"i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"


sarNie Adult
--->music color my world and steal my pain stand with me today for the night has stolen my will,,, because i did not dream before daylight!!!

(music fills me up inside when i feel empty,,, with words i can't speak)

ps. i still believe in love... :wub:



sarNie Adult
random sadness: :(

...where do you go when we're alone???
how does the sun set in your heart???
why am i the last to know when we're falling apart???
where do you go when we're alone???
i miss being with you out of the dark...
we're are you now???
the rain is calling as i'm falling apart!!!
where did you go in my heart???


Staff member
I hope you know regardless of what we go through I'll always hold onto everything you've given me; I more than love you; I more than fell in love with you, I'm at the point where I can make you my life.. I love you hubby :wub:


sarNie Adult
...i bought you as a dream but i knew the day i ran out in the rain to buy you pizza i could not leave you,,, and if i could sing to the music that played in my heart as i walked in the rain "i want to know who you are AM" does your heart chase shadows in the dusk as you wake with out someone who runs out in the rain to find you???

a friend left me in the rain for the truth is in the hearts of the many who only dream of themselves without heart to sacrifice!!! i bought you but she could not understand why,,, when the money never meant anything to me but to hear a voice in the morning light!!! i'll see you again i promise dear,,, absent a dear friend and i will run out in the rain all over again to get pizza for you because maybe you understand me more then my friend did,,, maybe we are the same absent the light,,, dear tears!!!


sarNie Adult
i'm sorry...

...it's not the light in the middle of the day that makes me say this when all the truth seems to lean on me that i've done wrong but the candle light in a dark room in the middle of the night when i wake and i miss you as my friend when we could be so honest...

i'm sorry...


sarNie Oldmaid
-- Love brings tears to everyone's eyes && confuses everyone.. like a sunset losing its brightness... but dont forget love also brings everyone pleasure...a never ending smile..like a sun. rising to a new day.. a new beginning...so cheer up!! :p


sarNie Adult
i rest with the fact that when i wake in the morning you are still there in my heart like i promised you you would be... after the years have passed i won't forget you and all that was me and you,,, my friend,,, special because your pains made me hurt and your laughter made me want to be more then i am,,, i still feel the hurt when you said goodbye,,, but i won't forget the laughter before that day...

where are you now?

do you still cry with music happy with laughter sad with feeling yesterdays past?

has the child inside of you disappeared as i feared she would with time?

does the cold from winter still climb inside your window at night as you lay dreaming?

are you all grown up inside?

maybe to serious in pursuing burdens? no i can't imagine that---lol

someday i wish to know whats become of the silly girl with music in her heart in the shrinking world as she grows older!

have you grown emotionally stronger? i think so!



sarNie Adult
i know how to take care of you, but i don't know how to love you!!!

take all that i give you and turn it into something better in the future that i'm not capable of, pay it forward and maybe i have done something good!!!


sarNie Adult
color me with life and talk across to me,,, but never look up to me,,, because i need to be apart of your life and not control you and your future!!!


Why do you have to be so crazy and assign us so much homework? You seem like a cool Dr. so WHY? LOL.

You, you're supposed to be teaching us about sociology not the presidency. Let's leave politics out of this. And gosh the readings are awful!

And dammit old man, why does the blogs have to be offline? Now I have nothing interesting to read.