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sarNie Oldmaid
WIll most likely update this weekend. Still waiting on my sis to finish my video and I will write something. Been busy this week.


sarNie Oldmaid
Brother's fan!! Happy to announce that my sister finally finished my second video. I wanted to make it myself, but she has more time than I do to work on it. I told her not to make it like an intro, but she didn't listen. But, I sure got confused on who was New and who was First LOL. But I figured it out the second time around. This video is supposed to give you an idea of what is to come. Song is by Tata Young, I edited her song to fit into the feel I wanted to the video/story.

Brother's Video 2

Song Translation

do you know what you did to me?
you destroyed and hurt me so much
my heart was smashed to smitherines
there's no way to recover
what is left of me
is just something that has a life, but no heart
something that can walk, but can't find a way
something that has a life, but have no feelings because of you
all I got from you is sadness and pain
in place of a heart

I didn't really have high hopes for this fan fiction, but after the 3rd chapter, I really like it. And hopefully the plan I have in my head will work out in writing. Thanks for your support. I will post the next chapter tomorrow, I got distracted with friends over today. I only wrote four paragraphs so far hehe.


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 14 - Mister Taxi is Dangerous

Kaneung’s Rental Home

Kaneung finished putting on the crystal bracelet she bought at Zales and looked at herself in the mirror. The new her looked different and it will take a while to get used to. Lynn has told her that she looks glamorous.

She grabbed the lip gloss from her vanity and applied it to her lips. Kaneung turned sideways and looked at her outfit in the mirror. It was something she saw on a mannequin at a department store and decided to buy the whole outfit. She learned that she shouldn’t do that, but the sales lady convinced her otherwise. She said Kaneung looked ten times better than the mannequin.

Kaphon stopped by to pick Lynn up and take her to school. Kaneung enrolled her in a private school and Lynn will start a music program soon. It has been a week since she started at the university. And each day has been busy catch up work for her. She has been going to the university and leaving work at irregular hours. Kaneung always brought lunch to work to avoid distractions. She’d like to be a distraction for someone, but she has to be stable in her current position or else her plan with Kaphon won’t work. Jade has complimented her on her work and she is satisfied with her progress. In a matter of time, Kaphon will get Sakorn to drop his position.


“Where were you?” asked Jade. “I told your secretary the staff meeting is important today, why didn’t you show up?”

Sakorn replied, “Sakol told me it was cancelled. I should’ve checked up on it myself.”

Sakorn hung up the phone with his dad and leaned back in his chair. He took in a deep breath and reflected back on his stupidity. He hasn’t ever been so careless with work, but he’s been stressing a lot.

Ever since Kaneung started work here, he’s been nervous. He wondered how she was hired without his approval. Sakol has also been over a lot lately. She even bugs him to go to her place to hang out with Moo Lek because Moo Lek hasn’t been feeling well. Sakorn worries for his son, but Sakol won’t take him to the clinic to get checked out. She told him that Moo Lek has been like this before and it just takes some rest. Sakol hasn’t been taking time off to stay home with Moo Lek and Sakorn can’t afford any more time off from work after his leave to England a few weeks back.

Sakol told him that the meeting this morning was cancelled. She told him that it was cancelled because most of the elders were sick and called in sick. He doesn’t understand why she had to lie to him about the meeting being cancelled.


“Here,” Kaphon handed Thida pad Thai, “I bought this for you because I know you won’t line up. It also has some chicken meat in it.”

Thida looked at the plate of food in front of her. She came to the cafeteria today because Kaphon left a message for her to meet him in the cafeteria. She didn’t think he’d hand her food.

“I noticed that you never got in line whenever you came to the cafeteria. You know you need this food. Take care of yourself,” said Kaphon.
“Fine,” replied Thida. “I’d rather not argue today.”

Kaphon sat down and looked at Thida as she picked up her food with a fork. Kaphon has been keeping an eye out for Thida since the day he found out what was wrong with her. He is concerned for her, even though he doesn’t know why he is. “Is something wrong?” asked Kaphon.

Thida chewed slower and swallowed what she had in her mouth. She put the fork down. “Yeah,” she replied.

“What is it?” asked Kaphon.

“I have a lesson I have to teach, but I forgot all about it because of my upcoming finals. I was so stressed about it that I fell asleep and came to class without being prepared. The students have to do that assignment before they can take their finals and I feel bad because the other teachers handed them out except for me. My students won’t see me again until Monday,” ranted Thida.

Kaphon smiled and Thida finally stopped. She looked at Kaphon and asked, “What? You’re happy that I’m miserable?”

Kaphon replied, “No, not at all. I’m just wondering why you won’t just email the assignments out to your students.”

Thida’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god, I have to go do that now!”

Before she could get up, Kaphon grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into her seat, “Eat up first. The email can wait.”

Later in the evening

Kaneung wondered why Sakorn didn’t show up to the meeting. She thought he really loved his job and didn’t think he’d make it easy for her and Kaphon to take over. Kaneung picked up her things and wondered why she even bothered to dress up if he wasn’t going to see him. She tried to erase the thought from her mind. “Why would I care what he thinks of me?” she asked herself.

The elevator door swung open and Kaneung stepped out. She looked down to find her cell phone in case the taxi didn’t come yet. It was getting dark and she didn’t want to have to wait long. Just as she reached for her phone, someone bumped into her and she dropped all her papers.

“Great,” she thought.

“I’m so sorry!” apologized Thida. “I didn’t mean to run into you.”

Kaneung smiled hearing Thida’s voice. She hasn’t spoken to her in a long time due to her irregular hours and Thida has been busy herself. Thida explained that she forgot to email her students and ran back inside to email them because their emails were only available on the school’s systems.

Thida found out Kaneung was going to go home by taxi. “Oh no, it’s so late!” she exclaimed. “Where is Kaphon? Why isn’t he taking you home? He’s such a bad husband.”

“We’re not married,” said Kaneung.

“That’s right,” said Sakorn as he took the last step off the stairs.

Kaneung looked in the direction of his voice. Her heart raced seeing him. He smiled and continued, “You’re not married to him. Just boyfriend and girlfriend right?”

