Power of wish' Part 21 (150816)


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Part 9

Working distance from Hiran and thinking about how much he and Nina has been close to each other make Darika’s life miserable. She want to go back to the company as soon as possible but waited impatiently as Anon tell her Hiran is coming in the opening ceremony.
‘’Take this, I bet you are thirsty.’’ Darika look up and saw Anon standing as he was handing her a bottle of water.
‘’Thanks!’’ She took the bottle from him and asked. ‘’Anything I need to help with?’’
‘’No, you can rest now. You has been helping every day, there is only a few things left then we are finish.’’
‘’This is the last day anyways, So I guess I can help you guys so we can go have dinner together.’’ Darika smiled but hers face is still tired and look like she hasn’t sleep at all. ‘’You have to treat, of course.’’
Anon smiled at hers comment and agreed to treat all of them that help working for the shop to finish. ‘’I am willing to treat. Everyone, let’s go eat together.’’ All the worker cheered as both Anon and Darika laughed at how happy they were.

La Italien

Hiran look admiring at Nina who is enjoying hers spaghetti and smiled as she look up to him. ‘’I bet it’s your favorite dish.’’ He said when he saw that Nina get all shy seeing him look at her like that. Hers two cheeks become seemingly red.
‘’Yes, it’s very delicious. You should try it.’’ Nina answered as she looked at him a little then focused again on hers plate.
‘’If you are willing to come with me again then I will try it then.’’ Hiran said, can’t help but to look at her still without blinking.
‘’Just give me a call when you want to come again.’’ She answered.
‘’Only when I want you to accompany me to lunch? Can’t I call you the other time?’’ Hiran asked jokily because seeing her shy, he want to joke her to see how shy she could be but he meant what he said.
Nina don’t know how to answer, if she should permit him but it would look like she is easy to get and then again she really want him to call her also so they can talk and learn each other more.
‘’Can I?’’ Hiran repeat his question and was happy by the short answer of hers.

The opening day of the new shop

Hiran arrived at the hotel where Anon, Darika and the rest of the team were staying in the morning. To Darika’s sureprise he has bring Nina with him, making Darika to know that they has been closer then she has imaged. She looked at Hiran as he introduced Nina to Anon and how happy he looked and smiled at Nina as Nina smiled exciting at her.
‘’So you two are friends?’’ Asked Hiran to Nina as he took a sip of his coffe. They were at the lobby of the hotel and having breakfast in the cafeteria.
‘’We are actually bestfriends. We has known each other since college.’’ Said Nina as she looked at Darika who already is looking at her.
‘’You didn’t tell me you were coming along with Mr. Hiran.’’
‘’I wanted to surprise you and Hiran asked me yesterday so I haven’t got the time.’’ Explained Nina who just know that Darika has meet Hiran as she is working at his company. Before she only know that Darika was working at Hiran’s company but didn’t know that they have meet as Darika never mentioned her about Hiran even though she has tell Darika about him.
Hiran look at Darika and sense that she wasn’t happy to see Nina, if he has to be more specific Darika was not happy to see him with Nina but that is hers problem not his.
‘’Should we get going to the shop.’’ Anon asked as it’s about to open the shop.

Traikorn Tea

Hiran cuts the silky wire and people who has gather to taste the new favor tea that they has seen on the television begin to claps.
‘’Thank you for coming and welcome to taste the new tea of us.’’ Hiran finished his sentence and people go inside as the worker serves them. There were many different taste including apple, pineapple, lychee and melon with green teas and green teas with honey etc.
‘’We get really good feedback.’’ Said Anon excited as people now has lesser then it was several hours ago.
‘’I am glad that we get a location like this place.’’ Hiran said and look at those people that come in to taste theirs teas.

At the hotel

Hiran treat dinner to everyone that has been a part in making the shop goes well.
‘’You guys has done a great job, thank you for making the new shop goes well.’’ Hiran said and everyone cheered.
‘’We are happy to help.’’ Said one of the worker and everyone agreed.
‘’Then let us enjoy the dinner!’’ Hiran said and sat down on his seat, beside him was Nina. ‘’I ordered spaghetti for you. Lucky that they have it here.’’
Everyone at the table giggled seeing their boss with his lady except Darika who make hers hand into a fit but luckily none saw that as she has hers hand under the table. Hiran looked to hers direction as he knew she would be looking at him and Nina. Theirs eyes meet but it was Darika who broke the contact as all she can see in his eyes was the victory that he could hurt her.
‘’Is Miss. Nina your girlfriend?’’ Asked one of the workers curiously, making Nina to shyly look at Hiran as Hiran smiled.
‘’I let it be untold.’’ He said as he hasn’t ask Nina to be his girlfriend yet. Every girls in the table cried jealously.
Anon looked at Darika who isn’t screaming like the other girls, Darika manage to give him a smile and then putted the food into hers mouth. She keeps herself busy with food so she doesn’t need to watch the two that is center of the table now. Anon sensed there was something wrong with Darika.

