[Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)


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3 recent cf of yadech
cr:ny home at pantip fb

i just like these two pictures:
cr: as tagged
yaya is so serious with so many care bears...lol, i dont see much nadech makes his arm on yaya like so in pictures when they were just two

maybe nadech is always teasing yaya but he is taking more care of her, he is really a good brother.


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@Charlenem thanks 4 da cfs pics, i love them all, esp truemove, yadech r holding hands and yaya holds on nadechs arm !!! rare and vvv sweet !!! plus they look super cute in couple outfit !
@fantastic welcome back, u r so sweet ! we all miz and love yadech so much ! thanks 4 amazing SL!


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Charlenem said:
thanks @ bubba for the explaination and sharing ad of yum yum. i cant wait to see this advertisement.
cf of yum yum on their fb. pls clic the link as follow:
btw, i want to eat that noodles...
on ytb
I thought I was the only delusional Yadech fan who wanted them to be a couple.    Lays, True Move, and now Yum Yum wanted them too.
I wish you could understand Thai.  This 33 second Yum Yum is just too cute and clever. 

Nadech…..”This is it!    My specs”   (meaning he has met his type)

Yaya …… ”Very attached , has met and seen (fill in the blank here) every day."

Then a package of Yum Yum appeared.  Both Nadech and Yaya had referred to Yum Yum when they spoke those phrases above, but we fans can think that they were referring to each other.

                                            Then the  CF continued with the mouth-watering ingredients, etc.

Nadech then said, “When you try, you cannot just leave.”    Again, he was referring to Yum Yum.

Yaya then said, “Try to leave?  Let’s wait and see.....”  We fans can think that Yaya was referring to Nadech when he was with her, he cannot just leave that easily.




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@Charlenem thanks 4 da pics, i really like da 1 wif nadechs hands so nicely wrapped on yayas shoulders, just wat a bf would do 2 his girl !!! they both look so good, v handsome and v pretty in their simple outfits and its infrequent 2 c such pose !!! maybe during tat time they alr like each other alot till da progression today ! he loves 2 tease but he loves much more taking care of her !!!
@vimalee thanks again 4 yr kind translation, v catchy ! dun worry u r not da only 1 ! us yadechers all 1 yadech 2 b a real couple, its our #1 dream !!!


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Charlenem said:
Dear all, here is a fanmade mv of the drawing of yadech by NY fans, pls dont miss to watch this vdo within every NY moment which is full of the LOVE. :drools:  :drools:  :drools:
i hope yadech knows how they match each other even in the drawing mode.
cr:katkooty201179 ytb
awwwww tis is tooo kute!!!!! i'll have to agree, they both do match even in cartoon mode lol 


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thank u vimalee, sure will miz u when u r away, come back soon okie, we need lots of update from u :*: love this pic, good nite and sweet yadechs dreams !!


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@queenyeon you have gone for too long!! great to see you back hehe!  :clap:
@vimalee awww that's a very cute pic of yadech..  looking so smitten there  :wub: g'night and hope you be back soon!!  ;)
@keylargo finally you have a display pic!! great choice!! its one of my faves  :spin:
omg have they start filming today?! i honestly didn't know!!


cr: @peeda36


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finally they r shooting together....wawwww.....i am so happy for it. again,nothing mentioned on their schedules...
my beautiful yaya..... :cheer:  :cheer: i cant wait to see their bts....

Cr:mad: urassayas "Thank god it's Friday"
because on saturday you can meet your p'nadech and shoot again with him...right? (ignore me, i m delusional fan always....lol!) :woot2:  :woot2: