Power of wish' Part 21 (150816)


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Chap 18

Traikorn Masion – Hiran’s room

The sun that just rises in the morning, shine in Hiran’s face who is sleeping but it doesn’t make him to wake up. Hiran’s eyes were moving side to side as well as his head like he was dreaming.

‘’Don’t you ever come involve with Jan again!’’ Jirapat yelled at Uthai and pushed him as he pulled Janthara from Uthai’s grips.
‘’Let me go!’’ Janthara cried, starting to struggle from Jirapat’s grip that is holding her tightly.

Jirapat look annoyed at Janthara because she is hurting him by beating his arm and order the driver of the Kiattikul’s to take her to the car. ‘’Jiang, take Jan to the car!’’

‘’Please, come with me, Miss Janthara.’’ beg Jiang and took her from Jirapat. ‘’Don’t make it hard for me.’’ He said because he helped her to meet with Uthai and if Mr. Kiattikul find out, he might lose his job and it would bring problems to his family who are poor people.
Janthara look at him teary. ‘’Please, uncle. Help me! Don’t let them hurt Uthai.’’ She begs and looks at Uthai who was getting beat by Jirapat’s people. ‘’Please, Stop!’’
‘’Stop!’’ Jirapat said as he was santified and turn to look at Janthara. ‘’If you don’t want him to get hurt then don’t ever meet with him again. Now, go inside the car!’’
‘’Thara!’’ called Uthai and saw how Janthara looked at him in tears but have to go inside the car as she don’t want to see him beaten up. The car left, leaving Uthai injured on the ground.

‘’Darika!’’ called Hiran out as he wake up from his dream, he saw his hand which look like it trying to reach something and it’s nothing other than the person who he just called out loud. Realizing that he was just dreaming, he looked around his room and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He pulled the iPad that lying beside him on his bed and writes the password. Then he come to the site that he looked last night before sleeping, his eyes was looking at the headline of the article; Good news of the Kiattikul and Suratwong to be united.

‘’Uncle Anonpol?’’ He just knows last night how Anonpol or Jirapat from his dream was related to him and Darika or more precisely, Uthai and Janthara. No wonder Anonpol looked surprise to see Darika in my birthday, thought Hiran recalling the day Anonpol meet Darika and called her Jan.

Hiran looked at the door when he heard a knock from the outside and closed the iPad to take a shower as the dream he just has played in his head.

Traikorn Inter Company – Anon’s office

Anon come out from his office for third time of the early morning to see if Darika has entered the office yet. He looked at the empty chair and wondered why Darika hasn’t come yet, yesterday when they talked in the phone, Darika didn’t say anything about she not coming and she sounded fine to be sick this morning. When he looked at the clock that hanging on the wall, it says 8:30. Anon who has wait for 30 minute in case Darika were on the busy traffic took out his phone and dialed hers number as 30 minute is all he can wait without worries.

He waited for a few signal and then ask questioning when the person who answered wasn’t the one he hoping for. ‘’Aunt Napha?’’
‘’Is that Anon?’’ asked Mrs. Napha from the other ends.
‘’Yes, is something happen with Nam?’’ Anon worriedly ask as he senses something wrong in Mrs. Napha’s voice and because Darika wasn’t the one answering.
‘’Nam is in hospital.’’ Said Mrs. Napha and that is enough for Anon to end the conversation and headed to the hospital where Darika is admitted.


It took Anon near an hour to finally arrive to the hospital and he headed directly to the room Darika were staying from the information he get from the admitting counter.
He saw Mrs. Napha talking with the doctor outside the room and waited the doctor to go apart from her then he approached Mrs. Napha.

‘’How is Nam doing?’’ asked Anon and looked to the door to her room then back to Mrs. Napha because he hasn’t been permitted by Mrs. Napha to enter Darika’s room. ‘’What happen to her?’’
‘’I found her on the floor fainting this morning.’’ Mrs. Napha tells him. ‘’The doctor say she was exhausted.’’
‘’May I?’’ Anon pointed at the door as he was asking if he can enter as he gets to know it wasn’t that serious.
Mrs. Napha nodded as both of them go inside Darika’s room.

Traikorn Inter Company – Hiran’s office

Hiran was thinking about the dream that he had, he wondered if Anonpol think he and Darika are Uthai and Janthara. He remembered that Anonpol seem pleased when he saw Darika but why didn’t Anonpol hate him like he does from the past. Or Anonpol didn’t think he is Uthai? He himself doesn’t think he is Uthai although Darika has said he is Uthai and many things point that way, all his dreams and evidences that he gets from people like Jiang, the Kiattikul and from the internet. All point that Uthai exist but shouldn’t he remember himself like Darika remembered hers past life. If he is Uthai, why doesn’t he remember Uthai, him from the past? Or he might just share the same face as Uthai?

Hiran shook off the thoughts from his head, many thoughts has entered his minds as he begins to interest in the past life that Darika had tell him. He begins to interest in her but it’s not love, he doesn’t seem to love her because he doesn’t feel the love like he felt with Nina. For Nina, he can say fully that he loves her but when it comes to Darika, he doesn’t feel like he is longing for her which he should if he is Uthai. He can’t explain what he feels toward her, true that he is getting interesting in her but it’s all because he is thinking he might or might not be Uthai. He wondered how he will know if he is Uthai or not. He thought the dreams that he dream was just because he was so into this story of Uthai lately. He doesn’t even know if it was real happening or just his mind playing a prank on him.

A knock outside the door make Hiran to look at it, second after appeared his girl with a smile that make his heart melt.

‘’Nina.’’ He calls out.

Nina see his questioning eyes although he was smiling at her and his confusion was understandable because he didn’t know she was to come. ‘’I was boring home. So I guess I was checking in to take you out for lunch.’’ Nina said. ‘’Please, tell me that you haven’t eat yet.’’

‘’Lucky you, I haven’t.’’ standing up he said. ‘’Should we ask Anon too?’’
‘’Why not? Then I am bringing Nam too.’’ Nina said which make Hiran to hesitate but he didn’t stop her. ‘’Feel like I haven’t see her in age.’’

Nina and Darika didn’t see each other like before because both of their life has changes now that they have jobs and not free like before. Before they could just phones each other and meet up right away but now that Darika work 5 days a week and she herself has opened a gallery, they don’t have time to fit in each other schedule. Although they actually meet in their holidays, it feels like they haven’t met at all because before they could meet every day.


‘’Miss. Darika can go home tomorrow.’’ The doctor explains to Mrs. Napha and looked at Darika with empathy. Only Darika know the meaning of those eyes.
‘’You should rest and don’t overwork yourself.’’ That was said to Darika before he left the room.

Darika look up at Anon who was standing beside hers bed as she was half sitting and sleeping on the hospital bed. He was already looking at her, she sense the warmness in his eyes as well as worry. She took out hers hand from the cover and held his hand instead of thanking out loud and smiles at him. She has decided to make him happy of the time that she has left with him, the man that deserves to be loved and to be happy.

Mrs. Napha looked at the two and as soon as Anon realize that she was at the room too, he get nervous because he hasn’t introduce himself as Darika’s boyfriend yet. Darika smiled even more seeing Anon all shy and nervous as hers mother playing tough. At the moment, she feels the happiness that has left her for a while as she was trying to get something she won’t get.
‘’Take care of Nam for me.’’ Mrs. Napha said when she get enough of teasing Anon and Anon get to know then that Darika has tell hers mother about them.

In the lobby of the hospital

‘’How can she not tell me she is in the hospital?’’ said Nina while waiting for the elevator.
Hiran look at her, he knows that she wasn’t asking him and was just saying to herself. They get to know that Darika was admitted in hospital when they were at Anon’s office and didn’t see both of them. Hiran phoned Anon and Anon explained why they aren’t presence at the office.
Nina tell him right away that they should go visit Darika instead of having lunch as it was planned and here they are in the hospital waiting for the elevator to get them to Darika’s floor.

Darika’s room

‘’Are you alright, Nam?’’ asked Nina and go to Darika worried. She studied at her and waited for hers answer.
‘’Too little rest, that’s all.’’ Darika answer her.
‘’You should have phoned me!’’ Nina said softly but Darika feel like she is getting scold and that make her happy because it mean Nina was worried about her.
‘’You come too.’’ It was Anon that said to Hiran who was standing a bit away from everyone.
‘’Mm.’’ Hiran answered shortly as he don’t know what to say. He isn’t even that close with Darika to come visit her. He was at this room right now because of Nina who dragged him here without asking him.
‘’How are you doing?’’ He asked Darika, just to be polite.
‘’I am getting better.’’ She answered him and smiled at Nina who was touching hers forehead to see if she has fever.

Hiran then turn to look at the only woman that he didn’t know of and he guessed that she was Darika’s mother.

‘’Hi, I believe we haven’t meet yet. I am Hiran.’’ He politely said and introduced himself.
‘’Hi.’’ Mrs. Napha greet him back. ‘’I am Darika’s mother, Napha.’’


sarNie Juvenile
Chap 19

Anonpol Mansion

Mrs. Monrudee approached Anon who just returned from work. Anon smiled at his mother as the servant come and take his coat and portfolio.

‘’You look tired. Are you ok?’’ Mrs. Monrudee ask hers only son.
‘’I just visited Nam in hospital.’’ He saw his mother worried face and explain. ‘’It’s not serious, she was exhausted because of little rest.’’

Mrs. Monrudee look at hers son, she senses that something was bothering him and decide to talk with him.

‘’Is there anything bothering you, Anon?’’

Anon don’t know if he should tell his mother what was bothering him. What bothering him was that he knows why Darika was so exhausted. He know that Darika might be thinking about Hiran and it make her hurt and restless. He knows that Darika and he is a couple now and he also know that Darika didn’t love him but he is happy now for what she give him. Maybe Darika will love him some day. He wished he could replace Hiran in hers heart.