Darika’s room at the hotel

Nina who come to call Darika knocked a few time on the door before Darika come open with a towel in hers hand as she just washed hers face.
‘’They are ready to leave.’’ Nina said as they are going back now that they have open up the new shop.
‘’I am about to go too. I needed to wash my face.’’ Darika answered and about to turn when Nina grabbeb hers hand.
‘’Have you been crying?’’
‘’A little, I just watched Titanic.’’ Darika lied and Nina completely trusted her as she didn’t know why would Darika cry other else.
Darika manage to smile even though the hard headache that occur in hers head this past days that she hasn’t been sleeping that well. It’s getting worse now but she thought it’s because she has been crying hers eyes out. ‘’Are you coming, Nina?’’ She said as she took sunglasses on so none beside Nina know that she has been cried, importantly Hiran that would only feel pleasure that he could make her cry.

In front the hotel

There were mini buss and Hiran’s car parking there, waiting for them and other workers. Hiran that is talking with Anon come toward them as he approached them.
‘’Should we get going so we are there before it gets dark?’’ Hiran asked, Nina looked at Darika and don’t know how to answer as she don’t know if it’s ok for him if Darika also ride with them.
‘’See you when we get back.’’ Darika said because she know that Hiran didn’t want her to ride with them and she don’t want to make Nina feel umcomfortable not knowing what to say. ‘’I will ride with the rest of the team.’’
Darika headed to Anon as Hiran and Nina go to Hiran’s car and drive off ahead of them.
‘’I will just going in and take a nap.’’ Darika said to Anon and stepped inside the mini buss and rested hers head on the chair and feel how hers head pounded. Anon looked worriedly at her but didn’t ask her anything as he feel Darika might not want to talk yet.


sarNie Juvenile
Part 10

Traikorn Inter Company – Hiran’s office

Hiran come back from having lunch with Nina and approached by Anon who was waiting for him in his office.
‘’Hi, friend!’’ He greets Anon, Anon looked at him awkwardly as he has never see Hiran happy like that.
‘’Let me guess, you have forget me and have lunch with Nina….again?’’ Anon joked and Hiran just shrug his shoulder like can’t- help. ‘’How far is your two relationship right now?’’
‘’Are you here to ask me about it?’’ Hiran asked, making Anon to want to punch those smiling eyes of his.
‘’Obviously not! I just ask because of your over the moon face.’’ Said Anon. ‘’Seriously, have you guys become a couple?’’
‘’Yes, she just gave me the answer yesterday.’’ Hiran said and raised his eyebrow. ‘’Now, why are you here in my office?’’
‘’I was just going to ask you if you are following with me to the bar tonight to meet up with those reckless friends of us?’’ Anon meant theirs friends from university that will gather tonight and have a party.
‘’I don’t want to but I don’t want the nagging and whining from you either so I guess…yes!’’ Hiran who knows Anon don’t want to go alone and will be nagging for him to follow said.
‘’Thank you for still concerning about me.’’ Anon said jokily. ‘’ I thought you only have Nina in your breaths now a days.
After that Anon left, Hiran sat down on his chair and leaned his head against it as he thought back to yesterday evening.


La Italien
The environment inside the VIP room was romantic with candles and roses. Nina was sitting with Hiran exciting.
‘’Do you like it?’’ Hiran ask Nina after that the waiter left as he had serves them.
‘’Yes, I do.’’ Nina said, looking at him and not avoiding his eyes contact like she used to do before. Now that they has known each other for moths and has become closer, she doesn’t feel shy like the time she didn’t know much.
‘’You are not saying just to make me happy, right?’’
‘’No, I really like it.’’ Explained Nina, not wanting to make Hiran sad.
‘’I know, I am just kidding.’’ Hiran said as he brings his hand to touch hers. Nina didn’t pull hers hand back but instead she looked at him and smiled. ‘’Would you think it’s too soon if I ask you to be my girlfriend?’’
Nina was speeceless, she didn’t think Hiran would confess his feeling to her even though from the environment of the room was obviously.
‘’So, it’s too soon.’’ Hiran answer his question by hiself as Nina didn’t answer back.
In fact, Nina was too happy and shocked by his confession that she was lost for word to tell him. She looked at Hiran and saw his disappointed face and decide to confess hers feeling as well. ‘’I think it’s not too soon. We has known each other for months and I feel that I can trust you.’’
Hiran smiled widely and brings hers hand to kiss as Nina also smiled happily that they has become a couple now.
End flashback

