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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

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Chapter 13 - In sickness and in health

Nadech's POV

~The owner of my heart


Nadech studied the caption on the picture he was going to post, thinking deeply.

Isn't that too cheesy?

Sighing, he pressed the delete button and started on typing again.

~Only Mine Exclusively ❤

Now that sounds too possessive!

Shaking his head, he erased the words and took a deep breath, feeling a head ache coming.

Damn it.

He thought this was supposed to be the easy part but somehow, he can not find the right words! Who knows something like this would be so damn hard.

~My Baby ❤

Wait- He never called her that! Not that he called anyone that name but... it's better to delete and think again.

~My Sweetheart ❤

But that would be a giveaway! Their friends think he always teased her by calling her sweetheart so that would be a no no too.

~My Wife

That is so creative. So he's really now taking her sarcastic advice of announcing it to the world eh?

~Let me love yo-

"What are you doing?" Taishi suddenly spoke over his shoulder his cellphone slip off his hands in surprise which Taishi thankfully caught, "What's this? Let me love y-"

Or Not.

"Hey!" Nadech grabbed his phone back and held it protectively, "Dont distract me, I'm thinking for a caption of my picture with my wife"

To his wonder, Taishi began chuckling, "Are you for real?"

"What?" he asked defensively.

"I thought you were doing something productive since you were looking so serious!" his secretary told him, shaking his head.

But he is! If she wont post a picture with him, then he'll be the one to do so.

"Just wait and see" he stated confidently, "After this post, everybody will know just who Yaya Urassaya belongs to"

Taishi surprise him again when he started laughing so hard, he started thumping his table.

What now?

"You still havent gotten over her post with that Alex?" Taishi burst in another rounds of laughter pointing at the picture he would be posting, "Well I'm sorry to tell you but your post wont work. Maybe you should look for another picture with I dunno- her face shown? That would be more convincing then. And what about the caption? That is just too chee-"

"One more word and you too will not have work" Nadech gritted his teeth at his secretary effectively stopping him from talking.

Taishi stood up and out of his door so fast he could only shake his head and tsked.

Honestly, what's wrong with the picture?

Oh well.


Continuing on thinking of what to type, his door suddenly opens again and his wayward secretary's head pops.

"I forgot to tell you, just the other day that Alex was hovering over her at the lobby." Taishi is sure enjoying teasing him by the way the young man grins at him cheekily, "Choose another picture or better yet tag her name to get your point across to those setting their sights on your wife. I heard there were many interes-"

He never got to finish what he's saying for Nadech pick up something on his table aiming at the poor guy who immediately closed the door.

Of course he knew that!

Isnt that the very reason why he is doing this now?

But that wont happen.

Not under his watch.

He vowed on grabbing every opportunity and make her fall for him hard she wont have any choice but to stay by his side.


Looking down at the thing he picked up to throw at his secretary who knows too many things for his own good. He absent mindedly examine the box of bear band aid gifted to him by his cousin, Dave, when a sudden bright idea entered his mind.


Grabbing his phone he began typing the words and before he could change his mind, he immediately clicked the post button and studied his post with a smirk plastered on his face.

cr: to the rightful owner
(A/N: If anyone knows who owns this, please tell me so I can give proper credit)

Owned by my Better Half ❤
Let me be your P'Bear for the rest of my life.

Yes that would be perfect. Subtle, yet effective. There's no need for her face to be shown when his caption can say it all...

Now if only people would just take the hint and for the love of god, help him.


"What are you thinking posting our picture? Damn it! I cant believe you..."

Nadech listen to his wife whispering furiously on his phone while walking back to his office, a smile plastered permanently on his face.

It seems like nothing can take away this happiness of his ever since he posted the picture that he's afraid people thought he'd lost it, judging by the way they kept looking at him.

Nothing really beats telling the world that he owns her. Okay, so maybe it was the other way around but still...

"Relax sweetheart" he chuckled, almost imagining her face pouting right now. She always had this cute look with her pouty lips but turned hot real quick whenever her cheeks turn red, eyes fiery in anger.

And that is the main reason why he always teased her. But that is a secret he'll never tell.

"Stop laughing!" she whined making him smile even wider.

"What are you worrying for anyway?" he reasoned, "Your face is hidden and it's not like I tagged your name or anything"

"Still-" he knew she'll never back down on this, its a good thing he had his excuse ready.

"I only posted that because I wanted people to know I am already taken"

"Oh" she said turning silent for a minute, he's afraid he said too much.

Is is still too early?


Clearing his throat, he fake a chuckle and added, "I just dont want a repeat of last time remember the mad woman Akiko? You know your husband is too good lookin-"

"Stop or I'll end the call" she warned, her voice getting back to being pissed off that he quickly backtracked and change topic.

"Did you receive the package?"

Just earlier, he had gone outside to a nearby cafe and bought food for her and to her friends as well so there will be no need for her to share her food after he learned that today will be a hard one for them.

"Yes erm- Thanks by the way" she said rather shyly, "I- erm- W-we love it"

What about the benefactor? He wanted to ask.

"That's good" he responded smiling through the phone.

For a while, they stayed on the phone just hearing each others breath before she gasp seeming to wake up and asked him something he's not sure he'll allow.

Not without him.

"Kim and Margie asked me to go clubbing with them after work. It's okay right?" she asked then added, "Not that I'm asking permission but I'm merely telling you"

Nadech could only shrug and despite his inner turmoil, told her to take care, reminding himself not to be too possessive less he'll scare her away.

At least they're making progress now.


"Look who's here!" Mark strutted towards his direction, drunk off his mind.

"What happened?" Nadech mouthed at Mario and Pok tailing the guy who only shrug and shake their heads.

"Nadech! I want to tell you something" Mark said, putting his arms around his shoulder and leaning on him that he had to bear his friends full weight, "Congratulations! But be careful because this girls?-" he shake his head convincingly before continuing, "You gave them your all and still- they will question your love."


Turning left and right, he looked for the camera in case his friends were just pulling his leg, finding none.

What's with the drama?

All he wanted to do was to go inside the club peacefully and find his wife.

"Erm- Thanks?" he said hesitantly, scratching his head, "But I think we'll be fine-"

He didnt get to finish his statement when a cell phone began ringing just as Pok's panic voice rang through the air.

"What fight? Are the girls okay? Yaya did-" Pok calmly talked to someone on his phone, his voice rising every second.

