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  • Aow Marduk you nee ja lai gub nong chai mark. Jason is the cutest and you'll see when he becomes my boyfriend haha. Damn only 8 months old though that means I have to wait a long time.
    Losurrrrrrrrr. Isn't it cool though i bet lots wonder how you not show up haha sucks for them. So you never answered me can Jason talk? It's sad I don't even know how old my future boyfriend is.
    Sensei its all about skill dude. I have the ability to be invisible. :) Just kidding just sign in as anonymous and there you go.
    Uh huh keep telling yourself that. I bet he's more comfortable with me. Anyways tell Jason I said hi. Can he understand?
    OMG my future boyfriend is soooooo adorable and he's soooooooo not ugly! I think you are holding him too hard though he looks uncomfortable or annoyed of you haha. I guess he's waiting for me :D
    Thanks for reading my story and for the critics! Not many people have provided much feedback so I appreciate you taking the time to do so.
    i dunno if i'm the ONLY one to blame for mediocre rating there. it only goes to show ur fan base isn't as wide and far as u have disillusioned urself with kid. u should feel lucky ur at 3 and it hasn't gone down since :lol:
    so ur still only at 3 stars, not bad. u do have some luck left in ur pocket, i guess. ^_^
    Aww thanks Marduk I miss you too monkey. I am totally doing my shortie thang haha roaming the streets at night j/k j/k. I am going to take my senior portraits on Friday. I'm so excited!!! I'll share the pics with you monkey....... NOT haha. I kid. I will share.
    hey pumbaa-umba!'ve you been my wild boar? i hope you've been keeping your room clean because timon's not cleaning it up anymore...haha! *hugs*
    Down to two stars monkey boy....but oh will lookie there, someone voted for you on the gangsturrrr thing. Lucky duck
    Hey, how r u doin? Everyone still mean at you? haha I'm bored, just droppin by to said hello to the monkey king.
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