Hiran chuckled to hiself knowing Nina is his now. Just then a knock come at the door to his office and Wilai showed up.
‘’Miss. Darika want to meet you.’’ Wilai informed him and Hiran feel how his mood changed. But he nodded to Wilai to know that let Darika in.
Darika showed up in front him and meet with his emotionless eyes. ‘’What do you want?’’
‘’I want you to give me a chance to proof you that we really has have a past together.’’ Darika said.
‘’Or what?’’ Hiran asked madly that she still talking about it when he already warned her to kick her out from company if she ever talks about it again.
‘’I don’t want to do this but if you aren’t giving me a chance to tell you…I will tell Nina that you are Uthai that I has been searching for.’’ She took the deadly spell on him as she knows that Hiran also like Nina and he won’t risk her to tell Nina about him being Uthai.
‘’And you think she will trust that fairy tales of your?’’ Hiran asked, can’t believe that Darika would hurt Nina for her to get him.
‘’I am sure Nina would believe me because she know about this past life of mine before I even meet you.’’ Hiran starred at her like he wanted to kill her right away. ‘’It’s not a fairy tales, Uthai. You just need to open up and listen to what I have to say.’’ Darika said. ‘’Please, I beg you.’’
‘’Stop it, Darika!’’ Hiran yelled as he has lost his patient with her. ‘’Leave my room, if you still want to work here tomorrow.’’ He turned the other way so he could look at anything else but her.
‘’If you don’t want to listen, can you please look at this ring that you has gave me. ‘’ Darika said holding up hers only and last chance of proof that could make him remember her but Hiran refuse to look.
‘’Did you really want to steal your best friend’s boyfriend?’’ He ask still looking out the windows. Darika eyes wide open by the news that she just heard, hers hand dropped to hers side as she squeezed the ring that she was holding.
‘’You..you mean..’’ Hers voice was shaking and she barely make out hers question.
‘’Yes, Nina and I are lover now.’’ Hiran said and turn to hers direction. ‘’I hope you understand that I didn’t give a shit about the past that you are saying I shared with you.’’ Darika’s tears slide down hers face but Hiran didn’t care what he was seeing as he only saw it as a part of hers game to catch him. ‘’I am not Uthai, I am Hiran Traikorn and I love Nina. I chose Nina over you, over every girl out there that has only eyes on my money.’’
‘’You really think I made up this story because I want your wealth?’’ Darika asked, hoping the answer would be no but it was only her hoping.
‘’Aren’t you?’’ He questioned back instead of answering her.
Darika looked into those eyes of him that insulting her and for the first time she feels to give up and let go of him. She is too tired to see those eyes of his that he gives her whenever he saw her and realized that those gentle eyes will he only lay on Nina. She wiped hers tears and turned to go.
‘’Thank you for not kicking me out from your company.’’ She said. ‘’And sorry for troubling you with my fairy tales.’’
‘’Thank you for admitting that your story were fairy tales.’’ Hiran said behind her. She stopped to listen and then continued hers way out.

The Daisies Heaven – Daisies garden

Darika has called Anon to say that she didn’t feel well and will be heading home and won’t return to company. He has worriedly said her to rest and he will be doing just fine and she doesn’t need to worry. In fact, she don’t want to return to Anon’s office and let him see that she has cried. After that Anon permit her to be off duty, she has driven directly to hers daisies garden to rest hers mind.
Darika has the sprinkler on and she herself was lying on the bench as in hers ears she has headset like she was listening to music and resting. She wasn’t really listening to music but it was only a cover to make hers mother or the worker to doesn’t come disturb her. She was thinking about what Hiran said, he sounded serious when he tell her how he loves Nina and how he didn’t care about the past with her. And she was thinking about the question that Hiran asked her, if she was ready to steal hers best friend’s boyfriend.
‘’I should let you go right, Uthai?’’ She questioned herself as she also doesn’t want to hurt Nina nor Hiran. And she doesn’t want to be enemy with Hiran the rest of hers life. Maybe it was better to still be friend with him and see him love Nina more than Hiran doesn’t even give her friendship. She grabbed hers head as hers head start to spin and pounding like it was about to exploade. ‘’Ouch, why is it hurting this much?’’ It’s not only headache, she even sweated even though the environment inside the daisies garden was cold.
Just then hers phone rang and she looked at it and saw Nina’s id caller. She knows what Nina have to tell and grabbed it even though what she would hear will only hurt her again.
‘’Yes, ma’ am.’’ She said like nothing is happening to her. She endured the pain that hers head is causing her and the news that Nina is telling, about she and Hiran that has confess each other feelings and is a couple now.


