The Yearning Heart-Starring Mark K & Benz N Chapter 13 & Epilogue Updated


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I think you are right, but if she promote Benz, this talented girl can help her/Ann producer chops!!!
Idk if she knows about Benz. Someone has to bring it up to her. She be casting Ploy and Kim too much. I don't watch their lakorns.


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I prefer they be the it couple for 3SD, anyone know how to get a response from P'Kai, my comment in English is the last comment on his IG or should I hashtag him? Lol

On a side note. You know a FF is popular when it shows over 1095 views in a week.....

THANK YOU to the amazing active readers and also our silent readers. If you love this. If you love this new couple let's ask the CH 3 decision makers to reunite them and if possible star in this remake Loy Alai
Congrats!! That's great! How do you know how many active readers? I keep going back to read this over and over. I hope they remake this, but with the cast we pick. Lol


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Congrats!! That's great! How do you know how many active readers? I keep going back to read this over and over. I hope they remake this, but with the cast we pick. Lol
Well I am not sure if they are active readers but it is the total number of views, it's a lot since I started the FF last Wednesday. A record for me lol

How often do you come back to re-read? Lol

I come to edit. Actually typing straight from my IPhone so many grammatical errors, my apologies hehehe
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So far, I went back to read them like 100x already... Hahaha, jk. I re-read it a couple of times. No worries about the grammar. I think you're a great writer! Thank you again for sharing with us!


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
I think I must open every hr hahahaha unless I'm asleep :risas3:
But Kim is Anne's fave. Honestly I'm sick of Kim, and I can't even explain why.


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Ohhh update. I'm go read now lol, I been sick again grr haven't drop by to express my love for NR lollll


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Ohhh wait was it an rscene or willing LOL I want detail
PG Sarn, PG lol

Wat R Dao more often than she was willing but Dao very tough cookie to crumble, Wat cannot resist to want to win her over by using his body!!! Lol


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Chapter 6

Watt heard her plea. He realized she would not willingly submit to him. He covered her with their blanket. And let her up. He got up, with his back to her. He icily threatened her,

“If you are unwilling to do your wifely duty, then don’t blame me seeking pleasure elsewhere. We know this marriage wouldn’t work. Don’t’ say I didn’t forewarned you.” He stated and made his way out of her sight.

Dao sat up and with her knees to her chest she cried. This would be the last time she vowed that she would ever shed tears for this man and feel pity for herself. She made her bed and must endure for her nephew.

Aunt Lily perched on the bar stool as finally Dao came down to greet her.

“Where is your husband? I see that my brother thought that this marriage would help reign in his son’s ways, but like father like son You know as they say, the fruit does not fall too far from the tree.” Lily mocked the young woman standing before her.

“I choose not to care what he does in his personal life. I only care what fortune cannot be taken from my nephew from some people’s greedy paws. Now what is it that you want from me? You know your older nephew is not here and this is my home, so if you don’t need to discuss anything with me personally then I ask that you take your leave.” replied Dao.

Wat hadn’t been home for almost a month now. She really didn’t give him a second thought. Work occupied most of her time and finally she was able to entrust the company’s new accountants to oversee future investments. The man was being juvenile and he should show more responsibility with his life, but who was she to care. He only cared about himself and that was fine with her.

As for his aunt Lily, she came to collect her allowance weekly. It was what Wat’s father had arranged and she didn’t have a problem in dispensing all that funds for her personal extravagances. Their family could afford that and more. She hadn’t realized that she inherited a king’s ransom from this marriage. With that Lily took her leave, but made to turn around to add her last words.

“Oh by the way, if you are curious about Wat. I believe he is enjoying his acquaintance with my friend, Pim. If you want to get a hold of him, only ask me and I shall consider getting or help in locating your runaway husband” She smirked and sashay her way out of the house.

Dao didn’t want to react but she wasn’t surprised that Wat would commit infidelity so soon as he advised her with his last words to her that night that he would. But they didn’t owe anything to each other. He could have a thousand lovers and she would never accuse him of being something he wasn’t able to be. Their marriage was strictly of convenience. Although she had to sacrifice more than she bargained for but her heart wasn’t affected. Yet she still felt a pang of hurt when his aunt Lily relayed the information to her about this woman by the name of Pim. Her husband's mistress.

Aunt Sila watched Dao from afar. The young woman was strong but any wife would feel distress about the fact that her own husband didn’t give her the respect of staying away or from obtaining a mistress. She overheard what that aunt Lily stated to Dao. That woman was heartless she should have had more compassion with being a woman herself.

