"i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"


sarNie Adult
I wish the song lasted longer so I could dance with you all night. Either way, thanks for making my night! :D

Can I like you again?


Staff member
I know I rock and you wish you knew me in person; but don't go around telling people you've met me in person .. and on top of that speak of the negative things I'm not ..


sarNie Juvenile
you think im nuts but im not

quit peeking at me from behind

you owe me money!

who the heck are you!

why are u always botehring me


Staff member
What do I do?
Do I sit here and pretend that you didn't say what you said?
Or do I sit here and wonder why you said them?
Regardless of what it is. I just hope you shut up and stop saying them.
Especially if it refers to me and my family.


studies are important. leave me alone. i get distracted enough on my own. :rolleyes:

why do you come running, when i ignore you & unavailable when i make time for you? ggrrrr..... -_-


Staff member
why o` why must you be so stubborn; you know that I'll support any of your decisions your my cousin and family; except if it's one I know you'll regret....


sarNie Adult
would you dance with me if i were a stranger and you needed someone to hold you???

would you speak to me if you had so much to say but did not want people you know how you really feel inside???

could you meet me in the train station if we were total strangers???

could you pretend we never met before if it meant we could be friends again???



Staff member
In a few weeks will mark our 1 year together as a couple; and 6 months together as husband and wife; I feel like everyday I tend to fall more and more for you :wub: love you hubby! sigh I miss you too wish you were home :(