Power of wish' Part 21 (150816)


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Another FF of mine. I am still working on it and hope I can update sometime soon.
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Genre: Period & Present, Drama
What will happen when one vow to love in every Life and the other didn't Believe in true love?
Hiran (OM) never believe in true love and didn't know the reason to his hatress toward woman. His heart begin to beat when he meet Nina (Thi), a gorgeours woman with shy eyes. Anon (BigM) loved Darika (Cheer) at the first sight but he know later that she has come to find hers lover from the past.

Here is some songs that will tell each of their feeling.

Gliet (Hate) = Darika's song

Khon Pae tee mai mee namtarn (Failer that don't have tears) = Hiran's song

Ruk chan prachot krai = Nina & Anon's song


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I have decide to post this FF, I have taken enough time. lol

Part 1

Year 2015
’’Sorry, I can’t fulfil your wish this time!’’
‘’Hay, Stop her!’’
The car that hit her stopped a bit distance away from hers dead body.
‘’Nooo!’’ She waked up with sweat all over her, she breathed out quickly and heavily. She turns on the lamp and looked at the clock to see that it was only 2 am. She goes into the bathroom and washed hers face, even though it was only 2 am she know that she couldn’t sleep anymore.
‘’This dream again?’’

Darika’s work room
She sat down on the chair in hers workroom, she look at the sketch of hers lover that she is searching but haven’t found yet.
‘’We will meets again. I will definitely find you..sooner or later. Just wait for me.’’ She said looking at the sketch as tears slide down hers cheek.
Traikorn Inter Company
‘’Good Morning, Boss!’’ The secretary greets the man that just arrived at the door with a smile on hers face. He nods like he returns hers greet and go inside the office of him.
He sat down on his chair as the secretary come in with a cup of coffee for him as its only 8 am.
‘’Coffee, Boss!’’ She smiled seducing as she put down the cup of coffee in front him. He looked at her a bit then looks again at his computer where he has the work. He didn’t like how she is acting in front him and feel more disgusting of her when he thought she might be just money hunger like every girls that is after him just because of his wealth.
‘’You can leave!’’ He said calmly which make Wilai a bit disappointed and angry that he didn’t think to care the things that she do for him. She thought she would get him in hers bag and she has been trying to seduce him but without any result. She feel that he is ignoring her and that make her very angry that he could ignore someone as pretty and charmy as her.
‘’Yeah, try to act cold. You will sooner or later be in my bag however.’’ She said after that she has left his office and now sitting at hers table in front his office.
‘’Why do women only care for money? Disgusting!’’ He said and looks at the coffee that his secretary has left for him. If his mother wasn’t the one who employed her to be his secretary, he would have changed his secretary to be a man like him instead of girls that is after his wealth. The only reason he still have her as his secretary is because he don’t want to make his mother upset and that she has keep the hard working part that his mother has said.
Santisak’s Mansion
‘’Why are you making that face? Is there anything bothering you?’’ Asked Nina who is the only daughter of the Santisak to hers best friend who is sitting in front her with a tired face.
‘’You looks awful, Nam.’’ She adds.
‘’I know.’’ Said Darika or Nam that Nina and friends like to call her as it’s hers nickname. She stroked hers face and smiled tiredly at hers best friend.
‘’You have been up early again I guess.’’ Nina said. ‘’Have you dream those dream again?’’
Darika nods. ‘’I think my dream won’t go over easily. I need to find him and tell him about our past or else this dream will haunt me endlessly.’’
‘’But you said the dream was about how you die. How can it haunt you?’’
‘’I have made a vow. A vow for us to meet again and if I didn’t find him, this dream won’t go over.’’
‘’You have only said you dream about your past but you have never tell me what you dream of…Only that it’s about your death. Can you tell me how you die?’’
Darika look at Nina, Nina look at her and Darika saw how much she wanted to know.
‘’You might feel more easy if you have talk about it.’’ Nina said.
‘’It was when my father tell me about I have to marry with the guy they want me to marry.’’ Darika begin to tell about how she die in the past that still haunting her to remember hers past.
Years 1982, the date was 25th Augusti
Inside a big mansion, Surat Kiattikul and Manee Kiattikul were sitting in front of their only daughter Janthara. She was sitting questly and barely looking at hers parents. She feel hopeless in a discussion against hers parents, especially hers father.
‘’You have to marry Jirapat. I and your mother have look for a date and next month is a great date for the two of you to marry.’’ Surat said to his daughter that now facing him with pale face.
‘’You know that I don’t want to marry him. I have already Uthai…’’
‘’For god sake, he is dead for a month now. Why are you still stuck to him?!’’ Surat yelled at his daughter which make her to jump with fear. Manee look at hers daughter and feel sorry for her but she can’t disobey hers husband so she keep quest.
‘’He is the one and only I love, you can’t change it, dad!’’ she said, can’t believe that just one month after hers lover passed, hers father is arranging a marriage for her with some guy he thought could look after her.
‘’You are my daughter and you are to obey me!’’ Her father said and slapped her with rage that she was talking back to him. ‘’Love can’t eat! I didn’t even care him when he was alive why should I care now that he is died!’’ Hers tears were dropping like the tearbag was broken, she know that hers father didn’t like or think to give her to him, hers lover when he was alive. This arranged marriage was making when he was still alive and it has already ‘cause them so much pain. ‘’Get prepared! We will go to the guy parents’ house to sign on the marriage contract.’’
‘’……’’ She shake hers head in disbelieve and in shock. She only know that she would never going to marry that guy that hers parents want her to marry. She was mean to only marry hers lover and now that he has passed, she is willing to live alone the rest of hers life. ‘’No dad, I can’t fulfil your wish this time.’’
‘’Hay, those who are outside, stop her!’’ yelled hers father when he relies that she was heading toward the front port. She manages to pass the guards and run out from the front port in hurry.
‘’Please, come take me with you!’’
Everyone that come running after her stop their doings. She saw hers father looking at her as he was shocked, shocked to see her lying there on the ground. Hers last tear slide down from hers eyes as hers blood from hers forehead slide down in hers eyes. She blinked two to three times to clear hers eyes to catch a glimpse of hers mother who has fainted in the arm of the maid. Hers father still stop there shocked as he was before.
‘’Though we aren’t meant to be together in this life time, I wish for us to meet again in the next and the rest of my other life..’’ She wished and feel how hers body lighten up as the blackened take over. The car that has hits her stop a bit distance away from hers dead body.
End Flashback
Nina come and sat beside Darika as she hugged her to comfort. She has never thought Darika have so much things to go through.
‘’That is so sad.’’ She said. ‘’If it wasn’t you, I won’t have believe that the past life really exist in this world.’’
‘’Thank you for believing me, Nina. I won’t have believe that either if I didn’t get so much proof.’’
Darika nods and unclose hers necklace that have a ring as its pendant. She took out the ring and hand it to Nina.
‘’A ring?’’
‘’It was the ring he give to me, I mean in the past life of mine. I didn’t believe at first and thought I was just dreaming but when I found that ring I know right away that my dreams were about my past.’’ Darika explain. ‘’I even saw my parents at the mansion. The Kiattikul, not the Wongsawan that I have now.’’
‘’What? You even go there, what if they saw you.’’ Nina ask worried.
‘’I won’t let them see me. I won’t go and involve with them, in this life my family is the Wongsawan.’’
‘’You know what, mate. I will help you find him, the dream of you should end soon but how will we know where your lover is. Or have he even reborn yet?’’
Darika look at Nina and sucked, she don’t know either if hers lover have reborn like her yet. Moreover, she don’t even know if he would remember her like she do and if he were dreaming dreams of theirs past as well.
‘’Let me handle this myself. Just you believing me and not think that I am crazy is the most thing I can ask from you. Thanks you again, Nina.’’