“P’Sakorn, you’re still here?” asked Thida. She walked over and grabbed onto his arms. “Kaphon told me that you missed the meeting this morning.”

Sakorn looked at Thida and asked, “Since when have you gotten so close to that guy?”

Thida let go of Sakorn’s arms. She didn’t want to answer him. She knew she made him mad by actually getting closer to his enemy.

Kaneung got her composure back and smiled. She waved at Thida, “I’m off, my taxi should be here. Goodnight.”

Kaneung walked towards the door and opened it slowly. She turned back to smile at Thida and walked out towards the gate. Sakorn looked after her as she walked off. “How can she be like that?” he thought.

“I have to get going,” said Sakorn. “We’ll talk about Kaphon later.”

Thida didn’t understand why he is going to let her off the hook this time. But, she realized she had to go get that email sent out. She rushed off to her office. Plus, Sakorn didn’t go towards the employee parking lot. He exited out the front door where Kaneung had gone to. She didn’t have time to obsess over her curiosity right now.


“I can’t believe I met him like that,” thought Kaneung.

Kaneung saw her taxi approaching down the road. She didn’t have to bother calling it. She forgot all about having her cell phone ready since she couldn’t stop thinking about Sakorn.

“Good evening Miss,” said the taxi driver and he walked out to open the door for Kaneung.

“Good evening,” she said to the driver before placing her things in the car.

Just as she was about to step into the taxi, someone grabbed her arms and pulled her back out of the taxi. Kaneung was furious because she didn’t think the taxi driver that has been driving her to work all week would attempt something like this. Plus, all the news on tv scared her and now this is happening.

Then her taxi driver said, “Sir, I don’t think you should be grabbing Miss like that.”

Kaneung turned around and saw Sakorn looking at her. His face was focused on her.

“It’s okay,” said Sakorn to the driver. “I’m her husband.”


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
nfojaenfjaenfjaflcawclfaw!!! Thanks for updating! Been waiting forever to read this again. :)
The MV is nice as well. Love it! :D
Anyways, OMGEEE. Kaneung is gonna be so pissed off at Sakorn for calling himself her husband. HAHA. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
Love Thida and Kaphon. :) They're so funny and adorable.

Thanks for the update and please do so when you have time! No pressure. :D
Take your time dear!


I will definately continue reading, First of all, I love the way you write, it's quite similar to how i write, I mean in paragraph's, second, I'm a big fan of New and First, and third, I love Noona Neungthida. Your story is really interesting.


sarNie OldFart
Phone, I'm glad you're back! I miss your FF so much I had to go back and read it twice again. lol. loving every bits of it! please update soon! thank you!


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 15 - Slap/Kiss

Outside the University

“No way! I don’t belong to anyone!” shouted Kaneung as she pulled her arm away from Sakorn and pushed him away abruptly. Sakorn lost his balance and fell back a few steps. Kaneung ordered the taxi driver to close the door as she fully entered the car.

Just as the taxi driver reached his side of the car, Sakorn grabbed a hold of the car handle and opened. “You didn't think of locking the door did you?”

“Drive off!” shouted Kaneung. The taxi driver hesitated, not wanting to drag a pedestrian. Sakorn smirked knowing that no one in their right mind would drive off with the door open and risk a tragedy. Sakorn leaned down and scooted Kaneung along the back seat until there was enough room for him to fit snug between her and the door. He closed the door and asked the driver to go on with where Kaneung was headed. He wanted to know where she lived.

Kaneung opened her mouth to protest, but Sakorn leaned in and placed his lips on hers. Kaneung’s eyes lit up, surprised by this sudden move. The taxi driver looked in his rear view mirror and put the car in drive. He thought, “Husband and wife bickering. I can’t wait to get home to my wife.”

Sakol’s House

Sakol pressed the off button on her phone. Her face scrunched up, furious about Sakorn not answering her call. She has left 10 messages already. Sakol went over to the island in her kitchen and pulled out a bottle of red wine. She grabbed a glass and poured it half full.

“Mommy,” said Moo Lek, as he walked out with blanket. “My neck hurts.”

“Your neck or your throat?” asked Sakol. She put the glass down and walked over to Moo Lek. She noticed a lump on the side of his neck. It didn’t look normal to her. She placed her hand on it and it felt tender as Moo Lek winced at the touch. She could see sweat dripping off of Moo Lek's head and she used the backside of her hand to feel his forehead. She could feel the heat coming off of Moo Lek’s breath. Her face scrunched up in worry this time.

Sakol wrapped Moo Lek up, walked over to the island to pick up her phone, and called Moo Lek’s dad.

She waited patiently for him to come, but he was taking too long. She called Sakorn once more, but his voicemail is full. Moo Lek is quiet now, not his talkative self. Sakol walked back and forth with him until she couldn’t take it anymore. She walked out of the house and banged on her neighbor’s door. It sucks to have a broken down car. Moo Lek has never gotten this bad in the past. Usually she’s able to relieve his fever, but the lump scares her.


Kaneung pulled back realizing what just happened and angry at herself for letting it happen. Her next instinct was to slap Sakorn across the cheek. The taxi driver looked in his rear view mirror again and made a face and thought, “I feel sorry for him. Dang, that sucks.”

Kaneung turned away from Sakorn, staying silent. She couldn’t believe she had the courage to do that to him again. Especially with that look he gets on his face after he’s been slapped. This wasn’t supposed to happen, she wasn’t supposed to give in to him. Not saying anything at this point is more mature than arguing with him until she can think of something else.

After realizing that Kaneung slapped him, Sakorn touched the pained area. It stung, but it was worth it. For some reason, he felt like he wanted to agitate her more. He wanted to do it because she made him frustrated.

He couldn’t avoid admiring Kaneung for the way she looked this evening. She is no longer the innocent, modest girl. Nor was she the carefree dresser, who wore whatever she wanted. She changed and made him think of perverted thoughts. Those thoughts made him frustrated.

The pale blue satin dress sat well on her curves. He has seen her naked before and can feel the difference in her body every time he hugged her. She was fully clothed back then. But this dress brought out the new body she hid after becoming a mother. This dress seemed to be made for her; it fit in the right places. The heart shaped neckline showed a hint of cleavage, but covered enough for professional attire. Her bracelet shimmered in her lap and the dress that was once mid calf has risen above her knee in her seat, revealing more of her flawless legs.