‘’Anon, what relationship are you and Darika in?’’ Mrs. Monrudee ask when hers son didn’t answer hers first question. She wanted to know the relationship of them so she can at least try to convince hers husband to not involve with Darika if Darika is Anon’s girlfriend.
‘’Nam is my girlfriend.’’ This time Anon answered and Mrs. Monrudee was happy with his answer. She doesn’t want her husband to go involve with Darika as Darika might not be Janthara that her husband think. If Darika was Janthara, she still doesn’t want her husband go involve with her as she is very much younger than him and this isn’t the past life. She saw how her husband changes from each day that pass by after that Darika appeared in their life again. She knows what her husband is capable of and starting to get worry about Darika. But Darika being Anon’s girlfriend might put Anonpol in his corner and not go involve with her again as she is his son’s girlfriend.
‘’I am really happy for you, Anon.’’

Traikorn Masion – Hiran’s workroom

After having dinner with his family, Hiran go up to finish the work that he took from the company. He hasn’t start that much yet when he heard a knock on the door and saw his mother come in with a glass of warm milk.

‘’You need to look after your health too.’’ Mrs. Rathree said as she handed him the warm milk.
‘’Thank you, mom.’’ Hiran thanked his mother and took a sip of it before he put down it on the table.

Seeing his mother smiles he jokily said ‘’It’s creepy when you smile like that, mom.’’

Mrs. Rathree smiles even more at his joke, there isn’t many people who get to see this side of Hiran, the playful side. Hiran will be like this just when he is with his closest family member and friends. Other time he would have put on a fierce mask that she sometime thought it doesn’t suit hers son but being the CEO, he has to look determined for the staff to respect him.

‘’You know, I and your father has talked about you and Nina.’’ Mrs. Rathree bring up the subject she was to come talk with him. Hiran looked at her while she put hers hand on his hair and stroked it gently. She haven’t talk like this with hers son for a while as Hiran was busy with the company that he just take over from his father. ‘’We were thinking, it’s about time you get married with Nina.’’
‘’Can you give me a little more time?’’

Hiran’s question surprised Mrs. Rathree because she has thought hers son was ready as he has everything now, work that is stable, a home that he could live with his wife and a wife that he love. Mrs. Rathree didn’t ask what the time was for as she knows Hiran know what he do. ‘’Take the time you need and tell us when you are ready.’’

‘’I will. Thank you, mom.’’
‘’Drink it while it’s warm.’’ Mrs. Rathree pointed at the glass of milk before she left, leaving him to work.

Hiran asked for more time because he wanted to sort things out, he wanted to find out if he is Uthai so that he can stop thinking about it when he get married to Nina. He can’t help but to wonder about Uthai from the day that he saw the photo that Jiang send to him. He wanted to prove himself that he is not Uthai before he marry Nina and the only way he can think out now is to look at the ring that Uthai has gave to Janthara. Because that ring was bounded to both Darika and Uthai, it might make him remember his past if he is Uthai.

Wongsawan House

Nina drive Darika home from the hospital as Anon can’t because he has works to do at the company. Darika excused herself to her room to shower and change clothes while Nina waited down stair. They decided to hang out together as Darika don’t need to go work today.

Darika’s bedroom

‘’Nam, aunt Napha said you don’t need to help close the shop today.’’ Nina comes up into Darika’s room after that she answered the phone down stairs from Mrs. Napha.
‘’Okay!’’ Darika shouted back from bathroom as she was showering. ‘’Give me some more minutes.’’
‘’Sure!’’ Nina said, parted from the bathroom door. ‘’I will wait at down stairs.’’

Nina was going to the door but as she was passing by the work table, hers foot stumbled on a cardboard box, making it to fall down. She kneed down to pick it up as some papers fall outside, hers hand hesitated a moment before she could bring hers hand to pick the paper up.

‘’It’s just trash. You don’t need to pick it up.’’ Nina heard Darika said from behind her, she could tell the different in hers voice like Darika don’t want her to see what is in it. She wanted to say it was too late, she already saw it but she couldn’t make a sound.

Darika go toward her slowly, she hoped the thing Nina stumbled on wasn’t the box of Uthai’s sketch that she was to fire. In fact, Darika quickly showered when she heard the noise that come when Nina stumbled on the box and remembered what she has in it. She doesn’t want Nina to find out that Hiran is Uthai because she herself doesn’t want to find out about it anymore. She has decided to think Hiran as just someone that shared the same face as Uthai because he doesn’t seem to remember anything about them.

‘’You say you sketch your past lover from your dream.’’ Nina said before Darika could get to her, Darika’s heart almost stopped knowing Nina has saw the sketch and she can’t lie to her anymore. ‘’Why didn’t you tell me it was Hiran?’’
‘’He is not Uthai.’’ Darika explain.