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Part 2

Traikorn Mansion
‘’Are you ready to be the new boss of Traikorn Inter Company instead of your father now, Hiran?’’ Asked Mrs. Kalya Traikorn to hers only son.
‘’I guess I am. I have no choice anyway.’’ Answered Hiran Traikorn, even though he has finished with master degree in business management he feels that he doesn’t want to work in the company yet. However, he has no choice but to work as his mother order him ‘cause he don’t want to make his mother upset and because he want his father that is now old enough to retire and rest.
‘’Look how you are saying it. I thought you wanted your father to retire and rest.’’ Mrs. Kalya said, knowing his mother is insulting him he didn’t say anything more.
‘’Whatever you say, mom. I’ll be upstairs in my room if you want me anything.’’
‘’We are having a party for you and take that occasion to introduce you to all the co-founder of the Traikorn Inter Company.’’ Said Mrs. Kalya. Hiran turn to look at his mother from the staircase and saw his mother looking at him proundly.
‘’This monday. The employees are already preparing the room for the party to hold at ours company.’’ Hiran nods and left upstairs ‘cause he know that it was all his mother have to say to him.

Traikorn Inter Company

Hiran’s office

Wilai come into the office as Hiran call her. ‘’Do you need me to do something, boss?’’
‘’I heard that there are some staff preparing for the party. Do you know in which local?’’ He asked still looking at his computer and then at her.
‘’They are at the 1 floor. It there anything you want?’’
‘’I believe you already know that I will change the office to my father’s office.’’ He said without answering hers question that she asked. ‘’You need to change your place as well. Get prepared so nothing goes wrong.’’
‘’Yes, boss!’’
‘’I will go take a look at the local that they are preparing for the party.’’ He said and goes out from his office. He noticed that she were coming behind him so he stopped and said ‘’You don’t need to come along. I can get there by myself.’’

It takes not long before Hiran reached the first floor, he meet with his friend who was also heading the same way.

The local that will held the party
‘’I didn’t know you was the one who look after all this work.’’ Hiran said to his friend while looking at the local that now is half way finished. ‘’You should have tell me, Anon.’’
‘’It has to be finished today so the party can held at the night. Your mother wants this to be finished without any problem later on.’’ Anon Anonpol said. ‘’How is it, do you like it?’’
‘’I don’t care about this anyway so anything is fine.’’
‘’Oh ho, if you are saying like that I feel like what I have done was nothing.’’ Said Anon jokingly because he knew that Hiran didn’t mean to hurt him in any way. He also knew that Hiran don’t like to be the center of the people’s attention and this party is something he won’t do if he could choose.
‘’Thank you for helping, by the way.’’
‘’It’s my pleasure.’’ Anon said and smiled as Hiran look at him.
‘’I guess I have nothing to worry about here. I believe you won’t disappoint me or my mom.’’ Said Hiran and turn to go. ‘’I’ll be heading back to my office.’’


‘’Really, Why do I have to be the one sending these flowers out of everyone? Huh!’’ Just as she was about to enter the elevator, she bumped onto someone and hers flowers fall down on the floor.
‘’I apologize.’’ She said as she sat down to pick up the flowers, the person that she bumped onto sat down as well and helped her with the flower.
‘’Look where you go next time.’’ The person said and handed her the flowers that he picked up. That was when she looks at him while taking the flowers from his hand. She feels like hers heart is beating hundred times quicker and she stood there frozen.
‘’Uthai!’’ She call out hers past lover name but he has already left. She feel tears slide down hers cheek and quickly wiped it when she saw people were coming hers direction. She stepped inside the elevator and headed to the first floor with a heart that is anxious to know if he remembers her.

The local that will held the party

Darika meet with Anon at the local, she said she was the one that come from the flower shop The Daisies Heaven.
‘’Hi, I am Darika Wongsawan. I am from The Daisies Heaven flower shop, I come to send the remaining flowers that we couldn’t send you this morning.’’ Darika said to Anon who is still unknown for her as they just meet for the first time.
‘’It’s just great that the flowers come now.’’ Said Anon ‘cause he have to make everything finished by the evening and it’s only the flowers left. ‘’I feel relieved!’’
‘’I hope we don’t get you into trouble.’’ Darika said when Anon was telling like he doesn’t have enough of time. ‘’I apologize for the trouble that we cause you.’’
‘’It’s fine. It really is nothing.’’ Said Anon when he saw how worried she was. ‘’I am Anon, by the way.’’ He said and put out his hand to shake with hers. Darika smiled kindly and shake hands with him.
‘’Then I hope everything go well with the party.’’ She said. ‘’If you excuse me.’’
‘’Oh, of course.’’ Anon look at Darika that go out from the local and then he run out after her. ‘’Wait! Miss. Darika!’’
‘’Is there anything wrong?’’ Darika turn to see Anon and asked what was wrong that he followed her.
‘’Can I get your visit card?’’ He asked and have to change when he notice what goes wrong. ‘’I mean the flower shop’s.’’
‘’Of course!’’ Darika hand the visit card to him and smiled. ‘’I am leaving.’’
Anon look at the card and saw the phone number to the shop and where the shop is located. ‘’The Daisies Heaven.’’ He reads.
‘’What are you looking at?’’ Anon turned to see his friend that asked the question.
‘’Hiran, I thought you already headed to your office.’’
‘’I did but come down again to said to you I am leaving to home. Need a rest before coming back here.’’ Hiran said and he signed at the card. ‘’Aren’t you going to tell me what it is?’’
‘’Visit card to the flower shop.’’ Anon answered.
‘’Don’t tell me you’re found of someone there.’’ Hiran teased his friend who barely has interest in girls. It’s not that Anon is gay but he is quiet and work is his only focus. Anon isn’t different from Hiran in personality but ladies have eyes on Hiran more than Anon. The reason is the look and wealth that Hiran have more than Anon. He stopped to smile when he saw the look on his friend’s face. ‘’You really are found of someone there?!’’
‘’Didn’t you tell me you are heading back to rest at home. Do so and see you tonight.’’ Anon said without answering to Hiran’s question. It’s not that he doesn’t want to answer but because he wasn’t sure himself he choose to not answer. He know that his heart beats fast when he faced Darika but he don’t know if it’s what they call love or found that special one as they only meet now.
‘’That is something new.’’ Hiran said and left as Anon has already gone to the local where they will hold the party.


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the past lovers have met, only she can remember the past.  :cry:


sarNie Juvenile
Part 3

The Wongsawan’s house

‘’I am so sorry I can’t go with you to the party, Nina.’’ Said Darika who was sitting on hers bed. She has promised Nina to follow with her to the party that Nina’s parents want her to attend. Because Nina have nobody that she know there, Nina has asked hers parent permission to take Darika with her and hers parents was ok with it. Now it look like she can’t accompany her ‘cause she get to know from hers mother that she has to drive her to hers relative that live at the other location.
‘’It’s ok, I guess I can go alone. Don’t worry.’’ Said Nina on the other line.
‘’I am really sorry, mate.’’ She sincerely apologize to Nina. ‘’Yes, mom. I am coming!’’ She screamed back to hers mother who was asking her if she was coming. ‘’I need to go now. Have a great night, Nina.’’ She hung up the phone and run to the living room where she meets hers mother then headed to the car.