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OMG I want more. You can't stop there. Its getting to the good part. 
I just hate how Hiran is treat Darika right now. I just want to slap his face. Why can't Darika all ready show the dam ring to Hiran. I hope when Hiran realize that Darika was his lover it be to late. I hope by that time she is with Anon, I hope Hiran suffer too not just only Darika. She been through a lot trying to get Hiran to remember her. 
More more more please. This is killing me. You left it at a good part.  :ghehe:


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Part 11

At the Temple

As its holiday for Darika, she go to the temple to release herself from everything that occuring in hers life. She has realize that she should let go of Hiran and let him have his own life with Nina. Hiran might be Uthai that reborned or only someone that shared the same face as Uthai because he doesn’t remember any of their past. Darika pay respect to the monk that is sitting in front her.
‘’Child, you should let it go or else you will be the one who has to suffer.’’ The monk said, as he know about hers problem. Darika look at him, didn’t think that he could see. ‘’You can’t make him remember you..if he will know, he should be the one that want to know about it and open for it.’’
Darika get tears in hers eyes as she know Hiran would never want to know about his past and in that case he would never know about their past. ‘’I really need to let him go, right?’’
‘’It’s the best for you.’’ The monk said as he looked at her with sympathy.

Traikorn Inter Company – Dining room

Hiran, Anon, Nina and Darika all sitting among others workers as today Nina come to visit Hiran, they all went to eat together. Anon chuckled a little seeing how Hiran spooned some fish onto Nina’s plate, even though it was only a short chuckle it didn’t get away from Hiran’s eyes.
‘’I see that, Anon?’’ Hiran said, staring at Anon like Anon did some awful thing.
‘’What?’’ Anon ask even though he knows he was caught. Hiran raised his eyebrow one side, like he was saying Anon you-know-what which make Anon to laugh. ‘’You don’t need to give me that look. I am just sureprise, didn’t think you could become a lovey dovey person when you get a girlfriend.’’ Anon explain.
Hiran shrug his shoulder teasingly and smiled. ‘’I just want to take care of my girlfriend here.’’ Hiran look at Nina who gives him a smile happily.
‘’There he goes again.’’ Anon said and turn to Darika’s side. ‘’He is making me want to have a girlfriend too.’’ His eyes were set on Darika’s face. She smiled at him as she doesn’t know what else to do as she understands what he is meaning by those words. Anon chuckled a little seeing Darika lost for word and changed his eyes to the plate in front him instead as he don’t want to make Darika feel uncomfortable. Then he spooned some vegetable to hers plate. ‘’Eat these, you will get healthy.’’
‘’Thanks!’’ Darika give him a smile again, and then she saw how Nina was looking at her. It’s like she was asking if they are together or saying her that Anon like her so she shook hers head slightly as an answer.
‘’You seem to care about my friend here a lot, Anon.’’ Said Nina making Darika who was about to put some food to hers mouth stop immediately and look at Nina sureprisely as she didn’t think Nina would say that to Anon.
Anon just smiled and said. ‘’It’s not like I could spoon some to you. Hiran will kick me out from here right away if I did it.’’
Darika feel somehow relieved that Anon didn’t say something that would make her to be more uncomfortable than she is right now. She know that Anon like her, even though he didn’t say it, his action toward her says everything but she let it be unknown from her as she aren’t ready to have a boyfriend yet as she just been heartbroken.
‘’It’s good that you know you shouldn’t mess with my girl here.’’ Hiran said as Anon make I won’t with his mouth. Hiran looked slightly at Darika who also happen to look at his way then, theirs eyes meet but Darika changed hers eyes to Anon and smiled before she is back to hers plate to eat. Hiran feels some changes in her, if it was before she would have looked more into his eyes seducing, which he accused her to be but now she just look at him blankly. He smirked thinking she was doing that to get his attention again, he thought she is taking the get-hard way now that he refused her when she seduced him or she might change hers target to Anon.
Darika on the other hand tried hard to not look at him again, in fact she reminds herself to not look at him at all lately as she has decide and knew that Hiran will only has his eyes on Nina, the only girl that didn’t get to do anything at all to get his attention.

Santisak Mansion

Hiran who just come in and approached by Mrs. Rathree payed respect before he said, ‘’Good morning, aunt Rathree. I am here to take Nina to my house.’’ Because its holiday and Mrs. Kalya wanted to meet Nina, he come to take her.
Mrs. Rathree smiled as she returned him respect. ‘’Nina will be coming soon. Come to livingroom, your uncle is there.’’

Living room

‘’Good morning, uncle.’’ Hiran payed respect to the old man that sitting on the sofa as he was reading some magazine.
‘’Good morning, my son.’’ Mr. Nirut said. ‘’Come sit here…so where are you taking Nina?’’
‘’To my house. Mom wanted to see her.’’ Hiran explain as Mr. Nirut nods.
‘’Greet your parents from us. Say them to come to ours house as well.’’ Mr. Nirut said as he knows the conversation has to be end now as he saw his daughter come in to living room.
‘’Good morning, Hiran.’’ Nina greet him with a smiled.
‘’Good morning.’’ He said. ‘’Then I will excused us to go.’’ Hiran payed respect to Nina’s parents as they go out from the living room.
‘’We are so lucky to have Hiran as son-in-law.’’ Mrs. Rathree said proudly.
‘’To be but not yet.’’ Mr. Nirut add making his wife to look at him pouting.