As for Nadech, just hearing the word 'fight' being associated to his wife's name made him push Mark towards Mario, who almost fall down at the sudden weight.

Without thinking twice, he made a mad dash towards the entrance of the club leaving Mario protesting, Pok following quickly.

"Hey" James called out to him, supporting a drunk Kim, "The girls are over there" he said pointing at the private section of the club.

Nadech's eyebrows furrow at Kim thinking that if she's drunk, then there'll be a big posibility that his wife is also...

"Yaya!" he heaved a sigh of relief finally reaching his wife.

"Nadech?" she turned to him surprise, "What-"

Although he didn't know which one of them were more surprised after he spotted a bruise on her forehead.

What he saw was beyond him that he literally lost it, for a moment, he only see red and attacked the guy holding her wrist.

No one dare hurt his wife and get away unscathed. Damn it.


Yaya's POV


Yaya tried to pull Nadech away from her friend without any success. What is this guy's problem now?!

"Nadech! Stop it!" she tried again, pulling on his arms.

"Get off" But it seems like Nadech dont have any plans to stop continuing his assault on the poor innocent guy, "I'll kill this bastard"

For the love of God, she do not have any idea why this man attack the poor guy who only helped them out.

To think that without him, she don't know what would happen to her and her friends.

Everything actually started innocently with them girls going to club until the guys shows up and she dont know what happen but the next thing she knew, Kim and Mark suddenly broke in a fight then everything turned messy.

She and Margie had gone over to Kim's side while the guys gone over to Mark's side as both got drunk out of their minds.

Then Kim just had to dance over in the middle of the dance floor that guys were starting to flock over her, she and Margie stepped in only to be nearly harassed by the other guys.

Good thing James and her friend, Maru was there to save them.

"Damn it!" Her patience were seriously running thin now that she tried to ask for help from Margie and Pok who stood there rather frozen, watching Nadech go wild, "What is wrong with you?!"

"This guy hurt you right? You son of a b*t-" he reasoned as if it would explain everything.

Wait what?

Who hurt who?!

"What are you talking about?" she asked, now placing herself in between the two guys, "No one hurt me"

"Yes he was the one who helped us earlier you know" Margie who seemingly got over her shock added helpfully while amusely staring at Nadech.

"But what about that in your face?" he stopped short, gesturing at the bruise.

Dont tell her its all because of that?!

"This?" she pointed at the now purple spot on her forehead. "That is just me being an idiot. I got this on studio earlier"

"Oh" Nadech finally got off the guy looking unsurely at her, "Really?"

Yes. Really.

Now she do not have any face to show to her friend from way back high school.


Rolling her eyes at him, she pulled him at least 3 meters away from her friend.

Better be safe than sorry.

Good thing her friend doesnt take things too seriously for he just shrugged, raising his eyebrows at her, his eyes dancing with laughter.

"W-what happened then?" Nadech looked over her with worry, raising his hands towards her cheek, she almost flinched feeling his cold fingers on her face.

"It was a long story..." she began, recounting the events earlier.

***Flashback to earlier today after their phone call...

"Ugh... I felt so full. That was some good food you brought Ya!" Margie sighed holding her now visible bump as they walk towards the studio, "My baby approves"

She and Kim where practicing for the sports event while Margie decided to watch them since she's kinda exempted right now because of her prrgnancy.

"Where did you get those food anyway?" Kim asked in wonder.

"Erm- my parents brought it to me when they visited" she said after clearing her throat. Damn. She really isnt good with this lying thing.

She was honestly surprised too when Taishi came over the set with her food delivery and puzzling words. He told her that his boss, Nadech, wanted to deliver the food personally but then people would know who's his owner then. Her confused look prompted the secretary to spill and whisper to her that Nadech posted their picture on his IG, thus her immediate browsing towards his IG and a phone call to her husband.

Good thing she was convinced by his words. And hey! He has a point, her face is hidden so no need to worry over baseless things.

But the downside though is that their fanclub were now in a turmoil. If she thought they were already in chaos before, it cant be compared to its current status now. They were, in other words- heartbroken.

People believed that Nadech was already taken by someone else and he was protecting her, thats why her face isnt shown although there were few who blindly believed that it is her in the picture. It is intriguing that their fans themselves were having a debate whether they should just accept that they were just Koo Jin and continue supporting them individually OR to still hold on to that belief that she is his 'owner' but they were just not ready.

Well... as long as they dont have any evidence, she wont be admitting anything.

"That surprise I was telling you about last week?" Kim reminded her yet again of the damned day she got the shock of her life, "So how was it?"

It is exactly what she said- surprising... Turning around and scanning the area to avoid the gaze of her friends, her brows furrow at the weird looks people where giving her.

What's even strange is that they would most often than not, look away whenever she caught them looking, some where smiling at her with what looked like encouragement while there where few who looked somewhat depressed.

Seriously? What did she do now?

Whats wrong with this people?

"I-It's good" she said choosing to ignore them while playing with the bear band aids on her hands that Nadech put on her earlier. Emphasize the S on band aids for he literally gone crazy with it that all her fingers where almost covered and he would have gone ahead with her whole hand if she did not stop him. It's cute though and he says its from Dave so she guess its okay...

"Ya!" Kim suddenly explained holding her hand and examining it, "Where did you get this band aids?"

And she thought Kim would be worried about her hand, turns out her band aids were more interesting. Rolling her eyes at her friend and completely missing the exchange of glances between her two friends, she answered Kim that it was a gift from a younger relative.

That's not a lie anyway.

"I told you so!" Margie suddenly exclaimed at Kim that she was confused when they began laughing.

"I dont know what I was thinking when for a second, I almost believe the rumor" Kim agreed chuckling. "That's just impossible!"

"Honestly! You guys are so weird today" Yaya exclaimed with a 'tsk', "What's wrong with everybody?"

"Dont mind us" Kim waved a hand off, intending to brush off her worry only succeeding in increasing her curiosity.

How can she possibly ignore them when they where literally in tears due to their laughter?

"We just heard a rumor speculating about you being the mystery girl in Nadech's post after seeing your hands covered with these little bears and not to mention your bear lunch box!" Margie added

"W-What?" she gasped in horror, halting her step.

She did not even think of that!


"But that cant be true! Knowing you and Nadech?" Margie shake her head convincingly at Kim as the two continued on walking leaving her rooted on the spot.

