally ignored and just continue on staring at the guy rather dreamy, who in turn scratch his head shyly, his cheeks turning red in embarrassment.

"What is wrong with you girl?" Margie finally asked, shaking her head at her antics.

Actually, even she, herself, didn't know what is wrong with her for lately, she didn't know why but she likes looking at his face finding the guy too cute for his own good that she can stare at him all day long.

"If I didn't know better, I would say that you like the guy" Kim added prompting Yaya and James to look at each other before exploding with laughter.

"Unfortunately" she started, wiping the tears in her eyes, "I'm not his type."

"You know me too well" James shook his head, grinning widely as the other two female laugh as well, exchanging high fives.

He actually became their good friend. Ever since she introduced them to the duo, they instantly clicked and even sharing secrets that confessed his true colors. He is gay but hid it because of his parents.

"Not to mention her husband", Margie spoke convincingly, "knowing how sweet you two were."


Her face instantly fell just by hearing the damn word.

Please, don't remind her.

Oh right.

They didn't know what happened. She chose not to disclose her craziness with anyone and she did not need nor want their pity.

It has almost been a month ever since she and Nadech last saw each other. He avoided her like plague, not even going to their lakorn's wrap up party. She had to thank heavens above that at least, they had already finished filming.

Honestly speaking, she didn't know what she would do if ever they saw each other again.

"Speaking of" Kim suddenly called out her husband's name and she had to hit the girl's arm thinking that her friend was teasing her again.

"Stop it" Yaya shushed her friends and turned to James instead, "Do you like more chocolate truffle? We could order mor-"

"So this is what you've been up to huh?" A cold voice send chills through her body, she unconsciously stood up and looked at his piercing eyes. "Wife?" he called her, spitting out the word as if it was a foul one.

Damn. She's not prepared for this confrontation.

"I-I-" she stuttered nervously, willing herself to calm down. Her traitorous heart filled with the urge to just throw everything away and beg him to take her again.

Thank God she did not follow her instincts for the next thing she knew, someone was calling her husband and then as if to rub salt into the wounds, the girl proceed to wrap her hands around his arm.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late", the girl said, turning to look at them after finally noticing their presence, "What do we have here?"

"Nothing" Nadech shrugged, "Just met some friends and costar from the upcoming lakorn I was telling you about"


Guess her friends share her sentiments for they gasp aloud and look at them back and forth like they where watching a tennis match.


She have to get used to not referring him as her husband now...

But damn it still hurts.

How could she forgot her role had already ended?

For a second, she almost got carried away again.

"Oh that lakorn", the woman glanced at her with interest before offering her hand, "Yaya right? I'm Dr. Chippy."

"U-Urassaya" she started, taking the others hand to shake, "N-Nice to meet you" she spoke the words to the woman yet gazed straight at Nadech's stoic face.

Did she really meant nothing to him? It was just almost a month since they went different ways and he already found a replacement?

Damn, reality really strikes hard eh?

"You look pale" Dr. Chippy began with concern, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I-I'm good!" She forced a laugh, trying to lighten up the mood but her friends must have noticed her discomfort that they remained quiet. Yaya even felt an arm trying to pull her back down her chair again, which she totally ignored and stood her ground instead, biting back the tears that started on forming.

Damn it.

She could do this.

She's not an actress for nothing.

Before she could embarrass herself any further, James stood up and put his arm on her back, gently pulling her away from the crowd, "Excuse us" he said, turning to her, "Let's go get more chocolate truffles."

She only heard Nadech's "tsk" before James pulled her away from them and towards the counter.

The stress from the encounter must have gone through her. She suddenly felt dizzy that she had to hold on to James's arm for support.

"Careful" he said, thinking that it was because of her foot injury knowing that she still had a sprain from the river accident.

"You okay?" he asked, while they look through the display of sweets in front of her, "I know for a fact that something is wrong when you were standing in front of these many chocolates, yet you looked like we're in a funeral."

Yaya couldn't help but glare at the guy.

Is she really that transparent?

However, the guy only laughed at her glare and pinched her nose saying, "Girl, you're so brave earlier! You deserve a reward" he said before rubbing his palms together, grinning at her cheekily, "Choose anything you like, today is my treat."

"It's not like I can not afford it" she spoke while rolling her eyes at him before finally breaking out smiling, "But since you insist, then I want..." With that, she chose different variations of chocolates to her hearts content.


"Hmmmm" she hummed savouring the taste of chocolates and pointedly ignoring the duo's look of concern. Her mood was somehow strangely lifted by the sweets.

Goodness, she needed it right now after telling her friends what really happened with her and Na. This must be what they call stress eating at its best.

Will the chocolate be the only thing she love that would never fail her? she lamented taking another big bite of the chocolate strawberry truffle and purposely avoiding gazing at the sight that hurts her eyes.

Damn Husban-

Oh wait. Scratch that.

She already promised not to call him that again. That word is now a taboo in her dictionary.

Damn Nadech.


Better get used to calling him with just his name again.

But really!

Does he need to show off his new prospect ?!

According to James who already left them a while ago for work, the girl was actually not just a doctor but is the heiress of one of the largest hospital group, quite the catch for both the beauty and brains.

But that's actually okay, for she might still feel confident about herself because she too had the beauty and brains right?

