The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I finally read it all, I opened up to read a few times but I was out with my bestfriend. I'm so excited for their marriage honestly some scenes from Naree Rissaya will make a good mv for this.


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Getting so good. Can't wait for the next chapter! Did Wat R Dao on their first night? I remember he couldn't wait on their wedding night. Lol
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I've been looking everywhere for vids, but only saw ep 7 &11 on YouTube. Does anybody know where I can watch it? I don't mind raw videos


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Chapter 4

Wat's father passed away the next evening. Everyone came to the home for the reading of the will. His aunt refused to accept the terms for her eldest nephew and was asked to leave due to her outburst.

"We called everyone here to discuss the terms of Khun Pisawatwasik's will. For receiving full inheritance and guardianship, the legal marriage between said parties should be executed within the next 3 months of the reading of this will. Or else the estate shall forfeit to the various local charities." The lawyer read out the conditions. He stopped and waited to hear if anyone was going to oppose them.

It took Dao courage to agree to the marriage, she lost her sister already and she didn't want to lose her only nephew. She vowed to do whatever it took to be with Saipoo and help keep tab in his future wealth and what was owed to him once he turned 21. Although she was more curious about why Wat didn't walk away from the terms. Was he so incompetent that he couldn't have worked hard to create his own wealth? But regardless, he as well didn't speak up to oppose his father's will.

That was it, there will be a wedding within the next few months between Dao and Wat. She didn't care to get involve, Wat suggested hiring a wedding planner and all they had to do was show up. Dao agreed readily, it was a society wedding but there was no love going into this marriage.

As everyone left the room only leaving Wat and Dao to further discuss their decision, Dao decided that she needed some space, she couldn't bear to be in the same room as him. Before she started to leave Wat stopped her with his scathing words.

"I guess you really are like your sister, wanting to keep my family's wealth. Don't get angry, I know how hard it is to keep a roof over one's head so this is ever a great opportunity to grasp and never let go. But that is why I agreed to these terms, I don't mind my brother getting his inheritance but as for his aunt, you came with nothing so when this marriage is over, you will leave with nothing." He mocked her with his look.

How dared he! She didn't want anything from him, it was all for her nephew sake. Just hearing on how Wat was treated by his aunt Lily's scheme was enough to be cautious of protecting her own nephew.

She decided not to disagree with him and prod him to anger with her response.

"Yes, we sisters are ambitious that way. If Din can easily achieve marriage to your father than why couldn't I keep it in the family by marrying you and laying claim to half your fortune once we divorce, I hope it will be sooner than later that I get my proper divorce settlement" She smirked back, he thought to insult her but she knew how high the stakes were for him.

She made to walk around him but he grabbed her arm and twisted her to face him. Pushing her up against the wall. "What did you forget to realize that I am a man? And although you think you are a strong-headed woman but no, you are no match for my strength. You do realize I have no intention of it being in name only. I see you forgot about that aspect of this marriage. For me it is of no bother, again I am a man with basic needs, anyone or any woman will do. But are you willing? No, don't squirm, I am told I am a very generous lover, I may even prove a better one than that smitten guy, what's his name again? Nak right but by the looks of things, does your boyfriend know that he is losing something he values so preciously, only because she too isn't any different from the many, what do you call them? Oh yes, gold diggers," he didn't release her, as much as she tried to push him off of her. It only made him pressed down harder to keep her still with his hard chest to her soft one. Now their faces only inches apart and especially their lips almost touching.

Dao tried to purse her lips tighter together. Wat was staring at her coldly then down at her lips so intently. She didn't think about the man's lust and his strenghth to force her to surrender, but she refuse to show him fear.

"You have no right. No right at present so release me. Do you think I am scared of you? I was never scared of your monster of a father and when you dated my sister, I never trembled out of fear for you. Just disgust, I knew exactly what type of man you are and here you are trying to take advantage of a woman. Let me go. Now." She stared up at him until he did eventually released her.

When Dao made to move thinking she was free, but then Wat decided to change his mind, took her into his arms and suddenly kissed her. Dao pounded at his back to release her. He dared to do this to her? His body was solid and broad, and she couldn't budge him. When he finally let her go, he noticed her lips were pink and swollen. He pretended to wipe his own lips and non chalent walked away, whistling as if he had no care in the world.

Dao was shaken but she refused to let Wat use this tactic to scare her off. She needed to do it for Saipoo, that was what mattered the most. The remaining tingling sensation from his kiss, she couldn't help but shiver. Wat was right, once they married, he would be her husband and not only in name only. What could she do about that? This was just a sacrifice she had to suffer through. Realistically was Wat doing this to just to try and make her reverse her decision to accept their marriage? She didn't know but again no matter what she wasn't backing down.