Sakorn wanted to touch her silky lips again; he doesn’t mind getting slapped by her. He deserves it. He deserves everything that comes his way for all that he has done to her in the past. And if this next kiss is wrong, he doesn’t mind her slapping him again.

Firm hands reach over and grasps Kaneung’s head as Sakorn turns Kaneung to face him. Their eyes meet, Kaneung sees the darkness in Sakorn’s eyes. She can’t help but hold her breath as this surprises her again. He suddenly closes his eyes and with a brisk move, moves in closer and plants his lips on hers again. His hands still holding her face to his. The shock of it all has Kaneung’s heart beating, beating faster than she wished it had. This man confuses her.
Sakorn wanted her to part her lips for him, to accept his kiss, but he was met with struggle. Kaneung can’t accept that he is abusing her in this way, she has to take control. She tried pulling her face away from him, but his grasp is tight. Realizing her hands are free, she started smacking Sakorn’s shoulders until he released her. “Ow!” he shouted.

Then, a pang of pain right across his cheek again. Sakorn smiled devilishly, satisfied. He attempts one more time, but Kaneung places her hands out in front of his face. “No, not this time,” she says to him. She can't bare to slap him again because she wanted to be stronger and not show him that the kisses bother her. She has to show him that what he does to her doesn't affect her at all.

“You know, for every time you slap me, I will kiss you. That’s a promise from now on,” he says.

“No!” Kaneung shouts, "that's absurd!" Sakorn replies, “For that last slap, I have to kiss you once more.”

He grabs her wrists and pulls her close to him and places his lips on hers again. “This time, you kissed me,” said Sakorn, “no slapping allowed.”

Kaneung didn’t understand what he meant until she realized his tug on her made her lean into him. Her hands are on his chest and it is her that is making him lean back. Embarrassed Kaneung pulled herself off of Sakorn and moved back to where she was. “No need. I won’t slap you. It’s not because I’m afraid of another kiss, but because I’m done with all this nonsense.”

Kaneung sat silently for a while before asking the driver to drop Sakorn off at home. Sakorn protested but Kaneung told Sakorn she can’t have him seeing where she lives. “We are nothing to each other except coworkers and I don’t intend to have more than that with you. Not even as your sister in law.”

Sakorn felt pissed at the ‘sister-in-law’ part, but decided to keep his mouth shut. He felt confused about why he is reacting strangely around her anyways. One minute he despises her for loving Kaphon, but then the next he is bitter about her changing or ignoring him. He’s just frustrated.

“Go on,” said Kaneung to Sakorn. She reached over Sakorn's lap to open the taxi door for him to get out. Sakorn reacted to her chest pressed against his thigh. He wanted so bad to touch her again.

He grabbed her shoulder to help Kaneung back up to her seat, but with a slip of their grips, Kaneung's planted into Sakorn's lap. This isn't a pleasant sight to see, people would take this scene the wrong way. It is very embarrassing for Kaneung, but she can’t act like an inexperienced person in front of Sakorn anymore. She has to be grown up about it. Kaneung felt her body react to the way Sakorn's body is reacting to her. She couldn't believe she had this effect on him.

Just as she was about to lift herself up, hands reach into the taxi and Kaneung felt them pull her up off of Sakorn. “What is going on?” asked Kaphon.

Kaneung put on an ‘oh-oh” kind of face and bit her lower lip. Kaphon couldn’t help but hold in his confusion at what he just witnessed. “It can’t be what I think it is,” he thought. “No way Kaneung would do that. Plus they’re dressed.”

Sakorn pushed Kaneung back further, embarrassed by his reaction to her, and pushed Kaphon to the side. He got up and brushed passed his brother and headed to his room, away from her. Everything is too frustrating. He is lost as to what he really wants.

“It’s not what you think,” reassured Kaneung. “I was trying to open the door and get him out. He climbed into the taxi with me even though I protested.”

“Sure,” said Kaphon. “Whatever you say Kaneung, I believe you. Plus isn’t it going according to your plan? But I thought his girlfriend has to witness it whenever you do things like that. That way he’d be hurt in his love life too. His girlfriend threatening to break up with him and all.”

“Things just don’t always go as I plan them,” stated Kaneung. “Especially when he jumped into the taxi with me. I have to hurry to go pick up NongLynn. Thanks for picking her up this morning. I’ll take her tomorrow. How is my mother doing?”

After receiving an answer, Kaphon offered to drive Kaneung to pick up Lynn and drop her off at home. He said, “This way Sakorn doesn’t think we aren’t in love.”


“You what?” asked Wat. “I told you I’d be right there. You didn’t have to call him. What if he finds out Moo Lek isn’t his? The hospital is a dangerous place you know?”

Sakol apologized to Wat and told him that she panicked. She didn’t know if he would actually come. “I love my son, even if you don’t believe me,” said Wat.

The doctor walked out and told them that the fever has gone down a bit. Then he asked if there were other symptoms that they’ve noticed. Sakol told the doctor that this has happened before, over the course of a year, but she hasn’t been able to afford to necessarily take Moo Lek to the hospital.

“We have to do some blood tests,” said the doctor.

Wilamorn House

Sakorn took his phone out of his pocket and plugged it in to charge it. He took off his blazer and walked to his bathroom to shower. He began to clear his mind of all that happened today. The morning was rough with his missed meeting and Sakol’s nagging. And his confusion over Kaneung made his head hurt. After the shower, he plans to head downstairs for his late night snacks and milk.

6 years earlier

“What is this for?” asked Sakorn

Kaneung smiled, “It’s a cake. I made it myself. Isn’t it your birthday?”

Sakorn felt touched that someone actually remembered it was his birthday. “How did you know?” he asked.

“I know it isn’t any of my business and you completely hate me and all that stuff, but I believe birthdays are important in someone’s life. If you can’t even remember your own birthday, then your life is just too miserable. And when the people you love don’t remember, it’s even worse,” replied Kaneung.