Nina looked at the sketch again and looked questioning at Darika because the more she looks, the more the sketch looks like Hiran. ‘’You never talk about Uthai again after that I engage to Hiran. You apply the job there because of him, right? Does he know that he is Uthai?’’

‘’No.’’ Darika said shortly as it’s hurting her that he don’t remember her.
‘’How can you let me be engages to him?’’ Nina asks with weeping eyes, she knows how much Uthai meant to Darika and if Hiran is Uthai then she can’t take him from her. ‘’I can’t take him from you.’’
‘’Because he is not Uthai.’’ Tears run down from hers eyes as she explains to Nina. ‘’He don’t even remember a thing. He laughed right in my face when I tell him about my past with him.’’ Darika wiped hers tears roughly. ‘’He loves you..and you loves him. That is all that matter.’’
‘’I need you to forget what you saw here. Can you do it for me, Nina?’’ Nina nods and hugs Darika as they both cried together. ‘’They just look alike, ok?’’

Shopping Mall

Hiran look at Nina who seems not to be presences after that they have walked out from the cinema. He get a hold of hers hand which make her to look at him.

‘’Something wrong?’’ He asked worriedly as he has never seen Nina be like that.
‘’Oh, everything fine. I am just thinking about something.’’ Nina lied. In fact, after that she saw the sketches and know Hiran might be Uthai, hers world fall apart. Even though Darika make her promise not to think of it anymore and make sure that they just looked a like, it still bother her that they looked so much alike that they could be one person. She is starting to fear maybe one day Hiran get to know he really is Uthai and then how will they do? Will Hiran go after Darika when he remembers his past? Can she endure the pain that will occur then? She know that she said to Darika that she can’t take Hiran from her but she can’t either give him to her if he is Uthai as she wanted to do. She loves Hiran very much that just thinking about losing him makes her fall apart.

‘’Something you want to tell me?’’ Hiran asked again because Nina becomes quest. ‘’You want me to go send you home? You don’t look fine.’’
‘’Sorry..I am just a little bit tired after the movie.’’ Nina explains. ‘’I will make up for you next time.’’
‘’I will be waiting.’’ Hiran said and look at her smiling.

Dasies Heaven – Dasies Garden

The sprinkler that is on watered the many colors daisies as their owner lay down on the bench. Darika come to hers garden as today is holiday, she was listening to music while hers daisies been watered, hers feet were crossed and rested on the edge of the bench as hers eyes were closed, following the melody of the songs.


The man that entered the shop was greeted by Malee.

‘’Good afternoon, Mister! Can I get you something for you?’’ Malee kindly said with a smile.
‘’I am not here to buy flower.’’ Said the man which makes Malee to look at him confusing.

She wanted to ask why he was here then but she doesn’t want to sound rude because it’s not good for the shop reputation.

‘’What can I help you with then?’’ She kindly asks.
‘’Do Miss. Darika work here today?’’ Because he don’t know where she live and get only the shop address from that time they ordered flowers from here, he chances and hope to see her here today so he can get answers of what is bothering him.
‘’She don’t work here today.’’ The answer made him to sigh as he really was hoping to get things clear up for him today. ‘’But she is in the garden at backyard.’’
‘’Really? Uh, Can I go see her?’’ He saw how Malee hesitated and decided to say who he is so she can let him see her. ‘’Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I am Hiran. Miss. Darika’s employer.’’
‘’Oh, sorry.’’ Malee apologize. ‘’I will go get her for you.’’
‘’You should help your customer.’’ Hiran said and pointed at the lady that is looking at the flowers. ‘’Just tell me the way, I can get there by myself.’’

Daisies Garden

Hiran saw the many colors of daisies as he entered the not so large garden. He doesn’t need to seek after Darika as he already saw her, laying on the bench as he entered the garden. It looks like she wasn’t aware of his entering as she didn’t get up to look at his way. He go toward to her and find out that she didn’t hear him because she has headphone on hers ears and eyes were closed. He wondered if she was sleeping because until now she hasn’t opened hers eyes to look at him yet. Hiran looked at hers hands in seeking after the ring that Uthai gave to her but she wasn’t wearing any rings.

Darika who was about to fall asleep awoke to something touching hers neck and grabbed hold of it. She opened hers eyes and saw Hiran looking at her surprised as he didn’t meant to wake her up and see him in hers garden.

‘’Sorry, I didn’t meant to wake you up.’’ He said. ‘’I just wanted to see your necklace.’’

Darika was speechless, it was unexpected to see him in hers garden and why didn’t he wake her up. Hers heart almost stopped when she felt something touching hers neck, thought it was a snake or something.

‘’My necklace?’’ Darika ask confusing.
‘’You aren’t wearing any rings. I want to see the ring Uthai gave to you.’’ He guessed that Darika might wear the ring as pendant to hers necklace. That was actually the reason why he was touching hers neck as he was trying to get the necklace without waking her up. That way Darika don’t need to know that he has seen the ring and if he is Uthai or not.