Traikorn Inter Company

The welcome party for the new CEO was making big and expensive. The people that come there was the co-founder of the company and also some VIP guest from some big company that they import theirs products to from the other land.
The flowers were set nicely at the walls, on the tables and at the entrance and people give theirs thought about it. In the middle of the local stands a cold buffet lunch and desert where the guests can take what they want.
‘’Welcome everyone! Today I want to welcome my son from oversea and have this occasion to even introduce the new CEO of The Traikorn Inter Company.’’ Said Mrs. Kalya. ‘’Can you come up, Mr. Hiran Traikorn.’’
Everyone applauded as Hiran go up to his mother, he bow infront everyone once he was beside his mother and father.
‘’Everyone at the company know that Hiran has been come and working at the company for about one month now. I and Mr. Somkiet assured you guys that ours son won’t disappoint us and the company. He will be as better as his father and we like you to be with him as you are with his father.’’
‘’I will retire from being CEO and my son will sit on my chair instead of me. Give him some applaud please!’’ Said Mr. Somkiet and patted Hiran as to let Hiran know how proud he was. Again everyone applaud and Hiran bow again like he gives respect to them.
‘’I will do my best and please let me know if you get some ideas on improving our company. Thank you!’’
Everyone was talking as tonight they have theirs opportunity to gain theirs company some more customer. Hiran were greeting some of the VIP guest from other land that imports the product from them.
‘’It’s nice to work with new generation man like you in this business world.’’ Said some old businessman and shaked his hands with Hiran. ‘’I see to work with you and we will talk again later. Seem like someone want to talk with you.’’ The man smiled at the couple and their daughter that approached Mr.Somkiet and them. ‘’I will excuse myself.’’
‘’You are all grown up that I can’t even recognize you, Hiran.’’ Said Nirut Santisak and smiled kindly at Hiran. Mr. Nirut have seen Hiran a few times before he go oversea to finish his master degree in business management. It was like 5 years ago, and then he was just 24 years old.
‘’Nice to meet you again, Uncle.’’ Said Hiran and hugged Mr. Nirut.
‘’The same with you, son.’’ Mr. Nirut take a hold of Hiran’s hand and shake with his, after that he introduced his family to Hiran who has never meet the two. ‘’This is my wife, Ratree and this is Nina, my daughter. This is Hiran Traikorn.’’
‘’Nice to meet you, aunt and Nina.’’ He greets the two mother and daughter, then he saw how Nina shyly look down when she meet his eyes. He though to smile at hers shyness as he has never see a lady look down to the floor when he is in front of them. He feel some sort of admire toward her, the same with Nina who heart is now banging inside hers skin that she thought to afraid someone might hear it.
‘’Thank you for coming, Nirut.’’ Said Mr. Somkiet and took the three to meet with his wife that is talking with hers friends.

The Wongsawan’s house

The next morning at the Wongsawan’s house, Darika drive back with hers mother from hers aunt’s house where they stayed last night. She help hers mother with the basket of fruits that hers aunt has given them.
‘’Nam, I will be heading to the shop now.’’ Mrs. Napha Wongsawan, Darika’s mother said to Darika. Darika look at hers mother and suggested she can go and her mother to rest.
‘’You can rest today, mom. I will go to the shop ‘cause I need to go see my daisies as well.’’
‘’Then say to Malee, she can close the shop around 1 pm. She should rest as well, she has been working hard this past day with the order from The Traikorn Inter Company.’’ Mrs. Napha mentioned the lady that work at the flower shop of them.
‘’I will. Please, take a rest now.’’

The Santisak’s mansion

In the big green garden of the mansion, with the flowers that surrounding the garden and the well done statue of the trees that has its own figure, Nina was sitting under the shadow of a tree on the bench-swing as she has a table with fruit and juice beside her. She was reading the newspaper of last night where it’s about the new CEO of The Traikorn Inter Company. She was looking at that one face that she remember with hers whole heart even though they have only meet one time and haven’t even speak much, the face of the new CEO.
‘’The brand new CEO of The Traikorn Inter Company, the handsome single man, Hiran Traikorn.’’ She reads the headline of the news and look at his handsome face as she continues to read into the text. She still remembers how he looked at her last night while they were eating with their parents. Most of the time it’s him, his parents and hers parents that talk as she have no ideas in the business talk. Whenever she looks at him, he still has his eyes on her and she need to avoid it as she can’t help but to become red if she was to look at him.
‘’Why are you sitting here all alone, Nina?’’ The question was from hers mother that now approaching her. She has a smile on hers face when she saw the newspaper in Nina’s hand. ‘’Are you reading about Hiran?’’
‘’…..Not just about him. I am reading about everything.’’ She said, barely making the sound as she feel shy when hers mother could read hers mind.
‘’Why are you blushing? I just want to say it’s good for you to read about him, it could be that you guy would see each other often.’’ Mrs. Ratree said smiling, before Nina could ask what she mean she has already left to the house.
‘’Eh, what did she mean by that.’’ Nina mumbled to herself as none was there to answer hers question.

The Daisies Heaven

When Darika arrived at the shop, the clock was already hitting 9 am. She meet Malee, the lady that help them in the shop who is in hers 40th, the lady is easy dressed and she smiled at Darika as she approached her.
‘’Good morning, Miss. Nam. I thought Mrs. Napha was the one who is coming.’’ Malee said and smiled at Darika who would like to come at the shop only when she was to looks at hers daisies garden that she has separate from the shop’s flower garden.
‘’Good morning, aunt Malee. Mother has been at hers sister last night so I asked her to rest.’’ She said the reason why she was the one coming to the shop instead of hers mother. ‘’Oh, mom said you can close the shop at 1 pm.’’
‘’Oww, I afraid I can’t.’’ Said Malee. ‘’I mean at 2 pm today, the people from The Traikorn Inter Company will come and pay the bill of the flowers that they bought for their company last night.’’
‘’Then you can go and rest as mom has said. I will talk with the people from that company.’’
‘’Is that ok? I mean I can wait till 2 pm and talk with the people and then go home after that.’’ Said Malee as she don’t want to trouble Darika.
‘’It’s fine. I can close the shop after we has make the payment with that company. I have to take a look at my daisies garden anyway.’’
‘’Then thanks you for the help.’’ Malee said and then excused herself as people come in to buy flowers.
‘’I will be at the Tulips garden.’’ Said Darika and left to the daisies garden of her where it’s only daisies that she has planted there and it’s not to sell.

The Daisies garden

Darika go out from The Daisies Heaven back door and go in to The daisies garden of her, beside the daisies garden take the shop’s flowers garden place. She look at the garden with many kind of lovely and gorgeous flowers before she go into hers daisy garden that only have daisies but with different colors. She opened the water sprinkler then she headed to sit at the bench and rested hers head on its hand. She closed hers eyes and it’s then the flashback of hers past come to life again in hers memory. A smile appears on hers lips as hers thoughts went to why daisies were hers favorite flower out of all the other gorgeous flowers.
‘’How was your day last night, Nina?’’ Asked Darika after that she pick up the phone and saw in the screen who was calling her.
‘’Great!’’ Reply Nina with happiness, even though Darika didn’t see Nina’s face she sense that Nina was happy and know that there might be something good happening last night.
‘’You sound very happy. Don’t tell me you are calling me to talk about last night.’’
‘’Hay, why can you always reads my mind?’’ Said Nina as that was the reason why she call Darika. ‘’So, are you coming?’’
‘’Let meets up tonight. I have to watch the shop for mom and have to do some business.’’
‘’Oh well, then see you tonight!’’ Said Nina and happily hung up the phone. Darika look at the phone and smiled.