The only problem is that James had also told them that her family is very close with the Kugimiya and it wouldn't be surprising to consider merging...

"Erm- Ya are you sure you can take that much sweets in a day?" Margie asked, looking at her with worry as Kim nodded her agreement.

The two were actually eating with her earlier but gave in halfway.

"I think you should stop eating or you might get sick-"

What? Even eating chocolate, the only thing she love that she can actually have is forbidden?


How unfair life can be?

She tried so hard but then she couldn't help it anymore, a tear escaped her eye when she accidentally glanced at his direction and saw him smiling his dimpled smile at the girl who was laughing back.

"H-hey" Kim stuttered in horror, passing her the whole box of chocolate in the table thinking that it was because of what she said, "Here. You can have it all."

Sniffling, she immediately bowed her head so as to hide the tears and just proceed eating again, hoping it could alleviate the despair she was feeling at the moment.

Damn damn damn.

She knew she did this to herself because she was the one who left in the first place right? But then again, she only did it for him. So that he wouldn't loose the thing he treasured the most because it was the only memory of his parents.

How come they look so happy when she's miserable like this.

"It's okay babe" Margie must have finally noticed what's up and went near her to hug her, covering her face as well from the crowd.

"Sorry we were not there for you before" Kim sighed going near her as well, joining in the hug. "You know you can always count on us."

"Thanks" she said, discretely wiping her eyes before her nose crumpled at the unfavourable smell, she immediately backed away from the two, afraid that she might see again the sweets she had already eaten.

But the smell was too strong, she immediately stood up and goes to the nearest bathroom.

It must have been because of the sweets she had consumed. Damn, she should have listened to her friends advice earlier.

Good thing, she reached the toilet in time for she would surely create a mess in public. Imagine what the headlines would be if that happened. Worst case scenario, would be pregnancy rumors but that couldn't be right? She almost laughed at the idea. She made sure she is safe ever since they started their pact so that's just impossible.

Except maybe for the last couple of weeks that they were together for her pills suddenly went missing but she's sure that it isn't the case for she followed the instructions almost religiously... Right?

Washing her face rather distractedly and shaking her head, trying to get rid of another dizzy spell...

She started to get back on their table when she bumped on someone. Looking up, her eyes widen in horror at seeing the creepy old suitor she used to hide from before.

Oh please no.

She don't need this right now.

Another dizzy spell hit her but this time, she couldn't fight it anymore.


"Hmmmm" Yaya burrowed closer to the warmth next to her, feeling very relaxed for the first time in a very long while.

Damn she missed this... waking up next to someone, enclosed in his arm-

Wait- what? Enclosed in someone's arms?


What on earth is happening?!

Horror started on her as realization finally dawned...

She honestly do not want to open her eyes, atraid of what she might found out after remembering the last person she actually saw was her creepy old suitor slash stalker.

This cant be happening!

Slowly, her hand shivering in fear, she felt herself and had to sigh in relief after finding out that she was still wearing her clothes.

Thank God for small mercies!

The last time she checked, the only person she was willing to give herself was only to her husband and him alone.

Damn, she gave up not calling him as her husband anymore for that seem to be quite impossible now.

"You're finally awake?" a cold voice whispered on her ear.

Her forehead knotted at the strangely familiar tone...

It couldnt be...

A hand caressed her cheeks gently, placing a strand of hair that covered her face when she moved behind her ears.

Only one person used to do this intimate gesture... but thats just impossible.

He is mad at her remember?

Her eyes immediately opened and she turn to look at the person hugging her close to his chest only to find out that it was indeed her husband.

"N-nadech?!" She asked in surprise, immediately pulling away from him.

His gentle eyes instantly lost its warmth.

"Im sorry to disappoint you" he said, raising his eyebrows at her accusingly, "Who did you expect?"

The relief she felt slowly goes down the drain by his hurtful words.

"What are you trying to say?" she asked.

"I dont know" Nadech shrugged sarcastically, "That you're being desperate?!"

Is that what he think of her?

Maybe she is really turning into one... and it is all because of him.

Against her will, tears started on forming on her eyes again she almost wanted to smack herself.

Damn it.

Lately, she noticed that she lost control of her emotions. What is wrong with her?

She is an actress for goodness sake.

"It's only been a month!" he argued, raising one finger to emphasize the number, "Just one month and you already found a replacement?!"

Look who's talking?

Isn't he the one who already found her substitute in his grand plan?

A tear rolled from her eye, she had to bow her head so that he couldn't see it and busy herself with arranging her clothes before standing up, not taking anymore of his insult.

"If you're going to settle with someone, can you at least look for someone decent?That guy couldnt even protect you!" he added, copying her movements and trying to make her look in his eyes as he rant over, "look at that injury on your foot!"


He do not need to know what caused her the damn wound.

It is really true that when you love someone, you gave them the power to hurt you.

Gritting her teeth, she began to slowly walk towards the door, "Well at least, he couldnt do anything to hurt me"

"Since when did I hurt you?!"

Before she could walk away though, Nadech hold her arm and pulled her towards him, forcing her to look into his intense eyes.

"Tell me" he spoke, gritting his teeth like he was still trying to hold on to the last thread of patience, his face almost red in anger.

But Yaya stood her ground and glared back at him before pushing him away and continue her way out.

She couldn't very well tell him that loving him hurts her when she knows that he does not feel the same way.