“Does that mean you love me?” asked Sakorn.

Kaneung didn’t think he would ask that question. She ignored it and pretended like she didn’t hear him. She took out a knife and cut a slice and placed it on a plate. Sakorn didn’t bother to continue asking her. He couldn’t care less what her response would be. Or so he thought he didn’t care or pretended like he didn’t care at the time.

After eating the cake in silence, Kaneung took out a glass of milk and handed it to him. She put the rest of the cake away and told him good night. She walked off, not knowing what else to say to him. She was nice to not bicker with him for one day since being at the house. She was glad to take away some of his sorrow, or she hoped she did, even if it was just for a few minutes.

Sakorn put the glass in the sink and rinsed it out. he turned on his phone once he reached his room and looked at all the missed calls. He had 10 voicemails and they were all of Sakol nagging him about not seeing her after lunch. After deleting them all, he realized she called once more, but there was no message. It was now 9pm, but he decided to call her. After all, he loves her.

“You called Sakol?” asked Sakorn.

“Yes, several times,” said Sakol.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Moo Lek…he’s in the hospital.” replied Sakol.

“Why?” asked Sakorn.

“He’s really ill,” replied Sakol. Sakorn could hear her fighting back tears.

Sakorn walked into his closet and pulled out a polo t-shirt and some slacks and grabbed his jacket before grabbing his keys. He had to go see Moo Lek.

Sakol hung up the phone. Wat whispered, “We have to get him to pay the bills for us somehow. Even if we risk him finding out the truth. I love my kid that much.”

“Is is really love?” Sakol thought to herself.


nfojaenfjaenfjaflcawclfaw!!! Thanks for updating! Been waiting forever to read this again. :)
The MV is nice as well. Love it! :D
Anyways, OMGEEE. Kaneung is gonna be so pissed off at Sakorn for calling himself her husband. HAHA. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
Love Thida and Kaphon. :) They're so funny and adorable.

Thanks for the update and please do so when you have time! No pressure. :D
Take your time dear!
I didn't realize it had been so long since I updated. Then I saw that my last update was nearly 2 months ago! But now that I'm back, I have a clearer idea of where I'm taking this.

I will definately continue reading, First of all, I love the way you write, it's quite similar to how i write, I mean in paragraph's, second, I'm a big fan of New and First, and third, I love Noona Neungthida. Your story is really interesting.
Thank you for the compliment. I don't like my grammar in my writing because sometimes I write in present tense mixed in with past tense. But, I don't get too bummed about it anymore because I'm not going to publish this in some book or anything lol. I have a fiction out that was written in a scene type style and that took forever! I attempted another one and that's still int he incomplete section haha. So, I like the paragraph style, it's faster. Maybe when I finally have the time to read fics again, I will stop by one of yours to read.

Phone, I'm glad you're back! I miss your FF so much I had to go back and read it twice again. lol. loving every bits of it! please update soon! thank you!
I can't help but smile reading this comment.


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
fnanflawnbefuaiwefa! CONTACT! lol Funny how she fell down and created an "inappropriate" scene. lol
And ooh. I wonder if something is really wrong with Moo Lek. Gosh. I just wish and hope they get caught already. I want my Sakorn to keep focusing on Kaneung only! It's time for some ROMANCE and for Sakorn to show Kaneung he loves her. Well, come to his full senses first. lol
But thanks for the update! I can't wait to read more!
Update soon..when you can dear. :D


Thank you for the compliment. I don't like my grammar in my writing because sometimes I write in present tense mixed in with past tense. But, I don't get too bummed about it anymore because I'm not going to publish this in some book or anything lol. I have a fiction out that was written in a scene type style and that took forever! I attempted another one and that's still int he incomplete section haha. So, I like the paragraph style, it's faster. Maybe when I finally have the time to read fics again, I will stop by one of yours to read.
I understand, I do that too, going from past tense to present tense,, but you're right, it's not like i am going to publish it in a book one day. Haha, this is getting really interesting, I love New and First so much!!!


sarNie Juvenile
Woh, So much going on.
Where is my Thida and Kaphon, they were so cute on chap 14.
I want more of them. Thank for the update,Phone.


sarNie Oldmaid
fnanflawnbefuaiwefa! CONTACT! lol Funny how she fell down and created an "inappropriate" scene. lol
And ooh. I wonder if something is really wrong with Moo Lek. Gosh. I just wish and hope they get caught already. I want my Sakorn to keep focusing on Kaneung only! It's time for some ROMANCE and for Sakorn to show Kaneung he loves her. Well, come to his full senses first. lol
But thanks for the update! I can't wait to read more!
Update soon..when you can dear. :D
Soon...soon hehe There's gotta be a bit more drama, Kaneung can't be too easy this time around.

I understand, I do that too, going from past tense to present tense,, but you're right, it's not like i am going to publish it in a book one day. Haha, this is getting really interesting, I love New and First so much!!!
Thanks, it'll get more interesting (well in my head it is, just have to get it written on the computer screen) haha

Love It Love it Love It
Update Please
i Know You Just Updated But I Really Need MORE
I have to get caught up on reading all these books that are due at the library, then I will focus on writing the next chapter. I also work Christmas Eve and we'll see how far I get. Thanks for reading!

Woh, So much going on.
Where is my Thida and Kaphon, they were so cute on chap 14.
I want more of them. Thank for the update,Phone.
Hehe, there will be more of them soon :p