The Traikorn Inter Company

CEO’s Office

Everyone was preparing to go and eat their lunch but Hiran has never shows up which make Anon to head back to his friend’s office. He meets up with Wilai who was heading to go have hers lunch, she greeted him and he returned then go their separate way.
‘’Hay, are you really thinking to starve yourself?’’ Hiran look up from the computer and saw Anon who just asked the question to him.
‘’And seem like you can’t eat without me!’’ The answer made Anon to laugh.
‘’After all I have only you that I have befriended in this company and I know that I am the only one to you too.’’
‘’Really? I am sure there is many girls that want to have lunch with me.’’ Said Hiran and laughed when Anon make a face like yeah-sure.
‘’But unfortunally, I know you don’t like to bother yourself with those girls.’’ Said Anon who knows that Hiran don’t like to bother himself with girls. He don’t know why but when he ask Hiran why he seem to hate girls so much, Hiran answered him that all girls are money-hunger and after his money not after love. He wondered if Hiran has been heartbroken from girls but he has never seen Hiran dated as they have known each other.
‘’I think I will fallow with you.’’ Said Hiran and close his computer then he stands up to fallow with his friend. ‘’Can’t really stand your nagging.’’
Anon just smiled at his friend’s comment and headed to the company dining room where the workers buy their lunch.

Dining room

Hiran took the glass of water and bring it to his mount, Anon who was already finished with his lunch look at his friend and said what he was to do at the afternoon.
‘’About 2 pm today, I am going to the Daisies Heaven flower shop to pay the bill.’’
‘’Aww, I thought they have already pay it.’’ Said Hiran as he put his glass down on the table. ‘’Then thanks you for helping with all of this.’’
‘’After all this is my job despite from you being my boss as well.’’ Anon smiled as he said.


sarNie Juvenile
Part 4

The Daisies Heaven

The clock hits 2 pm and Anon appeared in front the shop. Darika welcomed him as she was also waiting whoever was to come and pay the bill.
‘’Good afternoon, Miss. Darika.’’ Anon greeted Darika with a smile, he was happy to see her even though he wasn’t hoping to meet her as he wasn’t sure if she works today.
‘’Good afternoon!’’ She greet back and lead him to the table where they could sit and talk about the payment.
‘’Your shop look so nice!’’ He said sureprising at what he saw, she just smiled a little and keep quest. ‘’Then we will begin with the payment of the flowers that we ordered to the party.’’
‘’Here is the cost of the flowers.’’ Darika handed him the file with the receipt.
Anon look at the receipt a moment and then he look up and smiled kindly at Darika. ‘’12000 bath. That was really cheap considering how beautiful the flowers was.’’
‘’Really, I was afraid it was too expensive.’’ Darika said ‘cause she feels like it was really expensive according to her. She even thought she might have to explain why it was that expensive but now it looks like hers worried is just nonsense.
‘’We have thought we need to pay over 20000 bath.’’ Said Anon and smiled again. Darika look at him and sense that he has to be a comfortable man to be around with as she only saw the kindly smiles of him from the time he entered the shop.

Anon pay the bill and looked around the shop, he sense that there were only roses and some other gorgeous flowers but didn’t see the daisies and wondered.
‘’Who give the name of this shop?’’ He turned to ask Darika that standing behind him.
‘’I am.’’ Darika answered shortly and asked him back. ‘’Why?’’
‘’Oh, most of the shop that I has seen, they will give the name according to the stuff they sell but I don’t see daisies here. May I ask why you named this shop The Daisies Heaven?’’
Darika smiled ‘cause Anon wasn’t the first one to ask the question, most of theirs costumer has asked hers mother and her like that also. ‘’Daisy is my favorite flower.’’ She answered like she use to answer.
‘’Oh, but why don’t you sell the daisies?’’ Anon asked curious to know.
‘’I don’t like to sell the tulips that I plant ‘cause I plant them to remember someone.’’ The answer made Anon to want to know whoever the person she was mentioning but because they just meet and not know each other so much yet he let it be unsaid.
‘’However I have to admit that your shop look like a heaven.’’ Anon changed the subject they are talking ‘cause or else it might lead to the privacy of Darika if he was to ask whoever she was mentioning.
‘’Its mom.’’ Anon look at her so she has to explain what she means. ‘’The shop is my mother’s, it’s not mine. I just help her give the name.’’
‘’Ow, I thought you was the owner of this shop.’’ Anon said, disappointed that she wasn’t the owner ‘cause now how can he meet her if she wasn’t working here. If she was working here, he can come and buy the flowers to meet her but now all the chances are gone.
‘’I don’t have that much money to afford a shop by myself.’’ She said and smiled a little. ‘’I am still searching for job.’’
Anon’s eyes lighten up as he might get to meet her more than he has expected. ‘’Really? Then are you interesting to work as secretary?’’
‘’Don’t tell me you are going to apply me.’’ Said Darika sureprised that Anon could accept someone that easily but if Anon was to apply her then hers plan go as she has planned. She planned to go apply the job at The Traikorn Inter Company to search about hers lover that she just meet. She was sure he is working at that company and to meet him and tell him about theirs past is to go work there and get near to him. If Anon apply her then she has pass one step to get near to hers Uthai and the answer of Anon make her happy.
‘’Yes, if you are interested. I need a secretary at the company because my secretary has just leaved us as she needed to go back to hers mother who is ill.’’
‘’You apply a secretary that easy?’’
‘’If you feel uneasy then how about you go apply the job at the company as a secretary.’’
‘’Thank you for the advice, Mr. Anon. I will think about it.’’ She doesn’t want to give the answer directly because it might look weird that she is saying yes to someone she just saw.
‘’Then I am leaving!’’ Said Anon as Darika noded. ‘’I look forward to work with you.’’

Love Dishes

Nina arrived before Darika at the restaurant that they like to meet up at. She looked at hers watch as Darika hasn’t show up yet and as she looked up she approached Darika that coming to hers direction.
‘’Sorry to letting you wait, Nina.’’ Darika apologize Nina for coming late. ‘’The traffic is taking all the time now a days.’’ She said annoyed.
‘’It’s fine. I am just happy you come.’’ Said Nina as she wanted to share hers story with Darika, about the person that she meet just one day and can’t take him out of hers mind.
‘’Hmm, what was the story that you was so excited to tell me about that you don’t even care to nag at me for begin late.’’ Darika teased hers friend, knowing how Nina could be if she was late to the meeting of them.
‘’Hay, don’t look at me like that…or you don’t want to listen?!’’
‘’Hay hay, easy girl. Of course I want to listen but can I order the drink first?’’ Nina pout at her and then noded. Darika called the waiter and ordered hers favorite dish and drink.

It doesn’t take so long before the same waiter come along with the order that she ordered. Darika smiled kindly at him and thanked him as he put the plate down in front her.
‘’Thanks!’’ She said and the waiter nodded kindly at her and then returned to take some more order from other costumer. ‘’Go ahead! Tell me what you was so excited to tell.’’
‘’I meet up with my father friend’s family.’’ Nina said excited but Darika give her so-what look ‘cause she feel like it was nothing special with meeting parent’s friends. She understood right away why Nina sound so excited and happy when Nina continue. ‘’I meet up with their son that returned from oversea. He look so handsome and polite, I think I’m in love, Nam.’’
‘’Shhss, everyone is looking at you.’’ Darika said to Nina who just says those thing loudly because of happiness. Nina look around and smiled awkwardly but didn’t forget to nod slightly as an apologize for being loud. ‘’That was something new, never see you get interested in a man like that before. What was his name anyway?’’
‘’Hiran, Hiran Traikorn.’’ Nina said with a smile in both of hers eyes and mount.