The wedding day seemed like a dream to Dao, she felt like she was just like a puppet being strung along by the necessary actions required for this marriage to become legal. Wat all evening during the reception had his arm around her waist. It was futile for her to try and make him stop. Today he showed his possessiveness as a badge of honour. She was a very beautiful bride, the wedding planner went beyond expectations and accomplished one of high society's biggest wedding that anyone would envy. Wat kept enthusiastically toasted with the guests, she knew he was no longer sober as the evening progressed. Fuming she vowed to lecture him when they were left alone. He should try to keep his wits about.

Randomly she also heard that they were being gossiped, rumours had going about how the family was switching partners within the family like changing clothes. First it was the groom and the bride's sister, then it became the father of the groom and the bride's sister and now this marriage. She didn't care, it was all about her nephew. She must follow through with what she promised P'Din.

Out of the corner of her eye, Dao saw Nak in the shadows, she regretted her decision to marry without considering Nak's feelings. She was a selfish and inconsiderate person when it came to him. It was just too devastating to explain. He told her he didn't care but will wait for her. He couldn't control what the heart yearned. It was a marriage of convenience and one year wasn't too long of a wait he assured her. Dao agreed, she would marry Nak if he still wanted her. But now she was married to Wat. His behaviour tonight was obnoxious, he drank and was loud. He kept pressuring her to show affections, she couldn't refuse and so she obliged, she didn't want to let their guests criticize them further. The reason why she cared what they thought she kept repeating to herself it was because of her nephew.

The night was coming to an end, Dao was exhausted both mentally and physically. She stared down into the courtyard, all the guests have gone except for one lone person. P'Nak, I am so very sorry. Her heart broke for both of them and what could have been. As if hearing her thoughts, Nak looked up to see the young woman in her white dress looking down from her bedroom window. Dao, he started to move forward closer to go beneath her window but saw movement behind her. He stood still, waiting then shortly the lights turned off up above.

"Very touching. The lovers' tragedy. Does he know that he wasn't even given a thought when you decided to marry me? I would think that maybe you didn't love him after all, do you even have a heart in there? Do you know what love is? Dao, you are so stubborn and set in your mission that even you would toss your lover aside to achieve what? It doesn't matter now, you are mine." Wat proceeded to wrap his arms around her waist and kissed his way up her shoulder to her neck.

Dao stiffened, she tried to remain calm. It was to be a real wedding night,"You can take what is my body but I will never allow you to intrude on my heart." Her tears slipped without her knowledge as she spoke those words.

Wat didn't care to hear her. He was angry that she didn't relent and forced them to go through with this marriage. He picked her up and she didn't struggle. He was still sober enough to realize this.

"Do you think I care about your heart? Do you still think I have one since your sister had destroyed it? And now you think to make me care, I only care that perhaps I will be the first man to possess you Dao." Said Wat.

With those words, Dao started to struggle,

"Over my dead body, let me go! I don't want this, Wat let me go..." Dao struggled but her effort proved pointless. With that he turned off the lights, kissed her into silence and proceeded to make love to his new wife...
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
They got married!!! :cheer:rscenesw
Will there be slapandkisswilling|?


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Possessiveness???? Jealously???


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Lol oh big time, Wat I think fell in love with Dao before she learn to love him but it's not easy, he carries drama lol. Will update some more tonight!!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
This fanfic is keeping me happy from my stress! :cheer::thumbup: Thankyou :icon12:
I miss Saipoo.. stopping myself from watching them cause I need to do finish my research part for my project


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This fanfic is keeping me happy from my stress! :cheer::thumbup: Thankyou :icon12:
I miss Saipoo.. stopping myself from watching them cause I need to do finish my research part for my project
Priority girl!!! Education first! lol I am sounding like a broken record but Saipoo should totally star in this remake!!!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Priority girl!!! Education first! lol I am sounding like a broken record but Saipoo should totally star in this remake!!!
I'm not motivated, no inspiration. My obession is floral prints, and I love 50's fashion but I made my design modern cause it's for spring&summer 16/17


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Wat rolled over to an empty space, where did Dao go? Last night he imagined he had a willing woman, although the scrstches on his back and tiny bite marks on his left shoulder disproved that. He continued to make love to her even through her struggle, in the end she submitted, every single time. His smile widened, he was glad he was her only lover. This proved that whatever relationship she had with that neighbour of hers wasn't serious enough. Dao was his. Call him old fashioned but he value that piece of information. Taking his time to freshen up and shower, he came downstairs to see Saipoo playing with his nanny but no sign of his wife. He ruffled his brother's hair but an almost 25 years gap between them, there wasn't much else he could provide to his baby brother. As he made his way to continue the search to find his new wife. But his search turned except that his own nanny from his childhood stopped him. She informed him about Dao.