The Daisies Heaven

Malee serves a glass of water to Anon as he wanted while waiting for Darika who hasn’t come from hers daisies garden.
‘’Thank you.’’ He said as Malee noded and go back to do hers work.
Darika come from the back yard and see Anon looking around. ‘’Sorry to let you wait, Anon.’’ She said.
‘’It’s ok. I should be the one who has to apologize for calling and meeting you in your holiday.’’ He said and gives her an apologizing look. ‘’I hope I didn’t trouble you.’’
‘’ No, not at all. I am only watering the daisies.’’ She sits down in front him while she smiled kindly at the costumer that comes inside.
‘’Would it be too much of a request if I want to see your daisies garden, Nam?’’ If it was before he wouldn’t have ask it but now that they has known for long enough he asked her.
Darika look at him for a moment which make him to be afraid of hers answer but she gives him a smile and said; ‘’I can show you if you want.’’
Anon smiled gladly and nods.

Traikorn Mansion – Living room

Mrs. Kalya is talking how much she was happy to see Nina as she come visit her like she wanted. Hiran was sitting in the other side of sofa and looking at the two women that he loves the most talking.
‘’Look like your mother is proud of your girlfriend.’’ Mr. Somkiet who was sitting beside Hiran whispered to Hiran.
‘’Seem like I have chosen someone that she like.’’ Hiran said and adds. ‘’Aren’t you proud of your daughter-in-law as well?’’
Mr.Somkiet turn to look at his son as he can’t believe Hiran already name Nina with that title. ‘’I see you have think longer than we have.’’
Hiran give his father a grin jokefully. ‘’You guys have no ideas.’’ He saids. In fact Hiran has already thinking to ask Nina to marry him because he feels that she is the right one for him and he want to settle a family with her.
‘’What are you two father and son talking about?’’ Mrs. Kalya asked as she saw the two whispering to each other.
‘’Oh, we are talking about Ni….’’ Mr. Somkiet didn’t get to finish his sentence as Hiran quickly covered his mouth. He looked at his son and saw how Hiran eyed at him to not tell about what they are talking.
‘’Hiran, why are you covering your father’s mouth. Let him talk, will you.’’ Mrs. Kalya scolded hers son.
‘’Mom, it’s nothing.’’ Hiran said as he took his hand back as his mother said. ‘’I don’t want to talk about it yet.’’
‘’Look, Nina. They are having secrets from us.’’ Mrs. Kalya said which make Nina to look at Hiran. If she didn’t heard wrong it was about her they are talking about because it looks like Mr. Somkiet was going to call hers name.
Hiran explain as he don’t want Nina to pondering about it. ‘’I will tell you later but just not now.’’
Mrs. Kayla look at Nina who was smiling because she will know it later and said; ‘’But who are going to tell me about it?’’ She looked at hers husband and saw him look down to the magazine that he was holding, when she look at Hiran, Hiran shrug his shoulders jokely and stand up to go to Nina.
‘’If you are finish talking with Nina, I will take her out to talk about us.’’ Hiran said and left with Nina, leaving Mrs. Kalya to look at them and then at hers husband as she want the answer to what they were talking about.

The Daisies Heaven – Daisies Garden

Anon look at the daisies in amazement, even though the garden wasn’t that big he feels like he was in daisies field.
‘’It would has been feeling great to sit here all by yourself.’’ He said envying her that she has such a beautiful place like this by herself.
Darika smiled sadly as she didn’t feels that great at all like he said because it remind her of Hiran, the man that she will never get to be together with again.
‘’It’s a shame that you didn’t sell it, or else I would have bought it to someone special.’’ Anon said turning to her.
Darika looked at him and seen that he really want to buy it. ‘’That person must be really special to you. Did she like daisy also?’’
‘’Yes, she loves daisy.’’ Anon said.
‘’Then I will sell it to you just because you are my boss.’’ Darika said as she goes to pick some daisies. ‘’Do you know what color she likes?’’
‘’No, but give me one of each color.’’ Anon said happily.

The Daisies Heaven – Counter

‘’Here you go.’’ Darika hands Anon the daisies that she has nicely put in a bucket.
‘’How much is it?’’
‘’I will give it to you free.’’ She said and saw Anon become uncomfortable. ‘’I insist.’’
‘’Thank you very much then, Nam.’’ Anon said, putting his walled back to his pocket. ‘’Then I am leaving. Bye!’’
‘’Anon!’’ Darika call him back as he hasn’t taken the daisies bucket with him. ‘’How can you forget something you will bring for your special one? The daisies!’’
‘’I didn’t forget!’’ He said and smiled. ‘’I bought it to you, Nam. See you at works!’’
Darika look at the daisies bucket as tears formed in hers eyes, she feels hurt that Anon bought it for her but Hiran didn’t even remember about it.
‘’Are you ok, Nam?’’ Malee who has handed a flower bucket to the costumer turn to ask Darika as Darika was tearing.
‘’Yes, I am ok, aunt Malee.’’ Darika said and faked a smile. ‘’I will be back at the garden.’’ She left to the back yard, leaving Malee to look at her confused.