The Wongsawan’s house

When Darika gets home, it was dark and the clock was hitting 10 pm. She saw that the light was still on in the living room from the windows of its. She know right away that hers mother is still waiting for her even though she has tell her she might come late as she was going to meet Nina. She parked hers car and headed to the living room.
‘’Why aren’t you sleeping, mom?’’ She asked as she entered the living room and approached Mrs. Napha that already looking at her. ‘’You was supposed to rest, if I am not wrong.’’
‘’I have rest enough, Nam.’’ Mrs. Napha said and smiled kindly at hers daughter as she come sit beside her. ‘’Thank you for watching the shop for me today.’’
‘’No problem.’’ Darika said and smiled as Mrs. Napha stroked hers head like she was a child. ‘’Oh, mom. I have something to tell you.’’ She remembered she has to tell hers mother something that she has decided in this evening. ‘’I’ll go apply a job as secretary in the company that ordered flowers from us. Mr. Anon said they need secretary there at the company and I think it’s time for me to work.’’
‘’I am happy for you, Nam. I hope you get the job there.’’ Mrs. Napha said to hers daughter without any protect. She was happy that Darika has found a job ‘cause all else all Darika do was being at hers tulips garden and meeting with Nina as she has said she wasn’t ready for job and have something important to do. That important thing what nothing other than searching after hers lover but that was unknow from Mrs. Napha.
‘’Then I’ll let you go sleep now. You have to wake up and go to the flower shop tomorrow early.’’ Darika said and give a peak to hers mother. ‘’Good night, mom.’’ She stands up to leave but didn’t forget to take the newspaper that was on the table in front them.

Darika’s room

Darika come out from the bathroom in hers room, she was wearing a shower-rock as she just showered and hers hair was wrapped with a duk . She sat on hers bed and took the newspaper that she has leave on hers bed before going to take a shower. Hers eyes almost get out of its hole when she saw the face that was on the first page.
‘’The brand new CEO of The Traikorn Inter Company, the handsome single man, Hiran Traikorn.’’ She reads. She continue to read into the text and know that he was the one Nina fall in love with in the party that she couldn’t follow with Nina and that the person was also the one she is searching for, hers Uthai. ‘’He is the owner of the company that I was to work and search him? He will be my boss?! Oh, this is not going to be easy stalking after him. How the hell am I supposed to tell him on who he really are and what if he don’t truth me and kick me out of his company?’’ Darika mumbled worriedly.


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Part 5

Traikorn Inter Company

After a week of thinking whether she should apply the job or not Darika is now standing in front the big company and breathed out before entering the door. She looked at those many peoples that were busy working theirs work, some who are walking quick as they were afraid they won’t get to where they want to and some running to the elevator to get to the next floor. She looked at the counter that the worker was sitting as they were helping those that go lost and tell the right way to where they were to. She walked toward the counter and meet with the worker that smiled kindly at her.
‘’May I help you with something?’’ The man asks her kindly.
‘’I come to apply the job here as secretary. Could you tell me where I was to send this to?’’ She mean the blanket with hers education grades.
‘’I can take it.’’ The answer was not from the man in front her. She saw that the man look over hers shoulder and smiled at the person that answered hers question. She turned and saw Anon. ‘’Good morning, Miss. Darika.’’
‘’Good morning, Mr. Anon.’’ Anon who come by and saw her accidently come to her with a smile as he has waited for her to come apply the job but she hasn’t showed up until now.
‘’You can follow with me to my office.’’ He said and took the envelope from hers hand. ‘’This way, please.’’ Darika smiled at the worker and followed behind Anon that has already walked a few step ahead her.

Anon’s Office

Anon looked through hers grades and look at her with a smile that is still the same smile that she has seen him smile before, from the first time they meets.
‘’It takes you a week. I thought you already changed your mind to not coming here to work.’’ Anon said as he thought.
‘’I has thinks whether the job would suit me or not.’’ She lied, in fact she wasn’t sure if she could make Hiran believe he has a past with her and was not sure if she should come to work here to tell him about that. She was afraid if she work here and he kick her out, she won’t have another chance to meet with him but now she know that she has to come work here and convince Hiran to believe her about theirs past. She doesn’t have another way beside this chance that Anon is giving her.
‘’Well, I can tell you that you have make the right choice by coming to apply the job here.’’ Anon said and thought that Darika has no idea how happy he was to see her. He is somehow sure now that he has meet his soulmate and it’s none then Darika. ‘’You are an amployee here from now on.’’
‘’Are you sure I have everything your company requires?’’ Darika ask unsure.
‘’You have good grades in education, although you don’t have experience in working I think you will do just fine. You has good grade in computer and that is a plus.’’
‘’Then when can I come work?’’ She asked now that she was sure that he wasn’t accepting her because they know each other but because she has fulfilled the things the company requires.
‘’Are you free today? If you are then you can begin today by going together with other secretary to learn how they work.’’ Suggested Anon.
‘’I guess I am.’’
‘’Then follow with me. I will go pair you up with my friend’s secretary. She can teach you everything.’’ Anon saw the unsure look of Darika so he comforts her. ‘’Believe me, you will do just fine, Miss. Darika.’’
‘’Call me Nam, Mr. Anon.’’ Said Darika with a smile as she starting to like the man that standing in front her now because of how he is comfortable to be with around.
‘’Ok, Nam. Call me Anon.’’

Hiran’s Office

The one Anon pair Darika with was Hiran’s secretary. Anon introdeuced the two to each other and tell Wilai what she should teach Darika.
‘’Show her how you work as secretary.’’ He said to Wilai. He chose Wilai because he know that there shouldn’t be any trouble for her nor Hiran.
‘’I’ll teach her everything she has to know, Mr. Anon.’’ Said Wilai and smiled kindly at Darika.
‘’Then see you tomorrow, Nam.’’
‘’See you and thanks you for all the help.’’ Darika thanked Anon who smiled kindly at her like he always does.
‘’Mr. Hiran hasn’t enter the company yet. He usually comes around 8 o’clock if he has some important things to do or if he has meeting, or else he would like to enter the company around 9 am.’’ Wilai begin to teach Darika after that Anon has left. A smile appears on Darika’s face that she now know when Hiran come to the company. ‘’But that is not something you should know. Because you are Mr. Anon’s secretary you should know his scheduel, like when he enters the company to begin with.’’ Darika nod to let Wilai know that she understands and was listening. ‘’What you have to know other than that was…..’’

Wilai tell Darika that she also need to take notes on where Anon have his appointments, what was it about and with who. She show Darika how to takes notes.
‘’Sometime you might need to go send the file to other department as well.’’
‘’Oho, never know there was so many works for a secretary to do.’’ Remarked Darika.
‘’Well there was. That is all I can teach you now, other than that you will sure learn practice as you work here.’’
‘’This is more than enough. Thank you very much, Miss. Wilai.’’

Hiran stepped out from the elevator and take a swing then he was in front his office. He saw a lady writing something in hers book and he sense that she wasn’t aware of him.
‘’Where is Wilai and who are you?’’ Because Anon hasn’t inform Hiran about letting Darika to come learn the work from Wilai, He was unknown to who she is and what she doing here at his secretary’s table. Darika look up from hers notebook that Wilai give her, hers eyes wideness as she saw who was standing in front her. She manage to look at the clock and saw it hitting at 9. As she was lost and sureprised to see him in front again, nothing answer come out from hers mouth. Being impatient that some simple question took her so much time to answer, Hiran asked her again.
‘’Who are you?’’
‘’Oh…I..my..My name is Darika.’’ She answered him, snatched out from sureprise.’’I am here to learn the work from Miss. Wilai.’’ It looked like he understand ‘cause he nodded.
‘’And where is Wilai?’’ The next question come out from him, again it took her so much time to answer as she was too happy to see him and has shouted everything but him. ‘’Are you going to answer me or what?’’ He didn’t like how she was, what is a girl staring at a man like that straightly.
‘’S..sorry. Miss. Wilai go use the wc.’’
Darika followed him with hers eyes as he go pass her and about to enter his office but stopped in front it and turn to her. ‘’Bring me some coffee. I drink black, without sugar.’’ He entered his office after that without any answer from her. Darika stand up to go make the coffee for him but then she remember that she don’t know where the coffee room was. Luckily, just then Wilai returned so Darika tell her what Hiran has ordered.
‘’Oh yes, you don’t know where it’s right? Follow me so I can show you where it’s.’’ Wilai grab Darika’s hand and drag Darika with her.

Coffee room

Darika and Wilai entered the coffee room. She saw two coffee automats.
‘’We don’t make coffe here, we use the coffee automats instead to save time to do other things.’’ Explained Wilai to Darika. She bring the cup to it and pressed the coffee buttom and the coffee come running out. ‘’We can get other warm drinks too, like you see here mocha, chocolate. I guess you don’t know where the dining room is as well.’’
‘’Yes, today is my first day and I didn’t know I will get the job directly.’’
‘’Then I will show it to you when we has lunch.’’
‘’Thank you.’’ Thanked Darika, appreciated of hers willing to help.
‘’Nothing to thanks.’’ Said Wilai and remembered something. ‘’Oh, bringing the coffee to our boss is one of ours job as well.’’

Hiran’s office

Wilai go serves the coffee as Darika waited outside at Wilai’s table. Wilai doesn’t want to take with Darika in ‘cause she is afraid Hiran would lean an eye on Darika as she secretly love Hiran. Even though she feel that she like Darika and Darika is a nice girl, she don’t want to share hers love interest with other. So she tell Darika to wait outside as she was just going to serve the coffee and will come out directly.

Wilai showed Darika where to eat lunch and how much it cost. She even tell her there was an nearby shop where they can go eat if they don’t like to eat here at the company dining room or when there is so many people.


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Wongsawan’s house

The clock was hitting 5 am and Darika come running from hers room to the dining room where Mrs. Napha preparing the breakfast ready for her. She was dressed in white blouse and black knee-long skirt. Hers hair was set up in ponytail, in hers hand she has a cardigan.
‘’Are you ready for another day at the work, Nam?’’ Mrs. Napha asked hers daughter.
‘’Yes, mom.’’ Answered Darika and smiled some more that it’s time for her to enter the company. Mrs. Napha looked at hers daughter as she has never see her that happy before.
‘’You seen to be happy. If there anything you left unknown from me?’’ Mrs. Napha asked curiously.
‘’Nopp.’’ Hers answer was short but it’s all she answer hers mother. She took a bite of sandwish that hers mother has made for her and drank the coffee. She drank it so quick that hers mother can’t help but to warn her.
‘’Take it easy. You are going to make your blouse dirty.’’
‘’You know how the traffic here are. There is so many cars and the traffic is miserable.’’ She explain the reason behind the quickly coffee drinking of her. ‘’I am leaving now. Love you, mom.’’ She said and quickly stand up to go but didn’t forget to give a peak to hers mother.
‘’Drive safely now!’’ Mrs. Napha yelled behind hers daughter that now starting the car to leave.

Traikorn Inter Company

Anon’s office

‘’You has been worked here a while now. Are you fine with the work here, Nam?’’ Asked Anon that just come to the company.
‘’Having you as boss is just a big luck for me.’’ Said Darika as she was telling him how nice he is and she is fine working with him. She can’t believe that she would feel that safe around a man in so short time but Anon has proven her that it was possible.
‘’Everyone here is nice, it’s not just me.’’ Anon said shyly and that make Darika to smile that a man can get shy by some words. ‘’Is there something line up for me today?’’
‘’No, but you have a meeting with the rest of the co-founder tomorrow at the appointment room.’’
‘’Ok!’’ He said and turned to go into his office then he stopped and looks at her. ‘’Let eat together.’’ Darika turn to look at him and was willing to eat with him as she know that Anon eat together with Hiran. She nodded to let him know that she is willing to, Anon smiled happily and go inside his office.

Dining room

The dining room was full with worker as always. Anon and Darika was sitting together with Hiran who was a bit upset that Anon didn’t tell him he was going to take Darika with him. He can’t help but to feel that he didn’t really like Darika that sitting in front Anon who is sitting beside him. Anon in the other hand was unaware of Hiran being upset because he didn’t think it was a big deal to bring with his secretary. Hiran look up from his plate as he feel that Darika was looking at him, she smiled kindly at him as this is the first time he look at her. But all Hiran did was looking at her sharply like he was telling her he don’t like that she was looking at him. That he feel disgiusted by her that she could look at a man like that. Darika look down to hers plate as she feels like there was some stone between hers throat and tears were about to come. She feel that Uthai wouldn’t never look at her that way, he would only give her the most sincerely eyes contact. She hasn’t expected that look Hiran give her to be the first look he would give her.
‘’Are you ok, Nam?’’ asked Anon as Darika has stop eating and just looking at hers plate.
Darika looked up from hers plate and meet with Anon’s worried and sincerely eyes. It make her more hurt that Anon cared about her but he didn’t even pay attention. ‘’I’m fine.’’ She said as she faked a smile.

Anon’s office

Darika was preparing to go home when the phone from hers table rang. She picked it up and answered, to hers sureprise it was from Wilai.
‘’Mr. Anon’s secretary Darika is speaking…Oh, Hi Wilai.’’ Wilai on the other end says what was the call about. ‘’Yes, I have time after my duty here…La Italien?..Ok..yeah, I won’t be late.’’ A smile appear on hers lips as she hung up the phone. Hers sadness that she has been feeling after the lunch disappear right away.
‘’Ahum!’’ Darika snatched out from hers daydream and see Anon looking at her with a smile.
‘’Is there anything you need me to do?’’ She asked akwarkdly as she don’t know how long Anon has been standing there.
‘’No, I was to go home and saw you were in deep thought. Is there anything worrying you?’’
‘’Everything is just fine. I am only thinking about something, that’s all.’’
‘’Look like something important.’’ He said because he has been standing there for a moment without she aware of him. ‘’You can always ask me for advice. I am not a good adviser but I can sure come up with something.’’ He smiled.
‘’I think I can handle it but thank you anyway.’’ Darika returned a smile as well and excused herself as she has someone to meet up with. ‘’Well, I am leaving now. See you tomorrow, boss!’’

La Italien

Darika entered the rasturant that she come for the first time in hers life and was amazed by its big and expensive looks. She then go straight to the counter.
‘’Hi, I am here to meet Mr. Hiran.’’ It’s like they are familiar with him, she didn’t even have to say his last name and she was said to follow with the other waiter to upstair where Hiran is. She senses that Hiran must be a VIP costumer here as the waiter lead her to some VIP room.

When they was at the room, the waiter opened the door for her as he also come in behind her. Darika faced the only man that she has been thinking after the call from Wilai.
‘’I guess you don’t need a permission from me to sit down.’’ Hiran said with a calm voice and Darika sit down feeling uncomfortable. The waiter then give them the menu to order the food.
‘’I will take the same as always.’’ Said Hiran to the waiter and look at Darika that hasn’t decide what to take yet.
‘’Spaghetti, please.’’ She ordered and gave him the menu back but the waiter is still standing there making her to wonder why he hasn’t leave yet.
‘’You need to order the drink too.’’ Hiran said impatiently.
‘’Oh, I take ice water then.’’ The waiter nods and left the room. Darika looked back at Hiran but she barely make eyes contact with him as she was afraid to get that cold look from him again like he gave her at the dining room today.
‘’Why are you stalking after me? I have notice you looking at me when I had lunch in the dining room. What do you want from me? My attention?!’’ Hiran asked what he was waiting to ask as he has been noticing Darika looking at him and stalking after him in the parking lots.
‘’I…I..It’s not like you think.’’ Darika was speeceless as she didn’t think Hiran has been noticing her the whole time.
‘’Then what it is? Or are you after my money like every girls out there?’’ Hiran asked angrily as he don’t like how she is, being a girl and follow after a man like she do is just a shameless thing a girl could do.
‘’I would tell you if you promise me to not kick me out of your company.’’ Darika said, realizing that she has only this chance to tell him about thiers past.
‘’Why would I? Just tell me and I will let you work at my company.’’
‘’Would you believe if I tell you we has a past together, that I needed to find you and I finally found you?’’ Darika ask him, praying that he would give her a chance and believe her.