Darika release his hand that she was holding and hesitate to show him the ring as she wasn’t sure if it’s a good thing as they are moving on. Moreover, she was afraid to know that he might not be Uthai. Thinking him as Uthai and leaving him to Nina was better than get to know that he is not Uthai at all. Or what if he remembers everything now and they have to separate for the sake of the other person that loves them and endure the pains.

‘’I don’t believe I am Uthai.’’ Darika look at Hiran with weeping eyes. ‘’I just want to make sure this doesn’t affect my life after I married to Nina. I want to end it, for you and for me.’’

After hearing what Hiran said, Darika knew that he wanted to prove himself that he is not Uthai so he can start a family with Nina. Darika unlock the necklace and give it to him so they both can move on with their life without bringing up Uthai again, as he wanted.

Hiran looked at the ring for a moment and gave it back to Darika. ‘’Thank you! Now we can move on with our life.’’ Darika took the ring from him. ‘’I am not Uthai.’’

Darika held the ring in hers hand and smiled sadly as she watched Hiran go out from the garden. She has to admit to herself that deep down she hoped him to be Uthai and remember their past, not to have him by herself but to hold him for the last time. The chance she didn’t get in the past life and now this life as well. She wiped the tears that run downs hers cheeks as she held the ring tightly.

Outside the shop

Hiran angrily struck the steering wheel of his car and regretted that he come look for prove. He looked back at the flower shop again with weeping eyes and his heart that silently calls out for her, the one he just cut out of his life.


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Thank you for the update.

OH man, its getting so good. I want Hiran to suffer hard and think of what he did to Darika. Telling her to buzz off not listing to her. At this point in the story I think I'm changing my mine who I want Darika to end up with. In the being I so badly want to see Darika and Anon but their storyline isn't stared or going any where yet so I want to see Darika and Hiran get back together. I know, I know. 555 I just want Darika to be happy but it seem like she won't be happy with Anon if she still think about Hiran. I know Nina will get hurt by Darika and Hiran.


sarNie Juvenile
Chap 20

From the day that Hiran get to know his past, the day that he get to take a look at the ring that Uthai has gave to Junthara, everything happening from the past appeared clearly but he chose to lie to Darika just because he has Nina. Nina hasn’t done any wrong for him to hurt her and he knew that Darika has said yes to Anon.Before he went to Darika to look at the ring, he has decided he will not let her know if he was to be Uthai so that they can live happily without hurting the people that love them.

Darika also avoid Hiran which leads to she even avoiding Anon because Anon and Hiran is often together. Anon know what she was doing but he understands her and gave her the time she needs to meet Hiran without being uneasy. Darika tried to give some space for Anon in hers life and he has somehow become like a family member because he can go out and in to hers house without he needing to call her or Mrs. Napha first.

Anonpol who knows from his wife that Darika is his son’s girlfriend said to Anon not to give ever up on Darika and never to let her be with Hiran. Even though Anon wondered why he didn’t ask his father instead he promised his father. He doesn’t need to worry about Darika getting back with Hiran because Hiran doesn’t remember anything about the past and Darika has already surrendered. Anon was happy with the space that Darika give to him and he promised himself to make Darika the happiest girl in the world.

Nina feared every time she is with Hiran, she feared that Hiran might someday remember his past and broke up with her to be with Darika. She doesn’t want to think about Hiran remembering his past but hearing from hers mother about Hiran asking for more time to get married with her made her fear that he might want to know about his past. She wanted to marry him right away so Hiran can’t go back to Darika even if he was to remember his past.

Anonpol is determined not to let Hiran and Darika get together, even though he couldn’t get Darika, his son getting her make him happy. It shows that Uthai again lost Janthara to his family. He doesn’t know if Hiran and Darika are Uthai and Junthara but because they look so much alike he thought they are. Even though he thought they don’t know about their past he can’t let them be together still. If he still is alive, he will never let the two be together, he could apart them death in the past and he will make them apart in live this time. He is old and he doesn’t want to get into jail for murder. The only way to get them apart is having Darika and Anon together and ordering Anon not to let go of Darika.

Traikorn Mansion

Outside in the garden Hiran was sitting with his mother and Nina who come to visit his mother. While Nina and his mother were talking, glanced Hiran at the one that he didn’t think to see at his house and saw how she bring hers hand together nervously as she don’t know how to act around people she don’t know. Darika was dragged by Nina to follow with her to Hiran’s house and Darika who doesn’t want hers friend to think she is not over Hiran yet has to come along reluctantly. Darika smiled along them when they look at her and smile as she doesn’t know how to act as she doesn’t know Hiran’s mother.