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Okay, like I has promised. I am here with Chap 12, well, the first half of it anyway.
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You might wonder this part much be really long. Yes, it is!

Part 12 (1/2)

Traikorn Inter Company

Anon’s Office

Anon who come out from his office look at his secretary worriedly. Darika who didn’t see Anon as she was sitting with hers head down on the table with both hers hands covering hers face as she is fighting the headache that occurring in hers head which is the result of her thinking too much about Hiran. She tried to let him go, she really tried but when she saw him with Nina, it makes her feel like someone stabbed her right in the heart. She gets depressed by not knowing what she should do, she knows that she couldn’t hurt Nina or Hiran but she can’t endure the pain by herself either. She mumbled’ ‘’Omg, why is it hurting so much!’’
She stands up to go to the toilet as she couldn’t endure it anymore, she saw Anon standing beside hers desk. ‘’A..Anon!..Sorry, I didn’t heard you coming.’’ She apologizes quickly for letting him wait.
‘’It’s ok.’’ Anon studied hers face and ask ‘’Are you really ok?’’
‘’….I’m ok, there is nothing. Really.’’ Darika was mute for seconds by Anon’s concernment of her. She can feel it whenever he is around her and that make her somehow happy and somehow sad that she can’t seem to feel the same way with him as he fell toward her. ‘’Did you need anything by the way?’’
‘’No, I was just coming to say you about we has been invited to Hiran’s birthday party. You are coming, right?’’
‘’Yes, of course!’’
‘’Okay!’’ Anon then turn to go into his office again, but then he turned at the doorway of his office and ask ‘’Nam, you know right that you always have me to talk if there is anything bothering you?’’
That make Darika to feel like she has a stone in hers throat, the more Anon show her his cares, the more she realize that she is weak. She never thought she could be this weak until she heard the question of him. She wanted to go hug him and let him comfort her but she know it’s not fair for Anon as Anon might mistook hers acting.
‘’Yes, I know. Thanks!’’ She gives him a smile so he stops worry about her. Anon smiled back to her and entered his office as he knows Darika doesn’t want to share anything yet.

One of the famous dress boutiques in the city

Darika look tiredly at hers best friend that called her today to accompany her to go shopping dress for Hiran’s party and has already been to almost 5 boutiques but hasn’t found any dress that she found of yet. Nina didn’t see hers friend tired face as she were focusing on choosing dress only.
‘’How about this one? Does it suit me?’’ ask Nina who was showing a white knee-long dress to Darika as she turned right and left. Darika shake hers head which result in Nina turning to go back to try another one.
‘’How many dresses are you going to try, Nina?’’ Asked Darika as Nina comes out again with a red silky dress with zebra-line.
‘’Until I found one that suits me.’’ Nina said and made a face at Darika for complaining and whinning.
‘’It’s just a birthday party.’’ She said and adds. ‘’By the way, you are already a beauty. No need to add more to look good.’’
‘’Thanks you, friend.’’ Nina said jokily and adds. ‘’But it’s not only a birthday party.’’
‘’Why, is there anything else?’’
Nina covered hers mouth as she has said something she shouldn’t, she wanted it to be secret as she want to surprise Darika. ‘’It’s nothing.’’
‘’You are definitely lying, tell me what it is. Nina!’’ Darika said curiously.
‘’ Sorry, I can’t tell you but you will find out it yourself in the party.’’ Darika starred at Nina so she would spit out what it was but it didn’t work like it used to. ‘’I really can’t tell you. Pls, stop looking at me like that.’’ Nina begs. ‘’And you are having secret to me too, lately. You aren’t talking with me about Uthai either. How is things going?’’
‘’Don’t try to change subject, Nina.’’ Darika said scolding. ‘’Oh well, I am not going to force you now that I will find out it later.’’
‘’That’s my friend.’’ Nina holded Darika’s hand. ‘’By the way, has you found him yet? Uthai?’’
‘’Let’s not talk about it right now.’’ Darika ended the conversation which makes Nina to look pouted at her. ‘’Go change another one, will you?’’
Nina go inside again to change as Darika wondered what Nina was hiding from her, what was is that she will find out at the party and if it has to do something with Hiran.
‘’This is the last one here, how do it looks?’’ Nina was in a long gorgeous and simple designed long light brown lace-dress which reveal hers shoulder a little and with long sleeve.
‘’Wow, it’s really gorgeous on you Nina.’’ Darika praised.
‘’Really? Huh, finally found one. I thought I have to none to wear at Hiran’s party.’’ Nina was happy that she found one that suits her. ‘’Oh, have you found one?’’
‘’Hu..huh?’’ Darika was confused at first to what Nina mean. ‘’You mean dress?..Don’t worry, I can grab some at home.’’
‘’How come? You can’t just grab some at home, you have to looks good too. What if you see Uthai there? He has to be impressed of you.’’ Nina wanted hers friend to look good as Darika is someone who doesn’t like to dress at her.
‘’Thanks you for your care but I don’t need one.’’ Darika said sadly as it doesn’t matter if she has a beautiful dress on her or not but Hiran would only lay his eyes on Nina.
‘’You have to! I will buy it to you, if you are not taking it and I will pout at you for 1 day!’’
‘’Really?...Okay, okay! I will choses one, happy?’’
‘’Yay!’’ Nina cried like a child as she gets as she wanted.