방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew
PhoneO_5 said:
Soon...soon hehe There's gotta be a bit more drama, Kaneung can't be too easy this time around.
Hehehhe! I totally understand. ;) I'm up for anything regardless! :D


sarNie Oldmaid
Chapter 16 - VHS
Thida’s House
Thida finished emailing all her students and rushed home. As she drove, she remembered Kaphon telling her to eat. She disliked his nagging, but then realized she’s never had anyone telling her what to do before.  Her stomach growled and she remembered the last thing she ate was what Kaphon gave her at the school dining hall. She doesn't ever want to faint in front of Kaphon again. The last time she did that, she never got answers as to what happened after the kiss. He really just took her home to her parents?
Thida greeted her parents and rushed upstairs to her bedroom to shower. She can smell the sweat on her clothes.  “I hope I didn’t smell like this all day!” she thought.  After her shower, Thida sat at her desk and checked her emails. She had 10. Most of them were from her students asking for more details on the finals. She responded to each one until she saw one from “K.Wilamorn.”
Thida’s heart pounded in her chest. She wondered why he’d email her.  She clicked on the link and read, “Remember to eat.” Sent at 7pm. That was 2 hours ago.  Thida rolled her eyes and left the email open. She walked downstairs and entered the kitchen. She looked around and found a loaf of bread. “I hate carbs,” she thought, “but better than nothing.”
When she was finished, Thida decided to walk around the house to let the food digest. As she walked around, Kaphon popped into her head. He said, “Don't you dare think about coffee! You won’t be able to sleep and you don’t have anything to worry about tonight. So go to bed.” 
Thida shook her head and came out of the daze. She hated having him pop up in her brain nagging her. She went and sat down by the poolside.  “Why is it that I think of him so much? Would he think of me as much as I do him?”
Kaneung’s Condo
“Thank you for helping me put NongLynn to bed,” said Kaneung.
“Hey Kaneung, I have something to ask you,” said Kaphon. “Do you love him still?”
Kaneung looked away, but answered, “Have I ever loved him?”
Kaphon went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka.  He poured it into a shot glass and swallowed it.  “You did. I know you did. That's why the anger you feel is so strong towards him.”
Kaneung excused herself to go change.  Kaphon took more shots.  He walked to her couch and sat down, the alcohol making his stomach warm.  When Kaneung reappeared Kaphon glared at her. “I want you to stop denying that you had feelings for him. That's all I want, is for you to admit it, to stop lying to me about not loving him.  Even if you tell me the truth, I won't be able to tell you we can forget all our plans. I wish I could tell you that it's okay to love him and to forget about the revenge. But I can't tell you that, because I too...have the same feelings towards him. The only reason why you even have the heart to hurt him is because he hurt you badly and that hurt is making you willing to hurt him more."
"I just..." started Kaneung.
"Can you still do this? Can you still hurt him? I can still hurt him," continued Kaphon.
“Keep it down,” cried Kaneung, “Nong Lynn will wake up.”
“Just answer me!” shouted Kaphon, “You still want to hurt Sakorn or not? Will NongLynn hate us for hurting her father?”
Kaneung bit her lower lip and looked down. The thought of Lynn finding out the truth would devastate her. Kaneung had only thought of how terrible Sakorn is and never thought of how Lynn would feel.  But, Sakorn has to be taught a lesson. He won’t even love Lynn if he knew it were his child. The night that he raped her, he didn't even accept that he did anything wrong. All he did was deny, deny, deny.
“Yeah, I want to hurt him!” shouted Kaneung.
“Khun Mae?” asked Lynn at the doorway to her room.
Kaphon and Kaneung looked in her direction. Their face filled with shock and anxiety. They hoped she didn't hear what they just said.  “Khun Por isn’t my father?”
Lynn turned and rushed back into her room and slammed the door.  Both Kaphon and Kaneung scrambled to their feet and tried to enter Lynn’s room. “Lynn, let me explained,” shouted Kaphon.
“P’Sakorn, Moo Lek is very sick. It is all my fault. I never thought he was this sick,” said Sakol.
“You’ll need to choose a treatment,” said the doctor.  “All of it isn't very cheap.”
“I’ll do anything, pay any price for my son,” said Sakorn.
Sakol looked away from Sakorn. His voice echoing on her mind.
Thida’s House
“Thida? You’re awake,” asked Thida’s mom as she walked out from the den.
Thida’s mom asked her to help her sort through some things in the attic.  She explained that it has been years since she’s been up there.  Her mom looked sad.  Thida was about to grab some boxes behind a large cabinet, but Her mom stopped her. “No, don’t touch those ones.” Thida nodded and went through the other things.  Later on in the night, Thida excused herself to bed.  The weekend seemed like it’ll be a long one, something didn't feel right.  Her mom looked sadder than usual tonight.
At midnight, Thida tossed and turned. Something made her curious about those boxes.  She crawled out of bed and decided to head for the staircase to the attic. She has never been the type of girl to listen to her parent’s orders anyways.  She turned on the attic light and crept to the boxes.
She pried one box open and in it were old pictures.  All of them were of her parents holding a baby. All of which, looked like her. She wondered why her mom didn't want her to touch these, they were perfectly normal.  She smiled seeing her parents so happy holding her.  One picture slipped out and dropped to the floor.  She reached over to pick it up, but she saw her dad holding one little girl while her mom sat in a wheelchair holding another baby.
She reached into the box and pulled out a video cassette. She hasn't seen one of these in ages.  She placed all the pictures back into the box and moved onto another box.  This box contained more video cassettes and another one had children’s toys. Thida didn't remember playing with any of these toys.
Her heart raced wondering what this all meant.
Her house didn't have any VHS players anymore, so she’ll have to find a way to play these cassettes.  Thida rushed to her computer to look up where she can buy a VHS player.  As her screen lit up, she saw that her email was still open.  Something made her click reply.
“I need your help.”
Thida turned off her screen and hid the cassettes in her closet.  She went and laid in bed, unable to sleep all night.