‘’Nina said you work at our company.’’ Mrs. Rathree said to Darika whose she hasn’t talk that much yet as she was talking with Nina. Darika nods instead of answering. ‘’Which department are you working in?’’
‘’I am Mister Anon’s secretary.’’ Darika referred Anon with Mister in front because Mrs. Rathree doesn’t know how close they are.
‘’Anon’s secretary.’’ Repeated Mrs. Rathree to herself. She then looked back at Nina whose smiled at Hiran, she brings hers hand to Nina’s and said; ‘’I wished you to work in our company too so you can be with Hiran more.’’
‘’Nina is already busy working at hers gallery, mom.’’ Hiran answered instead of Nina because he knows Nina doesn’t like to work at company.
‘’I am just saying you two would have much more time together if she work in the same company.’’ Mrs. Rathree said. ‘’Maybe when you two get married then you can work with Hiran. Nina, you can’t let other women to flirt with him. Do you understand?’’
‘’Mom’’ Hiran called his mother like he wanted her to stop.
‘’Don’t worry, mom. I trust Hiran.’’ Nina said, referring Mrs. Rathree as mom as she wanted. She turns to smile at Darika and saw sadness in hers eyes but it was just a second and Darika smiled back at her.

Nina think to apologize Darika in hers heart because she already know bringing Darika to meet with Hiran would hurt her. But because she can’t let go of Hiran and wanted Darika to not think of Hiran as Uthai, she brought her to his house and meet with Mrs. Rathree as she want to show Darika how much Mrs. Rathree approve her. That’s way maybe Darika can move on and Hiran can stay with her.

Traikorn Inter Company – Elevator

Darika looked at the person that appeared just when the elevator door was to close, she go further to the other corner as some more people come in with him. She lowered hers eyes and squeezed the file in hers hand tightly. Darika doesn’t see that Hiran looked at her as she didn’t make eye contact with him.

‘’Are you by chance avoiding me?’’ Hiran ask her when they were alone in the elevator as people has go out from there as they reach theirs working places.
Darika forced herself to look at his way as she was to answer him. ‘’No.’’
‘’No?’’ Darika sense anger in his tone.
‘’It’s just..We don’t actually know each other to the point that I can talk with you.’’ Darika explain as she thought. Before, she was willing to talk with him even though he keeps on ignoring her because she thought he was Uthai and to make him remember her. That wish to have his love has destroyed her, she has only lost, in all ways as he confirmed her that he wasn’t Uthai. And now she doesn’t have any strength to talk with him as she feels ashamed that she tried to make him love her. She has learned to endure the pains silently and admit to herself that everyone doesn’t get their heart’s love.

A silent went in the elevator and Darika wished that they would get to their floor already. She squeezed the file even tighter like the body’s pain could ease the pain of the heart.

Hiran sighed which make Darika to look at his way without realizing but he wasn’t looking at hers direction. ‘’You are my best friend’s girlfriend. I take you as one of my friend too.’’

Darika doesn’t know what he was expecting to hear from her so she keeps on being silent.

‘’Everyone can do wrong. Let’s us forget about the past and start over.’’ Hiran still doesn’t look at her even though he was talking to her. His words agonize her, why do he want to start over now when they should do was distance from each other.

The elevator door opened and they were approached by Anon who was standing in front the elevator.

‘’Nam.’’ Anon called her and smiled as Hiran go pass them.
‘’Were you waiting for me?’’ Darika asked and Anon nods as an answer.
‘’I have something to tell you.’’

Hiran looked at his friend who grabbed hold of his Darika’s hand and pulled her along with him to the direction of his office which is in the contrast side of Hiran’s. Nobody get the chance to see his anguish face.

Anon’s Office

‘’Sit here.’’ Anon said as he placed the chair for her. He looked excited which make Darika to smile even though hers mind was still thinking about what Hiran said in the elevator.
‘’You haven’t take any vacation yet from the time that you start working here.’’ Anon bring himself a chair and start to talk. ’’So I was thinking, we should take a vacation and take a rest from the works and go to the beach. So, what do you think?’’
Darika look at him, doesn’t know how to answer as she wasn’t sure if she want to go with him there alone.
‘’Come on, Nam. I promise it would be fun. A refreshing for all stressful things.’’

His anticipative face makes it hard for her to resist him. She wondered why it’s so hard for her to fall in love with him when he is so nice to her. She sometimes hates herself for using him to prevent Anonpol not to harm Hiran. She knows that Anon knew she didn’t love him but he was still happy when she agreed to be his girlfriend. Darika forced herself to smile and give him the answer he wants. ‘’It better be fun as you promised.’’

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sarNie Juvenile
Chap 21

The vacation of Anon and Darika were delayed up to 2 weeks because of Hiran’s busy schedule. Hiran wanted them to wait for him and Nina because he wanted to take her on a vacation too as they haven’t got a time off like that for a while now.

They were on the busy traffic when a kid about 9 years old knocked on the window of the car on Nina’s side.