"Please remember that we're still married" Nadech sighed in resignation, "Your parents would never forgive me if something happe-"

So it was still all about her parents?

Damn it.

Did he really stayed with her all because of that damned business merge?!

"I will take responsibility" she said before opening the door and looked back at him with cold eyes, "You dont have to worry about anything"

With that, she closed the door and limped her way on the hallway, towards the elevator faster than she ever think an injured person could.


She can not stay even just a second longer.

She wont allow herself to get hurt anymore than this.

But her reslove was once again challenge when he suddenly entered the elevator, heaving and slightly out of breath, his polo wrinkled and disarray, obviously worn hurriedly.

"How can I stop worrying?" he said frustratedly, rubbing his palm on his hair like he was already on his wits end as she moved towards the corner of the elevator trying to get away from him as much as possible.

It was a wrong move though for the next second, she had found herself trapped and being thoroughly kissed by him.

Try as she might, she can't get away from him and her weak heart finally gave in, she started on kissing him back.


She missed him so much.

Her hands entangle on his hair as he push her up against the wall, feeling every inch of his body pressed on hers.

They where so lost in each other they didnt hear the elevator sound warning before the door opens and the next thing she knew was being surrounded by flashes of camera.

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Your fanfics are always the best, and this is too, while reading the above chapter my heart was beating faster and faster because at every point there's something like a shocking turnpoint and can't wait for more. And is she pregnant?looks like from the symptoms maybe, and by any chance she is, plss do show a little after family thing which I always want to see in their lakorns :love:

Your fanfics really portray true emotions and your writing... Just Wow... I can imagine each scene with full details, truly you are a great writer :angel10::worship2:Also looking forward for the upcoming one:aaaaa:
Omg!!! Can't wait for the next chapter @annmott :aaaaa::aaaaa::cheer::cheer:. You make my heart beat so fast. Why you stop at the best part?.hihihi

By the way what do you means "Shah Mir"? It's a name or what? Sorry I don't understando_O
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Ohmygooood!!! Okay im not excited for the last chap but excuted for the epilogue and the new ff but aaaghhh. I can’t explain. It’s really hard to part with a good story. Like a good book huhu


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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: So this will be the last chap. Enjoy.

Chapter 18 - Till I met you

Yaya's POV

"Stop the car" Yaya blurted out icily, "I'll just take a cab from here"

Her words though were only met by Nadech's rather amused look, she is seriously getting annoyed by his dimpled smile.

Damn it, traitorous heart.

She better avoid looking at his direction.

How can just a smile from him change her resolve?

"I said stop the car" she tried again, looking anywhere but him.

The guy though as if doing it on purpose, only speed up.

"We're almost there" he finally answered, sighing frustatedly as if he is tired from everything.

Tired? Maybe from acting...

That reminds her, the reason why she felt so irritated with the guy was because of his response towards the reporters who ambushed them earlier, or the rather lack of it. She didnt know just how much his simple phrase of "No Comment" can hurt her like this when the reporters asked the real score between them or if they're dating.

It maybe irrational, childish and damn selfish for she was the one who wanted to hide their marriage before in the first place right? But how come his words became denial in her ears?

Wasnt he the vocal one in their 'relationship'?

They were already caught redhanded, she's sure their pictures is all over the internet by now judging by the way her phone kept on ringing and he had all the opportunity to tell everyone they're married like what he always hinted yet he answered with no comment?!

Is it because he had already found her replacement that he prefer people not to link his name with hers?

After all, it would be a big scandal and he would not find a room for escape anymore, trapped in their marriage.

Her musings come to a halt however when Nadech opened the window and pressed a buzzer attached on the wall gate with a familiar emblem before it automatically opens.

"This is the Family Manor" he said nonchalantly as he pulled over in front of a white mansion.

For some reason, instead of being in awe with the large and beautiful estate, she felt rather forlorn.

The castle like residence somehow reminded her of the mansion where she grew up, magnificent yet lonely. Well it was lively and all when her younger sister was still alive but her death took all the happiness with her and it was the very reason why she chose to live away.

Why she appreciate living with Nadech in their own household...

It seems like she can never run away from her shadows eh?

"I want to go home" she whispered, not moving an inch even after Nadech already opened the door for her.

"Seriously?" he finally snapped gritting his teeth, leaning in to get her seat belt off her, "By now, there should be horde of reporters lining up in front of your house!"

"But-" she tried to argue in a small voice, Nadech considerably changed his tone after noticing her distress.

"Look if this is all about what happened earlier then I apologize"

If he thought this would calm her down then he's dead wrong for it only serve to fuel her angst.

Now he is even apologizing for kissing her earlier?

"You dont have to-" she started but was suddenly distracted by the voices that excitedly called her name before a kid suddenly jump on her lap.

"P'Ya!!!" Dave said, kissing her cheeks and hugging her tight enthusiastically, Nadech had to take the little boy off her.

"It's okay" she said, smiling sweetly at the little boy as she step out of the car, Nadech only 'tsked' and hold her arm, helping her that she was momentarily confused.

Can he please stop all these little actions of affections for she honestly felt confused.

What is wrong with this guy?

How come his words always differ from his actions?

"Yaya?" Nadech's kind Grandma suddenly appeared on the doorway with open arms, all her pent up emotions suddenly came flowing out feeling like she finally find someone on her side. Someone who would not judge her, she couldnt help but run towards the old lady crying in her arms.