"True!" Kim agreed, hooking her hands on the pregnant lady beside her, "Thats just next to impossible!"


She began on breathing back normally after hearing their conversation.


That's good then.

For a second there she thought she was really caught! Taking a deep breath, she heaved a sigh of relief and began walking towards her friends.

They wont know anythin-


She never got to finish that thought though, for the next second, she felt a ball hit her forehead before everything went black.

***End of flashback

"And that's why I have these"

"Oh" Nadech with his brows still in furrow, stare at her bruise as if it was his enemy, gently touching the lower unaffected part.

His touch and close proximity seemingly awaken something inside her that she tried so much to hinder, feeling her heart beat sped up she had to shake her head to clear those unwanted thoughts.


She wont get distracted.

Even if he is looking at her this way, she almost forgot there where other people around if not for the clearing of throat she heard in the background.

Where were they again? Oh right.

"Apologize to this guy" she ordered Nadech hoping she sound convincing enough, Nadech though only scratch his head and smiled at her charmingly.

But she wont fall for that.

Damn it.

She thought she was immuned on him but what is this strange feeling then?

"Hmmmm" he hummed, pointedly ignoring her and instead continued on examining her face, placing her hair beneath her ears.

Good God.

Why does his hum sounds so sexy, she almost forgive him for not apologizing.

Almost for another clearing of throat from their friends made her step away from Nadech after realizing that they really shouldnt be doing this in front of other people.


They shouldn't do this either when they're alone because in case she had forgotten, they were just friends with benefits- accidentally married.

Maybe things where happening so fast even she, herself, felt confused?
Because she cant be falling in love with this guy in front of her!

Even if he has gorgeous dimpled smile, beautiful eyes with long lashes and his eight pack abs.

Not to mention the way he always took care of her even if he's not really obliged to. She doesn't always show it but she really appreciates even the little things.

And yes. She acknowledge that she's one lucky lady for having him as her husband even if that's just by accident and if under different circumstances, she would not choose anyone else to be 'trapped' with in this marriage.

"Okay. Fine. I apologize. Happy?"

That is, if he just shut his mouth.

Damn Nadech and his big mouth.

Without warning, she pinched his arm hard he immediately began protesting with a loud, "Aw!"

"Stop acting like a kid and apologize properly" she whispered furiously on his ear before letting go.

"I'm sorry" Nadech began rather exaggerately, turning to glance at her quickly, "Please forgive my stupidity"

To everyone's surprise, Maru chuckled at them, "It's okay" he said doing an okay sign before going over her to mess her hair, winking at her.

"Can I just get a hug?" he added suddenly with a mischievous twinkle on his eye that she got a hint of what he's trying to do.

"I dont think that would be nece-" Nadech began but never got to finish for Maru had already enveloped her in a big hug.


She just hope that Maru wont get another hit after deliberately provoking her husband who had a tendency to be possessive.

"I'm glad you've finally found someone thats going to take care of you like how you deserve" Maru told her like a big brother that he has always been to her,

"Nadech and I we're just erm- friends" she tried to deny, but even to her, it doesn't sound so convincing.

"Dont worry" Maru chuckled not believing a single word she said, "I can keep a secret"

Damn. The cat is out of the bag now.

"Okay thats enough"

Nadech pulled Maru off her and placed her behind his back protectively, she only roll her eyes at him.

Its not like she's going to run off with the guy now when she already had a husband.

Hmmm... That has a nice ring on it.

Yaya surpressed the urge to smile on her thoughts, less others would think she'd gone crazy or a lost case.

Lately though, she noticed that she doesnt cringe anymore whenever she thought of him as her husband.

She just doesnt know if it's a good or bad sign.

"Thank you again for helping my wife earlier" Pok stepped forward to shake hands with Maru in gratitude that she elbowed Nadech and point at Pok's good manners.

Hoping he'd take the hint but it was just hopeless.

Nadech only rolled his eyes at her that she began on pinching his sides as he in turn tried to catch her hands.

"Guys?" Pok asked them unsurely, his eyes looking back and forth before settling at their hands linked together, "We're gonna go ahead"

"Where's Maru?" she asked, immediately pulling her hands away from Nadech's after noticing their stare of amusement.

"He's already gone ahead when you two cant be bothered earlier" Margie chimed in, giving her a goodbye hug, her smile reminded her of a cheshire cat she saw in the movies, "You young lady has a lot to explain"

Margie though must have noticed her worry and uneasiness if her sudden paleness gives any indication. There where no words to explain but she knew her friend gets it for it was a problem everyone in the industry experience when it involves relationship.

Patting her cheeks, she hold her hand saying "Its okay I understand, I wont tell anyone"

"Take care of ya okay?" Margie tapped Nadech's arm and Pok nod at her before the two leaves them alone.


Few more names to add in the growing list of their secret keepers.

Yaya sighed wanting to smack her head at her carelesness as she put on her seat belt after they finally reached his car.

"What's wrong?" Nadech asked her to which she replied with shaking her head, not in the mood to talk right now. With a shrug, Nadech started the engine and they made their way home in silence.

"Tell me" he said after they reached his estate, hovering over to her side just so he can stare at her face, examining her bruised forehead before gently blowing on it causing her to flich, "Does it still hurt?"

Honestly, she could care less about her bruise now, feeling goosebumps start on her arms and a slight shiver that she turned anywhere but him, avoiding his sinful eyes.

She thinks she need to have a serious talk with her traitor heart now.

"Not really" she started shaking her head, "I was just thinking... there were people now who know about our secret."

"I'm sorry" Nadech apologize sincerely she turned to him in surprise, "I just couldnt help it. You know I never like seeing you hurt."

"Why are you doing this?" she asked in a whisper, almost afraid of hearing his answer but she really like to know.

Just if- by any chance- there could be a way that he's feeling the same as hers.

Nadech stared at her for quite some time, she's afraid he's bever going to answer when he finally smiled.

Caressing her face and armed with the words that ought to give her the push her heart was seriously fighting off and trying to avoid, "If it still isnt obvious... I like you" and then he added as if in afterthought, "And I mean it as a lot"




Yaya couldn't surpress the smile that formed on her lips at his words.

At least they where going in the same direction here.

"Me too" she finally confessed shyly looking anywhere but him.

"Thank God" Nadech suddenly heaved a sigh of relief and without warning, lifted her towards him before proceeding on her showering her with kisses.