‘’Can you buy some from me?’’ The kid asked as Nina scrolled down the mirror of the window. In his hand he has a basket with roses.
‘’How much is all of them, kid?’’ Hiran asked as he saw Nina’s desired eyes.
‘’Hay, I want some too.’’ Anon said from the seat behind him but Hiran doesn’t pay attention to him. In fact he doesn’t want Anon to buy flower to Darika.

Darika turn to look at Anon and saw his pouting face as Hiran doesn’t give him any and gave all the roses to Nina once he paid the kid. Darika leaned a little bit closer to Anon as she whispered beside him. ’’It’s okay. I doesn’t like rose.’’

Hiran who intentionally ignored what Anon said glanced at them from the car mirror that look behind saw how Anon held Darika’s hand while Darika grin at him. He looked back at Nina to see that she is looking at the roses that he bought her and didn’t saw what he just did.

At the hotel

All four agreed that they will have to rest first and meet up again at dinner as they had drove a long way.

Darika’s room

Darika rested hers head on the soft pillow as she thought back to those moments that she only has in memories of her.


‘’Thara!’’ Janthara looked up from the roses in hers hand and hers face bright up as she saw who is was. ‘’Here, I can’t afford roses. Sorry for that.’’
‘’Daisies!’’ Junthara put down the roses and take the daisies with many colors from his hand and embraced it. ‘’Anything you give me is more valuable for me than those expensive things. You know that right, Uthai?’’ Junthara tried to make hers boyfriend feel better.

Uthai smiled sadly and feel a twinge of envy toward those that can give their loved one roses and other expensive flowers.

‘’From now on daisy is my favorite flower.’’ Junthara said and held his hand. ‘’Don’t forget to bring with you every time we meet, ok?’’ Junthara pulled him along with her and left the roses that Jirat had gave her before Uthai.

End flashback

‘’I like daisies, Anon.’’ Darika mumbled as she closed hers weary eyes.

Anon’s room

Anon come out from the bathroom in his hotel room with only a towel wrapped around his waist to knee. He picks up another towel that resting on the bed and wiped his body roughly as we was both sad and angry at the same time.

‘’You doesn’t like rose or you just doesn’t want to accept it from me, Nam?’’

It’s still bothering him that Darika doesn’t want him to buy the rose. She said she doesn’t like it but every girl like flower, right, especially roses. He wasn’t sure if she really doesn’t like it or because the one who give her wasn’t Hiran.

Dining room

Anon and Darika was the two out of four that arrived at the dining room first. Darika bring hers hand to Anon’s hand that resting on the table.

Anon shake his head as answer when he saw hers questioning eyes that asking him what is wrong with him. ‘’Buy me any other flower but not rose. I don’t like them.’’

Anon can’t believe she know what is bothering him and could see trough him. ‘’Why not rose? I thought every girl like roses.’’
‘’Because every girl like it.’’ Darika lied and beamed with satisfaction as at this rate Anon look much better.

Anon grin seeing the other two that is left entered the room. Darika turn to look and saw Hiran and Nina that approached them giggling.

‘’I thought we were going to be the first to arrive at this room.’’ Nina said looking at Hiran.
‘’You guys should be the last person that entered here. People have already eaten.’’ Anon said as he stands up. ‘’We should go take the food.’’

Hiran and Nina followed behind Anon. Darika’s eyes were set at Hiran and Nina’s hands that are holding together.

Darika’s room

The next morning, Darika come out from hers room to go eat breakfast at the dining room and found a vase with many colors of daisies on the floor beside hers door. She kneed down and picked it up, smiled to herself thinking it was surprise from Anon. She doesn’t think Anon would remember what she has once said to him at the flower shop of her.

Darika go back inside and leave it at hers room before she left to the dining room.

Dining room

Darika was about to enter the room when Anon blocked her. His cheerfully grin make her to smile and when she was about to thank him for the daisies, he took out his hands that he has hide behind his back.

‘’I just remembered that you like daisy.’’ Anon said with his wide and bright smile.

Darika hesitate to take it from him as hers hands were shaking and she was wondering who the vase with daisies beside hers door belong to. Hers smile almost fade away but she managed to maintain it.

‘’Thanks.’’ Hers voice trembled but she coughed slightly to prevent it. Darika tried to calm herself as every organs in hers body were working over its rate.

They both approached Hiran and Nina that already sitting waiting for them at the table.

‘’We are here first this time.’’ Nina said jokingly and hers eyes caught the flower in Darika’s hand. ‘’After all Anon figured it out that you like daisy, Nam.’’
'’Yes, he did.’’ Darika look at Anon who bring his hand to hers and stroked it gently.
‘’That is so sweet of you, Anon. Isn’t he, Hiran?’’ Nina asked agreement from Hiran but Hiran just smiled. Hers heart jumped fearfully at his nonchalant answer. She hoped that he won’t remember Darika and his past and has forgotten everything Darika once said to him about their past. ‘’I will go take my breakfast before I get jealous of you, Nam.’’
‘’Hay, you just got roses yesterday.’’ Darika teased back knowing Nina were just joking with her and followed Nina along with Anon.