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Part 7

La Italien

In the VIP room, Darika waited for his answer hopefully but Hiran just burst into laughter making her to feel sad.
‘’You really mean it? What a nonsense!’’ He said and laughed even more, didn’t care those tears that forming in hers eyes. ‘’Did you think I would go for those fairy tales of yours?’’ He asked becoming serious and as the same time mad at her that she could simply say something like that without feeling ashamed.
‘’Those are not fairy tales.’’ Darika said, barely making a sound as all she feels now was disappointment.
‘’Oh please, Darika. Just say me how much money do you want to stop stalking me and seducing me like this. I feel disguited!’’ Hiran said without caring how she would feel and even those tears that in hers face.
‘’I don’t want money. I want you to believe me.’’ Darika said and turned to the other way and wiped hers tears as the waiter come back in with theirs food. Hiran didn’t even bother to look at the waiter as he madly staring at Darika. The waiter left when he has done what he was supposed to do.
‘’You want me to believe you? ‘’ Darika nods. ‘’Ok, I believe you… but I will let you know so you can stop daydreaming that I would never be that one person that you has a past with.’’ Hiran didn’t know how much he hurted Darika as he only think such a thing didn’t exist in the world.
‘’I can proof you that I didn’t lie.’’ Darika said, still didn’t give up because she feel that this is hers first and last chance. Hiran wouldn’t never let her talk about it again if he go out from this room today.
‘’Wow, you really are into this story of you.’’ He said like it was only a make up story of her. ‘’So how can you proof me?’’
‘’Your name, the year you die and where you have live.’’ Hiran look at her like he was telling her to continue. ‘’Your name is Uthai, you live in Chiang Mai like me in the past life and you die 20 july 1984. I’m Janthara, you call me Thara because everyone else call me Jan.’’
‘’You know what, if I don’t know a stalker girl like you..I would have thought we really have a past, with you making up those dates of my death.’’ Hiran placed the cutlery on his plate as he don’t feel like eating. ‘’The problem is that didn’t you think it’s too soon for me to reborn again. Die 1984 and reborn 1985?!’’ His face becomes red of anger. ‘’Stop this nonsense right here and I will keep my promise to not kick you out from my company for lying to me.’’
‘’Wait, I have something to show you.’’ Darika call out when Hiran stand up to leave. ‘’You might remember this ring that you give me in the past life.’’
Hiran turn to look at her impatiently that she aren’t stopping yet even though he warned her. ‘’So where is it?’’
Darika touch hers neck but sensed nothing and right then she remembered that she has forget to put it on again after shower this morning as she has been hurried. ‘’I forget it at home.’’ She said and feel like she become a liar from the look of Hiran’s face.
‘’I don’t want to hear about this ever again, if I see you stalk me or look at me like you has done, I will kick you out from my company. Remember that!’’ Hiran left Darika as she can’t do anything but to cry that hers chance for her to make him believe theirs past just vanished in front her just because today she has forget to wear the most important thing to make him remember her.
‘’You have to remember me, Uthai. You have to.’’

Traikorn Inter Company – Appointment room

All the co-founder gather together in the room as Hiran inform them about the news. That they are going to open up another shop at other location so there product reach to most of the civils.
‘’I am open to all the ideas, feel free to suggest your ideas so we can make sure everyone is in and we don’t have problems later on.’’ Hiran said and look at everyone in the room, he looked powerfull and someone to respect to.
‘’I like the ideas.’’ Said one of the co-founder. ‘’That’s way we can increase economy and our products to become well-known then it already is.’’
‘’I am in too.’’ Another one of the co-founder said.
Hiran was happy with the results because everyone in the room agrees and nods while listening to his ideas. ‘’I am happy that we could agrees to this without a problem. Anon, please go look at those location that we will open our new shop.’’ Hiran turn to said Anon that sitting in the next chair as Anon is marketing manager.
‘’I will make sure that we can open up the new shop soon.’’ Anon who know that Hiran want to open it right away say. Hiran has been discuss with him about it a while now, way before he become the new CEO of the company because Hiran want to make their products to know larger.
‘’Thanks! Then we can end this meeting. Thank you everyone for coming!’’ Everyone stand up to leave to their department after 1 h of meeting. ‘’Anon, let eat together.’’
‘’Ok, but just let me check if Darika want to follow.’’ Anon said with a smile that he can’t hide and didn’t saw how Hiran’s face changed to the opposite from what was minutes before.

Dining room

Hiran waited for Anon after that he took his food, Anon showed up at the food buffet but Darika wasn’t with him.
‘’Where is your secretary?’’ Hiran ask a bit with happiness that he didn’t see her as Anon sit down the opposite seat from him.
‘’She said hers friend is here to see her so they will go grab something at the shop in front ours company.’’ Anon said, no longer a happy face.
‘’Just because she is not with and you are making that face?’’ Hiran said, feel a little bit mad that Anon could fall for someone like Darika. ‘’Where is the old Anon that didn’t feel hot or cold?’’
‘’Hay, people can change. How can a man be his old self without changing?’’ Anon who just realize how to feel when people is in love. He isn’t like before who doesn’t care about girls but only focusing on works as he feels that girls would waste his time. ‘’I think I like her, Hiran.’’
Hiran was caught by sureprise of Anon’s suddenly confession. He looked at his friend seriously and sincerely and warned. ‘’You need to be carefylly, Anon.’’ As he thought Darika was only a liar that want to catch a rich man like him and don’t have interest in Anon. ‘’I don’t want you to get hurt just because you loved someone you shouldn’t.’’
Anon looked at Hiran, having wrong ideas he ask. ‘’Why, did she already have a boyfriend?’’ He stand up from his seat. ‘’Do you think it’s him Nam is having lunch with now?’’
‘’God, calm down Anon. I didn’t mean she has a boyfriend, I am just saying she might not be like you see her. ‘’ Hiran said and shook his head that Anon is acting like that. ‘’Sit down and why are you calling her Nam?’’
‘’Oh, it’s hers nickname.’’ Anon sit down again and happy that Hiran didn’t mean Darika has a boyfriend. ‘’By the way, what do you mean by she is not like what I see?’’
Hiran looked at his friend and feel like he wanted it punch him some sense but he just sigh out as Anon waited for the answer that never answered.

Traikorn Mansion

Hiran entered the mansion, as the servet girl saw him she walked to him and took his jacket and file.
‘’Thanks!’’ He thanked the girl who is way younger than him. The girl smiled kindly at him and make hers way to his room to leave his stuff.
‘’Come here, Hiran.’’ Mrs. Kalya said and grabbeb his hand as she leads him to the living room.
‘’Is there anything, mom?’’ Hiran asked because his mother seem like she was happy.
‘’Yes, there is and I don’t want a denied answer from you. ‘’Mrs. Kalya said. ‘’I want you to follow with me and your father to the Santisak’s mansion.’’
A smile formed on his lips as he also want to meet Nina who he has never meet again after that welcoming party of him. He only heard his mother and Mrs. Rathree talking about Nina on the phone.
‘’You will go with us right, my son?’’ Ask Mrs. Kalya as she want Hiran to near with Nina because she want to have Nina as hers daughter-in-lawn. He only nodded like he wasn’t that interested in going to the Santisak mansion but in fact he was already planning he has to learn to know her and talk with her this time.