"Woah slow down" she said placing hand on his chest but it didnt stop him from now kissing her neck, "Hey!"

"W-what?" Nadech asked, confusion written all over his face.

"We can't" she insisted, although half heartedly now. Distracted by the pleasurable sensation he was giving her as he suck on a particularly sensitive spot he had discovered she responded the most to.

"Seriously?" he asked, his hands already exploring her body, "I think were already way past the stage to be modest especially after our confession just earlier, remember?"

If it's really just up to her, she wont even think twice but her monthly visitor already knocked earlier.

And as much as she wanted to, judging by the way her body responded to him, she dont have any choice on this matter.

"As much as I'd like to" she began, tilting her head to the other side to give him more access while entangling her fingers on his hair, "But we really can't"

"Why?" he asked, resurfacing from her neck, almost whining that she couldnt help but chuckle and press a quick kiss on his lips before whispering the reason on his ear.

"Oh Damn" Nadech for a second looked like a lost puppy, sighing sadly before he broke back in a smile, "Let me just have my kisses then"

That she can do and with a smile on her face, she pressed her lips on his in a searing kiss.

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The band aid, in case anyone is wondering
cr: to the rightful owner
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Aww... thank you so much @annmott, this is so good... I love how they are slowly realizing their feelings for one another. Their friends are starting to see it too. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next chapter? Is there a chance they will have a baby? Can’t wait !!!! Thank you again!!’


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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: Inspired by this song

Chapter 14- To love and to cherish

~N: When are you going home... Did you know? The house feels empty without you - from the very sad one.

For the life of her, Yaya couldn't surpress the wide grin after seeing Nadech's message.

She couldn't believe a grown man like Nadech had a side like this! To think that she wasn't even gone for two days for her project...

Biting her lips, she started typing,

~Y: Awe, I miss the house too...

~N: Only the house?

Hmmm... Let's see how far he'll go in this.
With a smile on her face, she decided to tease him just a little bit more.

~Y: And the backyard... you know I love that place.

Yaya added just for the desired effect while chuckling to herself. She could almost imagine his ears burning red right now in annoyance.

~N: I think you're forgetting something or someone?

If anyone could see her right now chuckling to herself as she enter the house walking straight towards the living area and slumping into the sofa of Nadech's villa, they would surely think she had lost her mind.

And yes, Nadech suggested that she stay on his house there to make him feel more secure now that she is in Chiang Mai.

~Y: Oh right! I forgot our dogs. I miss them soooo much please send my hugs and kisses.

Just as she predicted, her phone began rimging, she had to surpress her laughter when she pick up the call.

"Woman" Nadech's sulking voice rang through the air, "Its only been a day and half but you already forgot about me? I'm still your husband you know..."

She couldnt hold it in anymore and chuckled at his whining, shaking her head at his antics.

He can be really quite dramatic sometimes she knew he would be a great actor if he ever aspires to be one.

"You are deliberately doing this huh? You're enjoying tormenting me"

"Hmmm..." she could only hum her response but her little teasing stop short when his voice suddenly turned serious and spoke the words that made her heart beat fast again.

"I miss you" he breathed out the words that her heart melted right then and there, she suddenly wish he is by her side right now.

For everyday is a special when she is with him.

"I-I miss you too" she whispered back shyly, grabbing a pillow and pressing it to her face to contain herself.

How can he do that? She wonders...

How can he turn her simple days into something special even through little things?

Like the chocolates he surprises her with? or his kisses everytime he wakes her up...

She badly want to go home now.

It scared her sometimes how her feelings towards him can turn into something like this in just a short period of time.

To think that its only been approximately five days since their little confession and she's already turning into this type of woman who can never get enough of her man.

Is this even normal?

"Go home?" he requested, speaking so softly she wonders if she just imagine his tone turn a little bit pleading.

"Soonest" she responded, her words holding a promise.

It is a good thing, she made sure her work will be done on time so she can now go back home into his arms-


Or not.


She forgot about one more thing that is hogging her schedule and hindering her alone time with her husband.

"Thank god you're already here", Kim said in delight, barelling towards her as if she had the answer to all her problems, "Are you talking to someone? I thought I heard someone speaking"

Quickly pressing the end call button before her friend caught on, she started to shake her head before another voice spoke, surprising them both.

"She was talking to me" Margie who was sitting next to Pok on the kitchen stool said, both grinning at her suggestively like they won the lottery.

Damn it to the moon and back. Dont tell her they where there the whole time?

If the ground could just open up and swallow her now please.

"Nevermind come on let's go out and enjoy the night air!"

And her friend is back at it again.

For the love of all that is good, can someone enlighten this woman?

"NO!" Pok and Margie said at the same time that Kim was taken back for a second, looking quite reprimanded.

Its a good thing she had here someone reasonable with them, she thought looking at the couple. They too had gone with her after Kim insisted on joining her here in the mountains. It is good for the heart she says .

Ever since her fight with her boyfriend which is coincidentally falls on her and Nadech's 'confession day', her friend had been hanging around her most of the time that her time with her husband has been rather limited and yet, she really couldnt say no since it is her best friend. And to add to their dilemma, Mark had been taking her husband's time as well with them friends having a drink!

Talk about timing.

"Come on guys. Please be a friend and join me in my sentiments" Kim almost pleaded that she and Margie exchange glances.


Looks like she wont see their house anytime soon yet.

Sorry Nadech.

"Alright" she sighed in defeat, "But we'll stay here in this villa"

"Its okay this house is cozy and away from the crowd" Kim hugged her happily, "How did you book this one anyway? I bet this cause you a fortune!"

"Oh I- I know the owner" she answered faintly, trying to sound normal.

The design of the house looks like it came out straight from a zen magazine with its fine architecture that she really couldnt blame her friend for asking. She was a fool for believing Nadech when he said he had a small house here.

"And I know for a fact that they're very close" Margie added convinvingly with a nod of agreement from her husband earning a glare from her.


"If that's the case lets enjoy its privileges then, I spotted a pool beside the small cottage earlier!"

Now she know a broken heart can make mind puddle and confused that her usual nosy friend didnt ask anything.


She isnt one to complain then.


"Damn girl!" Kim laughed watching her shot down her drink, drunk off her mind.

"This one's strong!" she said, shaking her head hoping it would clear her mind.


She's getting dizzy.