Wongsawan’s House

The bell at the front door rings, Mrs. Napha who was preparing the dinner table go answer the ring as Darika has said hers boss will come pick her up. Darika and Anon has decide that Anon will pick her up to go to the birthday party of Hiran together.
‘’Are you Darika’s boss?’’ Asked Mrs. Napha to ensure herself.
‘’Yes, I am.’’ Anon confirmed the woman that he thinks must be Darika’s mother. ‘’Hi, I am Anon Anonpol.’’ He brings his hand together to give her respect and greet her.
‘’I’m Nam’s mother.’’ Mrs. Napha said and returned his greet. ‘’Nam is on hers way, come inside.’’

Living room

Anon sited at the sofa barely 5 minutes before Darika showed up into the living room.
‘’I hope I didn’t make you late to the party.’’ Anon looked at the voice direction and was amaze by how Darika looked in hers dark blue silky knee-long dress that reveler one of hers shoulder as the other has long sleeve. ‘’Umm, strange right?’’ Darika said as she shyly scrathed hers neck, feeling uneasy wearing expensive dress.
‘’…Uh, it’s strange. But…’’ Anon turned slightly to the other side to cough as he suddenly feels like his throat is dry. ‘’It fit you perfectly.’’
‘’Thanks, now I have more confidence to wear it.’’ She gives him a thanks-smile.
‘’You should be.’’ Anon smiled some more and give hers his hand to arm.


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Can't wait for part 2 of chapter 12. I wonder is Hiran going to look at Darika the old time at the party? I hope Darika have a fun time with Anon and forget Hiran. Time for her to move on. Time for Hiran to get what he desert because he push her way to be with someone.     


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Here is the rest of chap 12, it's still so short. lol
Thank you for all the comments and patient!

Part 12 (2/2)

Hiran’s Birthday Party

The party was make at the late evening, people start to come and the light in the local turn on. There were lights in every windows and the tables were make gorgeously. There were also reporters from media and newspapers.
Nina is standing with Hiran alongside hers parents, Hiran talked with her a few sentence before he go and welcome some VIP guests.
‘’You looks really gorgeous in that dress.’’ He can’t help but to look at her unblinking.
‘’Thank you.’’ Nina shyly said, hers parent smiled as Mr. Nirut said what Nina want to say but didn’t say it.
‘’You look handsome in that black suit of you too, son.’’ Then he looked over at his daughter and smiled some more for hers shyness.
‘’Thank you, uncle. I expected Nina to praise me..’’ Hiran said jokily.
‘’You has more time later, now go on and welcome the guests.’’ Mrs. Rathree said as she saw some of the company VIP guests are making their way in.
‘’Talk to you later.’’ He said to Nina as he left her with hers parents.

By the time Anon and Darika showed up at the party, Hiran is already standing in front his cake as Nina were standing beside him. Anon waved at his friend as he returned a smile, the same with Nina who smiled at Darika happily as she want to have Darika with her in hers important day. Darika can’t help but to feel anvy that Nina is there beside him and not her, she wondered what was the hidden secret of Nina that she will find out here at the party.
‘’Now that everyone is here, I want to blow the cake and tell everyone my important news.’’ Hiran begin to talk in his clearly and powerful voice. He looked so happy as well as Nina that Darika start to wonder if it has to do with the secret of Nina. She looked at both of them with a heart that pounding irregular. ‘’Firstly, I want to thanks everyone for attending my party.’’ He then turn to look at Nina who is standing a bit from him as she also is looking at him with a shy smile. Hiran gesticulate at Nina to come to him and Darika tried hers best to breath normally but couldn’t and hers breath stopped when she heard him say. ‘’I want to inform everyone that …today is my engagement day with Nina.’’ Hiran grabbed Nina’s hand and pulled her to him as he proudly announce her to everyone. ‘’I am glad to introduce my fiancé, Nina Santisak.’’
The two exchanged the white gold rings and Nina payed respect to everyone at the party. The people start to claps, including Anon who look at Darika to say something about the couple but just to look around as Darika wasn’t standing beside him anymore. Nina who also looked at Anon direction to see hers friend smile face of her surprise but didn’t see Darika either.