"What is happening?" Yaya woke up with the sounds of laughter she curiously went on her balcony to spy on the pool area only to find out that it was Nadech, Dave and the doctor?!

For the love of all that is good, can they be more sensitive please?


What a nice way to wake up... not.

Taking a deep breath and finding her inner peace, she brought a hand up to her neck only to find her necklace gone. She instantly shot out of her bed in panic as she began looking everywhere.

Damn it! She did not injured her foot looking for it if it will just get lost again!

After almost an hour of searching, she wouldnt give up even against hearing the laughter from her so called husband, Dave and the doctor that cuts through her heart like a knife if not for Grandma who knocked on her door, telling her to go down for breakfast.

Out of politeness, she hesitantly agreed and took a quick shower.

"Ya over here!" Grandma immediately spotted her and led her towards a chair in the dining area before she called a helper to get her food.

"Thank you" she said, trying to smile even after noticing the dining area was kind of adjacent towards the pool area, she could see the trio from her position, "They're really close huh?" she whispered more on to herself that she was surprise when Grandma suddenly laugh.

"Of course" the old lady said, "They were childhood friends, they grew up almost together in the hacienda!"

Oh right. Their family where close.

How can she forget?

"You young lady have to do some explaining though" grandma suddenly leaned in towards her with an amused glint on her eyes, " I know I told Nadech to settle down already but I didnt know you two would do it without us and the family? Imagine my surprise when I saw the ambush interview and I had to pressed on Nadech to be able to get out of him that you two were already married!"

Nadech told grandma they're married?!

She was so surprised at what the old woman was saying that she started on choking on her food.

"I told you the legend was rea-" Grandma finally noticed something was wrong and immediately went to her side to give her water.

Damn legend.

She felt someone rub her back first though, before she heard a familiar voice that brought chills all the way down her spine.

"You okay?" Nadech asked her worriedly, his eyes heavy with concern when she turn to look at him only to find his face mere centimeter away from hers.

"I'll just take a look on Dave and Chippy" Grandma gracefully exit as they both nodded diatractedly lost in their own world as he sat on the tiny space left on her chair, still rubbing her back making sure she's alright before he get her plate and place more food in it.

"Hey" she exclaimed, her eyes growing large at the amount of food that he placed on her plate, "I cant possibly finish that!"
"You need to eat healthy foods" he insisted while shaking his head, "Thats why you kept on fainting this past few days"

Her brows furrowed though at his words, How did he know? She tried to kept it secret for she do not want unwanted rumors...

"What?" he said defensively, "I was talking about the other day... If I wasnt there in the hotel, who knows what would happen to you. Now I'm sure he wouldnt dare go near you again"

"What do you mean?" she had to ask in concern.

What did he do now? How come he's so sure about this?

"I may or may not did something so that he'll be forever gone from your path. I heard he's your stalk-" he started before he groaned aloud in pain when she pinched the guy in his arm.

"Tell me" she started holding her breath, "You did not killed the guy right?"

"Of course not!" Nadech finally said, she had to let out a sigh of relief, "I might have just broken his bone or two-"

"Erm sir" Taishi suddenly interrupted their conversation holding up an envelope in his hands, "We already had the information about the pictures"

Her eyes grew large at the mention of pictures... it should be the photos that took over the internet by storm and provided the reporters enough information to be able to ambush them like they did.

It was several pictures of him carrying her when she was unconscious to his hotel room but the angle was taken that it looks like they where doing something inappropriate.

Taking one look at each other, Nadech opened the envelope and together, they took a look at the other side of the pictures taken through the CCTV.

Nadech gasped in anger and blurted out angrily after finding out that it was one of the creepy old suitors henchman, "Maybe I should have gone for the kill"

He stood up so fast and walk up the stairs she didnt get to stop him as she still look towards the series of pictures.

Is it wrong if she wasnt even surprise about it? That guy is creepy at its finest.
Now that she think about it, It was all kind of a set up. Coz, all of those reporters couldnt be there just by mere accident right?

What caught her attention though was the picture of Nadech and Doctor in a hug that was used in social media to mislead others that the two where actually dating and that she was the mistress in this story.


Why do they have to hug like this though?

Her eyes hurt that she took the photos back in the envelope and look at Taishi that she immediately remembers her manners and asked the guy to take a sit first and eat with her.

Resisting a little bit, Taishi finally give in and started taking small bites.

Her mind still in the picture, she look at the secretary in front of her with interest.

Who better to ask about Nadech than the person who's with him the whole day?

"Erm-" she started rather awkwardly, "Does your boss have a girlfriend?"

"Girlfriend none" Taishi shakes his head distractedly as he took another bite of his food, "Wife yes. Werent you two already married?"

"I mean did he have someone he likes?" she still tried to fish and thankfully, the guy seems oblivious of what she's doing.

"As far as I know, the only person that he likes or even love was his childhood friend from way back"

Her face suddenly fell...

Maybe she shouldnt have asked?


She's not prepared for the the secretary's answer.

"That friend" she started to ask, "Is it -"

She never got to finish though for Nadech already came back down wearing his serious face and black suite as if he's going towards a battle.

"Let's go" he said to Taishi before he get the envelope on her hands and took one look at her.