They where drinking down her friends misery and unfortunately for her, the word 'they' pertains to her and Kim only for Margie obviously cant drink right now so she just join them with a ginger tea on her hand while Pok retired early.

"You where right when you said before that Nadech and his friends where a bunch of trouble."

Yaya choke on her drink at Kim's statement just as Margie rub her back, adding, "Yaya wont say that now right?"

The pregnant lady is sure enjoying her dilemma judging by the laughter in her eyes- and she watched as the woman scramble to get something from her bag with a wide smile after hearing the words 'cellphone' and 'record'

Is it just her or the world is spinning?


What the f*ck is that light coming from her friends cell phone?

AND Why on earth is she seeing double?

Shaking her head, she blinks back several times trying to get back her focus. Damn.

"She did!" Kim insisted thumping the table and turning to her, "You said that before right?"

What was that again?

They where talking about--


Nadech and... trouble?



"I take that back!" she slurred with conviction after a few seconds.

"But its trueeee." Kim wont listen to her but stay true to her beliefs, "You know the saying. Birds with same feather flocks together"

"Noooo! Dont say that" she slurred, waving her index finger in the air to get her point across, "My husband is not like that! He's caring, loving, and damn good looking"

In the background, she could hear Margie gasp in surprise and chuckle.

"Did you just said your husband?" Kim asked, confusion written all over her face.


It is really true that a fish is caught by its own mouth.


And Margie wasn't helping her at all but was just laughing it off after she looked for help.

"I mean-" she started then pointed at Margie's side, "Her husband. Pok! Right Why would I even say my husband? You are drunk"

Thank goodness Pok came over to fetch his wife that got her distracted.

"One last thing though" Margie began seriously before heading to their room, " I think this one is your fault"

At last.

Someone finally pointed it out.

"Just because he doesnt get jealous doesnt mean he dont love you" Ya added her token in agreement.

Their fight actually started from something so small that was kept inside and then gradually blew up. They already talk about it before that she shouldnt really be surprised now. It was all about her boyfriend not being possessive that she was unsure if he really loves her thingy.

"I for one, trust my wife so much that I choose to pick my fights wisely." Pok said helpfully hoping it would get through the poor girl.

"But its different!" she still insisted hopelessly, laying down the sofa and burying her head in the matress, "I feel like the distance between us is growing lately since he is spending so much time doing who knows what"

Ya sighed internally wanting to speak about the secret Nadech told her but no, she promised him not to tell others and besides, its between the couple so she used all the coherent thoughts that was left on her brain to stop herself from blurting it out, less she spoil the surprise.

That is, if it is still on what with the recent happenings.

According to Nadech, Mark was actually planning on proposing that's why he was so busy with things lately...

"Are you really giving up 6 years with him?" Margie said a little bit forcefully, hoping it would get through the confused girl, "Think about it"

With that, the pregnant lady pull Pok with her and left them alone in the living area as she too slumped on her seat, laying down her head on the pillow.

Personally, she admired their against-all-odds relationship that she support both sides most of the times.

But this time though, she had to agree with Margie, their little fight's getting silly especially when she knew that both love each other dearly.

Now if they would just talk and make up, everything will be back to its place.

Then she'll be back to her rightful one.



Yaya woke up with a start scratching her head as she survey her surrounding, surprise that she is still in the living area.

Did she fell asleep here?

At least, it looks like she wasnt the only one for she spied Kim laying down on the other sofa.

With a sigh, she grabbed her phone and stood up feeling thirsty, making her way towards the kitchen...

Imagine her surprise upon the non stop alerts she kept receiving after opening it.

50 messages and 20 missed calls?


And it guess who it all belongs to?

It was, of course, none other than Nadech.

Now fully awake, she sat on the kitchen stool facing the lanai while sipping her chocolate drink and scrolling down his messages.

~Sweetheart please call me when you're done with work...

P.S. Cant wait for you to go home


~ Sweetieee...~

~I thought you said you're gonna finish the project today?~

Skipping the others with the same content, she had to smile to herself.

She is so sure he was cutely pouting while typing this. Although he would always contradict her whenever she called him cutie for he says he is too manly to be called cute.

He really can be quite childish sometimes.

~Did I do something wrong?~

~I really really miss you~

Aw. She missed him t-

~I'm sorry~

Wait what?

Her eyes widen at his last message from him 5 hours ago.

Why is he saying sorry?

It is her who should apologize!

Dont tell her he did something unforgiveable?

~Hey. I'm sorry I didnt read your messages earl-

She began typing but the sudden opening of the back door near her almost made her heart stop and she started to shriek at the sight of a man carrying a struggling thing over his shoulder if not for the persons quick action with throwing the struggling thing on the floor to cover her mouth quickly.

What the hell?

"Ssssssshhhh" the person said, his voice oddly familiar, "Its just me"

It couldnt be...

Opening the damn lights, Ya heaved a sigh of relief at the sight of Nadech. Too relieved that she couldnt stop herself from jumping towards him and thank god for his quick reflexes that he was able to carry her sudden weight, his hands supporting her backside as she wrap her arms around him.

Her plan was to engulf him in a bear hug but it seems like he has better plans for he goes in for a searing kiss that she happily answers with equal fervor, entangling her hands on his hair.

Questions that she chose to ignore were floating on her head.

What is he doing here? And at this hour?


She doesnt care anymore as long as he is here by her side.

"You really missed me huh?" Nadech began laughing holding her in his embrace before pulling her in a kiss.

Her joy didnt last long though after hearing a loud gasp from the other side she pulled away reluctantly from him only to get the shock of her life.

Staring at them with wide eyes in surprise was none other than Mark who had his hands and feet tied, a cloth over his mouth.

"What the f*ck?"

She shake her head in disbelief at the sight and turn towards Nadech.

"H-how- W-what ...?" she stuttered, her mind couldnt grasp the situation as she stare him down accusingly.

"What?" he said defensively, "I had my ways"

Silence followed his statement and he must have notice her disapproval for he added with a shrug like everything was normal.

"Desperate situations requires desperate solutions you know"

Before she could react any further though, Mark had fallen off the floor, fainting.

Did he faint because of the shock of getting kidnapped by Nadech or from the sight of the two of them together?

Turning to Nadech, he could only grin at her innocently while scratching his chin.


Now what?


