What are you thinking right now?


sarNie Oldmaid
i'm tired, but i can't sleep. my brain in running and thinking. A.D.D. in the brain. jumping from youtube to asianfuse to facebook. i'm not making any sense at all.


sarNie OldFart
nuchal rigidity, cryptoorchidism, acid-base imbalances, sodomy..... studying for my midterms tomorrow... my head is hurting!!


sarNie Oldmaid
I want to see the Director's Cut of Chua Fah Din Salai. Damn freaking Thailand and their stupid regional dvds that I can't play on my dvd players and Damn freaking Thailand for never ever putting subtitles on their movies...Yo! its a good investment....


My Head & My Hearts not with me atm.... i've just been feeling soo aggitated, confused, pissed off, and vulnerable lately, i dont know what's going on. I would love to drive off and not return for one day.... i'm so tired of everything :( *sigh* i guess it's one of those days or nights where i wanna say "i dont want to give a f*#k anymore" geez louise......


Staff member
hurry up midnight.. why are you so slow.. time sure flies by fast when i don't do anything.. but when i need to do something.. you're so slow!! and sometime vice-versa lol..

hurry hurry hurry..! i need to register for my fall 2011 classes!! >_<..