She was honestly surprised when Nadech suddenly leans in close for a quick kiss before he bid her goodbye.

Taishi smiled at her cheekily when Nadech was already out of their sight, the twinkle in his eyes let her know, he must have known a lot more than he shares.
With that, she was once again left alone at the dining area if not for the doctor's sudden appearance.

"Yaya?" Dr. Chippy called her warmly, taking a sit beside her and looking at her with genuine kindness she was suddenly left feeling guilty with the irrational thoughts she had over this lady, "I heard so much about you"

"Hmmm" she smiled awkwardly at the intense look from the doctor while playing with the spoon on her chocolate drink, "I hope only good things eh"

"Of course" the doctor laugh, waving off her uneasiness, "I was just taken by your looks. You look real beautiful in person! No wonder..." the doctor whispered something she couldnt quite catch, laughing at herself she honestly felt weird with the way their conversation where going.

"Erm- Thank you?" she said still slightly confused.

Werent they supposed to be pulling each others hair by now like in lakorns?

"Anyway" Dr. Chippy suddenly brought out a box and placed it right in front of her, "I just came here to give you this"

Her brows knot in bewilderment when she took a look at the box.

Her mind though, buffer for a moment at the sight that she didnt know if she's going to laugh, cry or defend herself.


No way.

Unfortunately, the laughter in her won at the ridiculous situation for there's just no way right? Damn hilarious.

Laughing, she tried to push back the box of PT towards the doctor who's now looking quite confused with her reaction.

"W-What's so funny?" the doctor asked.

"Nothing except that it is quite impossible" she told the doctor to stop her from her delusions, shaking her head, "Cause I always made sure we're safe you know?"

"Are you sure?" the doctor insisted though, her voice deadly serious that her laughter died down, "Not even once?"

Well, her pills did went missing so...

Her heart began racing at the look of encouragement of the doctor even though her brain kept on denying the possibility.


"Please be negative" Yaya murmured as if in a mantra as she wait for the result, crossing her fingers and hoping against hope for she do not want to bring a child in her messy situation right now.

"What are you doing?" Nadech suddenly appeared next to her looking at her with amusement as he tried to take a glimpse over her shoulder.

Try as she might to hide it though, Nadech had gotten hold of the stick and his face instantly turned sober at the sight, he was almost stoic.

Fear filled the pit of her stomach at his reaction and she felt like crying when he put the stick down and left their room without even a backward glance.

Before she could make another move though, Nadech opened the door once more looking anywhere but her saying, "I'm going to announce our marriage tomorrow at the presscon."

With that, he left her again alone and confused.

It's okay. She tried to calm herself as she slowly walk over and stare at the upturned stick.

No matter what the result is, its okay she whispered to herself.

Wiping the tears that fell from her eyes, she finally had the guts to look at the stick.

Her knees instantly turned weak at the two bright red lines that greeted her.

Oh God help her please.

She had to sit down the bed in shock.

Slowly, her hands went up to caress her still flat tummy, she cant believe that theres life inside her now.

Oh goodness! She's having a baby!

We're gonna be okay. She whispered, trying to hold herself together as tears fell from her eyes at the thought of Nadech and how he left after seeing the result saying that he will announce their marriage.

But she do not want that.

They cant right a wrong with another mistake.

She cant do that to her child.

And she cant do that to Nadech.

The thing about loving someone is... letting him have his true happiness, even if it is not with her.

She wont let the person she love the most be trapped in this situation.

She didnt know how something like this would change her everything, her dreams, perspectives and her priority but in a good way.

Slowly, an idea formed in her head as she caress her stomach and whisper with finality in her words, 'Is it okay if it will only be just the two of us?'


Nadech's POV

"Is everyone ready?" Nadech asked Taishi as he was getting ready for the presscon.

Today, is the D day.

The daw when he will finally tell the world that she is his in every meaning of the word.

This might not be the ideal situation to announce it but he doesnt want people to continue throwing insults in her direction after their pictures leaked.


She is his wife and they have no right to say those things to her.

This is all that stalkers fault!

Good thing he had already took action and put the guy behind bars yesterday for defamation but it isnt enough for him after all the hurtful words she received.

"Sir we're gonna be live in 10"

Nadech nodd his head and looked nervously at his watch to check the time, rubbing his palms together quite nervously.

Damn it.

He's not the type of person who easily get nervous!

He was on the middle of internalizing his speech when his phone rang, his eyes grew large at seeing the number.

It was none other than her dad!

Contrary to the popular belief, he had stayed in contact with her father trying to get his approval even when she already cut off everything between them but he's not a fighter for nothing right?

"So you found a loophole huh?" her father said immediately after he picked up his call.

Did the old man think he planned everything? Sad to say but he's not that cunning. Or maybe he thought of this before but he just brushed off the idea for he do not want to let her get hurt knowing the harsh world of social media.

"Sir I'm going to announce that we're already married" Nadech bravely told her father expecting him to disagree but he was the one surprised when the old man laughed out loud instead.

"You're really something huh?" he said, "I'm glad my daughter wasnt wrong on choosing you"

Choosing him? When did she choose him?

"What do you mean sir?" he had to ask in curiousity.

As far as he's concerned, he was always the one who kinda forced her into everything, their marriage, moving in one house, telling the parents and now he's the one who's gonna tell the whole world as well. But it's okay, he's willing to wait until she's ready for him.