"Let me get this straight" Ya asked Nadech, sitting down on the matress while he layed down sideways towards her, his cheek on his palm, "You tricked Mark into coming here with you just because you had enough of his whims?"

"I had enough of the both of them monopolizing our time when we could be spending it together like this" he said, lifting a hand to place the hair behind her ear, "Besides, it would be hitting two birds with one stone, they would make up and I could be with you doing things like this"

Before she knew it, he was already kissing her all over her face she had to push him away to stop him.

cr: Naya Lovelyhouse / Ch3 Thailand

Damn smooth talker.

She couldnt help the shy smile that forms on her lips, feeling her heart flutter.

"What you did is wrong you know" she said, trying to sound convincing.

As much as she wanted to be with him, this is too much and not to mention, probably illegal.

"Then you will be considered as my accomplice," he said chuckling, "My partner in crime-"

She knew it!

Helping him earlier would only get back on her that she had to grab the blanket and put it on top of his head burying him down to stop him from speaking.

cr: Naya Lovelyhouse / Ch3 Thailand

Nadech, against her better judgement actually got her agreement on locking Kim and Mark on the cottage near the pool after he assured her that they would be safe. The place is actually quite comfortable, complete with small kitchen and bathroom that she, herself, check before agreeing to this madness.

This might be wrong but as to what the great old wizard from a book she had read before would say, 'It is for the greater good'.

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P.S. That quote was from Dumbledore
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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: This is just a very short update because it was supposed to be in the chapter 14 but I just cant bear to ruin the mood just yet...

But now here it is! The extended version or should I day part 2?

Chapter 14.2 - To love and to cherish

Nadech's POV

"You're a genius" Yaya sighed happily walking straight towards their bedroom, "Who would have thought that the 'great plan' of yours would work?"

Of course he made sure of that. Nadech smiled, following after her.

She was talking about his plan on getting their two friends back together which, of course, succeeded.

He made sure of that.

And honestly.

If ever that didnt work out, he already had a plan B, plan C, plan D and so on back up plans...

"I miss this bed!" she said, diving towards the sift matress lazily, laying spread eagle while moving her hands up and down like she was on a snow.

Nadech had to chuckle to himself while watching her.

Damn adorable.

Who knows that the nang ek he always thought to be haughty ang snob would turn out to be the total opposite?

Sighing, he walk over towards her and sat on the edge of the bed, staring at her loveliness.

Maybe he should have gotten over his pride sooner... Now he regret all those years that he just let pass by.

Who knows?

Maybe they could have had more years together...

She must have heard his sigh for she turned towards his direction. Her confused eyes holds his intense stare.

Should he tell her now?

Before he could utter a single word though, she smiled that bright and innocent smile of hers that made his heart flutter, distracting him from his thoughts, he totally forgot what he was about to say.

Damn perfection.

He is a goner now...

With that, he threw all the cautions on the wind and find himself kissing the living daylights out of her.

"You REALLY missed me huh?" she chuckled when they gasped for air, echoing his sentiments the night before.

She had no idea.

"Hnmmm" he hummed in response, tracing kisses down her neck, loving the feeling of her body underneath his, "I hope you're monthly visitor's gone now?"

Laughing, she pulled back his hair teasingly before tilting her neck to give him more access, his hands exploring her body getting rid of her clothes.

"Yes-" she started only to be interrupted by the sound of doorbell that made them froze.

What now?

His plan was to ignore the damn sound but no, the damn doorbell just wont stop that she pushed him away, he had no choice but to stop.

"This better be important" he resigned, his brows furrowing in annoyance as he took wore his polo he didnt know he had already took off while the heartless woman chuckled at him.

He would have continued sulking if not for her sudden gesture that made him blush like a high school boy looking at his crush as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss his forehead.

"Dont worry" she whispered, massaging his eyebrows and easing his irritation away, "I'm not going anywhere"

Hope started to seed in his heart at her words, hoping that she really meant it.

For he really wouldn't let go of her now.


"Sahat?!" Nadech called his lawyer friend, surprised at seeing him in his door step.

"Good morning!" the guy exclaimed happily that made his brows furrow in annoyance, I have a very good news!"

His morning would have been good too if not for him, he wanted to say but restrained himself and instead asked what the damn guy is doing at his house at this hour.

"Although I didnt know why..." his friend started a little bit dreamily while looking behind him that he too look back only to find his wife walking towards them wearing only his oversized polo.

For the love of all that is holy!

Alarms started to went off his head that he had to block his friends sight who then tried to look over his shoulder to catch another glimpse but he's quick to close the door behind him.

No way in hell.

That sight is for his eyes only.

"Dont look at her that way!"

"What?" Ken asked defensively, "Your wife is too beautiful to not look-"

"Precisely" Nadech gritted his teeth hoping for more patience, "She is my wife"

For a moment, the guy stare at him in wonder before he smiled with a mad glint in his eyes.

"Why am I not surprised..." his friend mumbled more to himself.


He never got to finish though for Ya suddenly opened the door behind them, "Why did you close it?"

"Oh it's nothing" he said, holding her hand and placing his arms around her to block her from his friend subtly as he walk them inside the house, "I was just inviting him inside right?!"

"Precisely" Sahat repeated his words that he had to glare at the guy, looking at him with an 'I'm watching you' look, his friend could only chuckle and shake his head.


"Erm- guys?" Sahat, his lawyer friend called the two of them, who was looking quite pale, "I said you're marriage can still be void, given by the circumstances"
Bullshit, he wanted to call out.

Thats just plain bullshit.

He had to grit his teeth to supress his anger, stopping himself from cursing everything in sight.

"I've gone over the details you provided me and saw a hole that we can use given that you're marriage wasnt really supposed to be yours and that you two dont know it was legal" he said, bringing out the marriage license and pictures of the couple who should have married, "Given these evidences we can surely null your marriage"

"H-how? What..?" Ya stuttered, disbelief written all over her face that for a moment, her hand almost slip off his if not for his tight grasp.

"Is this true?" another voice suddenly rang that all of them turn towards the doorway to find her father standing red in anger.

His heart started to sped up at the way things were going.

"D-dad" she said, fear laced her voice as she was forcefully pulled away from him by her father.

"Sir we can explai-" Nadech tried to speak desperately amidst the mess. Hoping he could turn things around into their favor.

"I've heard enough" her father shuts him up, holding his daughter's arm tight, "Pack your bags, youre going home with me young lady."

And all hell break lose after that.