Darika looked at hers reflection in the mirror. She saw herself trying to catch the air like a fish trying to catch the air when they don’t have water. Then suddenly hers head start to spin like it was about to blow up. She gets sweat around her neck and forehead even though the weather wasn’t that hot. Soon enough, she feels like she were falling and she tried to grab the sink to avoid her from falling. She saw hers hand blurred and when she look at hers reflection, she couldn’t see it clearly. There were like hundreds of her in the mirror, she tried to calm herself and tried to convince herself she will be fine. It helped and just then she saw a lady starring at her like she were wondering what happen with her. She smiled at the lady and straightened herself, she took a few paper and wiped the sweat from hers neck and forehead as she weirdly said ‘’It’s really hot here.’’ The lady smiled at her awkwardly as Darika didn’t wait and left the toilet to the party, leaving the lady to look at her till the door closed behind her.

Party local

As soon as Darika were inside again, she was approached by Nina and Hiran.
‘’Congratulation!’’ Darika said and hugged Nina. ‘’I am so happy for you.’’ Darika looked at Hiran that standing behind Nina while she was hugging her. Hiran just look at her blankly like he didn’t saw her which make Darika to feel sad that he couldn’t even smile at her in his engagement day.
‘’Don’t only happy for me.’’ Nina grabbed hold of hers hand and said. ‘’I hope you find Uthai soon, I want you to happy like me.’’ That make Hiran look at Darika and waited how hers answer would be. He didn’t want Nina to know that he is Uthai that Darika claimed him to be, he don’t want to lose Nina as he was somehow sure that Nina would have backed if he were Uthai so Darika can have him.
‘’Ah, forget about it. I have lost my hope on finding him. He might not exist.’’ Darika said like it didn’t hurt her.
‘’Huh, how comes?’’ Nina looks at her unbelieving. ‘’How can you easily said that, you has look for him like your whole life.’’
‘’It doesn’t matter anymore.’’
‘’Why? Don’t you want him to remember you and his past?’’ It looks like Nina wouldn’t stop easily as she keep on asking her the reasons. Nina wanted to know why Darika suddenly didn’t want to find Uthai anymore, she wondered if Darika has found him but can’t be with him so Darika stop seachering for him.
‘’Nina, stop babbling already! We have your engagement to celebrate.’’ Darika ended the Uthai conversation and tried to form a smile on hers lips as she feel like hers head spin is back again.
‘’So you guys are talking here? Leaving me to search after you, Nam.’’ That was no other than Anon who has been looking after Darika as she disappeared.
‘’Haven’t talk to you at all today, my son.’’ Another voice said to Hiran.
‘’Good late evening, Uncle. I saw you talking with the other guests and don’t want to disturb you.’’ Hiran pay respect to his friend’s father and said.
Darika turn to look at Anon and saw the old man in his sixties who is talking with Hiran, hers eyes widened and was sureprised to see how nice he is toward Uthai or Hiran.
‘’Dad, I want to introduce my secretary to you.’’ Said Anon which make Darika to look at Anon. How can Anon be this cruel man’s son? They are different like heaven and hell. The old man smiled looking at hers direction but just to open his eyes widely just like her when he saw him second before.
‘’Jan!’’ That was what come out from his mount. That is the name he like to call Jantara in the past. Darika turn to smile at Anon like she didn’t hear anything and make it seem like she didn’t know him. Hiran looked at his friend’s father that is looking at Darika like he sees something he really likes.
Why did he call Darika, Jan? wondered Hiran.
‘’Dad, this is Darika. My secretary.’’ Introduced Anon them to each other. ‘’And this is my dad, Mr. Anonpol.’’
‘’Anonpol Suratwong.’’ Said Mr. Anonpol to see the reaction of Darika when she heard the name of the man who hers parents want her to marry. There isn’t any reaction from Darika as Darika were in caution. It was a plus that she saw him first and could make hers mind not to react with sureprise and still remain in caution so she don’t make Anonpol knows that she knew hers past life. It wouldn’t be good for Hiran if Anonpol find out that she is Jantara and not only looking alike.
‘’Good evening, Uncle.’’ She greets Anonpol and pay respect even though she doesn’t even want the shadow of him in hers sight. She hate him so much that hers hatress won’t fade even if she has to change thousands of life.
‘’Good evening, Darika. Or should I call Nam?’’ Anonpol said, the look on his eyes that looking at her make her want to make him blind. ‘’Anon has been talking about you all the time at home.’’


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oh this is even better, the enemy is here and he is so close and very intregated with Uthai 
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how things are going to be? i'm very curious to know
so update soon please