"Didnt she tell you?" her father started in susense, "She was ready to run off with you before in Europe but I might have blackmailed her about ruining your company"

His world almost stop at her fathers words. The old man told him more things but the only phrase he heard was "She was ready to run off with you before" Is this for real? Because if it is just a dream then he wouldnt want this to end! Damn it! Her father wouldnt be that cruel to get his hopes up only to crush it with his bare hands right?

But if it's true...

Damn. Damn. Damn!

"And I might have told something about you to my daughter that might put you on a bad light"

He was in such a good mood though that he almost couldnt contain his happiness, he ignored Taishi who suddenly entered his room like he wanted to say something urgent and point at something instead.

But he cant be deterred because for goodness sake, Yaya, his wife might have love him too after all!

"That's okay I'm gonna work with tha-"

Taishi seemed to lose his patience and opened the flat screen tv near him that he was forced to look at it.

For a moment, he was momentarily confused at seeing his wife looking lovely as ever on screen again.

Wait a minute.

Wasnt she supposed to be at the family manor?

"I dont know where to start goodness", she said, trying to lighten the solemn atmosphere on her set.

"Is that my daughter?" her father asked on the other end.

"Yes she's live right now" he answered almost in a whisper, he didnt know why but he felt something's wrong. His instincts screams that he should probably find the studio where she is right now yet he couldnt take his eyes off her as she finally speaks after taking a deep breath.

" I would like to... sincerely thank everyone who supported me right from the very beginning. The love I received from all of you where overwhelming I'm not sure what I've done to have all of you. It wasnt always smooth sailing but you guys still stayed and accepted me no matter what."

"What the hell is she doing?" he blurted out as he finally had a hunch on what's she's really up to. His heart tore at seeing the beginning of tears in her eyes.

"And for that... I'm very grateful. I will surely take everything, the lessons the laughter and all the love with me wherever I go."

What is she doing?!

She doesnt need to do this! Damn it.

"This is me, officially signing off the industry. Thank you for everything"

And just as he feared, she took a final bow just as camera flashes on her. Silence filled the whole studio he even saw some people tearing up just as her father gasped in surprise at her speech.

All this and he can only say one word.

And that is bullshit!

Isnt this her dream? Why is she letting go when she already had it wrap on her hands then?

If she's worried about what people would say, she do not need to bother for he's willing to take her battles for her!

"Send me the location" Nadech told Taishi who nodded at him with concern and left hurriedly.

"Just one question, Is this because of the recent scandal involving a certain someone?" the reporter couldnt help but ask.

"No. There's no one involved in my decision.", she answered flawlessly with a smile he almost believed her if he didnt know the truth of their situation.

Is she doing all this because he says he would announce that they're already married?!

For the love of all that is good! He really dont understand woman sometimes! Just when he thought that she might finally have feelings for him! Why would she not want him to announce that he already belong to her then?

"What are your future plans?"

Someone shouted just as she started to exit the studio that reporters, fans and people in majority rush towards her, he watched as security tried to hold off the people.

He didnt know he was holding his breath in concern but she didnt even flinched and still tried to walk gracefully past the horde of people, still managing to smile he couldnt help but smile with her sadly, feeling proud of his girl.

"Im going abroad for a while soonest.", she answered which instantly made him lose his smile.


Who says anything about leaving?

"What can you say that you where the third party?", one reporter asked bravely which she only laugh at.

"I'm not.", she says shrugging it off he wish he could do the same for honestly felt restless at the thought of her leaving him again.

Bringing out his company phone, he dialled his trusted employee in his airline company to tell him to check if she booked a flight ASAP, he was sure he quite scared the poor guy.

"Are you dating Mr. Kugimiya?"

"I'm not."

They are not dating because they are married damn it! He wanted to smack the reporter. If they're gonna be this annoying then might as well ask the right question to get the answer they where looking for! Damn it.

Things get a little rough when more security came to rescue her and they shouted at people to back off. "Questions are not allowed anymore"

Even as some still tried to ask her but she's already being led out safely by the security team.

"What is your status with Mr. Kugimiya?" / "Are you pregnant?" / "What made you back out from showbiz?"

"Well That was tough" Her father spoke through the other end of the line he was suddenly reminded that he was speaking to someone, "Still up for my daughter?"

"Always" he answered with determination just as her presscon got cut off and flash news of her signing off goes online repeating her earlier speech.

"Good luck with that.", the old man encouraged him rather cheekily, "Take care of my daughter from now on"

"Forever" Nadech solemnly swear as he gritted his teeth, "I will do my best"

No he wont let her get out of her grasp now that he learn she might have some feelings for him, not to mention that he also finally have her father's approval!

Not now.

Not ever.

With that, he cancelled his presscon amidst their protest and chose to go and look for her instead.


"Boss" Taishi called him hurriedly, his voice still huffing as if he run a marathon, "Her studio is already empty! They said the taping was pre recorded earlier-"

"Wha- I'll get back to you" Nadech cut off the line when the person from his airline called him too.

"Sir her flight is bound to within 30 minutes"

"F*ck!" he couldnt help the string of curses that flew from his mouth as he quickly changed his lane now towards the direction of his airport instead of the studio almost willing to make his car fly by the speed he's going, "Send me her flight details"

"B-but sir that is against the company polic-"

Seriously? His patience is running thin right now.

