[Ch5] Buang Wan Wan (Exact & Scenerio)


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Have only seen a little bit of original version, Tono and Jui look fine, but I do agree that Jui does look older in the olden days. They look better in the modern day. Really like Ak and Fang's pairing though. Just from the teaser, I already feel bad for both Jui and Fang. Looks like not only Jui will be suffering, but also Fang. Anyone know what the storyline is and what's the second pra'nangs story line, cuz truth be told I'm really looking forward to Fang and Ak more. :)


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it suck tat they switch thing a little bit...in da old version da n'ek in da past life was a princess as well as da n'rai??? But since they switch it a little...it going to be more heartbreaking...anyways i'll have to wait and see if it worthy changing da story line up a little bit...but this lakorn is one of mine must seem listen since it a remake of my favorite back in da good old days and still is!


I love the reflection thing, it makes it more interesting. I'm looking forward to this one now, Tono looks good in the uniform, come to think of it, fuuny how both Bie and Tono from the Star have a remake where they get to wear uniform.


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Omg.. i love the original one with captain and pin.. I thought they did a really great job...it was one of my favorite of captain's lakorn.... I haven't seen Tono act yet, but i'm a bit iffy... captain did such a great job, i hate to compare the two... The storyline is a bit different for this new version, so i hope i will love it as much as the old one.  I love the storyline to much to miss this one.  Can't wait.  I don't remember Fang's character in captain and pin's lakorn.... So it would be nice to see her.


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I haven't been on this thread for so long, glad to see the teaser it looks so good! I love period lakorn too, and the soundtrack sounds really nice. Excited for this now.

Thanks for sharing.


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Looking forward to Fang and Ak. I don't like Jui but since it is a remake of one of my favorite lakorns I will definitely watch.


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Omgg I hate lakorns that the nrai wins! Urgh I want to see Fang and the 2nd guy more!! Oh gosh won't be watching the past part but maybe modern haha


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7270 said:
so weird seeing pin and puri in this as diff characters.
Lol so true! 
Ahh, I still can't believe there is a remake for Roy Ruk Roy Adeed >.< I need to watch this lol hopefully it ends before school starts