He could only watch as she was taken away right in front of his eyes.

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Disclaimer: The events and situations in this fanfic is pure fiction and does not imply that it happened in real life.

A/N: So here it is... read at your own risk and no. This time, it doesnt contain r-scenes.

A clue to what is ahead from the trailer @1:54 to @2:22

Now listen to this song while reading for the feels...

Chapter 15.1 - Pledge Myself to You

Nadech's POV

~Sorry. The number you dial is not in servi-~

Damn it.

Nadech brought down his phone rather forcefully, staring at it as if it was his enemy.

Ever since she went back to her parents house, their communication has been rather limited with him sneaking in to her work place just to see her but her father must have caught a wiff of that for he had now gotten her bodyguards that follows her everywhere.

For the life of him, he couldnt really think of any reason why her father must hate him this much! It's not like he was a criminal or something...

He couldnt believe her father would take it this far though. Did Romeo and Juliet really exist in this modern world?

Wait- those two ends up tragically right?!

He should not associate their love story with them if thats the case.

Sighing for the nth time, Nadech turn to his phone and stalk her IG account, his brows furrowing at her posts in her European work trip for a famous magazine.

How come she had the time to post but cant reply on his damn messages and calls?!

It has been like that for days now that he couldnt help but start to worry. Thinking there must be something wrong for she used to reply on his messages on her free time.

Did she even received his messages? Or even missed him the way he does for her?

Frustrated, Nadech opened his drawer and hold on to the small velvet box in his hands as if it would calm him down.

He knew it is probably not the best timing but he just couldnt wait anymore.

For goodness sake, just a month without her and he is already close to his wits end! Look at the power of that woman on him.

And as if the heavens above finally heard his misery, a pouting and sad picture of her suddenly pops up from his feed with her caption; 'I miss my home'.

Instantly, his mood brighten up at her words. Is that what he was waiting for?

He couldnt help the wide grin that forms on his lips.

Would he be assuming if he think that the home she talk about is him?

But he really doesnt care anymore.

Grabbing his coat, he hurried towards the hallway while dialling his secretary, "Cancel all my appointments and ready my plane"

He just hope she is ready for him.


"What is it?"

A sleepy voice from the inside of the apartment can be heard as Nadech persisted on pushing on her doorbell.

"Delivery" he answered trying to calm down his excitement, willing her to hurry up as he holds up the Juliet Roses he brought to cover his face.

Well what did he expect? It was still early in the morning and he knew her schedule. She must have been working late again judging by the pics shared by her team he had came across earlier.

"I'm sorry but I didnt order anythin-" Ya began, but stopped short at coming face to face with the bouquet, "W-who- but it couldnt be..."

"Delivery for a very special lady" he said before lowering down the flowers while smiling at her brightly, opening up his arms to welcome her in a hug.

His smile falter though when his gesture was only met by her blank stare that cold fear started on him.

He couldnt point it but it feels like something is different.

Something has changed...

"W-What's wrong?" he had to ask, "Did you already forget your husband?"

As if it was the magic word, Yaya shake her head and her face falls into a smile that instantly made all his worries disappear.

Maybe he was just overthinking and imagining things...

"H-hey!" she said while accepting his flowers and looking at it with a smile, "Y-You're here"

"Of course! I miss my wife! You know that if I could, I would follow wherever you go" Nadech rummaged over his pocket but the sad look on her face when he glanced at her suddenly brought him to halt.

Why would she look forlorn?

Did something happen?

He immediately cup her face with his hands, turning her face towards him as he caressed her cheeks, "Tell me... Is everything okay?"

"Y-yes... I just-" Ya started, staring at him with a tender yet intense look, her eyes seem to be searching something on his before she closed hers as if she was seemingly accepting defeat, "I just miss you so much"

Is that it?

Would it be shameful if he blush at her words? Smiling shyly, he pulled her closer to his chest and kissed her forehead.

For a moment, she got him afraid there that he couldnt help his sigh of relief.

"If thats the case" He said, pulling away just to get her hand, kissing the back of it while staring at her in the eye, "Then you deserve a gift"

Smiling at her lovingly, he brought out the velvet box from his pocket earning a loud gasp from her when he openned it.

"W-wha-" she couldnt finish her sentence that she could only stare at the ring in surprise.

Without any warning, he gently slid the ring on her finger, his heart sighing in happiness as he looked at it.

"This is to remind you of me wherever you goes... that someone is here waiting for you because you seem to be quite forgetful" he said jokingly, "It is also a symbol that you are already taken so whatever happens dont take it off okay?"

With that, he intertwine their fingers together, showing her the matching ring he wore on his finger and admiring the way their rings sparkle in the light.

"I promise to do the same with mine"

He didnt know what exactly happened or if he was just seeing things when he felt a droplet of water on his hand for the next thing he knew, she was engulfing him in her embrace.


"What are we doing here?" Yaya asked, her sweet voice portraying her awe as she stare at different attractions while they walk hand in hand at one of the most famous amusement park here in Europe.

"Didn't I promise to be with you in experiencing new things and crazy adventures?" Nadech shrugged, grinning at her charmingly, "And you told me you've never been to one before so... I figured you might like this place"

Truthfully, he had already planned on bringing her to one even back home in Bangkok even going as far as buying the tickets but he would always dismiss the idea at the last minute. The risk of getting exposed to public is too high and he knew she isn't ready for that.

"I say more than like" she said before listing off the rides she wanted to try, tugging his hand excitedly, "Lets try that one first!"

The look of happiness on her face and the bright smile on her lips is contagious he knew he must have been grinning like an idiot as he let her lead her into anywhere she wanted.

Thank god he made the right decision for it was after all what he considered as their first date. No one can get wrong in the happiest place on earth right?

"You okay?" he had to ask after noticing the pale look on her face while checking her seatbelt.

"Yeah" she said before her brave face suddenly fell, she grabbed his arm that he almost jump at her cold hand on his skin, "Erm- Can we- can we back out?" she stuttered just as the signal was raised for the ride to begin within 3 seconds, his eyes widen in disbelief knowing that he couldnt do anything.

"Dont worry" he said doing the only thing he could, placing her hand from his arm to his and holding it tight, "I'm here with you. We can do this"

That seemed to calm her down for a while as they exchange sweet glances but the next he knew, they where screaming their lungs off together when they where suddenly tossed at the air.

