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Mrs James Ma
Villnan dont you think you should be the founder of the pervert club instead of the manager? Cos you founded it. I will be a co-founder :coverlaf: 


sarNie OldFart
Step said:
Villnan dont you think you should be the founder of the pervert club instead of the manager? Cos you founded it. I will be a co-founder :coverlaf:
LOL Founder?? sounds great!!! Let be founder from now on..Yahhh we got promote as founders!!!!!!! :woot2:


sarNie Hatchling
Let's all three of us create a poster, and then I can use all three of our's poster!! That would be more cool! Three posters, three different styles!  :dance1:  :rockon:


sarNie Hatchling
Listening to Koo Gum's OST sure is motivating when writing this story..... I know... It doesn't match at all.... but still, it works. LOL!  :lolyup:


sarNie Hatchling
“Khun Thana ka, what are you thinking about,” asked Narissara as she arched one of her eyebrow up. Thana got out of his seat and walked over to one of the peony. Unexpectedly, he snatched onto a peony head, and snapped it with a single twist of his powerful right hand. Narissara and Thana watched the head of the flower slowly inching it’s way onto the soil. “I’m thinking about replacing all of these with jasmine flowers. It’s time for me to move onto a different type of flower, and forget about the old one,” answered Thana in a suspenseful tone as he swiftly turned himself to face Narissara, who was still focused on the dead peony that laid on the ground. Thana forwarded himself towards Narissara, and paused himself when there wasn’t a long distance between them. Narissara looked up to him, and waited for his next action. He raised his hand to Narissara’s cheek, and started to caress it without showing any signs of shyness. “I have to create new memories with the new flower, and the memories will be more happy than the old one,” stated Thana to Narissara. His eyes were staring right into her’s, and her’s were right into his. Even though there wasn’t any exchanging words between them at that moment, just the stare and the touch that Thana expressed to Narissara had already touched her heart. She knew that the new flower that Thana was mentioning about was none other than herself.  
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Kalaya and Sai was laid on the bed comfortably, underneath the white blankets with no clothes on. Kalaya had her arms around Sai’s waist, and Sai was orbiting her hands around Kalaya’s cheek with the hand that she just poked her finger with. The bandage that Kalaya put on was noticeable on Sai’s finger. Kalaya looked at Sai as she said quietly, “If only we can be like this forever, I wouldn’t be so depress.” Sai stopped touching Kalaya’s face, and decided to place her hand on Kalaya’s bare chest. “Don’t worry about it na. You already married Thana so that you can be close to me everyday. Even though we don’t always have time for intimacy, just seeing your beautiful face already makes me happy,” replied Sai sincerely. Kalaya kissed Sai on the lips, then said, “This is why I love you so much. You always think positive about everything.” Both of them smiled at each other romantically after the remark. “Kalaya ka, aren’t you scare that Thana might actually ends up liking Narissara since she is the one that will be giving him a child,” questioned Sai. Kalaya smirked at the irrational question, then replied confidently, “Thana loves me to death. He wouldn’t dare replace me with any other random girls that we just picked up for him to use.” The answer that Kalaya stated made Sai to show a bigger smile than before. She proceeded to kiss Kalaya on the lips, and soon enough, she made her way up on top of Kalaya’s body. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana drifted his hands from Narissara’s face and asked, “Since we’re not doing anything today, do you want to go to the clothes store?” Narissara shook her head in response because she didn’t want to be seen in public with Thana. However, the next thing that she realized, was that she was already ushered into Thana’s car with Thana’s force. He closed the door, and walked to the driver’s seat. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]While they were driving to an unknown store in an awkward silence, Narissara finally disrupted the quietness. “Khun Thana ka, I’ve told you that I don’t want to go to the store because…” Narissara was cut off by Thana’s manly voice, “Because you don’t want to be seen in public with me because you don’t want anyone to know that you are with me and that you are already my wife.” Narissara responded to Thana in a frustrated voice, “Khun Thana ka, when did I ever become your wife?” Thana suddenly pulled over to the side of the street, and glanced at her. “Then explain about the incident that happened yesterday and this morning. Is that not what a husband and a wife do to each other,” asked Thana in a jokingly manner. Narissara tried to hide her blushing face but overlapping it with an angered face. “What happened yesterday was an exception. After I give birth to your child, I will leave you right away. Just wait and see,” said Narissara to the grinning Thana. “Okay, I will wait and see if you can leave me and our child in the future. If you don’t leave, then you will get a severe punish.” Thana quickly stole a kiss from Narissara since she wasn’t looking at Thana, but was instead staring out the front car window. The unpredicted kiss caused Narissara to glare at Thana angrily. He smirked at her, then began starting the car up again. The car was back onto the road, and again, no one talked to each other. Thana was focused on driving while Narissara was thinking about the unknown future. She thought about what she just said to Thana about leaving him behind with their kid. In all honesty, she wasn’t even sure if she could leave her child so easily like how she expressed to Thana. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana pulled up to a high-class tailor store, and parked the car in front of it with a hard brake, causing Narissara body to move forward, then back. He got out of the car, and went to Narissara’s side of the door to open the door for her, exhibiting his gentleman side. There was no way Narissara could escape from Thana’s demand, so she got out of the car with an attitude like a little girl’s. Thana chuckled lightly to himself in response to the way how she reacted towards him. She glanced at Thana, then stomped into the shop, leaving Thana behind to follow like always. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]“Welcome ka, how may we help you today Miss,” asked the female sale associate to Narissara when she entered the store alone. Narissara greeted the employee and then responded to her question after Thana got into the store. “I’m not getting anything today. It is that man that is getting something, so you should probably ask him ka.” Thana looked Narissara confusingly while she looked back at him with a smirk on her face. She thought that by saying that, Thana would probably get so angry that he would walk out of the store displeased. However, her plan backfired when Thana smiled back at her, and pulled her waist into his, causing them to face each other. “Hey Khun Thana, let go, let go of me,” muttered Narissara to Thana as she tried to get out of his grasp by attempting to remove his hands away from her hips. Because she was doing that, Thana held onto her even tighter when he felt that she would escape from him. He then spoke to the employee as he gripped onto Narissara, “Sorry, my wife is a little crazy today. Please go get the tailoress for my wife.” Thana could see that the employee tried to hide her laugh by covering her mouth when she said that she would go get the tailoress. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana loosened his grasp on Narissara, which caused her to immediately remove herself from his embrace. She looked at Thana angrily and asked Thana a question in a quiet voice, but yet hinted irritated tone of voice, “Why did you do that?” Thana responded with a grin, “Because you were trying to act smart with me.” “How would I know that you came here for me? All I know is that you dragged me here with you,” countered Narissara while she dared move closer to him. Thana was going to answer her back with his logical reasoning, but was interrupted when the tailoress confronted them. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]The tailoress previewed a dozen of trending styles of clothes to Thana and Narissara with a handbook that was as thick as an encyclopedia. Narissara never knew that were so much in the fashion world because she wasn’t really concerned about her clothes. Ever since the beginning of time, she had always remembered that the kind of clothes that she would wear are dresses that are designed to be modest, but yet outstanding in some viewpoints. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana paid close attention to the tailoress informative speech about all the types of clothes in the handbook, ranging from their popularity, who designed them, what type of fabric is used, and many more unnecessary information. Narissara on the other hand stayed far away from Thana. There were moments when she caught him checking her out with a smile on his face, and every time when she did catch him, she would look away in a different direction as soon as possible.  [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Finally, Thana picked out a dress for Narissara after a long conversation with the tailoress. He ordered Narissara to go with the tailoress so that they could get her measurements done. She tried to object the order, but as soon as Thana moved closer to her, she quickly obeyed without any hesitation. Narissara followed the tailoress into a private room, and allowed her to do whatever she needed to do to get her measurements. When Narissara thought about it, she didn’t even know what kind of dress Thana picked for her. She just hoped that whatever Thana picked, it would be something that is not too revealing. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana and Narissara got out of the tailor store as soon as Narissara was finished. The tailoress told them that the dress would be ready for them around next week due to the busy schedule. Thana opened the car door for Narissara again, and she got into it grumpily. After Thana got into his position, he drove off slowly towards the direction from where they came from. As they were in the car, away from the busy market place, Narissara asked Thana where they were going next. Thana answered, “Can’t you tell? We’re going back home.” Narissara sighed in relief. She thought that he was going to take her somewhere else where she would be seen with him in public again. “I would love to take you somewhere else, but I don’t like going out with a grumpy woman. It won’t match my image,” said Thana jokingly. The words that Thana said did upset Narissara, but she was tired of arguing back and forth with Thana, so she decided to just sit still and ignore his nonsense. Thana was expecting Narissara to respond to him with anger, but she unexpectedly didn’t. By not doing so, he knew that she wasn’t in the mood to talk to him, therefore, he decided to drive back home in silence. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]When Thana and Narissara got home, Thana ordered Boon to get the equipments that are used for gardening ready so that he can go plant some jasmine flowers. Boon was confused at first, but she chose not to question Thana about his decision due to his serious face. Boon continued on the order, leaving Thana and Narissara alone in the living room staring at each other as if they were planning to attack each other any second. “Are you going to help me plant the new flowers, or are you going to go back into the room and wait for me,” asked Thana to Narissara playfully. “I’m going back to the room, but I am not going there to wait for you, so don’t even expect anything,” said Narissara before she stormed up the stairs and entered the bedroom. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Narissara stared out the window that faced the garden in the bedroom. She could clearly see how hardworking Thana was. Even from far away, she could that his face was sweating in the dreaded hot sun, and the tank top that he was wearing didn’t help much either. As Narissara interestingly observe Thana from above, she thought to herself that maybe she was too harsh on him earlier. Narissara decided to go outside and help him out, so that she could repent to him, after she changed into an appropriate short with pockets, and a sleeveless shirt. Before she snuck out of the room, she placed a handkerchief into her pockets because she had a feeling that it would be useful.   [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana turned to his right side, reaching for the hoe, but while he was doing so, he noticed a woman’s feet next to it. He looked up to see who was it, and to his surprise, it was Narissara standing there with a friendly smile. “I was bored staying up there alone, so I’ve decided to come down and help,” said Narissara calmly. Thana smiled back at her, and handed her the hoe. “Take this and plow all of the peony flowers out then. Make sure you take out everyone of them. And while you are doing that, I will put these jasmine flowers in their place,” explained Thana as he pointed to the bucket of Jasmine flowers next to him. Narissara took a peek at the bucket of jasmine flowers, then accepted the hoe that Thana handed to her. She started to strike the peony flowers roots that was buried deeply into the soft soil. Thana ignored his duty, and was attracted to Narissara the whole time. The way how she swung the hoe back and forth was so alluring for some reason according to Thana. He had never seen anyone so gorgeous gardening before his eyes. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Narissara accidently looked up from the ground, and spotted Thana not doing his work. She smiled at Thana as she hollered her voice to him, “Why are you letting me do the work all alone?” Her words caused Thana to giggle. “Sorry. I will start working now.” Narissara eyed Thana until she was certain that he had really began doing his duty, and when he did, Narissara went back to doing her’s. For an unknown reason, she felt happy staying together with Thana like this. She contemplated whether it was because of his smiles, or was it because of his jokester behavior towards her.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]By the time Narissara and Thana finished gardening, the sun was already setting. Thana’s face was filled with sweat while Narissara’s was dry. The moment when Narissara saw how sweaty Thana’s had become, she couldn’t help but to show a slight giggle, which caused Thana to be completely confused. “What are you laughing at,” asked Thana curiously. Narissara pointed at his face without saying anything as she sustained her smile. Thana suddenly felt a rush of embarrassment, so he quickly patted his face with his dirty hands that was stained with some dirt particles. Seeing how much in a panic Thana was to clean his face, Narissara walked up to him joyfully. She grabbed onto Thana’s wrist and said in a sweet voice as she gently moved his hands away from his face, “Don’t use your hand na; it’s dirty.” Narissara pulled out the handkerchief that she snuck into her pocket earlier, and used it to pat Thana’s sweat lovingly. He couldn’t resist staring at her face while she was wiping off his sweat for him. Thana could feel her soft breath reaching his throat since she was so close to him, and the way how she smiled at him while she was wiping the sweat off was the sweetest thing that Thana had witnessed. However, the sweet moment didn’t last long. Narissara finished, and backed away from Thana as she placed the handkerchief back into her pocket rather quickly. Even though Narissara wasn’t the one being touched, she felt her heart pounding faster and harder than usual. Her face began to blush after she realized what she had just done to Thana, so she quickly made an excuse that she had to go back home to take a shower. Thana gladly accepted that excuse, and allowed her to go back inside although he knew that she was trying to hide her shyness from him. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]The moon was already out when Narissara finished taking a shower from the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. Thana was standing right by the bathroom door when Narissara opened the door, and of course, that caused her to go in shock for a second. “Khun Thana ka, what are you doing,” asked Narissara in an uneasy voice . Thana grabbed a towel that was out of Narissara’s sight, and showed it to her. “I was waiting for my turn.” Narissara nodded in response and moved out of his way so that he could enter the bathroom. However, as soon as Narissara paced herself to the bed, Thana snatched onto her wrist, causing her to turn and look at him. “My hand is sore from doing all of those hard work. I think I might need help in the shower,” pleaded Thana. Narissara rejected the idea, but was lure back into it when Thana reassured her that he wouldn’t do anything to her. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Narissara followed Thana into the bathroom timidly. Thana made sure that the bathroom door was locked so that no one could get in. He then began to strip himself in front of Narissara while she was trying to act as natural as she could. But as soon as Thana made his way down to take off his boxers, Narissara immediately covered her eyes. Thana grinned at her, then slowly removed her hands away from her face. “You already saw it yesterday, you don’t have to act so shy.” Narissara tried her best to resist herself from looking down there as she quickly said, “Since you are ready, get in the shower, so that I can quickly scrub you and be done with it.” Thana ignored her. “Are going to take a shower or not,” asked Narissara. “I am waiting for you to take off your clothes too. We’re both going into the shower together, and since that will make you get wet, you might as well take off your clothes too,” explained Thana. Narissara felt uncomfortable about the plan, so shook her head. “If you don’t take it off, then I will,” demanded Thana. He moved closer to Narissara, which caused her to back away from him. Knowing that she would not win him over, she agreed that she would take off her clothes. Thana let out a satisfied smile. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Thana and Narissara was in the shower undressed. Narissara was scrubbing Thana’s back with a bar soap while the water was running weakly onto their bodies. The water created slipperiness to the bar soap, and since Narissara was scrubbing Thana’s back like she had no more bones in her hands, the bar soap slipped out of her hands, and slid to the front of Thana. Thana bent down to retrieve the soap for Narissara, and when he got done picking it up, he faced Narissara, handing the soap to her. She accepted the soap in shaking hands, and nervously began scrubbing his fitted chest with the soap. Narissara didn’t want to look down, or did she wanted to look up into Thana’s eye, so she stared straight into his chest. This went on for about a minute until Thana suddenly collided his body with hers, causing a loud smacking sound. Narissara predicted what was going to happen to her, therefore she looked into Thana’s eye, and tried to make a connection that she wasn’t ready for it again. Surprisingly, Thana released her, and grabbed onto her hands instead. He then proceeded to say in a calm and understanding voice, “If you’re not ready, then I won’t force you into it again, but I do want you to know that my affection towards you are sincere.” He kissed Narissara in the mouth, then got out of the shower. Narissara was left alone. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]When Narissara exited the bathroom again, she saw that Thana was already sleeping on the bed soundly. She didn’t know if she should be happy about it, or not. There was something about Thana’s words that he told her in the shower that made her feel like she hurted Thana. Narissara walked silently towards the bed, and climbed on it. After a minute or so, she found herself sleeping her way through the night. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]It was probably midnight when Narissara was woken up by Thana’s crying voice. “I don’t want to do this anymore,” said Thana in a trembling voice. Narissara quickly turned to face Thana, and touched his face. Like when they finished gardening, his face, all the way down to his neck was sweating and sticky. From the way how he was shaking so much and making so much noise, it could be described that he was having a nightmare of some sorts. Narissara tried to wake Thana up by shaking him and calling his name aloud. Narissara continued to do that until he calmed himself down. He opened his eyes, and seeing that Narissara was in front of him, he lowered himself down from her, and hugged her tightly. His face was next to Narissara’s breast, and his arms were around Narissara’s hips tightly. Narissara felt that the way how he gripped onto her wasn’t like a man seeking pleasure, but it was more like a child gripping onto their mother out of fear because of a nightmare. “Narissara, don’t leave me tonight na. Stay with me until the night is over,” ordered Thana in a resemblance of a baby-like tone of voice. Narissara could feel Thana’s tears sinking into her thin pajamas. It surprised her that a grown man would still have nightmares. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=14.6666666666667px]Tenderly, she patted Thana’s head that was next to her chest back and forth as she promised him in a compassionate voice, “I’ll be here for you whenever you need me.” Thana must’ve heard her response, which probably led him tightened his grip around her. Narissara continued to comfort Thana by patting his head while Thana was awake with his eyes close, thinking about the nightmare that he just had. That dream had haunted him ever since, and had stayed with him up to now. [/SIZE]