"Send me my WIFE'S flight details right NOW!" he commanded gritting his teeth in frustration, "Or do I have to send our marriage license to you first?"

"Oh!" his employee quickly change route, "No need sir! I will send it right away"

"Good" he said massaging his temple.

Damn. It's not like him to use his power but as they say, desperate situations require desperate solutions! He does not care anymore.

15 minutes.

There was only 15 minutes left before her flight leave that he left his car near the entrance the moment he arrived, thankfully, the security recognized him right away that they took care of it.

Running like a mad man inside, he tried to look for her in her supposed waiting area only to find no traces of her everywhere. He even had the privilege to check past the immigration section because of his CEO position but still nothing.

"Are you sure she already checked in?"

Nadech asked the employee he was calling earlier who reached out to meet and assisted him at once.

"Y-yes sir" the poor guy stuttered, "Someone already confirmed they saw her here"

"Then where the hell is she?!" he asked almost at wits end as he sat on the waiting area and loosen his tie, he doesnt care anymore about what other people where thinking of him after he noticed that people where taking videos of him while he was running around earlier. Even right now, they where taking his pictures while he look as miserable as f*ck, "Did you try to look at the other flights? Maybe she changed at the last second!"

Taking a deep breath, he covered his face with his hands in frustration. Damn he wont cry over this!

"S-sir" the employee sqeaked in a little voice, "we got the wrong info, the plane she checked in earlier already left a few mi-"

"What did you say?" Nadech lost all the patience left in him as he almost went over to punch the guy if not for Taishi who went over straight from the studio to help him at once.

"Stop it" his secretary held his arm tight that brought him back to his senses.
If only looks could kill.

Running a hand over his hair in frustration, he gritted his teeth and stormed out the area and entered his car.

He couldnt hold it in anymore though as he hit the steering wheel repeatedly in anger before a sob finally exit from him, he bowed down his head in shame as he cover his face.

Damn it.

She left him again!

And it wasnt just twice.

As if the universe is mourning with him, a picture of two kids went down from his car's sun visor with all his punching and he was once again reminded of his misery.

Because the truth is, he had already known her for a very long time. In fact, he was the blind friend she was telling him about many times before. He didnt know why she did not recognize him because he never once forget her.

Even when he was blind, he was always drawn to her as she became his anchor, the friend that inspired him and made him want to see the beauty of life again even when he wanted to die and follow his parents. He could still remember how she got angry with him when he told her about it saying, "How can you say that when other people wanted to live even just a day longer? My sister is sick and younger than both of us and hey she was fighting for her life! I know that life is hard but just look at the bright side and you will find the beauty in it"

And she's right.

Because from then on, she had been his light.

Like a sunflower to a sun, he only look up to her to find his happiness.

But then life happened, she suddenly went away and forgot him.

He told himself that its okay because she would surely get back just as she promise and by then, he'll make sure he already gained back his sight. That's why he finally agreed after all the urging he got from his grandma to the operation and alas, he gained back his sight and his life is on track again.

He knew grandma wouldnt tell but it is probably the reason why his grandma love Ya so much even though they never got to meet then and only heard of her through his stories and the one picture they had taken together.

Maybe he expected too much from her that when they met again and she did not recognize him, he chose to forget her too in shame, thinking that maybe she had already changed and all the glamour had already gone up her head. Remembering how pathetic he used to be before he decided to focus instead on reinventing himself with the company. Maybe then she'll take notice of him.

But she never did.

From then on he cursed the entertainment industry yet he couldnt help himself and took small steps closer in her direction, discreetly. She might have not noticed him but he always see her. There where times that he wanted to introduce himself, to tell her that he's proud of her but his pride would always get in the way because she was the one who did not recognize him in the first place so why bother? What if she does not really remember him anyway? And the thought would only bring back the hate he has over the industry becoming a continuous cycle.

He had even gone as far as sending a proposal to her father before which the older man only laughed at and coincidentally forgotten about it too.

Maybe the heavens above finally took pity on him and their lakorn happened that he was able to force his way into her life yet she once again slipped from his grasp.

Hitting his head on the steering wheel once again, he opened his eyes only to spot something gold and glinting at the floor mat in the passengers seat.

Curiously, he bent down to get it to be shock at finding the last thing he expected to find.

It was... her ring?

Damn it! It was really the ring he gaved to her back in Europe as he spotted their engraved name on it.

What- Why- Damn! What is this thing doing here?

His heart pound in excitement as thoughts races back to him.

Briefly, he remember Ya asking the helpers in their house if they found a ring but he didnt thought of anything about it that time because why would she have his ring when he clearly remember throwing it to the river before?!

So does this mean she really love him too eh?

Sarcastically, he began laughing again he is honestly comcerned with his mental health.

Why does regret always come to him when it is too late?

Before, he was thinking that maybe if he had only gotten his surgery earlier...

Then, when she broke off things with him in the amusement park he was thinking that maybe he should have done things differently and not forced himself in her life...

Now, he was thinking that if only he believed the signs he noticed yet kept denying to himself for she cant possibly felt something for him right? For so long she had been something out of his reach and now that she's with him, he couldnt believe it somehow that he missed the signs and got insecure with her feelings that he kept waiting for her to say the words of love first in assurance.

Look where it got him.