Thida waited for Kaphon’s email all Saturday and Sunday and he never responded.  Her eyes were red this morning and her mom tried to stop her to ask what was wrong, but she didn’t have the courage to look her mom in the eye.  She wanted to see what was on that video, but she also couldn’t get herself to the store to buy what she needed or to find out a way to play it.
Kaphon walked into the dining hall and Thida looked up to see him dressed messier than usual. His hair was brushed back, but it looked like he just got out of bed or wearing casual Friday type of clothes.  “Hey!” Thida shouted, barely making her voice loud enough without croaking.
Kaphon looked towards her and walked over.  “Tough weekend?” asked Kaphon.  Thida nodded.  “I see you didn’t get anything to eat,” he said.  Thida replied, “I don’t feel hungry.”
Kaphon crossed his arm and leaned back in his chair. “Well, I don’t know what is up, but I don’t really have the will to fight today.”  Thida crossed her fingers and looked into Kaphon’s eyes, he wasn't looking straight at her, his eyes were red too. “I can see that,” she said, “And obviously you didn't read my email.”
Thida got up, mad that he didn’t think of her as much as she thought of him. She hates herself for even caring about him. As she exited the building, she crashed into Sakorn. “Sorry,” said said and looked up to see that it was him, “I really am sorry P’Sakorn. I just wasn’t paying attention.”
Sakorn responded, “It’s alright, it is my fault.”  He slid past Thida and walked to a table hidden in a corner and sat down. He placed his forehead on the surface of the table and just slouched. “Everyone is in a crappy mood today. Do we have some sort of epidemic going on here?”
Kaphon went back to his office and remembered Thida mentioning her email. He had forgotten that he had emailed her on Friday. Convincing Lynn to open the door lasted half an hour. He had many shots of liquor that day too and it didn’t help that he couldn’t explain things to her like he should. She is a smart girl and Kaneung struggled to explain things to her.  Both of them decided to tell Lynn that Sakorn is her real father, but he doesn’t know that she is his real daughter.  Lynn asked why, but they just told her that something went on and it isn’t something a child should know about.  Telling Lynn that Sakorn is her father wasn’t a part of their plan. Now they have to modify things.
“Is it okay if I don’t talk to both of you for a few days?” asked Lynn. She has kept her words and she hasn’t spoken to Kaneung or to him all weekend long. Nothing but silence. This frustrated them both, but Sunday night Kaneung called Kaphon.
“Even though I don’t know what will happen from now on, but seeing my daughter like this…I want to continue. He doesn’t love me, he hates me for loving you. He can’t admit defeat, so I can’t admit it or I'll lose to him. I have to be stronger than him. We will continue as planned.”
Kaphon opened the email that Thida wrote, “I need help.”
His eyes lit up.  He got up and rushed towards her office.
Video Store
“Here you go,” said the video store clerk.
As they left the store, both of their eyes bloodshot red, Thida handed Kaphon her VHS player. “I can’t bring this into my house; my mom will be suspicious as to why I bought one.”
Kaphon drove Thida home and she rushed inside to grab the cassettes.  She placed them in her bag and ran back downstairs.
“Where are you going?” asked her mom.  Thida didn’t answer and just ran out.  Thida’s mom looked out and saw Kaphon in the driver seat.
“That man,” she thought. “Kaphon?” She smiled and nodded her head and walked back to the tv room.
“I nearly got caught!” smiled Thida as they drove off.
“That’s the first time I’ve seen you smile all day,” said Kaphon.
They parked at the Wilamorn house and Kaphon opened the door for her.
Wilamorn House
“Let’s go to my room, I have a tv in there,” said Kaphon.  Thida looked worried but Kaphon replied, “Don’t worry, you’re a friend, nobody will think otherwise.”
“But, P’Sakorn will wonder,” said Thida.
“I haven’t seen him around,” said Kaphon. “He’s been at the hospital for some reason.”
Thida’s eyes lit up.  “Stop worrying about him,” said Kaphon.  They walked into the house and Ami wheels herself out to greet Thida with a smile.
Thida greets Ami and Kaphon bends down to hug his sister.  “Good day?” asked Kaphon.  Ami nodded.  Ami offered Thida some tea, but Kaphon stepped in and told Ami that they are busy and need to go to his room to do some work.  Ami gave them a curious look and smiled.
“Won’t Sakorn be angry that you are bringing his friend to your room? You want to start drama with him?” asked Ami.
Kaphon rolled his eyes and grabbed onto Thida’s hand and pulled her up the stairs towards his room. Once up there, he told her he’ll go get some snacks and walked out the door.
Thida set all the things on the table. She opened up the VHS player box and just stared at it. She didn’t want to set it up, afraid she'll mess up the directions. She didn't work well with electronics.  Finally, she just left it there and looked around. His room was spacious, very clean.
“He must have OCD, no wonder he’s always nagging,” she mumbled to herself. There wasn’t really a place to sit except for his bed.  “No desk? Weird.”
Back downstairs, Kaphon grabbed all the stuff they could snack on. He rarely ate in his room because that meant the maids would have to work harder to clean up. He didn’t like having to have Thima clean up after him. 
Ami sat at the bottom of the stairs smiling at Kaphon.
“Kaphon ja, I am finally going to go have that surgery,” she said.  Kaphon sat everything down and placed his head on his sister’s lap and wrapped his arms around her.  “I’m glad to hear,” he said.
Ami smiled and looked down at her brother. “Sakorn has been busy with that whore of his. I want to make sure daddy’s university isn’t going to go down the drain because of him. While I’m gone, please take care of it. Do whatever you see fit. I support you 100%.”
Kaphon looked up and saw his sister’s smile.  That smile that always makes his heart grow darker.
Back upstairs, Kaphon put the snacks on the floor. “You can eat food that has been on the ground right?” asked Kaphon. “I don’t usually eat up here in my room.”
“I can see that,” replied Thida.  They connected the VHS player and Kaphon went to sit on his bed.  He patted his bed and asked Thida to come sit with him.  She sat down, nervous.  Kaphon pressed play.
The first scene was really bad camera work. Thida could hear her dad’s voice, “Oh my, you can do it honey! Our baby is almost here!”
Finally, the camera steadied and Thida made out her mom looking exhausted from the delivery.
“So, it’s just your birth?” asked Kaphon, he chuckled and Thida turned to punch him in the arm.  After laughing some more, the shot moves to the recovery room.
“Look at our little princess.  Loong, daddy loves you.”
“Loong?” blurted out Kaphon and Thida.
“Who is Loong?” asked Thida.