Hiran looked fuming at the daisy that laying on the table and clenched his fists and tried to control himself.

Darika was the first one that came back to the table, Hiran was still sitting there and hasn’t go take his breakfast yet. Darika sit down slowly as hers eyes were set at Hiran and the tray with breakfast almost fall down from hers hands when Hiran suddenly look up at her. She manage to put it down and sit down in front him but doesn’t have any courage to ask him why he hasn’t go take the breakfast yet as she wants.

‘’Did you like it?’’ Hiran suddenly ask and Darika looked confused at him. ’’The daisies.’’

Darika look at the daisies that laying on the table and was about to answer but Hiran cut her in between.

‘’I meant the one that is in front your room.’’

An aching feeling occurred in Darika’s heart, she look at him and searched for any feeling in his eyes but there were none. She wasn’t sure what he wants to say to her or if he saying he remembers their past?

‘’Should I bring them to you every time we meet?’’

His question make Darika’s first tear to slide down hers cheek but she wiped it quickly as she saw over his shoulder that Nina and Anon was heading back to them.

Hiran smiled at Nina that now standing beside him and thanked her when she put down coffee and some cookies for him. ‘’Thank you.’’

‘’Mums, this is good!’’ Nina said after that she took a bite of the cake from the hotel. ‘’You should try it, Nam.’’

Darika faked a smile but doesn’t say anything as at this time hers mind was messed up and everything is blurry. She saw a glimpse of Hiran glancing at her but she doesn’t want to look at him.

Darika room

Some banging noise come from outside the room as someone was knocking on the door loudly. Darika stepped out from hers bed and go near the door, wondered who it was before she open the door as the clock was hitting almost 12 at midnight.

‘’Anon!’’ Darika call out and Anon doesn’t give her time to react as he pushed her forcefully inside and locked the door after him at the same time. ‘’What are you doing?’’

Anon didn’t say a thing but instead he walked toward her with heavy step as he can’t take control of himself after that he had some bad drinks.

Darika stepped back a few steps. ‘’You are drunk!’’ She starting to get nervous and scared of him, she doesn’t know why he has drank that much but seeing his eyes that looking at her, she know it wasn’t the Anon she know.

Anon’s eyes were locked at her, he knew she is trying to escape him even though she looked terrified. He also knew that there is no way for her to escape him as he is blocking the only way that she could possibly run.

Darika searched for a way and the only way left is to run to the bedroom but she doesn’t know if she could closed the door faster than Anon reaching to it. She saw Anon smirked as she looked at the way of the bedroom, it was like he purposely left only that for her to run to. Darika hesitate but every step that Anon closed her force her to make decision.

‘’Anon..Don’t..Anon!’’ The door to the bedroom that Darika tried to close at soon as she was in the room opened as she can’t withstands Anon’s strength. Darika stryggled in Anon’s arms that has embraced her tightly. She tried to escape those kisses that he forced but he didn’t give up and she smell the blood from hers lips. ‘’Anon, please..don’t be like him.’’

Anon get angrier because he thought Darika doesn’t want him to be like Hiran. He pushed her to the bed and Darika anxiously kicked him but he manages to grips hers feet. Anon was upon Darika’s body and he can see how pale she was but because he doesn’t want to lose her and what he saw before still haunt him, he didn’t let go of her.

‘’Please..’’ She begs him. ‘’You don’t want to be like him.’’
‘’I do..’’ Anon said and Darika turned the other way because his breath smell alcohol that she hate. That makes Anon angry and sad that she disgusted him. ‘’If it’s the only way to own you.’’
‘’No..no, please.’’ Darika beg but without getting any result that she wants. She tried to look for something while Anon kissed hers curves that appeared after that he removed the robe from hers body. ‘’Don’t do this, Anon. Please, don’t be like him..’’

Darika was about to reach the vase that is on the bedside table when Anon reached hers hand and squeezed affectionately. A tear slide down hers pale cheek as she thought to give up. ‘’Please, don’t be like your father.’’

Anon stopped what he was doing immediately and look at her, he look terrified and it’s like he was to say something but couldn’t as his lips were trembling. Anon fall beside Darika on the bed as she pushed with all hers strength and he didn’t try to get up as his head is in a mess, because of alcohol and because of what Darika just said. What has his father to do with Darika?He wondered before he blacked out.

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who say ? i read . i alway trying to look for rscene/slap kiss ect in fan fiction when there no lakorn/drama to watch HAHAHA . Now i have time . Naree Rissaya end , none of the on air lakorn caught my interest , kdrama so and so , im free and re-reading ur fiction as we speak ! So, update soon!!


sarNie Juvenile
who say ? i read . i alway trying to look for rscene/slap kiss ect in fan fiction when there no lakorn/drama to watch HAHAHA . Now i have time . Naree Rissaya end , none of the on air lakorn caught my interest , kdrama so and so , im free and re-reading ur fiction as we speak ! So, update soon!!
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