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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Ep 2 was better than ep 1. I was kind of disappointed from ep 1. So far I like Mark and Kim's couple, although they are not bickering and their scenes are not funny, i like their kind of calm relationship, first sight love and respect which will turn into love. I wished that boy would play...
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    [Ch3] Manee Sawad (Good Feeling)

    Wow, the pics look so hot. Can't wait for this lakorn, I also did like them in their last lakorn. I also like that Rita is mostly dressed in hot and good-looking clothes in her lakorns. Usually the N'ek wears the boring clothes, there are rare lakorn where N'ek's dresses are hot, that doesn't...
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    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Yeah! I like this pairing. I think they will look great together. Aum played with a lot of younger actresses and it was always good
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    Anne Thongprasom & Peter Corp

    Me too like the concept of the shoot. miss Anne in a lakorn
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    What type of role do you perfer to see Ploy cherman in?

    I prefer seeing her als Nangek. I don't like it when the Nangrai outshines the Nangek, whenenver Ploy plays Nangrai she outshines her Nangek. I also loved her as Nang Ma and in her other Nangek roles. For me she is very versatile and a very good actress, same category as Benz and Chompoo.
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    [Ch3] Tawan Deard (Metha Mahaniyom)

    Channel 3 usually never adds episodes because they are usually done filming when the lakorn goes on air. Quite a surprise, but a good one. And one episode is ok, CH7 tends to add a lot more then it drags. This is the first action lakorn I like so far, it really surprised me. I think Yaya does a...
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    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    I think Aff and Taew can pass as sisters, for me they look alike. But actingwise I prefer Taew, she's a good actress. Aff is very very pretty, but can't act. That's why I personally would prefer Taew in here.
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    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    I like Margie's current hair style, it looks fresh and sassy on her. Her hair in wanjai was too short I think. Agree with Alice. Margie could gain a little weight.
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    Yaya Urassaya + Margie Rasee + Kimberley + Mint Chalida

    All 4 of them are super pretty, I like this photo shoot. but you can see on the 2nd pic how skinny Margie is. Look at her legs, all the 3 others have the same size but Margie's legs are just half of the others. Nevertheless her face is beautiful.
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    Hopefully the pairings will be Boy with Margie and Mark with Matt. If Mint N. is paired up with Boy or Mark again I don't know if I can watch it. I really can't stand her looks and her acting.
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    [Ch3] Torranee Ni Nee Krai Krong (No Problem)

    yeah, so excited and happy about the confirmation :thumbsup:
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    Duangta Sawan(Who & Who)

    The teaser is out :) credits to spicyforums
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    [Ch3] Sam Noom Nuer Thong (Maker Y)

    boy and margie - yeah for that :) they were great in wm first and mint n. - totally dissapointed... first was quite stiff but bearable in wanjai but mint n. she was totally stiff in nrl. I couldn't watch it till the end cos I couldn't stand her. there is something i don't like about her acting...
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    [Ch3] Ruk Ork Akard (Polyplus)

    Isn't Om with Polyplus, so he can play for Ch7 and Ch3. Like Pong with Ch7 and CH5. I'm not quite sure but I think I once read about this
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Want to watch it so bad. Thanks for your short (not really) spoilers :)