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WHO IS LOONG?! lol Wow. I love how Kaphon is always all up in Thida's space....and case Well, more like always there for her and helping her out. lol Hopefully she'll find out who "Loong" is. 
Anywho, I'm excited to read more about Kaneung and Sakorn. Hehe. ;) Hopefully Sakorn finds out soon that Moo Lek isn't his child. Gosh. I'm getting tired of Sakol and her games...but I don't mind the drama! HAHA. 
Gosh. I totally can relate to a part in this chapter...which I will keep silent about. lol I like it so far. Love how she's not willing to give in just yet...and Kaphon's questions along with his somewhat words of wisdom. Hehe. NongLynn is too funny but I totally feel bad for the kid. Love how she stays with her words and etc. Hopefully she'll talk to them soon. 
Can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for updating and do so whenever you can! :D 


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I love the way Kaphon is always popping out in Thida's head. It's just too cute.
Now that n'Lynn know who actually is her father and the mystery of N'Loong. Can 't wait for more.


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Chapter 17 - Response
Sakorn thought long and hard about which treatment would be best for Moo Lek. He wanted to do bone marrow transplant, but Sakol decided against it.  He didn’t know why, but he went ahead and asked the doctors all the risks of each treatment. Money isn’t an issue with him, but the doctor reaffirmed that more children relapse with bone marrow transplantation that results in death.  Sakorn didn’t think the percentage was that much lower than relapsing with chemotherapy, but losing Moo Lek to relapse is painful to think about. He finally decided to side with Sakol.
Moo Lek hugged Sakorn in the evening.  “Daddy, please don’t be sad,” he said.
Sakol watched as Sakorn picked Moo Lek up and held him in his lap.  Sakol turned around and shed tears. He is a good father. Through all that exterior ranting, he is human. She didn’t see that in him when they first met, which made it easy to target him. He seemed like the perfect candidate to go after because he seemed confident and cocky. She thought that he’d only go after a pretty girl to make him look more perfect. Her original plan backfired because of his chaotic family. She was supposed to marry him but that brother of his always caught her off guard. Kaphon always knew her intentions and though, Kaphon always acted like he didn’t care for Sakorn, he always protected him. He got in the way all the time. She had to break her original plan to get rid of Kaphon. But that backfired more.  Of course the sibling’s dad would side with his kid and not her. Sakol called Wat the evening that she tried to put blame on Kaphon. She was embarassed by her own plan because now she seemed unclean for Sakorn to accept. Wat convinced her that if she made it seem like she cared for the siblings, Sakorn would look for her and find her and accept her back. But a few days after leaving, she found out she was pregnant. Wat beat her for being foolish and careless about getting pregnant.  Sakol ran off and hoped to not be found after he did that to her, especially because he wanted to get rid of Moo Lek. She couldn’t go through with it.
A few weeks later, she was found. Wat was nice to her and apologized. He rented an apartment for them and they stayed together until one night he came home begging for money. He had gambled off what she had saved up from working at the university. She told Wat she didn’t have money left. But, his eyes bugged out and he begged her to return to Sakorn and pretend that Moo Lek Is his baby. She didn’t want to. Sakorn wouldn’t believe it was his because they only had sex once or twice and they decided on no sex until the wedding.  Wat hit her again, which left bruises on her face.  He sank down and cried against the wall that night.  Sakol didn’t run away from Wat, instead they left Bangkok together that night. 
Moo Lek came early.  Wat loved his son, from what Sakol could tell. He treated Moo Lek  well.  Wat got a job at a night club as security guard.  Things were fine, until they got into fights about lack of money and how they could be rich by now if she hadn’t left like that.
Sakol blamed Wat for his plans and Wat blamed Sakol for wanting to get back at Kaphon. If she hadn’t, she might be married already.  After a year, Sakol couldn’t handle his bullying, she ran off to a women’s shelter and received support raising Moo Lek for a few months. When she got on her feet again, she got a job at home transcribing interviews. That gave her income and less reason to leave the house and risk being found by Wat.
As days passed, she started to worry about Wat. She wondered if he were still alive. She wished he hadn’t wanted her to return to Sakorn. Especially to trick him about Moo Lek. She felt dirty every time she thought about what she did all because of money. But, it was all for Wat. She did it all for him.
Wat found her eventually. It was a night when she decided to go to a night club to grab a drink and dance.  She knew it was risky to go out, but she missed dancing. And she thought Thailand was large enough for him not to find her.  She was wrong. That night, her feelings for Wat came back and she once again accepted him into her life. The next morning, Moo Lek caught them together and asked if Wat was his dad.
Wat responded, “No, your dad is a guy named Sakorn.”
Sakol knew Wat didn’t change from his old self one bit.  After two years of not seeing his son, he could respond so coldly to him. He loved Moo Lek was what she thought.
“Go back to that guy, he will think you did get pregnant with him. He wouldn’t even remember when he slept with you last. Get that money you need to support our kid.  You’ll be better off with him than me,” said Wat.
Their plan went into action, she'll try to get Sakorn back into her life. But, when they got back to Bangkok, Wat got himself into trouble again. He hurt her once again. She had to get away and she ran off to find a small townhouse.  She needed her relationship with Sakorn to work so that he would support her and her son.  It took longer to finally come up with a new plan. She secured a job at the university with an interview from a new board director. All she had to do was see Sakorn at the university and hope the sparks will ignite again. She can’t be living on the run. Plus, she’d get her job back. Something she loved. Something she worked hard to achieve, living from home to home. However, celebrating that night...Sakorn fell into her hands sooner than she anticipated.
Now that she is getting support for Moo Lek, she is afraid. She was wrong about Sakorn. Fooling him is causing her heartache.  He is a gentleman, no matter how she denied seeing it in the past. She is wrong about him. Her heart sank. How much longer can she continue fooling him? But, Moo Lek is the most important. Without Sakorn’s money, she will lose Moo Lek.
University 5 days later
“What is all this paperwork doing here?” asked Sakorn. He took three days off of work to be with Moo Lek and make sure he is responding well to chemotherapy.