Sighing for the nth time, he drove around the area quite aimlessly he didnt know why he ended up in their house in the middle of storm and at this hour.

Ahh... Maybe he missed her so much that his feet automatically brought him here, where it all started as every nook and corner of the house where filled with memories of them together.

He almost choke and started crying again he do not care if he's gonna get sick as he slump on the stone cold floor, his back on the entrace door.

"W-who's there?" his brows furrowed at hearing her voice, he honestly thought he was hallucinating as he saw a shadow near the sofa.

"Ya?" he asked in a tone of disbelief.

Good God if this is just a dream... then it would be so cruel to wake up.

Standing up, he did not wait for another second before enveloping her in his arms again. Who needs light when his heart already know that it is indeed her?

A flash of lighting must have lighten up his face for she stopped struggling and called out his name in surprise.

"Nadech?!" she called to him which he answered by pressing kisses all over her face, "Wait Are you drunk? I already set you free didnt I? Why are you still-"

"Who allowed you to do so?" he cut her off and buried his face on her neck instead, "Cause I sure did not want to be set free"

"What are you saying?" she asked in frustration trying to pull away from him without any success as he wouldnt let go of her, "You dont have to pretend that you love me an-"

"Why do you keep on insisting that this is all just for show to me?" he whispered on her neck that he felt her shiver.

"M- my father" she started just as he began on nibbling her neck, she immediately suck in her breath at his ministrations he honestly thought she already gave in until she continued, albeit in her breathy voice, "H-he told me that y-you were hmm-hunting for an heiress to bait"

"Dont tell me you seriously believe that nonsense?" he surpressed a chuckle at her protest when he stopped his gentle nibble when he spoke, "I would never do that to you because I love you right from the very start, you know?"

"You do?" she asked in surprise, she pulled away from him to look him in the eyes which he obliged and cupped her face, staring straight back at her.

"Yes. Now look at me" he told her, caressing her cheeks gently as he willed her to really look at him, "Do I really not look familiar to you?"

Her brows knot in puzzlement that he only sighed before proceeding to kiss her forehead then the both of her eyes.

Holding her left hand up, he slowly brought it up to his face, just like how she used to do to him when he asked what she looked like before when he was still blind.

"I have a thick eyebrows compared to your neatly shaped ones but I have longer lashes that you're dead jealous of" he said while tracing her index finger on his brows and eyes earning a loud gasp from her and that's when he knew he finally got her for he still remembered and used almost her exact words.

"I have a sharp pointed nose compared to your tiny perfect pointed ones" he said that made Yaya chuckle and pinched his nose, he had to wipe the tear that fell down from her closed eyes at her realization.

"And I look cute with my dimpled cheeks compared to yours chubby ones when we were younger"

"Hey!" she tried to defend herself but sighed in defeat, "Alright I said that didnt I?"

"Hmmm" he said before letting her finger caressed his lips she instantly quiet down as he pressed a kiss on her fingertips before finally speaking almost in a whisper, "And I have a pouty lips compare to your perfect round cupids bow lips" he said while caressing her lips which made her opened her eyes as they stare at each other."

"Do you know me now?" he asked to which she nodded and called his name.

"Barry?" he couldnt help the tear that escaped from his eyes as she finally remember him, his heart sigh in happiness when she raised her hands cupping his cheeks to wipe his tears.

Nothing could have stop him then when he finally leans in for a kiss, nibbling her lips in so much longing he lost his control they fall back on the sofa with him on top of her as they momentarily stopped and look at each other again.

"I love you" he finally told her the words that he had always wanted to confess as he caress her face gently.

"I love you too" she answers him with sincerity, looking at him straight in the eyes as if she's trying to convey something, "Both you and baby"

"Baby?" he had to ask in confusion,"W-what baby?"

"You saw my PT right?" she told him quite nervously, " I'm pregnant"

"What?" he gasped in disbelief she honestly felt insulted that she slightly push him away but the guy wouldnt budge, "How come the result I saw was negative? Thats why I was so disappointed because I really thought and hope that you are pregnant!"

And as if he says the magic word, she instantly stopped her struggle and look at him in surprise instead.

"Really?" she asked as if she couldnt believe it, "I left because I thought you dont want to have my baby"

"That is ridiculous" he said, now nibbling her collarbone and in his joy, he absemtmindedly blurted out his secret, "I wouldnt have hidden the pills if I dont want-"

"You what?!" she asked, her eyes widening as she finally realized what he had done that he was caught off guard when she pushedsuddenly pushed him away from her, his back fell on the sofa as she towers over him.

Uh- Oh.

One look at her and he knew how true the saying about never making a pregnant woman is. Damn hormones.

It is true though that he had purposely hidden her med for he is quite desperate that time on making her stay.

"I love you sweetheart" he tried the only thing he could in this situation and hope for the best which seems not to work as she only glint and glared at him, he was so surprised when she suddenly proceed on kissing him like there was no tomorrow, her hands caressing and exploring the sacred places on his body he could only groan in pleasure.

" I wanted to this ever since I saw you again" she whispered like she could not get enough, "Blame it on my hormones"


He take back what he said about pregnant woman and hormones as he enjoys making love with her all through the night.

Having her in life, he honestly couldnt ask anymore. Thank heavens above that he met her. Thank God they found each other.

------------------THE END ----------------
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