"Damn" she cursed when they got back on their feet, walking quite dizzily, she had to wrap her hands around his back while he does the same both laughing out loud, "That was crazy"

"Literally one hell of a ride" he agreed, shaking his head to get back to his wits

"Look!" she suddenly pointed at another ride, squealing in happiness he had to look at her in wonder. Wasnt she scared at the thought of riding one just a moment before?

"Come on" she said, almost dragging him towards the contraption leaving him no choice but to follow.

He could not say no to her anyway.

"This is silly" he said to her who in turn only chuckle at him teasingly while she got her phone out and took pictures as they ride the carousel together, holding at one pole. Totally ignoring the weird looks they were getting from other tourists.

"But it doesnt matter cause nobody knew us here anyway!" she said giddily, her eyes sparkling in happiness, "It felt good though, to be stared at just because of being ourselves and not because they knew us as the people from the television"

"Hmmmm" he could only hum in response watching her enjoy herself.

It was then that he knew how important her freedom was to her as she look like a kid that has just been let in on the playground for the first time, he swore he'd do anything just to keep that happiness on her.

"This is the best!" she exclaimed turning to him with a glint in her eyes, going over to his side and raising her phone upwards, "Come on! Let's take a picture"

"If I just knew you'd be this happy, I would have brought you here sooner" he breathed on her ear while she snaps photos of them together that she turned to face him with a sad smile, letting him know she shared his sentiments.

In a brief shocking and rather bold move, she pressed her lips to his quickly then slowly pulled out to stare at him in the eye sheepishly, he was afraid she'd regret it.

For a moment, he has completely lost his mind for without thinking if they have an audience, nor the people around them, or if it was even prohibited in a public place for kids in this foreign country, he pulled her in a fiery and deep kiss with him holding on to the pole at her back, trapping and pressing her towards it as she wrap her arms around his neck for support.

They must have been making out for quite a while that they didnt notice the ride already stopped if not for the cough of an employee staring at them quite disapprovingly before asking if they wanted to ride again.

"Excuse us" he said, surpressing his chuckle at the confused look on Ya's face as if she had fogotten where they where, "We just got married"

The collective 'aww' they received after his statement from the people watching them finally seem to wake her up, turning her beet red as she quickly buried her face down his neck, finally realizing what they had just done out in the open.

Try as he might, he couldnt surpress his chuckle at her reaction that he felt her slightly bit him on his neck.

"Hey!" he said, rubbing the injured part, "You started it"

Rolling her eyes at him in defeat, she grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the crowd they had unknowingly gathered.


"Did you know?" he started turning to look at her after they got tired of the rides and just went for a walk outside nearby the river lane just beside the parking lot holding hands, trying to prolong the night as neither wanted to go home yet, "I always thought you were someone unreachable, the nangek which everyone loves from afar but no one dared to approach. Turns out I was wrong in so many ways."

"Hmmm" she hummed along, her face looking at him quite intensely he was shy for a moment for she seemed to be somehow memorizing his face, feeling her hand tighten on his.

Taking a deep breath, he willed himself to speak. The day was nearing its end anyway so he might as well confess.

"I didnt know when or how it happened, but-"

The explosion of light and color on the sky however brought him to halt as they both look up and watch the firework display, both lost in their own thoughts.

He just didnt know then that the end of the light show would mark another finale as well.

"Did you know?" she began right after while taking a deep breath, "Eversince you've come into my life... my days has been filled with surprises, both the good and the bad."

"Really?" he chuckled at this, trying to lighten up the serious mood she created.

"You managed to turn my stable world upside down" she insisted earnestly, "And i know its crazy but I actually enjoyed every second, minute and hours of it because you made me realize how to never forget what's really important in life, to love and cherish them at all cost"

Slowly, her hand slipped off from his grasp as he stare at her in confusion.

"W-why are you saying th-"

The cold fear that he tried so hard to bury deep inside despite the obvious signs he had noticed earlier was back in full force.

She couldnt be...

"But I guess even the good things comes to an end" she continued, ignoring him and he felt his heart almost stop when she took off the ring on her finger, "I think it's time we end this"

"NO!" he hold her closed hand tight when she tried to give him back the offending object. "Tell me what's wrong sweetheart?" he asked holding on her shoulders, wanting to shake her just to make her realize what she's saying is just plain absurd.

"Is it me?" he asked her almost close to begging, "I'm- I will change if-if thats what you want. I promise I'll be good..."

But it seems like she doesnt hear his plea for she just pushed him away and he heard several footsteps before he was pulled away from her quite forcefully by her bodyguards that he was quickly losing his patience.

So she still had those bodyguards even here abroad?

"Let go of me damn it!"

In his desperate attempt, he had punched the guy who was holding him only to be hit back quite harder, he staggered on his feet.

"Stop!" she commanded, her voice raising a notch, "Let go of him. He's not hurting me"

"I'm sorry" she began after her guards hesitantly let him go that he had not wasted his time to get near her again.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked like a mad man, rubbing his fingers through his hair, "You said that you'll never go anywhere! Why are you giving up this easily?"

Silence met his question and she wouldnt meet his eyes that almost made him snap, he had to hold on to his emotion less he would break down. "I wanted to know why or where we went wrong because I couldnt think of any-"

"Everything was wrong!" she finally burst out, pushing him away that he stood there quite shock, listening to her words, "Right from the very beginning, everything was a mistake."

"But didnt we made it work-"

Werent they happier just earlier? How can everything go wrong in just one snap?

"I thought so too" she said, "But everything's getting too much, too complicated and too hard-"

But it's okay if she wanted to... He can fight for them if she would just stay.

"Do you want us to slow down? I can-" he still tried to reason even if it seems like she had already made her mind.

"Please dont make it harder for me" she sighed tiredly on defeat, pushing him away while placing the ring on his palm that her words finally went through him.

Does being with him hurt her? Is he the cause of the sadness in her smiles?

"Please let me go" she added softly that he took a step back, her words cutting deeper than the hit he took from her bodyguards, judging by the pain in his chest.

"Is that what you really want?" he asked even though he already knew her answer, hoping against hope that her decision would change.

But it seems like she really wouldnt take him back for she whispered her goodbye, "Thank you for everything"

Gritting his teeth, he turn away from her to save his pride and hide his pain, "Then I guess this has no meaning anymore"

With that, he had thrown the ring at the river and leave without looking back.


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