The secretary replied, “Mr. Jade left it for you to take care of while he is gone. But, since you were gone, I had Miss Kaneung look at it. She brought all this here and told me to just leave it for you to look over because she went through most of them and didn’t approve of everything on the list.”
Sakorn dismissed the secretary and dialed Kaneung’s number.
“Hello, Kaneung speaking,” answered Kaneung.
“Why didn’t you just approve everything? I already looked them over and agreed to sign off on them from the meeting. I promised many directors that they’d get their budget on time,” shouted Sakorn.
“Well, it’s not my job Mr. Sakorn!” shouted Kaneung. She hung up and smiled.
Meanwhile, Kaphon walked into Kaneung’s office. “Wicked,” he said.
Kaphon sat down and Kaneung pressed her lips together and lifted her brow.  “I have to be.”
Both didn’t know how stressed Sakorn had been all week. “He was the one who took leisure time off to go and leave work behind. Serves him right,” said Kaneung.
Back in Sakorn’s office, he grabbed the first file and read through it.  Sakorn signed and dated and went through the whole file. It took him hours to finish that when he looked at the clock, it was already 3 in the afternoon. He had skipped lunch.
The secretary walked in and asked to leave to go home. She apologized to Sakorn and told him that Kaphon had sent faxes over regarding student records that has to be looked over. And that those files were on 100 students.  Most of them has to be approved to attend a field trip. 
“Kaphon and Kaneung! This is all your fault!” he shouted at the top of his lungs.
Kaneung’s Condo
“Lynn, time for dinner,” Kaneung called. Lynn ran out of her room and sat down to eat. “Any longer before you decide to talk to me?” Lynn grabbed a pencil and wrote, “Not yet. Not until I am good and ready to talk.”
Kaneung leaned back in her chair. “Fine,” she said.
Later in evening
Kaneung tucked Lynn into bed when a knock came at the door.  Kaneung walked over to the door and peeped out.  She stepped back, her heart raced. Sakorn stood, looking pissed in her doorway.
Thida’s Bedroom
Thida sat reading her email from Kaphon. “Did you ask your parents yet?
Thida sighed. She clicked "respond" and wrote back to Kaphon.
Ever since that day in his room, she hasn’t been able to ask her parents.  Usually she is blunt, but this is too scary for her.  How can she ask her parents who Loong is?  She wasn’t supposed to go through the box in the first place.
Kaphon dropped her off that day and told her to confront her parents about it, but she couldn’t. And now she has been avoiding Kaphon because she can’t face him and tell him that she is too chicken to ask her parents. He’d think she isn't as tough as she wants him to believe.
“Why do I care what you think of me anyways?” Thida asked herself. She sighed once more at the only form of communication she had with Kaphon. The email she received was from 4 days ago.  She barely replied with a simple, “Not yet.”
“He hasn’t made an effort to come bug me in person about it either,” she pouted.
Kaneung’s Condo
Kaneung opened the door and Sakorn’s eyes immediately met Kaneung’s. His brown eyes piercing into hers.  Those eyes, raged with fire.  Kaneung froze. She wished she hadn't opened the door.
Sakorn abruptly pushed Kaneung into her condo and closed the door behind him.  Both did not speak for what seemed like hours. 
Kaneung finally came to her senses, “Please don’t shout, NongLynn is in bed. I don’t want to wake her.”
Sakorn grabbed onto Kaneung’s shoulders, his grip was tight and Kaneung heart raced, afraid of what he’d do to her. He whispered loudly, “You really want to get back at me for doing what I did to you years ago? You would stoop so low as to team up with that asshole?”
His voice began to get louder, but Kaneung told him to soften his voice. Without realizing it, Sakorn subconsciously lowered his voice and continued, “Really? I’m going through a hell of a week and you put all this bull crap on me. Couldn’t you wait till things are settled first?”
“No,” Kaneung replied. “It can’t wait. You are the one that started all this. You are the asshole!”
Sakorn pulled Kaneung to him and grabbed her face. He forcefully placed his lips on hers.  Since her hands were free, Kaneung smacked Sakorn with her fist. She tried to pull away with all her might.  She can’t be weak, not in front of him. Her heart ached; he really just wants to hurt her so much.  But she can’t let him know that he is hurting her.
Kaneung released her fist and opened her palms.  She slowly placed her hand on Sakorn’s back, as if to comfort and caress him. "I have to play by his game to make him hurt," she thought.
Her breathing slowed down to hide her fear.  She parted her lips to allow Sakorn access.  Kaneung closed her eyes as Sakorn responded to her acceptance.  She wanted to cry deep down, but she can’t let him see her tears again. She has changed into a stronger woman.
Sakorn let Kaneung’s face go. He glided his hand down against her neck, her shoulders, as she moved her arms around his neck.  His hands, now at the small of her back, pulling her closer to him. All the anger he felt for her…her acceptance of his kiss.  She wasn’t supposed to accept it. He shouldn't accept this response from her, but his pounding heart and the heat between them made everything intensify. He is lost as to why he even came over. He forgot the reasons.
Thida’s bedroom
“Miss Thida, somebody is here to see you,” called the maid.
Thida, stumbled from her desk chair to her door. She opened it and there stood her maid and Kaphon.
“You’ve been avoiding me,” said Kaphon.
Thida’s eyes widened.
“Miss, he insisted I let him upstairs. Besides, Mister and Madam are out on a business trip.  I remember he brought you home last time. He stayed in here a while too. So, no being shy now,” said the maid, “Have fun!”
Thida’s jaw dropped. “You! Come back here!” as Thida shouted after the maid running away.
Kaphon smirked at Thida and looked into her room. “Pink, the same as last time. Still a mess.”
Thida crossed her arms and pouted. “Why are you here?” she asked.
“To make sure you ask your parents. But, now I know I can’t be here to witness it because they’re not home. Wasted my time,” said Kaphon.
“Who said I wanted your help anyways?” asked Thida.
“Who was the one that asked me for help in the first place?” asked Kaphon.
Thida placed her hands on her hips. “You! You!” she shouted at Kaphon. She raised her arms to smack Kaphon.  Thida stepped forward and Kaphon backed away laughing.
“Stop laughing you jerk!” shouted Thida, unable to stay mad at Kaphon. 
One last step and last smack and Kaphon grabbed Thida’s arm. Shocked by his touch, Thida tripped over her own footing. She fell against Kaphon and he couldn't hold himself up either.  Both went crashing to the floor.  Thida’s eyes widened at the feel of the fall and Kaphon’s mouth twisted, knowing the fall will hurt.
Once on the ground, Kaphon didn't feel any pain. All he felt was his heart pounding against his chest. His eyes widened. Thida’s eyes were staring straight into his. Her lips pressed against his.


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