"That woman told me she is at work and that you should meet her there in the next hour. Unbelievable, who does she think she is, she is only a temporary fixture! At least her sister didn't show any interest in the running of the household or the company, I now have to give her a budget for the household expenses," she started to complain but Wat interrupted her.

"She is my wife now Ba Omm. I will deal with her." Said Wat.

He asked his driver to bring his car. Wondering why she was at the company so soon after their wedding night. It was the weekend also. Now he had to make his way to work when he hoped to stay home and enjoy other delights when one gained a wife.

When he entered his office, his younger wife was going through piles of files on his desk. Did she know what she was doing?

"Was I such a bad lover that you chose work over your duty as a wife?" He teased.

She looked up and stared at him blankly. Ignoring Wat's attempt to engage her in conversation.

"Whatever happened last night, I did what I must to gain access to my nephew's wealth. What you think of yourself doesn't affect me." She replied and continued to pry over the files.

Wat looked at her, perched in his chair, she ignored him. Looking professional and serious and combing through the company's ledgers.

"So how much do you think you can gain from my company's profit? Is there enough there for you to take and live the rest of your life in luxury after we divorce?" He questioned, placing his arm around her shoulder and looking at her side profile. Dao continued to ignore him not taking his innuendos.

Dao glared up at him, did he have no idea that there were some suspected unethical practise happening under his management. His executive assistant, seem to have more looks than brains for the position, she couldn't tell Dao where to find the current annual report. The company should be showing more revenue as for all the real estate investment they have acquired the past year. But there was one purchase that seem to have been bought on behalf of his aunt but for an astronimical price that didn't warrant the cash paid out for it. It was overvalued. This family even conning each other.

What was the purpose of him overseeing this company if he entrusted it to a bunch of thieves? Saipoo future interests depended on her to see things corrected.

"Wat, if you are done being idle, I need you to explain to me about this purchase. It is shown that you own this land in Chiang Rai. In a very remote location and it seems you overpaid by 50 percent. At this rate both you and Saipoo may be in the negative if you don't start to pay more attention to your investment choices" she explained.

Wat moved next to her and listened attentively to her findings and suggestions. She was indeed an expert with numbers and he must make a decision to fire a couple of his senior accountants. As well speak to his aunt Lily, she was the one who had asked for authorization from his father about that investment land in Chiang Rai.

The day passed by quickly at the office and Wat was getting a headache. His wife ignored his suggestion for lunch then dinner. She was already showing signs of a workaholic. He decided to head home before Dao. She didn't even look up from her files as he left her.

Dao released her breath she was holding when Wat told her he was leaving and gave her a quick kiss at her temple. What was he trying to do? Act like they liked each other and that this marriage was not out of convenience. She was both tired and hungry as well. Maybe a few more hours and she herself will head home. She almost forgot where home was, it was no longer her mothers' childhood cottage but the colossal home of Wat's family. That morning Wat's childhood nanny refused to do her bidding. She didn't care, as long as Saipoo was looked after she didn't bother with anyone else in that household. She wished she had Nak to speak with, he was always a calming figure in her life.

As she made her way upstairs, she turned on the lights and was surprised by bunches of roses and dimly lit tea candles scattered everywhere in their master suite. What was this, she was a bit upset and unsettled about it. Wat came out from the master bathroom,.

"I hope you like my surprise. It worked in the past..." He started but Dao brushed past him and locked herself in the bathroom.

She was so very angry, how dare he put her in the same category as his other lovers. She undressed and started to shower. Even this morning she couldn't scrub away his caresses from the night before. Her tears welled up and overflowed. She didn't know if it would ever stop. But she wasn't the type to wallow, she made her bed and must lie in it.

As she dried herself up, she hoped Wat got the message and left her alone. But he stood there blocking her way.

"I heard your sobs. Do I pity you? Yes but I too made the sacrifices for this marriage, could we not call it a truce and try to be amicable. At least for the duration of the marriage terms?" Wat looked at her sorrowful eyes. She looked so young again. The girl who in the past smeared filth on his car. Where was that spunk now?

Dao didn't reply, she realized too late that she was naked underneath this towel and Wat stood there, all clean shaven and he he smelled fresh with a mix of soap and his unique scent. Thay thought caused Dao to pause with her thoughts.

She finally spoke, "I just don't want to pretend it is something more. We both know we are not compatible, I just wished..."

But Wat grabbed her towards him, "You just wished I was him? Well that's not going to happen, you are mine! If you don't like the flowers and romance then I will oblige how being matt ied to someone you hate feels!" he proceeded to kiss her forcefully. Dao slapped him but he continued his onslaught.

Dao made to protest as her lips felt starting to bruise but he had her drop the towel and proceeded to pick her up and tossed her onto the bed. She was his wife and he damn well wanted to make sure that she understood it. Dao fought him until she couldn't anymore. She was bound to him by marriage.

"Please let me go....." She whispered but it fell on deaf ears.
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