Aunt Sila tried to console her niece, “Dao love, are you okay? If you don’t want to do this anymore I am sure you cannot be beholden to this marriage. Clearly you are not happy. I know your history with men, including your own father. My brother wasn’t a good role model and now you have a husband like Wat to deal with. We should let this vengeance go, we can easily raise Saipoo on our own terms. Don't endure like Din."

Dao shook her head and smiled, “It is all the same. We don’t love each other and it is probably for the best. Better that woman than me. And it is Saipoo's right to his inheritance. I promised Pee Din." Dao walked up to her room and started to focus more over the business documents she brought home to work on.

Later that night, Dao woke up startled and looked up to see Wat was on top of her and smiling. “Did you not miss me at all? You do have a husband and you are not taking advantage of that?” he teased her.

Dao was livid, how dare he come into her room? She moved out of their suite and tonight she must have had forgotten to lock her room. Now Wat was here, uninvited.

“What are you doing here and how did you get in. Aren’t you suppose to be with your lover?” she exclaimed, trying to get up but he wouldn’t let her.

He didn’t let her look away from him, holding onto her soft chin, “Tsk, tsk. News travel fast I gathered. Pim is sleeping soundly when last I saw her. If I didn’t know better you almost sound jealous, are you not happy to see me. It’s been awhile Nong Dao.” He replied.

“Don’t call me that, we mean nothing to each other! Let me up!” but he wouldn’t budge.

“That mouth of yours, always no comes out but we know it’s just weak protests. You belong to me Dao.” He proceeded to lay kisses on her face, nose and lastly her mouth as she made to free herself from underneath him.

She couldn’t believe the man. Did he think he could do whatever he wanted with her? She was not going to share a bed with a man who god knows how many other beds he has been in since their marriage. Wat stopped his caressing and kisses on Dao.

“Relax Dao, I normally do not make a habit of forcing my own wife. I am tired too and it’s been a trying month. Let me sleep here na Nong Dao?” with that he wrapped himself around her and proceeded to fall asleep, regardless of her struggles.

Dao laid there, her heart beating erratically. It wasn’t too long before Wat had fallen asleep holding her tight. She glared at him but gave up as he wasn’t going to release her in his slumber state. Surprisingly she closed her eyes briefly but didn’t realize how quickly sleep had overtaken her too.

Wat awoke to see his wife sitting at the corner where the office desk was placed. This woman didn’t stop with her work. He was reported to by Ba Omm about how Dao was making sure that not a penny was spent above the household budget. He missed her when he went off to check out the land in Chiang Rai that his aunt bought on his behalf. Aunt Lily gave him the tour and also brought along a very beautiful friend, her name was Pim. Pim made suggestion that she’d like to be a friend to him as well and with mutual benefits. He was very tempted. He had a young wife at home who wouldn’t give him the time of day so this proved to be a good opportunity for him to take the distraction. Pim was an older and more experienced woman from how she was carrying herself but he wasn’t ready to move forward with her to the bedroom even though she was more than willing and his aunt turned a blind eye to their flirting.

Dao didn’t even turn to greet him as she felt Wat observing her. Wat got up and walked to stand behind her, hunched over the paperwork. Did his wife really only cared about his wealth and literally didn’t consider that they were married. That night when he let go of his pride to ask her to try and make it more of a real marriage but she instantly refused him that long ago month. He was so angry with her but was able to stop himself from forcing her to accept him. He needed to get away before he did more damage than he already had done. He had never needed to use force before but when it came to Dao she was so obstinate and refused him at every opportunity.

He continued on, “Are we in the black now? I heard that’s all you do is work, do you even have time to be a guardian to your precious nephew? Now don’t start and deny it, I know you love him. So much so that you would even marry me to get what you want. Now last night, I hadn’t realized how tired I was. Stop that calculating and come back to bed. It’s the weekend and we should be enjoying other things. Come here.” He took away her pen and tossed it over his shoulder and pulled her up from the chair.

“Wat, I am not amused. Leave me alone. I need to sort this out.” Dao said.

“Yes, you need to sort this out. You need to put your husband’s need too as a priority." Wat responded.

He scooped her up and carried her to bed.
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Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
Hahahaahaaa.. it was an attempt... so willing or forced now? Any sweet romantic moment coming soon?


Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡
You can make her younger and niece of the friends instead.... hahahahaa. I'm already dying for more


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Not yet! Fortunately as the writer I could rewrite the Lakorn but his drama with Pim makes the couple bond Better hehehe
I wouldn't mind a little drama between the two. Gotta admit I like the peks to grovel, but it's ok whatever you choose.