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Part 8

Traikorn Mansion – Hiran’s room

Hiran stepped out from the bathroom in his room and grabbeb the phone that is ringing. ‘’How is it there, Anon?’’
‘’The place is pretty good, we wouldn’t even need to change that much and it’s also in the center of the mall.’’ Anon who has gone to see the location to open the new shop said on the other ends.
‘’Do you think you guys can make it finish in this week?’’ Hiran asked, if they can he want to open the shop by the beginning of next week.
‘’I think so, like I said we only need to change a few things. I think we can finish it in 2-3 days so you can order the worker to drive the products in 3 days.’’
‘’That’s great, Anon. Then lets open the shop this Monday.’’ Hiran looked at the clock that hanging on the wall. ‘’Hay, I need to go now. I am going to meet with Uncle Nirut’s family.’’
‘’Ok..But wait, you are coming when we will open the shop right?’’
‘’Of course, I will be there in this Sunday.’’ He hung up the phone and run out to the living room where his parents is waiting.

Santisak’s Mansion

Hiran and his parents arrived in the time they were invited. They were leads to the dining room by Nina’s parents as Nina was helping the servet with setting the table. They were said to have dinner right away, Mr. Somkiet and Mr. Nirut was the one speaking all the time while eating.
‘’Hiran is preparing to open a new shop at the other location.’’ Said Mr. Somkiet proudly that Hiran has already inproving the company in this short time.
‘’I have actually see your commercial of your new brand Traikorn Tea.’’ Mr. Nirut said. Because Hiran want to make their brand more popular he has also bring in media, he know that by having commercial will make their product to know in larger civils. . ‘’New generation has new ideas.’’
‘’You are so lucky to have Hiran as your son.’’ Said Mrs. Rathree, making Mrs. Kalya to smile prodly.
‘’ I actually want a daughter like Nina.’’ Mrs. Kayla said making Nina to blush and Hiran to smile as both know what Mrs. Kayla mean by that.
‘’You are making my daughter to blush.’’ Said Mrs. Rathree and smiled along Mrs. Kalya as Nina didn’t dare to look up as she feel more blushed. Hiran chuckled seeing her become shy.
‘’Bring the sweets to the living room.’’ Mrs. Rathree said to the maid and hers niece that also come to work with her.

Outside in the garden

‘’Why are you standing here all alone?’’ Nina who has excused herself from the rest of the group turns to look and saw Hiran standing behind her.
‘’Mr. Hiran..’’ She called and can’t help but to feel butterflies in hers belly as she is now facing him all alone. ‘’I just feel that I have nothing to talk there.’’
Hiran smiled politely as he know Nina has no experience in business that they are talking with inside. ‘’So what do you finish school with?’’ He asked, really want to know what this pretty woman in front of him chose to learn.
‘’I graduated in drawing and painting.’’ Nina said and can’t help but to avoid his eyes contact as the more she saw his eyes that is looking at her the more she become shy.
‘’It suit you.’’ He said and wondered. ‘’Do you sold your paintings?’’
‘’A few. Most of my paintings are at father’s company, if the costumer are interesting they could contact me. I don’t have my own gallery shop yet.’’ She said and scratched hers neck as she don’t know what to do with hers hand. That make Hiran to grew his feeling toward her, he feel that Nina is the only one who didn’t act to get his attention and after his money. He feel scared by his feeling as well as he has never feel this addicted to a lady in such a little time.
‘’Can I come see your paintings sometime?’’ He asked hers permission as he want to see her more later on.
‘’Of course!’’ Nina was surprised that he asked her to see hers paintings.

At a hotel

The phone rang a few times before the owner of it grab it to answer.
‘’Hello!’’ The one who answered the phone sounded annoyed that someone waked her up from hers sleep.
‘’Sorry to wake you up, Nam. I really can’t sleep if I don’t tell this to you. ‘’ Said the person from the other ends.
‘’Nina? What the hell, it’s only 1 am!’’ Darika yelled in the phone as she has been tired helping Anon with the shop the whole day and now Nina called her in the middle of hers sleep.
‘’Awe, don’t yell like that. What if I become deaf?’’ Nina said as she was holding the phone a little away from hers ear. ‘’Can’t you even help listen your friend?’’
‘’My god, I was suppose to wake up early tomorrow to work.’’ Darika mumbled but enough for Nina to hear it as well. ‘’It better be important or else I will kill you, Nina.’’
‘’You remember the new CEO of Traikorn Company that I tell you, right? ’’ As soon as Darika heard the company name and know that Nina mean Hiran, hers eyes widened and she sit up to listen clearly.
‘’Yes, I do. Why?’’
‘’I have meet him again and we have talked with each other this time. You know what, he is such a gentleman.’’ Darika could hear in Nina’s voice that she was over joyed and it make hers heart beat fast and she wanted to know where the two meets.
‘’How did you guys meet?’’ Darika asked worriedly, she was afraid the two will know each other as she don’t want to have Nina as hers component in love. She was afraid Hiran would fall for Nina as Nina fall for him, what if the two become a couple? Will she be able to take Hiran from Nina? Would she have to hurt Nina because Hiran was hers past love? That was the questions that are in hers mind.
The answer of Nina make Darika goes quest for a moment that Nina has to call her again. ‘’We meet at my house. My parents invite them to have dinner with us……Nam!..Nam, are you still there? Nam?’’
‘’Ye..yes, I am still here.’’
‘’He said he wanted to come see my paintings sometime. He asked for my permission, such a gentleman he is.’’
‘’And what answer did you give him?’’ Asked Darika, hoping Nina would give a no as the answer but deep down she know that Nina has agreed to let him see because she like Hiran.
‘’Yes, of course. You know that I liked him the first time we meet.’’ Answered Nina. ‘’This could be the best chance to learn to know him, don’t you think?’’
‘’Of course….. But don’t go too quick forward. He might not be like you think.’’ Darika warned hers friend. In fact, she know that Hiran is a good man but she don’t want Nina to give her all as she is still thinking to convince Hiran to believe in their past life.
‘’Yeah, yeah. I won’t go too quick forward but you can trust that he is a good man.’’
‘’You are already on his side, my friend.’’ Darika said and heard how Nina laughed in the other end.
‘’Well, I was just going to tell you that. It isn’t nonsense, right?’’
‘’Hmm, it’s nonsense.’’ Darika smiled when she heard Nina say heartless person to her. ‘’I’m just kidding. Of course, it isn’t nonsense.’’ Darika think to thank Nina for telling her so she can make Hiran to remember theirs past before he fall for Nina which Darika didn’t know he already did.
‘’Then I will let you sleep. Good night!’’
‘’Good night!’’ Darika hung up the phone and looked at the clock which showing 02:30 am. She rested hers head on the pillow as she can’t sleep again now that hers mind is working crazily. ‘’I have to make him remember me. I need to show him the ring.’’ Darika said as it’s the only way that left to make Hiran to remember her. She hope that the ring would make him remember her.


sarNie Oldmaid
Look like in the upcoming chapters its going to get some drama between Darika, Hiran, and Nina. I wonder will Hiran remember Darika when she show him the ring. What will he do. Its going to be sad to see Darika get hart breaking since Hiran and Nina all ready like each other.  
Please have more of Anon and Darika have scene together.  :bhehe: